August 15th, 2007

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Courtney Love: Clean, Lean Colonic Machine

Courtney Love has cleaned up her act, in more ways than one.

"Some people think it's about weight loss, but it's about detoxing," the newly slimmed-down alt-rocker says in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar, on newsstands Aug. 21.

Love, whose weight has been known to fluctuate as often as her moods, blames her last bout of gaining on a bad breakup and an imbalanced diet, and credits her subsequent slim-down to a strict regimen that includes regular colonics.

"My daughter and I were kind of going for it because the dessert's fantastic," the former Hole frontwoman said of the macrobiotic diet she was following beforehand. "I put on 30 pounds and I put on another 15 out of emotional depression. Then I finally get an Italian Vogue cover, and I'm 182 pounds."


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Mandy Moore at ‘Dedication’ Premiere

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Mandy Moore slips into a sexy black corseted Dolce & Gabbana dress at the New York premiere of Dedication at the Chelsea West Cinema on Tuesday. The 23-year-old singer/actress finished off her look with Fred Leighton jewels and dark red Christian Louboutin pumps.

“My favorite part of shooting an indie movie like this is being here in New York City,” Mandy told Entertainment Tonight. “It’s my favorite city in the whole world, and getting to spend six weeks here working on a film that I was really passionate about — no money, no budgets, no time — there was a challenge in and of itself with that, but it was great material.”

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YouTube seeks testimony of comics Stewart and Colbert

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Comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, whose programs were once among the most viewed on YouTube, were requested by the video site to give testimony in legal proceedings as it fights a $1 billion lawsuit by Viacom Inc, according to court filings.

The two hosts of the Viacom hits "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report" were listed as numbers three and four out of 32 people called by YouTube to give a deposition in Viacom's case against it and parent Google Inc, according to a document filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York last week.

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Foxy Brown in trouble again; charged with felony assault

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Foxy Brown accused of smacking neighbor with her Blackberry

Rapper Foxy Brown was charged with smacking her longtime neighbor with her Blackberry cell phone in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn last month.

According to reports the 27-year-old, whose real name is Inga Marchand, turned herself in to detectives at the 77 Precinct at around 2:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon. She was charged with felony assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon.

Brown was arraigned last night and released on $5,000 bail. Her next court date is Sept. 26.

Police say the trouble-prone rapper, who is on parole, was accused of assaulting her 25-year-old neighbor on July 30 at around 6:50 p.m. at the corner of Carlton Avenue and Prospect Place.

The rapper allegedly smacked the woman with her cell phone, a Blackberry, during an argument.

The victim was reportedly taken to Brooklyn Hospital for loosening of the teeth, swelling of the lip and swelling of the right eye. She filed a complaint with police, and after an investigation, the rapper agreed to turn herself in yesterday.

Brown is no stranger to violence. She pleaded guilty last year to misdemeanor assault charges stemming from a fight with salon workers over payment for a manicure and is on probation in that case.

She is also facing a battery charge in another incident earlier this year. Police allege she threw hair glue at a beauty shop employee in Florida when he asked her to leave because the shop was closing.

While the Florida case is pending, the Manhattan court that handled the original arrest imposed restrictions on Brown, including drug tests and anger management classes. Probation officials wanted the close monitoring to continue for another two months, but a Manhattan judge disagreed.

The Brooklyn-based rapper's albums include the platinum-selling "Ill Na Na" and "Chyna Doll."


oh... uh huh

You could own Noel Gallagher's guitar

Meanwhile Johnny Borrell has put his trousers up for sale

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Oasis' Noel Gallagher is to auction a signed guitar as part of a new charity auction that see a host of indie stars selling some of their coveted possessions.

Along with Gallagher auctioning his guitar, Razorlight's Johnny Borrell will be auctioning a signed pair of his trademark white skinny jeans.

Also up for grabs will be a guitar signed by Kings of Leon, a signed Klaxons T-shirt and a guitar signed by Art Brut, among other indie items.

The money raised by the auctions will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust, and wil be organised by indie promoters Trekstock.

See their MySpace page for information about the auctions.

Meanwhile check out our exclusive picture gallery ofrare Oasis snaps, which is online now.

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Lip from Mother in Law

Amy Winehouse 'a heroin and cocaine addict' claim

Mother-in-law says singer is suffering from addiction

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It is being reported today that Amy Winehouse's mother in law has called the singer a heroin and cocaine addict.

Speaking to The Mirror, Winehouse's mother-in-law, Georgette Civil-Fielder, said of the singer the singer had confessed to her.

"She told me she was addicted to heroin and cocaine," claimed Blake Civil-Fielder's mother.

She also suggsted that during Amy Winehouse and husband Blake 's hotel stay following her drug overdose last Tuesday (August 7), the couple were delivered heroin by a friend, which they allegedly took in the hotel.

Amy Winehouse is currently in the Causeway drug rehab centre in Essex, casting doubt on whether Winehouse will perform this weekend's V Festival (August 18 and 19) as scheduled.

This morning a V Festival spokesperson told NME.COM that they had heard no word from Winehouse's camp about a possible cancelation, and so still expected her to play.

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She’s Hispanic Now?

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Damn, we are beginning to think that your girl Bey wants to be a Latina. First, she is featured on the cover of the Spanish version of People magazine People En Español as the most beautiful person, and now this chick is releasing an album Irreemplazable in Spanish.

Here’s a thought, Sasha needs to leave the singing en Español to the people who do it best, and try to master the basics of the English language first. I guess she will do anything to cater to her fans, how sweet. I’m waiting for the かけがえのない (Irreplaceable in Japanese) album to drop…now that would be interesting.

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Rumer Willis is a “House Bunny”

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Rumer Willis sucks on her ice popsicle alongside co-star Emma Stone during a film break on the Los Angeles set of House Bunny on Tuesday.

Looks like this backbrace-d and beanie-d star has become BFFs with Idol runner-up Katharine McPhee!

All American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter (pictured grabbing his groin) is also featured in this film.

