August 16th, 2007

Beth Ditto scared of Amy....

THE GOSSIP frontman BETH DITTO was terrified of English singer AMY WINEHOUSE - until the pair finally met. Ditto admits Winehouse's feisty, hard-drinking media image had made her wary of speaking to the Rehab hitmaker, but when the pair met, they got on famously. Ditto says, "I really like Amy Winehouse - she's the sweetest girl and her voice is amazing. I used to be scared of her until we met, she was a doll."



New Toothy Tile Blind Vice!

"My most fave Blind Vice boy, Toothy Tile, is getting braver ‘n’ braver: He just hit a gay enclave in Hell-Ay last week, openly doing his b-f, who, by the by, is not at all who everybody thinks he is. Keep up the frolickin’, by all means."


Isn't this the first TT post in a long time? I guess Austin isn't the bf, but I also kind of think Ted is full of shit sometimes.

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Thurston Moore Lines Up Solo Tour

Bon voyage! Thurston Moore's heading out on a vision quest or two in late September and October, when he'll play a handful of dates in support of his second solo joint, Trees Outside the Academy, out September 18 on his Ecstatic Peace label.

Thurston's backing band will consist of Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley, Samara Lubelski (Tower Recordings), Christopher Brokaw (Codeine, Come), and bassist Matt Heyner.

Charalambides' Christina Carter, all over Trees, will be opening the shows, both as herself and as Scorces, her longtime duo Heather Murray.

Extended family's nice and all, but Thurston will go nuclear with Kim and co. on quite a few dates Sonic Youth have on the way themselves.

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Jessica Biel Gets Naked on Screen

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Jessica Biel has long distanced herself from the infamous 2000 Gear spread in which she appeared virtually topless at age 17, claiming her former managers pressed her into posing.

(“I was humiliated,” Biel has said of the shoot.)

But Us Weekly has learned she’s set to flash more flesh in a new flick!

The actress, 25, signed a contract that explicitly details the bare minimum fans will see – including shots of her breasts (nipples from the front and side) and her butt (side view only) – in the Crash-like ensemble drama Powder Blue.

She plays a stripper trying to earn money to raise her terminally ill son in the currently-shooting movie, which costars Oscar winner Forest Whitaker.

A source tells Us the director will film scenes that are even MORE revealing, adding, “Jessica will decide if she wants to show anything additional.”

The news comes on the heels of Biel telling Australia’s Sunday Herald Sun that “I wouldn’t feel comfortable with the extent of the nudity in Monster’s Ball…I would be terrified of a role like that right now.”

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Brit to Nanny -- Sleep with Me and the Boys!

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In yet another shocking twist with the help, Britney Spears once asked a nanny to sleep with her – and her infant sons – in the same bed. Just how we did it back home, ya'll!

That's just one of the eyebrow-raising allegations made by ex-nannies to Us, as Kevin Federline rounds up all of Britney's former help – and there's plenty of 'em – and their Britney-bad-mommy stories. What else? "She'll strip down in front of staff, nannies, whomever," said one source. "She'll ask, 'Do I look sexy? Do I look pretty? She's extremely insecure."

And as for her hiring criteria, actual child-care experience doesn't seem to be overly important. "She just cares about whether they're young and fun and like to drink and party," says an Us source.

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Joel Madden Set to Pop Question to Nicole Richie?

Joel Madden has something special in store for girlfriend Nicole Richie: "a little ring," as Regis Philbin called it on live, national television Thursday morning.

Appearing with his band, Good Charlotte, on ABC's Live! with Regis and Kelly, the musician, 28, was pressed about his personal life and Richie – who is 4 1/2 months pregnant with the couple's child.

"You're going to present her, maybe, with – did I hear the right thing, or should I not even talk about this?" said Philbin.

"Uh, what?" deadpanned Madden.

"A little ring, or something," said Philbin.

"I was hoping it would be a surprise, but now –" answered Madden.

Madden's reaction quickly forced Philbin spin on his heel and ask the frontman's identical twin (and the band's lead guitarist), Benji, whom he was dating.

But the cat was out of the bag.

In anticipation of becoming a father, Madden said he is reading the guidebooks What to Expect When You're Expecting, The Expectant Father and Baby Signs, which prompted the Live! guest host, Regis's wife Joy Philbin, to say it is good he is taking his responsibilities seriously.

Earlier this month, Richie, 24, with Madden sitting at her side, told Diane Sawyer for a TV interview, "I would really want to be someone my child would look up to."

For the record, Benji Madden said he's not only dating "a beautiful Australian actress," as Philbin called Sophie Monk, but, in Madden's words, "Yes, we're engaged ... Rock 'n' roll is good."

Can't embed video but it's at the source
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Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough to Marry

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Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough and his longtime girlfriend, Leigh Boniello, are engaged, the couple tell PEOPLE exclusively.

They plan to marry later this year.

"She wasn't expecting it, and I was quite nervous – more nervous about proposing to her in front of 40 family and friends than about performing in front of 40,000 people onstage," Dorough says of the New Year's Eve proposal at Boniello's family home in New Jersey.

The couple, both 33, met in 2000, when Boniello, a film-exec-turned-real-estate-broker, was working as the Backstreet Boys' Webmaster.

They say they were "very careful" to keep their engagement private at first, but with the wedding right around the corner, felt it was finally time to share the news. "We're very, very excited," says Dorough.

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Off the Rack

Do You Like Mandy Moore Better Casual or Glam?

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We usually think of Mandy Moore as having a sweet style that effortlessly merges classic pieces with a bohemian flair, like her easy jeans and layered top combo at the Revlon Run/Walk event in Los Angeles. But she turned up on Tuesday night to the N.Y.C. premiere of her new movie Dedication looking every inch the big screen vixen! From her tousled curls and deep crimson lips to her clinging Dolce & Gabbana corset dress and Christian Louboutin pumps, Mandy was looking seriously sexy. But even as hot as she looked, we couldn’t help missing the Mandy that we’ve come to love over the years.

Who Ruled the Red Carpet: Ashley or Vanessa?

