October 2nd, 2007

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Is Pam Knocked Up?

Rumor Mill: Pamela Anderson Pregnant!

While many have chalked up the news of Pam Anderson and "poker player" Rick Salomon's bizarre almost-wedding in Las Vegas (they filed for a marriage license, but as yet have not walked down the aisle) to her whimsical nature. But OK! is hearing that there may be a bigger reason for the pair to get hitched — a baby!

"She definitely looks like she's got a bit of a bump," one source tells OK!. "And this wouldn't be the first time Pam has rushed off to get married because there's a baby coming." The source is, of course, referring to the rumors that the Baywatch babe's surprise 2006 marriage to Kid Rock happened after she'd been impregnated. While these claims have been denied by the actress, they were bolstered by the fact that she filed for divorce from Kid only 11 days after miscarrying their unborn child.

The man at the center of this is, of course, Rick Salomon, most famous for his one major acting role — as Paris Hilton's XXX-rated co-star in their "stolen" sex tape One Night In Paris. He was also briefly married to 90210's Shannen Doherty though the nuptials were ultimately annuled.

When contacted for a comment on this rumor, Pam's rep would only say that she does not comment on her client's personal life.

So... what do you think? Is there a baby on board for Pam and Rick?


oh my

Desperate Housewives Racist Remark?

Desperate Housewives’ Rather Insulting Remark about Medical Schools in the Philippines

I got an email from Rob Klaproth this morning that points to a scene in a recent episode of well-known TV show Desperate Housewives, which he and his Filipino boyfriend found offensive and racist.

In this particular scene, Susan Mayer Delfino, played by actress Teri Hatcher, is talking with her doctor (Nathan Fillion), which, I presume, is her OB-Gyn. She then tells him this line which marked the spot:

Okay, before we go any further, can I check those diplomas? Cause I would just like to make sure they are not from some med school in the Philippines.

Filipinos are talented and smart (but kinda stupid, yeah), and I can’t understand why a show like Desperate Housewives would stoop so low as to offhandedly throw an insult just like that. I know a couple of medical professionals who graduated in reputable medical schools in the Philippines. I know some medical students studying in “some med school in the Philippines.” They are all passionate and good doctors (but, mind you, I still disagree with the planned hospital holiday in private hospitals), so it escapes the mind why such a remark has been made, and what they think of the Filipino medical professionals in other countries.

I’ve never watched a single episode of Desperate Housewives, and right now, I’m glad that’s the case. I have quite a different taste when it comes to TV shows.

Here's the scene:

idk, i laughed.

Mary-Kate: Smile

Is the world finally ready for Guns N' Roses' Democracy?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With Chinese Democracy now available to pre-buy on Amazon, and with the first single having been leaked onto the net (you'll have to dig around a bit for it), it appears that the album will get a 2007 release.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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I'm sorry, but I am still far too in love with Axl Rose to put up a photo of him post-1993. You'll know I'm over him when I post current photos of him.

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Dr. Drew on Britney's Mental Health

Dr. Drew: Britney's on the Brink

We're not the only ones bothered by Britney Spears' custody loss.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of the popular call-in radio show Loveline, expressed his personal concerns over these very circumstances when we spoke to him a few weeks ago.

Forget about what losing custody of her kids will do to Brit's image—Dr. Drew is afraid for Spears' well being.

"Add up the score. Forget Britney Spears, let's say it's Britney Smith," said Pinsky. "Britney Smith had a horrible divorce, Britney Smith has a stressful career, Britney Smith probably has postpartum depression, Britney Smith is in trouble. And that's Britney Spears."

And what happens when you take away the biggest heart-tugging anchors in her life, Sean Preston and Jayden James?

"If you add to all that the loss of child custody, you have somebody who will become suicidal, I'm totally convinced."

We can only hope those around Britney realize the seriousness of this situation.  Mom? Dad? Little Jamie Lynn? Someone please help this girl.


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Brit Brit Done Gone and Got Her License Y'all

Britney Visits the DMV After Handing Kids Over to Kevin


X17 had a story with this, but I chose to omit it for obvious reasons. And for those of us who are confused with the time line of events, I believe this occurred AFTER she had turned the children over to Kevin, but BEFORE she was photographed leaving The Peninsula in the passenger seat of an SUV on her way to God knows where. Please get well, Britney.
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Still One Big, Happy Lesbian Couple

I Guess They're Still Together

Looks like all those rumors about Pink and motocross legend Carey Hart breaking up are false. The two were spotted in a Venice Beach, California bar singing karaoke with Lisa Marie Presley.

Pink sang ‘Killing Me Softly’ by the Fugees and the classic Janis Joplin tune ‘Bobby McGhee’ in front of what is probably the largest crowd she’s performed in front of in a long time (zing!).


Um... ew.

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Kingston Rossdale is a Burberry Baby

Gwen Stefani and rocker hubby Gavin Rossdale arrive at London’s Heathrow airport and catch a flight to Ireland with 16-month-old son Kingston as The Harajuku Girl continues the European leg of her concert tour. (Gwen has a show in Dublin at Simmondscourt on Tuesday night.)

Doting daddy Gavin carried pacifier-sucking Kingston until he wanted mama Gwen to carry him. Kingston also looked adorable wearing a Burberry buttondown. And he even waved to paparazzi!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Kingston is a future badass. I wonder who he'll hangout with. I hope he dates Suri.


Brit gets a New Place to Stay

Brit Loses Kids, Gets New Digs

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

vid here: http://www.tmz.com/tmz_main_video?titleid=1214038033

Hours after reportedly handing her children over to Kevin Federline's bodyguards yesterday afternoon, Britney Spears ditched her Malibu home and took up residence at a five-star Beverly Hills Hotel.

An ass-flashing Spears showed up to the Peninsula Hotel last night, where hotel security flanked the popwreck and tried to chase away any photogs who ventured onto the property.

Brit tried to cover her behind by holding her skirt down as she walked in. But here's a solution: a skirt longer than a handkerchief.

source: http://www.tmz.com/

Britney's Lawyer Reveals Reasons Behind Custody Ruling

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Britney Spears temporarily lost custody because she couldn't provide a California driver's license and was accused of not taking a random drug and alcohol test, her lawyer tells PEOPLE.

After a closed-door hearing Monday, a judge ordered that, from Wednesday, Kevin Federline gets physical custody of Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, "until further order of the court."

L.A. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon didn't outline his reasons in the written ruling, but Spears's attorney, Sorrell Trope, says, "We weren't able to prove compliance with what the judge ordered."

"Specifically," Trope says, "the judge ordered that by 10 a.m. (Monday) morning, both parties show valid California driving licenses. I've been unable to produce evidence of that."

Later Monday, after handing over her sons to a bodyguard of Federline's, Spears applied for a California driver's license in Van Nuys.

Spears, 25, has been charged with misdemeanor driving without a valid license and hit-and-run following a fender-bender in a store parking lot on Aug. 6.

Trope says another reason behind the judge's temporary custody ruling "was a claim by Mr. Federline's attorney that she had not complied with a previous order the court had made – before I came on board (as lawyer) – about having a random drug and alcohol test."

Trope adds: "There's no evidence that she actually failed a test."

However, the courts see the failure to take a test as the same thing as not passing the test.

Another hearing is set for Wednesday.

Federline's attorney declined to comment in detail on the court proceeding. But a source close to Federline says he was "thrilled" after receiving news of the temporary custody change.

source: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20091084,00.html

Pete Doherty Has Been Clean of Drugs For 6 Weeks! Things are Looking Up!

" Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty has tested clean for drugs.

Doherty had been scheduled to appear in court today for sentencing for drug offences, but the hearing has been adjourned until October 26.

Speaking to BBC News, Doherty's lawyer, Sean Curran, explained that Doherty had taken a drug test as part of his rehab course and had tested negative.

"Pete's doing very, very well - extremely well," he said. "He wants to give himself a chance. The court knows he's tested negative for drugs throughout his residential programme - that's six weeks now.

"The judge wants to see how he's keeping after the aftercare before he goes back for them to assess him."

It is thought that Doherty will continue his rehab course until he is sentenced on October 26.

District Judge Davinda Latchlar had previously said that she will make her decision about Doherty's sentencing based on a doctor's report on his drug rehab. If Doherty continues to be clean it is likely that he will receive a more lenient sentence. "

I don't know if I should believe it just yet, but he's doing better than Britney and Lindsay combined. He's re-united with his father and son, let's all hope for the best!

source: http://www.nme.com/news/babyshambles/31513

More Alicia Keys

the Clinton Global Initiative Live At Apollo in Harlem


Excerpt of interview and photos from Complex magazine photoshoot


On dealing with the pressures of fame:

I’m not the chick that breaks down, I’m not the one who loses it and wilds out, that’s not my thing.

On finding herself on top of an Egyptian tomb:

I needed to get out of town and clear my head, I went to Egypt. It was such a miraculous experience for me. I crawled to the top of the pyramid and I just sang at the top of my lungs right there. People walking in acted like I was crazy; I didn’t care. When I came home, I wanted to abandon all the tat stuff about me feeling too vulnerable to collaborate with people. Forget that.

On her idea of a good date:

I like to do things just because the thought came in your mind. I like to maybe go to the planetarium, crazy late at night. I love when a dude is cool with going to the museum with me, especially if it’s an interesting exhibit. I’m not just trying to go see dead white people. [Laughs]

source 1, 2

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Elizabeth Hurley Visits the Art Gallery of Vancouver in support with Estee Lauder, 10/01

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Supermodel and actress Elizabeth Hurley helped illuminate the Vancouver Art Gallery with pink light Monday night in honour of breast cancer awareness. 

Wearing a tight-fitting layered pink dress, Hurley spoke to the crowd about how important it is to donate money to the cause. 

She talked about how it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been affected by the disease and how her grandmother died from it. 

The event coincided with the first day of breast cancer awareness month. 

The Sydney Opera House in Australia and the Empire State Building in New York City have been lit up in pink for similar events. 

Hurley is a spokesperson for makeup company Estee Lauder, which hosted the event. 

Source: Make Her Up

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic 
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Over Before It Began

Over the weekend, paparazzi snapped the flirtatious former elf strolling shirtless in proximity to an itty-bitty string bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston at a Mexican resort, a random close encounter that immediately -- and inevitably -- sent the rumor mill into overdrive.

