April 11th, 2007

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Willa Ford To Play Anna Nicole In Biopic

Ford to star in 'Anna Nicole' film
Waxman to direct Samaha-produced biopic

Dancer-singer Willa Ford has signed to star as Anna Nicole Smith in an indie biopic that will begin shooting next week.

The previously announced film, "Anna Nicole," is produced by Jack Nasser and Joseph Nasser with Elie Samaha exec producing. Keoni Waxman directs.

Movie will cover Smith's life from age 17 until her death in February at 39, including her success as a Playboy centerfold, Guess model and actress, her marriage to billionaire oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II, the death of her son and her own death five months after giving birth to a baby girl, Dannielynn. The dispute that erupted over who was the baby's father was settled Tuesday when a judge in the Bahamas ruled, based on DNA tests, in favor of California photographer and former Smith boyfriend Larry Birkhead.

Ford's best known for her multiplatinum single "I Wanna Be Bad" and her debut album "Willa Was Here." She was also a performer on the third season of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars." She is currently writing and recording her sophomore album.

Ford is repped by APA and Untitled Entertainment.

- Variety
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Green Arrow 'Super Maxed' In New Film

'Super' hero for Goyer, Warners
By Gregg Kilday and Borys Kit
April 10, 2007

David Goyer, who said in February that he was no longer involved in Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming "The Flash," is jumping back into the DC Comics universe for Warners with a new project titled "Super Max."

The film, which Goyer revealed Saturday on the WizardUniverse.com site, will be built around the Green Arrow, who is tossed into a maximum security prison for super-villains when he is wrongly convicted of a crime.

Goyer and his wife, Jessika Borsiczky Goyer, are attached to produce. No director is yet on board. Lynn Harris will oversee for the studio.

The project is based on an original idea by Justin Marks, who is writing the screenplay.

Within 10 minutes of entering the prison, the Green Arrow will be stripped of his identity, Goyer told the site. "They shave his goatee and they take his costume and send him to prison for life, and he has to escape. It's like 'Alcatraz,' and he has to team up with, in some cases, some of the very same villains he is responsible for incarcerating in order to get out and clear his name. Of course, tons of people try to kill him while he's in there. We've populated the prison with all sorts of B and C villains from the DC Universe."

Goyer, who co-wrote Warners' "Batman Begins," has directed "The Invisible," which Buena Vista is releasing April 27. Producer Jessika Borsiczky Goyer's upcoming projects include Dimension Films' "Quebec" and 20th Century Fox's "Asylum." The Goyers are repped by CAA.

Marks is writing "Voltron" for producer Mark Gordon; "Street Fighter," based on the Capcom video game for producer Ashok Amritraj's Hyde Park Entertainment; and an untitled thriller for producer Kevin Misher and Paramount Pictures. He is repped by WMA, Adam Kolbrenner at Madhouse Entertainment and attorneys Stephen Clark and Melissa Rogal at Lichter Grossman.

- Hollywood Reporter

US weekly Blind Items

Traveling toker

Before her divorce, this actress was so desperate to get high that she sent her assistant out to wander the streets of London to search for marijuana.

Medicine woman

Everyone knows this babe has a serious drug problem, but not many know one of her substances of choice was Purp, a drink made by mixing fruit punch and a cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine, creating a super sweet sedative.

Daughter Dearest

What goes on inside of the home of one of Hollywood's most famous families? One night, the daughter invited ten friends over to party - and the group snorted lines of cocaine off the marble floor in Mom and Dad's bathroom

Man of the people

Last year, this half of a famous couple could be seen regularly driving around local public housing projects, attempting to score crack. How did anyone know him? Only a megastar could afford his expensive set of wheels.

Late riser

When this reformed bad girl used to stay for long periods at one historic Beverly Hills hotel, she required a special wake-up call each morning: A designated staffer had to pull the actress out of bed and stick her in a cold shower in order to sober her up from the night before. Then she would head off to her movie set. ]

Source: Us Weekly March 26
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Michael Musto talks with Orfeh (Paulette in the new Legally Blonde musical)

The Golden Years
Chatting with Legally Blonde's Orfeh
by Michael Musto
April 10th, 2007 11:44 AM

Orfeh and Andy Karl

Take your Tony and move over, LACHANZE; there's a whole other one-named talent storming Broadway. She's ORFEH, who plays Paulette the manicurist in Legally Blonde, the fluffy PARIS HILTON of a show that seems to be shaping up as both The Color Yellow (with lots of pink) and the anti Spring Awakening. Orfeh stole the Broadway version of Saturday Night Fever as a belting waif (and no, it wasn't petty larceny), she survived the flop revue The Gershwins' Fascinating Rhythm, and now she's the "bend and snap" lady played by JENNIFER COOLIDGE in the movie—though she wasn't exactly the first choice.

