November 19th, 2006

Tony Award Winner Ruth Brown Dies at 78

Tony Award Winner Ruth Brown Dies at 78
By: Brian Scott Lipton

Legendary R&B singer Ruth Brown, who won a Tony Award as Best Actress in a Musical in 1989 for the revue Black & Blue, died today in Nevada at age 78. The cause was complications from a stroke and a heart attack.

Brown, who was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1928, was one of the most popular vocalists of the 1950s, known for such hits as "(Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean," "Lucky Lips," and "Teardrops in My Eyes." Eventually, she became equally well known as a jazz singer, winning a Grammy Award for the album Blues on Broadway. She was elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

In addition to Black & Blue, which co-starred Linda Hopkins and Carrie Smith, she appeared on Broadway in Amen Corner. In recent years, she returned to the cabaret scene and had sold-out engagements at Le Jazz Au Bar in New York City.

Brown also worked sporadically in television and film, most notably playing the role of Motormouth Maybelle in John Waters' Hairspray. She also guest-starred on the sitcoms Hello, Larry and The Jeffersons.

Ruth's Wikipedia Page

peter doherty arrested (so what else is new?)

Doherty bailed on drug charges
8.20, Sun Nov 19 2006

note to kate m. : he's bad news.

Pop singer Pete Doherty has been released on bail after being arrested on suspicion of possessing crack cocaine.

The Babyshambles singer was held by police after officers saw him driving his Jaguar erratically near his home in east London.

Two other passengers in the car were also arrested on suspicion of drug possession.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said all three were released from Bethnal Green police station pending analysis of "substances recovered". They must return in December.

Doherty has repeatedly sought treatment for his addiction at the renowned Priory, in west London, as well as clinics in France, Portugal and Thailand.

He was fined £750 earlier this month for assaulting Radio 1 reporter Trudi Barber outside Thames magistrates' court.


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Nov. 17, 2006 | That big bland celebrity flip book's annual celebration of the Sexiest Man Alive isn't valuable because of its dazzling spreads of razor-sharp abs. It offers tangible proof that women (and gay men, and anyone else who casts a vote in that process) can be just as drably one-dimensional as any straight man who ogles Pam Anderson. In its 20-plus years documenting hot, they've been about as imaginative as a Whitman's Sampler, about as adventuresome as a 10-minute roll with the lights off, about as mentally stimulating as Matthew McConaughey.

Sure, McConaughey, the 2005 winner, is easy on the eyes, and his cleavage is every bit as remarkable as Anderson's. But he's the latest in a long line of vanilla eye-candy actors (Ben Affleck, Mark Harmon, Patrick Swayze, Harry Hamlin -- seriously, in 1987, Harry Hamlin) whose shiny good looks fuel a fantasy thought or two before we wonder how much product they put in their hair. (And really, quit selecting George Clooney already. He's the zenith of sex appeal -- picking him is cheating. Get some guts over there, girls, or else turn the poll over to the interns.)

Tired of that array of pretty boys, we came up with a list of guys who really rattle our chains. Warning: There are no abs ahead. But sometimes a good lyric, a good laugh, a well-articulated theory on the existence of man ... yowza, let's just say not all turn-ons start with a spray-on tan.

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tobias funke

Can Consent Forms Protect 'Borat'?

LOS ANGELES -- It's a question many reality-TV or documentary participants have had to ponder when handed a consent form: how embarrassing will it be when the footage goes public?

The answer came quickly for some of those who signed on for the "documentary" that ended up as the U.S. and A.'s No. 1 movie, Sacha Baron Cohen's satirical "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit of Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan."

Very embarrassing.

That's the squirmy situation that several people seen in the movie have come forward to angrily complain about, some with lawyers.

The filmmaker duped them, they charge. They signed a waiver, they allege, offered under the pretext that the movie was a documentary that would only be shown outside of the U.S.

As Borat might put it: Will Baron Cohen and 20th Century Fox, the film's studio, have to swallow crow of lawsuit?

The big question: How much weight do consent forms really carry?

Not enough, the lawyer for two "Borat"-ized fraternity brothers intends to prove.

