August 9th, 2007



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Exclusive: My Shocking 6 Hours With Topless Britney

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Britney Spears is on a tramp-age!

The latest man to fall into the hard-partying pop star’s orbit is Matt Encinias, a 21-year-old college student who tells Us Weekly the exclusive details of his twisted night with Spears in the latest issue.

In just five hours, Encinias went from being an extra in her latest video to pounding drinks and locking lips with the single mom of two in a rooftop pool at L.A’s Standard Downtown hotel.

Although Spears was expecting her two young sons to be dropped off at her Beverly Hills home at noon (as per her custody arrangement with their father, Kevin Federline), the singer had arranged to have the pool reopened at 2 am for the exclusive use of her group, which included then-assistant Shannon Funk and some hand-picked male extras from her video shoot.

“Britney was the first one to undress, and then everyone else followed,” Encinias tells Us. “I turned around and saw that she was topless and she had fake tattoos of flowers on her nipples from the shoot.”

“I was told all she wanted to do that night was kiss a boy,” the 5’10” California native continues. "And that’s what she did. Mission accomplished.”

It was when the alcohol started running low that an inebriated Spears, 25, suggested a game of Truth or Dare. “I was dared to get naked and get out of the pool and walk as though I was on a catwalk in a fashion show,” says Encinias. “Britney was laughing really hard.”

But what happened later when they went back to Britney’s hotel room? For more on Spears’ wild night at the Standard Hotel, including the latest details on her custody battle with Kevin Federline, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands this week.


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Today I went to the John Freida Salon, which is in the Upper East Side in Manhattan, to pick up my grandmother and aunt, and while I was waiting for them, Anne Hathaway came into the waiting room and sat down across from me. I don't care what you've read about her, let me get something straight: this woman is a bitch. Like four people offered her water, drinks, iced tea, whatever, and she told the first person she wanted hot chocolate. Which was the only thing the woman did not offer, basically, and it was 95 degrees today in New York. So the woman asked her if she could have coffee instead, and Anne goes, "No, I'd rather not poison myself, if that's the only other option." And then she gave this smile that maybe she thought was jokey or friendly, but she raised her eyebrows at the same time and it was kind of frightening. Then, when she was about to get her hair done, and she had to put on one of those cape things, and apparently it was too hot for that, so she literally ordered somebody to turn the AC on just for her (they had like a huge fan instead of an AC, because of all the hairdryers and stuff, I guess it would be bad for the power) and asked the hairdresser to have somebody switch seats with her because the other person was closer to the AC. She didn't say thank you at all, and told her hairdresser to hurry up like twenty times. Also, except for the scary leering smile, she didn't smile at all. A few of the hairdressers actually rolled their eyes when she left, so I'm guessing it isn't the first time she was a bitch. She just struck me as being extremely bitchy and cold, and as being the kind of person that doesn't have any friends because she has no sense of humor whatsoever.

Not really news, but she is a bitch and I clearly thought it was vital that you all are made aware of this.

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What made your favorite artists who they are today? What music did they listen to? What are their favorite songs? Who influenced them the most? Today’s artists are the sum total of everything they’ve ever heard, ever enjoyed and ever played and 180 Music’s Spotlight Influences Series gives them the chance to tell their story.

Music has the power to inspire, influence, and impress and now Target customers will get the chance to listen to songs that have done just that for Joss Stone & Avril Lavigne. Each CD is a collection of tracks from their favorite artists highlighting the songs that had a significant impact on their own songwriting and career. Each artist has handpicked an album’s worth of specific songs that they have a strong connection with as well as liner notes written by the artist about why they chose their particular selections.

Multi-platinum singer/songwriter/guitarist Avril Lavigne lists among her influences The Beach Boys, The Archies, Janis Joplin and Alanis Morissette.

Alanis Morissette is my favorite female artist and ‘Jagged Little Pill’ is my favorite record of all time,” Lavigne commented. “Alanis has definitely been a major influence on me. One of the greatest nights of my life was when I got to sing her song “Ironic” with her onstage.”

Even at 20 years old Joss Stone admires the who’s who of vintage soul, 70’s R&B and Motown Pop including Al Green, Aretha Franklin, James Brown and Natalie Cole.

“I like real singers, not just a pretty girl dancing around or a bunch of good-looking boys,” Stone remarked. “For me, it’s all about the voice. That’s why I go back to these kinds of artists. The classic soul singers and the people working today who’ve taken to heart what they did – I feel their energy so deeply, and they inspire me to be real.”

Joss Stone and Avril Lavigne’s Influences albums will join the already impressive entries in this series which also includes releases from Sarah McLachlan, The Dave Matthews Band, Wynonna, Jason Mraz, and Jamie Cullum.

Track Listing For Joss Stone - Influences

  1. “Please, Please, Please” James Brown

  2. “I Can’t Stand The Rain” Ann Peebles

  3. “Never Too Much” Luther Vandross

  4. “No Diggity” Blackstreet

  5. “Devil’s Pie” D’Angelo

  6. “Lovin’ You” Minnie Riperton

  7. “I’ve Got Love On My Mind” Natalie Cole

  8. “Put Your Records On” Corinne Bailey Rae

  9. “Me And Mrs. Jones” Billy Paul

  10. “Let’s Stay Together” Al Green

  11. “I Only Want To Be With You” Dusty Springfield

  12. “Ain’t No Way” Aretha Franklin

Track Listing For Avril Lavigne – Influences

  1. “Anthem Part Two” Blink 182

  2. “Sing Sing Death House” The Distillers

  3. “This Is The New *hit” Marilyn Manson

  4. “All I Really Want” Alanis Morissette

  5. “Iris” Goo Goo Dolls

  6. “Dreams” The Cranberries

  7. “Tubthumping” Chumbawamba

  8. “Sugar, Sugar” The Archies

  9. “I Get Around” The Beach Boys

  10. “Me And Bobby McGee” Janis Joplin

source: & avril's myspace

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Playboy Mansion at center of sexual assault claim

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Los Angeles Police Dept. said on Wednesday it was investigating an allegation of sexual assault at the Playboy Mansion, the famed site of unabashed hedonism for more than 30 years.

News reports said the alleged incident took place at the weekend during a pajama party hosted by Playboy magazine's 81-year-old founder, Hugh Hefner, who has lived and worked at the expansive property since 1971.

According to, the annual Midsummer Night's Dream bash was attended by the likes of socialites Paris and Nicky Hilton, movie director Garry Marshall, rock star Dave Navarro and Oscar-winning actor Martin Landau.

An LAPD statement said detectives had started their investigation into "a possible sexual assault" on Monday.

"For reasons of law and confidentiality that are critical aspects in investigations of this type, no additional information will be released at this time," the statement said.

A spokesman for Playboy Enterprises Inc., the adult-entertainment firm that owns the mansion and published the flagship magazine, also declined comment.

The mock-Tudor mansion sits on a lush six-acre (2.4-hectare) lot that Hefner bought for $1.05 million according to

Located in the chic suburb of Holmby Hills, the estate has hosted thousands of parties over the years, drawing guests who luxuriate in the freewheeling atmosphere. These days, it is often rented out as a corporate entertainment venue.

From here.

Pavarotti taken to hospital

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Opera star Luciano Pavarotti is under observation in hospital in northern Italy after he developed a fever.

Pavarotti, who underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer last year, was taken to the Polyclinic in his home town of Modena yesterday. Hospital officials said his condition was stable.

Terri Robson, his manager, said doctors are expected to release the 71-year-old tenor within the next few days.

Pavarotti was at his holiday home in Pesaro, a seaside resort on the Adriatic when his doctor noticed that he had a fever and decided to take him to a hospital for tests, Ms Robson said.

“He remains under observation and his condition is now stable,” she said. “It is expected that the doctors will release him from hospital in the next few days.”

Pavarotti had been preparing to leave New York in July 2006 to resume a farewell tour when doctors discovered a malignant pancreatic mass. He underwent surgery in a New York hospital, and all his remaining 2006 concerts were canceled.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of the disease, though doctors said the surgery offered improved hopes for survival.

Pavarotti’s wife said in a newspaper interview last month that her husband was “fighting like a lion” against his cancer and was reacting well to radiotherapy.

“I can now say he is doing well,” Nicoletta Mantovani told Italian daily La Stampa in that interview. “He’s reacting well to a fifth cycle of radiotherapy. He’s fighting like a lion and he has never lost his heart, also because a family he adores is by his side.”

According to Ms Mantovani, the tenor was considering resuming the “Pavarotti and Friends” benefit concert that used to take place annually in Modena.

