September 17th, 2007

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Field on being censored: 'Good! I don't care!'

"Oh, well. I've been there before!" Sally Field just said back in the press room when asked what she thought of being censored on the Emmycast.

"Good. I don't care. I have no comment other than, 'Oh, well.' I said what I wanted to say. I wanted to pay homage to the mothers of the world. And I very very seriously think that if mothers ruled the world we wouldn't be sending our children off to be slaughtered."

When she was pressed for further comment, she added, "Too bad. That's a shame. And I think I probably shouldn't have said the 'god' in front of the 'damn.'

"If they bleep it, oh, well. I'll just say it somewhere else."


TBH, I'm still in disbelief over the fact that she won the damn Emmy in the first place. Seriously, EDIE FALCO / KYRA SEDGWICK, ANYONE?!

Ina Hanging On Like FG


O.J. Confrontation -- Caught On Tape!

Posted Sep 17th 2007 1:47AM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Celebrity Justice

TMZ has obtained an audio tape of O.J. Simpson's confrontation with a sports memorabilia dealer that led to his arrest on felony robbery charges. In it, you hear someone say, "You against the motherf*****g wall."

The tape was recorded by Thomas Riccio, who co-owns the auction house Universal Rarities. Riccio met up with Simpson just before the confrontation at the Palace Station Casino on Thursday night.

We're told Riccio was on hand to help Simpson prove certain memorabilia being auctioned by Alfred Beardsley was ill-gotten. Riccio says he believed Simpson was going to confront Beardsley in the hotel room to give him an ultimatum -- either hand over the goods or Simpson would call the cops.

Riccio turned his Olympus digital voice recorder on before the group entered the room -- a group that included Simpson and four other men. Almost immediately, Simpson went wild, hurling profanities at Beardsley and another memorabilia dealer, Bruce Fromong.

The confrontation lasts six minutes. It is graphic and telling. Simpson is clearly the ringleader. Simpson repeatedly says, "Think you can steal my s**t and sell it?"

 We're told Riccio also recorded the police interview with Beardsley and Fromong. Riccio also claims he has audio of Beardsley and Fromong conceding they didn't have a right to the memorabilia. Riccio also says he has audio of Bruce Fromong saying he helped Simpson hide money in offshore accounts.

And there's this: Riccio's partner, Jeff Woolf, says Simpson left a message on Riccio's cellphone trying to convince him that there was no gun involved in the robbery.


Fucker is guilty as hell and some hardcore incarceration for him is a long time coming, Y/N?

Pete Writes Song for Wino

"Rocker Pete Doherty has reportedly written a song for Amy Winehouse and presented it to her as a birthday present.

According to the Daily Star, the Babyshambles star penned a track called 'Amy on The Mend' for Winehouse's 24th birthday.

Doherty reportedly framed the lyrics to the song and signed them 'Love Pete' before presenting the gift to his singer friend.

A source told the newspaper: "Pete wanted Amy to have a lovely birthday as he knows she has been through a lot of late. So he wrote her a special song." "

Dolphins are just gay sharks.


ET has several reliable sources that the FBI and LAPD are investigating legitimate leads on a contract hit on KEVIN FEDERLINE's life.

Multiple sources tell ET that the FBI made attempts to contact Federline to inform him of the potential danger.

Sources within the FBI tell ET that this is the bureau's standard operating procedure when someone's life is threatened.

ET has been working this story for the past two months. When contacted, the FBI told us that the bureau cannot confirm or deny an investigation.


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Just Another Day In The Life Of Wino

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Amy Wino was spotted getting out of a taxi in London using a rag to cover up a cut on her hand. Witnesses say her blood was dripping on her ballet slippers and on the sidewalk.

A witness said, "Her hand looked to be in a right state, she was tightly gripping it with a piece of material but you could still see the wound."

Nothing new here, but where's the beehive?! No wonder she's bleeding. She doesn't have the powers of the rat's next to heal her.

In other Wino news, the producers of the next Bond movie have apparently stopped talks with her about performing the next film's theme. Wino was said to be the frontrunner and producers even wanted her to make a cameo.

A source said that producers are no longer interested due to all the reports about her drug use, self-injury and domestic violence. I say they should use it. Make her a Bond girl! She'd be the most interestined Bgirl ever. Her name can be Heroina Shootupalot.

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Snatchers just because you look like Michael Jackson doesn't mean you have the same talents as he does. Snatchers performed with the "Band from TV" at the TV Guide Emmy after party last night. The band consists of a bunch of TV actors. Thankfully, I just have pictures and not video. It's too early to hear that crow call.

Bitch also forgot her dress. If you're going to wear a negligee make sure it doesn't look like you fished it out of the bottom of the clearance bin at TJ Maxx.
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Being Rich Is The Way To Go

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Charlotte Church is reported to be worth around $10 million and she loves it. She recently said that being rich is the way to go. DUH! Eat a ho-ho and shut your ass.

She said, "I really love having money, because it lets me be lazy. Work's really overrated. If you're lucky enough to get the chance to be a housewife then go for it.
"I love my house in the country. There are sheep and rabbits there. It's peaceful."

Notice she didn't mention having any cows. She doesn't like the competition.

Charlotte is currently expecting her first baby with her hot ass boyfriend Gavin Henson. Even though she's rich, Charlotte still says she's sensible. "I don't buy diamonds any more. The only think I would really like is a yacht."

Why waste the money? Just stick an anchor up your ass and there you go! An instant yacht!

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No Smoking Out With Angie

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Angelia Jolie has said she's tried every drug invented, but that her least favorite of all was weed.

The 32-year-old mother of four said, "I've done coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD, everything. But the one that had the worst effect for me was pot. I felt silly and giggly and I hate feeling like that."

"I remember taking LSD before I went to Disneyland. I started thinking about Mickey Mouse being a short, middle-aged man in a costume who hates life. Those drugs can be dangerous if you don't go into it positively – I gave them up long ago."

Mickey Mouse is most likely a short, middle-aged woman in a costume who hates life. I worked at Disneyland so I know this. The best part about working at Disneyland is seeing Snow White and Cinderella hike up their skirts in the back for a smoke break. Disney whores!

It's also funny that the one drug that Angelina should be taking is the only one she hates. Bitch needs to giggle and laugh, because she's so fucking up tight. It'll also help her get the munchies. She should try it again. It might do her body good. Doesn't Maniston smoke out? They should do it together. Bury the hatchet over a bowl.


Jim Broadbent cast as Slughorn for 6th Harry Potter

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In an interview with our friends at Dark Horizons, actor Jim Broadbent has confirmed that he will be playing the role of Slughorn in Half-Blood Prince:

Broadbent: Yeah I had basically three months in Lincolnshire in the summer and suddenly now I'm back on the rollercoaster again and I've got to finish off Indiana Jones next month and I've got a bit on Young Victoria and it's all been sort of stacking up and then I'm doing Harry Potter.

Question: Who are you?

Broadbent: Who am I? He's called Horace Slughorn. He's a retired teacher of magic who's drawn back out of retirement because he's got some secrets they need in the battle against the Deatheaters and he's quite star struck as a teacher and he's drawn back into the fold because he likes to notch up celebrity students, and he's drawn back by Harry.

Film - The Old Guard

Two more people who should have won last night

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DeGeneres Banned From Using Her Own Sitcom Clips

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has been refused access to clips from her own former sitcom. The comedienne asked ABC/Disney bosses to let her show a segment from her old program, which featured a guest appearance from actress Mariska Hargitay - and was told the footage was off limits. DeGeneres, who hit the headlines a decade ago when she 'came out' as a lesbian on the sitcom and in real life, was hoping to use the clip to show Hargitay when the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star made her debut on DeGeneres' show on Friday. she was a guest star on my original sitcom and it was a hilarious scene... I wanted to show it today... but Disney will not let me have any clips of my show to show, unless we pay a whole lot of money. "It was my show... We'd be advertising it, it would help them." Instead Ellen showed a clip of Hargitay in soap Falcon Crest, acting alongside the late Jane Wyman, who died last week.

WTF? That's so stupid. I would have loved to have seen that. And SVU's gone downhill, but Mariska still rocks the shit.

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TMZ Video Of Hayden and Milo

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No, they weren't K-I-S-S-I-N-G, but "Heroes" co-stars Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia were looking pret-ty cozy last night after the Emmy Awards.

