September 7th, 2007


How about something without a naked Vanessa...

After slipping on a mask for Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire might be slipping into a giant robot for "Robotech."

After a lengthy negotiation, Warner Bros. Pictures has picked up feature rights to "Robotech," a 1980s Japanese cartoon series with giant robots known as mechas. Maguire is eyeing the lead role, and will serve as a producer.

"We are very excited to bring 'Robotech' to the big screen," Maguire said. "There is a rich mythology that will be a great foundation for a sophisticated, smart and entertaining film."

A sprawling sci-fi epic, "Robotech" takes place at a time when Earth has developed giant robots from the technology on an alien spacecraft that crashed on a South Pacific isle. Mankind is forced to use the technology to fend off three successive waves of alien invasions. The first invasion concerns a battle with a race of giant warriors who seek to retrieve their flagship's energy source known as "protoculture," and the planet's survival ends up in the hands of two young pilots.

The $686 million worldwide box office success of "Transformers" has inspired other studios to assemble giant robot movies. Last month, Fox-based Regency picked up 1980s Japanese anime series "Voltron."



30 Rock ftw!

Edie Falco, who will vie for Emmy glory this month for her role on HBO's "The Sopranos," is set to appear on three episodes of NBC's "30 Rock."

Falco's stint on the comedy series will mark her first TV appearance since the "Sopranos" season finale in June. Details about her "30 Rock" character were not released Thursday.

Falco said she's a fan of "30 Rock," which launches its second season at 8:30 p.m. October 4.

"I have laughed out loud at this show, and I am thrilled for the opportunity to work with such great comic actors," she said. "I am very excited."

"30 Rock," which is nominated for 10 Emmys, stars Tina Fey, who also is creator and executive producer, and Alec Baldwin.

"We're thrilled to have such an amazing actress come join us," Fey said, quipping that "also, a lot of guys on our crew want 'The Sopranos' ending explained to them."

Jerry Seinfeld will also guest-star on "30 Rock" this season, while Rip Torn, Will Arnett and Sherri Shepherd will reprise their guest roles.

Falco is up for lead actress in a drama series at the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards, which take place September 16. She has won three Emmys for her role as Carmela Soprano.


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Put That Kitty In Rehab!
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The Sun claims that this picture is of Pete Doherty forcing his cat, Dinger, to smoke crack from a pipe he made especially for it. Friends apparently leaked the picture, because they want Pete's abuse to be exposed. Um...why didn't they just call animal services?
Friends say that after the cat smokes crack it passes out, suffers mood swings and thinks it can fly

A friend said, "One in particular has borne the brunt of his drug abuse. Pete thinks it’s hilarious to get it wasted. He even made a special mini-crack pipe out of a bottle so it can get the maximum hit.

“But the kitten is starting to get really bad withdrawal symptoms.

“It has lost some of its balance and takes huge risks jumping over things that are too high. It thinks it can fly. It’s really distressing to see.”

Call the Pet Police!!!! If these so-called friends really cared they would do more than just leak the picture to the press. I do love Dreamboat Doherty, but this bitch is insane and he seriously needs to be put away cold. Poor crack kitty! It never wanted that life. It just wants to lay in the sun and cough up hairballs. Not roam the hood jonesing for it's next high!

I'm holding on to the hope that it's not Pete in the picture, but let's be real....bitch would do it!


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Gulp! I must say Fergie Fug actually look...."alright" to Steven Tyler or is that Janice Dickinson? I'll get back to you on that one. All on her own though, the Meth Face returns. She should keep Steven with her at all time. He helps take the meth from her face. It's like magic!

Here's Fergie Fug and Steven at last night's Fashion Rocks where the two performed together. Can't wait to hear that wreck.

Oh and you can get a hummer from Fergie on eBay! True story!

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White Oprah Is Toooo Much!
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Yesterday Michael Lohan and Lindsay Lohan had their beloved reunion at her rehab facility in Utah. Of course, White Oprah had to issue a statement about it. Of course. She told the 24/Sizzler :

“I really wanted her to have closure a really long time ago, so she could come to terms with the abusive behavior that myself and my children [Lindsay, Michael Jr., Dakota and Ali] endured when they were younger.”
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Did Somebody Say Secret Witness?!
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TMZ reports that lawyer Gloria Allred has a "secret witness" that wants to testify in the Britney Spears/KFed custody battle, but is "afraid." This witness wants to testify on September 17th. According to TMZ this witness is male. Gloria is on her way now to tell the judge that he's intimidated, but wants to testify.

Last week KFed's attorney tried to bring in his own secret witness, but the judge threw it out saying "we don't do secret witnesses."

Britney's lawyer said, "With all due respect to Ms. Allred, she's attempting to bring her own ring to what was already a three ring circus."

Who is this secret witness?! Let's's either:

a) Chester the Cheetah
b) Gloria Allred herself, because she loves free publicity
c) Justin Timberlake, because he's SPF's real father (IF ONLY)
d) A drug dealer

Secret witness?! DRAMA. Gloria has been watching way too much Matlock

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Thanks to ma baby for this picsweet_tiff4prez
Dean - Red Blanket

Mom of Missing Madeleine McCann Named a Suspect

The mother of missing child Madeleine McCann has been named a suspect in her daughter's disappearance and could be arrested.

Kate McCann, 39, was named an official suspect in order to be asked 22 detailed questions by Portuguese police, family spokeswoman Justine McGuinness told reporters Friday.

"She was absolutely horrified. Kate is a lovely mother to her children. She'd never hurt them," McGuinness said. "Anyone who knows Kate would say to make an allegation of this kind about her is just completely ludicrous."

McCann was questioned for 11 hours Thursday and returned to the police station in Portimao the next morning for further questioning. The British family was on vacation when Madeleine, who would have turned 4 on May 12, went missing.

The development came after forensic tests revealed traces of Madeleine's blood in a car her parents rented 25 days after Madeleine's disappearance in Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3.

Her apparent abduction from the bedroom of the family's two-bedroom villa while her parents and friends dined at a nearby tapas bar sparked an international search including the creation of a YouTube channel for missing children.

McGuinness said "there is a fear" that Kate McCann might be arrested.

"They believe they have evidence to show that in some way she's involved in the death of her daughter, which of course is completely ludicrous. They have suggested that blood has been found in a hire car that they hired 25 days after Madeleine was taken," McGuinness told reporters.

She said police "made a series of ridiculous allegations" and suggested to McCann that she was primarily responsible for Madeleine's death.

Gerry McCann, who, like his wife, is a doctor, is due to be questioned by police Friday afternoon.


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Second Day of School
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Angelina Jolie creates quite the spectacle while dropping off her oldest son Maddox, 6, at his $18,000-a-year private French school in New York on Friday morning. New Yorkers and out-of-town-ers lined the sidewalks to catch a glimpse of mother and son.

