October 26th, 2006

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Tommy Lee and his Rockstar Supernova lead singer Lukas Rossi are making beautiful music together.

The duo showed up to Frankie J's album release party in Hollywood on Tuesday and professed their admiration for each other by engaging in some ordinary, run of the mill, John Travolta-style man-on-man open mouth kissing. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Rossi even got a little touchy-feely as his hand can be seen riding up Tommy's stomach and exposing Lee's beautifully manscaped and tattooed lower abdomen.

This isn't the first time Tommy has been caught making out with a fellow rocker. In July, Lee and Dave Navarro swapped spit while at a party for their CBS reality show "Rockstar: Supernova."

While we support Tommy's desire to express his manlove, at the same time Rossi and Navarro wear enough makeup to rival the Pussycat Dolls that we wouldn't be surprised if Tommy was unaware he was kissing a man.


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Hybrid cars are all the rage in Hollywood. Celebrities drive them like they're a badge of honor. You save a few gallons of gas, you save the planet. Right? Well, not when you hop on a private jet and burn enough fuel to propel NASCAR through 2050.

Of course, the stars need to go here and there. The location shoots, the fabulous vacations, etc. But that's why God created United Airlines. G-IV's, on the other hand, were created in the image of precious celebs.

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Trailer for "Come Early Morning" starring Ashley Judd & directed by Joey Lauren Adams

"Ashley Judd gives one of the best performances of her career in "Come Early Morning," as a small-town woman who works hard all day and parties hard all night, and picks up guys she can't stand to talk to in the morning." - Ebert's thoughts on the film from Sundance



I love me some Ashley Judd. I'm glad she has some movies coming out that actually look decent.
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Armstrong, neighbors fighting over polluted swimming hole.

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas -- Cycling champ Lance Armstrong is feuding with his neighbors over how to clean up a prized swimming hole.

Critics say the area became polluted after Armstrong began building a dam on his Hill Country ranch.

Authorities say sediment started streaming into Dead Man's Hole, a deep pool fed by a creek that runs through Armstrong's 450-acre ranch west of Austin.

The seven-time Tour de France champion says he's spent $500,000 removing the dam and repairing the creek banks. Several inches of sediment still line the pool's floor.

His neighbors say Armstrong should pay at least $50,000 more to clean the pool. Jerry Hill and several others say they're going public in hopes the dispute can be settled out of court.

Armstrong also has a house in Austin.


Black Sabbath members to form new band

The Black Sabbath boys are back, as the new band Heaven and Hell. Guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler, drummer Bill Ward and singer Ronnie James Dio — former members of British metal supergroup Black Sabbath — are forming the band named after their 1980 hit, according to their publicist. They plan to launch an international tour next year.

"The fans have been wanting to see this for years and years. Now was just the time," publicist Maureen O'Connor said Wednesday.

Since its formation in 1969, Black Sabbath has undergone numerous member changes and reunions.

Dio, who replaced original Sabbath vocalist Ozzy Osbourne as part of the band's early '80s lineup, has been recording new songs with Iommi in England, O'Connor said.

i <3 gangsta boys
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Shaq present during a botched raid

he's in your townz. raiding your homez.

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Shaquille O'Neal was present during a botched child pornography raid last month while working in Virginia as a reserve sheriff's deputy.

The Miami Heat center, who pursues his interest in law enforcement during the offseason, denied Tuesday taking part in serving the search warrant at the wrong house Sept. 23. However, Bedford County Sheriff's Lt. Michael Harmony confirmed to The Associated Press that O'Neal was there.