TMZ cameras caught the twosome walking arm-in-arm outside of HBO's after-party. When our cameraman approached the duo and asked if they were dating, Hayden got defensive, sassily saying, "I'm holding onto him because I'm about to fall over in these heels!"

The photog smoothed things over with Hayden by telling her she looked "gorgeous" -- Panettiere flashing a smile before taking off with her man co-star.

Watch Video at the source


JKR Extends Book Tour to Canada

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Canadian visitor Lori sent us this article from, which reveals Jo's plans to hold a book reading in Canada:

Ms. Rowling, who lives in England, will make an appearance the morning of Oct. 23 at the Wintergarden Theatre in downtown Toronto. It's an all-ages event hosted by Toronto's International Festival of Authors and Rowling's Canadian publisher, Vancouver-based Raincoast Books. Ms. Rowling will read from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, entertain questions from fans and autograph complimentary copies of “Deathly Hallows.”

Starting today through September 27th, Canadian fans can visit Raincoast's website and enter for the drawing that awards 10 pairs of tickets daily. Tickets are also being given out through Canadian libraries and the country's 79 public and Catholic school boards.

Good luck to all who enter!



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Britney Hired a Hitman to Kill K. Fed?!?!?

From X-17 Online:

Our guy down at the courthouse today tells us a celeb news magazine show had a producer there for the hearing in Britney and Kevin's custody case where uber-attorney Gloria Allred was to produce a 'secret witness' and the mic-holder was yelling out questions about allegations of Britney having hired a hitman to kill Kevin Federline?!!! What?!

Even Allred looked shocked and she seemed to have no idea what this ill-informed producer was talking about and we're pretty certain that info is totally WACK!

Anyway, we've got tape of all of this AND an ID on the 'secret witness' coming soon! Source

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Wasser Walks

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Who the hell does Britney have now? No manager, no lawyer, no stylist and now TMZ is reporting that her lawyer, Laura Wasser, is walking. Laura will submit papers to the courty today withdrawing herself as Brit's laywer.

Good timing. KFed and Brit's custody hearing begins today.

Reportedly Wasser is walking, because Britney won't take her advice in trying to win custody against KFed. Laura helped Brit get 50/50 custody which some say was a miracle.

Brit won't go in alone, she's already hired Marci Levine to represent her.

Boo! I was hoping Brit would represent herself in court. Can you imagine? Comedy! She's probably watched enough Divorce Court while eating Bon Bons to get the gist of things.

Britney obviously doesn't give a fuck! It's not hard. Just listen to what they tell you and shut up.

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Jakey walks around

Jake Gyllenhaal & Noah Baumbach Collaboration?

Jake Gyllenhaal takes a stroll through Manhattan after grabbing lunch with independent film writer/director Noah Baumbach at Italian restaurant Bar Pitti in New York City’s West Village on Saturday.
Let’s hope Jake, 26, and Noah, 38, have a movie together in the works! (Noah is the son of novelist/film critic Jonathan Baumbach and Village Voice critic Georgia Brown.)

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The man can do NO WRONG :)


Radio Listeners May Want Less of Gimme More

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Britney Spears' new single, "Gimme More," came roaring out of the gates on CHR (contemporary hit radio)/top 40 radio, debuting at No. 25 on Billboard sister publication Radio & Records' format chart for the week ending September 2 and endowing Spears with the second-best start of her career. But that was before MTV's Video Music Awards (VMAs).

"Gimme" scored Most Increased Plays on the format during its first week out, racking up 1,062 spins. Day by day, the song climbed from 225 plays on CHR/top 40 on September 5 to 269 on September 7.

Then came Spears' awkward and generally panned performance September 9 on the VMAs. The following day, "Gimme" got a jolt, jumping to 336 spins as talk of Spears' VMAs showing made the water cooler rounds. But on September 11, "Gimme" took its first spill on radio, falling to 331 spins.

Will Spears' VMAs rendition ultimately undermine any momentum that her first single in three years was building?

A Zomba label rep said radio is getting both negative and positive calls about the song since the telecast, but some programmers expect the latter won't last.

"After the hilarious performance at the VMAs, there has been even more buzz about the song," KRQQ Tucson, Ariz., DJ Seth O'Brien said. "But I think this performance will be the running joke of Britney's attempt at a comeback. I bet we will see a drop in interest (in "Gimme") after a few days."


I actually like the song.  Don't know if it's good enough to save her career, though.

Halle Out Shopping

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A three-months pregnant Halle Berry shops for baby clothes with her mother, Judith Ann, at baby superstore NoMi boutique on West Pico in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, it was announced that soul singer Aretha Franklin has Halle in mind to play her in an upcoming biopic.

Aretha said, “For television. My autobiography, From These Roots. Hopefully it will happen early spring. I have verbal commitments from Billy Dee [Williams] to play my father, and Terrence Howard to play Smokey Robinson. I’m not sure yet [who will play me]. Jennifer Hudson came to read for me. I also have an interest in Halle Berry possibly doing it. And Fantasia.”

Say wha-aaaaaat?

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Britney Spears Banned From Hotel For Smearing Food All Over Her Face?

Coming straight out of the “WTF” folder, it appears Britney Spears has been banned from the Chateau Marmont for smearing food all over her face.

Britney came under the management spotlight at exclusive Chateau Marmont after reports she was “acting weird”.

And it seems “acting weird” doesn’t begin to describe her latest act of lunacy, which saw Britney stunning fellow diners in the posh hotel restaurant by smearing a plate of top-notch food over her FACE.

Horrified guests were understandably outraged and demanded the management kick her out for good.

A source said: “The diners were disgusted. You wouldn’t expect that from a teenager in a fast-food joint.

“Royalty have dined in this restaurant. Her behaviour was totally unacceptable.”



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Pamela and Rick Engaged ?????

Sources(what sources??) close to Pamela Anderson are telling us that she and Rick Solomon could be getting married any time now and might even be secretly married already! Pam and Rick have gotten very serious, very fast, and last week she told Ellen Degeneres that she was "engaged." Some of her friends think that she and Rick might have quietly tied the knot in Las Vegas and they're keeping it a big secret. Pam and Rick (yes, the same guy who costarred in Paris Hilton's sex video and made a fortune selling it online.) both have kids and don't want to make a big deal out of their hasty romance. Oh yes, and we've heard that Pam appreciates the fact that Rick is generously endowed.
I personally think he is even worse than Tommy and Kid combined.......


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Paula Abdul's Boyfriend Creeps Me Out

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I'm happy that Paula Abdul finally found someone either sane enough or dumb enough to deal with her crazy. Paula is currently dating the owner of Les Deaux, J.T. Torregiani. He looks like one of those dudes that has never really gotten over the fact that he's no longer a frat boy.

At last night's Emmys Ryan Gaycrest made some crack about Paula and it seriously took J.T. at least 10-seconds to register the joke. He's probably heavily medicated.

That being said, I'd hit it.

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Katie Holmes takes daughter Suri, 16 months, to say goodbye to Suri’s grandparents as they leave from Tempelhof Airport in Berlin on Monday.

Suri dressed in a polka dot top and carried around her fave new doll — a pig-tailed redhead. Katie wore a white tee, black skinny jeans, a black trench coat and black flats.

Daddy Tom Cruise has been busy filming his new movie Valkyrie, aka Rubicon, in Berlin, Germany.

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What Celebs Didn't Say Onstage @ The Emmys

As usual, some of the most interesting Emmy moments were not on screen but off, backstage with the nominees and on the red carpet before the show. Highlights:

Field's silent moment

Brothers & Sisters star Sally Field was ecstatic on her surprise win as best actress in a drama. But explaining why Fox censors bleeped her acceptance speech, Field said, "I probably shouldn't have said the 'god' in front of the 'damn.' … I didn't have a point to get across. I have no agenda, I didn't have any political something I wanted to say. I wanted to pay homage to mothers, period, and especially the mothers waiting for children to come home from the war."

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Corbin Bleu on not showing up for HSM premieres

He's still in talks to star in the third installation, just don't expect High School Musical star Corbin Bleu at the premiere.

"I've never been to a High School Musical premiereever," Bleu confessed. "The first one I was working on Jump In (A Disney Channel movie). I couldn't go to the DVD premiere. I was on tour for the [HSM2] Disneyland premiere, I couldn't go to London for the International premiere. I'm cursed."

Cursed, but successful, the 18-year-old confirmed to PEOPLE at the Parapluie, Inc., Emmy Gift Lounge that he and his costars are indeed still in negotiations for High School Musical 3.

