August 11th, 2007

Another Rich Cronin related post

Mission: Man Band Episode 2 Sneak Peek


Miss Kate amazes the guys when she reveals that they'll be working with Grammy-award winning music producer Bryan Michael Cox (BMC). But, before they meet with him, the band members have to pass their first test: writing lyrics to a brand new track. After BMC grades them on their less than stellar efforts, the guys throw a blow out at Chris' house with girls and booze aplenty. But, with Bryan Abrams only two months sober, will temptation prove too much?

source and source

6 Indiana Jones 4 movie titles LEAKED

One of our scoopers just sent us the latest Motion Pictures Association of America Title Registration Report. Lucasfilm, Ltd has filed for six different titles for Indiana Jones 4. The proposed titles include:
  • Indiana Jones and the City of Gods
  • Indiana Jones and the Destroyer of Worlds
  • Indiana Jones and the Fourth Corner of the Earth
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  • Indiana Jones and the Lost City of Gold
  • Indiana Jones and the Quest for the Covenant

City of Gods has been long rumored to be the working title of the production. It also seems to be the best candidate of the bunch Destroyer of Worlds, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and Fourth Corner of the Earth are way to corny for me. But hey, George Lucas was the same guy who named a movie Attack of the Clones and The Phantom Menace, so you never know.

It’s also worth noting that Paramount TV registered “Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Death” in 1983. I wonder what they were planning?

According to the MPAA title report, the titles listed will be clear for registrants’ use by the close of business day Aug 24, 2007 if no protests have been lodged against them. I’ve never seen a report like this before, and find the process interesting. For example: Columbia Pictures is protesting Disney’s John Carter Of Mars title on the basis of their upcoming release John Hancock. Most of the entries on the protested titles section are like this. Usually one word in the title is the same of another project. Makes me wonder if any of these people win these seemingly unfounded title protests.

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Victoria Beckham shops at Barney’s with her son Romeo, sister Louise Adams, and niece Liberty Lawrence aka Libby.

Victoria’s son Romeo is five years old and her niece Liberty is nine years old.
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your shoes are the wackness... buddump chh

^ On the NYC set of Mary-Kate's new film, THE WACKNESS (8/10/07)

About the film:
Ben Kingsley, Josh Peck, Famke Janssen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Olivia Thirlby and Method Man have been cast in Occupant Films comedy The Wackness.

Occupant partners Keith Calder, Felipe Marino and Joe Neurauter are producing. Jonathan Levine (All the Boys Love Mandy Lane) directs from his own script; filming recently started in New York.

The story, set in 1994, centers on a troubled teenage drug dealer and a drug-addled psychiatrist -- after the former trades pot for therapy sessions, then falls for the doctor's daughter.


More about The Wackness

Ben Kingsley, Josh Peck, Famke Janssen, Mary-Kate Olsen, Olivia Thirlby and Method Man are taking a whack at the indie comedy "The Wackness."

Occupant Films is producing and financing the comedy, which was penned by Jonathan Levine, who also will direct. Occupant's Keith Calder, Felipe Marino and Joe Neurauter are producing.

Set in New York in summer 1994, the greatest year in hip-hop, the story revolves around a troubled teenage drug dealer (Peck) who trades pot for therapy sessions with a drug-addled psychiatrist (Kingsley) intent on living his life to the fullest. The two form an unlikely friendship, but things get complicated when the kid falls for the doctor's daughter (Thirlby). The film is shooting in New York.

The film reteams Occupant and Levine, who made his directorial debut with Occupant's "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane," a Toronto Film Festival darling, which is set to bow early next year2008.

Kingsley's credits include "House of Sand and Fog," "Sexy Beast," "Schindler's List" and "Gandhi."

Peck is half of Nickelodeon's tween sensation "Drake and Josh," which has spawned a movie project in development at Nickelodeon/Paramount Pictures. He most recently filmed the Owen Wilson starrer "Drillbit Taylor" for Paramount Pictures.

Janssen is best known for her role as Jean Grey in the "X-Men" film franchise. She also starred in "Hide and Seek" and "Don't Say a Word."

Olsen most recently starred in "New York Minute."

Thirlby, whose credits include "United 93," will next be seen in "Juno," "Snow Angels" and "Margaret."

