August 27th, 2007


Radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge, a known close friend of Hulk Hogan, said early Monday morning that Nick Hogan was released from the hospital.

"I just got back from the hospital, hulks son nick and a friend named john were involved in a pretty bad car crash today around 730pm, i cant get into details, but myself and my attorney kevin haslett were the only ones allowed to be in the trama center with hulk," wrote Bubba in a blog entry on his website. "I can tell you this, nick left the hospital with me when we were leaving and is headed home to rest, he is ok."

According to Bubba, John, the male passenger who was in the car at the time of the crash, remains in the hospital.

He wrote, "The other boy john, needs our prayers……….he is still in the hospital, thats all i can say at this point."

Nick and the passenger John were taken to the hospital Sunday night after suffering a bad car crash that left Nick Hogan's Toyota Supra destroyed.


Not sure how reliable this is, but yeah...
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Papa Pit takes the kids to the park,, well not all the kids (MODS NEW PICS AND A SOURCE)

            Brad Pitt takes three of his four kids — Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2 — to a park playground on New York City’s Upper East Side on Tuesday.           (where's Shiloh?!?!?!?!)

Mad, Pax and Z climbed across the monkey bars, dropped down the fire engine poles and slid down the spirally slides. Looks like everybody had a blast with good dad Brad!

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Rihanna: Why I Love Being Single

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Success is still pouring down on Rihanna. Her summer anthem "Umbrella" (off her nearly platinum album Good Girl Gone Bad) spent seven weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The single Barbados native, 19, also scored five MTV Video Music Award nominations and will perform live on the September 9 broadcast.

She took a break from shooting the video for her third single, "Hate That I Love You" with Ne-Yo to talk with Us.

On what we can expect at the VMAs: "I am performing my single 'Shut Up and Drive.' It's my first time performing at the VMAs, so I am really excited! And I'm nominated for a lot of awards in some huge categories, so I feel great."

On why she's been wearing a cast on her foot:"I broke my toe. I hit it into a chair while I was in Cancun on vacation. The first night we got there, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. and I was on my way to my best friend's bedroom to wake her up to go to the pool with me when I hit it on a chair real hard. Luckily, I don't have an American driver's license, as it's my driving foot!"

On how she stays in shape: "Right now I'm not in the best shape. I haven't been able to go to the gym because of my foot. I usually do cardio, Pilates and eat right. But I ate ice cream three times a day on vacation!"

On whether she's dating anyone: "No, I'm single. I like being single because you can explore new things. At times, not having commitment is great!"

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Pre-orders surge for O.J. Simpson book

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A week ago, Barnes & Noble, Inc., announced it would not keep copies of the new edition of O.J. Simpson's "If I Did It" in its stores, saying the book was not expected to sell well.

Since then, the book has jumped into the top 50 on the superstore's online site, Barnes &, and ranked No. 48 as of Sunday night. Barnes & Noble has not changed its mind.

"We still have no plans to stock it in our stores," spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating told The Associated Press on Sunday. The book, coming out this fall, can be purchased through Barnes &, or by special order at a Barnes & Noble store.

Simpson's book was first scheduled for publication last November by ReganBooks, an imprint of HarperCollins, with an announced printing of 400,000. But "If I Did It" was dropped in response to widespread outrage, including from relatives of murder victims Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

The book is a ghostwritten, hypothetical description of how the killings might have happened.

But last month, a federal bankruptcy judge awarded rights to the book to Goldman's family to help satisfy a $38 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson. "If I Did It," spurned by mainstream publishers, is being reissued by Beaufort Books, a small press based in New York. The Goldmans are calling the book a confession, and extensive commentary will be added to the original manuscript.

Eric Kampmann, the owner and president of Beaufort Books, has questioned Barnes & Noble's reason for not stocking the book, telling the AP in a recent interview that he suspects the superstore's executives were "making their decision based on the HarperCollins experience, which was a totally different situation."

A rival chain, Borders Group Inc., will stock the book, but, according to spokeswoman Ann Binkley, "will not promote or market the book in any way."

Interest jumped last week after TV host Oprah Winfrey announced that on Sept. 13 she would bring together Denise Brown, Nicole Brown Simpson's sister; and Goldman's parents, Fred and Kim Goldman. Brown has accused the Goldmans of hypocrisy for publishing a book that he had called "disgusting and despicable" when Simpson first planned to publish it.

Simpson has maintained his innocence in the 1994 killings in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles.


Pete Doherty, Local Hero?

"Pete Doherty saved a man from a motorway car crash.

The Babyshambles frontman, who was travelling from Chelmsford to Stafford to perform with his band at the V-Festival this weekend, leapt into action after seeing the vehicle smash into a concrete reservation.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper, "Pete saw the overturned car billowing with smoke in the middle of the carriageway. The band stopped and pulled a guy in his 50s from the vehicle. He had hit a concrete block on the side of the road and the car flipped over."

Pete called the police and paramedics, who treated the victim at the scene.

The man luckily escaped the crash with minor injuries."


Mariah Carey HBO Christmas Special?!?!?!

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Peter Barsocchini is a screenwriter who a few years ago took what he thought was a small assignment to write a kids' TV musical so he could entertain his preteen daughter, Gabriella, even naming the female lead after her. That small assignment for Disney Channel turned into "High School Musical," and more recently "High School Musical 2," which became a global entertainment phenomenon - and one of the most lucrative payouts a Hollywood writer has ever received for a single property.

He started getting calls the day after the first "HSM" aired in January 2006, and now he fields more offers than he has time to write. Current projects include a musical he's writing with Mariah Carey for HBO based on her album "All I Want for Christmas," an independent feature based on Pico Iyer's novel "Cuba and the Night" that he's been developing since 1994, an adaptation of a young-adult novel called "Define 'Normal' " for Lifetime, and a "Hard Day's Night"-style romp starring Oreskaband, a real-life ska band made up of six teenage Japanese girls.

Despite Hollywood's notorious fixation on youth, if someone now wants to make a film that appeals to music-minded teens, apparently fiftysomething Peter Barsocchini looks like the one most likely to succeed.


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A more reliable source (anythings better than the enquirer)

Owen Wilson Hospitalized? 

Owen Wilson Photo by: BAUER-GRIFFIN
Owen Wilson Hospitalized? | Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson's parents and brothers were seen at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Sunday night amid reports Wilson was hospitalized.

Santa Monica police issued a statement saying officers responded to a "medical assistance call" at a house on Wilson's street shortly after noon Sunday. A source confirmed the house was Wilson's.

"The person was transported to a local hospital where they are being treated," the police statement said.

According to media reports, it was Wilson who was transported.

Later in the evening, Wilson's brothers Andrew and Luke, as well as his parents, were seen at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles.

Wilson's rep didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

Wilson, who stars in the upcoming Wes Anderson movie The Darjeeling Limited, is currently filming the comedy Tropic Thunder, directed by Wilson's friend Ben Stiller. 

Sick Vick Will Scramble Into Court Today

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Michael Vick will go one-on-one with a federal judge today at 10:30 AM ET, and will admit that he's guilty of being part of a group that killed dogs for sport.

The Atlanta Falcons quarterback -- who once told ESPN that he was an animal lover -- filed a plea in court Friday where he admitted to helping kill eight pit bulls, and gambled on fights between dogs.

The NFL has already suspended him indefinitely and without pay. Vick could also get as much as five years in prison for the charges.

Developing story...


Michael Vick's supporters and detractors showed up early here this morning to see the Falcons quarterback plead guilty in his federal dogfighting case.

Steve Stanaway stood in line to get into the federal courthouse, wearing a black T-shirt with the words "My Dog Hates Michael Vick." His Chihuahua, Dinky, hung by his side, barking.