"Truthfully as long as it's a good script and as long as everybody is being paid fairly, I would be more than happy to go and have one last hurrah," Bleu said.

Money isn't an issue in his off time. Bleu told PEOPLE his family won't allow success to go to his mop-haired head and his next gig is "babysitting for my sisters (Phoenix, 6, and Jag, 4)."

"When I'm home, I'm just Corbin," says Bleu, who recently wrapped a 44-city live summer concert tour promoting his solo CD, Another Side. On Monday, Bleu begins filming on Hannah Montana, where he'll guest star for one episode.


Keira Knightley: 'I'm Twice The Size Of Most Hollywood Actresses'

Stick-thin 'Pirates of the Caribbean' star, Keira Knightley claims most of the women she auditions against are far smaller and skinnier than she is. Keira says:

"Weight is a big issue in Hollywood because I'm twice the size, height and everything else, of most of the girls who are going in to see the director for a part. When you realize that I am, at my size, one of the largest actresses there, you start to think, 'I don't think it'd be healthy for me to stay here much longer.'"

The 22-year-old recently received $6,000 in damages after a British newspaper claimed she was anorexic. Keira previously said that her grandmother suffered from anorexia. Well it runs in the family then. What do you think, does she look healthy? She's so huge, I'm surprised she even leaves her house


Zac Efron Sports Peach Fuzz


Zac Efron arrives at LAX on Sunday sporting a peach fuzz mustache, returning back home after promoting Hairspray during the European leg of the movie’s promotional tour.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac’s peach fuzz facial hair — YAY or NAY?


What's with the 'stache there? That's the only reason I posted this lol Give it up, Zac, it won't make you look straight. Nothing will.

Jessica Hynes: David Tennant + kissing = :D

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SHE may be a married mother of three, but Spaced and Royle Family star Jessica Hynes knows what she wants when it comes to a spot of, ahem, - snogging action.

After locking lips with Dr Who during the last series - in which she played a 19th Century teacher - Jess decided she'd like to have another go.

So she set about writing Learners, a BBC comedy drama about a woman having driving lessons with a man she fancies - played by none other than Dr Who himself, David Tennant.

The actress giggles: "I get to kiss him twice! When I was writing it I'd think, 'What shall we do next? I know, me kissing David again'.

"It made complete sense because he is so versatile and so attractive."

What an understanding hubby she must have.


You go girl!
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Great Ratings For 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia'

The gleefully off-color comedy debuted to its highest-ever ratings last week, with the third-season premiere bringing in more than 60 percent more viewers than last year's opener. A second episode also did pretty well.

The premiere at 10 p.m. ET Thursday drew 2.33 million viewers, the biggest audience in the show's history. That's a 62-percent jump over the 1.7 million who watched the season-two debut in June 2006. "It's Always Sunny" also posted big gains among adults 18-49 (1.79 million viewers, up 77 percent over last year) and adults 18-34 (1.3 million, more than double the '06 premiere).

A second episode at 10:30 held onto most of that audience, snagging 1.86 million viewers and 1.41 million in the 18-49 demo.

Both episodes beat the show's previous high mark set in the second-season premiere. "It's Always Sunny," which stars Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito, averaged 1.3 million viewers for all of last season.


Jennifer Garner does 'Marie Claire'

The Kingdom’ star Jennifer Garner flashes her million dollar smile on the October issue of Marie Claire.

Inside the mag, the A-list Hollwood mom talks love, life, babies and her future as the next Oprah!

    Jennifer on her 21-month-old daughter Violet: “She’s pretty awesome. We’re in that sweet spot before the terrible twos. She sleeps till 7! Yeah, we lucked out. Supposedly [when] you have one that’s this easy and great, you’re screwed the next time around.”

    Jennifer on the paparazzi: “[The paparazzi] just nips away at anything you’re doing, the small pleasures. I would give just about anything to make it go away, especially for my daughter. I feel like she has a right to her privacy, and it’s kind of encroached on.”

    Jennifer on her two year and couting marriage to Ben Affleck: “I don’t know what makes it work. But it does. One thing that makes it work is that we’re both pretty nice. He’s not someone who’s ever going to blow up on anyone. What I mean is, if he’s ever angry with me, he doesn’t act out on it in a weird way or yell at me. And I am the same. So we handle conflict in a very loving and adult way.

    Jennifer on having more children: “We definitely wonder what it would be like to have another — hopefully, knock on wood, someday. [raps table] My job is great to have as a mom. I get to take breaks and then work in a really concentrated way. During that concentrated time, it sucks, but whatever.”

    Jennifer on her future as a talk show maven: “I feel like women, and especially mothers, are disenfranchised from our families; we don’t have the same support group around us that we did a generation ago. All my girlfriends and my sisters were having these same issues, and I felt like, ‘Why isn’t this being addressed?’ There are tons of talk shows, yet there’s nothing that’s specifically for them. But I’ve never gotten the balls to go out and do it.”

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Marc Jacobs Has Bad Taste In Men (But Loves Mariah)

Image Hosted by

(pictured with two gay porn actors, one of which he was romantically linked to)

Marc Jacobs is clearly proud of his bod - and bares it all again in the latest edition of Visionaire. The 168-page oversize book, sponsored by Louis Vuitton, includes nude photographs of a bevy of models, actors and celebrities, including Jacobs, this edition's guest editor.

Visionaire co-founder Stephen Gan said the concept was conceived more than two years ago and most of the photos were taken late last year. "The idea was to do personal nudes of famous people. We came up with a list of who are considered the most beautiful people in the world," he explained. That list includes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, Drew Barrymore, Naomi Campbell, Scarlett Johansson, Christy Turlington, Gisele Bundchen, Jamie Dornan and Selma Blair, all shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Though most of the images are quite revealing, "not everyone is stark naked," Gan said (Lopez and Anthony appear clothed, most of the models, including Daria Werbowy and Natalia Vodianova, do not). Thus, the latest edition is entitled "Private."

Voyeurs and others can buy the issue for $375 beginning in early October; 2,500 copies will be printed. But before sulking at the hefty price tag, consider "Private" will be sold in a limited edition Louis Vuitton gold monogrammed case. At least they thought to dress the book up, even if its subjects inside aren't.


i'm out to destroy u jason - beware
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Penelope and Monica Cruz For Mango

HUGE PICS AFTER THE CUT........don't say I didn't warn you
The latest celebrity duo to design for the high street is Madrid born sisters Penelope and Monica Cruz. The two sisters have joined forced with Mango to create a vintage inspired line for the Spanish store’s upcoming season. The 24 items collection is divided into Urban and Evening wear with styles that reflect the sister’s tastes and way of life. The Urban collection is composed of oversized trousers and jeans as well as a waistcoat, a cardigan, a babydoll blouse, a jacket and several accessories (such as gloves, hats and socks). Cocktail dresses are the main feature in the Evening collection with inspiration from the 50s and 70s. The collection caters for all kinds of women, but besides the very cute black dresses, there is nothing to catch the eye, not even the reasonable prices (starting at $9 for a pair of legwarmers to $189 for the Gina dress).

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   more huge pics at the source
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Musical acts on TV this week

Pop Acts On TV This Week
Posted on Sunday, September 16 @ 23:00:35 CDT by MusicMan

Pop acts on television this week include Vanessa Hudgens of 'High School Musical 2', who visits 'The Tyra Banks Show' - taped before her naked picture scandal - on Monday;

Mandy Moore, who performs and promotes her guest spot on next week's 'How I Met Your Mother' premiere on 'The View' on Monday and 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson' on Tuesday;

KT Tunstall, who performs on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' on Monday, 'Live with Regis and Kelly' on Tuesday, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Thursday and 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' on Friday;

James Morrison, who performs on 'Last Call with Carson Daly' on Monday;

Barry Manilow, who performs on 'Today' on Monday, 'The View' on Tuesday and 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Friday;

James Blunt, who performs on 'Today', 'Total Request Live' and 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' on Tuesday;

Paolo Nutini, who performs on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' on Tuesday and 'Last Call with Carson Daly' on Wednesday;

Justin Timberlake, who visits 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' on Wednesday;

Kelly Clarkson, who visits 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' on Wednesday;

Gloria Estefan, who performs on 'The View' on Wednesday;

Ben Lee, who performs on 'The Late Late Show' on Thursday;

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[Hello Kitty] Queen Of Pink

Gurinder Chadha ready to start Snogging

Production will begin on Sept 17 on Gurinder Chadha’s latest feature, Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging, based on UK author Louise Rennison's best-selling Confessions Of Georgia Nicolson series.