"I was one of the last four people they saw after two years and three different Paulettes," Orfeh admitted to me last week. "I wasn't physically, chronologically, or height-wise what they were looking for." And why is that, pray tell? "I don't think people think I can be subtle and heartwarming," she said, "somebody who can bring you in rather than someone who can blaze you out of the room. And I think people forget I'm funny. But comedy is where I live!" And it's even nicer than Murray Hill.

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"Law & Order" Star Diagnosed With Cancer

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Fred Thompson, the potential presidential candidate better known as television's gruff "Law & Order" district attorney, said Wednesday he was diagnosed with lymphoma more than two years ago but the cancer shouldn't affect his life expectancy. In an interview with Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto, the former Tennessee senator, 64, said a doctor conducting a physical in 2004 found a bump on his neck, which turned out to be non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. He said the disease is in remission with no illness or symptoms, and it won't affect his decision about whether to seek the Republican presidential nomination.

The former senator is an actor who has played many roles, including president of the United States, director of the CIA, an admiral and currently, district attorney Arthur Branch on NBC's long-running drama "Law & Order."

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the "real" reason Fall Out Boy postponed tour

Pete Wentz On Fall Out Boy Tour Delay: 'It's A Health Issue, But Nothing Serious'
Bassist also addresses Ashlee Simpson: 'I'm actually in a good place in my life right now.'
By James Montgomery

Five days after announcing that Fall Out Boy were postponing the Honda Civic Tour due to "personal issues" (a nebulous explanation that put the rumor mill into overdrive with a quickness), Pete Wentz would like to make several things clear:

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Paris is strange.

Los Angeles - Paris Hilton reportedly snubbed new lover Josh Henderson's friends after she ditched them to party with her girlfriends.

The hotel heiress, who began dating the Desperate Housewives actor last month, visited West Hollywood's Saddle Ranch bar to meet his closest male friends on Saturday night - but she did not stay for long.

A source told gossip website x17online: "Josh picked Paris up and took her out to meet his friends.

"But almost as soon as they had arrived she called a car to come and take her to the Republic club where she met up with a bunch of her girlfriends."

Paris, 26, got her driver to take her back to the Ranch later, but only so she could fetch Josh and take him out to Hollywood nightclub Mood.

However the Wisteria Lane bad boy seemed to forgive the socialite for not making an effort with his friends, as he spent the night at her house.

Paris's representative Elliot Mintz said: "Josh treats Paris with great respect and dignity. He is not a 'Hollywood guy'. Paris seems very comfortable around him."

The 25-year-old actor previously dated singer Ashlee Simpson, who he has called his "first true love". - Bang Showbiz.com


Paris Hilton, Richie give enemas on Simple Life

LOS ANGELES - TV celebutantes Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie won't answer questions about their checkered driving records, or Richie's recent dizzy spells, or the origins of their highly publicized feud.

But they are more than happy to talk about a certain rectal ministration they performed on participants at a "wellness camp" overseen by fitness guru Susan Powter for an upcoming episode of their reality show, The Simple Life.


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Grindhouse: The Love Story

Actress Rosario Dawson has found love again after splitting from hunky actor Jason Lewis - she's dating Hostel director Eli Roth. The couple fell for each other while promoting Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's new Grindhouse double-bill, in which Dawson stars and Roth contributes a quirky hoax trailer, according to gossip blogger Marc Malkin. Dawson has been single since she split from former Sex & The City star Lewis after a two-year romance in November. It seems the Sin City star likes men with good bodies - Lewis was a well-toned former model and Roth was voted Most Fit Director by Men's Health magazine last year. Malkin reports Dawson and Roth aren't the only Grindhouse lovebirds - director Rodriguez is dating his star Rose McGowan.