Method Mad's film credits include "Garden State" and "Gone in 60 Seconds."

Kingsley and Janssen are repped by CAA. Peck is repped by ICM. Levine and Olsen are handled by UTA. Thirlby is repped by the Gersh Agency.

Sounds to me like it's just a chance for the tween actors to try to redeem their abilities but honestly I will always think of Josh Peck as the fat and apprehensive brother on Drake & Josh.


Rob Zombie wants

The cover artwork for ROB ZOMBIE's first-ever live album, entitled simply "Live", has been posted at this location. Due on September 18 via Geffen, the CD was recorded over several nights during the band's "Educated Horses" tour and will include a 36-page super-deluxe book of never-before-seen live pictures and a DVD of live footage and animated videos. It was mixed by Zombie and producer Scott Humphrey. The track listing is as follows:
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Halloween trailer

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Off the Rack [aka slow news day]

Dita for Frederick's of Hollywood
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Hayden wears a skirt as a dress
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The Heroes star is turning into quite the fashionista both on the street and red carpet. While shopping in L.A. recently, Hayden Panettiere traded her little yellow dresses for a bright purple tube number. We loved the color and brass bottons on the top, so we had to track it down! After a little bit of hunting, we discovered that Hayden’s dress was actually a skirt!


going to rehab is like going on vacation

Ville Valo has revealed to Britain's Rock Sound magazine (web site) how he checked himself into rehab recently in order to avoid having heart failure. The HIM vocalist spent a couple of weeks detoxing "behind bars" after his drinking had escalated to a point where he said he had two options — die of heart failure or go into rehab. And he cites pressure of work as a key factor.

"It was more like detoxing, it was my first holiday in 15 years," laughed the singer. "I was feeling psychically fucking sick, tired, and depressed, and if I hadn't gone in there I would have been under more pressure to do more work. Something happens each and every day — a meeting about this, a meeting about that, several meetings a day; there is no way of stopping. You can't say, 'I won't do anything for two weeks.' I can't say that to myself because I feel bad for letting people down. So the best thing was for me to go into a place with gates, with no cell phone, proper food, and just no fuckin' booze or nothing. It was good for me."

And after the initial shock, Ville said he's reaping the benefits of his self-imposed Betty Ford duty.

"It was a test of patience for a couple of days, I was shivering and shaking like a leaf," he explained, "and then coming together with my real emotions as I haven't been sober in a real long time — the past 10 years. I have been sleeping like a fucking baby for the first time in 15 years!"

NEw HIM video
"Kiss of Dawn"

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The Lost casting news is as fake as Kristen Bell's teeth

The greatest casting coup of the century was apparently not meant to be: A spokesperson for Kristen Bell, responding to my report in Wednesday's AA, notified me late last night that my BFF won't be joining Lost next season.

Although her rep didn't provide a reason, I did a little digging and my sources say Bell -- who was formally approached by Lost execs this week -- turned down the gig primarily because she didn't want to relocate to Hawaii.

(georgina stojiljkovic) stunning

Clive Owen: I'd Never Have an Affair with a Costar

Clive Owen can boast plenty of beautiful costars – from Angelina Jolie in Beyond Borders, Julia Roberts in Closer and Jennifer Aniston in Derailed to Monica Belluci in the upcoming Shoot 'Em Up – but the married star says he'd never have an affair with a costar.

"I so value what I've got at home with my wife and kids that I've never f----ed with that," Owen, 42, tells Playboy in its September issue. "For me, that's what it's about."

Owen – who has two daughters, Hannah and Eve, with wife Sarah-Jane Fenton – adds: "I've had some great times with actresses, but that's in a movie. It's a fun thing to do, but it's not love. So I never have a problem with that."

When it comes to making love onscreen, "Even sex scenes are very straightforward," he says. "You've got things to accomplish, work to do. I find the thing to do in those situations is to just keep the atmosphere as light as possible."

Not that his don't-bed-the-costar rule was always in effect: the Briton says that first girl to win his heart was "a very lovely, beautiful girl, a local girl" with whom he acted at age 17.

He also met his wife while working with her onstage. "[She] was playing Juliet to my Romeo," in a touring production of Shakespearean plays.

Despite being called sexy by several past costars, including Jolie and Eva Mendes, the star says he has no problem with monogamy.