Source: Times Online

Jessica Alba joins Mike Myers comedy - The Love Guru

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The gorgeous Jessica Alba has joined the first Mike Myers comedy in years, The Love Guru, which will co-star Verne Troyer and Romany Malco as well. This is the first original character for Mike Myers since Austin Powers and will start filming with Jessica Alba next month in Toronto. The Paramount film is already slated for a June 20th, 2008 release date.

In The Love Guru, Mike Myers plays Pitka, an American who was raised by gurus after being left at an ashram in India as a child. Mike Myers' character moves back to the U.S. and becomes famous in the world of self-help and spirituality. Variety reports that the lead character will specialize in intimacy issues between couples. Expect an awkward Indian accent courtesy of Mike Myers. He loves his accents.

The central plot in The Love Guru features the character played by Mike Myers trying to settle a rift between a star hockey player played by Romany Malco and his estranged wife. The ex-wife of Malco's character starts dating the star of another team, which send the Malco into a tailspin. The owner of the team (Jessica Alba) and the Coach (Verne Troyer) hire Mike Myers' character to fix the problem. Marco Schnabel, who worked on Austin Powers in Goldmember with Mike Myers, will direct The Love Guru from a screenplay by Myers and Graham Gordy.

Romany Malco starred in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Weeds and Verne Troyer is known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies.

Jessica Alba is most well-known for her roles in the two Fantastic Four films and Sin City, but you can also catch her on DVD in Never Been Kissed, Idle Hands, a few seasons of Dark Angel, Honey, and Into the Blue. Jessica Alba's work in The Ten and Good Luck Chuck will both be released later this year. She's also finished work on Bill with Aaron Eckhart and Timothy Olyphant, Awake with Hayden Christensen, and The Eye with Parker Posey and Alessandro Nivola.

Source: Actress Archives

Paris finishes her summer reading list

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A little vanity never hurt anyone - but it's still kinda funny to see it in action! Yesterday, for instance, we spotted Paris Hilton doing a little sunbathing (not that we could have missed her in a bikini as sizzling as that one - now that's hot!) and burying her nose in a book. Of course, considering that the book in question was full of photos of Paris herself looking as sexy as ever, we can't say we blame her! Source

Maybe she gets a free personal pizza if she reads 10 books this summer. Bad thing, they are all picture books. Even more shaming, they all have pics of herself in them. Shallow much? I'm sure even Paris can top this.

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Kat & Pixie Need your help!

{Message from Kats Myspace for the people in the Los Angeles Area!}

So here's the deal..

Pixie (our shop manager) has been diagnosed with a severe case of and
infected Tonsilitis, and has to have immediate surgery (THIS FRIDAY) in
order for her infection not to spread causeing gnarly symptoms such as
loss of hearing, and possibly stop her breathing! THIS SHIT IS

So, as her new tattoo family, the entire LA Ink crew is getting
together and donating items for auction at the shop, and we are making
this event open to anybody and everybody!

Some of the items up for bid include:

*TATTOOS! from Hannah Aitchison, Corey Miller, Kim Saigh, and myself
*Clothing from la designer, Meagan Fabulous and Stop Staring Clothing
*Jewlery from world famous designer: JOSH WARNER of Good Art
*Original Chris Cuffarro print of the LA Ink crew, autographed
*Shawn Barber LITHOGRAPH signed and numbered (portrait of Kat Von D, as seen on Miami Ink)
*Personal Training sessions from Hollywood celebrity trainer, Stevie
*if any of you remember the "Gold Tooth" episode from Miami Ink, I'm
gonna be auctioning off my actual cap that was made for me by DR.
Bling in Miami. (come on! its for a good cause!)
*and so much more!

charge). And please remember, this is to help Pixie, who is the most
gracious, selfless, caring and giving person I know! Please show your
support, I know it's last minute, but it 's truly an EMERGENCY!

Heres all the info you need:

When: THIS FRIDAY, August 10th
What Time: This event will open at 7:30, and auctions will begin at
8pm SHARP to 10pm) SHARP!
Where: LA Ink (High Voltage Tattoo)
1259 N. La Brea Avenue.
W. Hollywood, CA 90038
Cover charge: $40
Age: 18 and up, complimentary booze for 21+ with ID.

For all of those who can't make it, please send good vibes to Pixie,
and wish her luck on her surgery!

Kat Von D, and the rest of the crew at LA Ink.

Source; kats myspace
george jetson

Vanessa Hudgens: Zac Efron Looks 'Hot' On Rolling Stone Cover

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High School Musical's Zac Efron gets revealing on the cover of Rolling Stone this week – and his girlfriend, costar Vanessa Hudgens, is a fan of the shirtless look.

"I think it looks hot," the 18-year-old actress told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM morning radio show Thursday in L.A. "The girls like it."

But does she mind that Efron has lots of female admirers? "No," Hudgens says. "I mean, I like to scream along, too."

Efron, for his part, seems to shy away from all that attention.

"A lot of problems you see people having in this business is that is becomes about their personal lives and not about their work," Efron, 19, tells Rolling Stone in its cover story. "Matthew McConaughey has singlehandedly funded the tabloid magazines for the past two years now. If he would put on a shirt and just get away from the beach, maybe there would be a few less paparazzi around."

Efron seems to take his own advice to heart. Despite living by himself in Hollywood, the actor says he stays away from hotspots frequented by other stars his age. But that doesn't mean he doesn't have a good time.

"I'm the same age as some other people who are dealing with scandals," he says. "I've got friends out here, and we do what kids our age are doing. We don't need people taking photos of us."

And while Hudgens is more effusive about her feelings for Efron, he tries to keep his love life (relatively) under wraps. In the past, Efron has told reporters about their onscreen chemistry but stayed mum about any other personal details.

In Rolling Stone, the actor reveals a bit more, saying, "The weird thing that no one expected about Vanessa is that underneath such a sweet girl ... is a very sexy woman." He blushes, though, when pressed for more details about their relationship, and demures when asked about a silver band he wears.

"This is just a ring from a friend that I got," he says. "It's a female friend, but I can's say who," he adds, "because then it would be chat-room pandemonium and teen-magazine hysteria."


Kate Hudson: "Men are not supposed to be monogamous."

Recently singled Kate Hudson has come forward as an ambassador for promiscuous men, insisting "men are not supposed to be monogamous". The actress split from her You, Me & Dupree co-star Owen Wilson in May, and isn't surprised the relationship was short-lived because it is in men's nature to evade commitment. The 'How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days' actress tells Harper's Bazaar magazine:
"As primal beings, men are not supposed to be monogamous. Women, I think, need to spend more time understanding men than changing men. And vice versa."

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Source: Spencer and Heidi Banned From Hills Premiere Party

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The Hills doesn’t premiere until Monday, but the drama is already in full swing!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were "banned" from attending the MTV show’s post-premiere party Wednesday night in L.A., a show source tells, due to the couple’s escalating feud with costars Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge.

In fact, the entire cast has now been prohibited from speaking about each other in the press, according to the source.

While MTV allowed Pratt, 23, and Montag, 20, to walk on the red carpet, “they were not allowed to be at the party while Lauren was here,” says a source, who
added that extra security was also brought on.

Another source tells that MTV "suspended" Spencer and Heidi from doing any more media to promote The Hills after their trash-talking interview on Monday with a Philadelphia radio station.

While chatting with talk show hosts on Q102 FM, Pratt called Conrad a “stupid girl” who is just using the couple to draw attention to herself. “She’s the
douche, the psycho,” he said.

Montag added, “I never could be friends with some lowlife like that.”

The insider says that after the interview, MTV nearly canceled the couple’s appearance on On the Air With Ryan Seacrest Wednesday morning, but allowed them to do one last interview with the KIIS FM show. For now, however, “they are on a media blackout," says the source.

Another insider says that MTV has decided to gag all parties -- including Conrad and Patridge -- on the subject matter. “Tensions were so high, MTV decided to shut it all down,” says the source.

“Spencer crossed a line with several things he said. And fans of the show take it all so seriously, people were starting to worry about security concerns on all sides.”

george jetson

How Love Saved Nicole

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A year ago Hollywood bad girl Nicole Richie and Bible-reading rocker Joel Madden would’ve seemed like an odd match.

But those close to the couple – who are expecting a child together this winter – say that it was only a matter of time before the two got together.

As friends of the couple tell Us, Richie, 25, and Madden had circled each other for years, but did not officially meet until mutual friends introduced them at an event in late 2006.