Souce: imdb

More Grindhouse News
Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is planning to re-release Grindhouse as two separate films - after the double-bill flopped at the box office. The film, a double-feature directed by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez made just $11.6 million in its opening weekend in the US. Producer Weinstein is disappointed - and thinks Tarantino's Death Proof, starring Kurt Russell, and Rodriguez' Planet Terror, with Rose McGowan, will perform better on their own. He tells PageSix.com, "I don't think people understood what we were doing. The audience didn't get the idea that it is two movies for the price of one. I don't understand the math, but I want to accommodate the audience."

source: STILL imdb
Ron/Hermione - CoS

Oh, Keith....

Keith Richards Threw Child's Canary Out A Window, Thinking It Was An Alarm Clock

Hellraiser Keith Richards once threw a child's canary out of a window after it disturbed his hangover headache. The wild rocker, who caused worldwide controversy earlier this month when he jokingly claimed he snorted his dead father's ashes, was suffering from a heavy night out when the bird's antics got too much for him.

Richards picked up the canary, which belonged to bandmate Ron Wood's then five-year-old son Jamie, and threw it out of the window believing it was an alarm clock.

Despite a mass search for the bird they had to go back to Wood's luxury Los Angeles mansion empty handed.

Jamie, now 32, recalls, "My mum was telling me the story the other day. She said Keith thought the canary was an alarm clock. He cracks me up."

Vote for SanJaya!

Last night on American Idol, Sanjaya debuted a new haircut and poorly grown moustache that was eerily reminiscent of another famous underdog hoping to subvert the popular kids’ contest. I smell a T-shirt…



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First Pic from Get Smart

USA Today has published this first photo of Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway in Warner Bros.' Get Smart, the big screen adaptation directed by Peter Segal for a June 20, 2008 release.

Based on the 1965 Mel Brooks/Buck Henry-created series, Carell and Hathaway play spymasters Maxwell Smart and Agent 99, respectively - roles originaly played by the late Don Adams and Barbara Feldon, now 75.

While the
show was a silly Cold War comedy, the movie will "show the disconnect between government agencies as we saw right after 9/11 when the CIA and FBI weren't really communicating," Segal told the newspaper. "We wanted to make sure we were politically satirical."

The anarchy group known as KAOS is back for more foiling, and the mockery tends to stay closer to bureaucratic bungling.

"Obviously, Max works for CONTROL, and there's a lot of infighting within Washington over who's responsible for which parts of the world," the director added.

The story focuses on KAOS' blackmailing the United States by threatening to give away launch codes for nuclear bombs that are in the hands of bad guys.

"Max has to figure out where the bombs are and stop them, ultimately saving the world," Segal said.

film updates the relationship between the two heroes, telling an origin story of how Smart became an agent and met 99. In this version, she is the veteran spy who takes the newcomer under her wing.

Segal explained, "99 is a little more kick-(butt) and tougher, more emancipated. She's more the female
James Bond, teaching him the ropes."

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Terence Stamp,
Alan Arkin and Ken Davitian co-star.

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Swan song is sounded for J.Lo & Marc Anthony

Is Jennifer Lopez's third marriage in jeopardy? Friends assure us J.Lo and hubby Marc Anthony couldn't be more in love as she gets ready to perform tonight on "American Idol." But OK! magazine boldly declares that the two have "called it quits."

Less than three years after Lopez and Anthony's wedding, the mag claims that they've had some nuclear blowups and that the "controlling" husband is "suffocating" his wife.

Despite marriage counseling, the couple "had a huge argument" last summer, causing Lopez to flee to a friend's New York apartment, according to the mag.

Another argument came in December, OK! says. Instead of spending New Year's Eve together, the mag reports, Lopez came to a Miami party solo. "Marc expected Jennifer to follow him back to New York and beg for forgiveness, but she didn't," a friend tells OK!

"Marc is very machismo," the mag quotes a source as saying. "Marc won't let her even do a photo shoot by herself. He is always there watching, waiting."

At a Golden Globes party, "Marc [dragged] Jennifer away after spotting her dancing with another man. … He has also insisted that Jennifer sell her beloved Miami home and the Los Angeles house where they wed."

Despite the magazine's insistence that they've "split!" (with an exclamation mark), Anthony was with Lopez at a record-signing in the Bronx last week. And they were together yesterday in L.A. as she rehearsed for "American Idol," where she's due to sing "Que Hiciste." Her rep brands the OK! piece "a disgusting story full of lies. We're consulting lawyers."

One actual friend of the couple tells us that "they're inseparable. I don't get a whiff of trouble."

Meanwhile, Anthony has developed a sideline in aeronautics. The singer is investing in a helicopter flight simulator that he hopes to sell to the Defense Department.