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Yesterday, the whole cast of High School Musical 2 hit the red carpet for the film’s L.A. premiere. As swoony as Zac Efron is, we were firmly focused on the two leading ladies and how great they looked! Ashley Tisdale stuck to her funky and casual style with a handkerchief hem white BCBG dress and sparkling heels, while Vanessa Hudgens continued to work the ultra-glam look with her Jay Godfrey gown and Kenneth Cole Reaction jewelry.

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Cuz we need more Richard

After years of terrorizing the world with indecent exposure, police finally caught up with calisthenics clown Richard Simmons. Sweatin' to the po po!
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Dressed in his usual geriatric Boca Raton Hooter's Girl uniform, the 59-year-old leggy loon posed for pics with NY's Finest as he arrived for a TV taping on Wednesday. Cruel and unusual punishment!

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Are You Ready for Some Football ... With Ryan?

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The NFL and Ryan Seacrest go together like Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.

Nonetheless, word on the street is, the "Idol" ringmaster will handle pre-game and halftime hosting duties of the Super Bowl on Fox next February. Because nothing says manly man like a guy with frosted highlights. Seacrest out!

No halftime act has been named yet, but Clay Aiken would fit the bill nicely, no?


Big Brother 8 Rigged

It appears as though producers are pressuring houseguests to vote so badly that the houseguests are complaining about it. BB8 is apparently not a fair competition at all. Wasn't this type of thing made illegal in the 50s?? A little creative editing is one thing, but influence peddling makes the whole show a scam. This week, they're pressuring the houseguests to vote out Dustin and keep Evil Dick apparently for the ratings.

Source : CBS BB8 Website

Edens Crush

I don't know if anyone cares but I was browsing through the online sale rack on this morning and I saw a familiar face, Ana Maria from Eden's Crush. Anyone remember the WB's show Popstars? Well here's what the girlband is up to now.

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Fan who killed self leaves '60s singer Connie Francis $300G

NY Daily News

Fan who killed self leaves '60s singer Connie Francis $300G


Thursday, August 16th 2007, 12:01 AM

PALM BEACH, Fla. - Sixties superstar Connie Francis, who topped the charts with "Who's Sorry Now," is suing the family of a Florida fan for $300,000 the woman signed over to the singer days before committing suicide.

Relatives of Patricia Nilsen, who shot herself in November after putting nearly all her assets in Francis' name, accuse the singer of using "undue influence" to get the cash.

Francis, 68, calls that "absurd."

"I didn't even know she had any money," Francis told the Daily News. "It's not my fault she left me the money."

Francis, who, like Nilsen, is originally from New Jersey, said she remembers the fan well, but that they hadn't talked in a decade.

"This woman was a fan of mine who came to all my shows in the '70s and '80s," she said.

"The only real conversations I ever had with her were regarding music. She would send me these beautiful cassettes - hundreds of them - that she would make off the radio. She had great taste in music."

Nilsen, 57, had no immediate heirs and few friends when she put a gun to her head Nov. 27 in Summerfield, Fla.

She had moved to Florida about 10 years ago from Lawrence Harbor, N.J., and managed a 7-Eleven until she retired with a workman's comp settlement.

Based on letters she wrote, relatives claim in court papers, Nilsen was "under the insane delusion" that Francis was her friend or, variously, "out to get her."

Seven days before Nilsen died, she visited two banks and put $200,000 into two CDs in Francis' name payable upon her death, according to court papers. Two days later, she went to a third bank and put another $99,074 into a third CD for Francis.

"That $300,000 represents nearly the total value of Ms. Nilsen's estate," said Vero Beach, Fla., lawyer Richard Brown, who represents three of Nilsen's kin.

Brown said Nilsen previously directed her assets be divided among a few relatives and friends as well as St. Jude Children's Hospital.

"Our primary contention is that Ms. Francis enacted undue influence over Ms. Nilsen, which caused her to change the beneficiaries in her estate, or that Ms. Nilsen was insane at the time of her death," he said.

Nilsen's nephew, Gerald Nilsen, a former carpet salesman in Toms River, N.J., accused the singer of "stealing money from me, the kids at St. Jude, and two other friends that my aunt intended her money to go to."

Francis angrily disputed the claims and said her phone records would prove there had been no contact with Nilsen.

She said her lawyers have found no evidence that Nilsen was under psychiatric care or taking any medication when she killed herself.

The family's lawyer said Nilsen's behavior says it all. "This isn't something a sane person would do," Brown said.

The singer said she was shocked when she first heard of the suicide and bequest.

"I felt so bad when I heard the news about this woman," she said. "At first I was willing to give her family half and also make a $25,000 donation to St. Jude Hospital."

She said they turned down the offer and threatened to embarrass her publicly if she didn't give them the full amount.

"They were trying to hold up the payment. So I sued them," she said.

Francis, born Concetta Rosemarie Franconero in Newark, N.J., soared to the top of the charts after she sang "Who's Sorry Now" on Dick Clark's American Bandstand in 1958.

During her heyday, she appeared regularly on TV, headlined Vegas and even played a command performance for Britain's Queen Elizabeth II. Her hits included "Where the Boys Are," "Everybody's Somebody's Fool," "My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own" and "Don't Break the Heart That Loves You."

She still performs and will appear in Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles in October.

Despite her career successes, Francis' personal life was littered with tragedy. She was divorced four times. Her lawyer brother was murdered by the mob. Her father ran off the man she calls the true love of her life, teen crooner Bobby Darin, at gunpoint.

After a 1974 appearance at the Westbury Music Fair, a rapist broke into her Howard Johnson's motel room on the Jericho Turnpike and attacked her, sending her into years-long seclusion.

Francis credited loyal fans like Nilsen for helping her to get through her darkest days.

"They are more like friends than fans," she said.

As to the bequest, Francis said Nilsen wanted her to have the money, not her distant family.

"I don't want to be greedy about this, but it's clear she didn't provide for these people," the singer said.

Source: NY Daily News

Patricia Nilsen

Edited correct- sorry it's early
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Attempting to give a damn

Angelina Shoots a Stunt Sequence

Angeina Jolie shot a stunt on top of a Dodger Viper for "Wanted" last night in Chicago. Filming is expected to wrap in a couple of weeks. The film is about...well..who has Angie in it.

That dude driving the car is probably in love with her now that he's seen the cat and been hypnotized by it. I'm guessing he's already proposed and booked his ticket to Africa to buy that baby she's been eyeing since Brad Pitt denied it and all.