The two started an e-mail friendship – and when Madden split with singer Hilary Duff, 19, Richie made a move.

“Nicole pursued him,” says a source. “She said she liked how he was a ‘good mama’s boy’ in a bad boy body.”

Soon, the pair started going on dates around L.A., including a lunch at the Polo Lounge on December 3. By January, they were an item. After her DUI arrest (a “wake-up call,” for both of them, says the source), Madden asked her to trade her nightlife adventures for nights in.

Madden, 28, who grew up praying at Calvary Gospel Church in Waldorf, Maryland, and has a Sacred Heart (among other religious tattoos) on his forearm, has proven to be the stabilizing force the Simple Life star desperately needed. He even recites Bible passages to his girlfriend on a regular basis.

“Joel tamed her,” says a source close to the couple. “He took her from that dark path she was heading toward and turned her around into a truly responsible person.”

Adds a mutual friend of the couple, “Nicole brought out his fun-loving side, and he domesticated her.”


More Bob Dylan-ness! New images of Heath Ledger and Richard Gere from 'I'm Not There'

I'm Not There is a biographical film reflecting the life of musician Bob Dylan. The iconic singer-songwriter will be depicted through six distinct stages of his life by six different actors (Marcus Carl Franklin, Ben Whishaw, Heath Ledger, Christian Bale, Richard Gere, and Cate Blanchett). It was co-written and directed by Todd Haynes.

The film is said to tell its story using rather non-traditional techniques, much like the poetic narrative style utilized in Dylan's songwriting. "The film is going be inspired by Dylan's music and his ability to re-create and re-imagine himself time and time again," according to key producer, Christine Vachon. Some of Dylan's actual music will be used, such as his "Ballad of a Thin Man".

The title I'm Not There is a reference to the Dylan outtake recorded during The Basement Tapes (Sessions). It was not included in the studio album The Basement Tapes and can only be found on the CD bootleg set The Genuine Basement Tapes and the later remastered version (still considered a bootleg) of that set A Tree With Roots. I'm Not There is one of the most famous and highly regarded outtakes, not just of the Basement Tapes, but Dylan’s whole career. It has never been officially released, though it is slated to appear on the film’s soundtrack.

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I will always love you

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Joe's Crab Shack told TMZ that Whitney and Bobby "sat at table 103 and had a good time." From the look of this pic, crabs aren't the only thing that may have been stoned!

Since finalizing their divorce in April, Bobby has been spotted hanging out with music video ho Superhead, while Whitney's been linked with Kim K sex video ho Ray J. Nice to see they're trading up!

Today is Whitney's birthday. She's a smokin' hot 44-year-old.


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The firs pics of Paris Hilton's stripper pole

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I worked some photoshop magic on those Paris Hilton pics I posted this morning. Regarding Paris Hilton’s Hollywood Hills home, way back in February of this year a source told the New York Daily News:

“Her house is crazy. She has a stripper pole in her living room and pictures of herself everywhere - big black-and-white blowups, and her covers all framed on the wall.”

Hmmm, in the above pic that certainly looks like a stripper pole and large scale black-and-white print of Paris on the wall. Damn I feel like some sort of detective.

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Lily Allen back in the US after being banned?

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Lily Allen has been shooting a music video in LA - despite being banned from working in America.

The singer had her working visa revoked on entry to the US over an alleged violent clash with a London photographer in March.

But despite not being allowed to work there, the star was out in LA yesterday filming the video to her next single.

Insiders say she was given special permission to make the film.

Allen, 22, was given an O-1 visa which allows people with extraordinary skills in the fields of sciences, arts, education, business, athletics, motion picture or TV to work temporarily in the US.

Her visa was revoked when she was detained for five hours at LAX airport on Sunday after she flew in from Australia.

I really only posted this because the picture is funny as hell

Big is In

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Sex And The City fans should rejoice - Mr Big is coming to a cinema screen near you.

Chris Noth, who played Carrie's elusive love, will feature in the movie version of the hit girly show.

The film's writer/director Michael King said that Carrie will be reunited with her one and only in the movie.

He said: "I am happy to report that Mr Big is alive and well and living in New York City!"

Michael's comment comes after speculation that the cinematic version of the show would not feature Carrie's wedding but Big's death.

Sex And The City fans wouldn't have allowed it!

The film is set to start shooting this fall in NYC for a 2008 release.


i'm a fan of the series so woohoo!


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August 9, 2007 -- DON'T blame Lindsay Lohan for her bad behavior - blame her parents. Lohan's former bodyguard of three years, Tony Almeida, says neither Dina nor Michael Lohan provided any structure for Lindsay when she was growing up and that both were wild, abusive, neglectful partyers who needed to keep their "cash cow" daughter working to pay their bills.

Almeida, who worked for Lindsay from 2002 to 2005, told the new issue of In Touch, "From a young age, she dealt with her father's physical, emotional and drug abuses as well as her mother's drinking."

Once, when Lindsay was 16, Michael flew into a rage while driving and "slammed on the brakes and dragged her out of the car, pushed her up against the hood, screamed at her and called her a slut. This was on the Long Island Expressway! I got in the middle of it and pulled him off."

Meanwhile, Dina often "let her do whatever she wanted, just to keep her happy and working . . . [At her 16th birthday party] Lindsay drank whatever she wanted - I saw her drinking beer and mixed drinks with my own eyes [without Dina's intervention]."

As Lindsay's manager, Dina - who was desperate to become a star herself - received 10 percent of her income. "Lindsay was the family cash cow - and she resented it," Almeida claims. "They counted on her to pay their bills . . . I saw Lindsay exhausted, begging her mother for some time off."

Young Lindsay's parents looked the other way as she began a life of boozing, boys and drugs. When she was 15, they allowed her to share a room with her then-14-year-old boyfriend, Aaron Carter, at Loews in Miami Beach. Almeida relates, "They knew Lindsay was sleeping in Aaron's room. But they seemed happy she had chosen somebody who could benefit her singing career."

By age 18, Lindsay had moved on to harder substances. Almeida recalls walking in on her and another celebrity in a closet at a club one night as they sniffed white powder.

The ex-bodyguard also claims Lindsay cried out for help for years by cutting herself and threatening suicide. Lindsay's reps did not reply to our e-mails.


Madonna: Baby Goes Back?

Madonna's adoption is in flux after her caseworker gets pulled for accepting money.

The guy who was supposed to rubberstamp Madonna's adoption of a Malawian baby by nosing around her English manor has been pulled from the assignment. Kate Kainja, Malawi's minister for Women and Child Development, banned Penstone Kilembe from his assignment--taking notes on old lady Madge's parenting--because she claimed that guy was getting money straight from Madonna, supposedly to pay for the trip. "We feel Mr Kilembe personalized the whole issue when other people can go," she told the Malawi News. Who wouldn't want to hang out on Madge Acres for a week? It's like Charlie going to the Chocolate Factory in there.

Penstone defended himself for accepting the money, which he says he was offered without either asking or broadly hinting for. "You know it requires some resources for me to travel," he told the News. "What this means is that the whole adoption process may crumble and David sent back to his village." Threatening much? Madonna's rep says that this is mostly nonsense. "The adoption process is going along very well and according to proper procedure," she said. A source denied to Us Weekly that Madonna would give this guy an airline ticket. "Madonna is unfortunately not one of those people who gives out free airline tickets!" the source says. "She doesn't really give out anything for free. She definitely followed all proper procedures in this case and didn't give him the plane fare or money for expenses."

Still, while people are butting in, Justin Dzonzi, the lawyer who's been leading the charge against Madonna's adoption of 23-month-old David since she initially scooped the baby up last October, has used this bump as an opportunity to suggest throwing the baby out with the bathwater (metaphorically). "The Minister cannot change what the court set by having another person do the assessment," he told the Malawi News. "The court will not listen to anyone else apart from the one it appointed."

The only problem with that is Malawi doesn't have any proper procedure for foreigners to adopt, because before Madonna no foreigner had adopted from Malawi. They're making it up as they go along. That's why Madonna was subjected to all that finger pointing in the first place. Anyway, it's annoying, but realistically Madonna probably doesn't have anything to worry about, since she's about one more H&M campaign away from being able to buy Malawi. Unless the Malawian rep objects to her "no TV" rule, all this commotion is just a temporary distraction.

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go go disco!

Kelly Rowland thinks we're stupid.

"Yes, I came in at No. 6 and sold 86,000 records - in a declining market, might I add. I'm very proud of that. Not everybody's selling records like they used to. Even the biggest artists don't come out and go platinum in a week anymore. It's a different day and age in the music industry."