Even if he is "machismo" I bet she likes it. They seem like that kind of pair. The breakup thing sounds like BS to me, but what do I know? nada. Still, news gossip is slow today so... there ya go.

And here is yet another (older) funny take on things by
The Gallery of the Absurd

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WE could be seeing a lot more of Jesse Metcalfe in the near future - when he bares all onstage in the West End.

The Desperate Housewives hunk is tipped to replace Daniel Radcliffe when his run in Peter Shaffer's play Equus finishes.

Jesse, who recently checked into rehab after a four-day drinking binge in LA, would take over the role of a young man with a "religion-erotic obsession with horses", which involves full nudity.

Our spy says: "Jesse is a massive talent and it would be great for him to make his West End debut in Equus."

We wonder what his girlfriend Nadine Coyle has to say about it!

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o roseanne. who payed u to say this?

Roseanne Barr apologizes: "I'm just a big idiot with a big mouth sometimes..."

Roseanne Barr has posted a statement on her blog to explain what she really meant to say when she insulted gay activists on her radio show this week.

Here is what she wrote not too long ago after further reflection.:
"The leaders of gay groups need to align with the leaders of Acorn, and other groups of poor and desperate Americans and fight against those who oppress all of us! I have met too many gays who are Republicans, and I cannot understand how they could choose that!
Let's all leave our own bedrooms, kitchens, neighborhoods and groups and meet each other to form a diverse army that stands for Democracy and Economic Justice!!!!
(Again I apologize for any pain or hurt I have caused those whom I have always loved and befriended).
Posted at 4:03 PM - Permalink

And this:

My Bad.....
I deeply regret that I have offended gay people. I said things that I do not really mean, before I had thought them through... I was wrong and I seriously apologize!
Call me up today and let me have it! I will apologize and try to make clear what I really meant to say... which was that everybody needs to unite right now, and step outside of their own neighborhoods, groups, races and classes to stop Bush's war on our country and our people. I love gays and I hate division. I am just a big idiot with a big mouth sometimes. I will learn to be more careful! Please forgive me, I am so sorry!!!!

Call (909) 888 - 5222 between 5 - 6 pacific time to give me your two cents


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Proof Documentary Coming to Theaters.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One year after the death of D12 rapper Proof, a new movie featuring the slain lyricist will hit theaters.

The documentary, titled Time A Tell, provides a look at the Detroit Hip-Hop scene, while featuring Proof and DJ Jewels in the studio as they put together a complete 18-track CD full of original lyrics and beats within 24 hours for a segment called The Challenge.

Presented by Jewels, Priceless Music and Iron Fist Records, Time A Tell is the last creative work of Proof, who was fatally shot one year ago today (Apr. 11 2006) at the Triple C club on Eight Mile Road following a heated argument with 35-year-old Keith Bender Jr.

The alleged shooter, Bender’s cousin Mario Etheridge, avoided murder charges in the case after a court determined he shot and killed Proof in an act of self-defense.

Since the incident, Bender’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Proof's estate, claiming the rapper was responsible for escalating a fist fight that resulting in Proof pulling a gun on Bender and shooting him.

Time A Tell will premiere at 8 p.m. Thursday (April 12) in the GM Theater at the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit.

The event will be followed by a reception and after-party at 9:45 p.m.

To view the movie trailer, visit myspace.com/pricelessmusic

conan white teeth
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Bob Odenkirk and Carson from Queer Eye

This post consists of three events:

CA: Wrap Party And DVD Release For "The Larry Sanders Show" - Arrivals
NY: 2007 Skating With The Stars Under The Stars
NY: LeAnn Rimes And Kellogg's Unveil New Special Cereal Box

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Murs Inks Major Deal with Warner Brothers.

Independent Hip-Hop artist Murs has inked a major label deal with Warner Bros. Records and is preparing his 7th album titled Murs For President.

According to Murs, he plans on recording 50 new tracks and will then select the best 15 for the album.

Murs, who hails from Mid-City, Los Angeles, has worked with artists like Slug, Jean Grae, Aceyalone, Company Flow, Little Brother, and 9th Wonder and has toured extensively throughout his 11-plus-year career.

According to the rapper, he is currently 35 songs into Murs For President, which is slated to hit stores this summer.

"I'm gonna keep doing what I do, it just took people a long time to recognize," Murs told AllHipHop.com. "People are finally waking up because they're selling this garbage ass music."