"He is a thug. That is the best thing I can say in public," said Stanaway, a pipe-fitter, who graduated from the same high school as Vick in Newport News. "I have other words but I can keep them to myself."

Near the back of the line sat Shawn Dodson, who showed up with his wife, Sheila, to support Vick. Dodson is wearing his white No. 7 Vick jersey.

"I respect him more for coming forth and pleading his guilt and accepting responsibility," said Dodson, a cook from Lynchburg, Va.

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Source: TMZ, Atlanta Journal

Painfully thin Renee Zellweger continues her disappearing act

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Click above for bigger picture

Renee Zellweger seems to have taken the old adage that you can never be too thin or too rich one step too far.

The Hollywood actress appears to have upped the ante on her reported 2-hour daily workouts to lose even more weight off her already tiny frame.

The 38-year-old was attending a Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers concert in New York at the weekend where her bony (albeit muscly) legs were on show thanks to an above-the-knee smock dress and strappy high heels.

Her painfully thin look is a dramatic about-turn for the star who famously had to gain two stone for her role in Bridget Jone's Diary and the 2004 sequel The Edge of Reason.

At the time she said: "One doughnut does not do a thing. You've got to eat 20 a day for at least five weeks to get results."

Renee has attracted her fair share of scrutiny over her gaining - and then loss of - weight which has seen her couture-size body become increasingly muscled and lean.

The famously private star refuses to be drawn on her dietary habits.

"It saddens me every day when people come up and say, 'OK, how did you lose that weight?'," Renee said after playing the eponymous Ms Jones the first time round.

"I can't speak about it because I am not an authority on weight loss. I am just not.

"I am not challenged with a medical situation that's weight-related and that I need to pay attention to".

Source: Daily Mail
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More Jon Stewart please

Funnyman Jon Stewart had his hands full with his son Nathan this weekend as they were spotted leaving “Pecan” in TriBeCa after having lunch together. Check out Nathan showing dad what’s what as the eager 4 year-old showed of his wheelie skills.

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I love Jon Stewart so much. The man is hot, funny, and smart.


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"HEROES" Global Tour
Munich, Germany
Milo Ventimiglia, Adrian Pasdar, Hayden Panettiere, Jack Coleman
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BTW, Masi Oka and James Kyson Lee ("Ando") host a rerun tonight of one of my favorite eps, "Six Months Ago" (Episode #10), which shows what everyone was doing before they were Heroes. Tonight at 9pm on NBC.

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Two nannies who were working for David and Victoria Beckham have walked out on the demanding couple. Zara, from New Zealand, had been employed by the pair for over a year, while Londoner Claire lasted six months. Both decided to quit after no longer being able to handle the way 'bossy' Posh treated them. A source told the News of the World:

"You'd imagine it's a dream job working for celebrities like that in California. But these two trained professionals said it was a nightmare. They complained Victoria spoke down to them, her mother Jackie bossed them about and they felt like dogsbodies."

Zara and Claire were paid to look after the Beckham's three children, but Victoria would still order them to cook and clean whenever she pleased. Another insider added:

"Both girls ended up having to cook and clean up for all the family. Victoria and Jackie constantly nagged and ordered them about. Some days they were on the go from 6am to midnight. The pay was OK but they just got sick of it."

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FIRST LOOK: Whoopi's New View Cast Photo

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PEOPLE got a sneak preview of the first official shots of the new cast of The View – minus one Rosie, and plus one Whoopi.

Print ads for the new season, featuring new moderator Whoopi Goldberg and a soon-to-depart-for-maternity-leave Elisabeth Hasselbeck, will start appearing later this week, and preparations are well underway for Whoopi's big first day when the show's 11th season kicks off live on ABC Sept. 4 at 11 a.m.

A source close to the show tells PEOPLE that Whoopi had her dressing room at the NYC studio painted a simple off-white. And all of her personal furniture for the dressing room just arrived Monday morning.

But given Rosie's tumultuous exit last spring, the big question on everyone's mind is how this group of ladies will get along. If their first official photo shoot is any indication, "They were laughing and joking around with each other," says an ABC insider.

And Whoopi's quick wit kept 'em all in stitches. During one group shot where all four ladies were linked arm-in-arm, side-by-side, someone watching the shoot yelled out "You all look great. Like Sex and the City, and Whoopi responded, 'More like The Wizard of Oz," says a source. The whole room broke out into laughter.

As for whether or not ABC is still looking to add a permanent fifth panelist, sources at ABC say yes, but there are no immediate plans to do so – and it could take a while to find the right person. In fact, no one even seems to be talking about it right now. "Right now, it's all about Whoopi," the ABC insider says.

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Fashion Faceoff: Kelly vs. Ashley

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A couple of weeks ago, we asked you Who ruled the red carpet: Ashley or Vanessa? And the strapless BCBG dress that Ashley Tisdale wore to the premiere of High School Musical 2 had many, many fans. Well, it looks like Kelly Clarkson agreed with you, because she wore the exact same handkerchief hemmed number last night to the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles. To finish the look, both ladies kept it simple, wearing only a single bracelet and sparkling heels. It’s a tough decision, but we know you can make it: Tell us, who wore their BCBG dress better? Kelly or Ashley?

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Gyllenhaal = GAY?

I received an e-mail last week that I decided to further investigate, regarding the sexuality of actor Jake Gyllenhaal. The e-mail came from a man who is in the entertainment industry that has worked closely with Gyllenhaal and others. Read the e-mail in "" below.

"Jake Gyllenhaal has been dating the same guy for years. Last year Jake and his bf were arrested and brought into the West Hollywood station after the sheriffs office was called after catching Jake and his bf having sex in an SUV behind the restaurant Chin Chins in LA. Both were later released.

Jake has been dating this guy for years, even before he broke up with Kirsten Dunst. Kirsten Dunst found out about his bf and confronted him at Chateau Marmont. The confrontation was loud and they broke up right there. News of their break-up followed a few days later. Jake and his bf are currently expecting a baby through a surrogate. They used a company based in Westwood, CA. The baby is due in September.

I'm pretty surprised you haven't heard. It's the worst kept secret in Hollywood. Jake publicly walks around holding hands and kissing his bf in public on both coasts and even vacations with him. Pictures have even circulated around the internet. I've seen them. "
After speaking to some of those in Hollywood, it seems Jake's personal life has been no real secret. So why not just come out and live your life as you are? What is the problem with being true to yourself in today's America and living the life you desire?
There have been conflicting reports of who the 'bf' may actually be. Above is three photo's of guys that it may possibly be. Perez Hilton and many others have hinted to Jake's sexuality but never have come out with the actually 'story.' Jake Gyllenhaal has been linked with actor Austin Nichols and Chef Chris Fischer. There is also another gentleman he has been linked to. I am certain by days end I will have the name of who the 'bf' really is and will update you.
"Image is everything for those in the public eye and they are always under scrutiny. Many pretend to lead a life in the public that is quite different from their actual life. Maintaining a favorable persona is an intricate part in dictating the future of one's career. Accordingly, many public figures prefer to keep their personal lives private, but many times that task is difficult to preserve"
Then there are the other Hollywood men I have learned for a FACT have indeed been sexually involved with other men:

Vin Diesel
Keanue Reeves
Matt Dallas (Ex Story Coming Soon.)

Source: JJ's Blog

Emily Blunt's Speech Impediment

Actress Emily Blunt is a member of a group of Hollywood stars who battle a stutter. The Devil Wears Prada star has discovered she's not alone, and a number of A-listers suffer the same difficulty. The fiery actress says:

"I know many actors who have stutters. Bruce Willis has one. James Earl Jones too. I still get it now when I'm under stress or if I have to repeat myself. At one time it was so disabling I was frightened it would never leave me."