After over a decade in the music industry, films, ad campaings and sold-out tours, you'd think Kelly Rowland would have higher expectations. BTW, T-Pain sold more records than you, sweety. T-Pain.


Valerie Bertinelli used to f-word — as in fat

LOS ANGELES - Valerie Bertinelli was used to hearing the f-word. F, as in fat, that is.The 47-year-old actress is enjoying a career rebound since she became a Jenny Craig spokeswoman and pledged to lose 30 pounds, which she has since revised to 40 pounds.

“It’s so funny,” Bertinelli said. “If you say you’re fat, all of a sudden people like you! I’ve never had so many people be so kind and wonderful and giving and loving.” Viewers will see a heavier Bertinelli in her latest role, which she filmed before dropping more than 22 pounds. She plays a widowed psychic who helps catch a serial killer in the TV movie “Claire,” airing Saturday on the Hallmark Channel.

Bertinelli was inspired by fellow Jenny Craig spokeswoman Kirstie Alley to go public with her weight battle.“If Kirstie was able to do it so boldly, with such a great sense of humor and be so successful at it, who am I to pretend that people don’t see that I’ve gained all this weight?” she said.

“It took me a few days to prepare myself mentally. I thought, ‘Am I ready for this? It’s so public. What if I fail?’ Because of the response I’ve gotten from people, it’s the best job I’ve ever had,” she said.

Bertinelli starred in the 1970s sitcom “One Day at a Time.” She was also a regular on “Touched by an Angel” from 2001 to 2003. She married Eddie Van Halen in 1981, and filed for divorce from the rock guitarist in 2005.


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Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

V Festival in doubt after Amy Winehouse's hospitalisation

Amy Winehouse has been discharged from hospital after collapsing from a suspected drugs overdose.

Winehouse was given an adrenaline shot and had her stomach pumped at London's University College Hospital on Tuesday (August 7).

As previously reported the singer's collapse followed two back-to-back performances at two US festivals Virgin Festival in Baltimore and Lollapalooza in Chicago.

She immediately cancelled her appearance at the Oya music festival in Oslo this weekend (August 9-12).

A posting on the festival website reads: "The news of the cancellation came abruptly and surprisingly upon us a little before 1pm. Winehouse's large crew arrived and her backing band had just finished their sound check when we were notified.

"So far no reason has been stated. We will be back with more news as soon as we have been informed."

Winehouse was replaced by Norwegian band Minor Majority.

In the past few weeks the singer has also pulled out of T in the Park because of "exhaustion."

However there is now a question over whether the singer will be able to play next week's (August 18-19) V Festival.

Her spokesperson said there was currently no change to her plans and it was still her intention to play the event, while a spokesperson for the festival told NME.COM: "Everyone one is wishing her well and hopes to see her at V."


"Exhaustion" from the "tour support," eh?
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britney → stages (underworld)

Britney's ~T0XiC~ Lollipops

So you know those lollipops that Britney’s always sucking on? According to National Enquirer, they’re not so much the sort of candy you’d want your kids to have in their mouths. Rather, they’re the sort of candy you’re afraid your kids will pick up from the pervy old neighbor’s house on Halloween. According to The Enquirer:

Britney was introduced to the “drug lollipops: while on her “ONYX” tour in Europe in 2004, said her friend. In Amsterdam, she visited legal marijuana cafes where the lollipops were sold.

After the tour, Britney found a place to buy marijuana “pops” in Santa Monica, said the source. But the insider claims she soon graduated from marijuana-laced lollipops to pops laced with a morphine-like drug that’s an even more potent narcotic.

“The morphine-laced pops are round and look like gumballs,” said the source. “Britney was photographed with them in New York right before her breakdown. Sometimes she’d pass out after sucking a morphine pop. She mixed it with alcohol and could barely stand up and ended up throwing up.

“Now it is as if she uses the pops as a substitute for pain pills or Vicodin.”

The ‘pops were approved by the FDA in 1998 to treat severe pain in cancer patients. They contain the powerful narcotic painkiller fentanyl citrate. The drug is highly addictive and 80 times more potent than morphine.

Britney, who knows she has to get her shit together if she wants to tour or perform at the upcoming VMAs (she’s hired an agent just to try to land her a spot on the show), has contacted a Hollywood addiction specialist to help her kick the habit. This doc uses a new drug called Suboxone, which allows patients to detox on an outpatient basis. Approved by the FDA in 2002, Suboxone is one of the first addiction-fighting drugs that can be prescribed and administered from a doctor’s office.


I call BS. it's from National Enquirer.

EDIT; I'm not saying BS about the drug pops; I know they exist. It's BS that she has them since they require prescription and no doctor would do that unless he wanted to lose his career, or he's ANS' doctor.

Lily Allen blah blah blah

Lily Allen fans label visa decision 'pathetic'

Singer's legions quick to condemn US government

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Lily Allen's fans have labelled the US government "pathetic" for their decision to refuse her a US visa.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Allen was refused a visa when she landed on in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 5).

There has been confusion about why Allen was singled out for the refusal, although there has been speculation that it relates to an incident in London in March, in which the singer kicked a photographer.

Allen was not charged for the incident by police, which has led to confusion as to why she was stopped in the US.

She wrote on her blog that she hoped US officials weren't using internet search engines to gather information used to make visa decisions.

Her fans have been quick to condemn the US government's decision.

"This visa thing is ridiculous," wrote forum user 'Sydneyyy' on Lily Allen's official website. 'Stephen', meanwhile, branded the Visa debacle "pathetic".

article link:

'Lars and the Real Girl' trailer

Were you a fan of the HBO series Six Feet Under? I was one of those people who discovered the movie on DVD, and watched almost every single episode in the span of a few weeks. I have yet to see another show with the same sensibilities. Six Feet Under screenwriter Nancy Oliver’s new movie Lars and the Real Girl has some of the same dark weird dramatic comedy. The film is described as:

"A heartfelt comedy starring Academy-Award nominated Ryan Gosling as Lars Lindstrom a loveable introvert whose emotional baggage has kept him from fully embracing life.  After years of what is almost solitude, he invites Bianca, a friend he met on the internet to visit him.  He introduces Bianca to his Brother Gus (Paul Schneider) and his wife Karen (Emily Mortimer) and they are stunned.  They don’t know what to say to Lars or Bianca – because she is a life-size doll, not a real person and he is treating her as though she is alive.  They consult the family doctor Dagmar (Patricia Clarkson) who explains this is a delusion he’s created – for what reason she doesn’t yet know but they should all go along with it.  What follows is an emotional journey for Lars and the people around him."



Music: Tommy Ratliff 04

Ricky Martin says he wants to adopt

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Ricky Martin wants kids — perhaps adopting "one from each continent" if possible.

"It's something we want to begin to create this year, a family of many colors," the 35-year-old pop star told reporters Wednesday in Puerto Rico, where he is scheduled to perform this weekend.

Martin, who isn't married, said he doesn't expect special treatment in the adoption process.

"I want to do it right," he said. "I don't want any problems or misunderstandings. ... Some think as celebrities we can manipulate the system to have a quicker adoption."

Martin, whose hits include "She Bangs," "Shake Your Bon-Bon" and "Livin' La Vida Loca," started the Ricky Martin Foundation to help children in need.


Who the hell is this WE he speaks of? COME OUT RICKY.

its drugs!
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HERPZ, They aren't just for Paris Hilton anymore!

We’re going to apologize in advance to all the straight men out there, for ruining their Jessica Alba fantasies, but here goes…..

Jessica Alba(before she was Jessica Alba) used to date Derek Jeter, the serial celebrity dater, who plays for the NY Yankees. Well, our source worked for Cash Warren, her ex, and had to refill her Valtrex prescription for her on a regular basis! Guess who she got it from…that’s right…dirty Derek Jeter.

You know what this means don’t YOU?!! All of his other famous relationships could have contracted the STD TOO! Derek’s most famous sexual conquest include Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Minnillo and most recently Jessica Biel. Which means JT could have it AAAHHH!!

LADIES STOP SLEEPING WITH DEREK JETER!! 70% of all spreading happens when there is no sign of an outbreak ( we heard on the commercial, we don’t study Herpes or anything like that.)

It’s snarky we know but we’re doing this as a community service to Hollywood, to warn the rest of you young starlets to stay away from those baseball guys cuz they are DIR - TY!!!

But then again, who doesn’t have herpes in Hollywood, right?