House Bunny tells the story of a Playboy Bunny (Anna Faris) that has been recently thrown out of the Playboy Mansion and takes the job of house mother at a very nerdy sorority house. The film is set for a 2008 release.

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Actor Peter Sarsgaard returned to New York with Lyme disease he got on vacation with girlfriend Maggie Gyllenhaal and their daughter, Ramona, OK! reports.

The threesome were on a holiday at Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts when the actor was stricken with the disease carried by ticks, the magazine said. "Peter got Lyme disease from a tick and had to leave Martha’s Vineyard for a week," a source said. Doctors reportedly recommended Sarsgaard return to his New York home to recuperate.

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First Pics of Lindsay in Utah

TMZ has obtained these pictures of a smiling and happy Lindsay Lohan as she takes a break from rehab at the Cirque Lodge in Orem, Utah.

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The actress took a walk around the town yesterday, took in the gorgeous scenery and hit up Beaches Tanning Center before making her way back to the Lodge. We're told that Lindsay bought a $20 spray-on tan from Beaches, in addition to several more $16 tans. Lindsay was "very nice" to the folks there.

As TMZ first reported, Lohan has been a "model patient" in rehab and is currently working on her sobriety at the world-renowned Mormon facility.

You go girl.


Sued ...again!

Michael Jackson sued

Law firm claims he owes them

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Michael Jackson is being sued by a Los Angeles law firm over claims that he owes them more than £57,000 ($113,000).

Lavely & Singers alleges he agreed in arbitration to play £90,000 ($180,000) over three instalments.

A complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court claims he failed to make the final payment before the July 31 deadline, reports BBC News.

His publicist Raymone Bain was not available for comment.

Last month a judge ordered the singer to play more than £129,000 ($256,000) in legal fees to another firm that handled some issues at his 2005 trial.

Meanwhile, in June, lawyers settled out of court for an undisclosed sum after a finance company sued the pop star, claiming it was owed £26 million ($48 million).

Prescient Acquisition alleged it helped Jackson find investors to help pay off a £145 million ($272.5 million) debt.

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Zac Efron: The unexpected teen idol

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Once upon a time, a teen-ager named Zac Efron lived in a modest house in Arroyo Grande, Calif., with his parents and his little brother, with whom he shared a room. He was a straight-A student and was aiming to get into a good college. He liked to sing in the car. He had a thing for old musicals, like "Grease" and "Singin' in the Rain." He did regional theater as what he calls "a hobby."

"Really, I grew up and led a very normal life," Efron says.

Still, his mom agreed to drive him back and forth to L.A. — three hours each way — to attend casting calls. He got guest parts on a few shows, then a recurring role in a short-lived TV series called "Summerland."

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Lauren Conrad: I Don't Even Know Heidi Anymore

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Lauren Conrad's well-documented feud with fellow Hills star and former-BFF, Heidi Montag, is still going strong, but Conrad says she misses some things about her old pal.

"I miss her personality – because she is not the same person anymore," Conrad said Wednesday on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show. "I was best friends with her for two years and now I feel like I don't even know the same person anymore."

The fight originated after rumors spread that Conrad had made a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler – rumors which she believes Montag, 20, and her fiancé Spencer Pratt started. Conrad, 21, denies she ever made such a tape.

And their famous fights on TV are real, she says. "I wouldn't fight for the camera," she said. "If anything I would try not to."

Asked if she thinks the duo will pull a Paris and Nicole and eventually make up, Conrad answered: "I mean I don't think so, you never know though. Probably not. I can see us getting to not hating each other but I don't think we would ever go back to being best friends."

In addition to starring on The Hills on MTV, Conrad is producing her own clothing line. As for if she will pursue acting, she says it's a no go. "I'm not really good at it."

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House Costars Call Off Engagement

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House costars Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer have called off their engagement, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

"After much consideration, we have decided not to get married," the couple said in a joint statement. "We are still very close, and we look forward to continuing to work together on House."

Spencer, 28, who proposed to Morrison, also 28, over the holidays at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, recently told InStyle Weddings that it had taken him six months to ask Morrison to marry him.

They had planned to wed later this year.


wasn't there a rumor that he was gay/bi?
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Nirvana Baby Talks About the Famous Album Cover

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Being the naked swimming baby on the cover of Nirvana's iconic Nevermind album has advantages and disadvantages, according to Spencer Elden, who at 17 is still famous for the photo.

"It's kind of creepy that that many people have seen me naked," Elden tells "I feel like I'm the world's biggest porn star."

Elden still does radio and occasional TV appearances based on his celebrity, which he is sometimes paid for – and being known as the Nirvana Baby comes in handy with the ladies. "I have to use stupid pickup lines like, 'You want to see my penis ... again,'" he says.

While others are impressed with his fame, Elden says it was never a big deal to him. "It's kind of cool, knowing that I've been on an album cover, but I feel pretty normal about it because growing up, I've always known I was the Nirvana baby," he tells the Web site. "It never really struck me as like, 'Oh, s--- – that's me on the cover."

As for how the photo came about, Elden's parents had never heard of Nirvana, but after his father graduated from art school, "The first gig he got was the Nirvana album, and he needed a baby. So they just threw me in the pool, snapped a whole roll of film in like a second, and that's how it happened."

Elden has never met any member of the band – and his parents were paid just $200 for allowing their son to be photographed. But he's had a platinum record for Nevermind hanging in his room since he was a kid, and he's met a few famous people, like "Weird Al" Yankovic, who famously spoofed the cover on his own album, Off the Deep End.

For his future, Elden, who is about to enter his junior year of high school in Southern California, doesn't have any rock star ambitions. Instead he'd like to be an airline pilot.

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Mandy and Mayer "Just Friends"

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John Mayer, one of Hollywood's least-expected heartthrobs, has wooed the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jessica Simpson. Today Extra reports that he hasn't, however, explored the bodily wonderland of Mandy Moore. And that comes straight from the singer/actress' mouth!

At the New York City premiere of her latest movie, Dedication, Moore told Extra that pictures of her and Mayer lunching together don't mean a thing, exclaiming, “Oh my goodness. John and I have been friends for years, no romance.”