O'Neal, in Orlando to play a preseason game Tuesday, was asked about the raid and several times somewhat playfully responded, "It wasn't me."
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Source 1:http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=2637639
Source 2:http://www.wpcva.com/articles/2006/10/19/chatham/opinion/opinion01.txt
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So it looks like Kirstin Dunst's new Boyfriend has been found by some loyal ONTDers. Months ago, she was dating someone named Fred Rhiahi (soruce) and ontd post about it
Anyway apparently the two might be together again. According to the person who submitted this news, it seems that their relationship was ruined by invasion of privacy. So of course, this is where we, ohnotheydidnt, come in.
That is apparently his myspace where he is quoted as saying
"In the past month have you gone on a Date: Yes, with someone I can't talk about" (i.e. Kirsten)
"Number of things in my Past I Regret: June/July 2005. " ( This is the period where they broke up)

He also left a comment on Corey Kennedy's myspace. According to the person submitting this "Considering how few friends Fred Riahi has added to his profile. Corey Kennedy appears to be a real life friend. I took a look at the friends on his list and they most seemed legit. Or they at least seem to know him in some form."

Apparently a lot of this is speculation. So maybe its true, maybe its false. ~who knows~ But this is the information we wanted to share with you. :) Point is that they're together again and dont want it to be fucked up by the media and..us :)

source: wishes to remain anonymous
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--Lee Daniels Entertainment, the official website for producer Lee Daniels, now has a page for "Tennessee," the upcoming film co-starring Mariah. The page includes an advertisement image (right) and the film's details (below).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Synopsis: Brothers Carter (James D’Arcy) and Ellis Armstrong (Ethan Peck) have only each other and their rundown trailer home in the mountains outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. But when their lonely lives are shattered by misfortune, their only hope is to return home to Tennessee and the father they once fled. In journeying through the Southwest, the brothers bond with determined waitress Krystal (Mariah Carey) and reconnect with their past.

Cast and crew: Mariah Carey, James D’Arcy, Ethan Peck

Producer: Lee Daniels

Status: Pre-production

--Daniels' website also includes a graphic (below) for the film with the tagline, "Two brothers, three paths, one destination..."

--The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) now lists Gregory J. Read as the film's director on its "Tennessee" page. However, this information contradicts previous reports that Aaron Woodley is directing the film. "Tennessee" remains listed under Woodley's Filmography on his official website, AaronWoodley.com.

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The Real Reason Mooriah's Concert Was Cancelled

The singer's management, Handprint Entertainment, gave a straightforward explanation for the cancellation. They say the promoters, One Events, have outstanding production and artist fees to pay.

"Due to a financial default by the promoter, it is with great sadness that Mariah will not be able to perform for her fans in Hong Kong," Handprint's BENNY MEDINA said in a statement to the AFP.

"We gave them time to pay but he kept missing the new deadlines," he told the news agency from his L.A. office.

source: ETonline.com

I guess those were the "OUTRAGEOUS DEMANDS" the promoter didn't want to pay up. I have a love/hate relationship w/ Ms. Carey. However, no promoter would cancel a show two days before due to low ticket sales. And, it just sounds unbelievable considering she actually sold out shows in China for the Pearlnecklace tour.
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Jane mag asks John Krasinski 5 questions.

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6th question from the website. Thanks neumania!

Q: Would you rather share a cubicle with a coworker who won't stop talking about their personal life or one who keeps a tape recorder in their pocket and makes constant notes-to-self?

A: Definitely a tape recorder, because you can have so much more fun with that. Obviously, every time they went to the bathroom, you'd re-record what they just talked about and try to do it in their voice. I think I could pull it off.

source: jane, nov. 06.

K-fed sees the upside of public loathing

Kevin Federline: Criticism's a Bum Rap


By Michael Fleeman

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Federline on Oct. 18
Photo by: Mark Davis / Getty

Kevin Federline has gotten his share of criticism, but the aspiring rapper takes it all in stride.

"If you want to hate me, cool, hate me," Federline, 28, tells PEOPLE in its new issue. "You know why? Because all it's going to do is help me."
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K-Fed to be the luckiest son husband of a bitch alive. I thought he hated the nickname K-Fed, that kinda sucks the joy out of using it, doesn't it?


