September 1st, 2007

Kelly + Ford = P.S.A

The P.S.A for Ford's Fight Against Breast Cancer. Kelly is so cute, here.

PS: Guys. Seriously, you can hate on her looks, on her NORMAL body type but she is still successful at the end of the day. MD is certified Gold with about 618,991 sold. She is platinum worldwide at a cool 1.0 million. That's better than Rihanna who released her album not only earlier but has had a #1 off of the album and more promo/press/attention.

Hugh Laurie was almost named Emmy ceremony host

"Fox Network came thisclose to naming someone other than "American Idol" emcee Ryan Seacrest as host of the Emmycast on Sept. 16: Hugh Laurie.

Laurie was actually the early first choice of several top Fox exex, who lobbied strongly for him to get the job, according to a TV academy source. Others tubthumped for Seacrest, who's a logical choice since he already hosts America's most popular regular TV program plus specials like New Year's Eve countdowns. The standoff at the network was to blame for any host being named so late. Last year Conan O'Brien's appointment was unveiled in mid-May — three months before the Seacrest announcement this year.

In the end, Fox decided to go with its "Idol" star over its "House" star because exex felt Seacrest would draw a larger TV audience and because viewers might be confused seeing Laurie in an unfamiliar role.

But Laurie, in fact, is an accomplished entertainer beyond just that Doctor Grouch act you see on "House." He's a darn good pianist, for one thing. He performs in a few bands — 16:9 and Poor White Trash — and tickles the ivories in the "House" episode he submitted to Emmy judges in the race for best drama actor, "Half-Wit."

But most noteworthy of all are the wild performances he gave on "A Bit of Fry and Laurie," the outrageous comedy sketch show he did between 1986 and 1995 with Stephen Fry on the BBC."

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It's always about the $$$

Apple escalates NBC spat over iTunes

Apple Inc. escalated a dispute with NBC Universal over the pricing of television shows by announcing Friday it would not sell any of NBC's programs for this fall season on iTunes.

Earlier, NBC had told Apple that it would no longer allow its programs to be sold via iTunes at the end of the year.
NBC Universal-controlled television programming accounts for an estimated 40 percent of the video downloads on iTunes.

"We are disappointed to see NBC leave iTunes because we would not agree to their dramatic price increase," said Eddy Cue, Apple's vice president of iTunes. "We hope they will change their minds and offer their TV shows to the tens of millions of iTunes customers."

Rather than cut off NBC programs in the middle of the season, Apple decided to stop before the new fall episodes premiere next month, he said.

That would be a blow to fourth-place NBC, which could use the buzz provided by Internet sales for its programming — not to mention the money.

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So, um, that means what? No more Heroes, Friday Night Lights, Battlestar Galactica, 30 Rock, Psych, The Dead Zone, Eureka, My Name is Earl, The Office, Scrubs....

Poor fans.
<3 nd boys
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top ten shittest (current) bands in the world

10. *
Linkin Park To be frank, Linkin Park has taken the whole rap/metal fiasco way too far. Wasn't everyone on Planet Earth done with this genre about 6 years ago? The sound of Chester Bennington's voice reminds me of some sort of popmetal mating call, while Mike Shinoda flows like a disqualified contestant from Ice-T's Rap School. To be fair, some of their songs are semi-decent, even more of them are catchy, but they all sound exactly the same. Enough of this easy to love uber-formulated music for the masses (that is in no way a Depeche Mode reference). They even made Jay-Z more annoying by association. The asterisk is for "My December." It's a well deserved asterisk. Perhaps I should reconsider? Nah.

Here are the rules:
  • Only bands who have released an album within the last 5 years may be on the list. Greatest hits and solo records do not count. This may explain the absence of such acts as Creed, but fortunately for us.. Limp Bizkit is still eligible! (May even get bonus points for replacing the "s" with a "z" in Greatest Hitz. Uh uh, don't forget the Wes Borlandless 2003 gem Results May Vary...That's for sure.
  • The band must have been a major label artist within the last 5 years. Meaning, if a band made a completely respectful and artistically evolved album with no budget on Basement Band Records either before or after a major label run, they are still eligible.
  • One decent song does not exclude you from the list. An asterisk will be placed next to any band with arguably one decent song. Two decent songs may still earn you a slot in the Runners Up list.
  • The list was narrowed only to bands from the United States. Oops, and Canada. Sorry Simple Plan, I absolutely had to have you on here.
  • Canoodling a Hollywood It Girl on Sunset or claiming on Howard Stern that you ate one out does not exclude your band from the list. Fred Durst, I'm looking at you...again.
  • The more successful your band, the more likely you are to be on this list. I had to cut many shit bands off of the list, because they simply didn't make a big enough impact for us to care. Ex: Trapt, Finger Eleven, Alien Ant Farm, Adema, Hinder. That reminds me of another one...
  • Kick ass covers of Michael Jackson songs exclude you from the list.

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george jetson

E!'s Giuliana Weds Apprentice's Bill

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
There's a new male anchor in Giuliana DePandi's life. Sorry, Ryan Seacrest.

The E! News anchor tied the knot with original Apprentice winner Bill Rancic in a fairy-tale ceremony in her native Italy Saturday evening. The camera-ready couple tied the knot at 5 p.m. local time at the five-century-old Santa Sophia Church in Anacapri.

As expected, the bride and groom's sartorial cues were in keeping with her red carpet credentials: For her I do's, DePandi donned a custom-fit two-piece white silk Monique Lhuillier gown, boasting a tight strapless lace bodice, full skirt and satin sash. Rancic, meanwhile, cut a classic figure in a tux designed by Giuliana's father, Eduardo DePandi, a master tailor.

Eduardo also walked DePandi down the aisle. Keeping with the familial theme, DePandi's sister, Monica, served as maid of honor for the Naples-born beauty's big day, while immediately following the vow swap, DePandi's brother, opera singer Pasquale DePandi, sang "Ave Maria" for the newlyweds.

Monica, along with DePandi's four other bridesmaids—among them Style Network personality and In Touch Weekly editor Bobbie Thomas—all wore butter yellow strapless BCBG chiffon gowns for their trip down the aisle. Rancic's groomsmen—who outnumbered DePandi's bridemaids two to one—all wore matching Ted Baker penguin suits and shoes, gifted to them by the groom.

