April 26th, 2007


Celebs Stayin’ Alive for Africa

Big name celebrities did their best to lip sync and dance to The Bee Gee’s “Stayin Alive.” Watch the video below!

Celebrities include: Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hugh Grant, Teri Hatcher, Kevin Bacon, Hugh Laurie, Dr. Phil, Ryan Seacrest, Helen Mirren, Marc Anthony, Blue Man Group, Chris Kattan, Lisa Kudrow, Jason Biggs, Eric McCormack, Goldie Hawn, Michael Buble, Good Charlotte, Kirstie Alley, Rob Lowe, Emily Blunt, Rob Schneider, David Schwimmer, Miss Piggy, Twiggy,Parminder Nagra , Lebron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Gillian Anderson and Helena Bonham Carter!

click on the image and go to the video...

Remember to download this video and more from iTunes with proceeds going to charity!


Homer on toilet
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ONTD teh FAMOUS on the Internets!

Ever since SHANNAGANS '07, ONTD has been referenced in a gabillion places on the intrawebs!!!

A wonderful poster on ONTD copied a blog message Shanna Moakler had on her MySpace account. Is she giving out the accurate contact information for Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan? I don’t believe it. To read the original post, click here.

['here' being the link to the original SHANNAGANS post!]

SOURCE: www.Imnotobsessed.com

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Eek, more death in showbiz...

The killing of a Venezuelan soap opera actor who was stabbed to death when he came upon a robbery has reignited concerns about rampant violent crime in the South American country.

More than 200 people attended a funeral for 51-year-old Yanis Chimaras on Wednesday, a day after he was killed in a Caracas suburb, while Venezuelan newspapers carried photographs of grieving relatives on their front pages.

The capital of Caracas is considered one of the most violent cities in Latin America, and polls consistently show crime is a leading concern for Venezuelans. Dozens of people are often killed in a single weekend. The Justice Ministry reported 9,402 homicides nationwide in 2005 but has yet to reveal figures for 2006.

Chimaras, a supporter of President Hugo Chavez, was the leader of a pro-government actors guild and had appeared in more than two dozen soap operas during his 27-year career.

He was killed early Tuesday in the Caracas suburb of Guatire when he arrived in a car to pick up his daughter's friend, police said. Chimaras, who was with his daughter and brother, honked the horn repeatedly for the girl to come out.

At the time, robbers were inside the house holding up the girl's family. They thieves came outside, forced Chimaras out of his vehicle at gunpoint and stabbed him three times, police said. He suffered a punctured lung and bled to death.

Police said they have several suspects.

Former presidential candidate and comedian Benjamin Rausseo, who attended the wake, said the killing is a clear sign that Chavez's government needs to do more to fight crime.

"How many Yanis Chimaras need to die for this government to understand, instead of being concerned about conquering the world (and) picking fights ... that here in Venezuela they are killing us?" Rausseo asked.



Hugh Grant arrested over "baked beans attack"

LONDON (Reuters) - Hugh Grant has been arrested and questioned by police after a photographer accused the actor of attacking him with a tub of baked beans.

Photographer Ian Whittaker told the Daily Star that he and Grant, 46, clashed near the home of the "Four Weddings and a Funeral" star.

Whittaker said Grant abused and kicked him on Tuesday before lobbing the beans. The paper printed photos of Grant with a plastic tub of food raised over his head.

Grant's lawyers Schillings said an incident had taken place and was now under investigation.

A police spokeswoman, when asked about the incident, said a 46-year-old man had been arrested on Wednesday evening and questioned at a London police station after an allegation of assault in west London.

He was bailed to return in May.


oh, hugh, whatever will we do with you, you mischievous fop? it was funny enough as merely 'an incident' but there's just something about actually getting arrested for some cranky bean-flinging that puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step. i really think he & petey D (ketchup-splatterer) should start up an all-out celeb food fight against the London paparazzi this spring, it would be fantastic.
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ACL: everything is beautiful

Tyra Banks Says, "So What?"

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How many of us can say we're happy with our looks? According to the numbers, not many: Americans spent a staggering $12 billion last year on plastic surgery.

"Good Morning America" went out to the streets of New York City to talk to women about their looks, and just about every one of them named something they didn't like about their bodies, from their eyebrows and lips to their thighs and feet.

Talk show host and model Tyra Banks is on a mission to change that attitude. After a photo of her in a swimsuit at the beach caused a tabloid frenzy, she launched a campaign promoting positive body images for women called "So What."

Banks, who has just been named to this year's People magazine "100 Most Beautiful People" list, said that her "So What" campaign was about women not obsessing about their flaws.

"For instance I have cellulite on the back of my butt. Now I'm starting to get it on my stomach and I don't like it," Banks said on "GMA." "But I don't stay up at night obsessing about it."

Banks and a correspondent for her show Danielle Fishel also inspired hundreds of women to join in a "Belly Brigade" march through the streets of Los Angeles. They donned red tube tops with their bellies showing.

"My doctor had told me that the stretch marks that I had gotten were probably the worst case that she has ever seen," Fishel said. "And no I don't feel comfortable in a two-piece bathing suit. But you know what, so what."