Mad was dressed in his usual uniform — white longsleeves buttondown with gray shorts. Ange wore head-to-toe black including a pencil skirt and flats.

The mother-of-four walked out with an official school calendar before hopping back into her car.

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fnl. can't lose

Friday Night Lights in Entertainment Weekly

Please note the breadstick goalposts.
And the incredible hotness of Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.

May we propose a tweak to the oldest cliché in sports: It's not whether you win or lose — it's whether or not they let you play the damn game. Fortunately, NBC's Friday Night Lights — a drama about a Texas high school football team, but really an exploration of relationships, race, and more — received a second-season renewal by the pigskin of its teeth. While this was thrilling news for a show that didn't crack last season's top 100, no one is practicing end-zone dances just yet. ''We're still on the bubble, and we have to pull the numbers if we're gonna complete the season,'' declares Kyle Chandler, sounding a lot like his blue-capped, no-nonsense alter ego, Coach Taylor. ''We're in the mindset that we can do it — and we will do it.''

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Will any of this transform FNL into a prime-time player? ''I'm not above holding females in the 18-to-49 demographic at gunpoint and saying, 'You better watch!''' says Britton. Chandler is (slightly) less violent: ''Why not be the underdog? If you get too lucky, your knives get dull and someone's going to kill you. We're sharp out here.'' We get the point — and hope that the rest of America soon will, too.

Connie Britton is kind of my hero. (Kyle, too.) Season 2 is going to be ridiculously awesome.

go go disco!

A Jayonce Wedding?

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is continuing to make major moves in his business ventures. As he revealed in a press conference yesterday, the entrepreneur will open up the 3rd of his co-owned 40/40 Sports Clubs on Dec 20 at the new Palazzo resort in Las Vegas.

Jay Z already co-owns 40/40 clubs in NYC and Atlantic City- but word is the Vegas one will be the largest.

Beyonce was all smiles as Jay-Z gave his brief speech and according to Robin Leach’s blog, Jay-Z hinted at possible nuptials..

Even though he laughed when I told him he was in the wedding capital of the world the rapper and recpord mogul refused to tell me when he’s going to tie the knot with his superstar singer girlfriend.
“All I’ll say is that it will be soon- and that means sooner rather than later. Now if the hotel here can throw in a big ring and the honeymoon suite we could go off right now.”

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Lauryn Hill needs professional help. At least that's what her Fugees group member, Wyclef Jean, told MTV.

When he was asked about a possible reunion he said, "The first thing that needs to happen…is after my psychiatric evaluation. 'Lauryn Hill… Mrs Hill… The Hill… - Should go see a psychiatrist – period – Just seek help!"

Wyclef isn't the only Fugees member that thinks homegirl needs a dose of reality. Last month Pras said, 'Before I work with Lauryn Hill again, you will have a better chance of seeing Osama Bin Laden and George W. Bush in Starbucks having a latte.'

'At this point I really think it will take an act of God to change her, because she is that far out there.'

I guess the outside matches the inside. Here I thought she was just playing crazy for her "art." There's nothing wrong with insanity. It's ok Miss Hill, those boys can't handle the cuckoo.

Is it just me or does she look like a younger Oprah in that Clockwork Crazy pic above?

dw | carbon prevails

steven job's open letter

To all iPhone customers:

I have received hundreds of emails from iPhone customers who are upset about Apple dropping the price of iPhone by $200 two months after it went on sale. After reading every one of these emails, I have some observations and conclusions. Collapse )

wow, now that is customer service. yeah, but seriously now, that is why you never buy products on the release date. i didn't go crying to target when i learned that they were selling arrested development for 20 dollars when i first bought it 1 year ago. you are TOO nice, apple. TOO nice! :/
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Lady Gaga Judas Keep Calm

Just because we just had that other post about this.

"Lana" But A Myth

We’ve got some bad news for you guys. Larry Wachowski is not becoming a woman. The internet’s been buzzing for days that the filmmaker - who teamed with his brother, Andy, to bring us The Matrix - has been taking hormones to become Lana.

Fox News’ Roger Friedman, however, did a bit of digging and discovered it’s all a hoax.

That’s too bad. We would have loved to see a trannie titan in Hollywood.


Again, I go with: if he's happy with his life this way, then good for him. And if he feels the need to have the operation, then good for her.
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'Family Guy' does 'Star Wars'

When Family Guy returns with its season premiere later this month, viewers will be treated to a special one hour episode that pays tribute to one of the most popular movies of all time, Star Wars.

After the Griffin's lose power, Peter entertains the family with the greatest story ever told…the story of Star Wars. After Princess Leia (Lois) comes under siege by Darth Vader (Stewie) and his evil Storm Troopers, C-3PO (Quagmire) and R2-D2 (Cleveland) escape to find the only person who can help the Rebel Alliance. On their quest thorough the desert planet of Tatooine, C-3PO and R-2D2 find extra help in Obi-Wan Kenobi (Herbert), Luke Skywalker (Chris), Han Solo (Peter) and Chewbacca (Brian) and head back to battle the Death Star in an epic intergalactic fight to the death in the "Blue Harvest" episode of Family Guy on Sunday, Sept. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT.)

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Ozzy/Rob Zombie Tour dates announced

OZZY OSBOURNE returns to the road October 18 in Seattle, WA for a massive 40-show North American fall tour in support of "Black Rain" — his critically acclaimed first album of new studio material in six years — with special guest ROB ZOMBIE.

Promoted by AEG Live, these concerts will mark Ozzy's first arena tour in six years in the U.S. and four years in Canada. Bringing together two of rock’s best and most dynamic frontmen in one unforgettable extravaganza, the tour will include stops in Seattle, Vancouver, Salt Lake City, Oakland, San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Detroit and more, with a special Halloween show in Minneapolis. It will also mark Ozzy's first time ever playing in a number of the tour markets, including Saskatoon, Rapid City, Billings and Stockton, and will be highlighted by Ozzy's first show at New York City’s Madison Square Garden in 23 years.

General ticket on-sales start Friday, September 14. Confirmed dates are as follows:
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Whoopi Goldberg Found It Hard To Get Work After Bush Remark

Comedienne WHOOPI GOLDBERG struggled to get work after she slammed U.S. President GEORGE W. BUSH at a Democratic fundraising event in 2004. The Sister Act star was vilified after comparing the American leader's name to a crude term for a vagina. In the aftermath, she was dropped as a spokesperson for diet aid company Slim-Fast. And Goldberg is relieved such a "scary" time has now passed. 