Maybe if she gets a gander at Mayer's recent foray into modeling, she'll change her mind?

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What Went Wrong With Amy Winehouse?

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Singer Amy Winehouse has gone from being the music world’s newest phenom to its next potential tragedy.

On August 8, the beehived Brit was rushed to London’s UCLH hospital for “exhaustion.” The star’s rep, Tracey Miller, says her client is merely overworked. But source close to Winehouse blame alcohol and drugs.

Indeed, Winehouse, 23, who grew up working-class in London, has long been a wild child. Her taxi-driver dad and pharmacist mom divorced when she was 9. Her response?

Calling herself a “violent drunk,” the singer has said she battled eating disorders, and her arm bears scars from cutting.

“But the time I was 15, my parents realized I would do whatever I wanted, and that was it really,” she has said.

Around that time, she got her first of many tattoos and pierced her nose, which got her kicked out of theater school.

Despite the international success of her second album, Back to Black, she lacks confidence in anything other than music, friends say.

"When it comes to self-worth and looks," says a pal," she has a low opinion of herself."

Meanwhile, in recent months, the singer, who once toiled as an entertainment reporter, canceled shows in London and Los Angeles, and has backed out of appearances in Europe.

Though Winehouse’s rep says that after a rest the singer will resume touring, friends still worry.

“Part of her problem is she has a young, strong, physical constitution and a strong mind,” says childhood pal Jessica Ashby. “But they are also her solution."


Hilton's still a bitch, and apparently, so is Lohan...

Paris Hilton still has it out for Lindsay Lohan!

A disparaging poster of Lindsay has been posted on the gate of Paris‘ Hollywood Hills home. The poster prominently features Lindsay’s police mugshot and reads:


Age: 3 in dog years
Weight: Anorexic
Eyed: Dilated
Coat: Spotted/Freckled
Breed: Freckle-Bellied Cokewhore Terrier

My dog was last seen on the morning of July 24, 2007 chasing cars in Santa Monica. She will answer to the call of: Lilo, L Squared, Lo Hoe and Dime Bags, 2 for 10 dollars. She was also last seen carrying her favorite boys: a little white bag we call her “doggy bag” and her favorite black ankle bracelet. Please come home!


If you have any information, please call — or go to —

All the change in my couch will be offered for the information leading to the safe return of my dog.”

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"Chocolate Rain" On Tour

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Chocoholics rejoice! Internet phenom Tay Zonday is showering fans with "Chocolate Rain" on the road. Lick it up!

The YouTube clip, which has been watched more than 4 million times and parodied by everyone from John Mayer to Darth Vader, has catapulted the James Earl Jones-voiced grad student to Internet -- and now real-life -- fame.

This fall, Zonday will take to the road with pop partier Girl Talk and electro-weirdo Dan Deacon, reports The Daily Swarm. Right now, Zonday's zigned up for the duo's Minneapolis tour stop, but could be added to other dates. It's a chocolate explosion!


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A makeup-less Nicole Richie goes au naturale, holding hands with rocker boyfriend Joel Madden as the pair are seen having dinner together at NYC eatery La Esquina on Tuesday night.

Nicole, wearing Christian Louboutin Mary Janes, is four months pregnant with the couple’s first child.

The 25-year-old must also serve four days in County Jail before September 28. She should get it over with this weekend!!!

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The Echo Project Music and Arts Festival announced

The impressive roster for The Echo Project music and arts festival continues to grow. Some of the latest additions to the list of more than 60 acts scheduled to perform at the eco-responsible event include The Flaming Lips, Thievery Corporation (with a full live band), Les Claypool, The Bravery, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and JJ Grey & Mofro.
Other acts on the bill so far include The Killers, Phil Lesh and Friends, moe., The Roots, Cypress Hill, The Polyphonic Spree, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Umphrey's McGee, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Cat Power & Dirty Delta Blues Band, Brazilian Girls, Secret Machines, Son Volt, The Avett Brothers, MSTRKRFT, Man Man, Tea Leaf Green and many more.
The three-day event will be held October 12-14 on 350-acres of scenic Chattahoochee river front property on the 1250-acre Bouckaert Farm in Fairburn, Ga., just south of Atlanta.
The project's mission is to revolutionize how music and arts events affect the environment through eco-friendly event production that includes reducing carbon emissions and power consumption, use of alternative energy sources and waste management and recycling initiatives.
Festival organizers are also working with Sustainable Waves and Rivers Alive to launch a major cleanup of the Chattahoochee river prior to the festival.
In addition, a portion of the price of every ticket sold will be donated to Trees For The Future, an organization that has been replanting trees in deforested areas of the world since the early '70s.
Tickets for the event are three-day passes and include camping and parking (RVs and other oversize vehicles require an additional pass). A limited number of $120 early bird tickets are still available through the event's web site.
At the close of early bird sales, a special allotment of $155.50 tickets will be released. After those are gone, the ticket price goes up to $178.50 until opening day of the festival, when the price increases to $200.

Les Claypool's Frog Brigade:

The Flaming Lips

Thievery Corporation

The Bravery

The Polyphonic Spree

Sticky pucci

If this was 5 years ago, I'd care

JIMMY Fallon
is off the market. The former "Saturday Night Live" funnyman proposed last weekend to his longtime squeeze, Nancy Juvonen - who co-owns Flower Films with Drew Barrymore - at her family home in Wolfeboro, N.H. It's the first engagement for Fallon, 33, and Juvonen, 39. Also planning to get hitched are Joe Pesci and Angie Everhart, who each have one previous marriage. She was also once engaged to Sylvester Stallone.

ai // she's a rebel.

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Nichols' second Broadway project, Farragut North, had been announced as part of Second Stage's upcoming season Off-Broadway. The Post says that Beau Willimon's work will now be seen on Broadway and will open in the middle of next fall's presidential election. Nichols will direct screen star Jake Gyllenhaal, who had taken part in a previous reading of Willimon's politically themed play. Gyllenhaal, who will be making his Broadway debut, will play "a young, idealistic communications director who works for an inspiring, though unorthodox, presidential candidate. During the campaign, his career is done in by more seasoned politicos who thrive on poisonous partisan politics, dirty tricks and back-stabbing," according to a previous Post report.