I like it when she smiles and NO that doesn't make me a Brangaloonie or does it? FUCK!

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The Hills is fake

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The show is in New York City this week shooting footage for the current season. Star Lauren Conrad was seen eating dinner last night at Da Silvano with three friends and a camera crew. An “irked diner” told the New York Post:

“It was clear that this show is not a reality show. They took five takes of Lauren ordering dinner. The film crew took over the outside eating area by setting up lights and cameras everywhere. They should go back to California.”

Source: (+more pics of Lauren in NYC)

Becks Scores YAY

Bored Victoria Beckham barely clapped as David and his teammates ferociously celebrated his first goal for the LA Galaxy which helped secure their place in the SuperLiga final. Posh failed to crack a smile and appears to be more interested in a new hairstyle than her husband's first goal. Son Brooklyn celebrated in wild football fanatic fashion unlike frosty Posh. Apparently soccer isn't as as major as her manicured blond life in Los Angeles.

It was the first time David had been included in the starting line-up since the Beckhams hyped move to America. He had played just 37 minutes in two previous games since he joined the Major League Soccer team on July 13 because of a nagging left ankle injury. He had even missed two games prompting boos from fans hoping to see the former England captain and world's most famous footballer actually play.

The 32-year-old England midfielder, who was named captain for the match, curled home a trademark free-kick after 28 minutes to give the Galaxy the lead. Wild celebrations with Beckham ensued, mobbed by team-mates including goalkeeper Joe Cannon, who ran across more than half the field to hug him. Blue, gold and white confetti fluttered through the air, as Beckham waved to the crowd. Well at least some people are excited for him.

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48 Hours In, Winehouse Leaves Rehab

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48 Hours In, Winehouse Leaves Rehab

(Aug. 16) -- Amy Winehouse finally sought help for her addictions this week, but a British newspaper says the 'Rehab' singer has already checked out.

The Sun UK reports that Winehouse, despite the pleas of her parents urging her to stay in the rehabilitation center, walked out of the facility and flew via helicopter to London to get a brain scan.

British soul songstress Amy Winehouse's attempt at rehab apparently lasted just 48 hours, as a British publication is reporting that the 'Rehab' singer has already checked out.

It was in London where Winehouse collapsed on Aug. 8. She initially claimed it was due to exhaustion, but many reports said it was an overdose. Days later, she and her husband checked into rehab for cocaine and heroin addictions.

The Sun reports that doctors ordered the 23-year-old soul singer to get a brain scan because she suffered a seizure during her overdose. They hope the brain scan will answer whether or not she suffers from epilepsy.

From here.

Photo post

You haven't seen all these :-)) Both singers have been performing in july in Moscow.
128,30 КБ
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148,32 КБ
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Sophie Michelle Ellis-Bextor (born 10 April 1979) is a multi-platinum selling English pop singer and songwriter. Her music is a mixture of mainstream pop, disco and 1980s electronic influences.

All photos have been taken by Vladimir Byazrov .
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Is every day a slow news day?

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NEW YORK - Fresh off their latest tour, 1980s folk-punk favorites the Violent Femmes are headed for a surprise gig in federal court.

Bassist Brian Ritchie sued lead vocalist Gordon Gano on Wednesday, saying he was deprived of credit for some of the group's songs and a proper accounting of its earnings.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, also accuses Gano of trashing the band's reputation by allowing its signature hit, "Blister in the Sun," to be used in a Wendy's commercial.

Gano, reached by telephone at his Manhattan home, called the lawsuit "a complete surprise" — especially since the band still regularly performs and just returned from a tour in South Africa.

"We just played a really, really good tour," he said. "Since the early '80s, everything's really good. We're playing better than ever."

In the suit, Ritchie claims he founded the band in 1980, taking on drummer Victor DeLorenzo that year and Gano in 1981.

After releasing a self-titled debut album, "Violent Femmes," in 1983, the band gained fame with hits including "Blister in the Sun," "Add It Up" and "Special." It recorded at least 10 albums and toured the world at least a dozen times, the lawsuit said.

"This action is the unfortunate culmination of an ongoing intra-band dispute between Ritchie and Gano over Gano's misappropriation and misadministration of Ritchie's interests in the jointly owned songs and assets of the band, misappropriation of assets solely owned by Ritchie, improper accounting and nonpayment of royalties," the lawsuit said.

The Wendy's deal was a buzz-kill for the band's fan base, the suit says, causing one fan to comment in an online blog that after hearing "Blister in the Sun" in a commercial, "My ears perked up. Then my jaw dropped. Then my heart sank."

The suit seeks a ruling declaring Ritchie half owner of the band's songs and an accounting of past and future royalties and unspecified damages.

Gano declined to respond to the claims in detail, except to say he wrote the band's songs with one or two exceptions.

The Wendy's commercial was kind of a disappointment and really didn't make much sense. You can tell that the advertising agency folks are all in their early to mid-30s. Remember 'Pictures of You' in that camera commercial?
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So You Think You Can Dance - Everybody Wins

Danny should win. Yeah, Sabra's brilliance brings us all in, and Lacey's a crack entertainer, and it's the women's turn this year, blah blah. Danny should win. Not just because he's the best dancer So You Think You Can Dance has ever seen, either; as Nigel pointedly noted, this is a competition for America's favorite dancer, and last night, Danny was mine. He should win. And, you know what, I think he actually might.

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source et youtube

Golden David Beckham Statue Adorns Thai Temple

too random for ontd?

There’s a Buddhist temple in Bangkok that has a golden statue of David Beckham built into its altar. The temple in Wat Pariwas has yet to become a tourist circuit. The shrine itself is gold, with three large Buddha figures in front of an intricate mural. The holy David Beckham sculpture is a half a meter high and actually carved into the altar.

Becks is depicted in the style of a garuda holding up the altar itself on his shoulders, the garuda are guardian demons, and a string of them are carved into each side of the altar. The statue itself is definitely Beckham, sporting his floppy haircut from nearly a decade ago and even with the sponsorship logo Sharp picked out on his chest.