Banks showed a life-size cardboard cutout of a runway model on her show. The emaciated model's stats said she was 5 feet, 11 inches and a size 2. She was estimated to weigh 90 pounds.

Though she was a top model, Banks was always heavier than many other models.

"At one point in my career I was 128, which is 32 pounds less than I weigh now," she said, "and my modeling agencies and designers still told me that I needed to lose weight."

She said today that her weight fluctuated between 150 and 161, and that she'd work to lose weight for certain occasions and appearances.

"After that, I want a piece of bread. So what?" Banks said.

Although saying "so what" doesn't change anyone's body, it helps a person accept that no one's body is perfect.

"It's something that you constantly have to tell yourself," Banks said.


ilu Tyra bb
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video premiere: Rihanna's Umbrella (ella ella ella eh eh eh):

View it in HQ here:


and apparently, americans can download it for free. I have to say, that I kind of like it. Simple, standard sort of video. But she completely had me until what could only be described as the 'Silver surfer' part. so random, so WTF.

discuss, bitches!
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It's Sarah!

She's fulfilling a lifelong dream, jokes Sarah Silverman, host of this year's MTV Movie Awards.

"Ever since I was a little girl, before it even started in 1980 MTV I said, `Someday, I want there to be an all-music channel that gives out awards for movies. And I want to host that show,'" the 36-year-old actress-comedian said in an interview with The Associated Press.

The show will air live June 3 from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

How is Silverman preparing for her new gig?

"I'm getting ready," she said. "I'm exercising every day and I do 10 push-ups, I do eight sit-ups and then I rinse off. ... I want to go just a little bit too far."
"I'm training for this the way what's-her-face trained for `T2,'" said Silverman, referring to Linda Hamilton in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."

Silverman has her own Comedy Central series, "The Sarah Silverman Program." She also starred in a feature film-length version of her one-woman show, "Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic."

Despite her experience in front of an audience, it's "starting to sink in" that the 16th annual ceremony will be live for the first time, she said.

"I mean, I'm not a big swearer or anything, but I still seem to say things that you can't say on basic cable, so ... we're gonna have to have, like, a plan," she said.

MTV President Christina Norman praised Silverman's irreverence and "no holds barred sarcasm."

Mark Burnett, whose series include "Survivor" and "The Apprentice," is the executive producer of this year's ceremony. MTV is owned by Viacom Inc.


Lindsay Lohan Vs. Lauren Hastings. Lauren's Side.


So everyone's heard about how Lindsay Lohan stole $10,000 worth of stuff from her former friend Lauren Hastings. Lindsay then went and met up with Nicole Richie (who also hates Lauren becaue Lauren dated DJ AM), and they sent Lauren all kinds of mean text messages and called her fat a whole bunch.

The full story is available on a million blogs but for reference:




Anyways thats not exactly news but Lauren has posted a blog on her myspace talking about her side of the things. And she seems really smart and nice.

You can read it here: http://www.myspace.com/laurenhastings  

Or below the cut.


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India court orders Gere's arrest for "obscene" kiss

JAIPUR, India (Reuters) - An Indian court ordered the arrest of Hollywood star Richard Gere on Thursday for kissing Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS campaign event this month saying it was an obscene act committed in public.

Gere's repeated kisses on Shetty's cheeks at an event to promote AIDS awareness in New Delhi sparked protests in some parts of India, mostly by Hindu vigilante groups, who saw it as an outrage against her modesty and an affront to Indian culture.

The order by a court in the northern city of Jaipur came in response to a complaint by a local lawyer.

The judge watched a video recording of Gere kissing Shetty and found him guilty of violating Indian laws against public obscenity, the lawyer, Poonam Chand Bhandari, said.

The court also summoned Shilpa Shetty to appear on May 5, Bhandari said, adding that Gere was also ordered to be arrested.

Gere can be sent to jail for up to three months or fined or both for the crime if he is arrested. He is not in India now but can be held if he visits the country again.

The Hollywood star is a devout Buddhist and a vocal supporter of the Tibetan cause and visits India frequently to meet the Dalai Lama, who lives in exile in northern India.

He is also involved with charities looking after HIV-infected people and orphans, as well as AIDS prevention groups in the country.

source: http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews.aspx?type=entertainmentNews&storyid=2007-04-26T110735Z_01_DEL83208_RTRUKOC_0_US-INDIA-GERE.xml&src=rss&rpc=22

Where were the cops when he molested that gerbil?? Damn double standards


Regis is baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Regis Philbin said it was good to be back "home" as he returned to his syndicated daytime talk show Thursday, six weeks after triple heart bypass surgery.

The audience cheered as he walked onto the set of "Live With Regis and Kelly" with co-host Kelly Ripa.

"What an occasion this has been," Philbin, 75, said. "Finally back after six weeks. ... Yes, it was six weeks and one day."

In a news conference, Philbin said he loved having time off to spend with his wife, Joy, but was happy to be back because the show has been his "home for many, many years."

