September 5th, 2007

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BBUK twins to release 'Barbie Girl'

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Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda Marchant have received an offer to record one of their favourite songs.

The 19-year-old blondes have agreed to release their own version of Aqua hit 'Barbie Girl', which they sang regularly in the Big Brother house.

"It's amazing that we could be pop stars," Amanda told the Daily Star. "Sam and I never thought in our wildest dreams that we'd leave Big Brother and release a record. We are dead excited that we'll be singing 'Barbie Girl'. It's one of our favourite songs."

The girls are also hoping that they will be able to release 'Jingle Bell Rock' in time for Christmas.

Amanda added: "We could get the Christmas number one with that. It would be amazing."

Here are two videos of the twins singing the song while in the Big Brother house: Collapse )

Jude Law Arrested for Alleged Attack

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Actor Jude Law turned himself in to London police Tuesday after allegedly beating the crap out of a paparazzo outside of the star's home.

A police spokesman wouldn't identify Law by name, but confirmed, "A 34-year-old man from Maida Vale was arrested yesterday on suspicion of actual bodily harm after voluntarily attending a London police station." Law is both 34-years-old and lives in Maida Vale -- a swanky London neighborhood. Plus, Law was snapped leaving a police station -- smiling -- shortly after the alleged incident.

According to a published report, the battered photog says Law went nuts even though he wasn't shooting at the time, accusing the snapper of being a pedophile that only wanted to shoot Jude's children.

Police say the "34-year-old" was released on bail. A court date was set for sometime in October.

Last year, cameras caught Law lashing out at photogs in Los Angeles, telling them, "You don't film my f**king children" and threatening, "I'll have you up for pedophilia!"

Calls to Law's reps have not yet been returned.

Source: TMZ

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Tom & Nicole Got Back Together?

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Model Sophie Dahl and British Jazz musician Jamie Cullum make quite an odd couple. She's 5'10" and he's 5'6" IF THAT. It's sort of cute. It's like the Snow Queen and her troll.

He probably has to use a step stool to hit it from the back. Even then it probably constantly slips out. UGH!!! Don't you hate it when that shit is always slipping out? Especially if you're dealing with a bitch that doesn't know how to handle it and pokes it back in! You know what I'm talking about. Fucking your ass bones and shit. At that point it's best just to turn around, give them a hand job, send them on their way and order some Pizza Hut.


Hey Y'all

In case you missed it...

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Click here to watch Larry Birkhead’s appearance on CNN’s Larry King Live last night.

Such a shame he wasn’t asked if he’s ever engaged in any homo sex or made out with a guy. He only denied that he and Howard K. Stern were ever intimate, as Rita Cosby alleged in her new book on Anna Nicole Smith.


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Heidi Will Be Pissed!

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Marc Jacobs has hired Lauren Conrad to walk in his upcoming show for New York Fashion Week.

And, Heidi Montag isn’t the only one pissed. Several models are upset that MJ has chosen The Hills star for his show.

“Marc hired Lauren Conrad to do his show, so now all the real models have to sign releases for TV if they want to be in his show - which of course they do,” says one insider. “They are very put out that Marc succumbed to putting on one of ‘those shows’ - you know, the publicity shows.”

Don’t trip, LC!

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Jake Gyllenhaal: Is There a Doctor in the House?

Jake Gyllenhaal keeps covered up, hiding his face with his Blackberry as he leaves a medical office in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Jakey G’s upcoming thriller Rendition co-starring on-and-off-again flame Reese Witherspoon is slated for an October 12th release. The film also stars Meryl Streep, Peter Sarsgaard and Alan Arkin.

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I kind of love him...not gonna lie <3. More pics at the source...but they are all the know of him walking

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Brad Pitt & Maddox: Let’s Go Yankees!

Brad Pitt and son Maddox, 6, cheer A-Rod’s sixth inning homer at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on Tuesday night.

The father-son duo watched the New York Yankees beat the Seattle Mariners 12-3 during MLB baseball. They sat next to movie director Spike Lee, 50, and his son Jackson, 10.

At one point during the game, Derek Jeter came over and handed the two boys, Maddox and Jackson, autographed bats and balls.

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Video below and pictures inside. LOL Maddox doesn't look into it..AT ALL

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"Grey's Anatomy" Season 4 Promo Stills
For some reason, the photos of Sara Ramirez and Patrick Dempsey are not new ones so they are not posted here.
"Grey’s Anatomy" premieres Thursday, September 27th at 9pm on ABC.

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Jason Wahler: Spencer & Heidi 'Need to Shut Up'

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Jason Wahler was in rehab when rumors of a sex tape with Lauren Conrad surfaced – so he's returning to The Hills next week to set the record straight.

"The whole thing that Heidi [Montag] and Spencer [Pratt] said about the tape thing, its just so annoying," Wahler, 20, told Ryan Seacrest Wednesday. "They just need to shut up."

A fight was sparked after rumors spread that Conrad had made a sex tape with ex-boyfriend Wahler – rumors which she believes Montag, 20, and her fiancé, Spencer Pratt, started. Conrad, 21, denies she ever made such a tape

"The most frustrating part is that they are such lowlifes that they have to come up with stuff to try and ruin other people," says Wahler. "It's just frustrating."

Speaking on Seacrest's KISS-FM radio show to promote his guest appearance Sept. 10, the recently engaged Wahler denies the existence of a sex tape and says he regards Conrad as a close ally.

"Lauren was a good friend, she was always there to be supportive and stuff," Wahler said. "Things definitely get stirred up [on Monday night's episode]. You'll have to wait and see." Adding – when asked if he hooks up with her – "No, I don't."


Agyeman nominated for award, Barrowman talks fetishes & Marsters may return to Torchwood

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The star-studded annual Screen Nation Film and TV Awards will return to London's West End on October 15th 2007, at the Hilton London Metropole.

June Sarpong (also nominated in the Presenting category), Trisha Goddard, Jocelyn Jee-Esien and Freema Agyeman will battle it out in the Favourite Female TV star category.


John Barrowman talks Torchwood with

Image and video hosting by TinyPic The “Captain Jack Harkness” episode of the first season of Torchwood was a great, unapologetically gay episode with men expressing love for one another. As an out gay man who is married to his partner, how was that episode to film?

