September 8th, 2007

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Red Undies and stuff

Britney and Alli shopped for jewelry in Beverly Hills yesterday - they also stopped at Auntie Barbara's where Brit bought some things for her boys - but all the while our favorite singer was pensive and fidgety. Even a new ring and earrings didn't completely help

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Circus Tour

Inside Britney's VMA rehearsal (spoilers under the cut)

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LAS VEGAS - Britney Spears stands onstage, face low and obscured by her cowboy hat. Her lips aren't moving, except to laugh, but she's not here to practice singing - she's at the Pearl to move.

All afternoon, everyone's been waiting for Britney to rehearse for her VMA performance. Britney Watch, as you might call it, takes the form of excruciatingly long periods of waiting punctuated by brief bursts of news, which can almost resemble activity from afar, even when nothing's actually happened yet. Britney's in the air, Britney's landed, Britney's in the building. There's the anticipation (what will she be like?), the worry (what if she doesn't show?), and the doubt (can she still pull it off?). But if the skeptics saw what a few of us at MTV News were privileged to witness late Friday afternoon at the Pearl Concert Theater in the Palms Resort Casino, they would doubt no more.

Britney as a tabloid figure has loomed so large of late, it's hard to imagine that there was a time when it was just Britney the performer. Britney the dancer. Britney the star. And while she wasn't yet at full steam - after all, these were dry runs at the Palms to get her blocking straight and stage lighting situated - glimpses of what she used to be and what she could still become were there even in these early rehearsals. "Gimme More" might not have won everyone over on first listen (see "Britney Spears' New Single Gets Club-Tested In Vegas"), but it's kind of like "Slave 4 U" or "SexyBack" - the videos in those cases helped sell the songs. But in this case, Britney's performance this Sunday will not just help sell the song, it will help sell her.

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jake 2

Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon set the record straight

JAKE GYLLENHAAL and REESE WITHERSPOON were both in Toronto Friday at the annual Film Festival to talk about the upcoming drama 'Rendition,' but talk quickly turned to their headline-making rumors about them.

"At this point it's all just funny," Reese tells our JANN CARL. "It's crazy and funny how much people can make stuff up. I'm actually interested to hear what they say next."
Reese says the rumors are not an issue between her and Jake. "We never discussed that," she says. "I just have to laugh at a lot of stuff."

Jake also finds the gossip amusing. "There are a lot of very interesting rumors swirling around all the time that you just have to have fun with," he says. "The interest is flattering but funny too."

'Rendition' hits theaters October 19 and Jake and Reese say they didn't even have a chance to work together.

"She is a wonderful actress and it would've been nice to work with her," Jake says.
Reese was also disappointed. "I found out I was doing a movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and didn't have any scenes with him -- darn it! But hopefully it opens up room for us to do a movie together."


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JC Chasez leaves Jive Records

Former 'N Sync member JC Chasez has cut ties with longtime label Jive Records, which released his lone solo album, 2004's "Schizophrenic." Its follow-up, tentatively titled "Kate," was intended for release by Jive earlier this year but will now appear on a new label to be announced.

Of late, Chasez has worked as a songwriter on projects for Backstreet Boys, Sugababes and Leona Lewis, and has also written collaboratively with Richard Marx and Kara DioGuardi.

As for "Kate," it is tipped to include collaborations with 'N Sync mate Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Dallas Austin and Billy Steinberg. "It establishes a sound that is specific to me, a mash of all things," Chasez told last year. "I hope it'll be fresh for radio and listeners. In '97 and '98, pop ruled. But now hip-hop is the phenomenon and top 40 radio doesn't play pop records anymore."

On the big screen, look for Chasez in the upcoming independent film "Killer Movie," as well as making guest spots on NBC's "Las Vegas" and the CW's "The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll."


Former 'N Sync singer JC Chasez is leaving his longtime label, Jive Records, he exclusively tells

Chasez says he is currently in talks with other labels after the ''mutual decision'' to part ways with Jive. ''I want to wipe the slate clean and then take on as many suggestions and ideas [as possible].'' Representatives for Jive could not immediately be reached for comment.

Jive released all of 'N Sync's albums, as well as Chasez's less successful 2004 solo debut, Schizophrenic. Last fall the label released a single, ''Until Yesterday,'' in advance of a planned follow-up CD, but the song failed to gain traction on the radio and the album was never released.