Sure, the blurry shots show little more than the single stars soaking up harmful UV rays in the same general patio area, but that was enough to touch off talk of an A-list hookup.

Alas, it looks like there's no need to christen Jen, 38, and Orlando, 30, with an annoying nickname (Blaniston? Jorlando?) anytime soon.

"This is 100 percent not true," Bloom's spokeswoman pooh-poohs to MSN Entertainment of the love connection chatter.

According to the rep, the pretty pair was south of the border with their shared manager, Aleen Keshishian, to witness a vow-swap, a story confirmed by Aniston's mouthpiece.

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Original Picture Source
Story Source

Monica Belluci for Rouge Dior

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Sultry Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci, who topped AskMen’s 100 Most Beautiful Women in 2004, is the muse for Dior’s lipstick Rouge Dior.

Monica who can speak Italian, French, English and Aramaic fluently, made a notable appearance in The Passion of the Christ as Magdalen. She has also starred in the Matrix series as Persephone.

Dior promotes Rouge Dior as a long lasting satin-smooth lipstick with ingredients to soothe, moisturize and protect lips! It’s soft and creamy texture guarantees maximum comfort while the extensive range of creative and trendy colors makes finding your ideal lip shade easy.

Source: Make Her Up 


PS: Apparently I'm a moron - and can't figure out the cut.  Sorry guys lol.
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Angelina’s New York Minute

Angelina Jolie picks up son Maddox at the Lycée Français de New York school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Monday afternoon.

Momgelina was later seen entering her hotel through the garage’s “private entrance” with her three oldest kids — Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2.

Maddox wore his usual school uniform, a white button-down and gray pants. Pax wore a cute super smiley sweatshirt. And Zahara is still wearing her nametag sticker (from pre-school, perhaps?). Princess Zee also carried around fluffy feather pens in both blue and pink!

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Zahara is looking so fierce.

and yes..they can all walk.

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Vanessa Hudgens is a Bowling Babe

Vanessa Hudgens extends a helping hand at the Best Buddies International and Lucky Strike Lanes charity fundraiser at Lucky Strike Lanes on Monday night in Hollywood, Calif.

Best Buddies is dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships. Vanessa struck up a friendship with one lucky winner!

The 18-year-old High School Musical star was accompanied at the fundraiser by her little sister, Stella, 11.

Vanessa doesn’t look like the best bowler in the world but that’s okay, it’s all for charity! (;

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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I like this type of publicity stunt. ALL In the name of charity!

Source (a lot more pics at the source. A LOT)

Kirsten Dunst guest editors Lula magazine

Kirsten Dunst is the guest editor for Lula magazine, a biannual British magazine. 
"Christian Lacroix, Acne and Sonia Rykiel are among the designers featured in this edition. Jason Schwartzman, Mia Farrow, Bud Cort and Au Revoir Simone get interviewed while Kristen presents two collages, one with childhood pictures and the other with friends in Germany. "

amy winehouse-brownfront

$500,000 Down The Drain!

Ahahah! This is a funny story. The Daily Mail reported a few weeks ago that Demi Moore splashed out $500,000 on plastic surgery to her face and body. They say that all her money was spent in vain and now the bitch needs a touch-up!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

They claim she even spent $10,000 to have the wrinkles in her knees down.
Demi previously said she couldn't get hired in Hollywood, because she's old.

A plastic surgeon suggested Demi gets touched-up a little, "Basically she will need botox around her eyes to make her skin smoother. She should also consider using small injections of hyaluronic acids and multi-vitamins to improve the texture of her cheeks.

"Other than that her skin seems to be in good condition."

No....she shouldn't get shit! She's fine the way she is now. If she starts injecting and shit she'll end up looking like Jessica Lange or fucking Melanie Griffith. Those cronies look like a mound of melted skin on top of a lollipop!

Film - The Old Guard

Because it's slow today

Jorja Fox Leaving "CSI"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

CSI's Jorja Fox — who was briefly fired from the show in 2004 during an ugly contract dispute with CBS — is expected to leave the top-rated drama before year's end. A source close to the show confirms that Fox, whose contract expired last season, has agreed to appear in six or seven episodes this year before leaving the show that made her a household name and turned her into an unwilling poster child for greedy TV actors.

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Office > Grey's > CSI, IMO, but I thought it was interesting news. ;)

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Cate Blanchett @ 'Golden Age' premiere

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming of drug addictions and custody battles for a little class and elegance.

Nearly a decade after her portrayal of England’s iconic female monarch earned her an Oscar, Cate Blanchett has made a return to the throne in 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age'.

Stepping out in a turquoise goddess gown, the 38-year-old Aussie-born actress had jaws dropping as she graced the red carpet at last night`s star-studded premiere at Universal City Walk in Los Angeles.

Our thoughts on the ensemble?

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I just wanted to note that Cate didn't win an Oscar for 'Elizabeth', she was nominated.
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Isiah ...Guilty

A jury ruled Tuesday that New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas sexually harassed a former top team executive, subjecting her to unwanted advances and a barrage of verbal insults, but also ruled he does not have to pay punitive damages.

After an ugly, three-week trial, the ruling gives Thomas a partial victory in the $10 million lawsuit filed by Anucha Browne Sanders.

The jury did find that Madison Square Garden committed harassment against the woman, and ruled that she is entitled to punitive damages from MSG.

U.S. District Judge Gerard E. Lynch called it an "imminently reasonable" verdict and said the jury will be asked to return later Tuesday to hear brief arguments on punitive damages.

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mama kiss jayden

Enormous Milla shows what NOT to wear when you are pregnant

Actress and model Milla Jovovich has surely won the title for Celebrity Baby Bump of the Year - as she appeared in public with an award-winning tummy.

Her eye-wateringly large bump raised eyebrows as she graced the red carpet in a slinky gunmetal grey jersey gown at the world premiere of Resident Evil: Extinction.

Milla and her mother, Galina


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Jason is coming back, Transformer style.

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "Transformers" director Michael Bay is reviving the "Friday the 13th" franchise through his low-budget production company.

The remake of the original 1980 horror classic, which turned the villainous Jason into a cultural icon, is being produced for New Line Cinema by Bay's Platinum Dunes banner. Platinum Dunes was also behind the revival of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "The Hitcher."

In the original "Friday the 13th," the serial killer made only a brief appearance in the final frames and never killed anyone. Jason didn't even don the famous mask until the third movie. The remake, however, will focus on Jason -- who will wear the mask and kill -- and keep the famous setting of Crystal Lake.

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift will write the script. They wrote 2003's "Freddy vs. Jason," the killer's last big-screen appearance. That film grossed more than $82 million domestically.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter
Adolf Bunny

Nancy Ajram signs with 'O Music'

After months of ongoing negotiations between Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram and the production company ‘O Music’, which occurred in complete secrecy, an agreement was reached and the company will no exclusively distribute and produce all of Nancy’s albums, songs and music videos.

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Time for the 5 w's. And just because a lot of you are lazy, she's a Lebanese singer.


SNL Digital Short Nixed

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Andy Samberg's latest (if a bit protracted...) Saturday Night Live digital-short gem, a ballad directed to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been pulled from NBC.com, the Peacock's official YouTube channel and other sites where it had surfaced, reportedly because it did not clear a musical sample from the group Aphex Twin, says NewTeeVee.com. The clip featured Samberg, with an assist from Maroon 5's Adam Levine, serenading Fred Armisen's (sometimes dress-wearing) dead ringer for the Iranian official.

I didn't realize it wasn't an original song...

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NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! My world is crumbling!!!!

Eve's album pushed back to 2008

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Rapper Eve's fourth album, originally due in August and then bumped to October, has now been pushed back until 2008.

A spokesperson for her Geffen Records label had no comment on the reason for the delay of "Here I Am."

The first single from the project, "Tambourine," stalled at No. 17 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. A new track, "Give It to Me" featuring Sean Paul, has yet to chart, although it has been at radio for several weeks.

"Here I Am" is Eve's first album since 2002's "Eve-olution," which debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 with 123,000 copies. It marked a big drop from the No. 4, 162,000-unit start for "Scorpion" the previous year.

After this album bombs, shes gonna do a duet with BBV....just sayin'.

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srsly, this is just lulz

"Supernanny" Kid Sets Fire to Home

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

News flash! Reality TV shows won't solve every crisis! One family found out the hard way, when their wacky kid set fire to the family home -- after appearing on the TV show "Supernanny." Burn!

Supernanny Jo Frost -- who appears on both British and American versions of the show -- visited Paul and Susan Young and their five children in 2005. Frost attempted to help the Youngs tame their rambunctious boys, all under age 11, but mom said that appearing on the show made the kids behave worse and play up to cameras.

The fire appears to have been started by 3-year-old Joel while he was home with mother Susan, and his siblings were in school. Damage to the home was so severe that the family was forced to move into a hotel. Is "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" casting?!

The fire started in the kitchen, said Essex police officer Terry Hutton. As Young attempted to put the fire out, "the little boy went through the dining room and set fire to the curtains," reports the Daily Mail.

*If MY kid burned down my house...thats a automatic pass to put them up for adoption!! =9

source: http://www.tmz.com/2007/10/02/supernanny-kid-sets-fire-to-home/#continuedcontents

Jane Seymour's Mom Died. :(

ET breaks sad "Dancing With The Stars" news.

ET breaks news that JANE SEYMOUR's mother MIEKE FRANKENBERG has died. She passed away in England due to complications from a stroke she suffered earlier this year. She was 92. Jane is currently on her way to England to be with her family to attend services.

"My mother survived incredible challenges… her health issues that she never complained about….three and half years in a Japanese concentration camp in World War II and the loss of her husband JOHN who was the love of her life," Jane said in a statement. "However, she was always a beacon of love and hope for all she met and especially for my sisters ANNE and SALLY and for our entire family. Her spirit was indomitable and will continue to live forever in our hearts."

Jane told our KEVIN FRAZIER last month that she had been asked to be on DWTS three times before but had declined because of a serious health problem with her mother.

"I was commuting back and forth to England to see my mom who's had a stroke, and she can't move except for one hand and she can't talk," she told Kevin.