John Barrowman: It was good. It was emotional. The whole fact that the guy he loves is going to go off and die and Jack takes his name made it emotional. Also, the period it was set in, because a lot of the older people have said they didn't do that [engage in homosexuality] in their day. No, actually they did, they just didn't talk about it. That's like saying, “We didn't have suicide in our day.” My response is to tell them to shut up because they did, but they just didn't talk about it. It was touching on material that was there and not being dealt with at the time and it was a romantic episode and I think it worked beautifully.

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The entire interview can be read at the source.

Marsters back for more Torchwood?

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The former primetime face of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel" recently told fans at Dragon*Con in Atlanta that his one-time appearance on the "Doctor Who" spinoff might not be one time after all, according to TorchwoodTV. Marsters may return for a later episode this season, but the acrtor is not confirming anything until such an appearance is finalized with the powers that be.

"I cannot confirm or deny anything about my character on 'Torchwood,'” Marsters told the convention crowd. “But I thought Spike was nasty ... that was nothing. And they opened my eyes over in Wales, I gotta say. I mean at first I was all freaked out ‘cause this dude playing Jack, he’s like all sexy on the set and everything. And I didn’t really realize we’d be playing these Time Agent characters who’ll have sex with anything, like any thing with a hole! I’m serious.”

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Barrowman admits to a leather fetish

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"I have a fetish for leather that I've never lived out. I would like to be blindfolded and guided in a room, with everyone else in chaps, in harnesses and slings, and just — I'm a control freak. So I'd be taken out of my control zone. If anybody out there would like to arrange it, give me a ring...But sometimes fantasies should remain fantasies. [My partner Scott Gill and I] are kind of conservative in that way."

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Rosie O'Donnell: Whoopi 'Was Good'

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Rosie O'Donnell delivered a three-word verdict on Whoopi Goldberg's first day on The View: "Whoopi was good."

Instead of making her feelings known in her usual haiku blog style, O'Donnell decided to make a video entry and respond to questions posted on her Web site.

One reader asked if the 45-year-old actress was sad to be watching the show.

"No, I wasn't sad. It was interesting to watch," she said before adding that she was disappointed at the makeover given to the studio set.

"I was sad that the set was beige. Truthfully, it was just wrong. Maybe people like beige and I'm the only one who doesn't," she said.

Meanwhile, Barbara Walters told View viewers Wednesday to prepare for another change.

"I would like to say there has been one empty chair on the hot topics table all of last year – its been empty for a year – but this Monday, Sept. 10, if you tune in, you will find that we have somebody else joining the panel permanently," Walters announced.

To which Goldberg jokingly replied: "I was only here a day! You replacing me already? My God!"

ABC announced May 25 that O'Donnell would not return to the show after having a major blowout with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck earlier in that week, even though the comic's contract expired the following month.

Summertime speculation as to who would replace O'Donnell ranged from Mario Cantone to Sherri Shepherd.

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Spencer: I'm Running for Governor of California

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On August 31, Heidi Montag tried on a $7,000 bridal gown at Beverly Hills' L'Ezu Atelier, but is her next step politics?

Boyfriend Spencer Pratt tells Us the two are taking political science classes at USC: "I'm gonna run for governor in a few years. If Arnold Schwarzenegger can be the governor of California, Spencer Pratt can be the governor of California. Heidi's learning to be a first lady. She could be my Hillary Clinton!"


Kanye and 50 do 'Rolling Stone'

Kanye West and 50 Cent have taken their publicity war to the pages of Rolling Stone.

With both having albums dropping on September 11, these two marketing geniuses were more than happy to pose and heat up the the greatest debate of our time: Who will be the next “king of hip hop”?

According to the editor’s note, Kanye wants everyone to know that this photo is legit. “I feel like it should say, This is not photoshopped,” he says. “This is real. It’s a moment.”

As for 50? “From a hip-hop perspective, it’s the biggest event possible.”

Team Kanye or Team 50?


alexmonkeys from ur_attention
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Macca to be a Radio 1 DJ (!!!)

Sir Paul becomes a DJ for Radio 1
Sir Paul is one of 10 stars taking part in the series

Image Hosted by

Sir Paul McCartney and Ozzy Osbourne will DJ on BBC Radio 1 to mark the station's 40th anniversary.

The two stars are among a list of 10 who will be hosting shows and playing the music which inspired them.

The series, called Radio 1 Legends, starts on 17 September, with former Beatle Sir Paul hosting the first show.

Other artists involved include Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher, Blondie's Debbie Harry, the Arctic Monkeys, Gwen Stefani and Paul Weller.

DJ Paul Oakenfold, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl and big-beat pioneer Norman Cook - better known as Fatboy Slim - are also taking part.

Tribute album

Sir Paul will play tracks from Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and Jerry Lee Lewis to the Rolling Stones and songs from his old band.

The star said: "As I am a legend in my own street, they've very kindly asked me to do my own show, talk about people who inspired me and play my favourite records."

Radio 1 marks its 40th birthday from 17-28 September.

As part of the anniversary, current DJs from the Radio 1 roster will co-host shows with DJs from yesteryear.

On 30 September, the date of the station's first broadcast in 1967, breakfast show DJ Chris Moyles will host a show with Tony Blackburn - the first DJ to appear on the network.

The station is also due to release an album of cover versions featuring tracks by the Kaiser Chiefs, Amy Winehouse, Girls Aloud and Robbie Williams next month.

The compilation includes versions of 40 songs, one taken from each of the years that the station has been on air.

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This news couldn't be better--my favorite Beatle on my favorite radio station! I cannot wait. Ozzy's show should be pretty cool (and amusing), too--he won't be able to find any of the buttons. "SHARON!!!!!!"

If you don't live in Britain, you can still listen to Radio 1 online. Go to At the top, click "listen live". If you miss the show, you can listen up to 7 days after it was first broadcast for free.

The awesome source
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Boyz II Men plots comeback?

Forgotten R&B supergroup Boyz II Men are planning a major comeback with an album of Motown covers. The vocal group will release Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA as their first album for new label Decca.

The album was produced by American Idol judge Randy Jackson, and features a guest spot by soul star-turned-DJ Brian McKnight.