Chasez is also working with other artists as a producer and songwriter, and reveals that he recently wrote a track called ''Treat Me Right'' for an upcoming album by the Backstreet Boys, 'N Sync's onetime arch rivals. 

source and source

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What Is The Meaning Of This?

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Just because you're rich and famous doesn't mean you need to go blonde. They all do it. Blonde is not for everyone! This isn't even blonde, this is like yellow. Nelly Furtado why?! The only thing it does for her is bring the wonk in her eyes out. She looks even more like a Siamese cat and note a cute one. A Siamese cat that has been down in the dumps for a while now, not knowing where it's next fish head is going to come from.
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The only woman that should wear hair like that is Ivana Trump!

Here's Nelly at Jet in Las Vegas last night. I've also included a side-by-side of Nelly and Ivana as well as a picture of Nelly when she was hot.
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Double The Fug

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Ashlee Simpson needs to drop into Dr. 90210's office or whoever did her nose job and get a redo. That thing is dropping fast and will cover her mouth soon. Actually, maybe that's not such a bad thing. It will keep her beak shut!

Jessica on the other hand should pursue a career in the NFL. She seriously would make a great linebacker! She used to be so hot and then she went and overprocessed herself! At least she kept her mouth shut most of the night....towards the end she had to let it slip just a little. She can't help it.

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Here's Ass and Jess at the opening of Just Cavalli in NYC last night.

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Jennifer Garner @ Toronto Film Festival

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Jennifer Garner joins director Jason Reitman and co-stars Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, J.K. Simmons, Olivia Thirlby and Allison Janney at the Juno press conference during the Toronto International Film Festival 2007 held at the Sutton Place Hotel on Saturday.

Juno tells the story of an offbeat young woman, Juno MacGuff (Page), who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy and makes an unusual and bizarre decision regarding her unborn child. The black comedy film opens in limited theaters on December 14th.

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Ashlee Simpson at Cavalli

I'm by no means an Ashlee fan (although her plastic surgery did wonders) but she looks amazing at yesterdays cavalli show. 

 NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 07: Musician/Actress Ashlee Simpson arrives at the grand opening of fashion designer Roberto Cavalli's 'Just Cavalli' store on September 7, 2007 in New York City. 


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Halloween Ghost Pumpkin

The Celebreality Interview - Sam

Was Sam’s elimination from Rock of Love the reality show equivalent of a mercy killing? Maybe! After the jump, Sam talks about biting off more than she could chew, her connection with Bret, how PMS changed everything and the Orwellian constraints of reality TV. For real!

Looking back on it, how would you characterize your time on Rock of Love?

I don’t have any regrets, but I don’t think I’d ever do that again. Even if you paid me a thousand million trillion gazillion dollars.

The fourth episode, after the possible orgy, is when we first saw you say that you wanted to go home. Collapse )

Added the source. Sorry.

Her MySpace for those of you interested.
It's set to Private. :(
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Michelle Trachtenberg does Cavalli

Looking gorgeous in an emerald green frock with lace cut-out detail, Michelle Trachtenberg lays a big kiss on the man of the hour at Friday night’s grand opening of Roberto Cavalli’s ‘Just Cavalli’ store in New York City.

While there are many things I would do for fashion, kissing a sweaty little 66-year-old Italian man is certainly not one of them.

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AMY WINEHOUSE's husband BLAKE FIELDER-CIVIL has hit out at judges of the Mercury Music Prize, insisting the singer was "robbed" of the $40,000 (GBP20,000) award. The Rehab star made a surprise comeback appearance at Tuesday (04Sep07) night's London awards ceremony, but the prestigious gong was eventually given to rockers the Klaxons. Fielder-Civil says, "Amy was robbed. Who knows why they didn't give her the award. But I was so proud of her for her performance. "She's really well and she doesn't need to go back into rehab." The singer has been taking time out from her music career to focus on "health issues" following her August (07) hospitalisation after three days of hard-partying.

Curtis scans

A local record shop sometimes puts out promos for albums before they are released and my buddy picked up Curtis yesterday and we scanned the insert so here you go. Click for larger images.

Sorry mods for the earlier shameless plug for my community. =)

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Heath Ledger Wears Waldo’s Socks

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Heath Ledger put on quite the show at the Leone d’Oro del 75th closing ceremony at the Venice Film Festival on Saturday.