The album is the follow up to Murs' last critically acclaimed solo album Murray's Revenge [AllHipHop.com's 2006 Independent Album of the Year], which re-teamed him with producer 9th Wonder.

9th Wonder also crafted the sonic backdrop for Murs' previous release 3:16—The 9th Edition, which was released on the Def Jux label.

Murs for President will feature a who's who in Hip-Hop production with beats from Les, Kwame, Nottz and others.

Murs, known for his story telling abilities, also serves as a regular host on Current TV.

"The majors their scrambling to pick up people who they know have been dope for years," Murs said of his new deal. "They didn't need us then, because they were selling millions of copies of bulls**t. Now its a scramble to get these real guys, cause we have to, 'cause the bulls**t isn't selling."

There's no place like home...

Blur Drummer Running For Office

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Blur drummer Dave Rowntree is running as labour's candidate for a council spot in the Marylebone area of central London.

"I've been a long-standing member of the Labour party and active in local politics for a while. I'm chairman now of my local Labour branch. I'm a Westminster resident and in my experience of living here, it all looks lovely - there are hanging baskets everywhere - but you only need to scratch the surface and see that there's a lot of deprivation and a lot of inequality around. I think someone needs to do something about it."

Rowntree is going to be facing an uphill task, since Marylebone traditionally maintains a strong Tory presence. Damon Albarn, once a loyal New Labour disciple, declined an invitation to Number 10 earlier this year by sending a refusal note that read: "I am no longer a New Labour supporter. I am now a Communist. Enjoy the schmooze, comrade."

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From the "Where are they now" files

Twiggy Ramirez= Jeordie White

Goon Moon, which features Chris Goss (Masters Of Reality, Queens Of The Stone Age) and Jeordie White (nine inch nails, A Perfect Circle) , will release their new album "Licker's Last Leg" through Ipecac on May 15th. The effort will feature guest appearances from Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age, Zach Hill of Hella and Josh Freese of well, take your pick.

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According to Us Weekly , Pinky and the Brain are going to get married. A source close to Rachel McAdams said they are planning a secret ceremony.
The source said, "They're madly in love and plan on getting married this year."

But the couple "want to avoid the press. So they agreed to get engaged and married on the same day - and won't allow their families to talk about it."

Rachel and Ryan Gosling grew up near each other in Canada, but never met until they filmed "The Notebook." 

I was going to put more pictures... behind a "cut" but don't know how ;(


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'Girls Gone Wild' founder charged with tax evasion

Joe Francis, founder of the "Girls Gone Wild" empire, has been indicted on charges of tax evasion, the federal government announced today.

Francis, 34, of Santa Monica, was indicted by a grand jury in Reno, Nev., the Department of Justice announced. He is charged with deducting more than $20 million in false business expenses on the 2002 and 2003 corporate income tax returns filed on behalf of his Mantra Films Inc. and Sands Media Inc.

Francis built a media empire selling video and DVDs of young women exposing themselves during alcohol-fueled celebrations.

According to the indictment, Francis is charged with using offshore bank accounts to conceal income he earned during 2002 and 2003. The indictment also alleges that Francis transferred more than $15 million from an offshore bank account to a brokerage account in Irvine, Calif., held in the name of Rothwell Limited, a Cayman Islands corporation, that Francis controlled, the government said.

If convicted, Francis faces up to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $500,000.


found at Gawker.com

Ayumi Hamasaki Pisses Off Hong Kong.

Japanese pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki, seen here in August 2006, upset locals in a Hong Kong fishing village when she made a surprise visit for a seafood meal with 22 aggressive bodyguards and flunkies, witnesses said.

Japanese pop queen Ayumi Hamasaki upset locals in a Hong Kong fishing village when she made a surprise visit for a seafood meal with 22 aggressive bodyguards and flunkies, witnesses said.

Hamasaki, known as "Ayu" to her fans and the biggest-selling solo pop star in Japan, was cocooned by her entourage who prevented locals from getting near her table or fans from taking photographs.
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Hello Kitty Airline

"Any of you still remember when McD launched the Hello Kitty couple soft toys a few years back? If you dont remember nevermind ... but a few years back people were queing up just to buy the whole series of Helloy Kitty sost toys.

Response had been so good in Singapore till people are willing to kill and fight for it. I think someone was hurt in Singapore fighting for Hello Kitty collectable dolls. Some even queue up for days just to get buy those Hello Kitty soft toys.

