April 21st, 2007

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Hamri to Direct Sisterhood Sequel

Hamri to Direct Sisterhood Sequel

Alcon and Warner Bros. have hired director Sanaa Hamri to helm a sequel to 2005's The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, reports Variety. The original core ensemble -- America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn, Alexis Bledel and Blake Lively -- are all in talks to reprise.

The plan is to begin production June 3, starting in Greece, then moving to New York and Connecticut. The challenge on the sequel has been squaring the availability of the actresses because of TV series commitments, but the hope is that all the actresses return.

Written by "Pants" co-writer Elizabeth Chandler, the sequel uses as its foundation "Forever in Blue," the fourth installment of the "Pants" novel series by Ann Brashares. Bits of the second and third books will also be used. The girls once again take different paths during the summer, but remain bonded by a pair of secondhand pants they take turns wearing.

Now college age, the girls have storylines that take place in Turkey, Greece, New York, Vermont and Providence. They faced some heavy dilemmas in the original film, but the sequel concentrates on issues 19-year old girls deal with. While the original film was PG rated, the sequel is likely to be PG-13.

Vanessa L. Williams Looks Better Naked

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Vanessa L. Williams (Ugly Betty) took off her clothes for May's issue of Allure magazine, the one with Lindsay Lohan on its cover, along with four other female celebrities.

Vanessa L. Williams, Kristin Chenoweth (The West Wing), Carla Gugino (Night at the Museum) and Marley Shelton (Grindhouse) decided to pose nude for Allure's "Look Better Naked" pictorial by Michael Thompson. All celebs are posing completely naked but unfortunately they are hiding their private parts.

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Now and then our Tour Survival Guide will check in with rockers about life on the road. Here's lead singer Amy Lee on keeping her sanity with video games and tour hygiene.

When Bathing's Not An Option
Makeup remover wipes and Wet Wipes in general. We're constantly trying to refresh and get more. The tour is gross and you can only bathe half the time, and when you can't bathe, you can always use a wet wipe. I always have to wear a lot of makeup on stage, so my face takes a beating.

Look Who's Talking Now
Kirstie Alley came to a show recently -- it was really cool. She said hi and we all took pictures. She was getting an autograph for her son. We all thought that was really, really cool.

Video Game Therapy
I either read or play stupid Japanese video games. My biggest obsession is Katamari -- you have this ball and you start rolling up stuff -- it sticks to you if it's smaller than you. So you start rolling up tacks and carmels and sticks of gum. The bigger you get you start rolling up people, and they're screaming, and cars and buildings, until you roll up the whole world. It's fun for me, because I'm a total control freak, so it's like I'm cleaning up. I'm making this big massive city of buildings and noise and cars [into] a clean, green pasture. It makes me feel better. It's one of those weird OCD things.

Pitfalls of Fame
The other day I had a great show. I was so excited, I was like, "Thank you! We love you! Goodnight!" The whole show had been perfect. I had my hands up in the air . . . and as I turned to start walking . . . off the stage I was right in front of [the] monitors. I didn't fall on my butt, but I had to catch myself with my hands on the ground. I turned around and gave the metal horns.


Papa Tony

Chef Anthony Bourdain, 50, author/novelist, host of the Travel Channel's No Reservations and former executive chef at NYC's Les Halles, and his Italian girlfriend welcomed their first child, a daughter, on April 9th. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 9 oz. Anthony posted on the No Reservations forum with the news and to say that she's 'beautiful.' He did not, however, share a name.

Source: No Reservations forum


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Karl's coming to L.A. bitches!

Listen up, fashionistas — Karl Lagerfeld is headed Stateside.

The Paris-based designer will fly to LA to show off his Chanel Cruise collection in a runway extravaganza on May 18 at the Santa Monica Airport with a star-studded post party.

Hmm….just in time to do a little dress placement for the Emmys, perhaps?

And just for fun, here are a few words of wisdom from the Gloved One himself.

Karl on how he feels before a show: “I have no human feelings.”