The Aussie actor topped off his camouflage Ray-Ban Wayfarers (he also wore them on Tuesday) with a pair of red-and-white “Where’s Waldo” striped socks and scuffed up shoes.

Heath’s intention of grabbing attention sure did work!

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Mario Batali Gets Chopped From Food Network Lineup

Chef, Channel Parting Ways, but Observers Say He Has Little to Worry About

Sept. 6, 2007

"Molto Mario" means "a lot of Mario," but fans of the Italian-American master chef Mario Batali will be seeing much less of him on Food Network this season.

The network has decided to stop airing "Molto Mario," the program Batali began hosting a decade ago but which despite regular reruns has not been in production for nearly three years, a Food Network spokeswoman told Batali will, however, continue to appear on "Iron Chef America."

Batali, known for his innovative variations on traditional Italian dishes and often described as a revolutionary chef and brilliant businessman, has been at the Food Network since 1996, helping to simultaneously raise his profile and that of the channel.

Though Batali has had a long and successful run on the Food Network, observers say he has little to lose by pulling back from the channel. Batali owns 14 restaurants in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, has written several best-selling cookbooks, has a sponsorship deal with NASCAR and is reportedly in talks with PBS to produce a special on Spanish cuisine.

"Mario Batali is still part of the Food Network family," Carrie Welch, a Food Network spokeswoman told ABC "Sometimes family members go off and do other things. We completely blessed his decision to go to PBS. … He is still going to appear on 'Iron Chef America.'"

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Chris Martin to perform on VMA's with Nelly Furtado and Missy Elliot

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Chris Martin and Missy Elliot will reportedly join Nelly Furtado in her VMA performance.

Nelly Furtado will kick off her performance with All Good Things (Come to an End) and Chris Martin will enter to sing the second part with her, then Chris leaves and she starts singing 'Do It' with Missy Elliot.

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Which Gwyneth Will Be Joaquin's ‘Lover’?

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Joaquin Phoenix and director James Gray will team for the third time in "Two Lovers," a drama to be financed by 2929 Prods. and begin production in November. Gwyneth Paltrow is in final negotiations to star with Phoenix.

In "Lovers," a Brooklyn man is torn between a family friend his parents wish he would marry and the beautiful but volatile new neighbor with whom he falls passionately in love.

"This is a reunion on several levels that feels as inspiring as the project itself," said 2929's Wagner.

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Uggie 2

Order of the Phoenix slated for December 11th; Thewlis to Return for HBP

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The Two-Disc Special Edition, Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD will include: 10 minutes of never before seen footage; an A&E documentary; a featurette called "Trailing Tonks," in which you spend a day with actress Nat Tena and receive a very personal and often wacky tour of the "Order of the Phoenix" stages; a "Harry Potter: The Magic of Editing" feature, in which director David Yates and editor Mark Day show us what a difference a good edit makes and then allow you to edit a scene; "The Hidden Secrets of Harry Potter" in which look for clues in the past Harry Potter films for what the future films may hold; an "In Movie Experience," in which you join the cast from Dumbledore's Army as they come together to share memorable moments; as well as more "making of" featurettes and "Fun and Games."

Source includes images for HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc edition

Free Image Hosting -

Also set for release the same day is the Harry Potter Limited Edition Giftset which includes Harry Potters Years 1-5, a Harry Potter DVD game Hogwarts Challenge, along with a bonus disc containing over 2 hours of enhanced content, an exclusive "Harry Potter's Bookmark Collection", and collectible trading cards. Retail is $119.97 SRP.


Actor David Thewlis is set to reprise his role as Remus Lupin in the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” film. While appearing today on Simon Mayo BBC Radio Five Live program to promote his new novel “The Late Hector Kipling,” David Thewlis spoke of his involvement in the Harry Potter film series. He noted he will return again to the films, saying he recently visited the set of “Half-Blood Prince” to have a new wig fitted for his role as Lupin, and he also spoke about when he joined the cast for “Prisoner of Azkaban.”

Source Source Source

I still can't believe people believed those other reports about 3D glasses coming with the Special Edition DVD and what other ridiculous shit they had on there lol

Also, people should stop complaining about Snapes' Worst Memory. Big deal, it wasn't what you wanted but if you think about it business wise, it makes sense to not have added that into the film. They will probably have it in the deleted scenes, even if its not mentioned that it will be apart of the DVD. Just get over it already and read your book if you want it so bad.