The statue was installed at the temple in 1998 as part of the World Cup celebrations by Thai sculptor Thongruang Haemhod. According to this BBC News story, Thongruang wanted to add it because football is the new religion, and the temple’s abbot agreed. The easiest way to get there is take the BTS Skytrain to Chong Nonsi station, then take a taxi cab from there. The temple a 10 minute ride away and right on the Chao Praya river within Chinatown. The address is Wat Pariwas, 2-67 Rama III Road, Bangkok.

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Bush's daughter, Jenna, engaged

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Is a White House wedding in the works?

Jenna Bush, one of President Bush's twin daughters, is engaged to be married to her longtime boyfriend, Henry Hager, the White House announced Thursday.

Asked if the two were getting married in the Rose Garden, Sally McDonough, press secretary for first lady Laura Bush, replied: "They have not set any details, date or place."

Jenna Bush, 25, and Hager, 29, were engaged in Maine on Wednesday, she said.

The two have been dating for several years, and Hager is often seen at Jenna Bush's side at family Bush functions and formal events, such as a White House dinner in November 2005 in honor of Britain's Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

Hager will be returning to school this fall to complete his master's degree in business administration at the University of Virginia. He has an undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University.

Hager, who has been a White House aide and worked on Bush's re-election campaign, is the son of John and Maggie Hager of Richmond, Va. His father is chairman of the Republican Party in Virginia, former assistant secretary of the Education Department's office of special education, former lieutenant governor of Virginia and former director of Virginia's Office of Commonwealth Preparedness.

Jenna Bush returned in late June from a trip with the first lady to Africa. The two, who have both worked as schoolteachers, currently are collaborating on a children's picture story to be published in spring 2008. Proceeds are to donated to two education programs: Teach for America and The New Teacher Project.

Jenna Bush has her own book coming out in the fall. "Ana's Story," based on her time working for UNICEF, tells of a 17-year-old single mother who is HIV positive.


Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams quits drink and drugs

Singer tells of previous addictions to narcotics

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ryan Adams has said he has quit drink and drugs for good.

The singer who was once in the band Whiskeytown, said he has now gone cold turkey after kicking a long-term dependence on cocaine and heroin.

"I'd wake up, work, go for a drink or two and be exhausted," he told Rolling Stone magazine about his former habits. "I would have drugs to keep my physical being going in order to never have to stop working in the night."

Adams explained how, before beginning recording of his latest album, 'Easy Tiger', his drug of choice was snorting a combination of heroin and cocaine, before he quit and went cold turkey.

"Think about falling off a bicycle and smashing your nuts on that bar, or the most horrible sports accident you can think of," he continued. "That doesn't cover what it would be like for me to imagine drinking or doing drugs again."

article link:
horny christmas

Golden Girls Go Erotic

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Golden Gals Gone Wild curator Lenora Claire came up with the shows concept after purchasing the now infamous nude oil painting of Bea Arthur by Chris Zimmerman. After turning down dozens of offers from friends, artists, and celebrities who all wanted a piece of Bea it became clear that it was time to share her liver-spotted bazooms with the world. Rather than take Bea door to door, or gay bar to gay bar, Lenora remembered that she had already curated numerous successful art shows and could probably rope some of her fancy friends in to contributing their own erotic depictions of the Golden Girls. After all, who better than the Golden Girls to put the *cheesecake* back in to cheesecake?

The Golden Gals Gone Wild art show will be premiering Saturday, August 11th 8-midnight at the brand new World of Wonder art space located at 6650 Hollywood Blvd at the corner of Cherokee and Hollywood. There is a $5 donation. ***********************************************************
Listen to curator Lenora Claire talk about Golden Gals Gone Wild on NPR's Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me.
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Geri Halliwell Anorexic Relapse, Is Posh Pushing Her Too Far?

Geri Halliwell looked glum and undernourished as she left the recording studio this week. The 35-year-old's jeans and sweater hung off her gaunt frame. Eating disorder relapse? Encouraged by the strict diet Posh put the Spice Girls on for the upcoming tour? Ginger's current appearance is a clear contrast from the voluptuous figure she sported on the beaches this summer and the Strawberry Shortcake look from Spice Girls Reunion promo-shoot. Now it looks as though preparation for the 14-date world tour across six continents is taking its toll. Geri has been putting in extra time with her personal trainer, since the birth of baby Bluebell, to get in tip-top shape for the tour which kicks off in December. Please, Posh control your diet tips!

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Tributes being paid to Elvis Today

Thousands of fans attending Elvis Presley vigil

Tributes being paid to 'The King' at Memphis home

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Thousands of fans are attending a candlelit vigil in Graceland, Memphis today (August 16) to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley.

Since 8.30pm Memphis time last night (August 15) fans have been walking up the Graceland Mansion's drive to visit Elvis Presley's grave, holding a candle each to pay their respects.

The vigil is the focus point of what is being called "Elvis Week".

It is estimated that 75,000 Elvis Presley fans will make the pilgrimage to Memphis over the next seven days to mark the anniversary of his death.

article link:

New Bruce Springsteen album set for October release

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Springsteen, E Street Band to reunite for a bit of `Magic'
By LARRY McSHANE | Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK - Bruce Springsteen is back with the E Street Band _ and a bit of "Magic."

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer returns Oct. 2 with a new album, titled "Magic," his first collaboration with his longtime New Jersey mates since the Sept. 11-inspired "The Rising" in 2002, Springsteen announced through his publicist Thursday.

The album, other than its atmospheric title track, is billed as Springsteen's return to rock 'n' roll after his solo "Devils & Dust" and the folk-inspired "The Seeger Sessions." Fans can expect Clarence Clemons' familiar saxophone, Danny Federici's soaring keyboards and Max Weinberg's pounding drums _ along with a lot of guitars.

The 11-song album is Springsteen's first of all-new material since April 2005, when he released the acoustic "Devils & Dust." Springsteen's 15th studio album follows last year's "The Seeger Sessions," where the Boss and a 17-piece backing band played reconjured versions of songs associated with folkie Pete Seeger.

For this album, recorded with producer Brendan O'Brien in Atlanta, Springsteen reunited with the full E Street Band to recreate its Garden State wall of sound: guitarists Steve Van Zandt and Nils Lofgren, bassist Garry Tallent, drummer Weinberg, keyboardists Federici and Roy Bittan, sax man Clemons, violinist Soozie Tyrell and vocalist Patti Scialfa.