She says, "After the supposed remarks I made, it got very difficult to get work. It was scary. "I've taken every president to task, but I started thinking, 'Do I stop being political?' At that time no one was saying anything that wasn't in step (with the Bush administration). "It's OK now to be an American again. It's OK to get the dialogue."  


That's not hot

Paris Hilton has filed a federal lawsuit over a $2.49 Hallmark greeting card that uses a photo of the heiress and her trademarked phrase "That's Hot." In a complaint filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, Hilton alleges that Hallmark has, among other transgressions, misappropriated her image and invaded her privacy with the card, a copy of which you'll find below. According to the lawsuit, the greeting card, which purports to show Hilton's "first day as a waitress," was first distributed earlier this year and remains on sale. Hilton is seeking at least $500,000 in actual damages and a permanent injunction barring Hallmark from further exploitation of her name and likeness

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Señor Bale, a divo?

Is hunky actor Christian Bale a total prima donna on the set?

So says a source at Page Six who says the British actor who arrived on set of ‘3:10 to Yuma’ via helicopter and would never speak to costars Russell Crowe, Peter Fonda and Gretchen Mol unless the script called for it.

Umm…maybe he’s a method actor?

The only thing more shocking than accusations of divadom on Bale’s part? The film’s cast members say recreational phone-thrower Russell Crowe is a “sweetheart.”



INXS plays Maryland state fair

TIMONIUM, Md. — The 126th Annual Maryland State Fair welcomed thousands to the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium from Aug. 24 to Sept. 3.

The fair featured the usual crowd favorites including a professional bull riding contest, pig racing, a daily card of thoroughbred racing, and lots and lots of animals.

There was cooking demostrations for people to enjoy and of course, “Little Lena”, who fair organizers claim is the world’s smallest woman at 29 inches tall and is smaller than a 2-year-old child.

Over 40 rides greeted people in the famous midway.

There were also concerts each night with famous artists including country singer John Michael Montgomery, and pop group INXS.

A state fair wouldn’t be a state fair though without the farm animals. Visitors strolled through the “cow palace” as they caught glimpses of dairy and beef cows and a glass enclosed milking area gave people the chance to see cows getting milked.

The outside educational pens gave people the chance to learn about various animals.

And the 4-H and open shows gave visitors a chance to see the hard work that goes into taking care of an animal.


Something tells me they won't ever be the same without Mike Hutchence.
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Plastic Melt

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Victoria Silvstedt must have had a sleepless night before showing up at this charity gala. Her closet is a Barbie dream, and a plastic doll's paradise.

p.s big pics when you click the link
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v-day linds

Where to Spot the Stars During TIFF 07

One of the great things about the Toronto International Film Festival is that if you're in the right neighbourhood you're almost guaranteed to see at least one big star over the 10 day event. Whether shopping at a posh Bloor St. West boutique, sipping drinks on the patio at Hemingway's or simply picking up a morning java the celebrities will be here for the spotting. There's no guarantee of course, but to assist you we've compiled a list of common celeb haunts during the film fest.


Four Seasons Hotel
21 Avenue Rd.

When the stars come to town many of them flock to this posh Yorkville hotel, where the high-end suites reportedly cost between $1,700 and more than $4,000 a night. Guests can dine at the renowned Truffles Restaurant, or have a casual cocktail in the Lobby Bar or chic Avenue Lounge.

Soho Metropolitan
318 Wellington St. West

With 88 guests rooms including 18 executive suites, the Soho is situated in a condominium building steps from the Entertainment District. The amenities include heated marble bathroom floors and a 10,000 sq. ft. fitness centre.

Sutton Place Hotel
955 Bay St.

This European-inspired hotel has 230 guest rooms and 64 suites. It's close to Yorkville and many of the city's major shopping districts.

Windsor Arms
18 St. Thomas St.

Built in 1927, the Windsor Arms was lovingly restored and reopened in the mid 1990s. The boutique hotel's 28 rooms range from 500 to 1,500 square feet. The Arms also features the bright Courtyard Café, a Tea Room and a caviar and Champagne lounge. 

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Keira plays a slut

Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes will pair up as an unhappy aristocratic couple
in the 18th-century-set costume drama The Duchess.

Knightley, currently collecting rave reviews for her performance in Joe Wright's
Atonement, is to portray the scandalous Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, in a
film adaptation of the eponymous 1998 bestselling biography by Amanda Foreman.

Georgiana was a socialite and celebrated beauty who maintained a famed literary
salon, gambled her money away, and led a menage-a-trois with her husband and his
mistress - who was also Georgiana's best friend.

Fiennes, who was seen this summer as Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the
Order of the Phoenix, will portray the Duke of Devonshire, who married his
mistress once Georgiana passed away - and took up another lover straight away.

British actor Dominic Cooper, who played Dakin in the 2005 Alan Bennett play The
History Boys at the National Theatre, will portray Earl Grey, one of the many
lovers of the Duchess of Devonshire.

The adaptation is helmed by Saul Dibb, who directed the 2006 TV series The Line
of Beauty, from the Alan Hollinghurst Booker-prize winning novel. Filming begins
later this month in London.


Kate Walsh on Cover of EW

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Edit: The article is long but it reveals that had Kate Walsh said no, ABC would still have moved forward with a "Grey's" spin-off with another cast member. Who do you think that was? Oh and creator Shonda Rhimes say no crossovers are planned. Sorry but Eric Dane is not going to be getting any Addison lovin' yet.
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Paul McCartney is a Playa..........

As he was named "man of the year" at an awards ceremony, Sir Paul McCartney certainly wasn't lacking in admirers.

But the former Beatle appeared to have eyes for only one woman.

The 65-year-old singer, who had arrived at the GQ magazine awards flanked by members of his family rather than a date, enjoyed a cosy rendezvous with model Elle Macpherson.

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Barrymore’s revolving door relationships

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Drew Barrymore’s been spotted canoodling with “I’m a Mac” guy Justin Long, who also happens to be her costar in the upcoming movie “He’s Just Not that Into You.” But is Drew really that into Justin?
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Brad Pitt fears for his kids

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Being an über star and one half of an it-couple empire has its drawbacks, according to Brad Pitt. In a recent interview with Details, Brad vented his concerns about how life under the paparazzi lens affects his wee ones.
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Jay-Z Loves Britney, Timbaland Isn't Feeling The Same Way

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Timbaland doen't seem to thrilled that Britney Spears is opening up the MTV VMAs this Sunday. Timbaland is one of the executive producers. He spoke to Ryan Seacrest on KIIS-FM this morning about it.

He seems to think Britney's opening is basically just Red Bull. Yeah, that sums it up. He said, "Just to get the crowd moving. Like you got "Bartender," you got "Shawty," all these hyped songs. I call them crunk songs. I think when they [the audience] show up, you got to give them Red Bull. It's what you hear at the club that gets you going."