Rancic's childhood priest, Father Michael O'Connell from Chicago, handily fluent in both English and Italian, performed the service at the church's white hydrangea-draped altar. In addition to her brother's serenade, a female opera singer, accompanied by a string trio and organ player, graced the attendants at the Catholic ceremony.

DePandi and her bridesmaids prepared for the ceremony at the Hotel Biancamaria, located just a block away from the church. She left the hotel on her father's arm, as, per tradition, locals threw coins and flowers as a way of wishing the bride good luck.

Following the ceremony, guests were driven to a nearby piazza, where a group of 20 Italian folk dancers performed for the crowd. DePandi and Rancic arrived in a red convertible Fiat taxi a short time later to lead the procession to the reception.

The idyllic vow swap is the first marriage for both stars, and while the getting-hitched day went off without, well, a hitch, the run-up to the ceremony did suffer a slight setback.

Turns out, location isn't everything.

The ceremony was initially set to take place in the nearby hilltop town of Ravello, located on the Amalfi Coast, but was eventually detoured when the area wasn't able to accommodate the party's guests.

On Friday night, the duo readied for their big day with a rehearsal dinner at Lido di Faro on Anacapri. Nearly 200 guests turned out to enjoy the meal at the oceanfront restaurant, while relatives of both DePandi and Rancic offered toasts to the young couple, with DePandi's mother delivering hers in Italian.

Throughout dinner, local guitar players strummed for the crowd, and the group joined in with Italian songs.

"We Americans struggled to remember the words to 'Volare,' " a guest at the dinner told E! Online. "Giuliana has the most beautiful family...all of her male cousins could be on the cover of GQ."

While the lovebirds first met in April 2004, when DePandi interviewed Rancic in the wake of his reality show win, the pair didn't get romantic until early 2006. During an interview for a Boys & Girls Club charity event, DePandi asked Rancic on the air if he was dating anyone. He said no and asked her out when the cameras stopped rolling.

Rancic eventually popped the question on Dec. 15, after slightly less than a year of dating, by taking his newsreader honey for a cozy helicopter ride above his own native Chicago.

"At first, I thought Bill was surprising me with a helicopter ride over downtown Chicago to see the Christmas lights," DePandi said. "Then suddenly he pulled out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen and asked me to marry him. I was so excited I could barely speak."

"When we got back to his house, he had roses and rose petals scattered everywhere and a big chocolate cake sitting next to a bottle of our favorite wine. It was the best night of my life."

Rancic, 35, shot to fame after being the first, and arguably most successful, handpicked Apprentice in 2004. The self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur has worked in the Trump Organization in various capacities since his reality-show win and, in 2005, branched off to kick-start his own business. Corporate relations apparently stayed strong, as he appeared as one of Trump's sidekicks on the show in 2006.

The 31-year-old DePandi, meanwhile, joined the E! News team as a correspondent in 2002, and by 2005, she had risen in the ranks to become both an anchor and managing editor of the broadcast, which she helms nightly with Seacrest.

All of the behind-the-scenes preparations for DePandi and Rancic's picture-perfect day were chronicled for the Style Network special Marry Me in Capri, which airs Oct. 23.

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Dad-to-Be Usher: 'I Want a Boy'

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Recent groom and father-to-be Usher is ready to pass on his name – to a boy.

In his first interview since marrying Tameka Foster on Aug. 3, the R&B star, making a surprise appearance on Tuesday's post-Labor Day The Ellen DeGeneres Show, tells the host, "I don't know," when she asks, "Is it a boy or a girl?"

But, he adds, "I want it to be a boy" – which prompts DeGeneres to tell him, "Now, you're going to have a girl, and she's going to see this tape and say, 'Daddy, why don't you love me?' You better save some for some therapy. But you're going to love her if it's a little girl."

Asked if he wants a boy so they can play sports together, Usher says, "I think every man wants a son."

As for names, "If it's a boy, I'm going to name him Usher," says the musician, whose full name is Usher Raymond. "I'm hoping to name him that. I've been playing with a few names. I'm the fourth. Usher Raymond IV. I just want to pass the name on. Maybe I'll change the middle name."

And, if it's a girl? "What about Usherette?" asks DeGeneres.

"I thought you would've suggested Ellen first," says Usher.

"Last time you were here, you were single," DeGeneres also tells him. "You said you wanted a lady that you could take from the Waffle House to the White House. You found her."

"I did. I found someone that I'm very, very happy to call my wife," he tells her. "Tameka Raymond. She's beautiful."

Only DeGeneres also wants to know why she wasn't invited to the wedding, which was originally scheduled for July 28 in the Hamptons but ended up taking place in a civil ceremony in Atlanta.

"I actually sent you an invite," claims Usher. "You didn't get it? You never called me that you changed your address. I sent to 3941 Lover's Lane."

"That's so odd I didn't get it," kids DeGeneres, who then gets serious and says about the big, lavish wedding the bride, 37, and groom, 28 have scheduled for Atlanta over Labor Day weekend: "I'm really happy for you."


Britney IS at LAX

Britney's jet should be arriving in Vegas about now ... Our source confirms that Brit was with two of her dancers in the limo on the way to the airport and that perhaps a couple more people (dancers?) met her at the plane. More details coming in ...
  • she was with three girls -- two blonde, one brunette
  • britney herself is blonde tonight
  • brit is wearing a dark red dress
  • the gang listened to hip-hop music in the limo on the way to the airport
  • brit was super excited and in a great mood

X17's waiting for you at LAX -- meet ya there, Brit!


Source - Britneys Stalkers -

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Atlanta's MASTODON is releasing clips of stories from the road over the last few months — one per week. View the first installment below.

MASTODON's video for the song "Sleeping Giant"

Video footage of MASTODON performing "Sleeping Giant" on MTV's "24 Hours of Human Giant" has been posted at MASTODON played the track live on May 18 at MTV's Times Square studios in New York City. The performance, which kicked off a special 24-hour stunt on MTV hosted by the two comedians from their show "Human Giant", was reportedly shown live on large screens in Times Square.

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that was fun

ellen and hill' take over new york, ellen's running for president

Look out, Tyra.