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Actress Sophia Bush stopped to talk to reporters at yesterday’s Teen Choice Awards where she won three awards- Choice Movie Actress: Horror/Thriller for The Hitcher, Choice Movie Actress: Comedy for John Tucker Must Die and Choice Movie Breakout: Female, but had little to say when asked what she thought about Kevin Federline’s guest-starring role on her show One Tree Hill. “I haven’t met him,” she insisted. “I know nothing about him and it’s rude to judge a book by its cover, so I don’t have any comment about that. I know nothing about it. We shoot in North Carolina. Apparently he auditioned here in LA, so I’ve had not even a moment’s contact with him.”

Sophia did, however, perk up considerably when discussing who she wanted to see most at the show. “I can’t wait to see Rihanna,” she cooed, seemingly unaware that the Barbadian beauty was not in attendance. “I have such a girl crush on her. She’s just the coolest. If I could be like anybody it would be her. So I’m gonna geek out over that, definitely.”

After missing out on her opportunity to “geek out” to Rihanna, Sophia came backstage and shared an interesting fact about herself. “Most people would be surprised to find out that I don’t own a small dog. I own a one-eyed pitbull and a 152-pound French mastiff. That would surprise most people. My one-eyed pitbull is a rescue… And out of all the animals that frequent the set where I work, he’s the best with babies, he’s the best with kids. And you wouldn’t expect a dog who weighs 152 pounds and looks like a gremlin on steroids to be a lapdog. It’s always nice to surprise people.” Sophia added that her dogs, Patch and Ozzie, are with her on the set of her show “all the time”.

Attempting to give a damn

Charlie Sheen Day With Kids "Ruined" by Denise's "Spy"

Charlie Sheen did his best to enjoy a day at the beach on Saturday despite the presence of an unwelcome guest: a court-ordered escort who happened to be an assistant to his ex-wife Denise Richards.

"Here is my and Brooke's weekend with [daughters Sam and Lola] being sullied by one of her spies," Sheen told PEOPLE during an exclusive interview at "Kids Connection" – an Art of Elysium benefit at the French Connection Beach House hosted by Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy in Malibu.

Sheen, 41, showed up to the beach front party with his girls, fiancée Brooke Mueller, 30, and Richards's assistant in tow "because a real nanny was unavailable."

"That is the thing I have to put a stop to. I can't spend quality time – times I'm never going to get again – quite frankly being observed by a perfect stranger," Sheen said of the escort chosen to oversee his visit with his girls due to current custodial arrangements with Richards, 36, which he is battling.

The actor has hopes the situation will get sorted out by the courts soon so that he can further pursue an "unpolluted relationship with my children" with the help of Mueller. "It's a very loving, safe, comforting, supportive, nurturing environment for these children," he added. "Brooke and I are incredibly stable."

"We go to malls, to movies, to parks – we just try to keep it interesting," he said. "We have stuff at the house that they are really excited about that isn't double what they have at [Denise's] so when they come to my place, it's special."

At the party it was painting, cookies and dancing that had Sam, 3, and Lola, 2, excited in front of their dad, who spent time chatting with "old friend" Shields and mingling with event organizers.

Mueller said the kids had a blast at the party. "They played games, loved the arts and crafts, kids band and all of the food," she said. "We stayed for quite awhile and made a day of it." Adding: We all ate too much!"

Legal issues aside, Sheen concluded that his family day was "fabulous." "It's one of those gifts," he said. "We are out with the kids and supporting what matters."


Michael Jackson Whacked by Judgment

Michael Jackson might as well be singing "Lean on Me" these days but calling it "Lien on Me."

Jackson has just had another lien placed on his two primary residences, Neverland Valley Ranch in Los Olivos, Calif., and his parents’ home on Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino, Calif.

F. Marc Schaffel, Jackson’s former business partner and a sometime gay porno producer, won a judgment against Jackson two weeks ago in Santa Monica for $559,305.25. This was one of the outcomes of a lawsuit Schaffel brought against Jackson in November 2004 for $4 million.

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I think it's funny that the amount awarded ended in $0.25... it's funny or I'm just extremely bored.
wreckin ur vag

I guess it wasn't so srs after all.

Hulk Hogan's son now home after car accident

Clearwater, Florida - Hulk Hogan was on the scene Sunday night after a crash involving his son and another man. Clearwater police say Hogan's son, whose real name is Nick Bollea, lost control of his Toyota Supra around 7:30 p.m.

Clearwater Police said Nick's injuries are non-life threatening. Today, he's at home recovering.

Bollea and another male passenger were extricated from the car by paramedics and airlifted to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg.

Clearwater Police say his passenger, 22-year-old John Graziano of Dunedin, is in critical condition.

Witnesses say the Supra was racing a silver Dodge Viper at the time, but police say it's too early to know for sure what led to the crash.

No charges have been filed.

A Clearwater police sergeant heard the crash and was the first to respond to the scene. Paramedics in the area arrived just minutes later.

Court Street remained closed to all traffic until 12:30 a.m

Nick is 17 years old. He is part of his father's reality show "Hogan Knows Best." The family recently moved back to Clearwater from South Florida.

J Williams

Since there is never enough Bollywood news. Guard in trouble for hugging Dutt

Sanjay Dutt being released from a prison in India

A police prison guard in India has been suspended after he hugged Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt as he was being released from jail, officials say.

Eight other constables who shook hands with Dutt as he emerged from jail near Mumbai (Bombay) on bail last week have also been told to explain themselves.

Television channels showed the police guards smiling and greeting the star after his 22 days of incarceration.

He was jailed for buying weapons from bombers who attacked Mumbai in 1993. 

Dutt was given temporary bail from the high security Yerwada prison - in the city of Pune, 160km (100 miles) south-east of Mumbai - by the Supreme Court last week.

He is the most high-profile of 100 people convicted in connection with the blasts which killed 257 people.

He was cleared of conspiracy, but found guilty of illegally possessing a rifle and a pistol.

Rules broken

After the TV pictures emerged, the jail authorities announced the formation of a departmental inquiry.

"This action amounts to violation of prison rules and decorum as they were seen being friendly with a convicted criminal," Rajendra Dhamne, the chief of the prison in Pune, told the Reuters news agency.

Mr Dhamne said prison guards were expected to treat Dutt like any other convict.

Dutt is now in Mumbai, where he lives with his family.

The actor's release was ordered on the grounds that a copy of the judgement, passed by the special anti-terror court in Mumbai, was yet to reach the actor.

But the court specified that the measure was a temporary one.

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I use to think he was cute...not so much anymore.


Pictures of the Mumbai Bombings.

Little Miss Sunshine- Dwayne Smiling

Bowden... in?

Fox's Great American Band Search Names Host, Judges

Fresh from Fox:

"Singer/songwriter John Rzeznik (the Goo Goo Dolls), legendary percussionist and performer Sheila E. ('The Glamorous Life,' 'A Love Bizarre') and Australian TV personality Ian 'Dicko' Dickson (Australian Idol) will serve as judges while Dominic Bowden (New Zealand Idol) hosts The Next Great American Band, premiering Friday, Oct. 19 on Fox.

"From the auditions, the judges will narrow down the hopefuls to 10 semifinalist bands who will perform weekly in front of a live studio audience. The judges will have their say after each performance, but viewers will vote for their favorite bands to determine who stays in the competition. Voting begins immediately after each show, and the results will be announced at the beginning of the following episode.