"Frankly, I don't know what I would do without this morning show," he told reporters. "It's a wonderful show. ... But now it's a part of my life."
David Letterman, host of CBS' "Late Show," was Philbin's first guest. Philbin was a guest host when Letterman underwent heart bypass surgery in 2000 and recovered from an eye infection in 2003.

"What an occasion this has been," Philbin said. "Finally back after six weeks. ... Yes, it was six weeks and one day."

Philbin said he'd lost 8 pounds.

"It is a tough procedure" but the rewards are great, he said of the heart surgery. "But in the meantime, that whole thing is a tough one."


Reality "star" ex-hubby dies

This is soooo far stretched from being actual celeb news. But I know how some ppl love their reality shows. Although I don't consider reality "stars" to be real celebs. Maybe some of you would be interested in this story:

Reality show husband dies at 67
Knickerbocker had appeared on 'The Real Housewives of Orange County.'

Louis L. Knickerbocker, who gained fame as the ex-husband of one of the featured players in the reality show "The Real Housewives of Orange County," died Tuesday morning after a heart attack, said friend and show creator Scott Dunlop. Knickerbocker was 67.

The fallout of Knickerbocker's life was replayed on the reality show. The company he and then-wife Tammy owned went bankrupt in 2000, the couple lost their 9,000-square-foot home in Coto de Caza, and Tammy divorced him.

Knickerbocker started his life over at age 62, building a real estate company, a mortgage company and a 50 percent share in another real estate company. He also rebuilt his personal life and remarried.

Dunlop, who last spoke to Knickerbocker Monday, characterized him as an optimist.

"He always believed in the art of the possible," Dunlop said. "He believed it was all possible. He was a unique guy."

Knickerbocker graduated from Santa Monica College and served as an Army paratrooper from 1959 to 1961. He is survived by his wife, Netdao, and seven children: Louis L., Louis D., Jason, Aleshia, Ashley, Meagan and Lindsey. Services are pending.

how I roll

Paris Je T'aime trailer!

For the movie-lovers (like me)...the exclusive trailer premiere of "Paris Je T'aime".  The cast list is incredible and the list of directors who contributed to it is absolutely insane. This film looks absolutely beautiful.  You HAVE to check this out.  I think it's up for The Palme d'Or at Cannes this year as well. 

Paris, Je T'aime Trailer

Here's the synopsis from Moviefone:

"In 'Paris, Je T'Aime,' celebrated directors from around the world, including the Coen Brothers, Gus Van Sant, Gurinder Chadha, Wes Craven, Walter Salles, Alexander Payne and Olivier Assayas, have come together to portray Paris in a way never before imagined.

Made by a team of contributors as cosmopolitan as the city itself, this portrait of the city is as diverse as its creators' backgrounds and nationalities. With each director telling the story of an unusual encounter in one of the city's neighborhoods, the vignettes go beyond the 'postcard' view of Paris to portray aspects of the city rarely seen on the big screen.

An outstanding host of actors including Natalie Portman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Fanny Ardant, Elijah Wood, Nick Nolte, Bob Hoskins, Juliette Binoche, Emily Mortimer, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Rufus Sewell, Barbet Schroeder, Ludivine Sagnier, Gena Rowlands, Miranda Richardson and Steve Buscemi, grace these vignettes with their larger-than-life personas. Their performances add even deeper resonance to this affectionate love letter to one of the world's most transcendent cities."

Source: Moviefone
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Bettie Lunchbox

Tim Goodman's TV Talk Machine: Conan O'Brien's road trip to San Francisco

Conan O'Brien, the clown prince of late night television, is this week's guest on "Tim Goodman's TV Talk Machine" podcast.

O'Brien talks about taking "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" on the road to San Francisco the week of April 30 for five shows to be taped at the Orpheum Theater, as well as a bit about his now cancelled show: "Andy Barker P.I."

Listen to the interview here:

Brooke Hogan makes surprise performance on Miami Beach... HOT!

I had the pleasure of attending an industry event last night titled “Stars Behind the Stars.” It took place at Chakra Lounge on Miami Beach. The event was an industry showcase featuring the talents of DDO Artist’s Agency. They represent dancers and chorographers who have danced with Beyonce, Pink, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, etc. You name an artist and they have worked with them. The show lasted about an hour and a half and displayed the hottest talents. These dancers know how to rock it! They did all types of dance styles including hip-hop, lyrical, Latin, etc. There was a surprise performance too! None other than our favorite, Brooke Hogan! And let me tell you… she looked hot!

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Source: Myself and friends who attended event.
This is my first post! I love ONTD!
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Snoop Dogg banned from Aus.

Snoop Dogg Banned

SYDNEY: Controversial American rapper Snoop Dogg is being denied entry to Australia after failing a character test, the federal government says.

The cancellation of the rapper, record producer and actor's visa means he will not be able to appear at the MTV Australian Video Music Awards this weekend, as planned.

Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said Snoop Dogg was being issued with a notice of intention to cancel his visa after he failed to pass the requisite character test.