Kylie keen to return to Who

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kylie Minogue has spent much of the last few weeks in South Wales recording scenes for this year's Dr Who Christmas special.

Playing Astrid, a waitress aboard the Titanic - her first TV role since her days as Charlene in Neighbours - the Australian pop singer has proved such a hit that there is talk of bringing her back.

"Kylie just sizzles in her scenes," reports an insider. "It's going to be one of the best episodes ever." The singer seems keen.

"If they want me back I will be there like a shot," she says.

She would be following in the footsteps of Catherine Tate: the comedian starred in last year's Christmas Day episode and is set to return for a full 13-week run next spring.

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Paris Says Nicole Richie Will Be 'The Best Mom Ever'

They've been friends for most of their lives – despite a two-year period when they didn't speak to each other – and now Paris Hilton is sharing in Nicole Richie's baby excitement.

"She's really happy," Hilton, 26, told PEOPLE about her Simple Life costar at Wednesday's Helio Ocean launch party in West Hollywood, to benefit Heal the Bay. "I just got off the phone with her. She's so excited."

Adds the hotel heiress, "I know she's going to be the best mom ever."

In a series of ABC interviews last week, Richie, 25, told Diane Sawyer that she is four months pregnant with musician boyfriend Joel Madden, 28.

"They're really in love," Hilton says of the expectant parents.

Not that all is hearts and flowers for the mom-to-be.

Due to serve four days in a L.A. County jail, for a second DUI conviction (she must put in her time before Sept. 28), Richie will likely be kept at Lynwood, Calif.'s Century Regional Detention Center – the same lockup where Hilton spent 23 days earlier this summer.,,20050654,00.html
Me - Miss Chrissy Cupcake

They tried to make her go to rehab.. you know what she said.

"After being released from a London hospital for an apparent drug overdose, sources say that Amy Winehouse is considering checking in to rehab. Although her label Island records said she was suffering from "severe exhaustion," Winehouse arrived at the emergency room semi-conscious and had to have her stomach pumped. Daily Mail reports:

*Despite growing concern at her wild partying, the star had always said she would not seek professional help. But a friend revealed she's "very close" to changing her mind, adding: "Amy got a massive fright when she was hospitalized and is finally coming round to everybody's pleadings with her to go to rehab. "She now realizes she may need help as her lifestyle finally take its toll. She's currently discussing the best plan of action with close friends and family."*

How ironic will it be when the single that made her famous in the US is going to be what ended up putting her in the hospital? I loved her when I first heard of her, but since she got so crack-head skinny, I've kind of started to lose the love. Get some help, Amy!


ETA - This Not-So-Blind Item from

"Via the NY Daily News:

Which troubled, hard-partying Lollapalooza performer cleared out a bathroom over the weekend in Chicago and then smoked what our spy-in-the-stall swears was a crack pipe?"

Guess we know who that was....
VS Gisele

Blind Item Thursdays!

1.  This hot hunk of an actor is desperate to have a career. He's young, pretty, and stupid, and the only decent acting job he ever got was because he slept with the TV series creator. The show made him rather famous, but that's over and now his career is faltering. He's getting ready to make the ultimate sacrifice of switching teams once again. He's got his eye on a powerful and connected member of Hollywood's gay mafia who's known for having lavish parties and helping the cute young guys that he sleeps with. 

My guess: Josh Henderson from Desperate Housewives, with creator Marc Cherry (right).  Guy on left works for GLAAD.

2.  So this B list film actor who had so much potential to be A list and really is A list name wise is really making a mess of his life. 10 years ago he was on top of the world. Career changing films were being offered to him, but he said no, preferring to take the money and run while he could. He must have known something then because now even though he works, he works much less than you would think without looking. He also makes less than you would think. Waaaay less. Drugs and bad relationship choices have left this actor with almost nothing. He's banking on the fact that he can have a shot at the role he turned down and that it can turn his life back around. The problem is that before anyone will think of hiring him for anything big he still needs to quit the drugs and quit f**king anything either male or female that moves. Drugs, abortions, and STD's are not the way to get positively noticed.

3 (zzzzzzzzzz).  So this television actor who makes all the ladies crazy on a very hit show got a new cell a few weeks ago. The new iPhone to be exact. Well it seems our actor had about 10,000 questions for the woman on the phone at the customer service call center who set up his new service. She unfailingly answered them all and kept a smile on her face even when the actor kept taking other calls while talking to her. At one point, the actor needed to go but had more questions so he gave the customer service agent his home number and his wife's number and asked her to please call him in about 30 minutes so they could continue the call. She did and he was even more impressed.

After getting her name and the name of her supervisor, the actor called/not wrote the President of AT&T Wireless to compliment the agent, AND sent her flowers AND sent her strawberries AND sent her strawberries with chocolate all to the call center where she works. As a further bonus he invited her to visit him on the set.

4.  The final straw for the wife of this A list film actor was when a party was being held at the couple's home and a friend at the party walked in on our actor and this former teen singing group/solo sensation laying on a bed making out and half undressed. It wasn't the first time, but it was the last in that house as a divorce was filed soon after.

Sources: First and Rest

Daveigh Chase from The Ring in Malibu

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

According to Wikipedia, she's been linked to Colin Farrell:
As of July 2007, Chase had been romantically linked to the actor Colin Farrell in some tabloid publications, though representatives have strenuously denied that claim, emphasizing the unlikeliness in light of their dramatic age difference. Farrell is 31, Chase only 17 (the two were linked when Chase was 16).

[Hello Kitty] Queen Of Pink

Gwennie's coming home :)

The Sweet Escape Tour is returning to the United States this Fall with a special run of West Coast dates. More ticket information to come.

10/26/07 Las Vegas, NV - The Pearl Theater - on sale 8/25
10/29/07 Tucson, AZ - AVA Amphitheater - on sale 9/1
10/30/07 San Diego, CA - Cox Arena - on sale 8/25
11/1/07 Stockton, CA - Stockton Arena - on sale 8/25
11/2/07 Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena - on sale 8/18
11/8/07 Phoenix, AZ - Dodge Theatre - on sale 8/18
11/9/07 Phoenix, AZ - Dodge Theatre - on sale 8/18


Shiiit I gonna round up some cash before my birthday. I'll totally be at the San Diego show. Anyone else?
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Tammy Faye Suicide Mystery

Did She Deliberately Overdose?

THE tragic death of Tammy Faye Bakker Messner is shrouded in mystery - leading experts to suspect the spunky televangelist took her own life to end her suffering and the prolonged agony of her family. Tammy Faye died just hours after a dramatic farewell appearance on Larry King Live, and some people believe she orchestrated her own death with a drug overdose.


more bullshit from the hills..

Heidi Montag 'Moving On' After Hills Feud

It'll be a cold day in The Hills before Heidi Montag becomes best buds with her
former roommate Lauren "L.C." Conrad.

Asked by PEOPLE if there is anything Conrad, 21, could do to patch up their
onetime friendship, Montag, 20, bluntly replies: "No, I don't think so."

The pair found fame last year on MTV's Laguna Beach spinoff, which also managed
to chronicle how they became bitter enemies. The beginning of the end came in
Season 2 when Montag began dating Spencer Pratt.

Speaking to PEOPLE on Wednesday during the Hills's Season 3 premiere party at
the LG House in Malibu, Montag attended with Pratt, her fiancé and music

"I have my life and she has hers and I'm honestly so busy with music that I
don't have time for a feud," she says.

And according to Montag, living with Pratt beats sharing a pad with Conrad.

"It's way better. You don't have all that catty girl bickering," says Montag.
"It's calmer, nicer. We are on the same agenda, you know? So it is like our days
are the same."

Such is the bitterness between the girls that Montag has a single word reply
when asked if she has any good memories of Conrad: "No."

"[I'm] just moving on. Moving forward. My life is the best now it has ever been
so that is all I'm thinking about," she says.

For all the acid among the former friends, Montag does at least offer a small
olive branch in the direction of Conrad.

"If she really came around I'd always be open to talk to her," says Montag.
Montag and Spencer Pratt Photo by: Andrew Shawaf / Pacific Coast NewsHeidi
Montag 'Moving On' After Hills Feud| The Hills, Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad

Less than six months ago Conrad was insisting that she was still friends with
Montag. But when Brody Jenner, whom she dated briefly last year, made
unflattering remarks in Details alongside his pal Pratt, Conrad laid the blame
on Montag's man.

"Honestly, I was nauseous reading it," Conrad said. "I do feel a little bad
because if you read almost every quote, it's Spencer. [Brody's] a better person
without Spencer."