Farragut North takes its name from the Washington, D.C. subway station that is situated near K Street, where several lobbyists work."


This is actually from an article about Mike Nichols directing two shows heading to Broadway next year, but it includes mention of Jake being in the cast for one of the shows...
Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Documentary about Morrissey fans to be released

A film based on fans' relationship with their hero Morrissey is set to be released.

'Passions Just Like Mine' takes a look at various fans who have been influenced by the former Smiths singer.

According to a statement on "the film will be a feature length documentary that tells the story of how fan culture can manifest itself.

"The stories will be told through the eyes of the fans themselves. Audiences will be able to see first hand how obsessed these fans really are and how they become that way".

The film is currently is post-production. No release date has been announced.

The trailer can be seen below.


A crack on the head is what you get...
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Shilpa Shetty Bond Girl Rumor

The way I see it, it's still way too early in the game to start taking most Bond 22 rumors very seriously -- just ask Abbie Cornish. Since there isn't much for fans to do between now and November 2008, we might as well enjoy a little speculation. The Metro UK is reporting that "unnamed sources" (we all know what that means) have confirmed that Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty is in the running to star as the next Bond Girl. According to Metro's source, 'Shilpa is having secret talks with the top brass who are working on the next movie. She has a huge following in Bollywood, as well as a number of fans in the Western world – especially in Britain – so she will be great for box office sales.'

Shetty began her career in 1993 and has appeared in over 50 films, although the actress has had her fare share of controversy over the years. There has been talk of links to organized crime and obscenity charges. In the last year alone, the award-winning actress has been at the center of not one, but two major scandals. The first was for her appearance on UK Celebrity Big Brother; when a housemate was accused of racist behavior after making offensive comments about Indians on the show. Shetty got the last laugh though, and won the show with 63% of the audience votes. And how can we forget the maelstrom that ensued after Richard Gere kissed Shetty on stage at an AIDS-awareness event.

Since Bond producer Barbara Broccoli and company were still looking at locations a few weeks ago, it doesn't seem likely that they are remotely close to casting Shetty, or anyone else for that matter. While Shetty certainly has the look of a Bond Girl, I'm betting that this is just another rumor that will eventually fall by the wayside. Not to mention, if political groups were burning effigies after a kiss from "The American Gigolo," could you imagine what would happen once Bond was through with her?


Nine Inch Nails TV

Nine Inch Nails to become TV stars?

'Year Zero' turned into show

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Nine Inch Nails are reportedly getting ready to turn their album 'Year Zero' in a television programme.

The futuristic show is said to centre around a time when the US is ruled by a right wing, religious dictatorship, reflecting the record's themes.

Frontman Trent Reznor said: "We've got a producer on board and have met with writers. We're about to pitch it to the network, so we're a couple of weeks away from meeting all of the main people, and we'll see what happens."

According to Blabbermouth, Reznor said he was also interested in turning the project into a film.

article link:

Jimmy Eat World stuff

Jimmy Eat World announce album details

'Chase This Light' is out in October

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Jimmy Eat World have announced the release of their third album entitled 'Chase The Light'.

The band recently previewed material from the album, the follow-up to 2004's 'Futures', on their US tour and will perform much of the new material at Reading and Leeds.

The first single to be taken from the album is 'Big Casino' and will be released at the end of this month.

The track listing is:

'Big Casino'
'Let It Happen'
'Like She'll Always Be'
'Carry You'
'Electable (Give It Up)'
'Gotta Be Somebody's Blues'
'Feeling Lucky'
'Here It Goes'
'Chase This Light'

article Link:

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Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera on the Mickey Mouse Club

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake on Mickey Mouse Club (him-a'layin' under the tunnel, I LOLed)

Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Ryan Gosling, and Christina Aguilera on MMC (Ryan's so funny in this one)

Britney Spears and Justin on Mickey Mouse Club (poor Britney lost her voice after puberty)

Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, and Ryan Gosling on MMC

JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake on MMC


Edit: LMAO, I get it. It's washed UP.
[Hello Kitty] Queen Of Pink

Sean Kingston to open for new Gwen Stefani tour dates


We are pleased to announce that Sean Kingston will support on the recently added West Coast leg of The Sweet Escape Tour.


Why is it that of all the people opening for Gwen on TSE tour (Akon, Lady Sov, Gym Class Heroes, Sean Kingston) the only act I actually wanted to see (Gym Class Heroes) was the only act I won't be able to see.. Boo. Damn you, luck non-USAers. lol

First picture of Freema Agyeman in Torchwood

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Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) is back and reunited with Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) when she teams up with Torchwood (BBC Two) to help them solve a series of mysterious deaths in Cardiff.

Pictured here as she steps into the Hub for the first time, a more grown up and worldly-wise Martha brings her medical knowledge and the expertise learnt during her travels with The Doctor to help Torchwood do battle against an alien threat.

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lil suri to model?

Is Tom and Katie's baby Suri Cruise set to model? There is a buzz already that she was the model for for the baby that is on the Downy box? The buzz earlier was this, "Look, it’s just an innocent box of Downy fabric softener. But when you look closer, doesn’t the Downy baby kind of look like Suri Cruise?"

A rep for Downy says no way but it appears that the Baby Gap has noticed according to a report from Life & Style Weekly. But with their trip to Berlin it's apparent that the adorable tot is starting to get more attention than her parents Tom Cruise and the fabulous Katie Holmes.

An insider says Baby Gap even asked Tom and Katie if Suri could star in a campaign. So - is baby Suri going Hollywood? No way, the parents have declined the offer.



suriiii, get ittt girllllll!
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Kim Kardashian's ass is real and it's spectacular

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Kardashian told this month’s issue of King magazine:

“Everyone now says I have a fake butt or butt implant. I’m Armenian; you should see all the women in my family. The women have bigger breasts and bigger butts. That’s how I was born. I can’t help it. I’m not gonna fight it. I definitely need to work out more and tone up, but I’m proud of my body.” Still, she admits, “I’m not against [plastic surgery].”