Snoop Dogg, 35, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, pleaded no contest to felony gun and drug charges in the US earlier this month.

"The reality is in relation to this man, that he was given a warning the last time, he has a whole string of convictions, and just two weeks ago I was told he was convicted on a number of charges again and sentenced to three years imprisonment on two, and three years imprisonment on another, with five years probation and a suspended sentence," Mr Andrews told Macquarie Radio.

"He has been denied entry into the United Kingdom because he was caught with others causing affray at Heathrow Airport (in London).

"He doesn't seem the sort of bloke we want in this country."

Mr Andrews said Snoop Dogg would have an opportunity to respond to the cancellation of his visa, but with his extensive criminal record he had failed to pass the character test.

"What that character test does is allow the minister to refuse the grant of a visa if the person doesn't pass the character test," he said.

"The character test in relation to this involves a substantial criminal record, which is, under the legislation,, being sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more.

"It can also include a person's associations, their past and present criminal conduct, and their general conduct.

"This man has been a member of a Los Angeles gang - and is still associated with it apparently - that's been involved in murder, robberies and drug dealing in the LA area."


lol I hate how we import Americans for our MTV awards but this takes the pain off the fact they brought fucking Perez Hilton down for red carpet commentary.

'Monster Mash' singer dead at 69

NEW YORK (AP) -- He does the "Monster Mash" no more.

Bobby "Boris" Pickett, whose dead-on Boris Karloff impression propelled the Halloween anthem to the top of the charts in 1962, making him one of pop music's most enduring one-hit wonders, has died of leukemia. He was 69.

Pickett, dubbed "The Guy Lombardo of Halloween," died Wednesday night at the West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital, said his longtime manager, Stuart Hersh. His daughter, Nancy, and his sister, Lynda, were at Pickett's bedside.

"Monster Mash" hit the Billboard chart three times: when it debuted in 1962, reaching No. 1 the week before Halloween; again in August 1970, and for a third time in May 1973. The resurrections were appropriate for a song where Pickett gravely intoned the forever-stuck-in-your-head chorus: "He did the monster mash. ... It was a graveyard smash."

The novelty hit's fans included Bob Dylan, who played the single on his XM Satellite Radio program last October. "Our next artist is considered a one-hit wonder, but his one hit comes back year after year," Dylan noted.

The hit single ensured Pickett's place in the pantheon of pop music obscurities, said syndicated radio host Dr. Demento, whose long-running program celebrates offbeat tunes.

"It's certainly the biggest Halloween song of all time," said Demento. The DJ, who interviewed Pickett last year, said he maintained a sense of humor about his singular success: "As he loved to say at oldies shows, 'And now I'm going to do a medley of my hit.' "

Pickett's impression of Karloff (who despite his name was an Englishman, born William Henry Pratt) was forged in Somerville, Massachusetts, where the boy watched horror films in a theater managed by his father.

Pickett used the impersonation in a nightclub act and when performing with his band the Cordials. A bandmate convinced Pickett they needed to do a song to showcase the Karloff voice, and "Monster Mash" was born -- "written in about a half-hour," said Dr. Demento.

The recording, done in a couple of hours, featured a then-unknown piano player named Leon Russell and a backing band christened The Crypt-Kickers. It was rejected by four major labels before Gary Paxton, lead singer on the Hollywood Argyles' novelty hit "Alley Oop," released "Monster Mash" on his own label.

The instant smash became a sort-of Christmas carol for the pumpkin and ghoul set. In a 1996 interview with People magazine, Pickett said he never grew tired of it: "When I hear it, I hear a cash register ringing."

While Pickett never re-created its success, his "Monster's Holiday," a Christmas follow-up, reached No. 30 in December 1962. And "Graduation Day" hit No. 80 in June 1963.

He continued performing through his final gig in November. He remained in demand for Halloween performances, including a memorable 1973 show where his bus broke down outside Frankenstein, Missouri.

Beside his daughter and sister, Pickett is survived by two grandchildren.


Britney Spears surprise concert next week?

Britney Spears concert

Britney Spears’ much anticipated comeback might begin earlier than suspected–as in next week. A Celebslam.com reader sent in a tip that Britney is scheduled to perform next Wednesday at the Anaheim House of Blues under the band name M+M’s. According to the tipster, the M+M’s consist of Britney and “3 or 4 back up female dancers.” Tickets are still available!

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Malakar Mom's Marijuana Arrest

I think her name is Sanjaya's Sister Malakar

I have this news FIRST--thanks to a contact at the MJ Morning Show! It's going to be splashed on the tabloids this weekend!


This happened about 20 years ago, though, so it's not as MG KEW as it could be, and they won't give me much more detail than that--but said this is pretty much the gyst of the story. She was busted for growing and for intent to sell.

EDIT: Should be fixed guys--sorry it took so long! I was at IHOP! 

oh, and I re-uploaded the pic of Sanjaya's sister naked with a gee-tar! LuLz

And the stry has been released already, REDIRECT!
Turns out it was 2005, and it was 310 plants--Holy Crap! I'm JEALOUS!
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(georgina stojiljkovic) stunning

(no subject)

More Dish on Rosie's Departure

Rosie O’Donnell disclosed on Wednesday’s ‘The View’, she and ABC Daytime were unable to come to terms on a new deal, and that’s why she is vacating her chair in June.