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Hillary Clinton and Ellen Degeneres got an escort through New York this morning after filming the season premiere for season five of Ellen’s eponymous talk show. And they made quite an impression. Even earlier in the day, Ms. D popped over to NBC’s Today to make a big announcement:
I’m going to run for president. This is my announcement I decided right now I’m going to run for president, and I stand for joy and laughter for all. If you’re not for joy and laughter, I’m not your girl.
Can you imagine if Ellen and Hillary ran together? The lesbians would go ape shit.
Meanwhile, Ellen also informed us that her next season will be dedicated to Merv Griffin. We’re sure the closeted game show guru’s thrilled to have a lesbian chat fest in his honor.

yikes, hill cannot dress herself and ellen is not looking good...

+ retrace my steps my choice my plan +

Who wears it best?

Britney Spears gave us more in a pure white Phillip Lim dress at the grand opening of LAX nightclub in Las Vegas early Saturday morning. The pop princess finished off her look with YSL “Tribute” platforms and a fedora.

Lauren Conrad wore the same halter bubble dress in black at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood party in Hollywood late April. The Hills star completed her look with a pair of peep-toe pumps by Steve Madden.

Rihanna also stayed basic in black at singer pal Chris Brown’s “Off The Wall” 18th birthday party in early May. The Barbados babe sexed up her look with a pair of leopard-print pumps by Christian Louboutin.



Lauren Conrad. Even though I can't stand her tbh.
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Zac and Vanessa Can't Remember Their First Kiss

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High School Musical star Zac Efron always finds it funny that he never kissed Vanessa Hudgens in the first movie in 2005.

"I truly didn't realize that there was not a kiss. It never stuck out to me," he says.

Hudgens recalls there was a kiss, but "on the cheek" and "that's as far as we got."

It took director/choreographer Kenny Ortega to remind them.

"You guys, your memories are failing you," he said Friday at a press conference in London to promote High School Musical 2.

The kiss, a real one, never made the screen – that wouldn't happen until the sequel – but it happened, and it was a big deal at the time for the young stars, who became a real-life couple.

"I went to their parents and asked for permission," Ortega says. "I went to Vanessa's mom first, and then to Zac's mom second and said, 'Do you mind if I request a kiss in the event that we want to use it for the end of the film?' And we did it. Then, we all sort of decided that this wasn't about that."

The kiss landed on the cutting-room floor. "You seemed to enjoy it though," Ortega said to Efron, who blushed but didn't deny the comment.

In the latest movie, Efron, 19, and Hudgens, 18, play two East High students who fall in love. While shooting the first movie in 2005, the two teenagers sparked their own off-screen romance.

The high school sweethearts (aka Zanessa) try to keep their relationship low-profile and refuse to talk about it, but their on-screen chemistry is undeniable.

Co-star Monique Coleman revealed that her favorite song in HSM2 is "Gotta Go My Own Way" which is sung by Efron and Hudgens. "It was performed very beautifully and the connection and chemistry was just exceptional," said Coleman.

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Heidi Montag: My Parents 'Love Spencer'

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Heidi Montag's parents approve of her fiancé Spencer Pratt – really, they do.

"They loved Spencer, they really did," Montag, who has been engaged to Pratt since May 2007, told Ryan Seacrest Tuesday. "They thought he was so funny, and they thought we were literally two peas in a pod."

The 20-year-old reality show starlet called into Seacrest's KIIS FM radio show to discuss Monday night's episode of The Hills, which included Pratt's first visit to her Crested Butte home to meet her parents.

"It was funny. He slept on the couch. It was really fun. We stayed for a couple of days," Montag said of the "strictly old school" time.

When asked if Pratt sought permission before asking for Montag's hand in marriage, she defended her beau's actions: "I mean, he didn't officially ask me on the episode to marry him so [when he met my parents] that's kinda what it was – him telling them, 'Look, I love your daughter, and one day want to marry her, pretty much with your permission.' " The previous night on MTV's aftershow, though, Montag confirmed that she and Pratt are indeed engaged.

As for what her parents think of the arrangement, Montag says her mother trusts her judgment and gets all her gossip on Spencer. "She knows I love him and everything. She met Spencer and she could just tell."

Montag also gave Seacrest some fashion news involving her ongoing fight with former pal Lauren Conrad. "Everybody kept asking me for [Team Heidi T-shirts] on the street. 'Where do I get Team Heidi shirts? I want to buy them!' " she says of her latest attempt to rally support.

Is she creating a "Team Lauren" shirt as well? That would be no, she says, "just Team Heidi."

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She may be a little horseheaded, but there is no denying the fact that Gisele Bundchen’s body is simply to die for in the September issue of Italian GQ.

Photographed by Steven Klein and styled exclusively by Dolce & Gabbana, the Brazilian bombshell marks her official return to men’s mags in this must-have issue. Now work those legs, girl!

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god I love this! three of my favorites: gisele, d&g, and steven klein. LOVE.

Cocaine Vacuum

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Courtney Love said that Amy Wino is the biggest cokehead she's ever seen in her entire crackhead life.

Court said, “Amy does more drugs than anyone I’ve known. I’ve been with lots of people when they’ve taken coke, including stars like LINDSAY LOHAN and KATE MOSS. But I’ve never seen anyone take as much coke as Amy. Even I wasn’t that bad.”

"But I’ve never seen anyone take as much coke as Amy. Even I wasn’t that bad.”

Court also claims Wino speedballs with heroin and cocaine.

Wino and her deadbeat husband are due back in London this week after relaxing and getting sorted out in St. Lucia.

Court is like the Rosie O'Donnell of crackheads. First she gave her opinion on the Owen Wilson thing and now Wino. It's pretty scary if Courtney looks at you while you're snorting your 100th line and tells you to "slow down."
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Nicole Richie's Baby Spree - No chance of a Simple Life for her bump

Four-month-pregnant socialite Twiglet Nicole Richie has been spotted making a very specific purchase for her unborn tot. While in a baby shop, the wafer-thin celeb headed straight for the (wait for it) BabyPlus PreNatal Education System. And what, I hear you ask, is that all about? Well, it's a 'prenatal curriculum that utilizes simple audio rhythms similar to the maternal heartbeat – the only true language of the prenatal environment. As a child hears the sounds of BabyPlus, he or she learns to distinguish between those sounds and the sound of the mother's heartbeat.'

Basically it looks like a money belt strapped to your bump. And it's supposed to make babies more relaxed during birth. As far as I'm aware, that's not the problem. What about something that makes mums and dads more relaxed?