But nowadays it seems that the trend actually slowed down by alot, we dont force ourself to eat McD on a daily basis just because they introduced some new collectable Snoopy/Hello Kitty figurines anymore.

Recently Eva Air launched a new concept incorporating Hello Kitty in their fleet, its kinda like the Airplane with a theme lidat la .... The Hello Kitty Airline!!! 1st of its kind, this brings the pink-est and cutest Hello Kitty merchandise outta shelves and into the planes! Even the meal are designed to represents some sorta Hello Kitty endorsement.

Here are some pictures of the Bizarre yet exciting Airline :" - NOT BY ME, Written by the source

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Here is a video of Branna on Rachael Ray today.
The video doesn't have very good quality, but it's something.
I'm sure a better-quality one will turn up eventually.


Source: Youtube
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Ashlee Annoys Old Flame
Tuesday April 10, 2007

Someone must have put Krazy Glue in Ashlee Simpson's dinner Friday night because she couldn't get her tongue out of her boyfriend's mouth.

Usmagazine.com has learned exclusively that Simpson, 22, and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, 27, didn't hold back in front of everyone at their table, (including Simpon rumored ex Adam Brody, 27, and singer JC Chasez, 27) at Mastro's in Beverly Hills on April 6.

The tongue-in-cheek couple were attending a group dinner for actor Brett Harrison's birthday.

Ashlee and Pete were "all over each other," a source tells Usmagazine.com. "They were really amping it up to get to Adam, who was cordial but clearly annoyed." Although the source insists Adam and Ashlee only flirted but never actually hooked up, Adam was still visibly irritated by the display.

"He was trying to be nice and chat but then couldn't take it anymore. He eventually left in disgust with JC. It clearly got to him," the source says. "Ashlee and Pete continued making out and causing a scene at the table for the rest of the meal." 

a panda: hey it's a panda.

eva green in Gala (france) and some interview excerpts

When asked if she fell for Orlando Bloom during the filming of "Kingdom Of Heaven," Eva replied that Orlando was a well-intentioned, sexy and funny guy and that she didn't have any trouble playing a princess who fell for him, but that she already had a man in her life: "a French actor 10 years older than me. And, in love, I have an exclusive nature." She also said that their relationship was based on trust and that they tried to remain discreet. For example: "He didn't attend the California premiere of the film with me." So, Eva wasn't with Marton yet. She was probably still dating Yann Claassen. But not for much longer.

When asked if she wanted to become an actress to follow in her mother's footsteps, Eva replied that "in fact, it's Isabelle Adjani in 'Adele H.' who made me want to become an actress. I'd love to get a role that complex. There's nothing more interesting than portraying madness. It makes you explore your shadowy zones."

When asked if we'd see Marlène Jobert and Eva Green acting together in a film any time soon, she replied: "I'd be ready to sign on tomorrow, if they'd offer us an excellent script. Nevertheless, I don't want to be labeled as Marlène Jobert's daughter. We've already been offered to play a mother and daughter. But we don't want the publicity for a film to be based only around our family ties.

About Joy, her twin sister: "There's nothing more different than the two of us. But we get along perfectly."

She's the face of Emporio Armani. But is she attracted by the fashion world? "I agreed because I liked that fashion house. But modeling doesn't attract me and I am not a fashion victim. I live near the Galeries Lafayette. We find everything there and it's ideal for me. Walking down the shops of Avenue Montaigne isn't for me. And I'm not that rich anyway!"

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Despite Setback, African-American Cat Still Broadway Bound; Allen to Direct

Despite Setback, African-American Cat Still Broadway Bound; Allen to Direct
By Zachary Pincus-Roth
11 Apr 2007

Debbie Allen will now direct the forthcoming Broadway revival of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

A Broadway revival of Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with an all-star, all-African-American cast has suffered a setback but is still aiming for an October start date in a Shubert house, according to the show's producer, Stephen Byrd.

Kenny Leon had initially been attached (but not officially signed on) to the project. Now, Leon is no longer with the project, and the veteran Broadway actor-choreographer Debbie Allen has signed on to direct. Tony winner Phylicia Rashad, Allen's sister, has signed on to play Big Mamma, Byrd says.

Byrd says that now offers are currently out to Danny Glover for Big Daddy and Thandie Newton for Maggie (Anika Noni Rose is their next choice). Among the names discussed for Brick are Blair Underwood and LL Cool J.

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Tarantino's Grindhouse a Rip-off?