But after finding out the show was her mom's favorite, she signed on. "Miraculously when I called her on the phone and my sister put her on and I said, 'I'm doing this, in your honor,' and she went, 'YES.'"

How will this affect "Dancing With The Stars"? Stay tuned for this developing story...

Sad, I can tell she and her mom were close. RIP

Teen Wolf // Lydia is Queen

Anthony Kiedis officially a FATHER

Red Hot Chili Pepper rocker Anthony Kiedis, 44, and his model girlfriend, Heather Christie, 22, became first time parents today when they welcomed their first child, a boy, early this morning at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Anthony's father has announced the name as Everly B.

On Monday, the couple was spotted walking in Beverly Hills. Later in the day, Heather went into labor and the couple welcomed Everly on Tuesday. The pregnancy was announced in May.


Everly is kinda different but I love it.

ETA: Updated my title since so many people thought it said he was officially dead. No dying of the Kiedis! Also, all the references to Scar Tissue have made my day.
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baby beetle

Caveman On The View

When we first learned that the forthcoming sitcom Cavemen was based on those Geico car insurance commercials, we just sort of groaned. But we might be changing our minds after one of the show's stars, Nick Kroll, showed up in character on The View yesterday, and openly mocked Sherri Shepherd for not believing in evolution and momentarily thinking the world is flat.


The Naked Brothers Band: Kids Press Conference

if you have younger siblings, this is a good early christmas present for the lil suckers:

Calling All Kid Reporters!

Are you a kid between 8-14 years old? Have you always had a question that you wanted to ask Nat or Alex?

Then The Naked Brothers want YOU to come to the first official Kids Press Conference!

Here's wheat you need to do:

-Be sure you can come to TIMES SQUARE in NEW YORK CITY on OCT 8 at 1230pm
-Ask your parents
-Read the Rules
-Fill out the form below
-Wait to hear from us!
-If you don't hear back, don't worry. We can't accommodate everybody. But you can still see the Naked Brothers in the Virgin Megastore on Oct 8

Also, check out The Naked Brothers Band as Artists of the Month for October over at KOL.


David Walliams wins 'Favourite Lesbian Daddy' award

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

British comedian David Walliams has clinched the favourite Lez Daddy award.

Walliams conjured the majority of votes in a survey of Dutch lesbians, becoming the first winner of the gong launched by company Lavender Productions to increase gay awareness across Europe.

A spokesperson for the company said that the actor is 'open-minded' and has been 'supportive' of lesbians in his work.

"David is a very open-minded individual and has been very supportive and accepting towards lesbian women in his work. He has even played a few lesbians himself,' the Sun quoted the spokesperson, as saying.

"He is the one who makes lesbians doubt themselves - not surprising when you consider how beautiful his legs look in a skirt,' the spokesperson added.

LOL @ "lesbian daddy". So cute. Also, for the people that will be all "who?", he is one half of the british show "Little Britain".

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(no subject)

Giorgio Armani gives himself $300million+ raise.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

MILAN — It's a $346.5 million payday for Giorgio Armani.

The designer paid himself a dividend of 100 million euros, or $126 million, and pocketed an additional 175 million euros, or $220.5 million, through a share transaction within his own company, according to Giorgio Armani SpA's 2006 annual report.

*my step-mom is an executive for a company I'm positive you all have heard of/shop at...and she gets huge BS bonuses all the time!

Attempting to give a damn

Mencia renewed for third season

Man, you’re pretty racist, aren’t you? You love it when half-Hondurans dress up as Indian convenience store owners and speak in goofy accents about black people and “beaners” stealing stuff, because you’ve never heard anyone point out that convenience store owners are often foreign or that minorities are criminals, right? You love topical jokes about drive-bys and “Pimp My Ride” and “The Price is Right” that involve uninsightful stereotypes masquerading as vague satire that are so overdone and hacky, they’d make your subtlely racist grandparents roll their eyes, right?

What’s that? You don’t enjoy any of those things in the slightest bit? Comedy Central seems to believe that you do:

“Carlos Mencia is a huge asset to our network,” said Lauren Corrao, executive VP of original programming and development at Comedy Central. “With the success of the third season, his Comedy Central Live Tour and his ‘No Strings Attached’ DVD going platinum, Mencia connects with our audience on every level. We are excited about the new season and look forward to expanding our relationship with Carlos into the next year.”

The sentence “Mencia connects with our audience on every level” is one of the most insulting things I have ever heard, but furthermore, WHO THE F*CK WATCHES “MIND OF MENCIA”??? I honestly can’t name one single person I have ever known who speaks about that show with anything other than pure contempt.

This isn’t a “Family Guy” situation, either, where I complain about the show but at least know people who watch it regularly and enjoy it; I literally have never on one single occassion heard “I have to admit, there was actually one funny thing on ‘Mencia’ last night…” Every time I flip on the show by accident, even in the three seconds it takes me to immediately flip away again, I hear a fraction of a sentence that still manages to be both unfunny and annoying. How is this possible?

Am I really so misinformed? I loved “Arrested Development,” but I understood when that didn’t catch on with a mainstream audience. I understand how Dane Cook got really popular and I know a bunch of people (including myself for quite a while) who consider themselves fans. The success of Carlos Mencia, however, is so baffling to me on every conceivable level, that I can only conclude that everyone, myself included, are secretly just full of racist hate.

Also, is there any single shot in a preview that can make you want to see a movie less than the two seconds of Mencia with a fake moustache showing up in the “Heartbreak Kid” trailer? If there is a one-frame screenshot of Moustache-having Mencia in the preview for the next Pixar film or “The Dark Knight” or something, even if it was a mistake by the movie theater and isn’t actually part of the preview or the actual movie, I’m staying home.

Such is the awesome power of Carlos Mencia.


conan is awesome

This was at the bottom of the source page [the title has something to do with Heidi from The Hills]:

"While waiting for some munchies, Conan O’Brien defended the crowd’s queue rights. National Enquirer’s Mike Walker reported that the talk show host spoke up when a large, inebriated form got in front of everyone and barked, “Where’s my cheese!?” Conan responded, “Um … excuse me, sir … but you can’t just butt into line like that! We’re all waiting here.” According to the NE story, the drunk then spun around and bellowed, “Do I look like a guy to you?” while pulling up her top and exposing her breasts."


Pal: Britney Spears Is 'Very Optimistic' She'll Get Sons Back

 Britney Spears is "very optimistic" that she'll get her sons back as she completes the judge's checklist, the singer's close friend Sam Lufti tells PEOPLE.

Lufti, whom Kevin Federline's camp attempted to subpoena in the ongoing custody battle, reminded PEOPLE in an e-mail that Federline getting custody is "temporary."

"We ... signed all the necessary documents that she needed to get done," he said. Spears, he added, is "in a good mood, no problems, very optimistic."

Monday a judge granted Federline physical custody of Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, "until further order of the court." Lufti told PEOPLE that what led to the ruling was just a misunderstanding.

"Scheduling conflicts and errors in communication led her to believe that her deadline was later this week rather than [Monday]," Lufti said. "However, once we finally realized what was going on, we completed the list of tasks. ...So everything's looking good."

At least one of the judge's requirements, however, remains unfulfilled.

Spears, facing a misdemeanor charge of driving without a valid license, went to the Department of Motor Vehicles on Monday to get a California license to replace her Louisiana card, but DMV spokesperson Jan Mendoza says Spears hasn't yet finished the application process.

"As of now, she's not legally able to drive in California," says Mendoza.

"Britney Spears is still unlicensed," Mendoza adds. "She does have a pending application. She's very close to getting a California license."

Another hearing in the custody case is set for Wednesday. 

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Megan Pregs?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Heard this morning that Thomas Jones from the New York Nets was on Hot 97 this morning and confirmed that he and his girlfriend “actress” Megan Good (and I use that term loosely!) expecting. GET THAT MONEY MEGS!

Does that mean no Megan shots for the paparazzi or Megan in movies? Shoot!

He done slipped in the sauce like Ursher. At least Megan is attractive when she’s sober LOL

The celebs need to start a Future Baby Mama Foundation. Providing free condoms and advice to all the men who are ballers. YOU TOO CAN AVOID BECOMING A STATISTIC."


What would Cousin Skeeter say about all this?
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It's cool to have a fued apparently

Currently, it is no secret that Saigon and Mobb Deep are beefing. This beef buzz mainly comes from an on-stage altercation during a show. After the small scrapping match, the two sides spoke briefly on the matter, released video footage of their sides and made statements. Now, Mobb is going even further into the mayhem.

"We went to Hav's show, you know how we do, we the Mobb," Prodigy told MTV. "We was going to show love and celebrate. It was all love. Then we hear [DJ] Premier on the mic saying, 'We got a special guest performance tonight: Saigon.' We all looking at each other like, 'Saigon? What is he doing here? Special guest performance? OK, let's get up onstage.' Basically, Hav showed him love. Saigon was like, 'Oh, it's all love.' I was glad that happened. But certain people around us was like, He's poppin' sh--. We f---ing him up.' And that's what happened. He caught lumps."

So, what does Prodigy say about getting hit?

"For people to say, 'He snuffed P,' first of all, that's what happens in a fight...People get hit. I been hit plenty of times in my face in a fight. I done got people's teeth lodged in my knuckles and all that. That's what happens. At the end of the day, he got chased out the building."

"He saw an opportunity where he could hit me and he hit me...He was smart for doing that. But right after that, he got lumped some more. He's getting chased out the club [riding] on his man's back. N---as was telling him, 'Drop your jewelry and we'll stop chasing you.' [Sai says that never happened.] He dropped his watch then hopped in the car and left. We picked up his watch and threw it away 'cause it was fake. Me and Hav ain't even do none of this. When all of that was going on, we did a Mobb Deep performance. We did seven songs and bounced. [Saigon] got a little lucky punch, but dude hits like a girl. It's nothing. His man knocked me down 'cause he punched me in my shoulder. I jumped right back up from that."

Havoc added his own statement regarding Saigon's exit from the club.

"How do you jump on another man's back? How do you do that? He jumped on another man's back [to flee the club]. He started with us from the beginning. He's a wack new rapper who will never be a legend. Mobb Deep are legends. If you think I'm wrong, say I'm wrong, but I got mad gold and platinum plaques."