<3 don't be a playa hata

Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara: The Six-Pack Q&A

Rolling Stone posed six questions to Taking Back Sunday frontman Adam Lazzara while hanging backstage at this summer’s Projekt Revolution tour. He dissed Axl Rose, explained his love of Lifetime and admitted he’s slowly becoming a Harry Potter geek.

What’s the most rock-star thing you’ve ever done?
I don’t believe in rock stars ’cause when I think of the word rock star, I think of Axl Rose and Bret Michaels and they look like grandmothers if you look at them now. So I don’t believe in that at all.

What was your favorite album when you were fourteen?
Lifetime, Hello Bastards. It was fast, but it was also real melodic — they’re still my favorite band to this day. [Singer] Ari Katz, his delivery and everything, something about it … you know, when you hear those records all the songs just kinda speak to your soul. I just related to it so well.

Who’s the coolest famous person you’ve ever met?
Oh, we did the Video Game Music Awards and at the time I was seeing if I could grow a mustache … But it was also when that movie Grandma’s Boy was coming out and the star of that movie — he’s in all the Adam Sandler movies, and his name escapes me right now [Allen Covert] — but he was doing a movie where he had to have a gnarly mustache too, and so we had a good long moment. And you know when you see people in movies you think they’re like untouchable and stuff? But he was totally cool and down to earth, we talked about mustaches for like a good twenty minutes … which isn’t really exciting.

What’s on your current playlist?
The Avett Brothers’ Emotionalism. They’re from North Carolina and that’s where I spent my young years. All their words are really rad. And, I love the fact that they come from this rock & roll world, but they’re a guitar, a banjo and a stand-up bass. That new Ryan Adams record, I’m like just getting warmed up to it. I was a huge fan of like everything up until like right after Love Is Hell, and then he kinda lost me there. But then this new record, he’s like pulling me back in. To tell you the honest truth, I bought the Harry Potter book off of iTunes so I can listen to it when I’m running. I’m still on book one. But my fiancée, she’s on book seven, and I’ve been making fun of her forever for reading them. I just wanna be part of the club, you know? That’s totally not gonna make me sound cool at all. And also that new White Stripes record is really rad.

When will you know that it’s time to retire?
Hopefully it’ll never be time to retire, I’ll never stop writing songs.

What has the Projekt Revolution tour been like for you this summer?
The My Chemical Romance guys, we’ve been touring with them since we both [started to be] in bands, so it’s real awesome to be with them. And it’s funny too, the band families are real incestuous too, ’cause there’s like lots of guys that work with them, when they’re off they’ll work with us, and stuff like that. So it’s real nice just knowing everybody. Them and the Bled and Saosin we’ve all toured with before. I have this scooter and Saosin, they all have scooters, so we have a little gang.
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and for the "WHO?!?!" crowd:

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David Beckham is All Kinds of Shady

David Beckham shops for sunglasses at City of Angels Eyewear Company in Los Angeles on Thursday with his eldest son Brooklyn, 8.

Becks wore a knee brace on his right leg and an ankle brace on his left leg. Because of these injuries, it was recently announced that Mr. Golden Ballswill be out for about six weeks.

The English midfielder had an MRI exam that confirmed he sprained the medial collateral ligament in his knee, which he got when midfielder Pachuca midfielder Fernando Salazar tackled him.

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that little boy is fierce.

Angie: Parselmouth

In the grand tradition of celeb probation...

...and fucked up child stars...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

BOULDER, Colo. - Former child star Brian Bonsall, who played Andy Keaton in "Family Ties," was given two years probation Friday under an agreement reached with prosecutors.

Bonsall, 25, pleaded guilty to third-degree assault but three other charges against him were dismissed.

He was arrested in March after his girlfriend told police he poured an alcoholic drink on her face while she slept, put her in a choke hold and threw her onto a bed when she tried to leave.

Bonsall told investigators he pushed her down in self-defense after she cut his arm and face with a steak knife. She denied the claim and wasn't charged in the case.

Bonsall's lawyer, Paul McCormick, said Bonsall went through a 30-day rehab program and has been sober for over five months. Prosecutor Peter Maguire said Bonsall has been compliant with sobriety monitoring.

McCormick said Bonsall, who is working in construction and playing in a band, has gotten back together with his girlfriend and they are in couples counseling.

Bonsall appeared in three seasons of "Family Ties," the NBC sitcom that helped launch Michael J. Fox's career. He later appeared in episodes of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and the 1993 film "Father Hood."

They forgot Blank Check. Only the best movie EVER.


Charlize Theron is a feather duster

Charlize Theron slips into a featherduster dress and joins Canadian director Paul Haggis at the In the Valley Of Elah premiere during day 4 of the 64th Venice Film Festival on Saturday in Venice, Italy.

In the Valley of the Elah “focuses on the psychological scars that haunt returning soldiers and provides a powerful commentary on how society is treating veterans and their families.” Charlize, 32, plays a New Mexico police detective drawn into the investigation.

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Bon Jovi Concert Fight

Witnesses at a Bon Jovi concert say a spilled drink led to a scuffle that has left an Edmonton man a quadriplegic.

Dennis Schulz and fiancee Elana Hartman were enjoying the concert July 12 at Rexall Place in Edmonton.

Schulz, 40, had his neck broken and spinal cord permanently injured when a man fell on his head.

People who saw the incident say Schulz could do nothing to protect himself.

Vaughn and Toni Lasell were sitting nearby at the concert and say it started when a woman spilled a drink, another woman took offence and then the boyfriends stepped in.

"The guy in front of us looked like he was going to come over the seat, " Vaughn Lasell said.

"It looked like he was going to hit him and the guy in the row beside us pushed back and that guy went over and down a couple rows and landed on the other guy's head."

Toni Lasell said Schulz's head "was just hanging on his chest, he looked unconcsious."

Schulz cannot move, eat, drink or even cough by himself, and doctors have told him he won't be able to return to his job as a journeyman machinist.

"Nobody would have thought that you go there and never come out the same again," he said from his hospital bed.

Hartman said she's disappointed that police say it's not a criminal matter.

"I'm lost, I don't know what else to do. There are two men out their who deserve to be punished for what they've done to our lives."

Edmonton police say they weren't called to Rexall Place that night and say it's a civil matter.

No one gave statements and one of the men involved in the fight fled after the incident.