FoxNews.com is now reporting that Rosie was seeking a $10 million payday to continue on for one — but only one — additional year, and ABC likely would have ponied up $30 mil total for their requested three-year extension, but O’D wouldn’t budge on her time limit.

Why the stubborn streak? Fox claims that Rosie resolved to walk back at Christmastime, when View boss Barbara Walters failed to sufficiently stand up for her against Donald Trump.

I knew it! Trump did have something to do with it!


Premiere's 100 Greatest Movie Lines

The lines that people love most come not necessarily from the most revered films in the canon (though Casablanca and Citizen Kane are represented), but from down-to-earth comedies or action films (Ahem, "I'll be baaack!") that grabbed the audience on a visceral level. Whatever the genre of the film, these small bits of dialogue are important: they're cultural shorthand, part of the language everyone shares.

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59 and 35 are the same quote, idk why, probably just an error on their part.

kitty gwen


On the finale of "I Love New York" Tango told New York he was through with her and that ended that. It also cleared the way for a second season of the show which was ratings gold in the eyes of Vh1. The network hasn't officially renewed the show, but a casting notice has gone out:



They forgot to mention that candidates should be ok with getting freaky with a pre-op.

Ugh, this is unnecessary! Is Vh1 going to give Sister Patterson her own dating show too? Yeah, probably. Shit, now I gave them an idea.


kate beckinsale talks out of her ass


Former anorexic Kate Beckinsale has been accused of insensitivity after she likened anorexic girls to ‘crack whores’ and said family problems were often to blame for the condition.

Kate, whose weight once plummeted to five stones, said: ‘I believe anorexia, alcoholism and drug abuse in teens are more about what is happening in the home than a problem with images in the media.

‘It is the nice girl’s way of becoming a crack whore.’

Kate, 33, was brought up by her mother Judy Loe after her actor father Richard Beckinsale died of a heart attack when she was five.

When she was nine, her mother married director Roy Battersby – a relationship the actress said contributed to her problems in her teens, which culminated in her developing anorexia at 15.

She has previously said: ‘I was convinced I was going to be relegated, that he would sell the house where I had always lived and it would be awful.’

She added: ‘I got to the stage where I think I was about to die. I had no energy and my main goal was to be able to stand up.

‘Finally I realised I had to choose between being a person or a professional anorexic.’

Ros Ponomarenko-Jones, whose daughter Sophie Mazurek starved herself to four stones before dying last year of heart failure at 19, said she felt ‘completely insulted’.

‘She (Beckinsale) has been totally flippant and does not really know what she is talking about,’ she said. ‘She is not giving anorexia the status it deserves as a mental illness.’

Eating disorder charity Beat warned that anorexia resulted from more deep-rooted problems than the family circumstances and images surrounding teenage girls.

A spokesman said: ‘Anorexia stems from low self-esteem and an inability to cope safely with worries and problems. It is not a diet gone wrong.’

george jetson

top model reject interview

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
TVGuide.com: I was really rooting for you. It's rare to get a model on that show who is as well-spoken as she is beautiful.
Whitney Cunningham: Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

TVGuide.com: Did you know going into panel that it was going to be your week to get eliminated?
Whitney: No way! They didn't show this on television, but Mr. Jay told me that [the role-playing photo shoot] was my best performance to date and that I really modeled my tail off. He said I did an excellent job, so I was really confident going into panel. I was totally shocked when I was in the bottom two, and was even more shocked when I was eliminated.
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george jetson

(no subject)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
TVGuide.com: Well, in all honesty, I'm not sure how I'm going to continue watching the show without you on it!
Jael: Oh, really? Well, one day I'm going to have my own show, and you'll be able to watch me on that! I really want to do a show that uncovers all the unsigned bands and underground artists. I really want to expose all those great groups, like the Burning Man community.

TVGuide.com: That's perfect for you! There's definitely some rock 'n' roll in you.
Jael: Yeah... and some hip-hop!
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(no subject)

Kind of a slow news day, so why not waste a post in seeing what David Duchovny is doing these days:


David Duchovny and the Drama of Television

Does David Duchovny, star of screens small and large, take perverse pleasure in biting the hand that feeds him?

As long as we have him on the phone, it seems fair to ask, considering that not one but two of the actor's latest projects take sharp nips at Hollywood's stubby little fingers. First up: "The TV Set" (see review on Page 35), a satire in which the actor plays Mike Klein, a television writer and producer who runs into what's euphemistically known in the biz as "creative differences" when a deliciously crass network executive (Sigourney Weaver) starts tinkering with the pilot of his most personal project to date, a touching comedy-drama series inspired by the suicide of Klein's brother.

Then, later this year, Duchovny is set to star in "Californication," a darkly comic series for the Showtime cable channel in which he'll portray a successful author who goes to Hollywood to watch his latest serious book, "God Hates Us All," get turned into a Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes vehicle retitled "Crazy Little Thing Called Love."