When asked about her single "Gimme More" he said, "It's's kinda dull, kinda flatline."

Jay-Z on the other hand said he would love to work with Brit. He told Extra , "Well, she’s a talent…if it was natural and organic. I wouldn’t want to just do it for the sake of just putting out a single. If the song was incredible, if she was serious about the project, then absolutely.”

The thing is so many people are going to watch the VMAs just for Britney. You either want the wig to fall off or you want her to do amazing. I want both, because if the wig falls off that would be amazing.

Jay-Z is also just being nice, because there's nothing natural or organic about that chick.

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Daddy Wants The Dough

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Amy Wino's daddy, Mitch Wino, wants her to sign over all her cash to him. He believes that if he cuts off her drug money it will help her get clean. Mitch is also speaking with attorneys to try and find a way to keep Wino's husband, Blake, away from her money.

Reportedly Blake currently handles all of her money and has even told friends that he might start managing her career soon. Blake did not sign a pre-nup with Wino.

It's been reported that she's worth around $10 Million, but could earn as much as $20 Million in the next couple of years from her second album.

Mitch was overheard telling a friend, “It makes me sick, he's the reason she'll die. I'm not going to see him get everything that she worked so hard for,”

I got to hand it to Mitch. At least he's trying everything he can to protect her...or is he? White Oprah has made me so skeptical of showbiz parents.

Above is Wino leaving McDonald's in London yesterday. Yeah, she probably only ordered a Diet Coke. I want McDonald's. There worm burgers are delicious! Seriously, someone told me that shit is made of worms!

happy ipod
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Radiohead fans waiting patiently for the band’s next album may not have to wait too much longer – or they may.

First, the good news: Guitarist Jonny Greenwood confirmed to Paste that the album is done. The not-so-good news is that the band has no idea when fans will be able to hear it.

"We just had a meeting about that today," said Greenwood on September 7. "We’re very relieved to have finished recording, now we have to decide what we should do with it."

Radiohead completed its six-album contract with EMI with 2003’s Hail to the Thief and is currently unsigned. Can anyone say bidding war?

SOURCE: Paste Magazine


playing pianos filled with flames

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Fiery Furnances Plan Ballet, Another LP, Extend Tour

We could come up with some clever lead or pun involving a Fiery Furnaces song title or something, but we're just going to walk you through this one. As Matthew Friedberger disclosed in a recent chat with, the Fiery Furnaces are planning a ballet. The ballet has a rock'n'roll theme and incorporates dance based on American Sign Language. Also, it involves something Matthew calls "American event social gestures."

Huh? "The 'we're number one' finger and the heavy metal horn-sign," Matthew elaborated to Billboard, "and, most importantly, the hand-dancing in Indonesian and Pakistani (religious-minded) pop music videos." Ah, of course. Hand-dancing. Right.
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Mark Ronson sets the record straight

So a few weeks ago there was a news item posted that said Mark Ronson was furious with Amy Winehouse for not showing up on set to film the music video, "Valerie" the next single off his album Versions. Well, Mark took the time to set the record straight on his myspace blog

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arghhh, i hate that i even have to address this 'cause it's such a crock of shite, but I must clear this up....

some daily paper published a completely fictionalised story about me being "furious" with amy for not turning up to the video shoot for our song and swearing never to work with her again. it's all bullshite, all of it.

originally, neither of us were gonna be in the video. then, i'd known for weeks amy wasn't gonna be in the video. the entire premise of the video (conceived by the director, robert hale) revolved around her not being in it. i knew she was going on holiday, etc etc & was fine with all of it.

there wasn't one thing on the entire page that was true, except for the part about my sordid romp in the bathroom of a soho nightclub with a tranny, midget hooker named Perry.


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Picture post

Serena Williams at the US Open tennis tournament
in New York, Monday, Aug. 27, 2007.


A gust of wind blows Pope Benedict XVI's skullcap as he arrives to lead his general
audience in Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican September 5, 2007.


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angelina jolie

 Angelina Jolie takes two of her children — Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2 — to a New York City park on Friday morning.

Angelina wore matching handbags with Princess Zee — mommy and daughter’s versions of the white Valentino braided leather shoulder bag.

Cuteness overload!!!!!

user posted image 
source: justjared

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YABBVP (yet another bbv post)

A Disney representative told CNN an hour ago that any and all reports that Vanessa Hudgens has been fired by Disney from the High School Musical franchise due to the emergence of a nude photo are completely FALSE.

The Disney Channel (part of the Walt Disney Co.) denied a published report that Hudgens will be dropped from the upcoming feature film "High School Musical 3." That movie is in development and negotiations with the stars are incomplete.

Disney had no further comment about the pictures.


Whatever. The only one of the HSM kids that'll still have a real career in 3 years is Lucas Grabeel.

Oh, Owen

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Owen Wilson's recent suicide attempt wasn't the first time the troubled movie star had tried to take his life, according to shocking new U.S. reports. The Wedding Crashers star allegedly slashed his wrists and was found distressed at his Santa Monica, California home by his brother Andrew on August 26. He was taken to a nearby hospital emergency room and then spent a week under supervision at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Official reports confirm Wilson attempted suicide, and now a family friend has told tabloid the National Enquirer that the recent incident wasn't Wilson's first cry for help. The unnamed source tells the publication, "A good portion of his (Wilson's) life has been dedicated to fighting depression and addiction... This is the third time he's tried killing himself." And the source insists Wilson's break-up with girlfriend Kate Hudson wasn't to blame for the suicide attempt, as has been suggested - he was actually distraught after failing to come up with material for a friend's film project. The insider adds, "Owen felt demoralized after letting down his pal."
peewee tape

Wrinkle In Time Author Dead

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Author Madeleine L'Engle, whose novel "A Wrinkle in Time" has been enjoyed by generations of schoolchildren and adults since the 1960s, has died, her publicist said Friday. She was 88.

L'Engle died Thursday at a nursing home in Litchfield of natural causes, according to Jennifer Doerr, publicity manager for publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

The Newbery Medal winner wrote more than 60 books, including fantasies, poetry and memoirs, often highlighting spiritual themes and her Christian faith.

Although L'Engle was often labeled a children's author, she disliked that classification. In a 1993 Associated Press interview, she said she did not write down to children.

"In my dreams, I never have an age," she said. "I never write for any age group in mind. When people do, they tend to be tolerant and condescending and they don't write as well as they can write.

"When you underestimate your audience, you're cutting yourself off from your best work."

"A Wrinkle in Time" — which L'Engle said was rejected repeatedly before it found a publisher in 1962 — won the American Library Association's 1963 Newbery Medal for best American children's book. Her "A Ring of Endless Light" was a Newbery Honor Book, or medal runner-up, in 1981.