P went on to speak about the beef and any potential chances of it spilling over into real life violence.

"Ain't nobody trying to kill nobody or nothing like that. Nobody is trying to do that. It's lumps. It's reasons behind everything. We ain't just reckless out here. Mobb Deep is way smarter than that. How you think we survived in the streets for so long? We ain't out here just recklessly wilding."

According to the duo, beef is not that serious right now. Recently, Havoc said some disrespectful comments regarding Kanye West. Now, he's stating that it isn't serious.

"I'm just trying to make it a little more interesting. Of course I like Kanye. He knows I don't hate him. I met him, I like him, he's a good dude. It's just like being in the game with Michael Jordan. I love him to death, but I gotta foul him. Give him a quick elbow."


Britney buys meth RE:

Did Britney send either her friend or her assistant to pick up drugs last night? Of course not - her friend Sam merely stopped by another friend's house to pick up some clothes before heading back to Britney's.

Has Britney already started submitting to her court-mandated drug tests? Not just yet - our inside source says she hasn't started them.

Have photographers seen Britney doing drugs? Good lord, no - after all, if photographers spotted Britney doing drugs, wouldn't we have seen some, y'know, photos by now?

And finally, were any photographers arrested last night outside the Peninsula Hotel? Absolutely not - there's simply no truth to that rumor whatsoever.

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Some Shakira Booty

Dark Side of Shakira's Moon

Mega-generous Shakira made a cheeky exit from a Manhattan eatery last night, demonstrating the paparazzi-friendly properties of stretchy black fabric, bright lighting, and celebrity skin.

As she crawled her way into a four-wheeled chariot on the way to the airport, Sheer-kira gave photogs an eyeful of the hips and haunches that don't lie, and despite her oops! moment, cheerily handed out some autographs to the fans.

Que nalgas indeed!


oh my
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The Goldmans Get Some Justice

Judge to OJ: Gimme Dat Watch!

A Los Angeles judge has ruled that the Juice must hand over a fancy Rolex to the Goldman family, after they saw him wearing it on TMZ. Time is up!

At a hearing today, the judge ruled Simpson must give the watch and other assets to satisfy a judgment that found him liable for the deaths of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman.

The judge also ruled that any future royalties from a sports video game that features #32, as well as any of the Las Vegas loot found to be legally his, be given to Fred Goldman, father of Ron.


I really hope this bastard gets what he deserves the second time around.

Dita still loves her fur.

Dita Von Teese has refused to stop wearing fur despite working with PETA. The burlesque dancer, who posed as a scantily-clad teacher for PETA's new Animal Birth Control (ABC) campaign, revealed working with the animals rights group hasn't diminished her love of vintage fur.

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Speaking of Dita, I saw her at the MAC store in LA on Saturday and she is absolutely gorgeous in person.
She's on the latest ad for MAC cosmetics too!

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A Britney Sex Tape?

That Crazy Train is Still Moving Along! A Britney Spears Sex Tape Might Hit Soon!

YES! Some dude claims to have a tape of him and Britney Spears doing sex to each other's nasty bodies. The man told In Touch Weekly that he met Brit while she was on vacation in June. The 28-year-old lives in Hawaii and said he taped Britney without her knowing it at the Four Seasons hotel on the Kona-Kohala Coast on June 7. He met her at about 1am in the hotel's bar.
The dude said, “It was just normal sex, we didn’t do anything crazy. It was a little disappointing. It lasted for about 25 minutes and then we passed out.”
He's currently talking to different people about releasing the tape.
Be right back I gotta go barf out everything I ate this week. I just had an image in my head and I need it out...NOW!


Wait, was she hot in June? I can't remember.

Britney finds Chris Crocker "insulting"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Chris Crocker may be Britney Spears’ biggest fan but the feeling apparently isn’t mutual. Sources tells Usmagazine.com that the Tennessee native, who garnered instant fame after posting his “Leave Britney Alone!” plea on YouTube, has rubbed the pop princess the wrong way.

"Britney does not think Chris Crocker is funny,” a Spears pal tells Us. “She thinks he's creepy and that all his videos are an obvious attempt at fame. She finds it insulting and difficult to watch."

But Crocker defends his teary online tribute. “It was to give Britney fans a voice,” he tells Usmagazine.com. “There is nothing insulting there. It was for her fans to show our support.”

Crocker was in LA promoting Onch Movement jewelry when news broke that the 25-year-old singer had lost custody of her sons, Sean, 2, and Jayden, 1. But her number one fan is confident that the situation is only temporary.

“My mom lost custody of me when she was younger and she got it back,” says Crocker. “She can always get it together again.”

So it's just a bad time for her right now?

"She's not herself right now," he said. "It's a transitional time in her life. She's got time to change and she will."

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Kate and Pete Had 'Mind-Blowing' Sex?

Was Kate Moss Dickmatized?

Pete Doherty's  close friend, Shane McGowan, said that Petey and Kate's relationship was all about the sexy. He claims they had "mind-blowing" sex, but how would he know unless he joined in....oh...ok...he probably did.
Shane said, “They were perfect for each other. Totally nuts about each other. They were one of those couples that would argue loads but when they got back together they would have mind-blowing sex. They had this great chemistry and that’s something they’ll miss.”
You know usually anything is good when you're high as a kite. Brushing your teeth could probably give a big O when you're on heroin and shit. As much as I love Petey I refuse to believe that he knows how to make that kitten barf. Drugheads are mostly clumsy and shit when it comes to sex. You know like they keep missing the hole and they end up doing your belly button or your inner thigh. Not hot.
In other Petey news! He's tested clean for drugs! He was supposed to attend a court hearing yesterday, but a judge postponed him until later this month so he could have more time to get clean. Apparently, he's been clean for 6 weeks! I also refuse to believe this! A drug-free Doherty is an oxymoron!


Michael K. is a poet, I fucking love him!

new blind item: CHEESE CHEATS

Help me solve this:
Cheese Cheats

Although his “art” and therefore his career is entirely predicated upon the fact that he loves love and believes in love, especially love at home, and has made millions off women swooning over every word and note, it seems for him at least love does not go hand in hand with fidelity.

Appears he’s been nailing a new piece in every city – from the Midwest to the Northwest to New York, he is cheating. And he is cheating on a celebrated starlet girlfriend with a career that could eclipse – if it hasn’t already – his own.

Because while he might make more money, she gets more mileage – on magazines, on red carpets, on award show stages. And why not? She’s beautiful and talented – a scene stealer in every way.

Still…he strays. He strays everywhere. And his modus operandi is always the same.

He will meet a girl. They will go somewhere fun – playing pool, bowling, even karaoke. Afterwards he’ll invite her back to his hotel. They get it on but first he makes sure she showers. He insists on it. He almost orders it. Apparently he wants to make sure she’s clean before they get dirty. And then they get dirty.

The camera will come out. He promises privacy. And so far it has indeed been private. But this is what turns him on. If there’s time they’ll watch it back together and go for round 2. Not known what he does with the evidence afterwards though it’s very possible he is now building his own porny tourist video library with entries from at least 3 American cities… that I know of.

sorry. have a source now: http://www.laineygossip.com/Cheese_Cheats.aspx

Britney buys meth, ~allegedly~

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is absolutely unbelievable, although, very little shocks me these days.

Earlier tonight, Britney Spears arrived to the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. While there, she sent her driver to Culver City to pick up some illegal goodies for her. Meanwhile, at 9:30pm the X17 gang breaks into the hotel and beats up a security guard with there cameras. Shortly after, Beverly Hills police arrives on the scene and arrests the ENTIRE X17 videographer/photographer crew that was there at that time.

Don’t believe me? Bet your bottom dollar that TMZ will have this all up in the morning, they were the only cameras that filmed the arrest.(link)

Another set of X17 paparazzi, however, followed the driver to Culver City in case Britney was in the car. Much to their dismay, she was not inside the vehicle but they were able to follow Britney’s driver into a dark alley where some shady exchange that contained a small bag, rumored by inside sources to be either cocaine or crystal meth, definitely happened. After that, the driver returned to the Peninsula.

While all of this is going on, Britney is couped up inside a room she checked into at the Peninsula. Kevin Federline was rumored to be inside the hotel with her, but that turned out to be false.

Witnesses inside are allegedly 95% sure she is using crystal meth on the premises. If so, this could get really dirty and messy.

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Maybe They'll Go to China, Too

'Kid Nation' to Go Overseas?

Is reality TV show "Kid Nation" being treated with kid gloves because of its controversial content?

A source close to the social experiment program tells TMZ that producers are scouting foreign locations because they're having a difficult time finding a U.S. spot willing to host them. It seems that many potential places would rather not deal with child labor issues associated with the show.

Despite (or because of) negative press, "Kid Nation" is doing well in ratings. A rep for CBS said that the location for next season's filming has not been determined.


I love this show so much!
down the river of golden dreams

Okkervil River Interview

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Okkervil River's fourth full-length album, "The Stage Names," released Aug. 7, delves into the dark side of celebrity and fame with songs that explore the self-destructive tendencies that can accompany success.

The Austin, Texas-based indie-rock band's distinctive sound is fueled by songs that feel like short stories brought to life in brooding arrangements equally inspired by American folk, Elvis Costello and '60s pop. Currently touring to promote the album, the band will be in Athens on Wednesday.
Collapse )

I bolded probably the most amazing part of the whole interview. I love the oddness of this band. My sister interviewed them and wrote this article, so I'm completely jealous of her. There were so many great stories that Will Sheff told my sister that didn't make the article.

Ani: Amazon Warrior

Blind Item: Who was born with female/male parts?


Which A-List actress is hiding a not-so-little secret from her many fans. Namely, that she was born with both male and female sexual organs. According to our inside source, the actress had her “male bits” removed in a procedure at a Toronto hospital. We had trouble believing it to be true, that is until our source brought up a couple of traits about this woman that would fall in line with the story, and swore up and down it was true. Now — WE BELIEVE.

You know the rule: Every 100 comments you get a clue! Until I believe you have enough info, of course… Here’s your first hint: It’s not me! Have fun with this!