The South Carolina University students are suing 20th Century Fox and three production companies, their lawsuit claiming that the drunken, misogynistic and racist comments they made in the film were taken out of context and that crew members plied them with drinks before they signed any forms.

Studio spokesman Gregg Brilliant would not release a copy of the consent agreement this week to The Associated Press. He maintained that the "lawsuit has no merit," and said the waiver was going to be filed in court Monday as part of the ongoing lawsuit.

Web site, however, has posted the detailed form online, leading to more scrutiny, and questions.

"Generally these releases will hold up in court unless the person suing can prove that he signed the agreement under false pretenses or while incapacitated," said entertainment attorney Aaron Moss, who works for top L.A. law firm Greenberg Glusker. "Even if a participant was lied to, a court may find that the person should have read the contract and that if he didn't, it's essentially his own fault."

"It's a legal doctrine that says the contract supersedes the oral representation relayed," he explained.

Moss and longtime entertainment attorney Kevin Leichter — who has represented celebrities as well as major studios such as Warner Bros. — agree that they were not aware of any cases in which a consent form was deemed invalid. Generalized terminology strengthens these contracts, they said.

Lawsuits challenging such forms, Leichter said, "are not all that common. I think the reason is a well drafted consent form is a serious barrier to a lawsuit claiming lack of consent."

If that wasn't the case, Leichter acknowledged, TV reality shows would be slammed with more suits.

Attorney Olivier Taillieu, who represents the fraternity brothers, said Wednesday that the two young men were never given a copy of the waiver they drunkenly signed, leaving him and his clients to use the online copy relayed to sites such as via TMZ.

Washington-based public speaking coach Pat Haggerty, who appeared in the film as a humor consultant to the peculiar Kazakh journalist Borat — portrayed by Baron Cohen, a British comedian — said Wednesday that he was not given a copy of the waiver he signed, though he has requested one for more than a year.

On Thursday, Cindy Streit of Birmingham, Ala.-based company Etiquette Training Services said she filed a complaint with California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, requesting an investigation into possible violations regarding her appearance in the film.

In the scene, Borat, at a dinner party she hosted, handed the 59-year-old business owner a plastic bag supposedly containing excrement. She said she had been told beforehand that the filming would solely be for a documentary in Belarus.

Ronald Miller of Natchez, Miss., who attended the disastrous dinner, told The Associated Press this week that he also never received a copy of the consent form he signed.

"When I looked it over, I did not see the name of 20th Century Fox or the actor," Miller recalled.

However, as long as a participant agrees to a waiver and signs it, it doesn't matter whether that person has a copy or not, Moss said.

"It's certainly fishy though," he added. "It certainly makes it more suspicious if it was procured by false pretenses."

Moss' assessment of the waiver, after reading the copy obtained by, was that it was "pretty standard" as consent agreements go, but that it did "go a little further than most I've seen."

First, the form refers to the movie as a "documentary-style film" and not by name, maintaining that the producer, One America Production, Inc., "shall be exclusively entitled" to use or license recorded material that includes the participant "without restriction in the media throughout the universe in perpetuity."


"That `We can use your image worldwide, forever,'" Moss said.

Second, the participant "agrees not to bring at any time in the future" any lawsuits or claims against the producer "or anyone associated with the film," including assertions of misappropriation or defamation, according to the form. Another section demands that the participant "is not relying upon any promises or statements made by anyone about the nature of the Film or the identity of any other Participants or persons involved in the Film."

"It basically says, `You can't bring a lawsuit against us even if we make you look bad,'" Moss said.

Taillieu thinks differently.

"I absolutely have a case," said the attorney, citing two main legal reasons to invalidate consent agreements: fraud in the inducement (untruths to encourage the signing) and fraud in the inception (knowing the signers didn't understand what they put their name to).

Taillieu also argued that the men were told that the names of their fraternity and university were not going to be used, "giving my clients relative anonymity."

"The fact that the fraternity brothers were arguably drunk makes their case potentially stronger," Leichter said.

"Borat," of course, is not the first nor the last quasi-documentary film to deal with issues relating to consent, representation and societal satire.