Georgia Groome (star of London To Brighton) is to play the lead. Also appearing are Eleanor Tomlinson and Aaron Johnson (who both featured in The Illusionist). The trio were chosen after an exhaustive casting process in which thousands of young actors were seen.

The $18m film is being financed by Paramount and Nickelodeon. It will shoot in Eastbourne and at Ealing Studios. Chadha will produce. She co-scripted with Paul Mayeda Berges. The co-producer is Michelle Fox.

“It’s a coming of age movie and also a high school genre movie. Often, we don’t make these in this country,” Chadha commented of the project, which is being billed as a teen version of Bridget Jones’ Diary.

Chadha began pre-production in January prior to giving birth to twins in the summer. Now that her maternity leave is over, she is ready to start shooting. “I have been blessed with two very well behaved, gorgeous babies who seem to enjoy coming to work with me,” she commented. The babies, who have their own trailer, are likely to feature as extras in the film.

The writer-director has confirmed that she has now pulled out of the long-gestating Fox big screen version of hit 70s TV series, Dallas.


So, Georgia playing Georgia. Eleanor is Jas, maybe? Damn I with IMDB has pictures. I wanna see what they look like!
But, Aaron as the Sex God or D the L? I don't see him as being super dreamy Robbie, but, I dunno, he looks a little young for Dave.
To be honest, this whole movie could be a mess if they don't get the right Dave. Amirite?
Does anyone else find it weird that I have a crush on a fictional character...?

It Must Be The Miami Water


YBF is reporting that Miami Heat baller Dwyane Wade and his wife Siohvaughn are dunzo.  He and Shaq must have had a conference.  

YBF snitches put out the bug to me a little while back that there was trouble in Wadeville. And now my sources are saying that after 5 years of marriage, the Wades are definitely headed to Splitsville. Dwayne's wife Siohvaughn just had their second baby Zion in May of this year and she was everywhere during her pregnancy--her hubby's Heat games, parties, all that. But shortly after delivering the baby, YBF snitches say she moved back to their hometown of Chicago to "get help with the baby". Mmhmm.

Meanwhile, Sio is still in the Chi and hasn't been seen anywhere with Dwyane in months. In fact, Mr. Wade has been seen around Vegas
and Miami with some new lil boos...including Gabby Union. Sources say the two have separated for now and aren't necessarily working on getting back together. At least D-Wade isn't. Apparently the fame Mr. Wade has gotten over the past year or so went to his head and Siohvaughn couldn't keep tabs on her man's wandering ways. Too bad because he was one of the few NBA ballers who respected his first.


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Cisco Adler

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cisco Adler, sans a hollywood it-girl by his side, was spotted by TheCobrasnake backstage at a Mickey Avalon concert. Did anybody watch his tv show, The Rock Life, on VH1? I totally forgot about it.

Find more spotted celebrities here.


Tarantino SNUBS Heroes

Quentin Tarantino turned down an opportunity to direct an episode of Heroes, according to reports.

The Sun claims that the cult director, whose new film Death Proof is about to hit UK screens, didn't even know what the series was about.

"They were trying to get me to do one. I haven't even seen the fucking show," Tarantino told the 'paper, before adding: "What the FUCK is Heroes?"

In the past, the Reservoir Dogs helmer has been behind the cameras on episodes of both CSI and ER, alongside a recurring acting role in cult show Alias.


Justin Slaps Photog's Camera &Christina's Bodyguard "Smacks" A Fan?

Christina Aguilera left a fan in tears outside the Ivy -- after her bodyguard knocked the girl in the face!

TMZ cameras were at the restaurant on Saturday when Xtina and husbore Jordan Bratman flew out, surrounded by security as they rushed to their car. A Venezuelan fan kept screaming in Spanish for Aguilera's attention, but got no response -- except for a smack in the face by her passing bodyguard!

The girl cried after the incident, telling TMZ, "I'm not crying because of her, I love her ... I'm crying because one of her bodyguards hit me in the mouth." She quickly got over it and was heard shouting, "I love fame" as she ran away.

Source: TMZ

Bitch, I didn't see anybody getting smacked in that video.  And "I love fame"? WTF?

Justin slaps photographer

Source: YouTube LOL
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HEROES read too

We get it, Hayden, you're smart! The Heroes cutie was spotted in Hollywood carrying the book, "A Thousand Tomorrows" by Karen Kingsbury.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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I love her dress--I have one just like it..but I'm SURE we didn't buy it at the same place =/. I guess purple is IN this season.

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OMG, Y'all!

(Britney and Tony)

Mystery Witness Alleges Drug Use by Britney

Tony Barretto, a former bodyguard for Britney Spears, filed a declaration in the Britney Spears/Kevin Federline custody battle which alleges "nudity, drug use and safety issues post-rehab."

Gloria Allred, Barretto's attorney, said in a press conference today that Brit's former hired muscle was prepared to testify under oath today, but that neither the court nor Britney's attorneys chose to cross-examine him. She said his declaration went "unrefuted and unchallenged."

Barretto started working for Britney when she got out of rehab, and was fired on May 17 because, said Allred, "He did not hear her when he was asked to pick up her hat."

Barretto, himself the father of young children, came forward, Allred says, because while working for Britney, he became "very concerned" about the safety of her two boys.


In this article, you hear nothing new, and nothing definitive. This was the most anti-climactic "secret witness" ever. And who the fuck ever heard of a witness hiring his own lawyer to testify at a trial instead of going to, I dunno, the lawyer of the plaintiff?
go go disco!

A Teenage Love

I used to hate on all my girlfriends that used to talk about all the naughty things they'd do to Chris Brown while he was still a minor. But since he's hit legal age and hit the gym HARD, I'm starting to see how a barely legal R&B star with a resemblance to Big Gay Al Reynolds (BGAR) can be worth the jail risk. Chris Breezy is in GQ magazine striking a pose and showing all the ladies how he can blow your back out dance.

Also, Chris has allegedly landed the role of "Gingerbread Pimp" in Shrek 4. How...interesting.

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First vid of DH's GHEY Neighbors

Two years ago, “Desperate Housewives” revealed a gay storyline involving Bree Van De Kamp’s (Marcia Cross) son.

This year, Wisteria Lane greets two gay neighbors and Access Hollywood was on the set to welcome them to the neighborhood.

For the first time, a gay couple will move on to Wisteria Lane. Actors Tuc Watkins and Kevin Rahm will play life-partners Bob and Lee.

“I don’t know why it took so long to bring a gay couple onto this street,” Watkins, who we spoke to while he was filming the show’s Halloween episode, told Access. “It seems natural for this couple or a couple like us to have been here.”

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Mandy Moore: I’m getting into glamorous, girly fashion now

Mandy Moore has said she’s trying to develop her fashionista status because she’s got bored of her usual clothes.

She told Lucky magazine recently: “I’m really loving serious fashion lately. Up until recently, I was always too nervous to experiment with different looks and also to try out super-feminine styles.”

“[Then] I woke up one morning and realized I’d become totally stuck in a rut. I can get very lazy, wearing just jeans all the time. So I’m really challenging myself to try more glamorous, girly things with a lot of bright color.”

But, she added, she’s not going to become a slave to the latest styles: “One of the things that has been important for me is to learn to dress only for myself - I always admire the people who figure out what looks good on them and then just go for it.”


Jimmy Fallon is an Attention Whore

September 17, 2007 -- IT'S a wonder Tracy Morgan never hauled off and slugged Jimmy Fallon on the set of "Saturday Night Live." The "30 Rock" star tells the October issue of Penthouse that his castmates were bothered during skits by Fallon's "laughing and all that dumb shit he used to do - he wouldn't mess with me because I didn't fucking play that shit. That's taking all the attention off of everybody else and putting it on you, like, 'Oh, look at me, I'm the cute one.' I told him not to do that shit in my sketches, so he never did."

Love you on 30 Rock Tracy but really, you're one to talk.

BTW I agree with him, Jimmy and Horatio Sanz were the WORST with that laughing at themselves shit, it was annoying as hell.

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Cops: Case Closed on K-Fed Threat

TMZ has learned that reports of an FBI investigation into a plot to kill Kevin Ferderline are completely untrue -- however, an LAPD investigation was conducted in the past.

According to LAPD, the department opened an investigation into a threat on Federline's life nearly two months ago, but the case was closed due to insufficient evidence.