Angelina set to adopt another baby

Angelina Jolie is adopting an Indian baby to add to her growing international brood, according to US reports.

Sources say the big-hearted actress and partner Brad Pitt have already applied to adopt a tot from an Indian orphanage. An insider said: "They hope to be able to bring the child home by Christmas.

"Brad would prefer a boy no older than 18 months to even out the sexes but Angie has told him she can't guarantee she won't fall in love with a little girl."

The source told US magazine Globe: "Whichever they end up with, they'd like to name the child India to honour its homeland." The pair are rumoured to have visited the Priva Darshini orphanage in the last month.

Angelina's first child, five-year-old Maddox, was adopted from a Cambodian orphanage in 2002. And last year she adopted an Ethiopian baby girl - Zahara Marley Jolie - orphaned by AIDS, now 22-months-old.

She and actor Brad Pitt, 42, had a daughter together, baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, in May 2006. Angelina, 31, has declared that she'd like kiddies from all over the world.

She has said: "I want to create a rainbow family. That's children of different religions and cultures from different countries."

"I believe I'm meant to find my children in the world and not necessarily have them genetically." 

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VDO: Shades

Scrubs is Back!!!!

'Scrubs' Returns as NBC Remakes Thursdays
'30 Rock' moves from Wednesday in re-formed comedy block

Old is the new new at NBC.  Starting Nov. 30, the network will bring back the Thursday comedy block that was an NBC staple for some 20 years before this season. "Scrubs" will come off the bench to start its sixth season that night, and "30 Rock" will move over from Wednesdays to join "My Name Is Earl" and "The Office."

NBC will also air super-sized episodes of "Earl," "The Office" and "30 Rock" on Nov. 16 before launching the full new lineup at the end of the month (the Thursday in between is Thanksgiving). The change spells the end for the Thursday edition of "Deal or No Deal."

Twenty Good Years," which had been paired with "30 Rock" on Wednesdays, will continue for at least the next few weeks. Warner Bros. TV, which produces the show starring Jeffrey Tambor and John Lithgow, says it remains in production, but NBC hasn't given it a new timeslot.

"We are excited about the prospect of two-hours of top-notch comedy on Thursday nights, which includes the return of 'Scrubs,'" NBC Entertainment president Kevin Reilly says. "We will stay on-brand with the best comedy block on television, which will position us for the future on the night."

The four comedies will try to keep NBC in the game on a night dominated by CBS and the newly potent ABC. "Scrubs" and "30 Rock" will have the most daunting task, airing in the 9 p.m. ET hour opposite the top two shows on TV so far this season, ABC's "Grey's Anatomy" and CBS' "CSI."

The move of "30 Rock" to Thursday will also force a change to NBC's Wednesday schedule. The network plans to feature specials in the 8 p.m. hour starting Nov. 22. Neither "30 Rock" (6.9 million viewers) nor "Twenty Good Years" (6.07 million) has fared too well so far, but critics have generally been kinder to the former show, which was created by and stars "Saturday Night Live" alum Tina Fey, and it's a better fit with the other single-camera comedies in the new block. 

Source: Zap2it

I wonder if the fact that Scrubs airs about 20 times a day in syndication on multiple networks will help more people discover this show. 
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Cobain featured on CSI: Miami

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Smells Like New Revenue

Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain's legacy has lived on almost exclusively
through the band's recordings, his published journals and, of course,
the influence he has had on waves of rock musicians since his suicide in

That makes sense. While it is now commonplace for musicians to make
money by selling their work for use in television shows, movies and
advertising campaigns, it’s hard to imagine someone less likely to go down
that route than Cobain. The cynical cover of Nirvana's 1991
breakthrough album Nevermind featured a swimming baby approaching a dollar bill
attached to a fishing line. And when Rolling Stone put Nirvana on its
cover the following year, Cobain appeared wearing a T-shirt that declared,
"Corporate Magazines Still Suck."