Motown classics covered on the new album include Marvin Gaye's Mercy Mercy Me and Smokey Robinson's soul standard Tracks of My Tears.


OMG I love Boyz II Men and Motown so this is a win for me! Favorite Boyz II Men song? "End of the Road," of course.
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New old video of No Doubt rehearsing for their 'Singles' tour

No Doubt TV has been updated with a special friends and family show rehearsal video from the Singles tour

It's a little bit of behind the scenes, then a live rehearsal of 'Sunday Morning'


I loooooove this version of SM, all slow in the beginning, and oh, fabulous.
ps. How hot to they all look in this video? Seriously. Best-looking band, IMO.

EDIT: This is not a new tour. The Singles was their last tour, this is just a new-old video.

Kat Von D and Oliver Peck Divorce

I was confused to see that Kat was listed as divorced on Wikipedia because she had said she was married on Miami Ink. It seems that the break up was not a good one. I found this blog on her ex husband's myspacce:

August 23, 2007 - Thursday






2:22 AM - 41 Comments - 53 Kudos - Add Comment

what do we think is it about her? most of the comments on his blog agree it is.

EDIT: I guess the divorce was mentioned on here before, the blog however was not posted. Anyone know what problems she talked about on miami ink?

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source: Oliver's MYSPACE :

paris hilton likes them young (this is more for the look on vanessa's face)

Man-eating libertine Paris Hilton, 26, sounds like she has her hungry eyes set on up-and-coming actor and teen heartthrob Zac Efron, 19. His High School Musical co-star and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens needs to keep him close. In the new issue of OK! Paris Hilton tells the magazine of Zefron:

"I think he’s beautiful. He’s young but gorgeous. I saw him on the cover of Rolling Stone, and he looked really cute.”

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'Transformers' Hits DVD and HD DVD on Oct. 16!!

DVD Specs:

The Transformers DVD is presented in widescreen enhanced for 16:9 televisions with Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, French 5.1 Surround and Spanish 5.1 Surround with English, French and Spanish subtitles. Total runtime is 143 minutes.

Transformers Special Edition DVD bonus features include:

Disc 1:
- Feature film
- Commentary by Michael Bay

Disc 2:
- Our World

The Story Sparks - Steven Spielberg discusses his love for the franchise and early concept art for the film. Explores how the writers adapted the cartoon into a live-action movie and why Michael Bay is the perfect director for the film.
Human Allies - A look at how the actors were selected and their experiences on the set.
I Fight Giant Robots - An exploration of the military training that
Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson underwent for their roles and the various stunts that the actors were asked to perform.
Battleground - A piece on the senior officials from the Department of Defense and Air Force who consulted on the film to give it authenticity and the key locations that the U.S. government provided access to.

- Their War

Rise of the Robots - Explores the interaction between Hasbro designers and Michael Bay to bring the toy line roaring to life.
Autobots Roll Out - Michael Bay discusses working with Chevy and its designers and the modifications that were made to the cars seen in the film.
Decepticons Strike - The film's military advisors discuss the “toys” they allowed the production to borrow: F-22 Raptors, Ospreys and A-10 Warthogs.
Inside the AllSpark - ILM's digital artists discuss the challenges of bringing the Transformers to life.

- More Than Meets The Eye

From Script to Sand: The Skorponok Desert Attack - An in-depth look at the making of this particularly epic and challenging scene from initial storyboarding through production and visual effects.
Concepts - Early sketch concepts of the robots.

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The Afflecks do Deauville

Hollywood brothers Casey and Ben Affleck are all smiles as they graciously sign autographs at the 33rd American Film Festival of Deauville in Deauville, France on Wednesday.

Ben is at the festival with his directorial debut ‘Gone, Baby, Gone.

Wifey Jennifer Garner skipped out on the photocall today but she may join her Oscar-winning hubby at the big premiere tonight.

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Circus Tour

jlo album cover.. track-list... special edition... flop

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We are excited to be one of the first - if not, the first - to announce the real tracklisting for Jennifer Lopez’s 6th English studio album called “Brave” - out on October 9th. There is also a “Brave: Deluxe Edition” planned for an October 9th release date. This Deluxe Edition will contain an extra DVD, though, the content of this DVD are to be remained unknown for now. Pre-order the Deluxe Edition here. There is already a Brave cover floating around but we won’t be adding one until we know for sure that it’s the real one.

The current scheduled tracklisting goes as follows. We do not know if there are plans to add the Do It Well Remix featuring Ludacris.

01. Stay Together
02. Hold It, Don’t Drop It
03. Do It Well
04. Gotta Be There
05. Never Gonna Give Up
06. Mile In These Shoes
07. The Way It Is
08. Be Mine
09. I Need Love
10. Wrong When You’re Gone
11. Brave

List of events for "Rolling Stones" Magazine 40th Anniversary Celebration (Las Vegas)

LAS VEGAS, Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- As Las Vegas prepares for one of the
busiest weekends of 2007, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has quietly put
together a four-day event list that raises all the stakes. Capacity crowds
are expected for a weekend so action-packed, even Vegas veterans will be
left reeling. Hard Rock welcomes a stunning lineup of live music, parties,
entertainment and events including mega bands Linkin Park, Incubus with The
Bravery, Angels & Airwaves, and performances from rap royalty Snoop Dogg
and 50 Cent. If that's not enough, iconic magazine, Rolling Stone presents
a pack of exclusive affairs to celebrate 40 years of success as a
predominant force in American music culture. Planned events include the
Star Lounge gifting experience, a celebrity poker tournament and a VIP
anniversary party, closing the weekend with a mega-watt celebrity guest
list and an exclusive performance by Kanye West.
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I guess I was wrong..

Lauren Conrad: I’m Not Walking For Marc Jacobs

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Lauren Conrad (in French Connection) arrives at LAX airport and sips on her Venti Starbucks drink while waiting for her luggage on Tuesday.

The Hills star just denied earlier reports that she would be walking the runway for Marc Jacobs.