TMZ also spoke with the L.A. spokesperson for the FBI, who blasted reports claiming that the the FBI ever confirmed anything about a K-Fed investigation saying, "The information on the Internet on these reports is not accurate. It did not come from the FBI at all."


ORLY? Didn't see that coming.

Smashing Pumpkins' drummer to toss first pitch at Diamondbacks' game and new tour dates

Smashing Pumpkins MySpace bulletin:

Jimmy Chamberlin has been graciously invited to throw out the game starting pitch at tonight's baseball game in Phoenix, AZ where the Diamondbacks take on the Giants.

The game is set to start at 9:40 PM EST. It is unknown whether this pre-game event will be broadcast or not so keep your eyes peeled to see one of our favorite Pumpkins throwing out the first pitch!


New tour dates:

Tues October 23 - Philadelphia, PA - Tower Theatre
Fri November 2 - Austin, TX - The Backyard
Wed November 7 - Athens, GA - Classic Center Theatre
Thu November 8 - Greensboro, NC

Here is the onsale information for each date:
  • 10/23 Philadelphia, PA - iTunes presale 9/20 10am-0/21 10pm. Public onsale 9/22 10am
  • 11/2 Austin, TX - Public onsale 9/22 10am
  • 11/8 Greensboro, NC - iTunes presale 9/19 10am - 9/20 10pm. Public onsale 9/21 10am
  • 11/9 Columbia, SC - iTunes presale 9/20 10am - 9/21-10pm. Public onsale 9/22 10am

All shows will be available through Ticketmaster except the Austin show which will be available through

For more information, please check out the tour section of



Graham Coxon: 'I'm raring to record with Blur'

Guitarist says Blur recording sessions are imminent

Graham Coxon, who left Blur in 2002, has spoken about his band's imminent reunion, saying he is "raring to record".

Blur bassist Alex James had previously explained to NME.COM that he was excited about plans for the band to record together, after drummer Dave Rowntree revealed the band had set aside a week to record together as a four piece for the first time since 2002.

Speaking to NME.COM, Coxon suggested that the reunion now depended on Blur frontman Damon Albarn.

"Dave, Alex and I are all talking. I talk to Alex the most. But there's four individuals in the band," he said. "We're all really busy, but there's definitely a week [when we're going to record].

"I'm just raring to record," he added. "But anything could happen. An alligator could come out of the Thames and eat the Tate Modern while I'm in it, or a mosquito could come and kill us all."

When asked what the new Blur material would sound like, Coxon joked, tongue firmly in cheek, that "there would be ten tracks, recorded on a 16-track, and all the songs will have loads of guitar on them."

Keep checking NME.COM for the latest on the Blur reunion.


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Does It Move?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sharon Stone is actually really surprised to see the photographers in that picture above. You just can't tell, because woman is botoxed to hell. Face abuse! That thing looks like it was pulled, prodded and stamped. Poor face. Sharon isn't being nice to it.

That dress is all sorts of hideous. It looks like her vagina blew a tsunami of menstrual fluid all over her perfectly white dress.

Here's Shar at a Christian Dior party in Paris tonight.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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Rosie Made Him Do It

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Barry Manilow has pulled out of his appearance on "The View" tomorrow, because he doesn't believe with Elisabeth Hasselcrack's conservative views.

Barry told TMZ, , "I strongly disagree with her views. I think she's dangerous and offensive. I will not be on the same stage as her."

Hasselcrack is a moron, but she has a right to her own opinion. Barry also has the right to not want to appear with her ass. He shouldn't let that twit get in the way of his money.

Personally, Barry should go on the show just to tell her shit off. That would be the hottest girl fight ever


Superbad guys on Rove Live

Michael Cera, Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse were on Australian talk show, Rove Live Sunday night.

This interview is cute - I love these guys! I loved it when Jonah was like "I can say suck balls on this show and not Fuck?!" lol

florida girls

50 Unforgettable Celebrity Mugshots

Mugshots are one of the great equalizers of our time. All people, whether they’re the lowest scum in the street or the richest or most famous persons in the world, will have to be dragged in front of a police camera and get their portraits taken if and when they break the law or commit a crime. But we common folk have got one over these celebrity bad boys and girls: at least our drunk, disheveled and unmade-up faces won’t be making it to every newspaper, blog, or news show in the world.

Here are 50 unforgettable celebrity mugshots the public has feasted on through the years, and where they are today.

1. Nick Nolte

When: September 12, 2002
Why: DUI
Where he is today: Still drunk

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VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash has penned a column for Harp magazine about the album that changed his life: AEROSMITH's "Rocks".

Artist: Aerosmith
Album Date/Title: 1976, Rocks
Standouts: “Back in the Saddle,” “Nobody’s Fault,” “Rats in the Cellar,” “Sick As a Dog”
Fun Fact: According to RIAA stats, the fourth Aerosmith LP was one of the first albums to ship platinum.

Alright, it was Aerosmith’s Rocks, and I first heard it when I was about 14 years old. I used to race BMX bikes and the older guys put it on, and it just grabbed me—Fuck, this is bad. I only got to hear it for like a second the first time. The second time I heard it was—there was this girl that used to hang around a certain group of friends, and she was probably the best-looking girl in school and in the neighborhood, and she’d just broken up with her boyfriend. I tried desperately to pick this girl up for the longest time, and finally she invited me up to her house.
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What album or band/artist, changed your life?
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Favorite Serial Killers and A Bit On Dexter

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SOURCE: dd_dexter

Dexter is defintely #1. Best. Serial. Killer. Ever. And The Carver was fab, but, someone refresh my memory, did he ever actually kill anyone? Granted it's been a really long time since I've seen those episodes, so I could be wrong. Anyways.. and I like the Miniature Killer's style, but, nothing gory? All of her kills were a little too girly for my liking. Dexter, now that boy knows how to slice and dice. Mhmm.
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Back with Camilla..

The normally-shirtless actor Matthew McConaughey was spotted both wearing a shirt and strolling around with his model slash girlfriend Camilla Alves while shopping in Hollywood this Saturday.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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I know...not the most exciting news. They look like a cute couple--she looks really laid back (which he probably loves). At the same time I can't help but imagine how it'd be too be his girlfriend. Like if his girlfriend had a headache/was sick and wanted to stay in..he'd probably be all like " ok peace out, I'm going surfing with the guys. Feel better."


Heidi Pulls a Britney

"The Hills" are alive with the sound of -- something that kinda sorta resembles music.

Resident Hills biatch-turned-wannabe-pop star Heidi Montag britneyspearsed her way through her new single at club LAX in Vegas this weekend -- but her lips were synching almost as fast as her fan base.

When one makes Ashlee Simpson and Britney look like master vocalists, it's time to acknowledge that there's a problem.

full of crazy (aphchan)

Grenier is open to dating Hilton according to E!


E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos Gets the Exclusive Scoop From Grenier on His Relationship With The Heiress And His Real Feelings About Her

Los Angeles, September 17, 2007 – Amidst a swell of rumors that the two are dating, "Entourage's" Adrian Grenier finally set the record straight officially about his relationship with Paris Hilton to E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos at HBO's Emmy party last night.

"We're not [dating]," he told Kristin. "But there's always the world of possibility."

"I think she's absolutely wonderful," Grenier continued. "I really like her, genuinely. So there's that. Just genuine human to human appreciation."

"But she also has a very unique experience that I'm curious about. It's an experience that she's been intertwined with for many years. Well beyond the many years that I've had to experience this sort of celebrity situation. So you know we're sort of helping each other out. We're sort of mutual mentors."

Just this past month, E! Online broke the news that the two were working together to go more "green" as Grenier helped Hilton find a new environmentally-friendly home.

For more dish and to see exclusive video of the interview through E! Online's broadband channel, The Vine, log on to "Watch With Kristin" on E! Online at

Source: Email from E!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

SIENNA MILLER was so touched by an ancient poem a blind man gave her in Guatemala, she had it engraved on to a lucky amulet she carries with her at all times. The Alfie star was initially stunned when the breathless man begged her to take the 17th century poem, Desiderata, insisting it was all about her. But, upon reading the words, she realised he was right. She says, "He said, 'It's for you...' I was, like, 'OK, what is this?'" The poem features the lines, "You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe in unfolding as it should."


Kanye to Justin: I'm Still Bitter

Kanye West is still pretty pissed about being snubbed at the MTV VMAs, and last night he made sure Justin Timberlake's fans knew it.