An Iraq veteran in Boston sued filmmaker Michael Moore for $85 million in May, claiming that Moore falsely portrayed him as anti-war in 2004's "Fahrenheit 9/11" and never asked for his permission to use a clip from an interview the man did with NBC.

In July 2005, a federal judge threw out a libel and defamation lawsuit filed against Moore by the brother of Oklahoma City bombing conspirator Terry Nichols, ruling that statements about the man in Moore's 2002 Oscar-winning documentary "Bowling for Columbine" were factual and true.

Baron Cohen, in character as Borat, rants against Jews and shocks New York feminists and Southern conservatives alike. In reality, he is a devout Jew and has an actress fiance. His face is everywhere, appearing recently on the covers of Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly.

Contending that most consent cases settle out of court, Moss said, "my guess is that this one, with the fraternity brothers, will too, unless it's thrown out."

Either way, Baron Cohen and company should be able to afford good representation. Through its first two weekends, "Borat" has rung up $67.8 million at the box office, and is expected to make much more, regardless of consent.

Cold is God's way of telling us to burn
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Order of the Phoenix editing gossip/E! footage

Well it fits with what I've heard about the script, so it ain't all that new, but- hey!- ONTD loves Potter, and boy if Potter don't love it.

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And images soon:

With the release of the "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" teaser trailer this weekend and online on Monday, some television shows in the U.S. will be previewing Potter movie news next week. E! TV's show 'Daily 10' will be showing a set visit with Daniel Radcliffe in an upcoming episode and MTV's TRL will be announcing some news on Monday

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Britney Parties with Mario Lopez in Vegas

Britney Spears's post-breakup tour has taken her to Las Vegas – and she finally hit the town this weekend, winning big at the blackjack table and partying with Dancing with the Stars' Mario Lopez, sources tell PEOPLE.

After stops in New York and her Louisiana hometown of Kentwood, Spears, accompanied by her former manager Larry Rudolph, arrived in Nevada this week and kept a low profile before finally hitting the town on Friday.

Donning a disguise of a pink wig and big, dark sunglasses, Britney was spotted in the Palms Casino Resort Friday night chatting it up with owner George Maloof – this, after she and George went on a shopping trip to Caesars Palace's Forum Shops.

Also on Friday, Spears went into the Palms' recording studio with producer Lukasz Gottwald to mix tracks on her new album.

"She looks and sounds great," a source tells PEOPLE. "Her voice never sounded better. She's having fun. She's ready to kick a--."

Britney also did pretty well at the tables, gambling at The Mint, the Palms' high-limit lounge. There, Britney – wearing a short, black dress – caught a lucky streak, raking in $10,000 in winnings from blackjack.

She also was introduced to Mario Lopez at The Mint. The two, along with a small group, then headed up to Moon Nightclub and partied the night away.

Source: People & Britney Res for the pic
cobracam, gabe

Jessica's new man?

It didn't take long for Tony Romo to live up to the comparisons to Tom Brady. Not necessarily on the field, but in the rumor mill. After recently mentioning that he was single and had a thing for Jessica Simpson, rumors abound last week that Romo's people (yes, he has "people" now) were contacted by Simpson's people about a possible meeting or, dare we say, date. When Terrell Owens was asked on his radio show about the possibility of his quarterback dating Simpson, Owens joked, "Maybe we can double date and I can go out with Ashlee."


Tony Romo is cute in a dorky, fun way. His impression of Brett Favre is hilarious. Rumor has it that Joe Simpson scored some pretty nice tickets to today's win against the Colts.


Jessica Simpson & John Mayer's Saturday Night
By Marc Malkin
Nov 19, 2006 7:42 AM

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer have always insisted they've never been more than just friends. But after they were spotted on Saturday night together in Beverly Hills, they certainly have me scratching my head.

"Jessica Simpson is at the bar at the Four Seasons [hotel] with John Mayer," a tipster emailed me at about 11 p.m. "She totally had her head on his chest, and now they are canoodling."