The couple say they have met once with insurance adjusters for Northlands Park, the owners of the arena, but haven't heard back from them.

Northlands said in a release it was aware of an incident that happened at the Bon Jovi concert and "appropriate" parties" are investigating.




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Usher, Foster exchange vows -- again

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Usher and Tameka Foster wed in a large, glitzy ceremony Saturday after exchanging vows a few weeks ago in a civil ceremony, a magazine reported.

About 200 people attended the dream wedding of the Grammy-winning R&B singer and his new wife, held at a 16th-century-style French chateau resort on 3,500 hilly acres outside Atlanta, reported.

Guests dined in the ballroom and ate from a five-tiered white-chocolate-covered wedding cake created by the same bakery that recently did actress Eva Longoria's confection, the magazine reported.

A private ceremony was held Aug. 3 in the office of Usher's lawyer. The 28-year-old singer and Foster, who is 37, had called off their July 28 wedding amid reports that Foster had checked into a hospital because of problems with her pregnancy.

The couple announced their engagement this year and later said Foster was expecting Usher's first child. She has three children from a previous marriage.

A call by The Associated Press to Patti Webster, Usher's publicist, went unanswered late Saturday, and she did not immediately respond to an e-mail message seeking comment.

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Salma Hayek’s Baby Shower

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Bring on the booty! Mom-to-be Salma Hayek, 41, cleaned up at the August 15 baby shower held at her home in the Hollywood Hills.

The nine-months-pregnant Hayek (dad is her fiancé, Francois-Henri Pinault, 45, CEO of luxury goods company PPR) even received doubles of several gifts off her registry at L.A.’s NoMi Boutique. She got Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake bags in both black ($325) and pink ($425), as well as two Bloom high chairs ($400 each) and Graco Snug Ride car seats ($130 each). “She was very excited about everything,” said Pia Lindstrom, who attended the party, where guests – including Hayek’s mother – enjoyed homemade Mexican food.

“She was full of pregnancy glow and looked so happy.”

For Hayek, the baby can’t come fast enough. “Motherhood is not for everyone,” she has said. “It is for me.”

And though Hayek has not yet announced whether she’s expecting a boy or a girl, think pink: A source says gift cards were made out to “Valentina.”

[Hello Kitty] Queen Of Pink

Gwen Stefani struggles with motherhood and career

This interview is a few months old, but I guess it's just now being published..
Anyways, the little bits about Kingston are really sweet.. Bolded the good stuff for the tl;dr crowd!

Gwen Stefani makes her entrance into Soho House in New York on a wave of "frangipani blossom, peach skin and sensual musk".

She is here, amid much brouhaha, to launch her signature scent L – named after her clothing label and her breakthrough 2004 solo album, both Love Angel Music Baby (LAMB).

Walking into the marquee that has been erected over a rooftop pool in which two synchronised swimmers are performing to "The Sweet Escape" (from her second solo album of the same name), the singer and designer embarks on a mass meet-and-greet session with the American press that involves much squealing and smiling (from them and her).

Wearing a black off-the-shoulder jumpsuit and high, high heels, she works the room with her customary enthusiasm, happily chatting about the evolution of a perfume that, she says, is a "condensed version of me".

It is only later, when we sit down after the official launch for an exclusive one-to-one talk, that she gives any indication of how difficult it actually is to hold together all the different facets that make up Gwen Stefani.

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I love the way she talks about Kingston. Makes me excited to have a baby some day. She's such a good mum.

Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia interviewed by BBC 1

Milo was just on BBC Radio 1 in the UK on the Jo Whiley show.  Later on, Adrian Pasdar join him (see source for the full interview).  The interview was funny and full of delicious comments such as these:

Jo: Have you had a humongous rouse between the two of you?  Any friction on set?
Adrian: You know, I think it will be impossible to have something which we couldn't come back from...erhm, we've had disagreement about things but certainly nothing that would...prevent us from y'know, ultimately rejoining and revelling in our friendship.
Milo: I think we just had one in Germany though, Adrian.
Adrian: Oh yeah. We did, we did.  Milo err...
Milo: We were with that's putting everything together for us in Munich in this world tour and they presented us with a gift of lederhosen.
Adrian: They gave us a gift of lederhosen and I thought it'll be appropriate..., actually, inappropriate not to don the lederhosen and Milo......
Milo: For them, in the dinner, during the dinner.
Adrian: Milo is our resident fashionista and uh, for him to don a lederhosen was just beyond comprehension.
Milo: Okay, take off the beautiful Ralph Laurent suit that I had on...I was like "You got to be kidding me, Adrian".
Adrian: He got his arms crossed just like this.
Adrian: I said, I said..."Mi, we've got to do this, we got to go to the bathroom, put the lederhosen on, and come out. :o
Milo: "No".
Adrian: And I look at him and I gave him "Mi, you've got to do this for me".
Milo: And I said "Why, why did you say that?  You tell me to do that for you....that means I have to do it".
Adrian: He did!  And he put on this lederhosen and it was was the funniest thing I've ever seen.  This grown man over a pair of lederhosen and he looked quite good.  He looked surprisingly comfortable. 

Source: Milo Daily

Becks: I long for a girl

Becks: I long for a girl
EXCLUSIVE: I'm wearing tight pants to have a baby girl

David Beckham admits he's so desperate to have a daughter he has started wearing tight pants.

The father of three sons apparently believes the old wives' tale about how to make sure your next baby is a girl.

He has also changed his diet after talking to wife Victoria about expanding the family to include another female.

And they may not stop there.

The LA Galaxy footie star revealed: "We were speaking about it the other day - that when we first met we never spoke about how many kids we wanted.

"It's just lucky we wanted around the same number. We both want four or five."

Asked by US radio host Ryan Seacrest if he and 33-year-old Posh wanted a girl, David, 32, said: "We do. That's one thing I'll be trying. I'll be changing my diet and wearing tight pants."

Posh exclusively revealed to the Mirror last week they are keen to have a fourth child when her Spice Girls world tour is over.

She said: "We'd like to have another - maybe next year."

David reckons sons Brooklyn, eight, Romeo, four, and two-year-old Cruz have settled in well to their new life in the US.

He said: "They love it here. They think it's Disneyland."