Conrad's other ex Jason Wahler was also at the premiere event and told PEOPLE
he's "sick" of the battle against his former flame. Earlier in the day, he had
gone as far as saying he'd take a public lie detector test regarding the sex
tape rumors Pratt has been peddling.

"It's been going on for like two months now. I'm over it," Wahler said.

Pratt seemed less inclined to submit to the test when asked about it by PEOPLE,
he responded, "It's their lives. No comment."


spencer was more than happy to make a statement on his shitty cheap website
a few days ago. i hope spencer and heidi drive into a tree, SO sick of them.
theyre only famous because of lauren anyway
george jetson

Biel fears nude scenes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
JESSICA BIEL is dreading posing nude in her new movie POWDER BLUE, because she is terrified of stripping off in front of the film crew. The actress plays a stripper in the movie alongside Forest Whitaker and Ray Liotta, but is still unsure about baring all. She says, "I haven't decided exactly about the nudity. It's a tough one. "I am considering it but it's a very scary thing to do. It definitely feels vulnerable to be naked in front of anybody let alone a film crew. And it's scary because of the internet - you don't know where it's going to end up. It's a moment that could be exploited."

george jetson

Heidi & Spencer -- Just Say Anything

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
LC hates their guts, but Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt somehow have fans. Believe it.

The villainous "Hills" stars were spotted outside of Koi last night, where people actually lined up to take pictures with the terrible twosome. When TMZ asked how they were getting along with the somewhat lackluster Lauren, Heidi and Spencer told a bold-faced lie, saying, "Great" and "just fine" -- a far cry from what they told Ryan Seacrest earlier in the day.

Don't expect these two to go away anytime soon -- the new season of the show starts next week -- and Heidi has plans to pull a Paris and release a single. Is there no end to their dastardly deeds?


Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood premieres classical piece in New York

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood is set to premiere his classical piece in the US at the beginning of next year.

Jonny Greenwood's Popcorn Superhet Receiver for string orchestra is set to make its US debut at The Wordless Music Series at the St Paul The Apostle venue in New York City between January 16-17 2008.

It was commissioned by the BBC in 2005 when Greenwood was named the station's Composer-in-Residence. It had its UK premiere in November 2006 at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London by the BBC Concert Orchestra.

Popcorn Superhet Receiver is a 20-minute work inspired by the phenomenon of white noise and the music of classical composers Krzysztof Penderecki, Gyorgy Ligeti and Olivier Messiaen.

It will be performed by a string orchestra comprising of 18 violins, six violas, six cellos and four double basses, reports Ateaseweb.


Classic John and Yoko footage to come out on DVD

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Footage of the star-studded live recording of John Lennon's classic peace anthem 'Give Peace A Chance' is to be made available on DVD for the first time.

The track was recorded on June 1, 1969 in suite 1742 of the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal, on the last day of Lennon and wife Yoko Ono's seven-day 'bed-in' protest against violence.

The DVD, out on August 27, contains exclusive rare film from the archive of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, with outtakes from John and Yoko's own movie of the event.

The package also features new interviews with many of the people that were with John and Yoko on the day, along with a private new interview with Yoko herself.

'Give Peace a Song' also features over 35 minutes of bonus material including television interviews, a John and Yoko press conference and Petula Clark's visit to the bed-in.

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Ryan Adams announces US autumn tour

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ryan Adams has announced the details of an extensive North American tour this autumn.

The singer-songwriter is supporting his new album, 'Easy Tiger', and will be joined by his band The Cardinals.

The autumn tour comes on the heels of a successful US jaunt this summer that sold out several venues.

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals will hit the road Stateside once again after a two-week stint in New Zealand and Australia.

The North American tour dates are:

Charlottesville, VA Charlottesville Pavilion (September 13)
Northampton, MA Calvin Theater (16)
Portland, ME Merrill Auditorium (17)
Montreal, QC St. Denis Theatre (19)
Toronto, ONT Massey Hall (21)
Ann Arbor, MI Michigan Theater (22)
Kalamazoo, MI Kalamazoo State Theatre (24)
Milwaukee, WI Milwaukee Riverside Theater (25)
Minneapolis, MN State Theater (27)
Madison, WI Barrymore Theatre (28)
Chicago, IL Chicago Theatre (29)
Iowa City, IA Iowa Memorial Union (October 1)
Kansas City, MO Uptown Theatre (2)
Urbana, IL Foelinger Auditorium (4)
St. Louis, MO The Pageant (5)
North Charleston, SC Charleston Performing Arts Center (13)
Birmingham, AL Alabama Theatre (15)
Houston, TX Verizon Wireless Theatre (18)
Dallas, TX McFarlin Memorial Auditorium (19)
Lakewood, OH Lakewood Civic Auditorium (27)
Pittsburgh, PA Carnegie Music Hall of Oakland (29)
Washington, DC D.A.R. Constitution Hall (30)
New York, NY Hammerstein Ballroom (31)
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labrynth wheel

another unoriginal broadway musical

Fonzie Will Sing an "Ayyyyyy" in Happy Days Musical, Starting Aug. 9 in CT

By Kenneth Jones
09 Aug 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Clockwise, from top: Joey Sorge, Cynthia Ferrer, Natalie Bradshaw, Patrick Garner and Rory O’Malley

The 1950s-set "Happy Days" sitcom became a hit in 1974 on the heels of the 1972 stage musical sensation Grease, so why not, after all these years, Happy Days — The Musical?

The new stage musical comedy adaptation of the TV sitcom makes its East Coast premiere Aug. 9 at Goodspeed Musicals' Norma Terris Theatre in Chester, CT.

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Miley Pulls Hannah Duty on Tour

Miley Cyrus is officially the hardest working girl in showbiz.

The 14-year-old reigning tween queen has announced that she will pull double duty on her Best of Both Worlds tour this fall, belting out tunes both as herself and as her Disney Channel alter ego, Hannah Montana.

The split-personality road show is in support of Cyrus' mega-successful double album, Hannah Montana 2/Meet Miley Cyrus, which was released June 26 and is shaping up to be one of the biggest sellers of the year.

The double disc debuted at number one on the Billboard pop charts, ahead of Kelly Clarkson's My December, and has sold nearly 1 million copies in just six weeks.

The first Hannah Montana soundtrack was released in October 2006 and also debuted at number one, a feat that had never before been achieved by a TV soundtrack, marking Cyrus out as a sort of Hilary Duff version 2.0.

Like Duff's Lizzie McGuire before her, Cyrus is already on board for a Hannah Montana movie and the half-hour TV show, costarring papa Billy Ray, is one of the highest rated kids' shows ever, ranking only second to American Idol in 2006 among the 6-14 set. The show, which chronicles the life of Malibu student-by-day, pop star-by-night Hannah, frequently boasts big-name guest stars, most recently Dolly Parton and Larry David.

The Best of Both Worlds tour will feature a set list culled largely from Cyrus' new release, which divides its 20 tracks equally between Hannah Montana songs and Cyrus' own music.

For all her success, Cyrus remains refreshingly self-deprecating.

Asked Thursday by E! News' Ryan Seacrest of what fans should expect during the upcoming tour, Cyrus quipped, "I'm praying that they show up."

Tickets for all dates of the arena tour will go on sale Aug. 18.

The tour kicks off Oct. 18 in St. Louis and wraps up Jan. 9 in Albany, New York, with her Disney label mates the Jonas Brothers serving as the opening act.

Sticky pucci

For those that love Victoria Beckham or just the way she dresses


At £1,000, the pink Roland Mouret dress Victoria Beckham slipped into to announce her arrival in LA is beyond the reach of most women.

Adding to its exclusivity, the "Moon dress" as it is known, won't even be in the shops until November.

But help is at hand - and for a mere £60. Topshop has unveiled a remarkably similar dress that promises to put a little Posh into the most everyday wardrobe.

The Topshop version - cheekily named "the Victoria" - is flying off the rails.

Five thousand have already been sold and it is widely expected to be the High Street stylemaker's dress of the summer.

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labrynth wheel

(no subject)

Cry-Baby Aims for March Broadway Debut

By Andrew Gans
09 Aug 2007

Cry-Baby, the new musical based upon the John Waters Universal Pictures film of the same name, is aiming for a March 2008 bow on Broadway with an official opening in April.

The musical features a book by Mark O'Donnell and Thomas Meehan and a score by David Javerbaum and Adam Schlesinger. Mark Brokaw will direct with choreography by Rob Ashford.