HINT 1: Wow, you guys are fast. OK, here’s your first hint: It’s NOT Jamie Lee Curtis! At least, this item’s not about her…

HINT 2: Though she is in all the gossip rags, she’s hasn’t made a successful film in the past few years… though she still has many projects in the cooker.


HINT 3: Sorry, my darlings, a meeting beckoned! As a result, I’ll jump the gun and give you 2 more hints. So, first one:

It is NOT Judi Dench. However, she is a major award winner.

HINT 4: She has no biological children.

HINT 5: As the day winds down, I’ll leave you with this final update: It is NOT this woman… thought it actually MIGHT be. Is your MIND BLOWN? Thanks for playing, guys!

EDIT 11PM: Many people in the comments said it's Nicole Kidman.  Someone specifically mentioned that the woman linked to in hint #5 is wearing Aussie flags on her.  So it's kind of a "duh" at this point.  Also it's not Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, or Jodie Foster - they have all had biological children.  Of course we cannot know 100% that this is true, but after reading all the comments it makes the most sense.  And even one of the mod bloggers at BWE said "you guys are reading too much into this", which gives me reason to believe it's fairly obvious.


guide you

Colin says "Break down barriers for people with disabilities!"

The entertainment industry has a responsibility to break down barriers for people with disabilities, actor Colin Farrell said yesterday.

“It is important for them to be integrated into society,” he said at a press conference in Shanghai, China, prior to the opening of the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games. As a Special Olympics Global Ambassador, Farrell participated in a rehearsal for the World Games Opening Ceremony on 30 September in Shanghai.

“It was my first visit to Shanghai Stadium, but not my first time in Shanghai,” he said. “I came to the city last October. Together with Karen Mo and Zhao Wei, I helped create the Special Olympics wall composed of almost 1,000 pieces of ceramics. It was a great time. I remember I made the image of the Huangpu River on the wall.”

Farrell participated in the 2003 Special Olympics World Games in his home town of Dublin, Ireland, and was so impressed that he became a Global Ambassador. “I am honored to be part of it, no matter at home or in China,” he said.

Hollywood actor Colin Farrell with Deirdre Garvin, Claremorris, who is representing Ireland in bowling, at the reception for Special Olympic athletes and volunteers at the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games, Pearl Hotel, Shanghai, China.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

1 2
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At Least It Wasn't Written in a Series of Haiku

Rosie's Memoir: Donald Trump is "Totally Creepy"

Rosie O'Donnell's memoir Celebrity Detox may be a mess, but at least it's honest. Due out in stores October 9, the first copies have been sent to media outlets, and USA Today provides a glimpse into the former View host's "train wreck of a book." Read on for excerpts.

On Barbara Walters' actions during the Donald Trump feud:

"You did not defend me. And I have been a good, loyal daughter to you. And I want you to be a good mother to me. Don't let the bad man hurt me."

On Trump himself:
"Totally creepy. He was sadistic in a deeply disturbing way. It was like seeing a specimen squirming on a slide in a high school science class...Donald, for some reason, also reminded me a lot of the garden slugs we used to get on our front steps when we were kids."

On Elisabeth Hasselbeck:
"She continued to appall me with her almost glib comments about torture, and who is right and who is wrong, but the feeling of baseline love stayed."

On Anna Nicole Smith:
"A celebrity cannot exist without her audience. That is why I hold the audience responsible in part for Anna Nicole Smith's death. Fame is what killed that girl, and not only did America watch her demise, America abetted it, by either saying nothing, or worse, tuning in."


I can't wait to read this mess.

daddy would u like some sausage

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Who says you can’t keep a cult comedian down? Tom Green, who has hosted The Tom Green Show, and then The New Tom Green Show (are you sensing a pattern?), will get a shot at syndication in January with a simulcast of his late-night internet talk show, “Tom Green Live!,” according to Variety.
The show, which is produced on a nightly basis out of his living room, has reached cult status with its public-access feel, weird in-studio bits, and celebrity guests who enjoy the loose atmosphere rarely found on regular television. According to Broadcasting and Cable, Tom Green Live! gets about 20,000 live viewers each night at 11pm PT, but thanks to YouTube and MySpace, clips from the show have been viewed over 650,000 times.
The show might be a test of whether internet success can translate into successful television numbers. With internet celebrities like “LonelyGirl15” and Chris “Leave Britney Alone!” Crocker getting development deals, television executives have had no problem mining the web for potentially entertaining television. The problem is, they are mostly flash-in-the-pan sensations, who are forgotten before the ink is dry on the contract. Since Green already has name recognition, and celebs like Pamela Anderson and Bob Saget are willing to hang out in his living room for the enjoyment of others, we could be seeing the start of a new trend in late-night TV.
According to Variety, Debmar-Mercury, who is distributing the show, wants to launch Tom Green Live! on only a few stations to see how it goes, and will aim for the 11pm (or later) timeslot on Fox, CW and MyNetwork affiliates, who will be looking to compete with the standard network talk shows.
Although the show will try to keep its low budget, on-the-net look, Green plans on hiring a larger writing staff, and take bits to the street like his previous MTV shows. But with television comes restrictions on content, pressure for bigger and better guests, and bowing to affiliates to get the show on the air. Can the guy who used to suck cow udders get away with the same stuff he did pre-Janet Jackson? We’ll see if Tom Green if can make TV viewers laugh the way that guy in the window used to on his old MTV show.



David Krumholtz takes the EW Pop Culture Personality Test

He plays a crime-fighting mathematician on CBS' Numb3rs (Fridays, 10 p.m.), but follically gifted actor David Krumholtz lacks the talent to analyze and project patterns in real life. Still, after an initial exclamation of ''Oh, Christ!'' the Queens native (and Bobby costar) dared to make this bold prediction for '07: ''My character Charlie Eppes, is probably gonna do more math. And toward the end of the season, he will be doing math.'' Krumholtz, 28, did manage to learn something from the show, though: ''Nothing is truly random.'' Well, except for the questions on EW's Personality Test...

Collapse )

i love him so damn much, and i know this is really old but there is not enough david krumholtz on ontd. in fact, there is none.


Leo's 'Body of Lies'


Leonardo DiCaprio
takes a beating to the face and shoots scenes in Rabat, Morocco on Monday for the feature film adaptation of the novel Body of Lies by David Ignatius. The film is directed by Ridley Scott (Gladiator, Black Hawk Down).

Leo, 32, plays CIA operative Roger Ferris, who is sent to Jordan to find a high-ranking terrorist. While in Jordan, the operative forms an uneasy alliance with the head of Jordan’s covert operations. Russell Crowe plays Ed Hoffman, a manipulative CIA boss who teams with Ferris.

Body of Lies opens in theaters nationwide in 2008.

Collapse )


MacFarlane casts live-action 'Family Guy' film

A small-screen start proved no obstacle for “The Simpsons Movie,” which has made over half a billion dollars worldwide since its July release. That’s good news for that other animated dysfunctional family, says “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane.

At some point, I hope to make aFamily Guymovie,” he insisted. “The trick is to find a way to do it and do the series at the same time. That’s almost impossible and I think that’s why it took ‘The Simpsons’ twenty years. Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.”

But should Peter, Lois, Stewie and the rest of the Griffin family meet resistance on their way to the multiplex, no worries, joked MacFarlane…he’s already got a live-action cast picked out to appease the bean counters.

“I guess Juliette Lewis would be Meg, David Hyde Pierce would be Stewie,” he chuckled. “Ann Coulter would be Brian. Let’s see, Rosie O’Donnell would be Peter - she’d do a good job, she’s talented, a multi-faceted entertainer.”

“Who did I leave out?” MacFarlane laughed. “Oh, Chris! Phillip Seymour Hoffman! And of course Lois would be, let’s give it to Kathy Griffin for god’s sakes. She’s paid her dues!”

Take notice Fox execs, live-action or animated, MacFarlane already has a plot as well. “Something to do with Pauley Shore, that’s all I know,” he said.

DW; dork

The Police get knighted

THE POLICE, fresh off a reunion concert in Paris, were knighted in France for their contribution to the arts yesterday. French Culture Minister Christine Albanel honored the rock trio of Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers as chevaliers of the Order of Arts and Letters at a Paris ceremony. “We are very happy to be among your knights,” said Sting, en francais. The aging rockers, who split up in 1984, kicked off their reunion tour in late May, stopping off in Boston in August.


Today is also Sting's 56th birthday. Happy birthday~
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Nicolas Cage Finds Man in His House

Nicolas Cage to Stranger: WTF You Doin' in My House?!

Imagine waking up to find a strange man roaming around your home. Nicolas Cage just lived the nightmare.

TMZ has learned Robert Furo was arrested at Cage's crib in Newport Beach at 2:00 AM yesterday morning, after the actor woke up and found the guy wandering inside his digs. Sources tell us when Cage confronted the guy, he realized that the jacket Furo was wearing was actually his. Creepy!

The Orange County D.A. has just charged Furo with Burglary. He's currently being held in the OC Jail on $50,000 bail.


Soleil Moon Frye Expecting Second Child

Former Punky Brewster star Soleil Moon Frye and her husband, producer Jason Goldberg, are expecting their second child, PEOPLE has learned.

Frye is due in the spring. The couple's first child, Poet Sienna Rose Goldberg, was born in 2005.

Of being a mother, Frye told PEOPLE earlier this year: "I thought I'd be able to pass on so many lessons, but I think it's mutual in that we're teaching each other, and she teaches me about love and life every day."

Frye, 31, and Goldberg, 36, a producer of MTV's Punk'd, met in 1996 when Frye pitched him a script while she was studying film at New York City's New School University. They got married in Los Angeles in 1998.

The actress is opening a specialty children's boutique, The Little Seed, on Oct. 8 in L.A. along with partners Paige Tolmach and Beth Birkett.

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He Sure Doesn't Look Sober To Me

Mel Gibson Had Fun

Mel Gibson was spotted getting absolutely hammered in Bali last week. I know what you’re thinking: “Wow, that picture of Gibson above has to be the funniest part of this story!” You’d be wrong my friend. Check out what his spokesman said:

“He was in Bali and he was not drinking alcohol. He was drinking those non-alcoholic virgin cocktails that are made in those island resorts. People should not be so quick to assume things. Unless he is there drinking water, coffee, tea or soft drinks, they’re hawking misleading photos.”