"My relationship is everything to me," he says. "I'm often doing incredibly exciting plays and films, but that would mean nothing if I were floating around and didn't have a solid family behind me. Sarah-Jane is an absolute diamond."

As for his career, Owen – who was strongly rumored to be the new James Bond until the producers plucked Daniel Crowd from the race – says he loves playing bad guys and characters with flaws.

"The worst piece of advice I've gotten in my whole career is from somebody who said, 'Remember, it's all about likeability.' A number of times since then I've thought, What a pile of bulls---.",,20051224,00.html

New Nightwish video.

MTV Finland premiered the video for Nightwish's new single "Amaranth"

They sound like any other female-fronted band now that they don't have their signature operatic vocalist, but whatev. I can dig it. I have a special place in my heart for these Finns.
I miss Tarja Turunen, though. :(

and _oceansoul
edit: just because, here's the most fabulous rendition of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" sung by Tarja Turunen:

Merv Griffin Hospitalized

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Entertainment mogul Merv Griffin has been hospitalized in Los Angeles. Griffin, the creator of hit TV game shows "Jeopardy!" and "Wheel of Fortune," was admitted to the intensive care unit at Cedars-Sinai hospital for a recurrence of prostate cancer.

The 82-year-old was hospitalized briefly last month after the recurrence was discovered during a routine checkup.


It was reported earlier this week that Hollywood legend MERV GRIFFIN's prognosis -- who's being treated for a second bout of prostate cancer -- isn't looking good, but his reps wouldn't confirm or deny.

Now, we have an update straight from the hospital. Merv had a good night last night and continues to put his strength into fighting his battle with cancer.

It was revealed in late July that the beloved TV icon was suffering from a recurrence of prostate cancer.

At that time Merv asked for his well-wishers, in lieu of sending him flowers, to donate to the Young Musicians Foundation, which he chairs.

Sources: ABC News, ET Online

kanye changes album release date...

August 11, 2007. Looks like the Clash Of The Titans that was scheduled to take place between 50 Cent's album Curtis and Kanye West's album Graduation is not going to happen. According to one of's most reliable Def Jam sources - Kanye West's album will not be released on September 11th.

According to a top Def Jam exec, the battle is officially over. The insider told, "It sounded like a good idea at first, but not anymore ... It was just a friendly competition and now [50 Cent's team] is trying to make it into a battle to the death." The exec added, "Kanye is one of [Def Jam's] most successful artist, we're not going to risk damaging his career with this feud."


the "reliable" source

'The Nines' poster

John August and Cinematical have posted the theatrical one-sheet poster for John August’s directorial debut The Nines. Guys, this was my favorite movies of Sundance 2007. There isn’t an easy way to describe The Nines without ruining much of the plot. The plot summery I’ve seen floating around the web describes the film:

"A troubled actor, a television show runner, and an acclaimed videogame designer find their lives intertwining in mysterious and unsettling ways."

The poster features Ryan Reynolds tying (or is he untying?) a green string bracelet on his right wrist. This is something that comes into play late into the film. The tagline reads “You Never Know When Your Number Is Up”. It’s a cool tagline, and a very cool poster for that matter, but does it really give you any indication of what the movie is about? Or even what the genre is for that matter? “You Never Know When Your Number Is Up” sounds like the tagline for a cheesy direct-to-dvd horror film but on this poster it seems like something much different. And truth is, this movie works within more than a few genres, which is probably one of the reasons why the film isn’t easily to classify.

When I first saw this film in January, I wondered how they would market such a movie. It’s so very different from anything on the big screen today. The closest thing I can compare it to is the television show LOST, and even then, that is a far stretch. It begins as a realistic film with a mysterious sci-fi element, and evolves into a multi-part story with a polarizing mind-fuck climax. If you haven’t yet seen the trailer, check it out now at this link. But bottom line is - You need to see this movie. I can’t recommend it enough.

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Sammy Kershaw is running for Lt. Governor of Louisiana!

I hadn't seen this posted, and it's borderline celeb gossip, but here goes.

Stepping from music to political arena
Tribune Correspondent

The way country music's Sammy Kershaw pronounces Ducon, La., his current town of residence, has a distinctive nasal, Cajun flavor, something he says a lot of folks around the state are afraid of losing -- bits of their heritage.