The out-of-town tryout will be presented at the La Jolla Playhouse Nov. 6-Dec. 16.

Set in 1954 Baltimore, Cry-Baby is described as such: "Everyone likes Ike, nobody likes communism, and Wade 'Cry-Baby' Walker is the baddest boy in town. He's a rebel with a cause — truth, justice and the pursuit of rock 'n' roll — and when he falls for a good girl, this square little suburb is sure to rock around the clock."

No casting has been announced for either the world-premiere La Jolla engagement or the Broadway run.


Pickler Drama

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

"Country star, Kellie Pickler was clearly outraged by the accusations made in Tuesday Morning’s Sleaze Report by Intern Adam.

In his Sleaze report, Intern Adam accused her of driving through a fast food drive-thru window, apparently after she had been out “partying” late Monday night.

Listen to a very emotional Kellie Pickler tell her side of the story as she clears the air to these accusations." (Interview can be found at the Source's site.)


She's not a typical drunk "celeb" she just likes to act like one at drive-thrus, that's all. Oh, and under Part 3 on the sound clips, she only have half a cocktail to drink, yep.
labrynth wheel

(no subject)

Thursday, August 9, 2007; Posted: 10:46 AM - by Adam Shankman has an exclusive look into the making of the movie musical HAIRSPRAY with this special Director's Diary written by Adam Shankman.


I will never forget this day. It was perfect. I didn’t know that people could even dream this big. We’ve been working so hard to prepare for the table read-through with the entire cast and the Detention Kids and the Council Kids. A lot of the Maybelle dancers are here too. I’m very nervous. Everybody from New Line is flying in…all of my executives. Obviously the producers are here, my sister is here. Thank god, I miss her so much. I just wish she had brought the kids so I could run around and play outside for a little bit. But the entire ensemble is looking at each other for the first time: John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Queen Latifah, James Marsden, (who is turning out to be the funniest Corny Collins ever), Amanda, Zac, Elijah and Nikki. The only one we’re missing is Allison Janney, so a Canadian actor will be reading all of the parts that haven’t been cast yet. Jerry Stiller is not here which would be such a boost to the rest of the cast, but oh well, such is life.

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(no subject)

Brad Pitt Shows Up for Jury Duty

Brad Pitt: Sexiest juror alive?

The actor showed up for jury duty in Los Angeles on Thursday, reports.

According to the site, Pitt, 43, showed up in a T-shirt, dark jeans and a black cap. Observers said he even wore a juror badge, and then had Subway delivered for lunch.

There's no word yet on whether he'll be picked for a jury.

As for the rest of the Pitt-Jolie clan, Angelina is currently in Chicago, where she's hard at work on her new film Wanted. She and Pitt spent the weekend helping son Maddox celebrate his 6th birthday. 


Beastie Boys...

Beastie Boys talk about first-ever Brooklyn show

Trio discuss tonight's landmark performance

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Beastie Boys are gearing up for their first ever Brooklyn show, taking place at McCarren Pool in Greenpoint tonight.

This afternoon, the band said that although they may have played Brooklyn as individuals in previous music projects, the Beastie Boys never played the borough, even in the early days

"The clubs didn't really have hip-hop functions in Brooklyn back then, probably because they would end badly" said Adam 'MCA' Yauch.

Yauch, Michael 'Mike D' Diamond and Adam 'Ad-Rock' Horovitz spoke about the show and the band's recent spate of 'gala' events during which they perform material from their instrumental album 'The Mix-Up'.

Speaking at Soho House in New York, the trio dressed in suits and sunglasses revealed they consciously decided to dress smartly when recording 'The Mix-Up'.

"When we recorded the record we decided we were going to start wearing suits to the studio" MCA said.

"But" continued Mike D "We didn't record so much during the summer, we took the summer off so we didn't really have to wear suits to the studio during the hot weather." MCA also discussed his film project entitled 'Of Toys And Kings' which is on ice after he failed to raise the initial funds to make the movie .

"It was a film about graffiti writers in the early eighties, and I was working n it and to be totally honest I was having trouble raising the money to do because I was trying to do it without any famous people. It was an expensive project and it's not a very good equation to try to have five million dollar budget and no movie stars, so I put it down for a while.

The band also discussed the recent trend of playing an album live in its entirety, as per Sonic Youth and Slint, joking that they would cover someone else's with MCA suggesting Feetwood Mac's 'Rumors'.

"It's ambitious but 'Thriller', just start there, the world's biggest album" said Ad-Rock "And Dr. Dre's 'The Chronic' would be good.'
The band also talked about how they are at the mercy of Mixmaster Mike during their live show, when even they don't know what's coming

"The rule with him is that we say just play the song that's our part of the song from our record and go from there" said Mike D "Part of what keeps it fun for us, all our songs are basically like a different remix every night that Mike does, some of the beats we know, some of them we don't know and we don't know when they're going to drop exactly."

"He definitely keeps you on your toes because when some other beat comes in you gotta figure out how to make it work" concedes MCA.

Article Link:


Open call planned for Notorious B.I.G. movie

Biggie could be played by an unknown

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Producers of the Notorious BIG biopic have said they will find the star of the movie through an open casting call.

The movie entitled 'Notorious' will include both professional actors and amateurs in its casting process which is due to begin this Friday. The films producers told the Associated Press today (August 9) that video auditions can be submitted beginning Sunday to or An official announcement about the call is expected tomorrow by Fox Searchlight, who own the rights to the film.

Biggie's former manager Wayne Barrow, a producer on the movie, said that finding a professional actor to play the rapper, whose real name was Christopher Wallace, was next to impossible.

"As it relates to the individual Christopher Wallace - his looks, his stature, what he represented, the swagger, the sensibility of the man - all those elements are very difficult to find, no matter where you go. In the typical Hollywood world, no one came to mind outside of Forest Whitaker who could capture that essence genuinely."

The producers did not approach the Oscar-winning actor however, because at 46 he is too old to play the rapper who was murdered in 1997 when he was just 24.

Meanwhile Biggie's mother Voletta Wallace, also a producer, said she wants to se all her son's qualities in the part:

"There will only be one Christopher Wallace, but I'm happy that his legacy will open a door for another to walk through," said Wallace. "I don't want you to just imitate him. I want to see his swagger, his style, his energy and smile come through."

The movie is expected to begin production later this year.

article link:

Not to bad for an old lady

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Sitcom queen and former Junior Miss Rhode Island, Debra Messing, who will be 39 next week, slapped on a romper, a belt and some Gilgamesh era sandals for a shopping romp around Prince Street in Soho yesterday.

Debra's bits and pieces were snapped outside of Fragments jewelry store, where she looked ready for a swim in the deluge that hit New York City yesterday, flooding subways and leaving the streets to only the most stouthearted shoppers.

Miss Messing's been busy with her son, Roman, who's 3 now -- but will be heading back to the big screen in the greatly anticipated remake of George Cukor's 1939 classic, "The Women," to be directed by Emmy winner Diane English.

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Uh-Oh - Paramount Lawyers Confirm Cloverfield/Cheese Call-Sheet is REAL

Yesterday a leaked call-sheet from the set of Paramount’s Cheese (a code-name for the film which is code-named Cloverfield and 1-18-08) was posted on the internet by NY Magazine. The call sheet supposedly revealed the final scene of the film, an alternative ending, as well as the first couple scenes in the movie. It almost seemed too good to be true. There were already threads on the UnFiction Forum and other Cloverfield blogs insisting that it was a fake produced by National Lampoon. Then today at 1:30pm, I received an e-mail from Paramount’s legal team (Keats McFarland & Wilson LLP) asking me to remove my link and photo thumbnail of the document.

"This letter is being written to you on behalf of Paramount Pictures Corporation (hereinafter “Paramount”). Paramount is the owner of rights in and to the motion picture known as “Cloverfield,” as well as all rights to the unpublished “Cheese” call sheet (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Paramount Properties”). No one is authorized to copy, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise use the Paramount Properties without the express written permission of Paramount.

Despite Paramount’s clear rights to the Paramount Properties, Paramount has learned that you are reproducing, displaying and distributing the “Cheese” call sheet on your website at . You are hereby put on notice that the reproduction, display and/or distribution by you of Paramount Properties constitutes copyright infringement as well as an unauthorized misappropriation of a protected corporate document. Further, your conduct would constitute an improper receipt of a corporate document."

I have since removed all infringing materials from my earlier post, and have cleared it directly through an attorney at Keats McFarland & Wilson LLP.