Mega-closeup courtesy of

Carrie Underwood and Vince Neil do it

"American Idol" star Carrie Underwood joined MÖTLEY CRÜE singer on stage this past Friday (August 10) at the Wildhorse Saloon in Nashville, TN for a rendition of the CRÜE classic "Kickstar My Heart". Watch fan-filmed video footage of the performance below.

Fan-filmed video footage of Carrie Underwood performing the SKID ROW classic "I Remember You" on July 21, 2007 in Harrington, DE has been posted on YouTube. Also available is a 2006 clip of Underwood singing a half-acoustic/half-electric version of GUNS N' ROSES' "Sweet Child O' Mine".

The 23-year-old country crooner from Checotah, Oklahoma, won the title of the hit Fox talent show "American Idol" in May 2005.

Underwood will drop the as-yet-untitled follow-up to her debut album, "Some Hearts", on October 23.

Video of Underwood covering "I Remember You"

"Sweet Child"

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Angelina: Where's The Next Country With Non-White Babies? I Don't Like The White Ones

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are planning to adopt a fourth child (I think they mean a fourth adopted baby), from Africa, according to British newspaper reports.

The Daily Mail claims the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" co-stars are hoping to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia -- the same country they adopted 2-year-old Zahara Marley from in 2005. 

The couple are also parents to Cambodia-born Maddox, 5; Vietnam-born Pax Thien, 3; and Shiloh Nouvel, 15 months. 

When they adopted Pax Thien earlier this year, Jolie admitted they chose a boy from Southeast Asia so Maddox could see the physical similarities between them, and hoped to find another African child for 

Zahara to identify with. 

The Mail reports Jolie and Pitt will return to Ethiopia in November to seek another child for their expanding brood. 

A source says, "Brad and Angie have made no secret of the fact that they are keen to extend their rainbow family. But they've always been very careful to ensure that they leave enough time between kids so that each child fully integrates into the family and feels truly settled.

"Angie in particular feels very strongly that while Shiloh will grow up seeing her family resemblance between herself and her natural parents, and Maddox and Pax will feel a connection between their birthplaces, Zahara has no such close-knit bond."

GQ: The Worst Sports-Movie Performances

Or Tim Robbins. Or John Goodman in The Babe. Kevin Hench goes deep on the worst sports-movie performances of all time
By Kevin Hench

Some kids are drawn to the ballfield, others to the stage. It’s all good. Until, that is, Hollywood decides to make a sports movie. Then the trouble begins, as directors have to decide between hiring the actor who can’t throw (or run, or swing, or shoot, or kick) and the jock who can’t act.

Thankfully, they usually go with the actor, which is pretty much always the right call. The uncoordinated thespian is distracting only when he’s trying to throw the ball. The stiff athlete distracts every moment he’s on-screen. You want Tim Robbins in Bull Durham or Kurt Thomas in Gymkata?

A handful of actors can deliver on both fronts, and there are even some jocks who can land a scene. But more often than not, when a sports movie gets made, some poor actor who fled the towel-snapping culture of the locker room years ago gets thrust back into the game, where he proceeds to humiliate himself. With that in mind, we give you the most embarrassing athletic performances in movie history.

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Not me. Some dude. Incredible jacket.

JJ outs some people including Cillian.

Ya he's very self-involved and I want to set his hat on fire, but he outs people. I can always get behind that.

ETA: For the tl;dw people. He says that Merv Griffin (RIP), Cillian Murphy, and Ricky Martin (dur) likey de cocka.

ETA2: This guy claims to have been the former publicist of Kim Kardashian (yes that is his only claim to fame I think) and also insists that he has a lot of friends in Hollywood who send him gossip. He, therefore, has held himself up to have some inside scoops and has started a blog. His blog mostly consists of obvious tidbits and long-ass video blogs where he talks about himself and how his face looks in the camera. I follow him with almost the same religiousness that I follow ONTD.

Taylor Swift → Wildest Dreams
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No Adoption Plans for Jolie-Pitt's

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Actor Brad Pitt has denied reports he and girlfriend Angelina Jolie are planning to adopt a fourth child from Africa.

Earlier this week, a British newspaper claimed the Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-stars are hoping to adopt a baby girl from Ethiopia - the same country they adopted two-year-old Zahara Marley from in 2005.

The couple are also adoptive parents to Cambodian-born Maddox, five; Vietnam-born Pax Thien, three; and biological parents to 15-month-old Shiloh Nouvel.

When they adopted Pax Thien earlier this year, Jolie admitted they chose a boy from south-east Asia so Maddox could see the physical similarities between them, and hoped to find another African child for Zahara to identify with.

However, Pitt's spokeswoman Cindy Guagenti has told website reports Jolie and Pitt will return to Ethiopia in November to seek another sibling for their expanding brood are false.

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Facinating -- Random -- Facts

Jennifer Aniston will screen her directorial debut Room 10 at the Palm Springs International Festival Of Short Films, which begins on August 23.

Movie bosses are planning a remake of Bruce Lee's 1973 classic martial arts movie Enter The Dragon, to be directed by The Shield's executive producer Kurt Sutter.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne have bought a mansion in Hidden Hills, California for more than $10 million after selling their Beverly Hills property to singer Christina Aguilera.

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer Is reportedly writing a book about his time in the band. He plans to include an account of his longterm battle with drug addiction. Kramer is offering the autobiography to a number of New York publishing houses, reports Billboard.

Elvis Presley fans have purchased the singer's $1.28 million mansion in California. Reno and Laura Fontana bought the Spanish-style pad in Palm Springs and plan to open the property up to fellow fans. The couple will also make the house available for wedding ceremonies and similar services.

Ronettes star Ronnie Spector will act as counselor at the 2007 Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp in New York, scheduled to start later this month. She'll join Kiss stars Paul Stanley and Bruce Kulick, Grand Funk Railroad's Mark Farner, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, Mountain rocker Leslie West and Carole King, among others, at the event, which takes place between August 30 and September 3. Tickets for the five-day extravaganza, at which the legendary musicians teach fans the art of rock 'n' roll, cost $9,000 each.