Last year, Springsteen said he'd already written a "whole book of songs for the E Street Band." He assembled the band earlier this year and they finished the album in two months, about the same amount of time spent recording the multi-platinum "The Rising."

Songs include the title track, the album opener "Radio Nowhere," "You'll Be Comin' Down," "Livin' in the Future," "Your Own Worst Enemy," "Gypsy Biker," "Girls in Their Summer Clothes," "I'll Work for Your Love," "Last to Die," "Long Walk Home" and "Devil's Arcade."

Details on a worldwide tour featuring the band were expected to follow. Springsteen and the E Street Band sold out arenas and stadiums around the globe during a 15-month tour behind "The Rising."


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So you think you can sing

Heidi Montag debuted her new song "Body Language" on Ryan Seacrest's morning show on 102.7 KISS-FM this morning. She samples Yaz's "Situation" to the max and ruins the hell out of it. The song is your typical rip-off, but Heid's douche, Spencer Pratt, RAPS IN IT. He once again proves that most white dudes have no business trying to bust rhymes.

He makes Paula Abdul's scat cat sound like Tupac.

Click here to hear it!


Because this show deserves a post

"HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER" Season 3 Promo Stills

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is seriously one of the best casts on TV right now. I can't even tell you how much I love this show. Season 3 starts September 24 at 8:00 pm on CBS. Season 2 arrives on DVD on October 2. This year, Neil Patrick Harris was even nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. If you're not watching this, you should be. Two words: Slap Bet!

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Sticky pucci

Jay-z is king, duh.

Shawn Carter, better known to the planet as master rapper Jay-Z, couldn't stand the view from the sidelines following his 2003 farewell The Black Album. Despite a frenetic schedule as president of Def Jam Recordings and co-founder of its ultra-successful Roc-A-Fella Records imprint, Jay-Z managed to squeeze in a comeback last year with Kingdom Come, his 11th studio album, which debuted at the top of the pop and rap music charts, selling some 2 million copies.

But those weren't the only paychecks coming in. Jay-Z also owns the 40/40 Club sports bar franchise, with locations in New York and Atlanta, and a small stake in the NBA's New Jersey Nets. (He's often photographed in courtside seats alongside his girlfriend, pop superstar Beyoncé.) Plus the native New Yorker (from Brooklyn's hardscrabble Marcy Projects) collects income from blue-chip endorsement deals with Budweiser, Hewlett-Packard (nyse: HPQ - news - people ), and General Motors (nyse: GM - news - people ). All told, Jay-Z banked an estimated $34 million in 2006, earning him the top spot on Forbes' first-ever list of hip-hop Cash Kings.

Unlike traditional music genres like pop, rock and country, whose artists generally make the bulk of their money selling albums and touring, hip-hop has spawned an impressive cadre of musicians-cum-entrepreneurs who have parlayed their fame into lucrative entertainment empires. Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, who nabbed the No. 2 spot on the list, presides over G-Unit, a diverse portfolio of businesses that includes apparel, ringtones, video games and even a line of fiction. All told, "Fiddy" as he is known to fans, made an estimated $32 million last year. "I'm creating a foundation that will be around for a long time, because fame can come and go or get lost in the lifestyle and the splurging," he told Forbes last year. "I never got into it for the music. I got into it for the business."

At No. 3 is impresario Sean "Diddy" Combs, formerly known as "Puff Daddy," who lords over Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group. That enterprise is responsible for TV series like MTV's Making the Band franchise, the Sean John clothing line, the bestselling Unforgivable cologne and a pair of restaurants called Justin's, named after one of his sons. The Bad Boy Records label, backed by Warner Music Group (nyse: WMG - news - people ), released albums last year by Danity Kane, Cassie and Yung Joc. Last year, Diddy himself released his first album in four years; Press Play debuted at the top of the U.S. pop and rap charts. All told, Combs made an estimated $28 million last year. (Representatives for Diddy, ever the showman, insist that figure is much higher.)

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Jessica Alba in The Eye

Jessica Alba on the set of her new movie The Eye.

EW: How are you? You're shooting right now?
JESSICA ALBA: Yeah, we're doing some additional pickups and stuff for The Eye.

It's a remake of a Japanese movie, right — and a lil' creepy?
I play someone who has a cornea transplant. And I play the violin, so it's a beautiful character story on top of it being a horror movie. That's what attracted me to it — [it's not just] a slasher movie, you know, where people are getting chopped [up] and running around in white T-shirts...with rain. I wasn't really into that kind of thing.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday and was wondering whether I should get LASIK.
Hell, no.

Then I came back and read the synopsis to The Eye and was like, Eek! Maybe I should rethink that.
It scares me. The synopsis is different: Getting LASIK is one thing...but getting someone else's eyes is completely different.



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{snow white} beautiful dreamer

gwen & the her boys in hong kong.

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Calling herself "a geeky Orange County girl, a chola girl, a rasta girl and an English girl – all mixed together," Gwen Stefani has no mixed feelings about one thing: producing a sibling for her 1-year-old son Kingston.

"Obviously I'm in a race to have another, but I don't want to do it while on tour," the singer, 37, tells InStyle for its September issue (on sale Friday). "But I can't wait to get pregnant again. It's so fun and consuming and romantic."

Being a mom already, she admits, means "I definitely don't get enough sleep, but I'd rather spend time with him. I've got this extra-fun, amazing, little guy who just wants to hang out with me."

Before she hits the stage while on tour, Stefani sings Kingston lullabies like "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" as he falls asleep. "But he sings a lot to himself," she says. "He's just getting into music. He does the whole head-bouncing thing."

Kingston's being musical should come as little surprise. His dad is Stefani's husband, rocker Gavin Rossdale. "I love him so much," Stefani says of Kingston. "He's the best thing that has ever happened to me."

Rossdale, she also says, is "super into being a dad." On his domestic prowess, Stefani says of her husband, "He's a creative cook. He makes whatever I crave, even when nothing seems to be left in the fridge."

And while Stefani may be in a rush to get pregnant again, there's another aspect to life she wishes to put the brakes on: raunch.

"Everyone's in such a rush to show they're sexy," she says. "Anyone can be sexy. We all have the same body parts. It's pretty boring. Life's not so short that you need to give it all away in five seconds. That was never my thing."


Amy leaves in rehab...visits boozer instead.