Keira Knightley does British 'Vogue'

Snapped by famed photographer Mario Testino, big screen beauty Keira Knightley goes mega glam in the October issue of British Vogue.

In the new issue, the 22-year-old actress admits that her first years in the industry were lonely and she took the strain of malicious comments. “When I was 17, 18, 19, I felt incredibly insecure,” she says. “I went through a period of thinking I looked weird and skinny, and that’s 10 times worse when you’re being written about.”

“When it first starts happening, I defy anybody not to look at every review that says you’re rubbish and not to look at every picture that says you’re wearing the wrong dress,” she added.

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Ang Lee wins Golden Lion at Venice Film Fest

Ang Lee film is surprise winner in Venice
By Mike Collett-White and Silvia Aloisi Reuters - 18 minutes ago

VENICE (Reuters) - Taiwanese director Ang Lee's sexually explicit "Lust, Caution" was the surprise winner of the Golden Lion for best picture at the Venice film festival on Saturday, just two years after he won with "Brokeback Mountain".

The movie is a World War Two thriller set in Shanghai featuring long and sometimes violent sex scenes which Lee has hinted were real.

"It is overwhelming, because this movie has taken me to some very difficult places," Lee told the red carpet award ceremony on the Lido waterfront.

"I have invited you to come along with me and in the end to stay down there with me ... You are the seven samurais, I needed your help," he added, addressing the seven-member jury.

Brian De Palma, whose "Redacted" shocked audiences in Venice with its brutal reconstruction of the real-life rape and murder of a 14-year-old Iraqi girl by U.S. soldiers, won the Silver Lion award for best director.

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Article source
Full Winners List Here
tv // conan // the hair that owns tv

Clive Owen on Conan

Here's the interview of Clive Owen on Conan from earlier this week discussing his new movie, Shoot 'Em Up. I saw clips from the movie at Comic-Con in July (and saw Clive in person!) and it looks like it's going to be hilariously awesome. It surprised me how quiet and shy he is in this interview... he was pretty talkative and outgoing at Comic-Con.

P.S. I'm seeing the movie in a couple hours since I chose to see 3:10 to Yuma last night (WHICH WAS SPECTACULAR).

Source: Me and my torrenting skillz.

Barrowman interview, Piper talks Belle De Jour

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"I wanted to be an actor," he says, sitting on the couch of his apartment overlooking the bay in Cardiff, Wales, where Torchwood is shot. "Celebrity has come with that, and I'm absolutely loving it. I love signing autographs!"

"He's got something for everyone," Barrowman says. "Women think he's sexy, some young people find his bisexuality is something they can relate to, and kids just want someone who's cool. One little boy at an autograph signing said, 'I don't care if he likes boys — he's still my hero.'"

"I know a lot of gay leading men in Hollywood," he says. "I'm not one for outing people — they might have personal issues they need to overcome — but if they are not speaking up because they're afraid it's going to affect their careers, that pisses me off. Take the risk! I took that risk and the public rewarded me. I still play straight leading characters in theater, TV and film, so it doesn't matter."

"I'd do Torchwood for the next five years if they asked," he says happily. "I wake up every morning, I shoot aliens, I save the world, and I get to be sexy and cheeky at the same time. A young boy is living his dream as a man."


Billie talks Belle De Jour

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She said of the real Belle: "I was shocked that she seemed to be OK with it.

"I thought surely something bad must have happened, she must have been neglected, had no love from men or her dad walked out, there are many things.

"But what shocked me was that she seemed like a well-rounded, well-read, smart and witty woman."

Asked what she learned, Billie said: "The most shocking thing for me was that I imagined guys wanting to sleep with prostitutes being quite bolshy but it actually isn't like that.

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Amy Winehouse
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Beyonce: "I'm Just Jealous That I Wasn't Born Latina"

Ring the alarm! Buttastic Beyonce -- who is up for "Female Artist of the Year" at the VMAs -- tells Latina Magazine, "I'm just jealous that I wasn't born Latina. I wish I had been because the culture is so beautiful." If Beyonce is going to attempt to voice an original thought, perhaps she should write it down and read it first!