Superstar Tom Cruise founded his own wedding planning company, All Occasions Event Planning, to arrange his wedding to Katie Holmes last year.

Funnyman Jimmy Fallon is set to marry his longterm partner Nancy Juvonen. The star proposed to Juvonen - who co-owns Flower Films with Drew Barrymore - at her family home in New Hampshire at the weekend, reports

Sixty-three-year-old actor Ben Kingsley shares a passionate kiss with 21-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen in their new movie "The Wackness."

Almost two years to the day after Jennifer Aniston checked out of her suite at the exclusive Peninsula Hotel on Chicago, Illinois' Gold Coast, Angelina Jolie checked into the same suite with the star's ex-husband, Brad Pitt.

The last film Elvis Presley saw before his death in 1977 was Roger Moore's James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me.

horny christmas

Having a good day? Well here's some Ashlee to ruin it for you

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All these celebutwits are starting to look the same. Asslee, Jessica, Mischa, Nicole, Cameron, Kiki, Drew, Fergie...they are all the same person! It's basically the ratty hair and that stupid ass straw fedora! You aren't a damn scarecrow! Yes, you scare small birds.....but that hate is not necessary!

Here's Asslee at a Seventeen Magazine event at the Ken Paves salon yesterday. The Paves can do my hair anytime and by "my hair" I mean my pubic hair.

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TALKING - Sidney Crosby

(no subject)

Toronto Maple Leaf Mark Bell Sentenced to Six Months for DUI and Hit-and-Run

Maple Leafs forward Mark Bell will serve at least four months in jail next summer after pleading no contest to charges stemming from a car accident last year.

Bell was sentenced to six months in jail after pleading no contest to drunk driving with injury and hit-and-run charges but Assistant District Attorney Cindy Seeley Hendrickson told TSN that the former San Jose Shark could be released after serving two-thirds of his sentence. As part of the plea agreement, the hit-and-run charge was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanour.
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*shakes head* Not cool.
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Brit meets with her lawyer

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Posted 3:23 PM: We caught up with Britney at her lawyer Laura Wasser's office in Century City today around 1:30 pm. Brit and Alli spent about an hour and a half inside and our photographers say Britney left looking very upset. She peeled out of the parking garage and had a sour look on her face. With Kevin's commando legal tactics, who wouldn't be upset if they were on the receiving end? SOURCE

Update Posted 4:50 PM: Any amount of Kevin Federline in a day could leave anyone feeling like frowning so we can hardly blame Brit for liking a little down as she left her attorney's office just a couple hours ago.

But ya know what she did?! She turned that frown upside down with some retail therapy at Barney's and at Versace! What better to calm one's nerves after dicussing delinquent dads, than a nice Italian-made silk blouse or maybe some cute fall trousers! SOURCE

I love how every Britney post on X-17 is "BREAKING NEWS". These guys are obsessed with Britney over there.

ABC is Doin' It Right, BUT TV Still Not Gay Enough

ABC Tops Networks in New GLAAD LGBT 'Responsibility Index'

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ABC - 171 LGBT inclusive hours out of 1,147 total hours (15% of programming).
RANK = Good

The CW - 56 LGBT inclusive hours out of 472 total hours (12% of programming).
RANK = Fair

CBS - 100.5 LGBT inclusive hours out of 1,147 total hours (9% of programming).
RANK = Fair

NBC - 83 LGBT inclusive hours out of 1,147 total hours (7% of programming).
RANK = Fair

FOX - 50 LGBT inclusive hours out of 780 total hours (6% of programming).
RANK = Poor

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Duet for Elvis and daughter Lisa Marie

Duet for Elvis and daughter Lisa Marie

08/14/2007 10:05 PM, AP

A new video of Lisa Marie Presley singing "In the Ghetto," accompanied by her late father, Elvis Presley, will be posted Friday on the AOL Internet site, a company spokesman said Tuesday.

To mark the 30th anniversary of her father's death, Lisa Marie Presley's voice was added to the original version of her father's hit song from 1969. The video duet also features images of her late father. will post the video along with the transcript of an interview with Lisa Marie Presley, AOL spokesman Kurt Patat said. In the interview, Lisa Marie Presley said the project was emotionally stirring.

"We had two hours to lay down my vocals," she says. "So the next morning, I heard the rough ... and ... I've never cried when I've done anything ... ever ... but I just lost it when I heard it.

Lisa Marie Presley also talks in the interview about how she was offended to see her father's song "Viva Las Vegas" used in a Viagra commercial. "I find that revolting," she said. "Some songs we have no control over. I know we didn't license that one."

Proceeds from the new song and video will be used to help build temporary housing for the homeless in New Orleans, she said. The project is to be similar to Presley Place, a 12-unit apartment building for the homeless built in Memphis by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. in 2001.

At the time, Elvis Presley Enterprises was owned by Lisa Marie Presley. She sold 85 percent of the company two years ago to CKX Inc., which now controls the worldwide business in marketing Elvis' name and image.

Elvis Presley died at his Memphis home, Graceland, on Aug. 16, 1977, and thousands of fans are in town this week for the 30th anniversary of his death.

Lisa Marie Presley, 39, is scheduled to attend a concert Thursday in Memphis that will feature her father performing on video, with live support from his former backup singers and band members.

Her most recent album of her own music was "Now What" in 2005, but she said in the interview that she hopes to put out a new album soon.

"I'm definitely going to do it," she said. "I just have to figure out the right way. I'm on a clean slate right now — I just got off my label (Capitol Records). So I'm figuring out my next route."


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info from here

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Weirded Out!

Guess her psychic didn't see this coming...

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Adrianne Curry was robbed!
So, I wake up this morning to get ready to go to the gym. I have a full plate today, and needed to unwind by pumping some iron beforehand. Then my doorbell rings. Chris answered it, so I went on my merry little way getting dressed for the gym, and getting my stuff together so I could go straight from the gym to all my appointments later. I ran upstairs to grab a bottle of water and Chris followed me up. He gave me a BIG hug, told me how much he loved me, and that I needed to sit down. "WHAT???" I asked him. My car's window had been smashed out, my navigation system stolen, and the possibility of other things missing is high...