"Each week, the bands will perform either original music or covers of varied styles. The season finale brings the ultimate battle of the bands, with the last three groups competing to secure a contract with 19 recordings and the title of Next Great American Band."


Wow, so they're really having to drudge up people, huh? I've never heard of any of them except for John Rzeznik. Is that bad?
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Exclusive: Paris Hilton Sets The Record Straight

Last year as we know had many ups and downs for Britney. She gave birth to Jayden James, filed for divorce from Kevin Federline, and began taking her "new found freedom a bit too far," as she put it on her official website back in December of last year. In that same letter to her fans, Britney explained that she was just looking for a good time after the split: "It's been so long since I've been out on the town with friends." In comes Paris Hilton, celebutante and fashion extraordinaire.

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Musical acts on TV this week

Pop Acts On TV This Week
Posted on Monday, August 27 @ 03:53:11 CDT by MusicMan

Pop acts on television this week include Aly & AJ, who co-host 'Total Request Live' all week;

Feist, who performs on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on Monday;

Colbie Caillat, who performs on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' on Monday;

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, who perform on 'The Tonight Show' on Tuesday;

Mandy Moore, who visits 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Wednesday;

Mat Kearney, who performs on 'The Tonight Show' on Wednesday;

Elliott Yamin, who visits 'The Sauce' on Thursday.


Rock Acts On TV This Week
Posted on Monday, August 27 @ 03:55:37 CDT by MusicMan

Rock acts on television this week include The Almost, who perform on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on Tuesday;

Rob Zombie, who co-hosts 'The Sauce' on Tuesday with his wife Sheri Moon on Tuesday;

Okkervil River, who perform on 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' on Tuesday;

Against Me!, who perform on 'The Late Show with David Letterman' on Wednesday;

Eisley, who perform on 'Late Night' on Thursday;

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Flight of the Conchords: Be more constructive with your feedback, please

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As a TV series, Flight of the Conchords makes an excellent Youtube clip. Albi the Racist Dragon, Hiphopopotamus v Rhymenoceros, Business Time, The Humans are Dead, Bowie Song - those songs are some of the best comedy bits of the year.
But that's all they are: bits. The problem is that Conchords' bits work great but as a whole the show has become achingly repetitive. Back in June, when it began, rashly I opined in the Post that Conchords was "about to become the next big thing in television comedy." And while it has become a cult hit, its originality isn't so original anymore. Watch one episode, you think it's great. Watch all 10, you won't be slavering for No. 11.
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i totally see this guys point. the radio series [the original] remain the better of the two.




TMZ has obtained the following statement from Owen Wilson:

"I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time."

It wasn't known why the 38-year-old actor was hospitalized, but a neighbor said a police car, fire truck and ambulance were outside Wilson's gated house around noon Sunday.

"These guys were kind of taking their time taking a stretcher out of the ambulance, then they went into the house," said neighbor Geoffry White, 61, who lives directly across the street.

A spokesman for Wilson said a statement would be released later Monday.

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I still don't think everyone should jump to conclusions with this. It has yet to be confirmed that he did indeed attempt suicide. Let's just wait until the facts become more clear.
J Williams

Bollywood Men Turning Into Hollywood It Girls

Salman Khan leaves Mumbai on 25 August

Bollywood star Salman Khan has been placed under police arrest in India after a Rajasthan court upheld a prison sentence passed upon him for poaching.

Khan had asked the court to overturn a five-year jail term, issued in 2006 for hunting a protected gazelle in 1998.

The actor was arrested when he arrived in Jodhpur, a day after the ruling.

He had flown in from his home in Mumbai (Bombay) - where he said that as a responsible citizen he intended to surrender - and was mobbed by fans.

Khan's lawyers have told reporters the actor will appeal against the sentence in a higher court. 

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Aamir Khan>Shahrukh Khan>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Salman Khan

This guy should have been put in jail  immediately after the hit and run, since he was drunk.  I guess fame and knowing the right people can get you out of almost anything. I wonder who is going to get arrested next.

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An update to this post.

A "Spider-Man" fan was busted Sunday night for allegedly breaking into the swanky Soho Grand suite of, Kirsten Dunst, and helping a buddy rob her pad.

James Jimenez, 33, a Manhattan auto mechanic with a lengthy rap sheet, was charged with burglary and grand larceny after showing up at the First Precinct to talk to cops and his lawyer, police said.

He's accused of helping Jarrod Beinerman slip into Dunst's penthouse Aug. 9 and swipe her $13,000 Marc Jacobs handbag, $2,500 in cash, cameras and an iPod. Beinerman was busted last week and may have fingered his buddy.

Dunst, who plays Spidey's love interest in the "Spider-Man" flicks, wasn't home at the time of the heist.

Jimenez's lawyer, John Bostany, told The Post that his client denies knowing anything about the theft.


Britney Targeted in Child Abuse Investigation

TMZ has learned Britney Spears is being investigated for possible child abuse.

An unscheduled hearing was held today at L.A. County Superior Court. Present -- Britney's lawyer, Dennis Wasser, K-Fed's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan and a lawyer from the Los Angeles County Counsel who is assigned to the dependency court.

We do not know the specifics of the allegations but we're told the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services is conducting an active investigation.

A hearing in the custody case has been scheduled for September 4, which will be a follow up to today's appearance.

A rep for Britney did not immediately return our request for comment.

Amy Winehouse
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Wentworth Miller got a new boyfriend & it's TR Knight's Ex

Wentworth Miller hangs out actor pal Luke McFarlane in Los Angeles on Saturday.

According to spywitnesses, the pair first avoided being photographed together, but eventually walked down the street together with a smile.

Wentworth, 35, and Luke, 27, started their day off together by visiting printing store Kinko’s, where the Prison Break star surfed the web.

Afterwards the pair grabbed some drinks from Starbucks and headed to a small art gallery in Culver City. Finally, Went and Luke went to the In-N-Out Burger drive-thru and called it a day.

McFarlane is the ex-boyfriend of Grey’s Anatomy star TR Knight.

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Falcons Won't Sack Piece of Shit Vick

In a press conference, Falcons owner Arthur Blank said that while he's "profoundly disappointed and saddened" by Vick's action, the team is not willing to throw Vick to the dogs.

"We cannot tell you today that Michael is cut from the team," said Blank. "It may feel better emotionally, but it's not in the long term best interest of our franchise."

Blank added, "If we had any idea this was going on ... we would have dealt with it immediately."


Here's news, dumb fucks: You can deal with it NOW.


A lot of people have been pointing out that with the way the NFL works, the only way for the Falcons to recoup the 22 million signing bonus Vick has recieved would be to officially keep him on the roster. This is supported here:

"The fact Vick remains on the team's roster may be the best indication of the plans. For the team to make a legal claim to recovering money under the CBA, Vick must remain on the roster, even though he is suspended. "

So hope that this dirtbag will never play again is kept alive.
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Fuck Alias; You'll always be Jack Bourdain to me.

Cameron Diaz and Bradley Cooper Dating?

Be still my beating Bradley Cooper-loving heart.

Sources close to Bradley and Cameron Diaz tell me that the two have been dating the past couple weeks. Pretty adorable, no?

Bradley's rep insists that it is "not true" that the two are dating. However, insiders tell me that Cameron and Bradley have been busy sending flirty text messages to each other throughout the day and spending quite a bit of time together.

This news comes on the heels of rumors in recent months regarding Cam's post-Justin love life, including rumblings that she was romantically tied to Criss Angel, David de Rothschild and John Mayer. (Cameron turns 35 this Thursday.)

Bradley, 32, filed for divorce from his wife of four months, Jennifer Esposito, in May. He is currently working on a movie with Sandra Bullock called All About Steve (he is Steve) and also scored a leading role in He's Just Not That into You.