Rest of the article and a very cool bonus under the cut

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Source http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/04/19/AR2007041900612.html
Stargate Atlantis

Nick Carter pictures!

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com 

MIG Pilot Dave Riggs Instructs The Stars Of "Fast Glass"

LOS ANGELES, CA - APRIL 25: Navy Lt. Commander Brian Ferguson (L) gives flight instructions to actress Natalia Cigliuti (C) and actor Nick Carter, stars of the film "Fast Glass", at The Burbank Airport on April 25, 2007 in Los Angeles, California.

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This adventure is so incredible - we can only sell one of them. Complete multiple flights as one of the "stunt pilots" for a new movie called "Fast Glass". The movie is a production of Afterburner Films and will be shot on location in California in mid-April. You'll get to experience a whole lot of amazing flying, plus you'll earn your movie credits. For an extra fee, the movie's producers will even give you a walk-on scene in the flick. This is the ultimate adventure for anyone who loves fast jets and all things.[/

Source: GettyImages.com, Google

Does anyone know anything about this movie?

Edit 2: I replaced the small, tagged pictures with HQ's! :)

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Slow news day

Actress Angelina Jolie participates in a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington, Thursday, to announce the launch of Global Action for Children (GAC), a nonpartisan advocacy organization focused on increasing funding of government programs that support orphans and vulnerable children. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)


Are you a Beauty or Geek? Let them know!

Season 4 Casting Call for The CW's Beauty & the Geek is on now - go to http://www.cwtv.com/shows/beauty-and-the-geek and apply to be a part of the transformation!


Also If you want to try out:

My Note: I was thinking about doing it for shits and giggles.
hm queen elizabeth ii

Fly, Stephen, Fly!

Physicist Hawking experiences zero gravity

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking floated free in zero gravity Thursday, becoming the first person with a disability to have the experience.

The zero-gravity flight in a modified jet creates the experience of microgravity during 25-second plunges -- called parabolas -- over the Atlantic Ocean.

"It was amazing," Hawking, paralyzed by a progressive neurological disorder, said afterward through an electronic device. (Go on a zero-gravity flight)

"The zero-G part was wonderful and the full-G part was no problem. I could have gone on and on.

"Space, here I come."

Hawking, a mathematics professor at the University of Cambridge who has done groundbreaking work on black holes and the origins of the universe, has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. He cannot speak or move.

He is one of the best-known theoretical physicists of his generation and also wrote the book "A Brief History of Time."

A doctor and three nurses monitored Hawking throughout the Zero Gravity Corp. flight. The scientist floated in the air, free of his wheelchair and electronic communication gear for the first time in 40 years.

The jet's interior is padded to protect the weightless fliers and is equipped with cameras to record their adventure. Normally, the plane conducts 10 to 15 plunges for its passengers who pay $3,750 for the ride, although that fee was waived for Hawking.

After the jet reached its proper altitude, Hawking's assistants lifted him out of his seat and laid him on his back in the front of the cabin for the first plunge.

"We consider ... having him weightless for 25 seconds is a successful mission," Peter Diamandis, chairman and CEO of Zero Gravity, said before the flight. "If we do more than one, fantastic."

Urged on by Hawking's smiles after the first parabola, they did seven more, Diamandis said afterward.

"He was doing gold-medalist gymnastics in zero G," Diamandis said.

Hawking has an ulterior motive for going on the flight other than the personal thrill of weightlessness -- he believes in the importance of private space ventures and the need to reduce the cost of space tourism so that it is accessible to more people.

"Many people have asked me why I am taking this flight. I am doing it for many reasons," he said before the flight. "First of all, I believe that life on Earth is at an ever increasing risk of being wiped out by a disaster such as sudden global warming, nuclear war, a genetically engineered virus, or other dangers. I think the human race has no future if it doesn't go into space. I therefore want to encourage public interest in space."

Diamandis put it more poetically afterward:

"Professor Hawking reached for the sky and touched the heavens today."

SOURCE: http://www.cnn.com/2007/TECH/space/04/26/hawking.flight.ap/index.html

This story just made my day. Sit and spin on that, Lance Bass. And yes, the man *is* a celebrity.
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10 reasons celebrities shouldn’t have kids

By Helen A.S. Popkin
MSNBC contributor

Updated: 8:40 a.m. CT April 26, 2007

You know the saying: “You need a SAG card to make a movie, but you don’t need a license to have a kid.” With the spate of bad celebrity-parenting news, who's looking out for the children? Either you’re a celebrity, or you’re a parent. Here are 10 reasons why you can't have it all.

1. Innate inability to distinguish between healthy parent-child communication and “Glengarry Glen Ross.” The verbal abuse received by most kids isn’t nearly as eloquent as that now infamous (and well-annunciated) rant Alec Baldwin deposited on his 11-year-old (or 12-year-old, he doesn't seem sure) daughter’s voice mail. Then again, most dads aren’t mad-talented actors with booming Shakespearean chops. Nor are most moms bat crazy enough to leak such a voice mail to TMZ.com for everyone, including their daughter’s classmates, to hear — as Baldwin claims was done by mom Kim Basinger (and she denies). But hey, who wants to hear the emotional meltdowns of non-famous parents anyway? To paraphrase David Mamet, famous parents are for closers.