Bey may have put her high-heeled foot in her mouth with this one! Somebody let this woman know that appreciating a culture is great, but actually wishing (and perhaps morphing) yourself into it is a little annoying. The sultry singer goes on to say, "I noticed a big difference between speaking to all of the Latino stations and speaking to the pop stations or the other stations. With the Latino stations, there was so much love and everyone is so genuine." Is anyone listening out there? Hola?!

Where was Beyonce's mother, Ms. Tina, or even Jay-Z when this was going on?! From now on this girl needs a chaperone to monitor all statements! Her booty is legendary, but she shouldn't speak out of it.


mark yo calendars

Kathy Griffin will be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show this TUESDAY 9/11

She's been saying she's banned from our show, but you can't be banned if you've never been on! Comedian KATHY GRIFFIN makes her long awaited and outrageous first appearance on the show. Ellen finds out why Kathy thought she was banned from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and how being on the "D List" has actually helped her career. Then, stay tuned to see if Ellen bans Kathy from ever coming on her show again!

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elliot stare

The Wait is OVER!

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After two long years of reruns, the new season of Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres tomorrow, Sept 9th at 10/9C on HBO.

In the Season Six premiere Sunday September 9 at 10 pm, Cheryl talks Larry into adopting the Blacks, a family displaced by a hurricane, and Larry invents the "perfect" excuse for missing a pair of parties.

I'm so fucking stoked. First I get more Larry D, then Dexter, then Dethklok album. September, I love you.

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Slut VS. Slut

Country star Sara Evans' husband is asking the singer in a court filing whether she was romantically involved with nearly a dozen people, including Kenny Chesney, Richard Marx and former "Dancing With The Stars" partner Tony Dovolani.
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Mom/fashionista Stefani enjoys this stage of life.

After showcasing 48 mod looks from her spring '08 L.A.M.B. collection at Fashion Week Wednesday night, Gwen Stefani has just one thing on her mind at her after-party: some crusty snacks clustered on a platter in front of her at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

"I want to eat. I'm starving. I'm trying to make my way through to the cheese," she says.

Sitting in a private room after her show, with her parents by her side and husband Gavin Rossdale trying to find a television airing the U.S. Open, Stefani seems more thankful than triumphant.

"I can't believe I'm going into my fifth year," she says with a sigh. "It's so glamorous."

And maternal. After her models were done on the catwalk, Stefani, 37, walked out, waved to the crowd, basked in the applause, and promptly mouthed "Hey, baby!" to son Kingston, 1, who sat in the front row. She then scooped him up.

"I didn't want to walk halfway down and not get him. He's in that phase where if I waved to him and walked to him, it would have been disastrous," she says. "It's really hard. We've been traveling the world."

Kingston's first fashion show also represents changes for Stefani.

"I'm ending a whole chapter in my life. I did these two dance records, and now I'll go back and do a No Doubt record," says the singer, who released two solo albums back to back. "It's my first year of having a baby. It's a really substantial point in my life, and this collection was inspired by going back to the roots of when I first discovered music."

Like Jennifer Lopez before her, Stefani is becoming a one-woman fashion empire. She has the L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers clothing and accessory lines, and her new scent, L, just hit stores ($70 for 3.4 fluid ounces).

The whole fashion business remains intensely personal for Stefani. "I don't feel like an empire at all. It's such a small thing, if you knew how it works and you came to my house and you saw me with my snacks and my baby running around."

Still, the success of L.A.M.B. belies her modesty. Lucy Liu and Kelly Ripa wear her funky but luxe tailored dresses and skirts, and her colorful bags are toted by Penelope Cruz and Mena Suvari.

"Girls just freak on the bags," Stefani says. "I have so many handbags from the collection, and I can't even use them. I'm on tour and I have a baby in one hand, and everyone else is carrying my bags."

One of Stefani's celebrity fans is Garbage frontwoman Shirley Manson, who attended both the show and the In Style after-party.

"I genuinely love her clothes. They're for women like me, with big mouths," Manson says. "She's talented and doing something nobody else is doing. She's got her own unique style, and that says a lot."

Stefani, though, says she's just staying true to herself — and hoping to one day share her closets of party frocks and vintage gear with a daughter.

"I've always played dress-up. I've always done hair and makeup. And I'm still doing the same thing. I'm really having fun," Stefani says. "If I have a girl, she is so lucky."
if gwen had a girl...i would probably die because it would just be the cutest thing ever.