After making a surprise appearance at the Emmys, West headed over to JT's show at Staples Center in L.A. wearing the very same suit. The two then rocked an awesome rendition of "Stronger," before Kanye busted out a little freestyle flow. In the rhyme, Kanye told the crowd, "Hey yo, MTV -- I can't trust 'em."

Yeah, he cries a lot, but the guy can perform.


Vanessa Hudgens does 'Tyra'

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens gave quite the interesting interview on Monday’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show.

Tyra threw Vanessa a faux prom because V never got the chance to attend her high school prom. Vanessa also burst into song a couple times throughout the show. Here are some highlights:

So when you [and Zac Efron] are singing the songs “I LOVE YOU” and stuff, you guys were falling in love on set? I guess! [giggles] It’s fun to work with him. He’s really sweet and singing all of songs is always a blast.

Is Zac Efron a good kisser on-screen? (tight-lipped) Mmmmmm. (Tyra responds, “Oh, it’s that good? Mmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)

What is your ethnic background? My mom’s Filipino, my dad’s Caucasian. But within that, I’m Chinese, Spanish, American-Indian and Irish.

Best part about being famous? THE FREE STUFF.

When you read about young stars like Britney and Lindsay and them getting in trouble, how does that affect you personally? I honestly just think it’s stupid. [laughs] It’s easy to stay out of those situations. You just have to be smart about your decisions.

Watch the interview at the SOURCE.

Britney dropped by management

Sources tell that Britney Spears was dropped on Monday by her management team, The Firm.

Jeff Kwatinetz of The Firm was hired by Spears in August to help revive her flagging career. He apparently split from the singer due to her recent erratic behavior.

A source close to Spears' camp says the change in management may affect the scheduled November 13 release of her new album.

When contacted by, Kwatinetz referred us to Spears' publicist, Wendy Washington. We did not hear back from Washington by our deadline.

{art} sweetest music to my ears.

Hugh Laurie in TV Guide.

Collapse )

This by far is my favorite interview of his. No mention of him being clinically depressed anywhere. Also, I cannot wait for season 4 to start. I agree with pretty much everyone that season 3 was one giant shitfest. Hopefully, the writers will redeem themselves with season 4.

and just for the LOL:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Source: rangergaray for letting me post her scans.
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Richard Gere loves head

Richard Gere used to test his compatibility with potential girlfriends - by showing them photos of severed heads. The star reveals he used to collect Joel Peter Witkin's bizarre photographs, which he hung all over his apartment.

Gere would gauge his dates' reactions to the odd shots - and that would help him decide if the romance was destined to work or not.

He says, "It clearly was a litmus test about the women who came into my apartment - how they related to this work. If they didn't like it or they threw up, or whatever, they definitely were not going to be someone in my life."

Gere's wife Carey Lowell was savvy enough to beat the actor at his own game when they started dating - she pretended to like the "crazy" photos. He explains, "My wife Carey actually kind of liked it - until we got married, of course, and then she said, 'Get it out of the house.'"



good vs evil excel

"secret" witness does NOT testify, omg srsly

Earlier I told you this "secret witness" of Gloria Allred's wouldn't testify, and he didn't. Both Britney's and Kevin's attorneys took a pass on cross examining him. The judge also had nothing to say.

Tony Barretto is the "secret witness" and a former bodyguard of Britney who got fired for allegedly not picking up one of Britney's hats.

According to the press release issued by Gloria Allred, Mr. Barretto was prepared to testify about, "issues of nudity by Ms. Spears, drug use, and safety issues involving the children."

Two things. The first is that if you have ever gone through a child custody battle, each side gets as many declarations as possible from friends and neighbors and relatives to show they are the better parent. It's rare if a judge looks at them, but it makes the parties feel like they are doing something.

There was no reason for Mr. Barretto to come to court today except to get some publicity for Ms. Allred. She says in her press release that she was "shocked that Britney's attorney didn't cross examine him. "

Why should she be shocked? If they want to cross examine him at some point they can call him during the hearing. They don't need to do it today and he probably won't be called by either side at the hearing also. Ms. Allred said that because no one questioned her client, then everything he said is "unrefuted and unchallenged" like that makes it true. If I said the Pope likes sleeping with four women a night and the Pope doesn't say anything, the statement is unrefuted and unchallenged but it doesn't make it true.

Second, the lawyer in me notices how Gloria specifically mentions Britney when she talks about nudity issues, BUT doesn't do so in regards to drug use or safety issues. I haven't seen the declaration but I'm guessing people around Britney are using drugs, but if Gloria had any proof that Britney was doing so, would have made that statement and not just made it look like it by crafty writing.

Becoming Jane goodnight

Emmy Best and Worst Moments.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

For those of you smart enough to miss the emmy's and catch up the next day online. Here is a list of the best and worst moments. More under the cut that follows. For all of you tl;dr people, you may want to by pass this post. Just a warning. I didn't put all of them, so the source has a few more.

By Kati Johnston
Special to MSN Entertainment

The lights, the excitement, the cleavage! This year's Emmys didn't disappoint, and let us count the many ways:

Best male bonding: The three-way hug with Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell -- after Stewart and Colbert announced the winner of the best actor in a comedy series Emmy for Ricky Gervais for "Extras." "Ricky Gervais couldn't be here tonight," Stewart dead-panned, "so we're giving it to our friend Steve Carell." Carell, a nominee for "The Office," bolted to the stage and did a victory dance no less sweet because it was a send-up.

The "stop before you go too far" award: Sally Field, we like you, we really like you (and your show, "Brothers and Sisters"), but your blather about "all the mothers in the world" and "if women ran the world there'd be no war" could have stopped, sweetly, about a third of the way through. And should have.

"So surprising even the winner was shocked" award: James Spader winning best actor in a dramatic series, beating out heavy favorite James "Tony Soprano" Gandolfini. Spader mouthed "Oh my God!" as he stood up to go to the stage, and then looked mildly exasperated that he won. "I feel like I just stole a pile of money from the mob ... and they're all sitting right there." And hey, isn't "Boston Legal" really a comedy anyway?

Sweetest underdog: America Ferrera, who won best actress in a comedy for "Ugly Betty." Her character is just the winning kind of scrapper the academy voters -- and we -- really love. Does that girl have a big heart, or what?

Funniest girl: Tina Fey, whose "30 Rock" won best comedy series. Her speech thanked the cast and crew, spouses and kids of same, and the show's "dozens and dozens of viewers."

Second best teardrops: Those of an overwhelmed Jaime Pressly, who won best actress in a comedy for "My Name Is Earl" -- clearly so surprised and overwhelmed by her win she choked on the names she listed, including that of her newborn son, Dezi. Awwwww.

Most inexplicably overemployed actor in Hollywood: Host Ryan Seacrest, who wasn't terrible, but man, was he out of his element. (And that pleather tie?)

Collapse )

Source (more of the article there as well)

picture credit: Kevin Parry/
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Celebrity Shoe Auction

After gathering some of the biggest names in fashion to raise money for breast cancer research, it’s time for the Seventh Annual Celebrity Show Auction. Until October 4, you can start bidding online for Stuart Weitzman celeb-designed and signed pumps. Proceeds from the online auction will go to research the fifth leading cause of death among woman: ovarian cancer. For the cause, celebrities such as Courtney Cox, Oprah Winfrey, Marcia Cross, Hayden Panettiere, Kelly Ripa, Mario Lopez, Nicolette Sheridan, Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, Debrah Messing, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Queen Latifah, Glenn Close, Vanessa Williams and Kyle MacLachlan teamed up with Weitzman to design their own shoes. All bids start at $200 and some have already reached a high of $675 (Vanessa Williams pumps).

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50 Cent postpones European tour

US rapper 50 Cent has "temporarily postponed" his European tour, prompting questions over whether he has retired from making music.

The star is currently poised to lose a chart battle with rival Kanye West. He vowed to quit if his album, Curtis, was outsold by West's Graduation.

West topped the UK charts on Sunday, and he is expected to win the race to number one in the US later this week.

A spokeswoman for 50 Cent refused to comment on his retirement plans.

She said that "unforeseen circumstances" had led to the temporary postponement of his tour.

The rapper was also due to perform at this week's Mobo Awards and Vodafone Live Music Awards in London, as well as an MTV show in Germany on Friday. Those appearances have also been scrapped.

Simultaneous release 

West and 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, both released their third albums last week.