Amy Winehouse was on her best behaviour in her first trip to the pub since fleeing rehab, according to punters today.

Star and husband Blake Fielder-Civil hit the pub last night after escaping the exclusive The Causeway rehab clinic in Essex yesterday.

But a local resident in The Old Eagle pub in Camden said the singer seemed "in control" and relaxed when she popped into the boozer.

The pub regular, who refused to be named, said: "She came in with her husband and another friend last night.

"She had a quiet drink in the corner and she seemed in control and fine. She was looking really good and it looks like she might be getting back on track.

"She smiled really nicely at me when she left.

"I didn't know her from Adam, but as she went past me I said 'Hi, are you alright' and she smiled back at me as if to say 'I'm alright, thanks'.

"She didn't seem stressed or harassed at all. I didn't see what she was drinking, but she didn't seem drunk in the slightest.

"I didn't pay any attention to the husband to be honest because I was just looking at her, but hopefully this is it and she's sorting herself out now, because she's so talented and it would be a shame for her to waste it."


she ain't got 70 days and there's nothing rehab can teach her than she can't learn from donny hathaway.


Top 10 Movie Urban Legends

10. Brandon Lee's Death: Uncut - THE CROW (1994)


For years many people thought Lee's untimely death while making THE CROW was included in the film, unedited. He took a fatal shot from a bullet fragment lodged in a gun chamber that was supposed to shoot blanks. The scene was filmed but never witnessed by anyone other than investigators and possibly family. The actual scene in the final movie was redone with a double and drastically changed. Lee's face was digitally added when needed with permission from his mother and fiancé.

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Mariah Album Confirmed For November

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The official site,, in its fragrance section under Party Ideas confirms the November release for Mariah's new album!

"Set the mood for the evening with your favorite Mariah Carey album. The Remixes has a great track list for the perfect party vibe. Also be sure to watch out for her latest album, releasing this November."


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We loves her precious.

Rosario Dawson is venturing into digital entertainment, partnering with Stan Rogow, Brent Friedman and Jeff Sagansky to produce and star in"The Gemini Division," a live-action/motion-capture animation onlinesci-fi series.

Dawson also is attached to star in and produce potential TV series, feature film and game versions of "Gemini."

Rogow, Friedman and Sagansky's company, Electric Farm Entertainment, will produce 100 three-minute episodes of "Gemini,"which will star Dawson as a New York cop investigating the bizarre murder of her husband and who uncovers a global conspiracy involvingthe creation of simulated life forms that have assimilated with the unsuspecting public.

Rogow, Friedman and Sagansky, who are producing the project with Dawson, approached the actress with the idea for "Gemini"after she lent her voice to the trio's first Internet series,"Afterworld."

The futuristic 2.5-D-animated "Afterworld" was acquired for international distribution by Sony Pictures Television International, which is launching it globally on mobile, broadband and traditional TV.

Here's episode 1 of the Afterworld Series done by the same peeps. 10 of the episodes are up on youtube.

Afterworld Official Site (I believe it's geo protected)


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Well, I ventured off to Kitson today and didn't want to pay $100 to be in a room with her when cameras weren't allowed, so I took on the position as amateur paparazzi. I must say, it's not worth the money they are paid and I've discovered that a good number of paparazzis smell and are jerks/perverts. They ended up closing the street down for Paris's arrival, though she arrived from the back and then got back in her car and went around to the front for the true arrival. PS. The clothes were better than I expected, but not great.

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X-17 fucks it up yet again

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X17 can confirm that Britney Spears WILL perform at the VH1 Video Music Awards in Las Vegas on September 9 with Criss Angel as her partner in the gig!

An X17 source told us Brit and Criss were meeting last night to work on their performance and to start going over the choreography plan with the dancers (above pic). And look at that Prada briefcase -- this was strictly business!

It's amazing how Criss has managed to get himself into the spotlight by being seen with high-profile women (Diaz, Paris, Britney). Ya think a publicist could be in on this? Source

What the hell is going on over at X-17? Obvious to everyone but those who work at X-17, Britney will actually be performing at the MTV video music awards, not VH1. Let's see how X-17 responds to that blunder.

Update: An hour and a half later, X-17 has updated its site and is now calling it the "Video Music Awards" (no mention of MTV or VH1).

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Jennifer Aniston To Star In "He's Just Not That Into You"

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Talk about an ironic twist of fate, Jennifer Aniston is reportedly going to star in the movie "He's Just Not That Into You."

The New York Times best seller is about to go into production and it already has an all-star cast. Haven't read the book yet? It’s a classic single-woman scenario: you really like this guy, but he’s giving mixed messages. You make excuses, decide he’s confused, afraid of commitment. The book promises to be The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys.

Aniston will play a woman in a long-term relationship with a boyfriend who will not commit to marriage. She will join Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Connelly, Kevin Connolly, Bradley Cooper, Justin Long, and Ginnifer Goodwin.

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Paris for hire...

Paris and Nicky Hilton are reportedly offering their hosting services for New Year’s Eve celebrations in Las Vegas - but with a $500,000 price tag.

Paris is said to have asked for just $100,000 for the night’s appearance last year but with her sister, and after her jail-time, her price has gone up.

She will come dressed like this for an extra $100


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Gwen's New LAMB Fragrance Ad

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Ms. stefani has successfully crossed over into the fashion realm with
her L.A.M.B. (love angel music baby) and harajuku lovers lines - plus
like many other celebrities she has finally ventured into fragrances! her
debut scent is available exclusively at nordstrom and promises to have
a 'luscious floral scent with fresh notes of watery greens and warm
sensual musks'


'Fantastic Voyage' being remade, it was inevitable...

Helmer Roland Emmerich
is boarding a remake of the 1966 sci-fi pic "Fantastic Voyage" for 20th Century Fox.

"National Treasure" scribes Marianne and Cormac Wibberley are in talks to write the script.

"Voyage" is about a scientist who is dying of a blood clot. His only chance for survival is for five scientist colleagues to be miniaturized in a ship, and injected into his bloodstream.

The original, directed by Richard Fleischer, starred Raquel Welch and Donald Pleasence.

Emmerich's Centropolis Entertainment partner Michael Wimer will produce with James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment.