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Señor Bale tops weekend box office

As expected, 3:10 TO YUMA has won the 3-day weekend. After grabbing just over $5M on Friday, it will likely top $15M for the weekend.

Oscar winner Russell Crowe and BATMAN BEGINS star Christian Bale have lassoed the Friday box office crown, and 3:10 TO YUMA (Lionsgate) will ride away with a surprisingly easy 3-day weekend win. The James Mangold-directed remake of the classic Western of the same name grabbed just over $5M on Friday, and appears to be headed for a weekend of $15.15M. If the number holds, 3:10 TO YUMA will have delivered the 2nd-best 3-day opening for a Western in the past 20 years.


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Despite the fact that his divorce from Dina was only recently finalized in the last few weeks, Michael Lohan still refused to let any obstacle come between him and his daughter Lindsay - not even the ones thrown in his path by the law! One of our cameramen (X17) caught Michael at the airport, where the repentant parent took a moment to adjust all the ankle monitor keeping tabs on him. Like father, like daughter, huh? Still, if the father-daughter smoke break we caught the pair engaging in is any indication, it's all working out for the best!

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Evan Rachel dressing like dita von teese ...sorta


Evan Rachel Wood (sans inspiration Marilyn Manson) arrives at the world premiere screening of In Bloom during the Toronto International Film Festival 2007 held at the Varsity 8 Theatre on Saturday.

In Bloom tells the story of a woman’s survivor guilt from a Columbine-like event twenty years ago, which causes her idyllic present-day life to fall apart.
In the film, Uma Thurman, 37, plays the lead character Diana. Wood, 20, plays the younger version of her.

The drama thriller is set for a December 21st release

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Lovely mods: I added an lj-cut this time! So sorry for the inconvenience!

PopEater Music Blog: Fashion Watch

New York Fashion Week is upon us again, so what better time to take inventory of music's most stylish stars? To help us out, we asked six music and fashion icons -- Ciara, Kelly Rowland, Tila Tequila, LOL WHAAAT? No, fail. Common, Kelis and Mya -- to sound off on who they think really rocks red carpets, and whose fashion just falls flat. Models, to the runway please!

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"She's supposed to be this socialite party girl, but she doesn't have any edge or style to her. She really bores and annoys me." -- Tila Tequila on Paris Hilton and her dress choice for the 2006 World Music Awards in London.

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Radar's One-Question Challenge 

At any given Fashion Week party, it's a safe bet than 95 pecent of the attendees have nothing to do with the actual clothing label. So why do they go? For the chance to suck down free booze and make out with other equally fashionable people, of course. In that spirit, we asked a few "notable" attendees at G-Star Raw Denim's after party at the Gramercy Park Hotel, one question, and one question only: "What's your favorite sexual position?" Their responses follow:

JC Chasez, former Mouseketeer and *NSYNC member

Chasez: "Oh man, oh man. So here's the thing: It's all about the girl. Not even that, and you may hate me for saying this, but it really depends on the shape of the girl. When it comes down to it, your shit has to align. Just gotta make sure everything matches up, you know?"
Blonde girl standing next to JC: "You do love the motorboat, though!"
Chasez: Ha. I do! But that shit ain't a position!

Nicky Hilton, marginally less demented sister of Paris

(Stares at Radar, then at friend)
Friend: "Don't answer that."
Hilton: "I'm not gonna answer that."
RADAR: "Why not? JC Chasez did."
Friend: "Yeah, but she's cooler than he is."
RADAR: "I'm not sure that's true."

Bode Miller, downhill skier, Olympic disappointment, alleged lush

: "Hmmm. Do you mean the actual name of the position, or a description of it? I can't really think of the name."
RADAR: "Just describe it then."
Miller: "Well, it's kinda like ..."
Miller's bro-dy: "I bet I know what yours is."
Miller: "How would you? That's fucking weird, dude. Anyway, actually, I think it really depends on the girl."

Russell Simmons, hip-hop mogul, Kimora Lee whipping boy

"Come on, man! I can't answer that!"

Paul Sevigny, DJ, proprietor of Beatrice Inn

"Men talk to women, not about them." 


pics of Reese (looking gorgeous) at press conference. interview & offiicial cast pics

Two of young Hollywood’s biggest superstars descended upon the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday to promote what’s already one of the most buzzed-about movies of the 10-day movie marathon.