In what is surely the most interesting entertainment story I've read this week, an independent filmmaker named Stephen Tramontana is claiming that Quentin Tarantino ripped him off. It seems Tramontana made a movie called Grindhouse for $4,000 bucks in 2002. It was released in 2003, and won Best Horror Film at the New York International Film and Video Festival. Before shooting had even begun, Tramontana and his film's producer briefly spoke with Tarantino about it at a party, asked if he'd watch it when they finished, and QT politely declined. When it was done, Tramontana sent the film and poster to Tarantino's production company anyway. It was signed for, but he never heard back from Tarantino. Cut to 2007, and the Tarantino/Rodriguez Grindhouse. Now Tramontana is angry. Over at the website for the 2003 film, therealgrindhouse.com you'll discover that Tramontana is very serious, saying: "Quentin Tarantino is a thieving piece of shit and he knows it. He stole Grindhouse from a bunch of kids who were just asking for his help and he helped them by stealing their title and concept." Whoa!

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Ne-Yo Says: Mariah > Whitney

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Man of the moment, Ne-Yo, has long been a favorite of the press. We love this dude because he speaks his mind. He recently put Trey Songz in check for charging fans for taking a photo with him and now he is getting at Whitney Houston by saying the songs he's heard from her highly anticipated 'comeback' CD are boring.

Ne-Yo was asked to rank the songs by Clive Davis himself. "They all had the one same theme, which was 'My name is Whitney Houston and this is my triumphant comeback.'
We all understand she has gone through a lot. I'm sure we all get that but I think she needs songs about regular everyday life. So that's what I'm planning to add to the album - songs about everyday emotions," Ne-Yo told The Sun. [Ne-Yo's own album Because Of You is out on May 1.]

SOHH Soulman says, "Too many chefs in the kitchen seemingly all preparing the same meal. Don't it seem like everyone has written a song for Whitney? If you checked Mariah Carey's 'comeback' cheat sheet, she at least co-wrote her own stuff. If you leave that totally up to someone else how are you ever gonna be able to add in your own flava." *Mariah Carey fans forgive me for calling it a 'comeback'... she's been here for years.


Team Ne-Yo. Clive Davis can suck it.
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Lindsay terrorizes Japan

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Globetrotting party princess Lindsay Lohan is in Japan today as part of a 10-day trip to shoot a series of Jill Stuart advertisements by the label’s longtime shutterbug Mario Sorrenti.

Hours after touching down in Tokyo, La Lohan and fellow party-loving crackhead Charlotte Ronson headed to Feria, the city’s hottest afterhours nightclub featuring some of NYC’s finest DJs.

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Kurt Vonnegut Dies at 84

Kurt Vonnegut, whose dark comic talent and urgent moral vision in novels like “Slaughterhouse-Five,” “Cat’s Cradle” and “God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater” caught the temper of his times and the imagination of a generation, died Wednesday night in Manhattan. He was 84 and had homes in Manhattan and in Sagaponack on Long Island.

His death was reported by Morgan Entrekin, a longtime family friend, who said Mr. Vonnegut suffered brain injuries as a result of a fall several weeks ago.

SOURCE: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/11/books/11cnd-vonnegut.html?pagewanted=3&_r=1&hp
shia head

Tyson Ritter (all american rejects) encounter.

On May 2 of 2006 in Charlotte, NC (I know it's late) I met Tyson Ritter from AAR. After Fall out boy ft hawthorne heights, from first to last and All american rejects "black clouds and under dogs tour" was done for the night I met Tyson Ritter. We were just walking to our car and saw the tour buses and decided to smoke a cigarette in front of the buses. Then Tyson walks across the street to the 40 people standing there. He has a "body guard" with him and says if we can answer his questions we will get autographed stuff. People just started yelling things and of course there were the squealing girls, and I was probably one of them. I eventually got up there and told him "my favorite song is 'dance inside' I wish you guys would have played it" he said they would sing it on their next tour (and of course they didn't come back to NC) I got a picture and he signed my shirt. He was very nice and cool about things. He said he "loves Carolina girls" He was obviously fucked up, I think he was high. Nick Wheeler, the guitarist was out there too. Not many people recoginzed him. He was very sweet. We talked to him for a bit. Me and my friend got a picture with him and I told him how 'dance inside' is a beautiful song and he said thanks a lot, he wish they could have played it on this set.
The guy from first to last, the one who quit, came out and was so fucked up. He was quiet and he mumbled and held his head down the whole time while signing autographs, he had a man holding his arm the whole time.