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Maybe pregnant is psychic-code for robbed.

I feel her pain though, sucks to have your personal space invaded and your things taken :-\

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ATLANTA - The future of pro wrestler Chris Benoit's millions could come down to the timing of a horrible crime: Did Benoit — having taken high doses of steroids — strangle his wife and then their young son before killing himself, or did the boy die first?

Lawyers for Benoit's mother-in-law, Maureen Toffoloni, filed a petition last week asking a court to determine the order of the deaths, which could affect whether she gets any of the estate.


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Katie Holmes in talks to play Wonder Woman?

Katie Holmes did something really strange on Aug. 6 - she left Suri with Tom in Berlin and flew to L.A. alone! Why the sudden solo departure?

Katie headed home to have a secret meeting with her agents and producers about starring in the big-screen version of the popular ‘70s television series Wonder Woman. “Katie apparently didn’t want Tom to be a part of the discussions,” the source tells Star magazine.

The movie version of Wonder Woman has been bouncing around Hollywood for years, but with the success of Spiderman, Transformers and other blockbusters based on cartoons and toys, it’s been moved to the front burner.

“The movie’s only at the discussion state, but Katie feels this role as a kick-ass superhero will put her back in the public eye,” the source says. “She wants to show her stuff, and she wants to prove that she can stand on her own two feet without Tom’s help. Tom, at times, feels compelled to oversee Katie’s career, but Katie is bent on doing this alone. She actually scheduled the meeting when she knew Tom wasn’t going to be able to be there.” Cruise has been filming the WWII themed Valkyrie in Berlin since July.

Cruise watchers immediately started whispering about why Katie didn’t fly back with her 16-month-old daughter, Suri. “It was a matter of give and take,” the source says. “Tom must have said, ‘Fine, go to L.A. for your meeting, but leave Suri with me.’ Katie really had no choice.”

The couple, who just completed a fun-filled vacation in St. Tropez, dining, swimming and Jet Skiing, still has issues, as most other couples do. “Tom is eager for Katie to have another child, and she wants to finish another movie first,” says a source.


Thank God this sounds like shit, because if it's true...I'll cry...

Shia Doesn't Think He's the Big Kahuna; Gives Props to Fellow Actors

In a recent interview with IndieLondon, Transformers star Shia LaBeouf praised fellow actors in Young Hollywood.

"Q. Is it difficult to process how fast you’ve risen in terms of the Hollywood A-list?
Shia LaBeouf: Oh yeah, I’m the president of the lucky club. There are so many talented people who don’t work. And the crop of young actors I’m surrounded by is incredible. You look at Jamie Bell, he’s an ace; the dude is incredible. You watch him in Billy Elliot and it’s like: “F***, I can’t keep…” When you have people like that around you it amps you up a little bit. Also, Emile Hirsch and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, or guys like Ryan Gosling. It’s a really good crowd and I feel I’m coming up at a good time. But equally, there’s a lot of good young actors who don’t get to work who are more talented than I. I’m just lucky."

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Pictures of Heidi Klum in new Jordache ads

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Less than a year after having her third child, Heidi Klum has returned to high-profile modeling with sexy new Jordache ads in which she wears little more than jeans and a stare.

So how has she managed a supermodel body after baby?

"I have three children," she tells PEOPLE. "That keeps you busy all the time. I work and we do a lot of things that are active. We work in the garden. We jump on the trampoline. I just started playing tennis with my husband. We climb in the tree house with the children. We go to the park and feed the ducks. We are always mobile."

But the 34-year-old German native acknowledges that kids and ducks only go so far – she cops to other help to pull off her provocative look in the black-and-white print ads in which she poses topless (with strategically placed blond locks to keep things PG-13.)

"There were 20, 30 people on set to take the pictures," she said of the photo shoots with Brett Ratner, normally an action movie director moonlighting as a fashion photographer. "He had a lot of assistants. So I don't have to do that much. They all make me look good."

Her husband, musician Seal, also chips in around the house, whipping up traditional English breakfasts of eggs and beans. And they take time for each other, keeping the romance alive – aided by her tight-fitting jeans.

"He always does a butt check," says Klum, who returns the favor. "I like him in jeans. I like him in anything. I like him without anything."

Which almost makes it obvious how they keep their relationship hot.

Says Seal: "It keeps itself hot."

Sources: Jordache, People

Scott Hamilton and Wife Are Expecting Baby No. 2

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Olympic champion figure skater Scott Hamilton and his wife Tracie are expecting their second child, PEOPLE has confirmed.

"We're really excited," the father-to-be said.

Hamilton, 48, and Tracie, 37, have been married since 2002 and have a son, Aidan, 3. They reside in Nashville and told PEOPLE the baby is due in January.

Hamilton, who won the gold medal at the Sarajevo Olympics in 1984, played a skating announcer in the comedy Blades of Glory starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder.

He has just completed taping a series of episodes for the upcoming ABC TV series Wanna Bet? and AOL Television's Jury Duty.

Hamilton continues to co-produce Stars on Ice which he conceived and co-founded in 1986. He retired from full-time touring with the production during its 2000-2001 season. Known the last several years as Smucker's Stars on Ice, the show will enter its 22nd consecutive U.S. touring season in January, 2008.

Source: People

Mandy Moore at the New York Premiere of 'Dedication'

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New York - If you had any doubt that teen pop star Mandy Moore is now all grown up, those thoughts should have been put to rest after Tuesday night's premiere in New York City of her new edgy R-rated romantic comedy "Dedication." For Moore looked every inch the mature movie star in a form-fitting black bustier sheath, spike heels, and smoldering dark lipstick. And that's just what the leggy 23-year-old wants you to think about her, both in real life and up on the screen.

"I think people are getting used to the idea that I've grown up a little bit," Moore said earlier at a press conference promoting the film. "I think it's just a natural evolution. I've kind of grown up and matured. Obviously that's going to be reflected in the choices that I make in my career. I think it's just been a natural progression. I'm a young woman now."