That’s a pre-recorded message, right? Yeah, it has to be. I bet you fifty bucks Gibson’s rep knew he was going to Bali so she recorded that message on her answering machine a few days before he left just to cover her ass. “Hi, you’ve reached Lisa, you know what to do after the beep . . . If you’re calling about Mel Gibson, he was in Bali and he was not drinking alcohol. He was drinking those non-alcoholic virgin cocktails that are made in those island resorts. People should not be so quick to assume things. Unless he is there drinking water, coffee, tea or soft drinks, they’re hawking misleading photos.”

What’s up with Mel and foreign bars?


Yeah, he's hammered. I know this because that's pretty much what I look like when I'm wasted and someone takes a picture.


  • corsin

(no subject)

Eva Longoria Sex Tape!

Here is the Eva Longoria Sex Tape that everyone is talking about! It is real. A real parody!

The Desperate Housewives star and Perry Hilton, a parody character played by actor Eric Olsen, created a “sex tape” viral video to laugh off the rumors of an actual Eva sex tape.

Between playful pillow fights and flighting, Eva jokes, ” Are you sure we should be doing this? What if it gets out? It could be really embarrassing because one day, I might want to marry a really cute basketball player or something.” That would be French b-ball player Tony Parker (they married in July).

Perry has his own catchphrase “That’s tasty”, an obvious parody of Paris Hilton‘ “That’s hot”. He achieved cult fame on Will Ferrell’s streaming video website Funny or Die.



Bar Criticizes Paparazzi in Israel


JERUSALEM - After Leonardo DiCaprio's visit earlier this year resulted in a scuffle with journalists, Bar Refaeli says she will no longer bring her famous friends to Israel.

The Israeli media have closely followed the 22-year-old supermodel and DiCaprio with a hint of pride that a local girl snagged an A-list Hollywood beau.

When Refaeli brought DiCaprio to Israel in March, the couple created a paparazzi storm. After eluding journalists for days, they were met by a group of waiting photographers in Jerusalem. Their bodyguards scuffled with photographers, punching some and damaging equipment.

"I won't bring anyone famous to Israel because there is a chutzpah here that you won't see anywhere else," Refaeli said in comments published Tuesday in the Yediot Ahronot daily.

Refaeli also said she has no regrets about dodging mandatory military service and announced that she's moving to Los Angeles. "I don't regret not having been drafted into the army, because I made out big," Refaeli said.


'Killing Pablo' moves forward with Bale and Bardem

The Yari Film Group is fast-tracking the film Killing Pablo, a biopic about the late Pablo Escobar. The incredibly talented Spanish actor Javier Bardem will star as Escobar and Christian Bale will star as Major Steve Jacoby, the Delta Force commander who led the hunt for Escobar. The film has been in development for nearly five years and is finally being fast-tracked. Smokin’ Aces director Joe Carnahan is still attached to directed.

The film is based on Mark Bowden's novel "Killing Pablo: The Hunt for the World's Greatest Outlaw". Escobar's rise as a leader of the drug cartel in Medellin, Colombia, began in the 1970s. After years of terrorizing police and political leaders, Escobar was targeted in 1992 by a coalition of Colombian police and military, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and the CIA; he was killed the following year. The LA Times said of the book, "the story of how the U.S. Army Intelligence and Delta Force commandos helped Colombian police track down and kill Pablo Escobar is a compelling, almost Shakespearean tale."

I'm guessing this has to do with the impeding strike and studios scrambling to have films "ready" for the next year. Yari is hoping to start filming sometime around mid-2008, if the acting strike doesn't take place. Everything sounds pretty incredible about this project and I've got some high expectations. Although I'm not exactly a fan of Smokin’ Aces nor Joe Carnahan, I'm willing to give him a second chance. The key here is Javier Bardem, who is one of the finest actors in the world, and of course the one-and-only Christian Bale. These two together should command a powerful film.

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MK's Role on Weeds Going to Her Head?

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Mary-Kate TV role as devout Christian goes to her head
Oct. 2, 2007 08:02 AM
Mary-Kate Olsen's new TV role as a devout Christian seems to have gone to her head.

The 21-year-old actress - who has been cast in hit US TV show 'Weeds' as Tara, a God-fearing marijuana-smoker living in a Christian community - was overheard spreading the word of God on a night out with twin sister Ashley at New York's Beatrice Inn nightspot last week.

A source told the New York Daily News newspaper, "Mary-Kate grabbed a male admirer and cried, 'Christ saves all! I save all!'

"Then she ruffled his hair, gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him, 'Consider yourself saved!'.

"He looked totally stunned and stumbled off."

Mary-Kate Olsen recently revealed she loves to run around her house in the nude.

She said, "I run around my house naked with heels all the time. It's so funny.

"All my friends will tell you I love running around in kimonos and jewelry or naked with jewelry."

She also confessed she sometimes pretends to be identical twin Ashley when she is out on her own.

Mary-Kate said, "Sometimes, if I'm out I'll say I'm Ashley or if I'm making reservations for a restaurant I'll use my sister's name - actually most of the time."


EDIT: NO MORE COMMENTS ABOUT THE FACT THAT THEY'RE FRATERNAL // we all know they're fraternal. all of the journalists just suck and no one sounds any more olsen-knowledgeable by correcting them. // much love to you, but it's annoying.

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MTV2's Subterranean Blog have revealed a sneak peak from their upcoming interview which will air on this Sunday late night/early Monday morning. Update: you can now watch all clips on MTV2's page.

And the lastest concert update: yes, it is Australia and New Zealand!!! It just had to be!

■ 18-01 @ Big Day Out Festival, Auckland, New Zealand
■ 20-01 @ Big Day Out Festival, Gold Coast, Australia
■ 23-01 @ Sydney Festival, Sydney, Australia
■ 25-01 @ Big Day Out, Sydney, Australia
■ 28-01 @ Big Day Out, Melbourne, Australia
■ 01-02 @ Big Day Out, Adelaide, Australia
■ 03-02 @ Big Day Out, Perth, Australia

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source: Björk.com & MTV2

coat tails and snail trails

All About Alli Snail Trail

("Hi y'all, this here is my Granny Gerty Lou. She likes do lines of meth off my ass while Britney eats my beave!")

Who in the world is there for our little Britney Spears? The one person that has been by her side mostly through all of this has been her cousin and former assistant, Alli Sims. You would think that Alli would want the best for BS. Nope! According to Fox News , sources say Alli wants to see BS crash and burn, so her pop career could take notice.

A source said, “She wants her own career as a singer. She’s very ambitious and going after it. They recently played her demos up a the label and everyone loved them.”

For a while there Alli Sims' official website had some bunk ass music on it. She sang a horrendous cover of "On My Own" from Les Miserables.

Alli is the Eve Harrington to Britney's Margot Channing! Well, except this Margot is out of shape, not very glamorous, farts a lot, has back fat and probably messes up her dresses with skid marks.

This make sense. Alli obviously looked the other way when Brit would take off in her car with the kids. She was probably giving KFed info the whole entire time. Alli is a mastermind!

Oh and one more piece of Brit news while we're on the subject. TMZ reports she still doesn't have a valid license in CA despite reports that she got one yesterday. Bitch probably failed her written test!!

("Brit is my stylist. She knew folks would wanna lick my snail trail panties (when i wear 'em) clean if i wore this amazing outfit i found in the Halloween aisle at my fave store, awesome Walmart!")

sorse horse


*proof* that doing meth with your cousin will make ya famous!

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My First Post/First Actual Celebrity Sighting!

So today, As I made my commute back to the 6 train on 77th when I strolled past 3 men and a woman holding expensive looking cameras with huge lenses. I knew it had to be paparazzi when I saw another group on the opposite end of the same street. The stalkers waiting at the corners of the street sent a thrill of excitement through my body. I got a water and quietly wandered around the area for just under a half an hour when they all started running east into 74th street. As I followed the crowd, I spot a black Escalade pull up to the side of Lycée Français de New York, Maddox's School in the Upper East Side. A meaty bodyguard puts cones up and directed the crowd of oozing mommies and obsessed paparazzi to stay back. Angelina Jolie then quietly got out of the car and walked into the building. The sound of the silence and the flashes as she walked by kind of creeped me out. Angelina is so healthy looking and beautiful, basically a perfect specimen from my distance. On the way out with Maddox at hand, she smiles and waves to the crowd to the guilty moms and shocked onlookers, some of whom weren't at the school to pick up kids. Following are three short videos I managed to snap with my digital cam.

Source: Me


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 Natalie Portman poses for photos with Institute of International Studies leadersBERKELEY – A line of several hundred UC Berkeley students snaked around central campus Monday evening (Oct. 1) to hear actress Natalie Portman talk about the power of micro-lending to alleviate global poverty. Those who couldn’t squeeze into Sibley Auditorium, where the presentation was held, watched the Golden Globe Award-winner on a giant screen in the lobby. (Yasmin Anwar/UC Berkeley photo)

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SOURCE=UC Berkeley
sam from love actually - lizziesnlfan

michael showalter interview

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Fans of Michael Showalter will recognize him from his work on the much heralded sketch comedy show from the 90s, The State, and most recently with his comedy trio, STELLA, which had a ten episode run on Comedy Central in 2005. Alongside his film work in The Baxter and Wet Hot American Summer, Showalter’s credits are impressive and quite robust. On November 13th, 2007 Showalter will also add stand-up comedian to his resume, as JDUB Records will release his first ever comedy album, Sandwiches & Cats. I was fortunate enough to get Mike to sit down for a Q & A about stand up comedy, his upcoming album/fall tour, and the greatest tragedy ever to take place on American soil. The following interview took place over the phone on September 11th, 2007.

Where were you on 9/11?

Michael Showalter: I was in Brooklyn.

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Basically he talks about being in NYC on 9/11, how a lady brought her cats to one of his stand-up shows, his career in stand-up comedy, & teaching at an improv theatre.


Tour Dates (with Michael Ian Black!)