Jackson threw down the gauntlet last month in an interview with hip-hop website

"If Kanye West sells more records than 50 Cent on September 11, I'll no longer write music," he said.

"I'll write music and work with my other artists, but I won't put out any more solo albums."

The last full-length solo album by 50 Cent, The Massacre, was the best-selling record of 2005 in the US, selling 1.14 million copies in its first week of release.

The same year, West's Late Registration sold more than 860,000 copies in seven days.

Both rappers will learn their US chart positions when the final rundown is revealed on Wednesday.


So he won't be taking my suggestion and riding the tube to the MOBOs. And obviously, Kanye beat him in album sales in UK.

I'm seeing John Mayer in 24hrs so freaking excited!

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Heroes' Masi Oka: Hayden Panettiere Is Looking Out for Me

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hayden Panettiere may be just getting over a breakup (from boyfriend Stephen Coletti), but she doesn't need any advice from her Heroes costar Masi Oka.

"[Stephen] was a good guy," Oka, 32, told PEOPLE during the Emmys celebrations over the weekend. "But I'm really in no place to give her advice because I'm looking for love myself and I haven't had much luck there. I'm single and available.

"She's the one that gives advice," the Emmy nominee adds of his 18-year-old costar. "I remember one day we went to this premiere and I didn't realize it was a press event and they were taking pictures and Hayden came up to me and said 'Masi, you have a hickey! We have to cover you up!' And I was like, 'Whoa. I didn't know that.' Hayden always takes care of all of us."

Oka, Panettiere, costar Milo Ventimiglia and the rest of the Heroes cast partied together all weekend – starting with the Emmy Nominees Reception Friday and on through Sunday night's Emmys post-parties – with Oka and Panettiere singing and dancing to Duran Duran during the ET/PEOPLE Emmy Party at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Source: People, Just Jared (photo)

Britney's Manager Says "Gimme Less"

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Britney's manager has jumped ship, and the reason sounds strangely similar to her former lawyer's woes over Spears.

Manager Jeff Kwatinetz issued a statement saying, "It saddens us to confirm media reports that we have terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears." Noting Kwatinetz repped Brit for a grand total of one month, he continued, "We believe Britney is enormously talented, and has made a terrific record, but current circumstances have prevented us from properly doing our job."

So what are the "circumstances?" Maybe they're similar to what we hear about Laura Wasser going South on Spears. We're told Wasser questioned Brit's judgment but simply could not control her.

Sources close to the situation tell us Kwatinetz had similar problems, notably at the VMAs, when Britney decided to switch the costume she planned to wear for the glittery swamp bikini, without telling anyone. Ding dang, y'all.

We're told after the VMAs, the firm demanded to meet with her but she refused. They felt she needed help, but she wouldn't hear it.


Missy Elliott, not Britney Spears, to star in new Doritos commercials

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Doritos, a brand of Frito-Lay North America, has teamed up with Grammy award winning artist Missy Elliott to launch its new Doritos Collisions.

The new snack puts two different flavored chips in the same bag. For example there are Doritos Collisions Hot Wings & Blue Cheese tortilla chips and Doritos Collisions Zesty Nacho & Chipotle Ranch tortilla chips.

Elliott will star in the new line of chips commercials which will air beginning this week. The chips are available in stores now.

In addition to the new commercial, Elliott has launched an interactive site, at, where visitors can customize their own tracks using different music effects and recording their own vocals. The site launches Wednesday, a Frito-Lay spokesman said.

Doritos also has partnered with MySpace for a Doritos Collision "mash-up," which allows users to mash up their favorite songs using drag and drop options.

The television and online commercials were created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, based in San Francisco. Frito-Lay declines to disclose the cost of the ad campaign.

Frito-Lay North America is the $10 billion snack foods division of Purchase, N.Y.-based PepsiCo.

Elliott has won a best short form video Grammy in 2006 for "Lose Control," best female rap solo performance in 2004 for "Work It" and two other Grammies in 2003 and 2002. In 2003, Elliott and Madonna starred in a line of ads for the Gap. Elliott also joined forces with MAC Cosmetics in 2004 to promote MAC's "Viva Glam" campaign, which raises money for the MAC AIDS Fund.

Source: Pacific Business News
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Japanese pop/jazz singer Mika Nakashima covers Sinatra

Japanese pop/jazz singer Mika Nakashima covers Frank Sinatra

Her cover of "You'd Be So Nice to Come Home to":

Sorry for another ~AzN~ post, bbs, but I really like her voice and think this cover is great, even though she doesn't speak English. That marionette isn't her though--she's not in this video. This cover will be included in her next single, due out early October.

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Source: YouTube

(and no, this is neither the transexual singer nor the one who got all the surgery)

ETA: Better picture now. :p
dog and cat snuggling

Emmy gossip and BI

#1 A male Emmy winner last night took at least two different kinds of pills last night as well as 3 or 4 lines of coke. He also kept getting drinks, taking one swallow and then setting it down and getting another drink. He never took more than one swallow from any drink.

#2 This former female Academy Award winner was drinking and drinking and got in a discussion about real and fake breasts, flashed her own and said, "all real baby."

#3 This closeted celebutard made a big show of making out with women, but was seen off in a corner getting a phone number from this gay B list television actor.

Hi everyone. I'm really excited to be doing this.

Step out of the limo and the first thing I see is a guy grabbing his balls. Hello Jeremy Piven. Jeremy takes two steps, adjusts his balls and then takes two more steps.

I just saw Felicity Huffman's breast and so did half the world. She needs more tape. Someone just ran up to her with some tape and they are going somewhere to fix it.

Eva Longoria keeps going up to reporters and asking them if they want to speak to her. I know why you hate her.

I'm tired of the same questions. I want Borat or someone with an imagination to ask some questions.

I think Al Gore dyes his hair. It looks like some got on his shirt.

Mark Harmon is old enough to be my dad, but I definitely wouldn't say no. Damn.

I need to find a guy like Jerry O'Connell. He's so whipped. I keep expecting him to get down on all fours and start barking. It would be like having a butler except you wouldn't have to pay him.

I think Hayden P is trying to look pregnant because there is no excuse for that dress.

I got to meet Tim Gunn. There is a line of people wanting to meet him. BTW Hayden is off the hook, Laura B's dress is by far the ugliest.

I was excited to see Kayne West in person but he's just keeping to himself. I think he's wearing tennis shoes but it's hard to get close enough to see for sure.

Going inside now

My friend (female that went with her) just saw a former Soprano's actress doing coke in the bathroom. Not Jamie Lynn so don't worry. BTW, I told her you said hi when I saw her outside.

Jennifer Love Hewitt just made her boyfriend change places with her like ten times as she tried to figure out camera angles.

We're sitting really close to Ellen Pompeo and I think she heard us talking about her hair. She doesn't look friendly when she's pissed.

Second most popular person tonight so far is Jon Stewart. I'm loving grey hair tonight.

Katherine Heigl just said f**k when she won.

Kelsey Grammer has had some work.

Kathy Griffin needs more work. Lots more.

I think Helen Mirren is the only person Mario Lopez hasn't hit on yet. Yet.

Kimora Lee Simmons wants her seat changed. Someone said she's complaining about the smell around her or the seat itself. Not sure.

Kate Walsh and her husband only seem to be interested in each other when the camera comes near.

Kimberly Caldwell used the toilet and it overflowed when she flushed. Wonder what was in there?

Joely Fisher is now barefoot. I think she broke a heel.

You don't ever forget seeing Lisa Rinna in person. Her lips are bigger than my mouth.

Charlie Sheen can't stop groping his girlfriend. Commercial = copping a feel.

I got to meet Levar Burton. I don't know why that made me excited but it did. Just someone from my childhood.

Milo V and Hayden seem to be a couple.

That's it for now.
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Sunday’s 59th Primetime Emmy Awards tanked in the ratings!

It scored the lowest ratings ever for the awards show franchise, a 4.3 rating/11 share among adults 18-49 — which is down 17% from last year.

Only 13.1 million viewers tuned in, making it the second worst in history!

The record low was in 1990, when it aired on Fox and drew 12.3 million. Last year when the show aired on Aug. 27 on NBC, it lured 16.2 million viewers.