A big A-list movie career and an A-list movie-star flirtation? Alias fans, I do believe our wittle Will Tippin is all growed up!


I love me some Cooper... but fuck Cameron Diaz. You breaks me heart, babes.

Emmy presenters announced

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Recently announced presenters for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards:
  • Steve Carell ("The Office")
  • Kyle Chandler ("Friday Night Lights")
  • the cast of “Entourage"
  • Kelsey Grammer ("Back to You," new FOX show)
  • Patricia Heaton ("Back to You," new FOX show)
  • Katherine Heigl ("Grey's Anatomy")
  • Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes")
  • Jimmy Smits ("Cane," new CBS show)
  • Jon Stewart ("The Daily Show")
  • Kiefer Sutherland ("24")
  • Kate Walsh ("Private Practice," new ABC show)
The show, hosted by Ryan Seacrest (“American Idol"), will broadcast live from Los Angeles’ historic Shrine Auditorium, Sunday, September 16 (8:00-11:00 ET Live/ PT tape delayed) on FOX. Source

Keanu Reeves to star in sci-fi remake

Keanu Reeves has signed on to star in 20th Century Fox’s remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. The Matrix star will play Klaatu (played in the original film by Michael Rennie), an alien who arrives on Earth accompanied by a large humanoid robot named Gort, with a warning to world leaders that their continued aggression will lead to annihilation by species watching from afar. Klaatu is famous in part due to the phrase “Klaatu barada nikto!” used in the film and its re-use in the Bruce Campbell cult film Army of Darkness.

The remake will be directed by Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Hellraiser: Inferno) from a script by David Scarpa (The Last Castle). Fox if fast-tracking the film into production for a late 2007 or early 2008 start (presumably before the proposed strike in March). The studio hopes to make this a huge tentpole film.

The original 1951 Robert Wise film was considered one of the best Science Fiction films of all time (#7 on Arthur C Clarke’s List) and was debated for it’s religious symbolism and many interpretations. Bernard Herrmann score is also notable, partly because of its use of two theremins. The film is currently ranked #167 of all time on IMDb, with a 8.1 rating.

A remake has been rumored to be in development for a few years now. I believe I first heard rumblings back when War of the Worlds went into production. It will be interesting to see how this story will be handled in contemorary times, with good special effects. Will the charm be lost?


PS -- You can watch the original on Google.
part of the weekend never dies


DESCHANEL: "The sad truth about dogfighting"

Emily Deschanel, right, with sister Zooey

Editor's note: Emily Deschanel is an actress and animal rights activist. She's a spokesperson for the Humane Society of the United States and currently stars in the TV series "Bones." She's also appeared in movies such as "Glory Road," "Spiderman 2" and "Cold Mountain."

LOS ANGELES, California -- Like most decent Americans, I have been sickened by the Michael Vick dogfighting debacle. There can be no excuse for torturing and abusing man's best friend -- forcing dogs to fight to the death, under penalty of death. That a high-profile athlete like Vick carried this out in the name of "sport" makes it all the more disgusting.

If any good can be gleaned from the Michael Vick situation, it may be an increased public awareness of dogfighting and the need to stop this sickening spectacle. Since Vick's indictment, animal control agencies across the country have reported a sharp increase in the number of calls about dogfighting.

While the outcome of the Vick case is a great victory against dogfighting, there is still much to be done. Although Vick's dogfighting operation has been dismantled, it was only one of countless thousands of such operations across the country, where dogs suffer untold horrors at the hands of their handlers.

Now that we have strong laws in place, it's time to tackle dogfighting at its roots.

Unfortunately, legions of today's youths are being sold the lie that fighting dogs is a way to prove their bravery and machismo. This twisted mind-set is marketed by certain forces of popular culture, from high-rolling rap artists who boast about their pit bulls' prowess to millionaire sports stars like Vick.

As a result, the scourge of street dogfighting has infiltrated virtually every urban area across the country. Gang members and street thugs seek street cred by showing they have the baddest dogs on the block.

Although less organized than the larger-scale, professional dogfighting operations run by big shots like Vick, the street dogfighting carried out in dark basements and back alleys is no less brutal. Dogs are beaten, abused and goaded into aggression and then set upon each other in duels to the death. Poor fighters are an embarrassment to their owners and are killed by brutal means.

Compounding the tragedy is the fact that even if these dogs are rescued from their abusers, happy endings are few and far between. Most rescued fighting dogs have been selectively bred for such extreme aggression to other dogs that -- even while they are loving toward people -- they cannot be safely adopted into the community. Sadly, humane euthanasia is their only option.

I have heard it said that the while Americans may find the Vick case compelling, it's inconsequential to society at large, and we should be worrying about larger issues. I have heard others complain that Vick's victims were "just dogs," and that Americans' outrage is overblown.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The outcome of the Vick case has far-reaching implications for the dogfighting world and therefore, community safety overall.

Because violence breeds violence, dogfighting endangers communities wherever it occurs. Aside from hurting animals, it nurtures a violent mind-set that makes it easier for people to brutalize other people. The results of a recent Chicago Police Department study bear this out: Of those arrested for animal crimes, including dogfighting, 65 percent had past arrests for battery.

These statistics, coupled with the sheer moral turpitude involved in torturing our canine companions to death, should be enough motivation for Americans to accept that dogfighting is no sport. It's a social scourge that we all must take part in fighting.


Bitch is so fine it makes my head hurt. And it certainly helps that her heart is in the right place, too. ILY Emily.
go go disco!


Star Jones and her wig brusher purse designer shoe repairman husband Al Reynolds in the Hamptons. Al puts all you Walmart & Target bitches to SHAME. I wish I was that color coordinated.


Dani from ANTM is modeling for Lane Bryant. Apparently toothpicks swimming in ugly ass clothes = good ad campaign.

A Hot Mess

utada + anime

Utada Hikaru, the most well-known Jpop artist in the States, will release her double a-side single, Beautiful World/Kiss & Cry, on Wednesday. Beautiful World is the theme to the new Neon Genesis Evangelion movie, Rebuild of Evangelion, one of the biggest anime franchises in the world.

Here's a preview of the PV, which is a collection of clips from the new movie:

Hikaru's other a-side, Kiss & Cry, is the theme to the Nissin Cup Noodle anime, FREEDOM.

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Zac's pants pump gas

Zac Efron swirls his car keys around and flashes photographers a smile as he pumps gas into his dented Oldsmobile Alero at a Beverly Hills gas station on Saturday.

The 19-year-old High School Musical star has recently been tapped to host the 2007 Nickelodeon Australian Kids Choice Awards in October, along with sister singing duo The Veronicas.

“I’m so excited to be coming to Australia to host Nicks Kids Choice Awards,” Zac said. “I can’t wait to get down there and slime all the Aussie kids - it’s going to be a blast.”

Zac and his High School castmates are expected to open tonight’s Teen Choice Awards. Tune in tonight @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX!

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I just got back from kayaking and I feel like I ran a marathon! I also think I just melted hot.


CD and DVD New Releases

It's Monday, which means tomorrow is Tuesday(sometimes). Or here in the music industry its called "New Release Tuesday" . Here are the cds and dvds being released tomorrow.