In the film, Moore plays the romance opposite Billy Crudup, who happens to be 16 years her senior, and Bobby Cannavale (13 years older); in real life she tends to like older men, too, having recently dated DJ Adam Goldstein and actor Zach Braff, both in their thirties. But despite her high-profile boyfriends (she was steady with tennis pro Andy Roddick for a couple of years, too), somehow the teen idol has succeeded in staying out of the tabloid spotlights.

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And a few pictures of Mandy Moore at the New York Premiere of 'Dedication' Collapse )

Sources: Yahoo! News, Getty
Detective Green

Michael Cera in Radar Magazine

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RADAR: You tend to play very nervous characters. Are you self-conscious and tongue-tied in real life?
Um, to some extent. I mean ... I think it's somewhat exaggerated. But, uh ... oh man, there's a perfect word I could be using here. I don't know. I don't think ... uh, I mean, in Superbad, my character's not even that awkward, I don't think. So, yeah.

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Matthew McConaughey Engaged?

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One of Hollywood ’s most eligible bachelors is gearing up to take the plunge. Hottie Matthew McConaughey, 37—who’s as famous for romping shirtless as he is for films like Failure to Launch—is so hooked on Brazilian model Camilla Alves, 24, that he’s popped the question, says sources!

“Matthew has never been so in love with a woman and would do anything within his means to make Camilla happy—including a proposal,” a friend tells Star.

While he wants to keep the engagement on the down-low, the Texan has been kicking around the idea of a beachside wedding next spring. “Both Camilla and Matthew are extremely close to their families and want to make sure everyone they love will be able to celebrate with them,” says a source. “It’s going to be the party of the year!”
Meanwhile, to show his commitment, Matthew has agreed to move out of his beloved trailer and set up house with Camilla in a beachfront Malibu mansion!

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Rev. Al's Gayest Fight Ever

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Reverend Al Sharpton -- and his crew-- borrowed from the Isaiah Washington playbook to snap back at a rapper's filthy insults.

Rev. Al responded last night to rap-becile David Banner (real name Levell Crump), who while expressing his "hatred" for Sharpton earlier this week graciously invited Al to "suck [his] d*ck," amongst other offers, on hip-hop newser Through Kirsten John-Foy, one of the leaders of the Rev's National Action Network, he roared back to the site, "From time to time we do encounter people that have sexual fantasies about Reverend Al Sharpton, but they are always women and Crump's proposition is a first."

Then, entering slightly murkier waters, John-Foy continued, "I am sure Rev. Sharpton would not call Crump the "N" "B" or "H" word ... [but] despite Crump's personal request, I am sure Reverend Sharpton would not call him a f-g--t."

A rep for Rev. Al confirmed that John-Foy's response was in fact sent from his office, but added that Rev. Al would "never" respond directly to comments like Banner's.


Silverchair Bootleg!

I had a chance to record some "bootleg" video/audio for Silverchair on July 19th in Portland Or. for the local radio station 94/7 NRK.

I not only got to meet the guys but recorded some awesome stuff as well.

note that this is the first show in the North America tour...right after his laryngitis.

i also have a little "chat" with daniel after reflection of a sound. listen out for it.



'Live Free or Die Hard' director to helm 'Escape from New York' remake

Len Wiseman, the director behind "Live Free or Die Hard," is in negotiations to helm "Escape From New York," New Line Cinema's remake of the cult John Carpenter movie.

The project was set up at New Line in March with Neal Moritz producing and Gerard Butler attached to star as anti-hero Snake Plissken.

Ken Nolan ("Black Hawk Down") wrote the script, which will combine an origin story for Plissken merged with the story of the 1981 movie. The original film was set in a futuristic 1997, when Manhattan had been turned into a giant maximum-security prison. The U.S. president's plane crashed on the island, and Plissken -- incarcerated for robbing a federal reserve bank -- was coerced into a rescue mission.

Carpenter is executive producing. Sichler and Ron Halpern, senior vp international production and remake development at Canal Plus, will executive producing as will Original Films production executive Ori Marmur.

Toby Emmerich and Keith Goldberg are overseeing for New Line.

Wiseman, who rose through the Hollywood ranks via positions like props assistant on movies such as "Men in Black" and "Independence Day," directed "Underworld" and its sequel "Underworld: Evolution."

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On-screen and off-screen sweethearts Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens walked the royal blue carpet at the world premiere of High School Musical 2 held at the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort on Tuesday in Anaheim, Calif.
Zac was wearing a new mystery rainbow-colored bracelet… perhaps made by the same “special friend” who made his red one for him. Vanessa wore a stunning red floor-grazing gown.
Guaranteed to be the biggest splash of the summer, High School Musical 2 will premiere on The Disney Channel in THREE days!!!

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Collapse )The beard looks pretty, but I hate her smirk/smile. 

OT: For all those who get the PUBLIX SUPERMARKET tv ads--I freaking hate the one with the little boy and the apple. I can't stand his voice. Not cute.


Sidney - Omfg Iggy&#39;s a Penguin

Hey look, a hockey player who isn't a douche bag!

After the recent posts about Mike Comrie nailing Hilary Duff, and the Staal brothers getting arrested for drinking in public, and then today's post about Mark Bell being sentenced to jail time for drinking and driving and hitting someone's car and fleeing the scene...

notmyself43 asked: lol can we get some news about Hockey players that aren't douchebags?

And so I felt compelled to point this out, because hockey needs some good press.

Right to Play is an athlete driven charity about teaching underprivileged, impoverished, and AIDS victimized children the joys of sport, learning cooperation, leadership, tolerance, etc. through playing games/sports.

And in the name of showing that hockey players are pretty awesome guys, in general, I bring you Boston Bruins defenseman Andy Ference, who is one of several NHL players involved in the charity, and the story about a trip he and Steve Montador (defenseman for the Florida Panthers) took to Africa to help out early in July.

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Angelina Jolie would be so proud.

Photo album of the trip in Africa
Trip Diary from Andrew Ference, seven days worth of information. (He's a pretty decent writer.)
Link to the article about this on Right to Play's site