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, rumoured to have become romantically involved when they shot the taut, post-9-11 thriller Rendition last year, sat with two people between them at a packed downtown news conference and weren’t asked any questions about their alleged relationship.

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in stereo

Go stalk Russell Crowe in Maryland!

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Russell Crowe is spending much of September in the Baltimore-Washington region filming scenes for a a new thriller, "Body of Lies."

The movie is Crowe's fourth collaboration with director Ridley Scott. They teamed up for the Oscar-winning "Gladiator," 2006's "A Good Year" and "American Gangster," costarring Denzel Washington, which is scheduled for release this fall.

On Friday, Crowe was in Annapolis, shooting two scenes at St. Andrew's United Methodist Day School, and the head of the school, Leslie A. Redwine, said she met Crowe and shook his hand.

"He was courtly, cordial and charming," she told The (Baltimore) Sun.

Scott is using locations in Baltimore to stand in for Manchester, England, and Munich, Germany. The production will later move to Morocco.

"Body of Lies," based on a novel by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, co-stars Leonardo DiCaprio, who has not yet arrived in the area.


Party like a rock star, Russy!
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Sure, in clubs and cars and anywhere Best New Music is found, you've been shaking it to M.I.A.'s "Jimmy" for ages now. But unless you snagged a copy of the Japanese version of Kala-- the splendid album from whence it came-- on holiday in Kyoto, you probably haven't heard "What I Got". Tacked on the end of M.I.A.'s bangin' sophomore effort in the land of the rising sun, "What I Got", in true M.I.A. fashion, flips scripts from the Chili Peppers and Huey Lewis & the News into something all her own.

"What I Got" is the star of the new 7" single for "Jimmy", which drops October 1 in the U.K. via XL. It will also be available as a CD and 12"-- regrettably absent the blood sugar sex magik of "What I Got". Still, as befits a modern disco cut, the B-sides will feature "Jimmy" getting stripped of its vocals for an instrumental, and mixed anew by DJ Eli.

Oh, and M.I.A. will take what she's got on the road sporadically from now 'til the end of October.

"Jimmy" CD:

01 Jimmy
02 DJ Eli mix

"Jimmy" 7":

01 Jimmy
02 What I Got
03 What I Got (The Rough Rough Version)

"Jimmy" 12":

01 Jimmy
02 Jimmy Instrumental
03 DJ Eli mix


09-08 Toronto, Ontario - V Festival
09-09 Montreal, Quebec - Parc Jean Drapeau (Osheaga Festival)
09-11 Detroit, MI - Fox Theatre *
09-14 Austin, TX - Zilker Park (Austin City Limits Festival)
09-15 San Francisco, CA - Treasure Island Festival
09-22 Melbourne, Australia - Birrarung Marr (Parklife Festival)
09-23 Adelaide, Australia - Botanic Park (Parklife Festival)
09-28 Sydney, Australia - The Forum
09-29 Brisbane, Australia - City Botanic Gardens (Parklife Festival)
09-30 Sydney, Australia - Kippax Lake (Parklife Festival)
10-01 Perth, Australia - Wellington Square (Parklife Festival)
10-05 Nagoya, Japan - Club Quattro
10-06 Osaka, Japan - Club Quattro
10-08 Tokyo, Japan - Club Quattro
10-09 Tokyo, Japan - Liquid Room
10-19 New York, NY - Terminal 5
10-26-28 New Orleans, LA - Voodoo Music Experience
10-27 Las Vegas, NV - Vegoose Festival

* with Björk


the hardest part of my day is figuring out what pic to put with my posts
britney spears// DRINKIN DA DIVACUP PERI

Source: Vanessa Hudgens Sent Nude Photo to Drake Bell

bb v

Source: Vanessa Hudgens Sent Nude Photo to Drake Bell

Following the appearance on the Web of a nude photo of Vanessa Hudgens, a source close to the situation tells PEOPLE that the High School Musical actress once sent risqué photos of herself to Nickelodeon star Drake Bell.

Hudgens had emailed photos to the Drake and Josh actor a couple of years ago, before she was famous, the source says.

Bell's rep, Jill Fritzo, tells PEOPLE of the images that began hitting blogs on Thursday: "Drake says he never received those photos."