  • Aesop Rock "None Shall Pass"
  • Paul Anka "Classic Songs, My Way" (guests: Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé)
  • Atreyu "Lead Sails Paper Anchor"
  • Rick Braun/Richard Elliot "RnR"
  • Dee Dee Bridgewater "Red Earth - A Malian Journey"
  • Caedmon's Call "Overdressed"
  • Johnny Cash "The Legend of Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire Vol. II"
  • Casting Crowns "The Altar and the Door"

  • Circus Devils (led by former Guided By Voices bandmates Robert Pollard and Todd Tobias) "Sgt. Disco"
  • Chipmunks, The "Greatest Hits"
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  • 3:10 to Yuma (Special Edition) ~ Glenn Ford, Van Heflin, Felicia Farr, and Leora Dana
  • Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe "An Evening of Yes Music Plus [DVD]"
  • Air Guitar Nation
  • A Night at the Roxbury: Special Collector's Edition [DVD]" (1998 film
  • "Blades of Glory [DVD]"
  • The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros
  • A Dance to the Music of Time
  • Dane Cook - The Lost Pilots
  • The Crocodile Dundee Triple Feature
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LUNA SEA announces reunion concert

Japanese rock legends Luna Sea announced plans today for a one-night reunion concert on Christmas Eve.

One of the most popular and influential Japanese rock bands of all time, Luna Sea's seven album, 11-year run ended in December of 2000 with THE FINAL ACT, a two-day final performance at Tokyo Dome.

Earlier this month their website was updated with a mysterious countdown which would reach zero today, coinciding with a lunar eclipse. There was fan speculation over a possible new album or reunion tour being announced when the countdown reached zero. This afternoon the website was updated with the announcement for a one-day reunion concert, entitled God Bless You ~One Night Déjàvu~, that will take place this Christmas Eve at Tokyo Dome.

No further details about the concert, or any plans for a full tour, have been released.

source: Luna Sea official site and me!

i know not many of you probably care but this is seriously intense. Luna Sea is one of the greatest Japanese rock bands of all time -- they're absolutely amazing, and it thrills me beyond belief that they are doing this. now i just have to save up a few thousand dollars to jet to Tokyo on Christmas... hmmm.
Solskjaer by shotglass_icons

you are my Solskjaer, my Ole Solskjaer

Manchester United favourite Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has retired due to a knee injury, according to Sky Sports News.

Solskjaer will be forever remembered in United folklore for scoring the dramatic winner in the UEFA Champions League final against Bayern Munich in 1999.

That goal was one of almost 130 he scored for The Red Devils after joining from Molde in a £1.5million transfer 11 years ago.

He made over 360 appearances for the club, but recent seasons have been blighted by injury.

The 34-year-old did maintain a level of fitness last season, scoring 11 goals as United won the title and reached the FA Cup final.

But he did not figure during the pre-season campaign after undergoing a knee operation over the summer.

This was expected to be his final season as a player at Old Trafford, but he has now decided to announce his retirement.

Solskjaer's decision to quit could prompt Sir Alex Ferguson to rethink his attacking options prior to the close of the transfer window.

Along with Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez and Louis Saha, Solskjaer was expected to form part of Ferguson's plans up front.

But the United manager may now require further reinforcements in attack, having been linked with Bolton Wanderers' forward Nicolas Anelka.



i really thought he'd pop up now and then for one more season. i think i could say i'm devastated.

Circus Tour

hsm rules the world

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The crowds went wild for teen pin-up ZAC EFRON and the cast of "High School Musical 2" Sunday night, as the Teen Choice '07 Awards took over Los Angeles, and many of the TV hit's stars walked the red carpet.

Even an opening spoof of the smash movie -- dubbed "High School Musical's 50th Reunion" and featuring grey-haired elderly men dancing in tank tops and shorts -- couldn't dampen the audience's enthusiasm.

"'High School Musical' started two years ago and the only reason we're up here today is because of you guys, thank you very much!" Zac said as the cast accepted their first award for Choice TV Movie. Zac laid to rest the rumors of fighting within the cast telling ET " Yeah we all got together and laughed about it. We're so young and new to this whole thing there's no room for fighting."

Teenage girls screamed for days as Zac took the stage twice early in the show. He was also voted Choice Hottie, along with JESSICA ALBA, who joked, "I was pigeontoed, I was cross-eyed, I sucked my thumb. Look at me now! ... And I get to stand next to gorgeous boys like this one."

His co-star VANESSA HUDGENS was also crowned Choice Music Breakout Female Artist.

The stars gushed to ET about why being apart of The Teen Choice Awards was so special to them. Jessica Alba gave all the credit to the kids saying "We love the kids. They're the ones who go to the movies over and over again." Tween queen HILARY DUFF said, " I like that it's really laid back."

Duff co-hosted the event with teen heartthrob NICK CANNON. Hilary is certainly no stranger to the Teen Choice Awards. She hosted them once before in 2005 and has received a total of 11 Teen Choice nominations over the years for her work in TV, film and music.

Among the categories that sets this awards show apart from other ceremonies include Choice Sidekick, Choice Rumble and Choice Chemistry. Celebrities on-stage included JESSICA ALBA, DANE COOK, the cast of 'Superbad,' ANNA PAQUIN and ASHLEE SIMPSON.

AMERICA FERRERA (Choice TV Breakout), "Hannah Montana"'s MILEY CYRUS (Choice TV Actress and TV Show, Comedy), SHIA LABEOUF (Choice Movie Breakout and Movie Actor, Horror/Thriller) and even "American Idol"'s SANJAYA MALAKAR (TV Reality/Variety Star) also took home the ceremonial surfboards.

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Info on Ayu's New Single 'Talkin' to Myself'

Ayumi Hamasaki (Japan's equivalent to Madonna), is set to release a new single 'Talkin' to Myself' on September 19. The single has already debuted at #1 on the mu-mo cellphone download charts this week. Hamasaki, who broke the record of Best Selling Female & Solo Japanese Artist in history and 4th Best Selling Japanese Artist of all time with her single 'Glitter/Fated' is set to win top spot in physical sales. Currently the song is used in Panasonic's Lumix commercials.

The commercial:

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Source & Source & Source
clara oswald face pat

Hamasaki Ayumi's latest single's, "glitter/fated," PVs

Ayumi treated her fans late this summer with the release of glitter/fated. The single came out 17 August, and these videos were released shortly thereafter, also included with the single. I'm liking the flowing storyline between the two of them. Not her best, but by no means bad...

Someone was er, kind enough to put English subtitles on the "glitter" video -- no such luck with "fated."

Who? = Since her debut in 1998 with her first single
poker face, she has sold more than 45 million records in Japan alone, with the releases of her eight full-length studio albums, one mini-album, four compilation albums, 41 singles, and several non-studio albums, being the top selling solo and female artist and the fourth top selling Japanese artist in history. With the release of her 40th single Blue Bird, Hamasaki's single sales have passed the 20 million mark, making her the first solo and female singer to reach that milestone.

I know that Asian artists are pretty obscure besides in their country of origin, and not really mentioned much in ONTD, but Ayumi's one of the top selling pop artists in Japan right now. Here's her Wiki article for those of you who're unfamiliar with her. Apparently there's rumor of a new album this year?
PS: I'm sensin' a "Bodyguard" a la Whitney Houston with these videos.
PPS: lol @ my sorry ass if this doesn't get through.
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Nick Hogan Cited for Speeding / Not Wearing Seatbelt 2 Weeks Before Crash

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Wrestler Hulk Hogan's teenage son, who last night crashed his car while apparently racing another vehicle on a Florida street, was cited earlier this month for speeding in a construction zone while workers were present.

Nick Bollea, 17, was nabbed August 10 by Pinellas Park police after his 1998 Toyota was recorded going 82 mph in a 45 mph zone. He was also cited for failing to wear a seatbelt. The infractions occurred at about 10:30 AM on a stretch of U.S. Highway 19, the heavily trafficked corridor for north-south travel in Pinellas County. According to the traffic citations, copies of which you'll find below,

Bollea is scheduled to appear in a St. Petersburg court on September 10 to answer the speeding charge. According to police, Bollea last night lost control of his Toyota Supra and crashed the vehicle on a Clearwater street.