Lauren clears up the rumors, saying, “There has been a lot of talk that I am going to be walking in the Marc Jacobs show next week in NY and as amazing and flattering as that would be, it is unfortunately not true. There may be confusion because as part of my internship with Teen Vogue I worked at his casting this week. I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs and I can’t wait to see all


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The Pig At The Party

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Lily Allen AKA...Cankles showed up to the GQ Men of the Year Awards last night cleaned up and looking like a lady. Well, a lady pig in a dress. It didn't take long for annoying Lily to...well...annoy everyone around her and get kicked out! Back to the trough for you!

During Madonna's presentation Lily oinked loudly pissing everyone off.

A witness said, "Lily was being rude and loud, she was chatting all the way through and it was painfully obvious. At first nobody noticed but then it was evident what she was doing – even Madge gave her a look."

When Lily got up to go to the bathroom the bitch fell, because she was so sloshed! When she started smoking in the venue near a "No Smoking" sign that's when her people gathered her up and tossed her out before she could cause them anymore problems.

Lily seriously is a pig. She'd be the kind of bitch that would fart during sex and not even apologize!

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sam from love actually - lizziesnlfan

Jenna Fischer and James Gunn separate

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We (James and Jenna) need to announce that we have chosen to separate. We are sorry for any pain this causes family and friends. The enthusiasm we have expressed for each other's lives, spirits, and careers is real – we have been each other's cheerleader and friend during the past six years and continue to be so now and in the future.

And a special note for our MySpace fans – We appreciate your support over the years, and would be overjoyed to have you continue supporting us both. You might be tempted to make one of us "feel better" by putting the other one down in a post. Please don't – we still have the utmost respect for one another, and we'd have to delete you. We aren't taking questions or doing interviews about this particular aspect of our lives. We're also avoiding reading any press on the subject, so don't send us any clippings or links about the split. Thank you in advance for respecting our privacy.


source 1

source 2
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Kelly Slater Cleans Up

Kelly Slater
Sept. 3, 2007

Kelly Slater was involved in community clean-up project Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project in Trestles Beach, San Clemente, California today. The event attracted celebs on the beach and on the red carpet today to promote beach conservation.

Kelly was joined by David Chokachi and Andrew Keegan at the event, and they did a little shirtless posing which you can check out after the jump.

Kelly Slater Kelly Slater Kelly Slater


I love this bitch,.

This Is A Fashion Icon?

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Chloe Sevigny would like to think of herself as a fashion icon. She's even launching her own line for Opening Ceremony here in NYC this week.

This outfit would totally make Dawn Weiner proud. That t-shirt looks like it was made by a 4-year-old in the back of a bumpy van. The sad part is Chloe is probably charging hundreds for that rag! I mean I wouldn't even clean my furniture with that mess. My furniture deserves better and yes it's IKEA and IKEA needs love too sometimes. Damn.

Anyway, here's Chloe with Linda Evangelista at an F.I.T event in NYC today. Linda is totally saying to herself "I can't believe I'm being seen with this. How will I ever recover? Linda, if you don't look at doesn't exist!"

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Would You Hit It?

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When Orlando Bloom was first hot shit for playing that sexy elf, I would've definitely let him do ear sex (Yes there's such a thing ) to me or whatever got his rocks off. Now, not so much. Orlando's unfortunate lip pubes are for a stage role he's doing in London.

Getting with Orlando now would make me very uncomfortable. He looks like a slimy priest from the 70s. I'd have to dress like an alter boy with an afro and I'm not sure I'm down with that. Oh eff it. I'm up for anything. So yes, I'd hit it

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{film}: prelude to death


CW previews 'Aliens' for Muslims
Network to also screen sitcom for Brookings

It's not every day that the Brookings Institution screens a new network comedy, but the Washington think tank will do so next month when it previews the CW laffer "Aliens in America."

Skein -- about a Muslim student who ends up living with an American family -- is also skedded to be shown at another unusual venue: the Islamic Center of Southern California, where it will screen Thursday. Both presentations will be followed by panel discussions featuring the show's exec producers, Moses Port and David Guarascio.

Producer CBS Paramount Network Television says the screenings and discussions are designed to raise awareness of "Aliens," which despite its provocative premise is actually a sweet half-hour. It's a strategy endorsed by Guarascio.

"We just want as many people to hear about the show as possible, and we think (the screenings) make complete sense," he said, noting that he and Port have been talking to the Islamic Center about "Aliens" since the show was in the script stage. Early reaction has been positive.

"They were excited to have a show that was a comedy and where the Muslim character wasn't a terrorist," Guarascio said.

"Aliens" isn't a politically minded show a la "All in the Family" or "Maude," though an early episode has townfolk twittering when the Muslim student buys some explosives -- for a rocket-club assignment.

"We're not going out of our way to do it, but we'll naturally have some stories that touch upon (issues)," he said.


I'm a Muslim, I've seen the pilot and it's really great. It brings a bucketful of lulz too especially in the first few scenes involving Justin and the bullies at school. And you know, if someone manages to be offended by the very real confusion (and rampant stupidity) portrayed on the show, they shouldn't be watching any television in the first place. Everyone should give it a try when it premieres. :D


THEY'RE big shoes to fill, but Alessandra Facchinetti is going to give it her best shot as the house of Valentino announced today that the former Gucci designer will take the reins from Mr Valentino himself. After months of speculation, the legendary designer's decision to resign was announced yesterday, with Facchinetti's name immediately being mentioned as the favourite to succeed him. "We believe that we have chosen a design team able to give strong creative content and that Alessandra Facchinetti is the designer who can interpret and continue the legacy of Valentino�s core values at the best," said Stefano Sassi, Valentino Fashion Group's ceo. Facchinetti famously took Tom Ford's spot as head of womenswear at Gucci in 2005, only to resign two seasons later following "a disagreement with management". She will have back-up in the shape of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, Valentino's accessory designers, who will continue in their current creative positions, as the house announces a shift in focus to menswear. "I am honoured to be part of this new project," said Facchinetti. "Mr Valentino has always been a point of reference for me, an icon for his sense of style and elegance. My admiration and respect for him is endless. I will dedicate myself to this new project with great passion and enthusiasm, treasuring everything that has been done thus far, and be ready to present my first collection in March 2008." Valentino will exit after just one more ready-to-wear and one Couture collection, marking the end of a fashion era. (September 5 2007, AM)

a dark mercy
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Pavarotti's health worsens

Opera star Luciano Pavarotti's health has worsened and he is in a "very serious" condition, Italian media say.