Hudgens, 18, appeared in a 2006 episode of Bell's Nickelodeon show as his character's girlfriend. In real life, Hudgens is dating her High School Musical costar Zac Efron, and the two are in Australia at the moment, where he is promoting Hairspray.

In a statement Friday, Hudgens apologized for the pictures and says she is "embarrassed over the situation and regret[s] having ever taken these photos."

The pictures, including one nude photo, first surfaced on the Web Thursday, prompting her rep to issue a statement saying that the shot "was taken privately. It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public."

The Disney Channel has said it is continuing negotiations with the High School Musical cast, including Hudgens, for a third installment of the movie series, according to the Chicago Tribune. "Vanessa has apologized for what was obviously a lapse in judgment," Disney said in a statement. "We hope she's learned a valuable lesson."


O RLY? omg. i must say tho... her tits are fucking fab. for real. as for drake... i think hes hotter than that girl zac efron

Hanson Partners with TOMS Shoes

“We want to inspire others to look for simple tangible ways to make a difference. It is easy to be halted by the great hurdles of poverty and AIDS, but making an impact can begin as simply as giving someone a pair of shoes, or buying a song.” - Taylor Hanson

Beginning Sept 10th, Hanson will embark on The Walk Tour; a tour not only in support of their new album, The Walk, but a tour to continue fighting poverty and AIDS in Africa, an effort that began with their trip to Africa to record the charity single, "Great Divide." Hanson and TOMS shoes founder Blake Mycoskie will be speaking about the importance of taking simple action, like purchasing a pair of TOMS shoes.

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I love Hanson, but the shoes are fug.
george jetson

Heidi and Leatherface do CosmoGirl, trash LC for the umpteenth time

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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s reign of terror continues! Montag, 20, is on the cover of the October issue of COSMOGirl! which features a Q&A with the two Hills stars titled “What You Don’t Know About Me & Spencer.” As we've come to expect, the couple spends most of the interview bashing Lauren Conrad and talking about how much they love each other.

According to Montag, her fiancé is “smart, funny, sweet, genuine and a great businessman! He’s my dream guy!” Has Heidi been brainwashed? Or is poor, misunderstood Spencer, 24, simply the victim of creative editing, that makes him out to be the bad guy?
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even celebrities are worked up about the Britney opener.

"I'm curious just like everybody else," Fergie, who is nominated for Female Artist of the Year , tells Us. "Britney always puts on a good show at awards shows, so I'm looking forward to it."

Best New Artist nominee Carrie Underwood agrees, "I think it's going to be good. I don't think Britney will let us down."

Spears is sure to have a few surprises up her sleeve for Sunday night, but these veteran performers have some ideas to make her performance even more spectacular:

"I would come out rockin'. Let them know, 'I am Britney. I am still here. So don't get it twisted,'" Ciara, who's "Like a Boy" video is up for the Best Choreography award, tells Us.

For Fergie, it's all about the stage props. "I say go for an even bigger animal! Maybe a different reptile," she tells Us. But it's Mya (who will be sitting in the audience at the VMAs) who has the most show-stopping suggestion of them all: "I would take my wig off! And then throw it into the audience!"

david tennant, 10

Casey Affleck and wife are havin bb #2!

Does anyone care?
Well... Here's the article anyway:
(I had no idea he was married to Summer.)

Casey Affleck, Wife Expecting 2nd Child
Sept. 8, 2007, 3:20 PM EST

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES -- Casey Affleck and his wife, actress Summer Phoenix, are expecting their second child, a spokeswoman for the actor said Saturday.

Phoenix is due sometime this winter, Affleck spokeswoman Rebecca Feferman said. She declined to be more specific.

"They're very happy and excited about the new addition to their family," Feferman told The Associated Press.

Affleck initially disclosed the news to "ET Online" during an interview Saturday at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Affleck, 32, and Phoenix, married in 2006 and have a 3-year-old son, Indiana August.

Each is a younger sibling of Hollywood notables: Affleck is the brother of Ben Affleck, and Phoenix is the sister of Joaquin Phoenix and the late River Phoenix.

Affleck stars with Brad Pitt in the upcoming western "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford." His other screen credits include "Ocean's Eleven" and its sequels, and 1997's "Good Will Hunting."

Phoenix has appeared on the NBC series "ER" and in the 2002 HBO movie "The Laramie Project."

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