In 2004, President Bush awarded her a National Humanities Medal.

"Wrinkle" tells the story of adolescent Meg Murry, her genius little brother Charles Wallace, and their battle against evil as they search across the universe for their missing father, a scientist.

L'Engle followed it up with further adventures of the Murry children, including "A Wind in the Door," 1973; "A Swiftly Tilting Planet," 1978, which won an American Book Award; and "Many Waters," 1986.


I loved her books as a child...An Acceptable Time is still one of my favorite novels. I also loved Ring of Endless Light. RIP bb.

EDIT: Cause I should have a pic of her in here as well <3
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Foxy Brown Gets a Year in the Slammer!

TMZ was in the courtroom when it all went down, and Judge Melissa Jackson slammed Foxy's pleas for mercy, calling her a "great actress," and saying that if this were the first time she'd apologized, she might be believable, but not now. We're told that Foxy was visibly distraught by the verdict.

Outside the courtroom, cops from New Jersey told TMZ that she got what she deserved. Interesting note: if she serves the full term, Foxy will give birth in prison.

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Zac Still Smiling Despite Nude Photo Scandal

Zac Efron is all smiles at the Melbourne premiere of Hairspray on Friday despite girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens’ nude photo scandal.

Co-star Nikki Blonsky stood by Zac’s side at the Jam Factory in Australia.

Aussies can catch Hairspray in theaters on Thursday, Sept. 13.

P.S. Zanessa fans should know that Vanessa has not been fired from anything whatsoever. Rumors circulated last night that Cheetah Girls’ Adrienne Bailon would replace Miss Hudgens in the theatrical release of High School Musical 3.

“Oh my, that story is so 100 percent not true,” Vanessa’s rep told In Touch. “Vanessa’s not an ‘employee’ of Disney, there’s nothing to be fired from.”

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Next up...nude pics of Nikki and Zac..y/y?

zachary and yvonne

Vanessa Hudgens 'Embarrassed,' Apologizes for Nude Photo

Disney's High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is speaking out after a nude photo of the actress hit the Internet on Thursday.

In a statement released Friday by her rep, Hudgens, 18, says: "I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends."

On Thursday, a nude picture of Hudgens surfaced on multiple Web sites. The same day her rep issued a statement saying the photo "was taken privately. It is a personal matter and it is unfortunate that this has become public." Then on Friday, more candid photos of Hudgens (clothed, this time) began surfacing.

There has been no immediate comment from Disney. The studio was in talks to bring Hudgens (who is currently dating her HSM costar, Zac Efron) back for more HSM sequels.


I still love you, BBV! <3
butt cleavage

Brad Pitt: 'I maintain a deep friendship with Jen'

I know the cover was posted, but not sure about the interview...

05 Sept 07

Brad Pitt has opened up about his split with Jennifer Aniston and insists he enjoys a "deep friendship" with his former wife.

The 43-year-old actor admits he followed his heart when he split with Aniston in 2005 for his then co-star Angelina Jolie, with whom he now has four children.

"Jen and I still maintain a deep friendship and have a lot of life together that isn't erased in any way," Pitt told Details magazine.

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Actor JOHN TRAVOLTA will be honoured with the Kirk Douglas Award For Excellence In Film by the Santa Barbara Film Festival in November (07). The Grease star will collect the second annual award from 90-year-old Douglas at a ceremony at the California coastal city's Four Seasons Biltmore hotel on 16 November (07). The festival itself takes place between 24 January and 3 February 2008.


1. Kirk Douglas is still alive?

2. ...I just wanted an excuse to post this picture.

Edit: Pic not real. From the same place as these two:

(no subject)

WTF Happened Carrot Top?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Carrot Top has been this muscular for a while, but when did he decide to stretch his face out to the max?

Besides that he has makeup on and it's downright scary. Mickey Rourke probably uses the same plastic surgeon.


(no subject)


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Irish actor JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS was regularly mistaken for a girl when he first started his acting career. The Match Point hunk admits his long hair and effeminate facial features lead many people to question his gender. Meyers says, "I saw a picture of myself taken ten years ago when I had really long hair and I looked like a girl- that was kind of cringe-worthy."

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a. calendar girl

100 Best TV shows

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
English actress KEIRA KNIGHTLEY has credited her Hollywood success to her body. The Atonement star, who has spent the last year battling the world's obsession with her body image, admits she owes much of her fame to her slim physique. She says: "I mean I'm an actress and it's a tool, after all. "It's pretty much all I've got. I've got whatever's in my head, my face and my voice and then there's my body, and that's it. And I do trade on that, of course I do."


(no subject)

Ok i just posted this but for some reason the link doesn't work

So here is a link to hear Britney's newly leaked song "Kiss me all over"

"Another track out!. This time Britney Spears brings us an hot demo single called “Kiss Me All Over“.

The song was produced by Sean Garret and keeps the sexy beat that has been constant in the singer’s latest music. This single will also not be on her upcoming November 13th upcoming album, as it is from a non released Cd entitled “Original Doll”


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Then Or Now: When Were They Hotter?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Little Katie Bosworth is a great example of a young girl with stars in her eyes who let Hollywood eat her alive and turn her into an affected, processed clone. Look at Kate in 2002. So young, so beautiful, like she could take on the world. Now she looks like she's trying so hard to be whatever it is they want her to be. Oh Kate, look at that girl you used to be. Reach out to her, because she misses you.

Whatever, bitch looks like a greased up weasel now. Her eyes change color though. I like that. Like a mood ring and her mood is always MISERABLE. Speaking of miserable, doesn't Anna Wintour look like the happiest person on Earth. She needs to lighten up and stick that Starbucks up her ass. It'll give her a quick coffee enema and I heard those really loosen shit up. Ok, ok....I've done more than just heard.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Lindsay's post-reunion smoke break

After reuniting with her estranged father Michael yesterday at Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah, rehabilitating starlet Lindsay Lohan flashes the peace sign during a smoke break in a gesture signaling that things may finally be looking up for the Lohan Clan.

This oughta last all of five seconds.

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US BB8 New HOH & Nominations

Probable CBS show schedule as we are now less than two weeks from the finale......

Sun., Sept. 9 @ 8pm - HoH & Nominations (revealed here)
Tues, Sept. 11 @ 9pm - Live Eviction Final 4 to Final 3
Thurs, Sept. 13 @ 8pm - Final Live Eviction - Final 3 to Final 2
Sun., Sept. 16 @ 8pm - ???
Tuesday, Sept. 18 @ 9pm - Live Finale

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Mario Testino: Let Me In!