07 The Gothic Theatre Englewood CO
09 Neumos Seattle WA
10 Aladdin Theater Portland OR
12 The Fillmore San Francisco CA
13 Ivar Theatre Hollywood CA
14 The Courtyard House of Blues Las Vegas NV
15 House of Blues San Diego CA
24 Roxy Theatre Atlanta GA
26 The Social Orlando FL

29 Somerville Theatre Somerville MA
30 The Fillmore at Theatre of Living Arts Philadelphia


I highly recommend seeing Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black live.
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Angels and Airwaves - New Promo Tracks Released

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Angels and Airwaves have made three new songs, "Sirens," "My Only Fear," and "Breathe," available for download here.

The tracks are taken from the act's upcoming full-length, I-Empire, which is scheduled for release on November 6th via Geffen Records.

Confirmed tracks for the upcoming album is as follows:
* Heaven
* My Only Fear
* Breathe
* Everything's Magic (aka Anthem Part III...which is their current single)
* Secret Crowds
* Lifeline
* Sirens
* Star of Bethlehem

Sources: Absolute Punk, Wikipedia

happily never after??

Travis Barker & Shanna Moakler Refuse To Give Up On Marriage

Travis BarkerFormer Blink-182 star Travis Barker and his estranged wife Shanna Moakler are giving their marriage another chance - because the former beauty queen refuses to give up. The couple went through a bitter split last year, and, after a brief reconciliation, they broke up again this summer.

But former Miss USA Moakler hopes it's third-time lucky for the on/off couple - and their two kids.

She says, "My parents have been together for more than 40 years. I believe in my vows, and I'm working hard and will do everything to maintain them."

Meanwhile, Moakler insists date nights will save her marriage: "I love seeing Travis with the children, but I love his romantic side best." 

i just like the beginning of their show when Shanna is sign-languaging in that cops on bikes at the beach show.

what do you think she thinks of her ex, and father of her least-loved child, being all porny-fresh?


Tom Cruise building underground Xenu-Free bunker at his Colorado home?

Dedicated Scientologist Tom Cruise is reportedly afraid that deposed intergalactic ruler ‘Xenu’ is plotting an evil revenge attack on Earth and is looking into building a underground bunker at his Colorado home. The UK Firm Powerhouse have designed a bunker fit for the entire Cruise family at the cost of $10 million.

Big pictures of this crazy shit under the cut.

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Who Sells The Most Tabloids?

This one might surprise you.

The people over at Forbes set out on a mission to find the top-selling celeb face. They evaluated the sales of the six leading celebrity weeklies– People, Star, US Weekly, In Touch Weekly, Life & Style and OK!–over a six-month period ending June 30.

And who came out on top as the top seller was? None other than Jennifer Aniston, of course. Appearing on every title except for Brangelina-obsessed In Touch at least once during the time period, her face collectively sold more than 5 million copies.

What’s more? The biggest disappointment at the newsstand turned out to be Britney Spears. While she was the most popular cover choice - with 18 in six months - Brit’s issues sold well below average.

How fitting.


What I want to know is, why do the tabloids always target women?  I mean I've seen stories about men such as the Owen Wilson drama...but it really just seems like the tabloids, blogs etc. have a very sexist nature about them.

Hilary's new movie "Greta"

Actress and recording star Hilary Duff is on set atop the old Asbury Park power station today during a scene for the feature film "Greta," which is being filmed primarily in Asbury Park and in Ocean Grove.

Duff will play the title role of a waitress who falls for an ambitious cook (Ross) at the restaurant where they work. But as their summer romance heats up, she has to overcome the concerns of her grandparents (Burstyn, Murphy) about her boyfriend’s criminal past. The comedy drama is now shooting in New Jersey.

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source: http://www.oh-hilary.com/

Van Halen footage

The first VAN HALEN tour in more than 22 years with David Lee Roth as lead vocalist kicked off Thursday night (September 27) at the Charlotte Bobcats Arena in Charlote, North Carolina. Early fan-filmed video footage from the third show of the tour — which took place last night (Monday, October 1) at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — can be viewed below.

"I'll Wait"

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Andrew Firestone a.k.a. The Bachelor is engaged again

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Andrew Firestone's proposal to Jen Schefft on ABC's dating show "The Bachelor" in 2003 was watched by millions and led to months of tabloid chatter afterward -- until the couple broke up later that year.

Now Firestone is engaged again, his father and Santa Barbara County Supervisor Brooks Firestone, said Monday.

His son is engaged to model-actress Ivana Bozilovic, and they plan to marry in the spring, Firestone said.

"We love her," he said. "She makes Andrew behave."

Bozilovic, 30, has appeared in films including "Wedding Crashers" and "National Lampoon's Van Wilder."

Andrew Firestone, 32, manages the family's Paso Robles winery.


And yes, her nuanced role in "Wedding Crashers" was as one of the sets of breasts bedded by Owen Wilson in the opening sequence.



Earlier this morning Hollyscoop reported exclusively that there was a Anna Nicole Smith corpse photo floating around and we didn't want to post it to avoid a lawsuit.

We just received a letter from Howard K. Stern's representatives, who also represent Anna Nicole Smith's Estate, asking us to cease and desist from displaying or publishing the picture in any way.

This picture was stolen from Ms. Smith's camera. The picture became the property of Ms. Smith's Estate when she died, and the Estate has requested, and intends to vigorously pursue the return of this item.

Like we already mentioned, the picture was from a previous overdose in the Bahamas. What we’re wondering is why someone would take a picture of her overdosing with her own camera instead of getting her some help. Could her death have been prevented?

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vanessa calrton... stoner and drug fiend?

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in a recent interview with blender magazine, the girl who we all thought was nothing but clean, vanessa carlton, revealed she'd tried every drug except heroin, and would do them all again if given the chance! and to add to that, she also said she'd gone through tours where she smoked pot every single day.

she also revealed that her relationship with stephan jenkins is really over and that he'd broken her heart. :( -- i'm available for the rebound stephan!

you can find the full interview at vanessa-carlton.org

source: blender magazine, vanessa-carlton.org

Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics DVD Hits Stores November 13

Four-time Grammy Award winner Aguilera has sold well over 25 million records worldwide. Her "Back to Basics" album has made her the top-seller in the SoundScan era for a female artist. This November, RCA will release a live version of Aguilera's "Back to Basics" tour, capturing the excitement and sound of her sold-out worldwide concerts.

Source 1
Source 2

Can't wait!  It sucks that she filmed it after she started showing though. :(


TEAM SLEEP: Tour Dates Announced

DEFTONES frontman Chino Moreno's TEAM SLEEP side project will take to the road in November for a string of gigs. Joining them on the trek will be former FROM FIRST TO LAST frontman Sonny Moore, MONSTER IN THE MACHINE and STRATA. The tour kicks off November 29 in Orangevale, California, and continues through December 16 in San Francisco. The dates are as follows:

Nov. 29 - Orangevale, CA - The Boardwalk
Nov. 30 - Portland, OR - The Hawthorne Theatre
Dec. 01 - Seattle, WA - El Corazon
Dec. 02 - Boise, ID – [to be announced]
Dec. 03 - Salt Lake City, UT - Avalon Theatre
Dec. 04 - Denver, CO - Marquis Theatre
Dec. 06 - Oklahoma City, Ok - The Conservatory
Dec. 07 - Houston, TX - Meridian
Dec. 08 - Austin, TX - Mohawk
Dec. 09 - Dallas, TX - Cambridge Room at House of Blues
Dec. 10 - San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit
Dec. 11 - El Paso, TX - Club 101
Dec. 12 - Tempe, AZ - The Clubhouse
Dec. 13 - Hollywood, CA - Henry Fonda Theatre
Dec. 14 - Pomona, CA - The Glasshouse
Dec. 15 - San Diego, CA - SOMA
Dec. 16 - San Francisco, CA – Slims

Emily Pink & Orange Hearts

Jack's Mannequin Cancels College Tour Dates

OCTOBER 1, 2007

Jack's Mannequin announced today that, regrettably, they are postponing five college dates in the month of October. No dates have been rescheduled at this time. Management for Jack's Mannequin stated, 'Andrew McMahon is suffering from significant mental exhaustion and physical fatigue.' After his cancer recovery, he jumped right back into touring and didn't stop for 14 months. The extensive travel has taken a toll on his mind and body - enough so that management believes that it is in his, and his fans', best interest for him to be home so that he can regain his strength.' Andrew is very disappointed and wishes to sincerely apologize to the fans, the schools, the promoters, and everyone involved. We hope to make up the dates as early as February 2008 if the schools and promoters will have us. Please understand that in no way does this indicate that Andrew has had a relapse.

The postponed dates are: 10/6/07 Mansfield University Mansfield, PA
10/8/07 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, PA
10/12/07 Ramapo College Mahwah, NJ
10/20/07 Bradley University Peoria, IL
10/21/07 Quinnipiac College Hamden, CT it's UNIVERSITY!!!

Jack's Mannequin will still fulfill two previously scheduled charity dates on October 16th and October 17th opening for Dashboard Confessional in Andrew's home town of Los Angeles, CA."


Quinnipiac University is inviting someone else to play in JM's spot. Quinnipiac May let him make it up in February for winter carnival, but the school radio station WQAQ puts on the spring concert in April and probably won't have him back then.
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Posh featured in Japanese ads

Check out these new Japanese adverts starring Victoria Beckham. The self-proclaimed fashionista posed for the stunning shots during her latest trip to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Sure, she may be useless for the most part, but girlfriend sure knows how to work a collarbone!



Sale, Pelletier welcome first son

Olympic champion pairs figure skaters Jamie Sale and David Pelletier welcomed a third member to their championship team Sunday as son Jesse was born at a hospital in St. Albert, Alta.

"Jamie and I are beyond thrilled and we're very excited about the many expected joys of parenthood," he said in a press release on the couples' website Monday. "Jamie was terrific through the labour and delivery and we're looking forward to getting home today. We would like to thank family, friends and fans for the many well wishes we have already received."

Sale and Pelletier were at the centre of a controversy at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City when they were initially denied the gold medal despite a strong showing in the free skate. After an appeal, judging irregularities were discovered and the Canadian couple shared the gold medal with the Russian team of Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze.

The incident drew worldwide headlines and lead to reforms in how skating is judged.

The pair turned professional shortly after the 2002 Olympics and plan to return to the ice again this winter.


Vin Diesel & Paul Walker to Return for 'The Fast and the Furious 4'?