"That's part of the culture we don't want to lose," he says by telephone. "We are startin' to lose so much of that, and we've got to keep that going. Our heritage is so important. We've got to promote that within the state."

Kershaw has a plan for how to do that: He's running for lieutenant governor of his home state, Louisiana, an office that includes the title Commissioner of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.

source and rest of article:

I didn't realize this nonsense until a little while ago when I saw a campaign sign for him on the side of the road. What a joke. Oh yeah, he's a country singer who was pretty popular in the 90s I think.

Pete Doherty Addicted to Second Life?

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Pete Doherty has become addicted to internet-based virtual world Second Life, according to a report.

The Babyshambles frontman has started playing out his dream life on the cyber community, making himself a happily-married school headmaster with three children.

A source told the Daily Star: "Pete is living his fantasy existence in Second Life, where he is an upstanding member of the community, running the local school. He also has a loving wife and three adoring kids and is a fitness freak who treats his body like a temple - unlike Pete himself.

"But Pete's naughty side is still evident, even in his alternative world, because he is having an affair with the owner of the local greengrocer's. His mates are slightly amused that Pete's found a slightly healthier and more inspirational addiction."

Doherty was dumped by Kate Moss in July, after cheating on her with model Lindi Hingston.

Source: Digital Spy
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Oh how the mighty have fallen...

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Lohan -- Cleaning Toilets 12 Steps at a Time

Lindsay Lohan is atTMZ has confirmed Lohan is at Cirque in Orem, Utah, a treatment center run by Mormons. People inside the facility say Lindsay has been a "model patient," and gets absolutely no special treatment.

A television show is broadcasting a piece tonight with a woman in silhouette -- who claims she was at the facility with Lindsay, and that Lohan was difficult with the staff, refused to attend meetings and got lots of special attention -- including a private room. TMZ knows differently.

Sources inside the facility say that Lindsay attends12-step every day as well as other meetings, talks with psychiatrists and psychologists, and receives "other medical treatment." She is not in a private room; she has two roommates. She spends time during the day and night washing dishes, cleaning toilets and doing laundry.

Doctors at the facility say she has been cooperative from the get-go. As for the woman making the allegations, there are two facilities at Cirque -- The Lodge and The Studio. We're told Lindsay and the woman were at different facilities and there was only a short overlap. We're told the woman dropped out of the program days after Lindsay arrived, "against medical advice." Several doctors described the woman as "a problem." We're told the only way the woman could have even seen Lindsay was at group meetings -- she was never in a position to even see Lindsay's accommodations.

And we have more: We're told the day of her arrest, Lohan went to an intense, medical detox facility in L.A. for eight days. She then went directly to Cirque.

One Cirque insider says Lohan says the program is "life-saving." what is considered the most hardcore drug treatment facility in the nation.


Hmm speechless again..second time this week. and I'm running out of things to say about LiLo blah. Lilo needs to decide if she's going to be a fuck-up for life or really try at rehab..
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Lindsay Lohan is doing "fine"

While LINDSAY LOHAN is in rehab in Utah, her parents DINA and MICHAEL were thousands of miles away today in a New York matrimonial court.

As Dina exited the court, she told the Insider she has spoken to Lindsay and that she is "fine."

Michael also told the Insider he believed Lindsay's rehab would stick this time around.

The former couple was there to discuss their four kids as well as child support -- and whether or not it has been complied with.

Dina and Michael are scheduled to be back in court August 17.

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this isn't exactly "celeb news"...but it's UK+TV SHOW...and the video is too funny.

This is my dream wedding. This clip below comes from Britian's ITV1 and their show "Britian's Youngest Brides." 18-year-old Catrina Nolan's wedding dress alone cost $12,000. It was 40-feet wide, weighed almost 250 pounds and made with satin, feathers, lace, 20 layers of underskirts and a bodice covered in Swarvoski crystals in a heart and star design. Catrina said she wanted a dress that nobody would forget.

It took nearly 4 people to cram Catrina into the limo. The look on her face during the limo ride to the church is amazing.

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KH rise

Graham Colton talks about new cd/Kelly Clarkson.