Pavarotti, 71, has been suffering from pancreatic cancer and was released from hospital on 25 August after a series of tests were carried out.

He is now being treated at home in the northern city of Modena surrounded by family and friends.

Pavarotti had surgery for the cancer in July 2006 in New York and has not made any public appearances since then.

This week it was announced Pavarotti was to receive a prize from the Italian government for his work promoting the country's culture.

He is the first person to receive the award.

"This prize fills me with joy and pride," Italy's Ansa news agency had quoted Pavarotti as saying.

He had been admitted to hospital in Modena on 8 August with a fever. He was released two weeks later after diagnostic tests.

Despite hopes that he would be able to resume his farewell tour this year, his health has not allowed him to return to the stage.

The BBC's David Willey in Rome says the singer developed respiratory problems during the summer while on holiday at his villa on the Adriatic coast.

The tenor has undergone five bouts of chemotherapy since his cancer surgery last year, says our correspondent.

Pavarotti last sang in public in Italy at the beginning of 2006, when he performed his signature Puccini aria Nessun Dorma at the opening of the Winter Olympics in Turin.


updated to add:

From Times Online
September 5, 2007
Luciano Pavarotti in 'very grave condition'
Richard Owen, Rome

Doctors treating Luciano Pavarotti for pancreatic cancer said tonight that the tenor was in “a very grave” condition, sparking reports that he was fighting for his life.

Pavarotti, 71, has been treated at his home in Modena since his release from hospital on August 26 after three weeks of tests. Last night Italian media reported that Pavarotti’s kidneys had stopped functioning and he had slipped into unconsciousness.

The news of Pavarotti's deterioration came shortly after the Italian government announced he was the first recipient of a new prize for his work "promoting Italian culture in his country and abroad". "This prize fills me with joy and pride," the tenor was quoted as saying.


his personal life and behavior aside... no voice like his. that it may be silenced as of tonight...??

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hip-hop star COMMON has pledged to stop using gay slurs in his songs after homosexual fans made their feelings known about his lyrics. The singer admits he didn't realise his words were upsetting fans until he was approached by two devotees after a concert. He says, "They was like, 'Why you keep disrespecting homosexuality?' "I thought about it. I ain't here to judge 'em, so I just decided not to approach it like that." Common has also censored the word 'n**ger' in his songs after apologising to TV host Oprah Winfrey for using the derogatory term. He adds, "I took out some words on my (new) album after that, because I wanted to show a step for myself toward improving on certain things."


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Troubled singer AMY WINEHOUSE has vowed to follow the advice of her hit song REHAB and never go back to a treatment facility, despite her recent alleged drug problems. The 23-year-old is currently taking time out of her pop career to focus on "health issues" following her hospitalisation last month (Aug07) after three days of hard-partying. But, during a surprise appearance at Tuesday (04Sep07) night's Mercury Music Prize awards ceremony in London, Winehouse declared she has no intention of seeking expert medical treatment to combat addiction again. Speaking to British newspaper the Daily Mirror, she said, "I'm of the school of thought where, if you can't sort something out for yourself, no one can help you. Rehab is great for some people but not others." She added, "Normal people spend time thinking, 'What am I going to do with my life?' I spend my time drinking."

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Diana speaks from the grave once more

'Di wants Harry to be king' says celeb psychic Kingston

Celeb psychic Kenny Kingston claims that late royal Diana, Princess of Wales, wants her younger son Harry to become the British monarch instead of her older son William.

Kingston, who once predicted Diana's car crash death, said that the Princess had made her wish clear at a séance he held for the late royal at his home to mark her 10th death anniversary.

The psychic said that Diana believes that Harry would make a better king than his brother because he is more serious about the monarchy that William.

"She shockingly said that, as much as she truly loves both of her boys, she feels that in the long run Harry would be more suited to become the next monarch, rather than William," Contactmusic quoted Kingston, as saying.

"She feels Harry is more military minded. She thinks William is a bit more of a playboy and less serious about the monarchy than his younger brother," he added.

Kingston also revealed that Diana continues to visit her sons in spirit, and she's hoping that they will one day speak publicly about feeling her presence.

"She continues to visit the boys in spirit and hopes that one day they'll admit to the public that they indeed feel a presence during those visits," he said.

Kingston has been psychic to Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret and Hollywood `royal' Marilyn Monroe.


Fun with Celebrity Attempted Suicide!

Celebrity Suicide Attempts aka Slow News Day
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In the wake of Owen Wilson’s attempted suicide last week, mental_floss has a surprisingly long list of celebrities who have suicide attempts in their past, but then turned their lives around.

Halle Berry – admitted to Parade magazine that, distraught over her failed marriage to baseball star David Justice, she tried to end her life by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Nadia Comaneci – while she denied it for years, the gymnastics legend was so stressed out (due to several factors, including her parents’ divorce) that she tried to end her life by drinking bleach just two years after her 1976 Olympics success.

Richard Pryor – later admitted that the fire that injured him while free-basing cocaine in June 1980 was really a suicide attempt.

Some of these cases you may have heard of; others will surprise you.
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The American Idols Live Tour, a solid road-show attraction in previous years, is playing to many empty seats this year, with not a single sold-out performance during the first 30 of the 57 shows scheduled, USA Today reported today (Wednesday), citing figures from Billboard magazine. According to the report, 14 percent of the shows were below 60 percent capacity, with the lowest in Birmingham, AL where only 38.9 percent of the seats were filled. A lack of sufficiently compelling talent was being blamed for slow ticket sales, but at least two experts cited a hefty boost in ticket prices to an average $60.45 for the current tour. The figure is 13 percent above last year's and a whopping 35.9 percent above 2005's.

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Star Trek - McKirk Academy

Look Ma, No Make Up

Zac Efron and co-star Nikki Blonsky strike red carpet gold at the Australian premiere of Hairspray at the Greater Union George Street Cinema on Wednesday in Sydney, Australia.

Hairspray hits Australian theaters on Sept. 13!