Yet Cobain’s music may end up in the service of marketers after all.
His widow, Courtney Love, has sold a 25% stake in Nirvana's song
catalog to Primary Wave Music Publishing. And with Love's blessing, Primary
Wave is exploring licensing opportunities for Cobain's music.

"We believe if we say yes to the right things, we can do both--make
money and do the right thing for the catalog,'' says Love's manager Peter

Even before the Primary Wave deal earlier this year, Love and Asher
made a couple of forays into licensing. Two versions of the Nirvana song
"All Apologies" were used last year in an episode of the HBO drama Six
Feet Under, and the band's song "Something In the Way" was used in the
2005 film Jarhead.

Next up, with the assistance of Primary Wave, is the hit CBS police
drama CSI: Miami, which will prominently feature several Nirvana
recordings in an episode scheduled to air in November. Primary Wave is also
considering other licensing pacts leading up to the 20th anniversary of Sub
Pop Records' 1989 release of Bleach, Nirvana's first album.

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hi im ugly

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mollie sue's husband posted this message on her myspace:

"Today was a very important day...Mollie just finished a photo shoot for VOGUE ITALIA !!!!! this is considered one of the most prestigious honors a model can have. Please take the time to go to her page and congratulate her, it would be a treat for her to read, she works so hard (she doesn't know I am doing this).
PS. For those friends who have been wondering wear she's been, Mollie will be back to NYC from Paris on OCT 27,then we leave for Tampa for two weeks on OCT 28, then back to Paris for a Year. keep in touch"

so if you've ever said none of the ANTM girls would ever get vogue, stfu.

Sources: The Fashion Spot, Getty, MSG's myspace, Wireimage, American Eagle Outfitters website

Heidi's X-Treme Lunch Date

Source: http://www.tmz.com/2006/10/26/heidis-extreme-lunch-date/

What's going on with Heidi Klum and pro-snowboarder Shaun White?

TMZ spotted the odd couple having lunch together at Orso in Beverly Hills yesterday. He's 19. She's 33, married and pregnant. So what would the two possibly have to talk about, besides hair care products? We're guessing there's a business deal in place between them as Shaun was spotted carrying a folder with him on their way out.

Shauny WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Kinda out of you league boyo.

Hong Kong Mariah Carey concert canceled

Mariah Carey's weekend concert was canceled Thursday because of poor ticket sales and what promoters said were the pop star's "unreasonable demands."

Carey was to perform Saturday at an outdoor space near Hong Kong's Central financial district. Promoter Concerts Asia said it had only sold 4,000 tickets, despite a "substantial" advertising campaign.

"We have decided to cancel the event effective immediately due to both the poor response of public ticket sales and also due to specific last-minute demands which we find wholly unreasonable and not with the best interests of Hong Kong, us and also the fans," said a statement posted Thursday on the promoter's Web site.

Concerts Asia declined further comment, and contact information for Carey wasn't immediately available.

Gwyneth Predicts Oscar for Brad

Gwyneth Predicts Oscar for Brad

They broke off their engagement in 1997, but there's no bad blood between former lovers Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt. According to the New York Daily News, the actress checked out her ex's latest effort Babel at a Cinema Society screening Tuesday.

"It's the best performance Brad's ever given," the Oscar-winning actress told told the News, and predicted that Pitt would take home a statue himself. The movie, which centers around a Moroccan boy's tragic mistake, "makes you want to take good care of your children," added the mother to Apple, 2, and Moses, 6 months.

In fact, Page Six reports that the actress skipped the after party at the SoHo Grand saying that she was so moved by the performance, she had to go home, cry and hug her children.



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It's a special time of year because the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency is now in production of its second season! Mmmm ... Janice. Anyway, model Chris Jones may be giving us a hint about what JDMA's sophmore effort has in store for us.

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Chloe :: Hide Pussycat

Britney just emailed me, y'all.

Nothing spesh, but let it be known!