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Aw at #8... Anna Nicole had a reason! She named one kid after the other kid! It makes sense that way.
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On The L

did ONTD cause this?

Elderly N.H. Man Flooded With Calls For Brad Pitt

(WBZ) CONCORD, N.H. A Concord, New Hampshire man's phone keeps ringing at random hours with people looking for Brad Pitt.

But 77-year-old Richard Perkins doesn't know the movie star and has only seen one film with the 43-year-old actor.

Someone posted the retired teachers' home phone number in a Web site chat room and claimed it was contact information for Pitt. For the last six days, Perkins' phone keeps ringing at times as late as 2 AM.

"I thought it was my daughter calling me," Perkins told the Concord Monitor. "I thought she was saying 'Dad? Dad? Dad?' and I thought there was something wrong with the line. Then I realized she was saying 'Brad.' "

A frustrated Perkins disconnected his phone once, but firefighters - summoned by Perkins's Life Alert system - burst into his home to find him sitting peacefully in the living room.

They "weren't too pleased," Perkins told the newspaper.

Perkins says he doesn't want to change his phone number because he's afraid he'll forget his new one.

mac n chloe

Apple knows what's up.



Just a quick heads up for anyone interested in hearing them speak.
I will attend both events so if anyone is interested in a little review of each, let me know.
Apple has a bunch of cool guest speakers for the next two weeks, view the list here.

Does anybody care about Limp Bizkit?

I'll sum up this article for you, because it is long. Fred wants to get Limp Bizkit back together. Wes Borland, on the other hand, does not. Wes is busy with his new band, Black Light Burns. Plus, he just doesnt want to work with Fred, ever again. Because Fred is a douchebag.
And now the article:

Fred Durst misses Limp Bizkit, and he misses Wes Borland — a lot.

A few weeks back, LB's red-baseball-cap-sporting frontman updated the band's MySpace blog with an honest and seemingly heartfelt plea to his nü metal brethren to revive the Bizkit and tour the world. "I would love to do a tour with the original [lineup]," he wrote. "The feeling we have on stage as Limp Bizkit is like no other feeling I have ever had, and no other feeling has been so rewarding."

But of course, there's been years of publicly spilled bad blood between Durst — who has been focusing on filmmaking in recent years (see "Fred Durst: The Next Martin Scorsese?") — and Borland (see "Durst Attacks Wes Borland In Song, Blogs Over Bizkit Talk"). The guitarist has since cut ties with Limp to go out on his own (see "Bye Bye Bizkit? Wes Borland Says Limp Are Pretty Much Done"). His band, Black Light Burns, will issue their debut LP, Cruel Melody, on June 5.
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ALICE IN CHAINS Begins Writing New Material

ALICE IN CHAINS has commenced the songwriting process for a new studio album. In an online posting by The Baldy — whose job is "to travel the world with ALICE IN CHAINS and send photos, videos and blog entries back to [the webmasters] at AliceInChains.com" — he writes, "I've been [in Los Angeles] for five days, sat through three rehearsals and one demo recording session, listened to several other demos, and I can happily report that the new stuff is kicking my ass right out of my pants. Remember that these songs are still only in the early stages of being written too. Just in the time I've been here, the guys have taken a riff and worked on it and expanded it and added layers to it, and now it's practically a full-fledged song."
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rhyme, secret, Quoth the Crow

(no subject)

VERY tl;dr, just posting interesting bits. Full article at the source.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ST. LOUIS — Rock singer Sheryl Crow was coming home to Missouri this weekend to sing her polished, roots-rock songs at the Fox Theater to help raise money for children with cancer.

But St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke was not interested in Crow's altruism. He was interested in her activism — specifically her support for embryonic stem cell research, which the Roman Catholic church believes is akin to abortion. On Wednesday, Burke said Crow "promotes moral evils."

Burke felt so strongly that Crow's performance supporting the Bob Costas Cancer Center at Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center would be wrong that he resigned from the hospital foundation's board earlier this week. He believes Catholics — even those who have already bought tickets to the show — should think hard before attending.

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Boooooo.... I figured as much after the Goldfrapp/Casino Royale rumors...

Beckinsale Denies Barbarella Talk
"Never heard anything about it," she says.

by Scott Collura

April 26, 2007 - Last week, the rumor mill was buzzing with talk that Underworld star Kate Beckinsale would be taking on the title role in producer Dino De Laurentiis's remake of his classic sexy sci-fi tale Barbarella. Of course, the fact that the info was coming from the British tabloid Daily Express didn't help to allay the doubts of those who have been burned by U.K. tabloids in the past. Now, Beckinsale herself has confirmed to IGN that no one has even approached her about the film.