While Bollea was treated at a hospital for his injuries and released, his passenger, 22-year-old John Graziano, remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Bollea stars with his father (real name: Terry Bollea) and other family members in "Hogan Knows Best," a VH1 reality show. The Bollea family recently moved to Pinellas County from Miami Beach.

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Source: The Smoking Gun
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NFL player Travis Henry, who is 28 has 9 children by 9 different women!

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Broncos running back Travis Henry knows the sports world will not be able to resist having fun at his expense. Despite signing a $25M contract with the NFL a few weeks ago, Travis Henry is having trouble paying his 9 baby's mothers. According to a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the NFL running back has been running from his responsibilities for months.

If Steve Garvey had to endure "he's not my Padre" teases for fathering two children out of wedlock with two women, then Henry can expect considerable sarcasm now that it has been revealed he has fathered nine children from nine women.

"People can judge me all they want," Henry said as he watched his team warm up for its preseason game Saturday night against the Cleveland Browns at Invesco Field at Mile High. "But only God can judge me."

Henry's personal life was recently revealed after he received a child-support judgment in a DeKalb County, Ga., court. It's not the first time a professional athlete has been involved in such controversy. Former NBA star Shawn Kemp has seven children with six women and Derrick Thomas, the late linebacker of the Kansas City Chiefs, had seven children with five women.

Nine children with nine women is a new standard.

"A lot of stuff that's been put out there isn't true, but I'm not going to get into that right now," Henry said. "The important thing is I want to take care of my kids really and truly. It's all good."

Henry, out with a first-degree sprain in his left knee, is expected to start in the regular-season opener Sept. 9 against Buffalo, his former team.

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prison mike

Miss South Carolina may redeem herself (with practice)

Don't know much about ... geography?

Lauren Caitlin Upton, Miss South Carolina Teen USA, whose mangled response to a pageant question has become an Internet sensation, will have a second chance to answer it on Tuesday morning's Today show.

"I didn't do anything wrong," she told South Carolina's The State newspaper. "I wasn't expecting [the question]. I lost my train of thought."

She added she "completely misunderstood" the question, which she'll get a second stab at on Today.

The beauty contestant's video on YouTube has received more than 2 million hits thanks to her amazingly off-the-mark answer at Friday night's pageant, when she was queried about why Americans are so bad at geography.

Specifically, she was asked why one-fifth of Americans can't find the United States on a map.

"I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don't have maps," she ventured.

During her meandering response, she also tossed in out-of-the-blue references to "the Iraq" and "Asian countries" and their need for the support of the American educational system in identifying the United States on the map.

Upton is described as a varsity athlete and student leader at Lexington High School, where she graduated in June with a 3.5 GPA.

Despite the on-camera gaffe, Upton finished as third runner-up.
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Cameron Diaz on the set of 'What Happens in Vegas'

Cameron Diaz shoots scenes in New York City from her latest movie ‘What Happens in Vegas.’

was last seen getting busy with John Mayer in New York City last Wednesday. However, there have also been rumors circulating that she has been dating Alias alumnus Bradley Cooper.

And yet Cameron is also reportedly going to Hawaii with Jude Law tomorrow.

With so many men linked to Cameron Diaz, it’s no wonder dubbed her and George Clooney as the hottest singles in Los Angeles.

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Scott Baio Will Stay Hitched to VH1

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Scott Baio will be back on VH1 with another season of "Scott Baio Is 45 . . . and Single" and a new set of issues -- this time, over impending fatherhood.

The first season of the reality show found the former "Charles in Charge" and "Happy Days" star struggling with commitment issues. The finale, which aired at 10:30 p.m. Sunday, showed Baio wrapping his two-month boot camp with his life coach, Doc Ali. At his "graduation party," Baio committed to his relationship with girlfriend Renee by asking her to get married. Renee, in turn, surprised Scott by revealing that she's pregnant.

The new season goes production in the fall and is slated to run with nine episodes (six half-hours and three hourlong installments).

The first season, which debuted July 15, averaged 1.3 million total viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research. It also averaged 1 million in the adults 18-49 demo, ranking it among the top 10 basic cable programs in its time slot.

Source: Yahoo!

Fall Out Boy bottle their friend at Carling Weekend: Reading

Fall Out Boy ripped through a drama-free set this evening at Carling Weekend: Reading, with a covers-heavy set during which they poked fun at the bottling of Panic! At The Disco last year.

Taking to the stage at 5.35pm, the current kings of emo opened with their own song 'Thriller', but later in the set performed a cover of Michael Jackson's 'Beat It'.

Bassist Pete Wentz as usual did much of the between-song talking, referring to last year�' bottling and the 'War On Emo' media storm.

"Who was here at Reading last year?" he asked the crowd. "People are always talking about a war on emo so we've decided we're going to do a cover of our favourite song for you guys", before launching into a medley of Akon's 'Don't Matter' and R Kelly.'s 'Ignition'.

"People were asking us if we were nervous about playing Reading," Wentz continued after the song. "We said no, because people here have always been really hospitable to us. But we don't want be hit in the head with a bottle, because that sucks, so we brought our friend here, and he's going to break a real beer bottle over his head."

The band's pal then appeared on stage and smashed a beer bottle into his forehead, resulting in a bloody nose which dripped as he danced up a storm for the remainder of the set.

"We figured when you come to a festival, it sucks when you don't know any of the songs so we figured we'd do a cover. Scream when you know what song it is, but don't scream before then� Wentz ordered as the band tore into a cover of 'Beat It'.

The band went on to cover Huey Lewis And The Newa's 'The Power Of Love' before wrapping up their set with 'Saturday'.

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Breaking News: Owen Wilson Did Attempt Suicide


Sources tell ET that OWEN WILSON is currently under observation at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

The sources say that for the first 48-72 hours, he'll be under observation. They also tell us that he has a 24-hour nurse or sitter staying with him and that he'll be in the hospital for at least four days.

According to sources, Owen is staying in a ward which is referred to as the "celebrity" unit and has rooms described as suites.

“Extra” has learned from a source close to Owen Wilson that the actor did indeed attempt suicide over the weekend.

The source revealed to “Extra” that Wilson has been depressed for the last few months, but insisted it is not over a broken relationship.

The source also told “Extra” that Wilson’s brother, Luke, found him and that Wilson’s family and friends are shocked.

Well there you have it. It's confirmed.

Utter shock.

Britney Spears is being investigated for child abuse for giving sons alcohol.

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Update on Britney child abuse investigation:

MSNBC is reporting that the allegations that triggered the court hearing are that Spears has given/is giving alcohol to sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. These allegations go hand in hand with accusations that Spears keeps the boys up late - she is said to give them alcohol in their drinks so that they’ll be quiet and sleepy. MSNBC had a legal analyst (whose name I didn’t get) who said that the white strips and the caffeine won’t hold any legal weight, at least in terms of abuse (though it might in terms of custody) but that giving babies alcohol is obviously “a pretty serious charge.”

HSM2 DVD on Sale December 11, 2007...with extras including the "Humuhumunukunukua'pua'a" scene

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"High School Musical 2" comes to DVD and Blu-ray High-Def in an extended edition on December 11, 2007 from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

There's a special bonus musical scene available only on DVD and Blu-ray High-Def, seamlessly integrated into the film, in which audiences can finally see the musical number Troy and Sharpay rehearse in the film but never perform. The scene features Sharpay playing the Pineapple Princess looking for her Fresh Fish Prince in the lavish Polynesian fantasy "Humuhumunukunukua'pua'a," in which Sharpay goes all out to win Troy -- and the Star Dazzle Award at the Midsummer Night's Talent Show. The number is complete with a hip-hop ode to Mighty Mount Fufu.