Click here to find out more! <a href=";sz=300x250;pos=centre;sect=topstories;psect=news;zone=news;templ=page;tile=5;ord=123456789?" target="_blank"> <img src=";sz=300x250;pos=centre;sect=topstories;psect=news;zone=news;templ=page;tile=5;ord=123456789?" width="300" height="250" border="0" alt="Banner Advertisement" /></a>

Heroes in Canada, eh?

A "major city" in Canada will be part of the story line in the new season of Heroes.

Tim Kring, the creator of the popular TV series which airs on Global and NBC, made the announcement today through a pre-taped video message that was played to fans at a public gathering in Toronto.

"Actually, the story line is going to take us to a certain part of Canada," Kring said.

"Obviously, we're going to shoot it here in L.A. But the story line will take us to a major city in Canada."

Jeph Loeb, the executive producer of Heroes, has been in Toronto for the past two days, along with cast members Zachary Quinto (Sylar), James Kyson Lee (Ando), Noah Gray-Cabey (Micah) and newcomer Dania Ramirez (Maya).

"Well, if (Kring) didn't reveal (specifically which Canadian city it's going to be), then I can't do that yet," Loeb said. "But it is a major metropolis, and it actually is important.

"It's one of the many mysteries that you'll have."

The new season of Heroes debuts on Sept. 24.


You better come to Ottawa

Grey's Anatomy's Kate Walsh Marries Movie Executive

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Grey's Anatomy's Kate Walsh married movie executive Alex Young on Saturday, PEOPLE confirms.

Walsh, 39, wore a custom-made Monique Lhuillier wedding gown as she and Young, 36, exchanged vows at the Ojai Presbyterian Church in the town of Ojai north of Los Angeles. A gospel choir sang "Bless the Broken Road" by Rascal Flatts at the beginning of the ceremony.

Among the about 100 guests were Grey's costars Katherine Heigl, Chandra Wilson, Sara Ramirez and Justin Chambers, as well as the show's creator Shonda Rhimes. Also attending were actress Kate Beckinsale and her director husband Len Wiseman.

A lavish reception was scheduled to follow at the Ojai Valley Inn & Spa's Casa Elar, a Spanish-style estate where guests enjoyed a sit-down dinner.

Wedding planner Jo Gartin of Love Luck and Angels had decorated the estate with hundreds of candles for an intimate atmosphere.

Walsh met Young, a production co-president at 20th Century Fox, in February and they were engaged three months later.

"I know – I'm literally living the dream," Walsh told PEOPLE at the time. "But you know when you know. I was not expecting it, so it's kind of amazing."

Walsh is now starring in a Grey's spinoff on ABC called Private Practice.

Source: People

anyone remember American Hi-FI?

Hey y'all,

We are so pumped to be recording our new album, and we're putting the finishing touches on that now. We'll be spending the next few months mixing it and getting it all wrapped up. Stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, we've all been keeping ourselves busy. Two of us (Stacy and Jamie) will be spending the next few months on the road with Hannah Montana (a.k.a. Miley Cyrus) on her Best of Both Worlds Tour. The tour kicks off Oct 18 in St. Louis and wraps up Jan 9 in Albany, NY.

Jamie has also been producing an amazing new album by a band called Verona Grove. Their album just came out...check it out. Jamie will also be doing a little stint with Butch Walker in early September. Stacy has been working with Low vs Diamond, Endeverafter and Meg and Dia. Drew's been working on his tan and recording with some old friends...Sun Dried Truth...check them out.


Drew, Jamie and Stacy

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Barnes & Noble Changes Mind, Will Stock O.J. Simpson Book 'If I Did It'

Barnes & Noble Inc. has changed its mind about the new O.J. Simpson book.

After saying it would not stock copies of "If I Did It" in its stores, citing lack of customer demand, the chain told The Associated Press on Thursday that it would indeed carry the book.

Since the initial decision on Aug. 21 against stocking the book, but selling it online, Barnes & Noble spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating said: "We've been monitoring the pre-orders and customer requests and have concluded that enough customers have expressed interest in buying the book to warrant stocking it in our stores. We do not intend to promote the book but we will stock it in our stores because our customers are asking for it."

For days Simpson's book has been in the top 100 on Barnes & and at one point even topped the best-seller list. "If I Did It" has also entered the top 100 on

Simpson's ghostwritten, hypothetical story of how he would have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman was originally scheduled to come out last November, but HarperCollins pulled the book in response to near universal protests.

Over the summer, a federal bankruptcy judge awarded rights to the book to Goldman's family to help satisfy a $38 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson. "If I Did It" will be published Sept. 13 by Beaufort Books on behalf of the Goldman family, which considers the book Simpson's confession.

Simpson has maintained his innocence in the 1994 killings in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles. Acquitted of the murders in 1995 and currently living near Miami, he has disowned the book, saying he had little do with its creation. The ghostwriter, Pablo Fenjves, has disagreed, saying "If I Did It" is based on extensive discussions with Simpson.


Guilty Plea Expected in Tom Cruise Extortion Case

A man known for brokering deals involving compromising celebrity photos and videos has agreed to plead guilty in a plot to extort more than $1 million from Tom Cruise for the actor's stolen wedding photos, according to court documents unsealed Thursday.

David Hans Schmidt, 47, has agreed to plea guilty to one count of sending communications for purposes of extortion. He faces up to two years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine under a plea agreement filed Aug. 24.

It wasn't known when Schmidt, who is free on $100,000 bond, might enter his plea in court. A phone message left for his attorney, Nancy Kardon, was not immediately returned Thursday.

Meanwhile, a plea agreement for Schmidt's co-defendant was filed under seal Aug. 24, according to a federal court docket in Los Angeles. Marc Lewis Gittleman, who authorities say helped recover photos from a computer hard drive, has been charged with conspiracy to commit extortion.

Gittleman, 33, faces up to five years in prison. His attorney Michael Nasatir declined to comment because the plea agreement is under seal.

Gittleman and Schmidt were arrested July 26 after federal authorities said Gittleman obtained photos of Cruise's wedding in Italy last year to Katie Holmes from the event's official photographer, court documents show.

Gittleman then made copies of photos on the drive and kept them for himself, authorities said. He contacted Schmidt after finding a Web site touting his abilities to broker celebrity photos.

Starting in May, Schmidt had repeated contact with Cruise representatives and threatened to release the photos if he didn't receive between $1.2 and $1.3 million, officials said.