The good news coming out of this is that Paramount in some official capacity has confirmed the authenticity of the leaked Call-Sheet. Without you guys, we probably would have it off as fake or planted.

Does this mean that scene #160 is in fact the real ending of the movie? Possibly, but I still think there must be more. This legal letter has also for the first time in writing confirmed “Cheese” is actually “Cloverfield”. But that’s nothing we didn’t already know.


I'm deleting my earlier post right quick before I get my ass sued...



The 11th Edition of ABC's Popular Romance Reality Series Will Premiere With a 90 Minute Special on Monday, September 24th.

Brad Womack, 34, a successful, self-made entrepreneur, has been selected to star in the 11th edition of ABC's popular romance reality series when it returns this fall on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 (9:30-11:00 p.m., ET), on ABC with a special 90-minute season premiere. It doesn't hurt that his sexy good looks make him The Bachelor's own "McSteamy."

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A day in the life: Lindsay in rehab

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"The Insider" has an exclusive account of LINDSAY LOHAN's rehab stay and hour-to-hour schedule from a fellow patient who just completed treatment at the Cirque Lodge in Utah.

JANE P., who left the center on Tuesday, tells "The Insider" that she believes Lindsay checked into the center last Thursday night -- and that her arrival and stay has been disruptive to other men and women in the program.

At the exclusive Cirque Lodge, Lindsay is currently amongst twelve patients -- six men and six women. In order to maintain privacy for the 21-year-old star, Jane tells "The Insider" that all of the patients' phone calls are now being closely monitored -- and that their use of the computer has been suspended. She also says Lindsay has been wearing large sunglasses and isn't looking anything like the glamour girl we all see on the red carpet.


6 A.M. Wake up call

6:30 A.M. River hike, followed by a brief meditation

8:00 A.M. Breakfast is served

8:30 A.M. Free time -- like other residents, Lindsay is assigned cleaning duties -- including cleaning her room and her toilet.

9:00 A.M. Community meeting to discuss what will go on that day.

10:00 A.M. Speaker meeting

12:00 P.M. Lunch is served

1:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M. Process group/workshops/experiential time -- where patients participate in any of the following activities including horseback riding or gardening -- which Lindsay did on Tuesday. Spa treatments like massages and pedicures are also available from estheticians-in-training.

5:30 P.M. Dinner time

6:30 P.M. Assignment group/recovery work

8:00 P.M. 12-Step meeting (on or off-site)

9:30 P.M. Closing meeting -- assessment of the day

10:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M. Free time

11:00 P.M. Lights out

Jane tells "The Insider" that Sunday is visitor's day. Those who don't participate in the group meetings and activities and work the program can lose privileges. Luxury snacks include pretzels, beef jerky, Gatorade and cereal bars.

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Bjork "Innocence" video

Just when you think you've had enough of him, Bjork's new single is also produced by Timbaland, i won't say that i don't love it, cause i do!
Anyways, there was a contest where fans were asked to make a video for the song, this is the one that won!
Love it!

Source: YouTube
ad: bluths

Que Sera Cera...

This is really just an excuse for me to post anything remotely related to Arrested Development.

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Maeby: I’m worried you’re taking this too seriously.
George Michael: Just the opposite. [Ring tone plays “The Wedding March”]
Maeby: What the hell was that?
George Michael: I bought you a wedding ring... tone. Opposite of serious.

What are your favourite AD quotes?


Paquin Brings "True Blood" to HBO

Alan Ball bringing new "Blood" to HBO
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - "Six Feet Under" creator Alan Ball is returning to HBO's primetime lineup with the vampire drama "True Blood," starring Anna Paquin.

The pay cable network has picked up his drama pilot to series. The exact episode order and the premiere date have yet to be determined. Production is slated to begin in the fall.

Based on the "Southern Vampire" book series by Charlaine Harris, "True Blood" takes place in a world where vampires can buy Japanese-made synthetic blood. Their integration into a small Louisiana town causes quite a stir, and a love story ensues between a vampire, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) and Sookie Stackhouse (Paquin), an innocent waitress who can read people's minds.

Ball's first series for HBO, the critically praised "Six Feet Under," bowed out in 2005 after five seasons. He won an Academy Award for writing "American Beauty." Paquin is also an Oscar laureate, for her supporting role in "The Piano."

There is no decision yet on the other two HBO pilots, an untitled medical drama executive produced by prolific filmmaker J.J. Abrams and a P.E. comedy from Will Ferrell's production company, which have recently been delivered to the network.

Source: Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Jonas Brothers cd release party causes some ruckus.

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Jonas Brothers cd release party (08/08/07) caused some fans to go bzerk. During the Jonas Brothers CD release party a couple of girls decided they wanted to be front row and got a posse together to try and swerve their way to the front. When that didn't work, they started punching, elbowing and tripped innocent girls in order to get front row causing some of them to get nose bleeds, broken bones bruises and other injuries. The Jonas Brothers got security to handle the girls and ambulances were called to the scene. Jonas Brother fans watched their friends go out in stretchers, crying.

There will be no longer any Meet & Greets at any of the Jonas Brothers concerts, in fear of this happening again.
You know, something about them has always bugged me but I never thought this would happened at THEIR concert.

(2 videos of the ambulances and an explanation of what happened under the cut)

SOURCE: Youtube and other various fans. Sorry, I couldn't find anything written down on any website.

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Grant Hill and Tamia have a baby girl

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R&B singer Tamia and hoops star Grant Hill welcomed a baby girl to their family on Thursday.

Lael Rose Hill arrived in Orlando, Fla., weighing 8 lbs. 6 oz., and mother and daughter are doing fine, a rep tells PEOPLE.

It's the second child – daughter Myla Grace is five – for Tamia, 32, and the NBA star who says, "Lael looks like Myla."

After six seasons with the Orlando Magic, Hill, 34, has been traded to the Phoenix Suns. The family will move to Arizona later this month.

The singer announced her pregnancy on her MySpace page in March.

Hill told PEOPLE he was "thrilled" about the growing family, and despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2003, Tamia said she feels "fine."

Source: People


Hilary Duff’s new boyfriend, Canadian pro hockey player Mike Comrie, is at the center of a false and ugly rumor that’s been circulation for years – but Hilary is standing tall by her man reports Star Magazine.

Duff first went public with Comrie during a July 25 dinner date at the Georgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica . Afterward, a number of celebrity and sports Web sites were bombarded with hundreds of comments referencing a rumor that began making the rounds after Comrie was traded from his hometown Edmonton Oilers in 2003; namely, that he was banished from the Oilers after sleeping with the wife of one of his teammates!

But Duff is unfazed by the vicious gossip, says a friend of the couple – and with good reason. Multiple sources tell Star the rumor is absolutely untrue! “In Edmonton , hockey is the only game in town; it’s the lifeblood of the city,” says the friend

Circus Tour

'Order of the Phoenix' DVD rumors untrue

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Earlier this week, rumors surfaced online about the special features on the upcoming Order of the Phoenix DVD and its release date. After checking with Warner Bros., we can confirm that these rumors are false.

This doesn't mean that none of the rumored special features could possibly appear on the DVD, but it does mean that if they do, it's pure coincidence. WB is not yet ready to announce the DVD special features or release date.

{film}: prelude to death

Is this the only way she can get press?

Pompeo says young celebs set bad example

Ellen Pompeo says Hollywood socialites "who are rich and famous for nothing" set a bad example.

"I just think the media should take this country in a different direction," the 37-year-old actress tells the new issue of Los Angeles Confidential Magazine, on newsstands Aug. 15.

"We're so focused on the wrong things. We're teaching young girls that this is what they should be focusing on: rich and famous girls who are rich and famous for nothing."

In an apparent reference to coverage of Paris Hilton and her ilk, Pompeo says: "What are we doing to this younger generation? It's not very responsible."

Pompeo, who plays Dr. Meredith Grey on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," also calls the media "irresponsible" for ongoing speculation that she has an eating disorder.

"I just worry about the girls who look up to me — I don't want them to think I starve myself or don't eat, and that to be like me that's what they have to do," explains the actress, who says she is naturally slender.

Pompeo, who is engaged to record producer Chris Ivery, says they haven't yet set a wedding date. They became engaged in November, after dating for three years.

"I swear we're going to get married at sometime," she says. "We're just trying to fit it all in. It won't be a big ceremony — we want one thing to ourselves."

Does she see children in her future?

"I do," she says. "With the show, I just don't know if it's entirely fair to myself and to everybody else right now. We'll see what happens."


She has a point but honestly, idc. You're the worst leading lady on tv. Ever.