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X17's dream come true: a chance to take a shot at Kevin

Kevin Federline sure likes to go out and party with his boys (his friends, not his sons) while his boys (his sons, not his friends) aren't around! Britney's ex was located at one of Area's VIP tables late last night and caught the eye of Playboy Playmate Nicole Narain - of Colin Farrell's sex tape fame. After they danced in their seats a little - and he had a couple vodka cocktails - the two got up and started dancing together next to their table. And what dancing! Apparently Nicole was all over him and he was lovin' the attention... so much so that he kept sweeping his hands all over her curves! K-Fed left the club around 3 a.m., a little after Nicole. Hmm, is there love in the air or just plain old passion?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

More than the fact that Kevin was partying with a nasty whore...I just have to say that X17 is getting ridiculous. How old are the people writing their entries? 5?!!! (not that I expected GREAT JOURNALISM from them anyway.)


new-ish bjork interview

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bjork is in a hotel room in Paris, where it happens to be raining, on the day she speaks to Spinner. "It's quite beautiful," she testifies in a half-Nordic, half-Cockney accent. Her r's, which usually roll wildly about during conversation, are surprisingly tame. Then again, it's only one minute into the conversation.

She's just arrived from New York, following the filming of her new video for 'Wanderlust,' off her latest album, 'Volta.' It's precisely 30 years since the release of her self-titled debut album, a then 11-year-old Icelandic girl with a voice as large as her imagination -- which is to say, seemingly infinite. In that time, she's fronted the biggest band to come from her native country (the Sugarcubes), sold more than fifteen million solo albums worldwide, earned twelve Grammy nominations and given birth to two children -- a son, Sindri, and a daughter, Isadora.

There are also, of course, the eccentricities to note. She's danced with mailboxes ('It's Oh So Quiet'), become a whale ('Drawing Restraint 9'), had robot sex ('All Is Full of Love') and launched the fashion faux pas heard 'round the world, now known by only two words: swan dress. Blink and you might miss her humor. Ask her, however, and Bjork will give it to you straight -- she's just like everyone else. Only, she's not.

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When I googled for pics of Björk, there was one of her head 'shopped on some naked chick. WHAT

Ashanti's NEW SINGLE

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

You know things are bad when Mario Winans won’t even change the drum kick from “Last Night” on your record. Or did Ashanti just steal an instrumental and pay out of her own pocket for the studio time? I could understand if this were a mixtape joint, but Ashitty really thinks she’s hurting feelings with this track. You can tell by those little faux high-note squeals.

It’s not bad. It really is tolerable to listen to but it’s just so unoriginal. When this comes on the radio (if it ever does), people are going to think it’s “Last Night” and get annoyed when they realize it’s not.

ASHANTI, THIS IS NO “GIMME MORE”. So sit down with all that Britney bashing, home girl.

.idk I think the song WAAACK......For the lulz: Ashanti & her Mom breakin it down lol!

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End of Marriage Leads to New Content in Revamped Strip

Because I need a break from The Emmys . . .


As "For Better or For Worse" moved into "hybrid" mode this week with a look back at how Elly and John Patterson met, few readers of Lynn Johnston's partly autobiographical comic knew that her real-life husband left her this April.

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I wondered why the strip went so 'retro' recently. All though I must admit, I did enjoy seeing little Micheal and Lizzy again.
ETA: There, what I think are the important parts are bolded. Damn you people are lazy.

Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal to Become 'Brothers '

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tobey Maguire ("Spider-Man" franchise) and Jake Gyllenhaal (Rendition) are in talks to star in Jim Sheridan's 'Brothers' for Relativity Media (3:10 to Yuma).

The film, a remake of Susanne Bier's Danish-language war drama, centers on a man (Maguire) who is sent to fight in Afghanistan while his black-sheep brother (Gyllenhaal) cares for his wife and child.

Bier's film, which was released in 2004, stars Connie Nielsen, Ulrich Thomsen and Nikolaj Lie Kaas.

In the remake, which David Benioff is writing, Gyllenhaal would play the younger brother and Maguire the older one.

Brothers is scheduled to begin shooting in early November.

Relativity's Ryan Kavanaugh is producing alongside Michael De Luca and Joni Sighvatsson.

Ina Hanging On Like FG


No Fox / Field / Iraq War Conspiracy Here

I usually report the worst of the network suits. But I'm not adding my liberal voice to the growing chorus of conspiracy theorists who believe that Fox "censored" Sally Field's Emmy antiwar statements because of its political content.

The network bleeped curse words three times during acceptance speeches last night: when Field used "goddamn" and when Katherine Heigl mouthed, "Oh shit", and when Ray Romano joked about his former Everybody Loves Raymond TV wife Patricia Heaton "screwing" Kelsey Grammar on their new show, Back to You.

According to Fox: "Some language during the live broadcast may have been considered inappropriate by some viewers. As a result, Fox's broadcast standards executives determined it appropriate to drop sound during those portions of the show." A network rep insisted to reporters that Fox did not censor Field's comments for their political content, noting she did talk about the war before she was cut off. I actually think he's right. To its credit, Fox stayed on Field during almost all of her anti-war statements -- when she was somewhat calm during the first part of her speech, then even after the applause when she looked out of control. The network tuned her out only after she said "goddamn" when she was a few words from finishing. This wasn't even a close call.


Jennifer Garner at ‘The Kingdom’ Premiere...and to be in 'Star Trek'?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jennifer Garner is one red hot mama at The Kingdom premiere at Mann’s Village Westwood theatre on Thursday in Los Angeles. The 35-year-old actress accessorized with matching metallic peep-toes and a metallic clutch.

The Kingdom opens in theaters nationwide next Friday, Sept. 28.

In other movie news, Jen is reportedly in talks to take on a role (and a pair of prosthetic ears) in the upcoming Star Trek XI film as a young love interest for Spock (Heroes‘ Zachary Quinto).

“Anything J.J. asked me to do ever, that’s a clear ‘Don’t even worry, the answer’s yes,’” she said. “I owe him [for Alias but] I don’t think it’s really up to me.”


Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Source: Just Jared

Pete Wentz Talks Fame, New Fall Out Boy Songs and One Hilarious Emo Gag

Earlier this week, Rolling Stone caught up with Pete Wentz during a stop in New York, hoping just to see what was brewing in the mind of the Fall Out Boy bassist. Among Wentz’s insights: Fame means watching where you put your fingers. “I can’t pick my nose at stoplights — which I do anyway,” he says. “That’s what window tints are for.” And while despite his growing stardom, he’s feeling pretty tame these days (“In a weird way, I’ve become domestic. I don’t feel the need for everybody to know everything about me”), he’s been somewhat inspired by the self-destructive impulses of the Lohans and Spears of the world. The band’s upcoming Young Wild Things tour takes its name from a classic kids’ book, but “There’s also a play on words of the young wild thing idea that everybody has with Hollywood and starlets right now.”

Also, Fall Out Boy are working on some “folky sounding” material for their next album. “We just wrote those songs in the back of the bus with an acoustic guitar. I’m not really sure what will happen with them,” Wentz says. “There’s one about some friends who ended up in crazy strip club in France, which is a cool song.” When the subject turned to emo, Wentz, amazingly, didn’t challenge us to a fight — in fact, he sounded pretty good-natured about it. “I get what people are saying with the eyeliner and the girl pants and this and that. Hopefully, [emo] is more than just a T-shirt slogan. Hopefully some of us bands are able to grow and become bigger than emo,” the bassist said. Wentz also talked about a visual gag we seriously hope that FOB will still put into play sometime: “For a long time, we talked about playing in front of a giant banner that said ‘EMO’.” If you’re emo, you might as well be in on the joke.”


btw, hai pete & happy birthday to jon walker!
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Paramore, The Starting Line and The Almost announce Fall Tour


The Starting Line

The Almost

Paramore, who are about to head to Japan and Australia, has announced dates for a fall headlining tour of North America in support of its third release, Riot!.
The band will kick off The Starting Line tour October 23 at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, N.J., and hit clubs and theatres around the U.S. and Canada through the end of November.
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Bette; smoke

Shia Shirtless

Shia LaBeouf goes shirtless and shows off his beach bod at a Los Angeles beach earlier this week.

The 21-year-old Transformers star stopped to fill up his Ford truck at a local gas station before tanning, bodyboarding, smoking and reading a script on the beach. Shia was later joined by a mystery male to grab some grub at a nearby pizza parlot.

Labeouf’s next major role is in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - the fourth installment of the action-packed franchise due out May 22, 2008. Shia stars in the film alongside Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett, Karen Allen, Ray Winstone and John Hurt.

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Yum but please shave that Pimp tache.
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