Minutes later, the maybe-more-than-friends duo left with a large group. No word on where they ended the evening. As for the photos of the two running with this item, I used them because, well, they're just a couple of a few ever taken of them together. The pics were snapped long ago before the Simpson-Mayer romance rumors even began.

Simpson's rep said she is "not commenting on her personal life."


Christina Aguilera Is a Smelly Whore Who Likes Mariah Carey Again

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In the current issue of Blender, Christina Aguilera is described as "a major-league drama queen." She has feuded with Britney Spears, Eminem, her former managers, and most recently: Mariah Carey.

Aguilera alleged that Carey was "never cool to me" in the June issue of GQ. "One time, we were at a party and I think she got really drunk, and she had just really derogatory things to say to me," Aguilera told the magazine. "But it was at that time that she had that breakdown, so she might have been very medicated."

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Carey responded to Aguilera's remarks with a statement released to Access Hollywood. "I had hoped that Christina was in a better place now than the last time I saw her when she showed up uninvited at one of my parties and displayed questionable behavior," Carey told the entertainment news program. "It is sad yet predictable that she would use my name at this time to reinvent past incidents for her promotional gain. It is in my heart to forgive and I will keep her in my prayers."

Access Hollywood gave the final word to Aguilera who responded, "At this point in my life, I do not want any bad energy with anyone. My intentions were not to upset Mariah with any statements that were published or taken out of context. I have all the respect in the world for her."

It appeared Aguilera was ready to end the conflict; however, when asked about Mariah in the August issue of Allure, Christina offered further unpleasant comments. "She hasn't been nice to me, no, but, honestly, I don't want to give her any more attention by even talking about it," Aguilera told the magazine. "Like I said, sometimes honesty is my downfall."

Nevertheless, during an interview for its latest issue, Blender brings up Mariah’s name, but Christina doesn’t take the bait. "She has an incredible voice," Aguilera tells the magazine.

Perhaps she grew tired of harboring ill will.


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"Inkheart" Final Cast


Academy Award Nominee Helen Mirren Joins Cast

LONDON (Nov. 9, 2006) – New Line Cinema has completed casting for its upcoming feature film adaptation of the best-selling Cornelia Funke novel Inkheart with the addition of Academy Award nominee Helen Mirren (The Queen, Elizabeth I), and commenced principal photography on November 8th, it was announced today by New Line Production President Toby Emmerich.

Principal photography on Inkheart will begin on location in Liguria, Italy before moving to Shepperton Studios in England. The film is being directed by BAFTA nominee Iain Softley (The Skeleton Key, Backbeat) and is scheduled for a 2008 release.

Joining Mirren in the Inkheart cast is an acclaimed ensemble of actors that includes Brendan Fraser (Crash, The Mummy, New Line’s upcoming Journey 3D), Paul Bettany (The Da Vinci Code, A Beautiful Mind), Jim Broadbent (Moulin Rouge, The Chronicles of Narnia), Rafi Gavron (Breaking and Entering), Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings, King Kong), and 12-year-old British actress Eliza Bennett (Nanny McPhee) as the young protagonist Meggie Folchart. Mirren will play Elinor Loredan, Meggie’s great aunt in the film.

Based on the international bestselling novel by Cornelia Funke, Inkheart centers on Meggie, a young girl whose father (Brendan Fraser) has a secret ability to bring characters from books to life when he reads them aloud. But when a power-hungry villain from a rare children’s fable kidnaps Meggie’s father to bring others out of the boundaries of fiction, she and a disparate group of friends - both real and magic - embark on an adventure to save him and set things right.

“Inkheart is a magical reality, and Cornelia has provided us with such rich material for the film that bringing it to life is the easy part,” says Softley. “Her illustrations and descriptions in the book have provided us with a way to really feel this new world, and that’s what we are creating, a new world brought forward from a book within a book. Everyone can’t wait to get out to Italy and start principal photography and seeing it all come to life – it’s a very exciting journey we’re about to embark on.”

Inkheart, the first book of a planned trilogy which includes Inkspell (released in 2005) and the upcoming Inkdawn, debuted at number nine on the New York Times bestseller list and went on to be translated into 20 languages. Its author, Funke, has written more than 40 books in 15 years including the international bestseller The Thief Lord. She was named one of Time magazine’s “Most Influential People of the Year” in 2005.