Zac wore a “STOP HATING” bracelet to Australian morning show Sunrise to discuss Hairspray (he also wore it to the premiere). Watch the video below!

Zac and Nikki will be in Melbourne for the Hairspray premiere on Friday, Sept 7. at Village Cinemas Jam Factory, South Yarra! Festivities begin at 6pm. Don’t miss it if you’re in town!

Zefron said stop the hate, ya heard?


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Marc Jacobs’ Boy Toy Speaks!

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Jason Preston just sat down with HX magazine to talk about his (often volatile) relationship with the famed fashion designer, their recent engagement, sobriety, Lindsay, the “haters” out there and his dream of opening an organization for children living with HIV and AIDS.

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DRUGstore run

Lindsay Lohan's Labor Day weekend was quite eventful, she was let out of her Cirque Lodge rehab in Utah, to make a quick trip to the drug store. You can rest assured that the 21-year old wild child didn't load up on alcohol and prescription drugs as she had an eagle-eyed minder there at her side to watch her every move. That is, unless, our little Linds has already found a way to bribe her assigned sobriety coach with promises of parts in her next movie, or "Wanna meet Collin Farrell?" or promises of trips to exotic locations on private jets!

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Sorry bbs...boring boring pictures and my subject is way cheesy.


Zeppelin reunion?

According to MetalSucks, LED ZEPPELIN has a hold for a possible reunion show on November 26 at the O2 Arena in London. For those who aren't familiar with the way booking works, an artist's agent will generally place a "hold" on a venue when considering doing a show there; this prevents the venue from booking any other artists on that date, but the venue does not yet have to pay a deposit (typically 50 percent) to the artist because no formal offer has been made and the show is not officially confirmed. So while this latest bit of news certainly doesn't confirm that the show is happening, it absolutely lends credibility to the notion that this show is being seriously discussed. There is no word on whether any other venues in London are being held by LED ZEPPELIN on that date.

LED ZEPPELIN reformed for Live Aid in 1985 but its members were apparently so disgusted with their own performance — guitarist Jimmy Page famously blaming stand-in drummer Phil Collins — that they refused to allow it to be included in the concert DVD.

Page and singer Robert Plant have played together occasionally since then.


my guess is Jason Bonham would play drums
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NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 04: Singer Gwen Stefani, son Kingston Rossdale and husband musician Gavin Rossdale sighting in SOHO, waiting for Gwen's parents to pickup Kingston for a playdate on September 4 2007 in New York City, NY. (Photo by Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic)

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Drew Barrymore dating Justin Long

Drew Barrymore is wrapping up her summer of love with the Apple computer commercials' "Mac Guy," Justin Long.

The He's Just Not that Into You costars seemed really into one another over Labor Day in Vegas, where the two were "all over each other, making out the entire time," a witness at Jet Nightclub tells PEOPLE.

First spotted together at Chateau Marmont on Aug. 28, Barrymore, 32, and Long, 29, brought their holiday weekend to a close back in Los Angeles at a trendy sushi restaurant with friends.

According to a Barrymore pal, "the relationship is very new."

So new, in fact, the actress dallied with Scrubs star Zach Braff in June and rekindled old flame Spike Jonze in August.

At the end of August, a pal of the actress told PEOPLE, "Drew is crazy about [Jonze]. She's definitely feeling long-term about it. They're really great together."

Reps for both Barrymore and Long had no comment.,,20054804,00.html
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gwen on extra / TMZ pap video.

Check out a new interview with Gwen on Extra Tv.

Gwen Stefani was feeling hella good last night after a couple of fans whipped themselves into a mini-frenzy for the Hollaback Girl.

TMZ was outside of Stefani’s L.A.M.B. studio in New York last night as Gwen, hubby Gavin Rossdale and their adorable son Kingston James McGregor were leaving. Gwen ran to the car while Gavin stopped to talk to the camera about the couple’s upcoming five year wedding anniversary … though he was a little hard to hear with all the commotion going on behind him for his wife.

Screaming, “Hey you’re a rich girl!” a fan was thrilled to see Stefani — with Gwen cracking a huge smile and laughing at all the attention.

view here.


i love how close gwen is with her family [her mom & dad & her siblings]. it's so sweet :].
Circus Tour

it's ipod bitch

ipod touch

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Turns out the iPod Touch is a reality after all. While we initially assumed that Mr. Jobs wouldn't be so kind as to bless us all with two new full-fledged iPods in a single day, we're elated that he had other ideas. The new flagship iPod has "the same size screen as the iPhone, but it's even thinner" (eight-millimeters, for those taking notes), and it also touts the "same multi-touch interface" found on the firm's handset. Additionally, it boasts a 3.5-inch widescreen display, the ability to "flick through your photos," and you even get the "slide to unlock" feature, too. And yes, this thing actually has WiFi. Of note, the built-in wireless antenna isn't exactly attractive, but if it means that we can surf the web (YouTube included) and buy tunes on our iPod, we suppose it may be an acceptable flaw. As for battery life, the Touch is said to last 22-hours when playing back audio and 5-hours when watching video, but only time will tell how draining web surfing will be. The iPod Touch will be arriving in 8GB and 16GB flavors and will be priced at $299 and $399, respectively, when they ship "worldwide in a few weeks."

ipod nano video

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El-Jobso just dropped news that the whole iPod lineup is getting a refresh or replace -- including the nano. Apparently those "spy photos" weren't too far off, as the new nanos look almost identical to the stout player we've come to know and love. The new units will include 2-inch screens with QVGA resolution, and apparently boast the same quality as the iPod video. The displays have the highest pixel density the company has ever shipped, and it seems the extra-wide players will sport an "enhanced" UI (which looks a lot like the video we saw recently) and its own version of Cover Flow. The nano will come bundled with three games, including a circular-Arkanoid rip-off called Vortex, and apparently you'll be able to purchase more from the iTunes store. The battery life is fairly impressive as well, with Apple touting 24 hours of playback for audio, and 5 hours for video. The 4GB model will be selling for $149, though it's only available in silver, while the rainbow-colored 8GB will leave you $199 lighter in the wallet. Both models will be in stores "by this weekend."

ipod classic

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Apple today announced the latest in its kind-of-sort-of successful iPod line, the sixth generation iPod "Classic." Like the brand new iPod nano, the flagship iPod is also sporting an all-new interface, headlined by Cover Flow. The iPod comes in 80GB and 160GB capacities, with 30 hours of battery for audio playback, 6 hours of video on the 80GB version, and 40 hours / 7 hours for the 160GB unit. In addition to the new interface, the iPod Classic is getting a new all-metal shell, and is selling at $249 for the 80 gigger, $349 for 160. You can order one today, and they should be hitting stores by the weekend.
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Ric Flair quits WWE - WOOOOOO!