Not included in that purging was life experience he gained from affairs of the heart, including a six-month romance with Clarkson (whom he met while opening her 2005 tour), which landed him in the tabloids. "The whole album is based on relationships, with Kelly and other women who were important in my life," he says.

"Of course, when you have a relationship with somebody how can you not write about that person? Or combine all of them into one super relationship, which is what I basically did. These songs that I have written on this album are not small. These are huge life-changing experiences that have happened to me." Added to this was another split: with his band. On going solo, Colton explains, "I just knew that in order for me to make the kind of album that I needed to make I needed to be one-hundred percent on my own. That is why it is so emotional. Every one of these songs is gut wrenching for me. “

The full article under the cut:

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The new single "Best Days" is now available on ITunes here:

Celebrity Bullriding - New Reality Show on CMT

+ =

A new Reality show on CMT...Celebrity Bullriding...

Ty Murray is known as the King of the Cowboys. He's the only seven-time All Around Rodeo Champion and is regarded as the Michael Jordan of his sport. But now he's taking on his greatest challenge -- teaching nine celebrities to ride a bull.

Murray is bringing nine stars from the entertainment and sports world to his sprawling 2000-acre ranch in Stephenville, Texas, for an intense bull riding boot camp. The celebrities will be taught the techniques and toughness it takes to survive riding an angry 1,800-pound bull.

Bull riding has been described as the world's most dangerous sport, and no one knows what will happen when these celebrity novices try their hand at one of the toughest challenges known to man. Some of the celebrities may chicken out, while others may be sidelined by injuries.

The nine courageous guys who are stepping up to take on the challenge are musician Vanilla Ice, actor Stephen Baldwin, actor/musician Leif Garrett, actor Dan "Nitro" Clark, actor Francesco Quinn, former football star "Rocket" Ismail, Ultimate Fighter Josh Haynes, X-Games motorcycle legend "Cowboy" Kenny Bartram and Survivor reality star Jon "Jonny Fairplay" Dalton.

These celebrities will quickly move from mechanical bull to riding some of the biggest, meanest animals from the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) tour. If the celebrities can conquer their fear, avoid injuries and get a passing grade from Murray, at the end of their training they'll ride in front of a packed auditorium at a PBR event in Nashville. The celebrities will even get a chance to pick their poison, choosing which legendary bull they'll ride in the finale. It's the ultimate man versus beast showdown.

The celebrities will get instruction and advice from Murray, legendary cowboy Cody Lambert and some of the greatest riders from the PBR tour.

Ty Murray, a founding member of the Professional Bull Riders, Inc. (PBR) is retired from competition.

Source: Country Music Television (CMT)

ETA: Link for the showtimes...I know you're all gonna watch. :)

Paris Hilton decends from Charles the Great says German paper Bild

Historian and genealogist Dr. Ralf Jahn (41) tells Bild:

  • Charles the Great (748–814) = 41 times greatgrandfather
  • George Mason = 7 times greatgrandfather
  • Zsa Zsa Gabor = former wife of greatgrandfather
  • Elizabeth Taylor = former wife of greatuncle
  • Carrie Fisher = stepdaughter of Elizabeth Taylor
  • Degory Priest / Passanger of Mayflower = 12 times greatgrandfather
  • Theodore Roosevelt = 3 times greatuncle

My German is a bit rusty, but I hope y'all understand my ~translation~.

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Chris Tucker


In a recent interview, Chris Tucker explains how Africa changed his life:

"Y’know, I used to brush my teeth with Evian water and Fiji water because I didn’t want to use the sink water and I don’t do that anymore, because I have seen these things and going to Ethiopia, seeing a room full of infants, babies and some of them blind and most of ‘em was crying and I said, ‘What can I do?" 

source 1, 2
amy winehouse-brownfront

Creeper Gave Up The Vag For Brad

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The Sun claims that Angelina Jolie told the French magazine, Public, that she gave up girls in order to be with Brad Pitt. I find it hard to believe that she would actually talk about those things with a magazine. Sure she did it 5 years ago, but it's a different Angie now.

She is quoted as saying, “I’ve never hidden my bisexuality. But since I’ve been with Brad, there’s no longer a place for that or S&M in my life."

She goes on to say that Brad completely trusts and doesn't think she will cheat. "He lets me talk to whomever I want. He has complete blind faith in me.”