Inkheart is being produced by Cornelia Funke and Academy Award® nominee Barry Mendel (The Sixth Sense, Munich). It is executive produced by Diana Porkony (Dark Water, The Shipping News) and being overseen for the studio by New Line’s Executive Vice President of Production Mark Ordesky and Senior Vice President of European Productions Ileen Maisel (Ripley’s Game, One Gin). Behind the scenes, Inkheart features an all-star production team that includes Academy Award nominated director of photography Roger Pratt (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The End of the Affair) and Academy Award-winning editor Martin Walsh (V For Vendetta, Chicago). The Inkheart screenplay was written by David Lindsay-Abaire (Robots).

Source with pictures

So, how was that Streisand concert?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What did concertgoers -- or even non-goers -- think of Barbra Streisand's pricey performance Monday at HP Pavilion? Those who commented online made themselves clear. Here are excerpts:

• Forget the politics! Barbra was fabulous! Her singing was great, the show entertaining -- very worth the ticket price.

-- Posted by Carol Peske

• For $750, I wanted to hear her sing, not watch her do a political skit with a Bush impersonator. When she did sing, it was beautiful, but then she has to look at the TelePrompTer and talk in between. Everything was scripted, even right down to thanking the audience. The best part of the evening was walking with the one I love to the car singing ``Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head.''

-- Posted by Thelmas

• Flawless! . . . A magical night of music. Barbra is a true performer, and vocally at age 64 she's still got it. The Bush skit was highly overrated. What was all the fuss about?

-- Posted by Robert

• What a waste of money.

-- Posted by Core

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Paris Hilton turns into a diva in London!

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London, Nov 18: Paris Hilton has done little to win the Brits over, and she scored extremely low points when she threw a diva like tantrum at a charity event.

Chrystal giant Swarovski had commissioned a portrait of each of the World Music Award hosts that were to be auctioned for charity after the event.
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Oh yes, they're back (and other UK chart news)

Take That return to singles chart 
That Take have scored their first UK top 10 single for 10 years with their comeback song Patience.

The track has reached number four from download sales alone and has beaten former member Robbie Williams's single Lovelight, which rose to number eight.  Rapper Akon has claimed the top spot with Smack That featuring Eminem, followed by Justin Timberlake at two. George Michael's greatest hits collection Twenty Five is straight in at number one on the album chart.


1. Akon ft Eminem Smack That
2. Justin Timberlake My Love
3. Westlife The Rose
4. Take That Patience
5. Beyonce Irreplaceable
Source: Official UK Charts Company

The albums rundown is dominated by Best Of compilations, with Jamiroquai at two, a new entry from the Sugababes at three and Girls Aloud at four. Girl group All Angels debut at nine with what is being claimed as the fastest-selling debut album by a classical act in UK chart history.

Take That's single is the band's first hit since 1996's How Deep Is Your Love and could rise further when released on CD on Monday. It follows a sold-out comeback tour earlier this year, which sold more than half a million tickets.


1. George Michael Twenty Five
2. Jamiroquai High Times - The Singles
3. Sugababes Overloaded - The Singles
4. Girls Aloud The Sound Of - The Greatest Hits
5. Angelis Angelis
Source: Official UK Charts Company

Robbie Williams's Lovelight, meanwhile, entered at 28 last weekend on the strength of downloads alone and has now jumped 20 places after its CD release.

Akon, who lives in the US but spent time in Senegal, has had one previous number one single, 2005's Lonely. He is known for combining silky, West African-styled vocals with US East Coast and Southern hip-hop and R&B influences. His song has beaten Justin Timberlake's strong climber Jive into second place and left last week's number one, Westlife's The Rose, at three.

George Michael last had album success in 2004 when Patience topped the UK chart. The release of Twenty Five has coincided with his first tour in 15 years, the UK leg of which began on Friday. 


I'm feeling the nostalgia tonight! 13 years on and Howard is still teh sex.