Karl on how he keeps the weight off: “I eat next to nothing.”

Karl on his insatiable thirst for knowledge: “I like to look very superficial.”



a runway show in an airport. hmmm, maybe it has something to do with the collection
Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Cillian Murphy interviews Dominic Cooper; JKras and Brief Interviews

Following a two-and-a half-year run as the class instigator Dakin in The History Boys—which included a Tony-winning stint on Broadway, a Drama Desk nomination of his own, and finally a movie adaptation—Dominic Cooper is putting the high school shenanigans behind him. In addition to appearing in the recent British collegiate comedy Starter for Ten, Cooper has completed filming on Brief Interviews With Hideous Men. The 28-year-old London native gives Cillian Murphy crib notes on his postgrad plans.

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With boredom and my friend MS Paint:
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Gwen's a diva too, y'all!

TMZ has obtained Gwen Stefani's tour rider -- the list of "artist demands" for their backstage dressing room -- and it reveals what a health-conscious diva she really is! Wind it up!

Besides having her room bathed in bright white light (to match her weave!), Stefani asks for 30 bottles of water and a cornucopia of organic items for her Sweet Escape Tour, which kicks off Saturday in Las Vegas. The pesticide-free buffet includes an assortment of teas, fruit, cashews, almonds, vegetables and ranch dressing. Some non-edible needs include ten white towels and four aromatherapy candles, all of which MUST be the same scent. Her Harajuku girls are very sensitive!

Based on her backstage grocery list, it appears our little Gwen is a real natural girl. Well, besides her hair color!


gwen has a weave?

BA cuts Branson from in-flight Bond film

LONDON (AP) — British Airways cut a cameo by Richard Branson from its in-flight version of the latest James Bond film and blurred out the tail fin of a Virgin Atlantic plane seen in the movie.

BA's entertainment team cut a cameo appearance by Branson, chairman of the rival airline Virgin Atlantic, that appears in the original version of "Casino Royale," a spokesman confirmed Saturday. In the original film, Branson can be seen turning around after walking through a metal detector at Miami Airport.

"We screen all films before they're used on our aircraft so that we can control the content of what is displayed," the spokesman said on condition of anonymity, in line with company policy. "We have full control over what is shown."

The tail fin of a Virgin plane appearing in the film is also obscured in BA's in-flight version.

BA's entertainment team vets films on grounds of taste and suitability. Branson appeared in the film after his airline provided the producers with a plane to use in the movie.

Paul Charles, a spokesman for Virgin Atlantic, said was a shame BA felt the cut was necessary. He said Virgin made no changes to "Die Another Day" a Bond film featuring British Airways, adding his carrier's policy was not to edit the movies it shows.

"We think passengers should see the whole film and nothing but the whole film," Charles said.

Relations between the rival British carriers were further strained last year after Virgin Atlantic Airways provided U.S. and British authorities with information that triggered an investigation of alleged airline price-fixing in passenger fares and fuel surcharges involving British Airways PLC.

SOURCE: Yahoo! News

David Archuleta scheduled for concert in Utah - June 6th...

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Exciting news for David Archuleta fans: The American Idol runner-up is coming back to Utah for a concert.

The song from the American Idol finale could be one of the ones David sings at his first Utah concert Friday night. It could also be on his new album.

His father, Jeff Archuleta, says details should be coming soon about that.

"There's lots of the information that should be coming down the pipe any time now that will give the specific labels. You'll see that it's very exciting," he said.

The concert is Friday at 7 p.m. at the E-Center. Tickets go on sale Wednesday at 10 a.m. through Ticketmaster, and they only cost $1. Proceeds will go to the MS Society and other charities.

Source: www.ksl.com http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=3449555

I Still Wanna Blow "Belly Farts" On His Stomach and Pinch His Cheeks.

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Danish Crown Princess gives birth to daughter

COPENHAGEN, Denmark: Crown Princess Mary gave birth to a daughter in Copenhagen University Hospital on Saturday, the palace said.