Famed photographer Mario Testino, who most recently shot Brad Pitt for V Magazine, has a new book coming out called “Let Me In”.
The 300-page book, out Sept. 26, is Testino’s personal archive of off-screen moments in color and black and white, featuring more than 100 contemporary stars including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (and some of the kids), Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tom Ford, Adrien Brody, Kate Hudson, Claudia Schiffer, Gisele Bundchen, Michelle Pfeiffer, George Clooney, Madonna, Anjelica Huston and Matt Dillon.
The foreword was written by Nicole Kidman. The cover is shared by Demi Moore and hubby Ashton Kutcher.

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[Hello Kitty] Queen Of Pink

No Doubt to go back to their ska roots for next album?

In recent interviews, Gwen has hinted at a ska revival with the upcoming No Doubt album.

from Teen Vogue

This current collection is really ska influenced because of my upcoming album and also because of my past. When I first started out, everything I did was ska, the music and the clothes, in fact one of the songs on the runway tonight is also one of the first songs I ever performed in front of an audience.

from Style

The runway soundtrack, no surprise, will feature some of her favorite old groups. But what about her next record? “I’m coming to the end of a chapter, doing my own dance records. In the fall, I’ll record with No Doubt. I don’t want to say for sure that it’ll be ska, but that it is where we started.


God, please let this be true. I would be so thrilled.

And, because I know it's going to happen, can we do without the 100 'Tragic Kingdom was the best album' comments? It just gets so redundant. Yes, TK was the best album. It's like, how many times to we need to call Lindsay a crackwhore? We get it!

That is all; go back about your knitting.

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Actor Max Beesley talks about Glitter and says Mariah's best scenes were edited out of the film in his interview with MediaBlvd Magazine:

"I came into America and did Glitter, with Mariah Carey, which ended up being a terrible film. At the time I filmed it, it was quite good, funnily enough. The studio edited out a lot of the volatile moments. I think they were worried about Mariah Carey's personal life being reflected in what we put on film, which was not the case at all. So, we ended up with a one-dimensional piece of work, which was really sad. In the scenes that we did together -- those volatile moments -- she was excellent."

xposted to ohnotheydidnt and mc_fans

see u guyz, i told u she was amazing in it but u all hate to shower me with ur ~hate~
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Andrelliott: Meeting Lee

Disney Backs BBV

NEW YORK - The Walt Disney Co. is sticking with the 18-year-old star of its wildly successful "High School Musical" franchise, despite her "lapse in judgment" in posing for racy photos that were leaked to the Internet.

Vanessa Hudgens apologized Friday for the photos, which show her smiling as she posed naked and in underwear in a bedroom with a red curtain behind her.

"Vanessa has apologized for what was obviously a lapse in judgment," said Disney Channel spokeswoman Patti McTeague. "We hope she's learned a valuable lesson."

She said negotiations were ongoing to land all the actors for a "High School Musical 3" feature film — including Hudgens.

Hudgens, who played the brainy Gabriella in the first two made-for-cable TV movies, told her fans she was sorry.

"I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos," she said. "I am thankful for the support of my family and friends."

Hudgens' publicist, Jill Fritzo, wouldn't say anything about who took the pictures and how they slipped out onto the Internet.

The bookworm Gabriella was the love interest of Troy, the basketball star played by pinup king Zac Efron. The sequel's premiere on Disney Channel last month attracted more than 17 million viewers, making it the summer's most-watched TV program.

Hudgen is a superstar among the preteen set, and Disney has spun a wide merchandising net around the series with albums and concert tours. She and Efron reportedly date in real life, making them big attractions for celebrity magazines.

The films' wholesome nature — for a company that has made its name on family-friendly fare for generations — is a big part of its success. Parents can relax with their children watching, knowing it won't make for any uncomfortable questions.

Gabriella and Troy coo, they make googly eyes, they barely kiss. Gabriella would doubtlessly blush at the idea of a young actress posing for nude photos.

If Disney executives had cut ties to Hudgens, not wanting the company's name associated with anything not G-rated, they would have run the risk of upsetting a formula that has made the company millions upon millions of dollars.

How would parents explain to the show's young fans that the old Gabriella was being replaced by another actress?

"That's her private life, not her public life. That picture got leaked by somebody who broke a trust with her," said Michele Smith of Westborough, Mass., whose 8-year-old daughter Kathryn is a devoted "High School Musical" fan.

Dropping her from future movies or other "High School Musical" projects would not only be unfair to Hudgens but to fans such as Kathryn, Smith said.

"If Vanessa is not in the movie, my daughter would not be so excited to see it," she said.

Smith said she hopes that Kathryn doesn't hear about the photo but, if she does, she's prepared to talk about it. She'll say that it's something private for Vanessa that shouldn't have been shared.

The best thing for Disney was to do nothing, said Michael Levine, a Hollywood image consultant and author of 18 books.

"What they shouldn't do is make a bigger deal out of it than is necessary," he said. "The picture is not salacious."

Michael Sands, a publicist whose clients have included the divorce attorney for Britney Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline, said Hudgens should be commended for coming forward quickly and saying it was her pictures.

"She's very talented and this is a big cash cow for Disney," he said.


If only Anne Hathaway had been so lucky...

(no subject)

Happy 1st Birthday, Dannielynn!

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

It's hard to believe that it was only a year ago, but on Sept. 7 of last year, little Dannielynn was born to Anna Nicole Smith ... and, it turned out, Larry Birkhead. Larry is pulling out all the stops for his girl's first birthday.

Baby Dannielynn will celebrate with a party tomorrow in Louisville, KY, at the home of Tricia Barnstable Brown, which is where her daddy and late mommy first met in 2004. The party's reportedly going to be bathed in pink, with hot-air balloons that Dannielynn probably can't ride. All told, more than two hundred friends and family are slated to show up, including Howard K. Stern.

Rumor had it that the party favors for the big people at the party included a coupon for a DNA test, but we're hearing that's not true. Though it really is a great idea.


Britney's plane touches down in vegas!

"Britney has landed in sin city. Yep that's right, Britney's private jet has just touched down in Las Vegas, and she is expected to attend rehearsals today for the 2007 Video Music Awards. Britney was accompanied by the lovely Alli, Brit's friend Lindsay, and Michelle.

Best of luck!"

Alison Pink

30 Rock on EW.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sure, everyone who watches 30 Rock seems to love it — problem is, not many people watch (the show ended last season in 137th place). Still, Fey is undeterred in her quest for new viewers: "I'm going door to door with DVDs. And I want Tracy Morgan to kiss every American woman who's over 25 on the mouth. Then they would at least know they were in litigation with someone who's on a television show."

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Sources:,,20054547_20054863_20054868,00.html &,,20054547_20055149_20055194_5,00.html

Seriously, sometimes I want to smack people for not watching this show! I can't fucking wait!