It is Emmerich's second tour of duty on the project, after being attached a decade ago. The Wibberleys recently took a stab at a draft of "Voyage" that sparked the director's renewed interest in doing the remake.

"Fantastic Voyage" is the director's third large-scale film for Fox, after "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow."

Emmerich recently completed "10,000 B.C.," which will be released March 7 by Warner Bros. and Legendary.

The Wibberleys are among the dozen scribes in Writing Partners, the scribe collective which just sealed an unusual first-look deal with Fox for spec scripts. (Daily Variety, Aug. 15).That deal is reserved for original creations by those writers, so the "Fantastic Voyage" assignment doesn't apply.


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Cute odd couple

Scarlett Johansson and rumored flame Ryan Reynolds grab lunch together on the set of Woody Allen’s Untitled Spanish Project filming in Barcelona on Wednesday.
Scarlett, 22, and Ryan, 30, have been romantically linked for about four months now.
In April, the couple was spotted “canoodling” while dining at Manhattan restaurant Odeon. In May, the pair was spotted kissing and holding hands at a concert in West Hollywood.
Back in February, Ryan called off his engagement to singer Alanis Morissette

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I like them together. I also think Scarlett looks SO much better without makeup. But she should do something about those roots.

Attempting to give a damn

Heidi Montag Single "Leaked" - Montag "Upset"

MODS: This has not been posted - an article about the single being played on the radio was posted, not this about her being upset that it was played on the radio.

Heidi Montag talks about making music almost as much as she talks about the feud with her Hills costar Lauren Conrad. But unlike her very public fights, Montag did not want a song she recorded to be played on the air.

Touted as the "world premiere" of Montag's single, Ryan Seacrest played a song called "Body Language" on his KISS-FM radio show on Thursday. But the track, which takes a beat from Yaz's "Situation" and features Montag's fiancé and manager Spencer Pratt as a rapper, wasn't supposed to be released, according to Pratt.

"We did it as a joke," Pratt tells PEOPLE. "It's not her single at all. It was never meant to be heard by anyone but us. Over my dead body would I rap on Heidi's first single. Heidi is so upset because this was not the first sound she wanted people to hear from her."

What is Montag's sound? "It's very dance, urban, rhythmical," she told Seacrest during a recent radio appearance. "But I really love a lot of rap and urban music at the same time so I'm kind of bringing a little bit of those elements in."

When it comes to the couple's engagement, Montag's music career takes precedent. "I am shopping [for a dress]," she told PEOPLE at the season three premiere of The Hills. "But we haven't done anything [else], we're just so busy in the studio and with my music we don't really have time to plan a wedding."


And for those who didn't hear it, the song (it's bracketed by Ryan Seacrest talking, so skip to about 1:15 in.

Circus Tour

Britney Spears Allure outtakes

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In many photographs you see of her, Spears appears to be an unwilling participant. But she voluntarily posed for Allure's September cover, shot by Michael Thompson, in Santa Monica on April 25. View exclusive outtakes here. For more photos and the feature "Britney on Hold" by Judith Newman, pick up the September issue of Allure.

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hommie and marge

Rachel Stevens in FHM

Remember Rachel Stevens (ahem, S Club 7)? I used to see posts about her here on ONTD, but since she hasn't done anything since her 2005 album, she's pretty much disappeared. Now she's in the September issue of FHM. Click the cut for some photos and massive scans of the articles. The rest of the scans can be found at the source.


Rolling Stone gives M.I.A.'s Kala 4.5 stars

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Careerwise, the recent album M.I.A.'s Kala recalls is Kanye West's Late Registration -- an unexpectedly sure-footed follow-up to a brainy beat-adept's can-you-top-this debut. And though West is the more universal musician, especially as Americans conceive the universe, there are also musical similarities: Both albums challenge sophomore slump by risking pretension. But where West hired classically trained Jon Brion, the Sri Lankan-British rapper spread out and bent down low. Originally she'd hoped to trade the grimy beats of 2005's Arular for the more radio-friendly dirt of Timbaland. That plan fizzled, for two reasons -- not just the feds' refusal to let M.I.A. re-enter the U.S., but her instinctive reluctance to turn into Nelly Furtado once the chance was in her lap.

Plus, though she's polite about it, a sneaking suspicion that maybe Timbo wasn't all that -- that there were edgier beat-makers all over the place. With visa madness blockading her new Brooklyn apartment, she turned world traveler, pulling in multiple Indian musics and encompassing Jamaican dance-hall moves,Indian-Trinidadian multicontinental mash-up, Liberian vibes, a British-Nigerian rapper, Australian aboriginal hip-hop, Baltimore hip-hop, Jonathan Richman, the Clash and a bonus afterthought from Timbaland's solo album. Though she claims this record is more personal and less political than Arular, that's misleading. The political was all too personal on an album obsessed with her long-lost father, a player in Sri Lanka's terrorist-revolutionary Tamil Tigers. Here, that conflict-ridden relationship is behind her. Star access enables a woman who grew up an impoverished refugee to observe the outcomes of similar histories in immigrant and minority communities worldwide. If you don't think that's political, ask your mama -- or hers, who's named Kala.

Arular was about M.I.A. -- her ambition, her education, her contradictions, her history of violence. Kala is about the brown-skinned Other now obsessing Euro-America -- described from the outside by a brown-skinned sympathizer who's an insider for as long as her visa holds up. It opens with the uninvitingly spare "Bamboo Banga," which samples Indian Tamil filmi composer Ilayaraja and bends the lyric of Richman's "Roadrunner" so it celebrates a kid running alongside a Third World tourist's Hummer and banging on its door. "BirdFlu" disses dogging males everywhere -- "selfish little roamers" -- over another filmi sample and a barely synchronized four-four on some thirty deep-toned urmi drums. Also on "BirdFlu," high kiddie/girlie interjections add a cuteness that's sustained pitchwise on "Boyz," with its video of synchronized Kingston rudies shaking their moneymakers for the Interscope dollar. Only with "Jimmy," a Bollywood disco number a kiddie M.I.A. used to dance to for money at Sri Lankan parties, does a conventional song surface.