Overall that night was great. I have been to concerts and tried to meet bands and they are complete assholes. But the fact that Tyson and Nick came out there and wanted to meet everyone made me respect them a bit more. And a year ago I loved aar and dance inside is my favorite song so I was so happy to meet the people who wrote it.

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patty says...

Imus Simulcast Dropped....


NEW YORK (CNN) -- MSNBC has canceled its "Imus in the Morning" simulcast, the network announced Wednesday.

The decision comes after remarks deemed racist and sexist that radio talk-show host Don Imus made last week about the Rutgers University women's basketball team prompted a number of advertisers to drop the program. MSNBC will stop airing the program immediately.


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SOURCE:  http://www.cnn.com/2007/SHOWBIZ/TV/04/11/imus.rutgers/index.html

 EDIT:: From my understanding, Imus is only off MSNBC.  His actual radio show hasn't been cancelled, only suspended.  Also, there is more info at the link for those interested or looking for a bit of background information.


Marc Anthony to pay $2.5M in back taxes

Marc Anthony has agreed to pay about $2.5 million in back taxes, interest and penalties because of his failure to file returns for five years, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau said that Anthony, who was not prosecuted on tax charges, failed to file returns for 2000 through 2004 on $15.5 million in income. He said the singer, who is married to
Jennifer Lopez, filed tax returns for 2005.

Morgenthau's chief of investigations, Assistant District Attorney Daniel Castleman, said Anthony and Lopez, 37, do not file jointly so she was not implicated in the investigation.

Morgenthau said his office did not prosecute Anthony, 38, because a professional accountant prepared his tax returns and the entertainer apparently thought the returns had been filed and any due taxes had been paid.

"We have to be able to show intent" to cheat on taxes, Morgenthau said.

He said Anthony had relied on professional accountants in the past and there were no problems. He said the delinquencies began when Anthony changed accountants.

A state Department of Taxation computer drew attention to Anthony, whose real name is Marco Antonio Muniz, when it kicked out his state return because of discrepancies, said Peter Farrell, an assistant deputy commissioner of the department.

Castleman said Anthony will remit $2.5 million in back taxes, interest and penalties to satisfy the total owed by him and three of his companies.

Anthony, who recently produced his wife's first all-Spanish album, "Como Ama una Mujer (How a Woman Loves)," signed the payment agreement April 3.

Two of Anthony's associates have pleaded guilty to tax felonies.

One is Anthony's brother, Bigram Zayes, who acted as the general manager of the singer's companies from 2000 to early 2003, Morgenthau said.

He said Zayes pleaded guilty April 10 to failing to file federal and state returns on $2.4 million in income from 2000 through 2004. Zayes will be sentenced June 12 to a conditional discharge upon paying $400,000 in taxes, interest and penalties and a $50,000 fine, Morgenthau said.

The other associate is Philip Sarna, an accountant for Anthony and the three companies, Morgenthau said. He said Sarna failed to file federal and state personal tax returns and New York City unincorporated business tax returns for 2002, 2003 and 2004 on $300,000 in taxable income.

Sarna pleaded guilty Wednesday to felony failure to file and will be sentenced June 13 to a conditional discharge upon paying $43,000 in taxes, interest and penalties and a $50,000 fine.

Tax officials found that three companies run by Anthony — Ari Enterprises Ltd., his touring company; Bolero Records Ltd., his music publishing company; and Marc Anthony Productions Inc. (MAP), his management company — had either failed to file returns or failed to pay all the taxes due in 2001 through 2004.

Morgenthau said Ari and Bolero pleaded guilty on April 5 to two misdemeanor tax offenses of failing to file city and state corporate tax returns for 2003 as part of a plea deal.

The two companies are expected to be sentenced June 7 to maximum possible fines of $40,000 each, prosecutors said. MAP will not be prosecuted.


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British Musician GRAHAM COXON will be in conversation with IAN SVENONIUS tomorrow night, Thurs April 12th, at the ICA in London. It's being filmed for the show "Soft Focus" on webchannel www.vbs.tv .

Ian Svenonius is best known as the lyricist and front man with US alternative music legends Nation Of Ulysses and The Make-Up.

Previous guests on the show, normally filmed at the Guggenheim in New York, have included Ian McKaye, Will Oldham and Cat Power. This is the show's first UK visit.