ETA: Premiere date: Thursday, Oct 4 at 8:30/7:30c
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terry richardson

Lindsay Lohan did not sell photos to OK! Magazine

in response to this post

The NY Post is claiming that the Lindsay Lohan pictures that appeared in OK Magazine were not an exclusive photoshoot, as they claimed, but more along the lines of what they seem - long range photos of Lindsay taken by someone within rehab, then sold to the press.

Lindsay Lohan will be looking good in case there are any more "exclusive" photos of her in rehab. A spy in celebrity hairdresser Ken Paves’ salon said, "Ken sent someone out to Utah to do Lindsay’s extensions this week." Lohan was the subject of an OK! magazine "exclusive photo shoot" several weeks ago that wasn’t sanctioned by the starlet. "Someone on the premises of the rehab took pictures of her and sold them. She didn’t know about it, and it was a violation," a friend said. A rep for Lohan didn’t know about her hairdressing.

That’s really ill mannered of OK Magazine. It’s one thing to show the pictures, it’s quite another to claim they are sanctioned by Lindsay.


Jeri Ryan expecting a baby!

Jeri Ryan Expecting a Baby


By Cynthia Wang

Jeri Ryan and Christophe Emé Photo by: Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic
Jeri Ryan Expecting a Baby | Jeri Ryan
Jeri Ryan, who wed French chef Christophe Emé in the Loire Valley inJune, is expecting a baby, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

"She is thrilled about the new addition and they are very,very happy," says her rep, David Lust. "They are beyond excited and arebeaming from ear to ear."

Although she does not yet know the gender of her child, Ryanis due in March 2008. She also has a 12-year-old son, Alex, from aprevious relationship.

At their wedding, Ryan and Emé exchanged vows before about 120 guests at a castle in Eme's hometown outside Angers, France.

Ryan, 39, returns to the CBS drama Shark; the second season premieres on Sept. 23. Outside of acting, Ryan and Eme own the Hollywood French restaurant Ortolan.


(sorry mod, I'm a dork and forgot the source the first time)
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Biggest Loser engagement scandal

I don't know if anyone cares, but I thought this was interesting. I watched the Biggest Loser reunion show & thought Marty's proposal to Amy was very sweet.

According to Kai's myspace though, it was not as fairy tale as it seemed.

September 4, 2007 - Tuesday

Current mood: confused

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Security guard trampled at LAMB fashion show...

Fashion Week claims its first victim. When Gwen Stefani left her show late Wednesday night, so many paparazzi followed her out that a security man was trampled and had to be rushed to the hospital.

Stefani graciously called to check on him a few times; at last report, he's doing all right.

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Mike Lewis of Lostprophets shares his VMA opinions

Are you ever curious about what one band thinks of another and which bands actually listen and respect eachother? Buzznet wants to know all, so Mike Lewis, the rythm guitarist of Lostprophets, shared his opinions based on the 5 questions DJ Rossstar provided him (below). Read through his then share your opinion in the VMAS forum.

1. Do you still think the MTV VMA's are as important to the music world as they used to be?

Answer by Mike Lewis: I dont think MTV or music channels in general are as important these days.. Its almost as if the music video is dead.. All the music channels play now is reality shows. Music television that doesn't play music.. quite the oxymoron!

2. Who are you looking forward to seeing perform this year? Who was your favorite VMA performer of all time?

Answer by Mike Lewis: To be honest i never really watch them and i have no idea whos playing this year. The whole show is usually just a bunch of people reading autocue very very badly and looking extremely awkward. I enjoyed sarah silverman hosting the movie awards this year, at least she had a personality. Britney when she had the snake was pretty cool, i remember that one..

3. If you could choose the performance line up for the VMAS , who would you choose?

Answer by Mike Lewis: oh god knows... as long as the black eyed peas or fergie was nowhere near it i'm pretty easy going, then again she might piss her pants again. JT is always fun to watch, and britney would have to be there just to see what the fuck shes gonna do next!

4. Who are you routing for in these categories?
Category 1: Best New Artist
Amy Winehouse: "Rehab," "You Know I'm No Good"
Carrie Underwood: "Before He Cheats"
Gym Class Heroes: "Clothes Off," "Cupid's Chokehold/ Breakfast in America"
Lily Allen: "Alfie," "Smile," "LDN"
Peter Bjorn and John: "Young Folks"

Answer by Mike Lewis: I'd back Lily Allen out of that list.. her dad is rad!

Category 2: Best Group
Fall Out Boy: "This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race," "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs"
Gym Class Heroes: "Clothes Off," "Cupid's Chokehold/ Breakfast in America"
Linkin Park: "What I've Done"
Maroon 5: "Makes Me Wonder"
White Stripes: "Icky Thump"

Answer by Mike Lewis: Fall Out Boy cos they’re nice chaps

5. If you were nominated for an MTV VMA, which award would you most want to win and who would you thank?

Answer by Mike Lewis: Best Haircut. My Hairdresser.

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Reese Witherspoon attends 'Rendition' premiere in Toronto

The perpetually flawless Reese Witherpoon did not fail to impress on Friday as she took to the red carpet for the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of her highly awaited political thriller, ‘Rendition.’

Looking radiant in a black strapless and Christian Louboutin peep-toes, the Oscar-winning actress kept it classic as she worked the media circuit in promotion of her Gavin Hood-directed flick.

While Reese was eager to chat about the movie, inquiring minds wanted to know about her rumored relationship with her hunky costar Jake Gyllenhaal. Not surprisingly, Reese did a phenomenal job of avoiding any personal matters by redirecting questions to focus the media’s obsession with celebrity. 

Very sly, Reese…very sly.

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andy and josh ; and during the date

grey's anatomy sneak peek

More grey's news.

2 sneak peeks from the premiere have been released.
they are pretty funny too

Lmao at Cristina calling her interns by numbers and George raising his hand and saying "I don't respond to being called a number!"
And poor Izzie, her interns are mean :(

Now we can all look like Nicole

Nicole Richie ‘Cookbook’ offers food for thought, little else

Somebody’s bound to get sued over this one. But it sure is funny.

Hollywood publicist Robert Smith put pen to paper (in a manner of speaking) and came up with “The Nicole Richie Cookbook,” a collection of the stick-thin celebutant’s all-time favorite recipes.

The pages are blank.

“We all can see that Nicole isn’t eating very much, so a book full of recipes would be misleading and deceptive advertising,” said Smith, the author of “Million Dollar Press Releases.”

“With over 60 percent of Americans either overweight or obese, and so much pressure to be thin at all costs, I wanted to make people laugh.”