Another wrasslin' post...

The Pro Wrestling Torch is reporting that the Nature Boy Ric Flair has
given notice and he's not expected back on television although Keller from
the Torch is saying that management are trying to persuade Flair to stay on.
Flair quitting has no relation to WWE's recent drug fiasco and is simply
because of the lack of any push since moving over to Smackdown! The
departure of Flair throws some WrestleMania plans up in the air as he was
expected to have his retirement match on the show and being inducted in the
Hall Of Fame the day before. Flair has been in the company since November of
2001 and has never won the World title or the WWE title since then although
he did win the Intercontinental and Tag Team titles. This is a good time for
WWE to push Triple H and Batista - two of his biggest friends in WWE - to
work their magic to try and persuade the former 16 time world champion to
stay with the company.

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Oprah In Discussions To Play "Broader Role" In Obama Campaign

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Oprah Winfrey, the nation's wealthiest African American and host of an afternoon television program, endorsed Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in May. Now, she is in discussions with his advisers about playing a broader role in the campaign -- possibly as a surrogate on the stump or an outspoken advocate -- or simply bringing her branding magic to benefit his White House bid.

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Exciting news Broadway lovers!

The musical adaptation of Legally Blonde will be broadcast on MTV.

The network plans to air a performance of the show in October.

MTV bosses have struck a deal with the producers of stage musical LEGALLY BLONDE to film an entire performance for an upcoming special, which will air in October (07).

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'Strong Single Moms in Hollywood' according to ABC News

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Actress Michelle Williams may have a broken heart, but she sure is looking sizzling as a single mom while out and about in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Labor Day. The "Dawson's Creek" alum and actor Heath Ledger recently broke up. They met on the set of "Brokeback Mountain" three years ago and had a 2-year-old daughter, Matilda, together. Both remain committed to their daughter, despite their breakup. However, it looks like the 26-year-old actress has embraced being a single mom.

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Pete Wentz Gets Frisky

Perhaps it was was his dour expression, tatted-up arms or curious eye makeup -- but Ashlee Simpson's main man must have looked a little suspicious at LAX yesterday -- as he was pulled aside for an extra-special security pat down. Fall out of line, boy!

Wentz, who will be performing at this weekend's VMAs in Las Vegas, was frisked by a guard after being singled out -- for some reason. Are the precociously adorable singled out for frisking?

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Lewis Takes Foot Out of Mouth, Issues Statement

--He said the word "Fag" during the Telethon--national TV. I tried looking for a video but no luck. (From what I've heard on TV ...he addressed someone from the production team as a "fag")

Lewis, 81, was joking on stage, pretending to introduce members of someone's family as he mugged for the camera.

"Oh, your family has come to see you. You remember Bart, your oldest son, Jesse, the illiterate fag ...," Lewis said, as he apparently caught himself and ceased the gag in mid-sentence, turning on his heel away from the camera.

Alleged comedian Jerry Lewis has issued a statement to CNN, following the public outcry over his use of a gay slur on this weekend's MDA Telethon:

"During the 21-1/2-hour live broadcast of my Telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association this weekend, I made a joking comment to a member of my production team. I apologize to anyone who was offended. I obviously made a bad choice of words. Everyone who knows me understands that I hold no prejudices in this regard. In the family atmosphere of the Telethon, I forget that not everyone knows me that well. That something like this would distract from the true purpose of the Telethon pains me deeply. The success of the show and all the good that will come from it shouldn't be lost because of one unfortunate word. I accept responsibility for what I said. There are no excuses. I am sorry."

After Jerry Lewis apologized for making an anti-gay slur during his MDA Telethon on Monday, GLAAD issued the following statement to TMZ: "GLAAD thanks Jerry Lewis for his swift and direct apology for this incident. We join millions of Americans in applauding the important work of the Muscular Dystrophy Association and wish MDA and Mr. Lewis much continued success in their efforts.

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I kinda feel bad because he is old but I HATE that word.

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Serena shows 'no class'

Not really a celebrity but whatevs.

The American media turned on Serena Williams on Wednesday, labeling the former world number one as "classless" and "graceless" after her sullen reaction to her U.S. Open exit at the hands of Justine Henin.

Top seed Henin beat the American 7-6 6-1 in the quarter-finals for the third consecutive grand-slam event on Tuesday but a despondent Williams gave the Belgian scant praise.

"I just think she made a lot of lucky shots and I made a lot of errors," Williams said at her news conference.

"I really don't feel like talking about it. It's like I don't want to get fined. That's the only reason I came. I can't afford to pay the fines because I keep losing."

Players who fail to appear for post-match news conferences face fines from tennis officials.

Williams's words and manner were greeted with widespread disdain.

"(Williams) met the media afterward like a rattlesnake meets a ground squirrel," wrote Bill Dwyer, in the Los Angeles Times.

"If anybody was expecting perspective afterward, or maybe a gracious nod to a better effort by an opponent, forget it. We had sullen Serena. Snippy Serena. Snarly Serena."

In the New York Times, under the headline, "Williams needs a lesson in etiquette", Selena Roberts wrote: "Who's classless now?

"The grumpy, borderline nasty disposition that Williams displayed after her loss was a little jarring considering she had her own lack of preparation to blame for giving in so easily to Henin.

"Serena was bitter, angry and upset. She directed some of that at Henin. Who could use charm school now?"

In an interview with USA Network, which hosts television coverage of the U.S. Open, John Wertheim, the senior writer for Sports Illustrated magazine, described Serena's reaction as "stunning".

"There's a lot to admire about Serena but this happens again and again where we just have these completely graceless post-match (news conferences). Lucky shots? I think she means winners.", which specializes in women's tennis news, said Williams should probably have skipped the news conference.