"I just found out myself today," the actress said last week from the set of the currently shooting Whiteout. "It's thrilling! I've never heard anything about it before today. One of the [Whiteout] crewmembers told me."

The planned remake of the 1968 Jane Fonda starrer is being scripted by Casino Royale screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. In years past, Lindsay Lohan and Drew Barrymore have both been mentioned as being up for the role, but an "unnamed insider" told the Express last week that "the feeling is that Kate has just the right combination of beauty, humor, and acting talent for the part."

Too bad nobody told Kate that. Still, the actress joked with IGN that if she did take the role, it would require a name change.

"Beckinsale-arella!" she laughed. "It's gotta happen!"


The more I think about it, I think someone like Carmen Electra, or better yet, Jenny McCarthy needs to be Barbarellaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
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where's andre?

well he certainly wasn't at UCLA....BUT NICK VERROES WAS!

thats right, the ubber sexy stud who got 5th place on the second season of the hit Bravo series Project Runway was at UCLA tonight judging our 1st annual RESIDENT RUNWAY COMPETITION.
(it was basically a fashion show that showcased 10 designer teams who had to make an outfit out of 4 pieces of clothing from the goodwill store and then model it for the judges. and they all turned out fantastic. but thats not really what im bloggin about. no, its all about nick, people.)

he gave some great insider info on his stay on the show, including, and i quote

"remeber when *zulema* kept complaining about how someone stole a piece of her fabric? well, she was really hiding it under her work station and she was just making a scene in order to get some more air time."

i effin hate *zulema* wth a passion. shes the bitch that stole nick's model....but lucky for her, she got auf'd that night.

it was hilarious, because nick then proceeded to do a tim gunn impersonation about what happened when mr. gunn found out what zahara had done, with a little help from santino.

nick said "tim gunn turned to me, in his banana republic perfect suit, looked me straight in the face, lowered his glasses and said, "i would have hit the bitch in the face with a bat." then put his glasses back on and proceeded to take us to the fabric store."

he told us to not go bloggin what he just said, but i basically died when i heard that and i had to share it with you all. omfg, i love this show. as you know, casting for season 4 went on these past couple weeks and the show returns in the fall....so effin excited!

he had a lot more to say, but it was just other funny behind the scenes sort of stuff that wasnt as funny.


nick also told us that he is shooting a new show for the CW as a fashion expert consultant to someone or another....anyways, look for more nick in your life people!

plus i got to shake nick's hand and take a pic with him... :)


pic 1: http://img.timeinc.net/people/i/2006/features/spotlight/060731/nick_verreos.jpg

everything else: me and my ears and my 1995 digital camera

uno: tim gunn will be at the fashion institute of design and merchandising of los angeles (fidm) tomorrow from 11-3 (or so) signing his new book (source was nick who was promoting it)
dos: tim gunn will also be appearing at the FESTIVAL OF BOOKS fair at the ucla campus this saturday, again, promoting his new book (source: the daily bruin newspaper)
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Jessica Alba is Sexiest

Jessica Alba Is FHM’s Sexiest Woman


Jessica Alba has been named FHM’s sexiest woman in the world for 2007. The Sin City actress beat glamour model Keeley Hazell to the top spot in the annual poll, with Desperate Housewives babe Eva Longoria coming in third. Last year's winner, Keira Knightley, fell to 12th place. Sienna Miller had the biggest fall of the year, dropping from 12th place to 45th.
But there's good news for Britney Spears who was voted 54th sexiest woman, after dropping out of the list last year. 

FHM's sexiest women - see images of the top 100 

picture source - google images.
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Stargate Atlantis

Cops: Sandra Bullock Watches as Hubby Attacked!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cops: Sandra Bullock Watches as Hubby Attacked!
Posted Apr 26th 2007 3:13PM by TMZ Staff
Filed under: Celebrity Justice

Police sources tell TMZ that a woman obsessed with Sandra Bullock almost killed Sandra's husband, motorcycle mogul Jesse James, during a frightening attack at the couple's Orange County home late Sunday night.

Cops say that Bullock, along with James' 10-year-old child, looked on in horror as Marcia Valentine "attempted 3 or 4 times to run Jesse James over with her silver Mercedes." Jesse was never struck by the car during the alleged incident.

We're told Valentine also "laid in the driveway and wouldn't move."

Orange County Sheriffs were contacted and responded to the scene, but Valentine allegedly fled before they arrived. After an intense manhunt, officers located Valentine early Monday morning and took her into custody.

Valentine is being held on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

UPDATE: In an exclusive statement to TMZ, the couple's rep, Cheryl Maisel, said, "The incident did occur. Both Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are fine and it is now in the hands of the authorities."


Jen and Vince: Friends with Benefits?

Jen and Vince: Friends with Benefits?
April 26, 2007

In recent months, Jennifer Aniston has been romantically linked to pretty much every guy she's been spotted chowing down with in public. Now, it seems she doesn't even need to leave her house to start the rumor mill churning.

Us Weekly ponders whether the amiable actress is enjoying an extra-friendly arrangement with ex-boyfriend Vince Vaughn after he supposedly spent the night at her place.

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