The laughs are on us, perhaps: Smith is selling his non-cookbook for $11.99. Check out at


The webbie has this to say about the book
" This is the only book I've read from cover to cover. It's a real page turner that I couldn't put down." RS

Q & A with Jake

In his new film, Rendition, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a CIA analyst who gets pulled into overseeing what is known as an ''extraordinary rendition'' — the capture and transportation of a suspected terrorist by the U.S. to a friendly Arab country so he can be interrogated outside the bounds of American law. (The suspect in the film is an Egyptian national married to an American, played by Reese Witherspoon.) It's quite a dark and mature role for the actor who once played the title role in Bubble Boy. met up with Gyllenhaal at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday to discuss Rendition and talk about how the actor's Toronto experience has changed over the years.

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Hockey Trouble

Ottawa Goalie is getting sued.

Jean Therien says he feared for his life as the white Hummer he had accidentally cut off on the freeway Wednesday morning began jerking into his lane, forcing him to swerve to avoid it.

He says his heart raced when the Hummer stopped in front of him on an off- ramp and an enraged Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery got out of the truck and approached his car, yelling at him through the passenger side window.

"He started calling me 'You f---ing old bag of bones, you f---ing sh--'," said Therien, 65. "He said, 'You tried to put me in the ditch.' I said, 'No. I did not.' "

Therien says the enraged goalie stopped his verbal assault for a moment when he called him by his name.

"Then he said, 'Who the f--- are you?' " said Therien, adding that he told Emery the fact he owns a Hummer doesn't make him the king of the road. "His next words to me were 'Get the f--- out of your car you old f---er and I'll kill you.' " '

Therien didn't get out of his car, but told Emery he was going to report the incident to the hockey club and the police, which he did.

"(Emery) then told me several times to f--- off," Therien said. "I didn't say a word. In the state of mind he was in, he was capable of doing just about anything at that point."

Therien says Emery then returned to his vehicle and drove away. Therien said he went straight to the Scotiabank Place to report the incident.

Contrary to other reports, Therien says he did not give Emery the finger after cutting him off.

An Ottawa police spokesman would neither confirm nor deny whether the incident is under investigation, but Therien said he filed a report.

"The (Senators) club is aware of the circumstances surrounding a personal incident yesterday morning involving Ray Emery," the club said in a release yesterday.

"We trust that Ray will address the issues to the satisfaction of the authorities."

Therien says he plans to sue Emery in civil court.

"I'm suing him for what he has put me through, the danger to my life and the danger to my health," said Therien, adding he had yet to contact a lawyer.

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{snow white} beautiful dreamer

moar gwen !

view the whole fashion show & listen to the AMAZING soundtrack to it here !!

IN LIKE A LAMB [teen vogue].

I know, right? This is such a change from my first time showing—we did it at Roseland Ballroom, with the bugs and the rats! I was so excited to show there because it's where I've had some of my concerts, but backstage... it was really dirty.

Oh my gosh, I am obsessed with that model. We had a lot of great models in the first LAMB show but Lily was a creature unlike any other. She looked like the most beautiful thing from space.

Oh, I've been making my own clothes for as long as I can remember. So many of the women in my family sewed, my mom would always ask me to help out, and around Junior High, I started doing things by myself. That's why when it came time to do a clothing line, I was ready... But when I was in high school, I was going to sing "I have confidence" from The Sound of Music in our school talent show. And I made myself a kind of jumper, in tweed, and I still have it! You know, now that I think about it, that gives me an idea... you might be onto something with that jumper!

Yeah, but it was a little bit frumpy. If we brought it back, we'd have to do something new to it, maybe tighten it... but that's an early example of how I would always make clothes based on whatever music I was performing... This current collection is really ska influenced because of my upcoming album and also because of my past. When I first started out, everything I did was ska, the music and the clothes, in fact one of the songs on the runway tonight is also one of the first songs I ever performed in front of an audience.

Well, first of all, I have an amazing closet. It is incredible. You would not BELIEVE how great my closet is.

It's really amazing. I definitely take pieces I've worn onstage and figure out how to make them into real clothes that girls can wear in every day life... but I think LAMB is based as much on what's in my closet as what ISN'T in my closet! You know, when you say, "But all I want to wear is this," and it's something that you have in your mind, but you don't actually have it! I hate that feeling. I want to just eliminate it.

We. Love. Gwen. And as for my closets, I want to fill the void with this incredible black motorcycle jacket that Chanel Iman wore down the runway. Keep your eyes peeled; I can totally imagine it in Teen Vogue next Spring.

BTW; if you are curious, the first song no doubt performed on stage was "on my radio" by the selecter.

annelies michel

Gainsbourg Improving

French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg is "doing fine" and recovering from a brain hemorrhage in a Paris hospital. The 36-year-old was taken to the Clinique Monceau late on Wednesday and was operated on by brain specialist Stephanie Delajoux. Gainsbourg had been suffering from headaches for several weeks following a waterskiing accident in the U.S. last month. The actress' husband actor/director Yvan Attal said his wife was improving as he left the Clinique on Thursday to pick up their two children from school. He said, "She is doing fine. I spoke to her, she replied and I kissed her. She is fine. It's not as bad as the media says it is. She may be able to leave the hospital within the next couple of days."


(no subject)

Due to overwhelming demand M.I.A. has added a second NYC date at Terminal 5 on October 18th. Tickets for this recently added show are currently available at Stay tuned for more US date announcements next week.

M.I.A. will be signing copies of her CD “KALA” in Detroit on Tuesday, September 11th. Full details below:

Tuesday, September 11th – 12 Noon
Barnes & Noble – Wayne State University
82 W Warren
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 577-2436

dog and cat snuggling

More Timmy Hints!

#1-To the best of my knowledge there is no book deal or anything like it. If there is, I'm not getting any money from it. I think it would make a great book and movie, but I think there is more potential for a movie with Gift Clement.

#2 It's not a simple answer. When I reveal it will be a long post explaining everything.

#3 Shimmy is NOT
Hattie McDaniel
Edith Evans
Josephine Hull

#4 Timmy was a very good singer. He was not A list. William Haines was a mentor to him. Katharine Hepburn adored Timmy.

So as I waded my way through another 200 comments, I noticed another theme popping up which was whether the award was a BAFTA. It wasn't. So you can remove from your consideration that Cornell woman. Second, remember the A-lister was an A lister at that time.

NOT Sandy Dennis

NOT Shirley Booth

I don't think anyone has mentioned Timmy on any blog. I'm not absolutely, positively, 100% sure because there are so many comments on so many different blogs and sites but to the best of my knowledge no one has mentioned Timmy.

Shimmy is NOT

Mercedes McCambridge
Judy Holiday

Timmy is NOT

Danny Kaye