Authorities said Schmidt sent multiple e-mails to Cruise's camp, including one with 13 wedding photographs attached as proof he had them. Schmidt also said there were about 7,600 images and he hoped a "commendable and quiet arrangement could be reached" with Tom Cruise, court documents said.

Schmidt attended a Los Angeles meeting with the actor's representatives and an undercover FBI agent on July 24 in which he compared his actions to "legal extortion" and said he would "hunt down to hell and back" anyone who crossed him, court documents said.

Schmidt also has tried to auction off Paris Hilton's diaries, along with photos of her in various stages of undress and other personal items that had been locked away in a Los Angeles-area storage locker until a few months ago.

He has claimed to have brokered deals to sell a sex video of Dustin Diamond, who played Screech on "Saved by the Bell," and a video of skater Tonya Harding's wedding night, according to published reports. He also claimed to have obtained topless shots of rescued U.S. Army POW Pfc. Jessica Lynch.

A phone message left with Cruise's publicist was not immediately returned.

Amy Winehouse
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Chris Brown & Alicia Keys

R&B hottie Chris Brown got up close and personal with a hefty female fan at a NYC concert last night. Brown performed with reggae-er Elephant Man at "On Da Reggae Tip," sponsored by NYC radio station Hot 97. Who knew this scrawny boy was so strong! lol

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

On dating HollyWood men:
"I am not interested in guys in the industry. They are tainted," she says with a playful hint of repulsion. "You sit back and wonder, how many women has this man slept with. and I don’t want to know. No thanks, I will never be apart of anyone’s list."

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Kate Bosworth is gong to be on US Vogue

Vogue is taking Kate Bosworth to the shows this season as part of a story and possible cover tie-in, according to sources. Expect her at Calvin Klein (she's co-hosting Francisco Costa's dinner afterward), Proenza Schouler (the designers were her date to the recent CFDA's), and Rag & Bone (her boyfriend James Rousseau walked in their first show), not to mention several other high profile evening engagements.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

cool, I really like her. I believe this fall she has Girl in the Park with Sigourney Weaver coming out
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Damn you, Jack Nasty!

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have split, Us Weekly can confirm.

A source close to the couple tells Us that Heath and Michelle "quietly and amicably split a few weeks ago."

"The relationship had been rocky recently. They tried very hard to make it work but finally decided to separate. They just grew apart."

The couple, who live in Brooklyn, NY and have a daughter, Mathilda, 23 months, met on the set of Brokeback Mountain.

"They have a beautiful daughter and they are both committed to being great parents."

Reps for the couple could not be reached.

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Mel Gibson ~saving forests.

Gibson outlines passion for saving forests

KUALA LUMPUR: Oscar-winning actor and director Mel Gibson sprang a surprise when he attended a sponsorship-signing ceremony here yesterday for conservation of the rainforest. 

The event was the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Petra Group and the Royal Society South-East Asia Rainforest Research Programme (SEARRP).  

Petra will sponsor the latter's rainforest ecology research programme in Sabah

Gibson, who last directed Apocalypto, which was set in an ancient Mayan jungle settlement, is on a two-week vacation in Malaysia. He was at the ceremony to lend his support to Petra Group's participation in the research programme on how to conserve the rainforest. 

Gibson: ‘I’ve backed a lot of good causes – environmental and humanitarian’
“I'm really proud and happy to be a witness to an agreement such as this. I've backed a lot of good causes – environmental and humanitarian,” he said. 

He also cited a similar rainforest conservation project in El Mirador, Guatemala, which he strongly supported.  

Petra Group president and chief executive officer Datuk Vinod Sekhar said the group had also “contributed in a small way” to the Guatemalan project. 

Gibson also backs Green Rubber Global, a Petra Group unit in the United States that will operate a tyre recycling plant in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  

He expressed his intention to visit the local rainforest and Danum Valley Field Centre, where the SEARRP programme is undertaken. 

Australian Gibson got his first break in 1979 in Mad Max, and later in the United States with The Bounty (1984).  

He is also famous for his work in the Lethal Weapon series with Danny Glover.  

After spending more than two decades as a leading man, Gibson ventured into directing with Braveheart and was immediately recognised with two Oscars in 1996.  

A serious filmmaker, he braves all sorts of controversies – both personal and professional – to make groundbreaking films such as The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto. 


lol. i'm suprised they didn't ban mel gibson in msia since he took part in 'the passion of the christ'. also, i'm suprised that no one had a theory that he's secretly here to spread Christianity to Muslims here.

ps. Happy 50th Independence Day, Malaysia!

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Butterscotch Stallion returns home.

Less than a week after his suicide attempt, Owen Wilson is back at home – and being watched around the clock.

"Owen is in bad mental shape but said he is thankful to be alive," says a source close to the actor, who had returned to his Santa Monica home on Saturday. "He knows he came close to ending his life, and he is happy that he was saved from himself. He is basically at home with people watching him 24/7."

Wilson's rep declined to comment.

Wilson, 38, was hospitalized Aug. 26 after what a police log called an "attempt suicide." He spent the next several days at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center with constant visits from brothers Andrew and Luke Wilson, his parents and such friends as Wes Anderson and Woody Harrelson.

Wilson, who had been due to begin promoting his next film, The Darjeeling Limited at the Venice Film Festival this week, also dropped out of his next movie project, Tropic Thunder. The comedy was set to begin shooting this month, and would have paired Wilson with longtime pal Ben Stiller.


I still can't believe this whole suicide thing turned out to be true. :(

(no subject)

According to, Rob Zombie's remake of the 1978 horror classic "Halloween" has exploded for an estimated $10.5 million at the box office in the United States on Friday (August 31), and it's headed for a three-day of $30 million and a spectacular four-day Labor Day weekend of $35.775 million. This will easily be the best three-day opening weekend of the nine-film Michael Myers franchise.

Top three-day opening weekends for Michael Myers movies:

01. "Halloween" (2007) - $30M (projected)
02. "Halloween: H2O" (1998) - $16.1M
03. "Halloween: Resurrection" (2002) - $12.2M
04. "Halloween II" (1981) - $7.4M
05. "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers" (1995) - $7.3M

Also as expected, Michael Myers has become the all-time No. 4 grossing "killer" franchise in modern box office history, surpassing Jigsaw from the "Saw" trilogy and trailing only Hannibal Lecter, Jason ("Friday the Thirteenth") and Freddy Krueger.