"Serena's public relations department would have done better to pay the fine themselves than to allow their charge to disgrace herself as she did last night," it said.

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'View' Ratings Rosy, But Not Rosie

All the controversy, not quite all the ratings.

So went Whoopi Goldberg's first day on the job with ABC's The View.

Thanks to Goldberg's statements on Tuesday's show about disgraced football star Michael Vick and dogfighting, The View generated enough headlines to hearken back to a good old-fashioned Rosie O'Donnell-Elisabeth Hasselbeck argument. But in the ratings department, Goldberg's debut came up 1 million viewers short when matched against O'Donnell's debut a year ago, preliminary ratings showed.

Numbers-wise, Tuesday's View averaged an estimated 3.4 million, which would make it the 10-year-old show's second-best season premiere ever, ABC said.

The first-best season premiere ever?

Last September's, which featured the return of O'Donnell to daytime television. That episode averaged 3.6 million.

O'Donnell departed The View last May after one (almost) full season. Her exit, announced in April, was hastened after an on-air blowup with Hasselbeck.

Goldberg was tapped last month to fill O'Donnell's moderator seat. Another cohost, to fill Star Jones' long-vacant chair, will be named next Monday.

The new View talkers had best have their mouths ready to go. O'Donnell's rabble-rousing run helped boost the ABC show's ratings by double digits.

On its first day, at least, the Goldberg era kept pace with the O'Donnell era, with its viewership numbers up 3 percent over the show's season-long average.

And in her first week, at least, Goldberg, who spent Wednesday's show trying to defang the dog controversy, sounded as if she has one sure viewer.

When asked on her blog if she intended to catch Goldberg on The View, O'Donnell wrote, in her usual lowercase way, "of course."


I like the new set. Elisabeth needs to stop defending Republican homophobes. None of these bitches hold a candle to Rosie. That is all.

EDIT: Lmao, I just remembered...did anybody see today when they gave the audience Georgia Rule DVDs before the commercial break, and they all thought they had already gone to commercial and Whoopi turns to Joy and said "Could there have been LESS applause" & Joy laughed. Then they all were like..."We're still on the air? ....Shit"

Jodie Foster Blames Dina Lohan For Lindsay's Troubles [Duh?]

Hollywood star JODIE FOSTER has become the latest celebrity to lay the blame of LINDSAY LOHAN's recent legal troubles at the feet of her parents. Foster, who originally found fame as a child actress in films like Bugsy Malone and Taxi Driver, believes Lohan wouldn't have behaved so outrageously if she had been brought up to respect the law.

Speaking in American magazine Gotham, Foster says, "Can I just ask, where is her mother? I mean, really, where is her mother?" She adds, "When I was their age, there were no big 18-year-old stars... Now, we want the 17-year-olds so we can bleed them for all they're worth and squeeze as much money as we possibly can out of them - and then their career will be over in something like three years."

Lohan is currently in rehab after she was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in Santa Monica, California and nearby Beverly Hills in May. She has been sentenced to serve a day in jail.

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Hollywood unions ask U.S. to block Canadian film, TV subsidies

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A group of Hollywood unions want U.S. regulators to investigate tax breaks offered by Canada to lure TV and film production north of the border.

The independent Film and Television Action Committee, along with the Screen Actors Guild and several other unions presented a petition Tuesday to the U.S. trade representative alleging that Canada's tax breaks are illegal and cost thousands of American jobs.

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Hollywood costume designer Michael Woulfe, who dressed golden age movie stars, dies at 89

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Hollywood costume designer Michael Woulfe, who created Judy Garland's gown for "A Star is Born" and barely covered Jane Russell for her role in "The French Line," has died. He was 89.

Woulfe died of natural causes Aug. 30 at the Motion Picture and Television Fund's hospital in Woodland Hills, California, spokeswoman Jennifer Fagen said Wednesday.
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No surprise here

Actress/comedian Sherri Shepherd will be introduced next week as a new cast member on ‘The View.’

Barbara Walters said today that she would reveal the new cast member on Monday.

According to a source close to the show (who shall remain nameless), that will be none other than Miss Shepherd.

This news should come as no surprise. She has been a guest host more than a dozen times since Star Jones Reynolds left last summer.

Our thoughts on the big decision?


Mary-Kate: Smile

60 seconds with... Will Arnett

The Toronto-born funnyman who stole our malevolent hearts with his "Arrested Development" character Gob has moved from scene-stealing character parts to the lead (with Will Forte of "Saturday Night Live") in the new film "The Brothers Solomon." He talked with us about the comedy of malice and the potent humor of Canadians.

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Sophia Bush at NYC Fashion Week

Sophia Bush
enters the revolving door of fashion during NY Fashion Week in Bryant Park on Wednesday. The One Tree Hill star wore three different outfits to three Spring 2008 shows –Abaete, Charlotte Ronson and L.A.M.B. 10+ pictures inside…

I think she is so cute and so much better off without that douche CMM

EDIT-I added a few more pics

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Opera star Luciano Pavarotti dies at 71

ROME - Luciano Pavarotti, whose vibrant high C's and ebullient showmanship made him one the most beloved tenors, has died, his manager told The Associated Press. He was 71.

Pavarotti had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and underwent further treatment in August 2007. His manager, Terri Robson, told the AP in an e-mail statement that Pavarotti died at his home in Modena, Italy, at 5 a.m. local time.

“The Maestro fought a long, tough battle against the pancreatic cancer which eventually took his life. In fitting with the approach that characterised his life and work, he remained positive until finally succumbing to the last stages of his illness,” the statement said.

For serious fans, the unforced beauty and thrilling urgency of Pavarotti’s voice made him the ideal interpreter of the Italian lyric repertory, especially in the 1960s and ’70s when he first achieved stardom. For millions more, his charismatic performances of standards like “Nessun dorma” from Puccini’s “Turandot” came to represent what opera is all about.

Instantly recognizable from his charcoal black beard and tuxedo-busting girth, Pavarotti radiated an intangible magic that helped him win hearts in a way Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras — his partners in the “Three Tenors” concerts — never quite could.

There's more information at the source below.