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Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are in talks to reunite for the fourth installment of Universal's "Fast and the Furious" franchise. Justin Lin and Chris Morgan, who were behind The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, are returning to directing and writing duties, respectively.

Neal Moritz will produce the as-yet-untitled installment along with Diesel, who will produce through his One Race Films.

The storyline is being kept under wraps. A spring start is anticipated with shooting in Los Angeles, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Diesel and Walker starred together in the first film, which earned more than $144 million in 2001. Only Walker returned for the sequel, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and sat out the third installment, 2005's "Tokyo Drift." That movie had relative newcomer Lucas Black in the driver's seat but did feature Diesel in a cameo at the end of the movie.

Source: CS.net

Cheetah Girls Filming Next Movie in India

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They've already engineered the unlikely transition from fictional book characters to fictional TV pop singers to a real-life band, complete with record-breaking tour attendance and 11 million CDs sold. So where do the most cheetah-licious girls in the world go from here?

"Bollywood!" enthused Kiely Williams, the 21-year-old singer/actress who plays Aqua, one-third of the multimedia pop trio the Cheetah Girls (see "Tweens Revive Struggling Music Industry, One Cheetah Girl At A Time").

These days, Williams is one fast-moving Cheetah: This month she's wrapping up a role in the Anna Faris comedy "I Know What Boys Like," dropping a new album alongside fellow Girls Adrienne Bailon (Chanel) and Sabrina Bryan (Dorinda) and getting ready to head overseas for the group's third made-for-TV movie.

"We're going to India in January to shoot the third Cheetah Girls movie, and we are over-the-moon about it,"
beamed the bubbly Williams. "The fact that we're going to live there for three months is out of this world."

"We just met with our director, who's amazing," she said of Kenny Ortega, the TV veteran who directed both "High School Musical" movies and the last "Cheetah" flick. "It's going to be something very different for the Cheetah Girls, definitely pushing the envelope as far as what the Disney Channel will allow us to do."

Fans can expect a very different version of the group this time around, now that all three girls are in their 20s, Raven (a.k.a. Raven Symone, who played Galleria) has left the group to focus on her own career, and the script has Chanel, Dorinda and Aqua traveling to the Land of the Tiger.

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Source: MTV
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The Eight Hour Cure?

PETA Is Easy to Please!

PETA  is apparently happy with Michael Vick after he completed an 8-hour class in empathy and animal protection. Michael attended the class on September 18th at PETA's headquarters in Norfolk, VA. He apologized for beating his dogs.
PETA said, “He was asking questions, following up on points we were making, taking notes. He seemed to be putting an honest effort into trying to get something out of the course.”
“We made it clear to him that this was something he needed to try to get something out of. We weren’t interested in some kind of PR ploy.” 
Um....8 hours for beating and torturing all those dogs? I surely feel better and the next time Michael Vick's in town he can dogsit my little pooch!  He loves dogs so much now that he should open his own doggy daycare!
Honestly.....80 years of lessons wouldn't be enough! What the hell did they teach him in 8 hours? "You know Mr. Vick....it's not ok to kill dogs and it's not ok to kick them in the head over and over. Kapish?" 
Michael will be sentenced Dec. 10 on a federal dogfighting conspiracy conviction.


I'm not sure what I hate more, Michael Vick or PETA.

30 Things you need to know about Alton Brown

Thirty Things You Need To Know About Alton Brown

#1. Alton Brown grinds his own peppercorns. With his teeth.

#2. Alton Brown's chili cheese fries are healthier than raw carrots. Even after he adds the bacon and lard.

#3. Alton Brown brushes his teeth with wasabi and gargles with pickle brine. But still his breath smells like lemon merengue.

#4. Alton Brown can boil a three-minute egg in thirty-seven seconds.

#5. When Alton Brown was born, he collected the hospital slop they'd left for his mother and made it into an zesty, appetizing goulash. The dish fed the entire maternity ward for a week.

#6. In the first, as-yet-unaired episode of Iron Chef America , Alton Brown single-handedly defeated an all-star team of Bobby Flay, Cat Cora, and Hiroyuki Sakai. The secret ingredient was 'whimsy'.

#7. Alton Brown doesn't reduce sauces. He demoralizes sauces.

#8. Alton Brown prepares his fugu blindfolded, with one chopstick and a plastic spork. Alton Brown ain't afraid of no chump neurotoxin.

#9. Alton Brown's blender has four speeds: 'stir', 'mix', 'frappe', and 'plasmify'.

#10. Alton Brown can split a pineapple in half using only his pinkies. For coconuts, though, he has to use his thumbs.

#11. Alton Brown knows where capers come from. And he grows his own, on a Chia pet in the pantry.

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Brad Pitt's Interview with Parade Magazine

Why Brad Turned Away From Religion

Brad Pitt may have been born a Southern Baptist, but as the Springfield, Missouri, native entered college, he found himself having a crises of faith.”When I got untethered from the comfort of religion, it wasn’t a loss of faith for me, it was a discovery of self,” says Pitt, 43.

Now the head of Hollywood’s most famous family finds comfort in his partner Angelina Jolie and their four children, Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, Zahara, 2, and one-year-old Shiloh. “I still have faith in that,” he says.

In the new issue of Parade Magazine, Pitt discusses his evolution from college journalism student to actor to philanthropist. Is a run for office in his future? See interview excerpts below to find out…

On inequality:

“Whoever said all men are born equal never left his own backyard. I see people everywhere without opportunity. I want to help level the playing field.”

On whether his charity work is the result of his relationship with Jolie:

“That’s idiotic! I do it because I’m a member of the human race. In Africa you see people on the street dying from AIDS, children left without parents. We’re all cells of one body, with the same emotions and desires for our families–for a little dignity and a chance for a better life. Let’s focus on that! I believe in the founding principles of America. I want to fight for that. I know most Americans feel the same way.”

On whether he’ll ever run for office:

“Oh, my God! I never thought about it. I have no desire at this point. Maybe I serve better by not going through that door. George [Clooney] should do it! He’d be quite good. I think Ben Affleck should run.”

On being famous:

“When fame really hit me was when Legends of the Fall was released three years later. You get no warning about what celebrity is or how to deal with it. It’s sort of multitiered. The initial stage is feeling discombobulated and not up to the task. I didn’t understand the incessant attention when I went outside, the way people completely focused on me. It made me very uncomfortable.

On the paparazzi:

“I mean, yesterday Angie was taking Maddie off to school. There were 30 paparazzi outside. One guy sticks a video camera in Mad’s face, yelling, ‘Maddox! Maddox!’ He doesn’t get a response. He doesn’t know my boy. Mad is already savvy to this, unfortunately. But my 2-year-old dreads being anyplace there are cameras. It scares her. They’re all in her face. My kids are faced with this every day! It’s disgusting. So we’ve been run out of L.A., all the major cities. We just can’t live there. You don’t understand–this is the hunt, the hunt, the hunt! I thought it might be over a year ago. It’s gotten worse.”

On turning away from religion:

“I didn’t understand this idea of a God who says, ‘You have to acknowledge me. You have to say that I’m the best, and then I’ll give you eternal happiness. If you won’t, then you don’t get it!’ It seemed to be about ego. I can’t see God operating from ego, so it made no sense to me.

On the ways of the world:

“We’re basically all the same. There is so much focus on our differences. Again, this thing of ego—my high school is better than your high school! We forget that we all have the same feelings on any side of the world. Why can’t we find common ground instead of this obsession with our hatreds?"


I'd classify this as tl;dr, but I'm sure all the Brangeloonies will cream their panties so I figured I should post it.

Natalie gets emotional

Golden Globe Award-winning actress Natalie Portman gets a little emotional as she speaks at a conference at Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, CA on Tuesday about a campaign against global poverty.

The former Harvard grad spoke with students in the Graduate School of Business program about microfinance, and the importance of young people getting involved with social action.

Micro-credit loans have been around for forever, but gained international recognition as a means to battle poverty last year when Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus and the bank he founded won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Natalie has been working hard on her many philanthropic projects. She recently starred alongside Kyra Sedgwick and Chloe Sevigny in ‘The Bulb‘, a video project explaining how an action as simple as changing a light bulb can help reverse the effects of greenhouse gases.

Now let’s just hope the 26-year-old star takes a well-deserved break real soon. The normally flawless beauty is looking a little rough around the edges.

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Legal Jargon for "Bitch is Crazy"

Why (Exactly) Britney Lost Custody

We now know exactly what went down in court Monday when L.A .County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon stripped Britney Spears of physical custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James.

As we first reported, Britney didn't follow a number of conditions the Commish laid down. But sources tell us three factors were the last straws for Gordon.

- Britney was supposed to sign a document that would have given the green light for a custody evaluator to conduct psychological evaluations. Commissioner Gordon ordered Spears to get the signed document to Mark Vincent Kaplan, K-Fed's lawyer, by Monday at 10:00 AM or appear in court. She did neither.

- The judge ordered both Kevin and Britney to submit proof they had valid California driver's licenses and insurance. He also ordered that neither party drive with the children if they didn't have the proper license. Over the weekend, TMZ posted video of Spears driving with the kids in Malibu. She did not have a California license and still doesn't. The TMZ posting was discussed in court and the Commish was pissed off.

- The biggest reason for the change was Thursday night, Britney was at Sutra nightclub in Newport Beach. TMZ shot video inside the club.

In short, Gordon was ticked off that Britney thumbed her nose at the court. Stay tuned. Various people say they saw her drinking alcohol after midnight. According to Gordon's order on September 17, neither Britney nor K-Fed were allowed to consume alcohol within 12 hours of the time they obtained physical custody of the kids. We know Britney picked the children up at 12 noon on Friday, which means she would have violated Gordon's order.


At this point, I think it's going to take Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, Dr. Oz, Oprah, Judge Judy, Jo Frost, Tim Gunn, Mother Love, and God knows who else to get her in check.

Sex & The City: New Set Pics

Guys, I am so effing sorry I copy-pasted the wrong picture. *feels like a retard* 8D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We've seen quite a bit of the cast of the Sex and the City movie filming in NYC recently, but this is our first glimpse of Willie Garson (who? oh right, her bgf Stanford). They are also totally showing off their day to night looks, and Fab wants to know what you t