According to, John Carpenter filmed his 1978 indie chiller on a $325,000 budget. The film made roughly $47 million at the domestic box office, and still ranks among the most impressive budget-to-box office ratios in history. Zombie's studio-approved "Halloween" cost about $20 million.

Zombie has scored successes with low-budget slasher flicks "House Of 1,000 Corpses" ($12.6 million in domestic receipts) and "The Devil's Rejects" ($17 million cumulative box office gross).

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Newsflash: Scary Spice has bad grammar :(

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She posted this in a myspace bulletin:
Subject: Hey Guys ! I Added Some New Pictures !! YAY !
Body: Hey Everyone !

What a crazy month August has been ! So many amazing things going on. Don't forget to catch me on Dancing With The Stars, I believe it starts September 24th ? I dunno, I'm more concerned with my performance's and I started training this week ! It's been so exhausting. I haven't really been this exhausted since I was on Broadway. But at the end of the day, it will be really good fun ! I think my first outfit for the show is going to be this amazing red color with all these sparkley beads on it. Not sure yet though. Knowing me i'll change it last minute ! Haha.

Also, December mark's the begin of The Spice Girls World Tour ! I hope I see you lot there !! I can't give away much, but it's gonna be WICKED !!!

And a massive thank you to all the fan's asking about Angel Iris, she is doing GREAT ! And a special thanks to those who have sent me cards and gifts for her. I really appreciate it, it really puts a smile on my face. Angel loves all the little teddies and such that have come to her ! She say's thank you as well ! I'm at dance rehearsal studio now taking an hour break, so i'll try and keep everyone informed as much as I can !

Hugs & Kisses !!

Source: A myspace bulletin, her myspace
Edit: Yes, it's really Melanie and not Victoria- I got the picture from her myspace.
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Cybersex for Katie?

A controversial US dating website for married couples has taken pity on Katie Holmes and proposed that an extra-marital affair might be just what she needs to spice up her marriage to Tom Cruise.  

In a nifty bit of self-publicity, has offered Katie a free lifetime membership so she can seek out a "meaningful relationship" and "fill her lonely bed."

The agency – which operates on the principle that “extra-marital affairs offer an opportunity to re-experience the excitement and stimulation associated with dating and courtship” - claims to have enrolled over 1.4 million wannabe cheaters, including Hollywood A-listers.
While Katie is used to getting offers she can't refuse, for once it isn't from her Scientolohubby! Deprogramming starts ... now!

It was recently revealed that Katie and Tom have been sleeping in separate beds, however, Tom insists this is because of his snoring.

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Rodrigo Santoro's vacation...

here in brazilian lands. He made an appearance last week at the launching of his girlfriend's official website (her name is Ellen Jabour, she's a TV hostess here). He is my inspiration. He’s the one who makes my eyes shine. The love is inspiration and it makes me to believe that universal love it’s still possible” - she believes; And Rodrigo repaid the affection: “I’m extremely proud of her initiative and attitude. The site it’s the Ellen face and has her strong personality. I’m certain that it goes to make difference.” Source: Collapse ) Slow news tonight... trying to contribute.
flashy lights

I don't want to go back to school... :(

Helena Bonham Carter is PREGNANT and wearing an interesting outfit

The pregnant actress sported a particularly frumpy skirt, striped Nora Batty-style long socks and wedge-heeled bovver boots on a trip out in London.

Oscar-nominated Helena, 41 - who is expecting her second child in December with film director Tim Burton - appeared to be practising her deep-breathing techniques.

For the star, the ensemble was just another example of her 'shambles chic' that has seen the Harry Potter actress become a regular in the worst-dressed fashion lists.

Ironically, Helena built her career playing well dressed and tightly-bodiced women in Eighties period costume dramas such as Howards End and Room With A View.

But fashion expert Karen Kay said: "Outside movies, Helena has never been known for a polished sense of style and could politely be described as an English eccentric.

"Dressing through pregnancy was always going to throw up some interesting concoctions."


I've always kind of loved her but I now have a slight girl crush on her after OOTP. This pic makes me laugh.
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Needs Proactiv

We're just hours away from Britney's big turn as hostess at LAX Las Vegas tonight - you just know she's getting ready to put on a show to remember! Do you think she'll keep her set short and sweet like on her last tour? Or will she grace her hardcore fans with some songs which ordinarily don't make her playlist?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Why is her face all nasty? :(  I really really want her to be HOT again. I am rootin' for you bb.


New 'Across the Universe' photo

With the Toronto Film Festival ready to ramp up next week, we’ve just gotten our hands on a ton of new production photos from some of our most anticipated films of Fall 2007. First up is a new photo from Julie Taymor’s Across the Universe, a romantic musical told through the music of The Beatles. If you haven’t yet seen the trailer, watch it now.

The photo above shows Jim Sturgess, who plays Jude in the film (of “Hey Jude” fame) staring at some strawberries on the wall. The marketing department has been using strawberries in the marketing of this film as a metaphor for a bleeding heart (or at least that’s my interpretation). Click on the image to enlarge, check back next week for our review.  Across The Universe hits theaters on September 21st 2007.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

DUST OFF YOUR red shoes as a remake of the classic Wizard of Oz is in the offing.

The much-loved musical will be re-made to celebrate the film's 70th anniversary. Warner Brothers have snapped up the project and are set to spend a whopping £20 million on the new version, set for release in 2009. The remake promises to bring the movie right up to date featuring Dorothy as a tough-talking heroine and laden with dark humour. The film by former Marvel Comics executive Todd McFarlane told Variety magazine: 'Dorothy is much closer to the character Ripley from Alien than a helpless girl in our film. Producers are already lining up a star-studded cast and are desperate to sign up Natalie Portman to play Dorothy. Warners insisted: 'We're not turning Dorothy into a sexual character.' (24 August 2007)


i can definitely see resemblance btwn judy and natalie, but idk... this was one of my favorite movies as a kid.. although cate blanchett would make an excellent wicked witch...
mou hey
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last time at the pitch for Ole

Today, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was tributed by his club and his fans
at Old Trafford.

Ole, who announced his retirement earlier this week, recived standing
applauses from both teams and thier supporters.
The reason why he retired was becuase of his knee injury which he has
struggled with for years.

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(*taken from
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