"High School Musical 2" pops with more of the infectious music, high energy dancing and exuberant young cast that created worldwide "High School Musical"-mania, and brings back Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay and the entire Wildcat gang in another spectacular must-own musical experience! "High School Musical 2: Extended Edition" is packed with bonus material including music videos and sing-along and karaoke features.

Fans of the top-rated Disney Channel Original Movie will want to watch again and again as the gang from East High takes the stage at the local country club summer talent show! Scheming drama queen Sharpay is at the center of intrigue once more, using her influence to get Troy a job at the club in order to make him her singing partner at the annual show. When Troy arranges jobs for Gabriella and the Wildcats too, Sharpay has to do some fancy maneuvering to keep the others off the stage. To get Troy to go along with her plan, she makes him an offer she thinks he can't refuse -- a chance at a college basketball scholarship -- forcing Troy to choose between his friends and his future.

The TV movie was directed and choreographed by Kenny Ortega ("High School Musical," "The Cheetah Girls").

"High School Musical 2: Extended Edition" comes with a grab bag of exclusive-to-DVD and Blu-ray Disc® bonus features, including:

- Sing Along with "High School Musical 2" - On-screen lyrics for all the songs from the movie let viewers join in with their favorite stars.
- "High School Musical" Karaoke - Anyone can be a star with this interactive, highly entertaining bonus feature.
- Rehearsal Cam - An unprecedented opportunity to watch the rehearsal footage in sync with the movie.
- Bloopers - Nobody's perfect and that's half the fun! Watch as the movie's stars try to cover their hilarious missteps.
- Music Videos - Including a performance by popular Canadian artist Nikki Yanovsky singing "Gotta Go My Own Way" in French and English.

"High School Musical 2" premiered on Disney Channel on August 17, and with 17.2 million Viewers, the premiere of "Disney High School Musical 2" now stands as the most-watched cable telecast of all-time, beating TNT's "Crossfire Trail" to become the No. 1 basic cable original movie ever.

The DVD is priced at $29.99 SRP in the U.S. and $35.99 SRP in Canada. The Blu-ray Disc® is priced at $34.99 SRP in the U.S. and $44.99 in Canada.


Fergie doesn't know shit about her own handbag line!

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Fergie-Ferg herself is about to launch a new handbag line called the "FERGIE KIPLING HANDBAG COLLECTION", the singer insists she oversaw every aspect of the creation of her handbag line from the design of the handbags to the paper they'd be wrapped in. Fergie is said to be "very proud" of her handbag line, but tonight it seemed she couldn't tell which handbag in the room was actually hers.

Style network correspondent Mary Rose was interviewing Fergie in front of a towering sneek-preview display of her soon-to-launch handbag line. Fergie described each handbag, pointing out the different prints and fabrics (which included mostly black patent leather straps with blue and green plaid, brown leather, and powerful pink bags that popped). When Fergie was asked which one of the bags was her favorite, Fergie then picked up a rather large, white handbag that was sitting on one of the lower tiers of the tower and said, "I personally love this one. I love how big it is and it's great for shopping." It was then Mary realized Fergie had picked up her white leather Balenciaga tote. Mary smiled, looked at the camera, smiled at Fergie and then laughed and said, "Oh, well this bag is mine! (haha)", Fergie looked at the camera, a bit stunned, laughed, and played the whole thing off as a mistake. Fergies' handbags will be in stores September 1st.

Extra Note: There aren't even ANY white bags in Fergie's handbag line!!

Hah. Proof celebrities don't know their own handbags from anyone elses.

(tried to find clip of the interview but no one has it yet)

Source: Style Network TV
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Barfing From A Slide? Really?

Fergie Fug performed at the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday night and a Dlisted reader caught FF blowing chunks all over the Big Slide. Glamorous.

Here's what my reader said:

Fergie was at the MN State Fair on Saturday night. She had a concert at the main stage. My daughter and I were at the fair walking around, not realizing that she was there until we walked by one of the Radio stations broadcast booth and she was in the booth doing an interview. My daughter was geeked by the thought that she would be able to see Fergie in real life. We tried to see her, but there were too many people. Anyways, a while later my daughter decided that she wanted to go down the "giant slide". We made our way over there and while we were waiting in line on the steps going up to the top of the slide, we look up at the top and there is Fergie with 3-4 big body guard types about to go down the slide. Me and my daughter stood there and watched as the Fug went down the slide...then Fergie gets to the bottom and blows chunks!!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!! They had to close the slide down for about 20-30 minutes to get it cleaned up. She didn't even say sorry or anything, she just got up and her and the bodygaurds left. 2 year olds ride this slide over and over again and have no problem, but the bitch couldnt handle it. Sorry, didn't have my camera on me to get a pic of her blowing chunks.

What is wrong with that girl?! Can't she keep her insides to herself. Damn, dispose of that crap in public. First, the pee and now the vom. Please don't tell me she's going to caca in public next. I just couldn't handle that. Meth turns your insides out.

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since when have songwriter and rapper ever supposed to go together ?

Akon, hip-hop singer and amateur concertgoer tosser, is singing a new tune -- "Sorry, Blame It On Me" -- where he offers apologies for his recent troublesome events -- including lewd dancing at a club in Trinidad with a 14-year-old pastor's daughter, and causing Verizon to dump their sponsorship of Gwen Stefani's tour, reportedly because of Akon's shenanigans. Someone's had a busy summer!

TMZ inside sources reveal that Akon did not pen the song. Say what?! It seems DJ and producer Clinton Sparks actually wrote the entire ballad -- even though his credit is listed as co-writer and producer. Sparks will fly!

This leaves many wondering if Akon's apology is more of a publicity stunt to capitalize on his bad decisions. An insincere apology? From a man who allegedly practices polygamy? Say it ain't so!

anyways ... i never took the song as an apology
the song basically says  ''im not wrong but its okay if you blame even though im not wrong''

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Ben Affleck and daughter Violet were sighted in Brentwood, California today doing some errands. After stopping by the pharmacy at the Brentwood Country Mart, they walked to the car to get on with the rest of the day.

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Suri is still ftw.


David Tennant & John Barrowman interviews, Doctor Who wins award

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"Hellooo," he says, his voice high and lilting, his accent as lovely as a single malt near a crackling fire. "How are ye?"

"I think the doctor is a very sexy dude, really, no matter who's playing him. It's just that the way the show is written nowadays invites girls and women in more than it did before. Russell gives it a kind of emotional heart that it hasn't always had, which means that the stories are still enjoyable to sci-fi or adventure fans, but now they connect with people who like more conventional drama as well."

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A week ago, actor John Barrowman had a chair broken over his back, endured body punches and was dragged across a bar through broken "candy" glass, face down. For him, that's all in a day's work.

"I run an awful lot in this show in boots," says Barrowman, in the patio of a hotel here. "When I'm running they always shoot it full length because they love to see the coat trailing out behind me. And the coat is so heavy that sometimes your feet get caught up in the back of it and it trips you. 'Cut!'"

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BBC One has scooped two awards at the Edinburgh TV Festival, being named terrestrial channel of the year and taking best programme for Doctor Who.

Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson paid tribute to those delegates, saying that to receive the award "from young people coming into this industry is a particular honour".

He also praised the BBC, saying that without it, "Doctor Who would never be made, would never be so good and would never be so well supported".