You've probably gathered that unlike Late Registration, Kala is less pop-friendly than its predecessor. It's heavier, noisier, more jagged. Timbaland might conceivably have found a hit for M.I.A.; London-based "dirty house" producer Switch, credited on eight of twelve tracks, will not. The eclectic world-underclass dance amalgam M.I.A. has constructed is an art music whose concept recalls the Clash as much as anything else -- the aggression of the early Clash and the reach of the late (who she samples). But soon enough, the music does soften and, occasionally, give up a tune. There's melancholy melodica, Sri Lankan temple horn, the eighteen-year-old rapper Afrikanboy describing his hustles, and several child choruses, notably on "Mango Pickle Down River," where preteens rap about bridges and fridges to rhyme with the didge -- didgeridoo -- that provides their groaning bass.

But none of these pleasures comes as easy as the high spirits of M.I.A.'s debut album seemed to promise. And in the end, that's why Kala strikes deep. There's a resolute sarcasm, a weariness and defiant determination, a sense of pleasure carved out of work -- articulated by the lyrics, embodied by the music. A riot of human, musical and mechanical sounds bubbles underneath these tracks. Not a white riot, that's for sure, and not a dangerous one either -- unless you believe every Other wants what you got and has nothing to offer in return. Kala proves what bullshit that is. The danger is all the evil fools who aren't convinced.

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Stargate Atlantis

Heroes World Tour!

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Now, for the news you've all been waiting for. Some of you will be happy, others may be a litle disappointed. But, it's a case of "I can't be in two places at once, even if I am a superhero!!!"

As part of the Heroes World Tour, Hayden will be visiting the follow locations:

26 - 27 August: Munich, Germany

28 - 29 August: Paris, France

30 August - 3 September: London, England

Hayden will be joined by fellow cast members Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli), Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet/HRG) and Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli).

We are awaiting details on events open to the public, so keep checking in!

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Mama Spears soldiers on

As Britney watches as her closest friends and employees being called as witnesses for Kevin's side of the custody hearing, it seems like even her parents are abandoning her during this difficult time. While her father spent time with her kids at Kevin's house over the weekend, Lynn looked happy and smiling on the set of her younger daughter, Jamie Lynn's Nick show, Zoey 101 yesterday.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I don't see how they are "abandoning her." I couldn't help but feel bad for her mom when Britney went to warn her to stay away from her kids. Who knows what REALLY is going on, but they probably need to stay away from each for a while. If everyone is getting away from you Brit..maybe you are the freakin' problem.


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Beans wants to hook up with You tonight!

Beans just posted a Myspace bulletin about being horny tonight and wanting to talk with the ladies. lol

Plus the other day I added his Myspace to my friends list just for fun and he sent me this message:
hey baby doll
what u be doing this weekend? me 'n my kids are gonna be pimpin the mall and movie theater. u wanna hang? we're gonna go see the simpsons. saw it 2 times already and its the CROTCH! BABY! Smoke a few joints later? r u game?

No (I live fairly close to his town so I'm guessing thats why he sent me the invite)


Garrett Hedlund gets 'Hectic' for next film

From “Troy” to “Four Brothers” to “Friday Night Lights,” 23-year-old heartthrob Garrett Hedlund seems like he’s been “this close” to super-stardom for darn near a lifetime. Now, with his first starring role on the horizon, the actor is being joined by a few veterans who might help push him over the top.

“We hope to get it going, and it will be soon if we do,” said Hedlund, who is virtually unrecognizable during his brutal performance in this month’s “Death Sentence.”

The name of the project is “Hectic,” a drama along the lines of the Martin Scorsese classic “After Hours” that flashes back and forth between modern times and the last several decades. “The basic plot is about this rundown DJ that lived in New York back in the late 70s and early 80s, who was swimming in the cash, with the girls - he had it all.”

“Then times change and it cuts to today’s time, where he’s got nothing going for him,” the star said of the flick. “Now he’s got no money in his pocket, and he’s in debt to [a gangster named] Jimmy Thumbs for twenty-five grand. He’s got to get his life together, and get this guy paid before he gets his knees broken.”

“He’s got 24 hours to take care of this debt and get out of town before the New Year strikes,” the actor said of his first starring role.

The director is currently putting the movie together, and has already recruited some recognizable names for supporting roles. “Richard Wright, Robin Wright-Penn’s brother, will be directing it…Robin will play a role in it, and Rosanna Arquette, thus far.”


Parineeta, Saif, train

Oh, D'Angelo, how does it feel?

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at

D'Angelo Fined for DUI

Soul singer D'Angelo has been fined $1,500 and given a six-month suspended jail sentence for driving under the influence.

The star, real name Michael E. Archer, pleaded guilty to driving with a suspended license and driving under the influence at Powhatan General District Court, Va., on Friday.

The charges stem from D'Angelo's September 2005 car accident in Powhatan, which left him and his passenger Lynne Sellers injured. D'Angelo wasn't wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash and was thrown from the vehicle.

Judge Paul Cella fined the singer $1,500 -- $750 of which was suspended -- and suspended his driving license for 12 months. He managed to escape charges of reckless driving.

Sellers' no-show in court on Friday weakened the case according to Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Richard Cox, who said she was the star witness in the case.

D'Angelo, 33, was driving on a suspended license at the time of the accident -- in April 2005 he pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol and possession of marijuana following a January 2005 arrest.

Click below for embedded video, "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)" aka, the naked maybe blowjob video

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Source for pic
Source for article
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Ivanka Trump does Stuff...

Ivanka Trump is in the September issue of Stuff magazine.

“I took a different approach to this cover. I decided not to do what I did last time, which was not mention the magazine at all and hope he never saw it.” She also insisted on keeping covered up. “I told them, ‘no midriff, no bikini bottoms.’ ”

......But big fake boob shots are OK..............

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Dhani Harrison

Quentin Tarantino Rides A Pedicab

A ‘fun’ experience for Tarantino aboard a ‘pedicab’
By Lira Dalangin-Fernandez
Last updated 08:58pm (Mla time) 08/15/2007

MANILA, Philippines -- (UPDATE) It was one “fun” experience famed American director Quentin Tarantino would take with him when he goes back to Hollywood: Riding aboard the only transportation that took him across the flooded streets of Manila Wednesday to Malacañang -- a “pedicab.”


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sorry mods, forgot the sauce the last time.

nice of him to not bash Manila like Claire Danes did.

and yey for Egay, we have a very long weekend. XD