The new princess weighed in at 3.3 kilograms (7 pounds 4 ounces) and was 50 centimeters (20 inches) long, the palace said. Mother and baby are doing well.

The child is the first princess born into the Danish royal family since 1946.

Princess Mary went into labor earlier Saturday. Crown Prince Frederik was at the side of his Australian-born wife.

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Sources: iht.com & Danish television

Sanders by caths_arts
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Tim Gunn's fabulous new book (TIm Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style) is just out, and he was at Politics and Prose in DC signing copies today.  Additional reporting by hawkndove and someonewholovestimgunn :-D

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How would 1 Finger Bang?

Vartan's Hands Tandem Bandaged
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Accident-prone Michael Vartan was spotted at West Hollywood brunch hotspot, Toast, with both hands bandaged up like he'd had a two-fisted blender mishap.Vartan's got two pix in the pipeline, an outback crocodile thriller, "Rogue," and "Jolene," based on the E.L. Doctorow short story.

Calls to Vartan's reps for comment on the actor's injuries (and insurance) were unreturned.

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New Hulk To Be Grey?

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The New Incredible Hulk Is Not Green - He's Grey?!
April 20, 2007
by Alex Billington

Just earlier this week the news hit the internet that Edward Norton would be taking on the role of Bruce Banner aka Hulk in the 2008 “redo” titled simply The Incredible Hulk. Some news has been creeping out about the film, which will hopefully be a better comic book adaptation than the 2003 Ang Lee movie, and it deserves to be mention since everything so far sounds like it's going in the right directon. Marvel ex-CEO Avi Arad, who now heads up production on almost all major Marvel films and is currently out promoting Spider-Man 3 due out in a few weeks (another awesome Marvel adaptation that you should be excited to see), spoke earlier today and hinted that he may not be the same color as we saw previously. Although he wouldn't confirm officially, the rumor is out that the Hulk may be grey this time.

During the interview when asked about Incredible Hulk and if they would use any CGI from the first film, Avi responded with:

“None, no. It's a new Hulk, new direction, new size, new color, new attitude. Anything that was done before is not in this movie. It's a very different kind of Hulk. It's more of a love story, it's more of a heroic Hulk. It's a kind of Hulk we loved in the show, so it's kind of more influenced by the show than anything else. It's very human, very touching, and huge action.”

When asked if there was any truth to a grey Hulk, he didn't respond initially and said “uh, we'll see”. Given what he said and that response, it's likely that the truth is that the Hulk is grey this time around. He was then asked about how they were able to get someone of such “caliber” as Edward Norton.

Avi said, “Let him read the script. Let him meet the team. Let him understand what the character is about, what the journey is about. And he actually turned down Hulk 1, so I guess second time around is more convincing.”

It really sounds like they've got some good things going forward on this one, enough so that Edward Norton actually agreed this time. In the meantime, make sure you catch Spider-Man 3 opening May 4th, Marvel's latest upcoming film and one you DON'T want to miss!


Sorry, I don't have Bruce Banner's SN to give out to y'all.

ETA: The Hulk is usually thought of as green, but he's gray in the Marvel Ultimates universe, and there is a version of him in the regular universe that's gray (Mr. Fix-It). I know, it's confusing.

Posh's Birfday

Victoria Beckham rang in the big 3-3 this week (well, at least parts of her did), and she celebrated much like the rest of us: She did a little shopping and had a nice dinner out. Unlike the rest of us, however, her big day involved a surprise trip to Paris courtesy of her spendthrift soccer-star hubby, David.

According to the London Daily Mirror, David coughed up a mountain of moolah to make sure his wife's birthday hoopla was memorable. The "meticulously planned" 12-hour getaway included a private plane to take them from Madrid to the City of Light (estimated cost: $50,000), a suitcase crammed with new clothes and one-on-one time with the bygone Posh's fave designers.

"Victoria thought that she'd have a really low-key birthday, just going for a Chinese meal with David and their [three] boys," a mole tells the paper. "But when she woke up, David asked her to get in the car -- he'd already packed a bag full of clothes he'd bought for her." 

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