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Playing With Fire Pre-Order Ends at 3 PM on Friday!

This is your last chance to pre-order Kevin Federline's debut album Playing With Fire. Playing With Fire will be released nationally on Tuesday, October 31st, but you can pre-order directly from Kevin's online store and qualify for the following exclusive bonuses:

· First 500 orders will receive an Autographed Kevin Federline Headshot! (only a few left!)

· Exclusive packages featuring the Federation Logo T-shirt!

Kevin Federline Upcoming Tour Dates!

Kevin is hitting the road during the month of November! He will be performing at clubs in Chicago, Cleveland, Atlantic City, Anaheim, San Diego and Los Angeles. Click here to order your tickets before they are gone! Keep checking his official website for more info as new dates are being added!


Ahh, lol, at the "First 500 orders will receive an Autographed Kevin Federline Headshot! (only a few left!)" Count me out. Actually, please speak if you are ordering this!

Some news and LOTS of Billboard Charts

Pitchfork's review on Gwen's "Wind It Up":

1 Star

What's really awesome about this song is Pharrell Williams's evolution from "Liberace fingers" to Liberace insanity, sampling the The Sound of Music's "The Lonely Goatherd" and flipping it into the most punishingly ludicrous club jam since "The Ketchup Song". I would indict Chad Hugo, as well, but this has the stink of a Skateboard P creation á la jeans with a neon panther on the crotch. He's got Gwen yodeling and groaning all over this mess, and she will undoubtedly be backed by some horrifyingly miswardrobed Gestapo girls in the video. But her moronic "street slang" is completely secondary to the rattling beer steins and clippety-cloppety clogdancing of which the beat is almost entirely constructed. I mean, I get it, you've run out of ideas. It's the Age of Chaos and all, but in what club outside of the Epcot Biergarten would this be hot? And what numbskull outside of the lederhosened Floridians earning $7 an hour to wiggle and slap their fat asses in said Biergarten would want to dance to such a clutzy and cartoonish song? Is this Fergie's fault? Is Fergie the goatherd? Who is the goatherd?

Pitchfork Media

Producer Kwame slamming JD on Hot 97

People are really coming after JD. Kwame supposedly produced tracks for Janet that didn't make the cut.

"The stuff we did for the record is more creative than everything on that entire CD. This joint she recorded with Dr. Dre makes "Ring The Alarm" sound like a lullaby. That's what happens when your man thinks he can do it on his own. I got mad love for Janet, but JD didn't deliver."

On why JD left Virgin:

"He didn't deliver the goods. Promotion or whatever they wanna say ain't it. That album isn't good. I can say that cause the finished project we had before Jermaine took everything over is crazy. Ask Jimmy & Terry how they felt when Jermaine came in and changed almost everything. That's how I'm gonna end this. Ask Jimmy & Terry."

Source: Hot 97 Radio Interview

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Billboard.com, available 3am Friday, 10/27
Amy Winehouse
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Oh Snapz E!

Police sources tell TMZ that an E! camera crew is currently under investigation, and the entertainment network has provided cops with what could be Exhibit A in a criminal prosecution.

We're told on October 19, a three-person crew from E! went through a gate and entered Brad Pitt's compound in the Hollywood Hills. A construction worker noticed them and contacted Pitt's personal security, who then confronted them.

Two days after the incident, the general contractor on the job and the head of Pitt's security went to LAPD's Hollywood division and filed a criminal trespass report against the two men and a woman from E!. But here's the rub. The eyewitnesses only saw one member of the crew on Pitt's property.

But E! came to Pitt's rescue. After summarily firing the crew, we're told that yesterday E! Entertainment sent detectives a DVD with all of the video that its crew shot. Police sources say the video is incriminating.

The cops tell TMZ they will make a decision next week on whether to refer the case to the L.A. City Attorney for prosecution. We're told E! has been in touch with Brad's peeps in an attempt to settle the matter civilly, not criminally. Stay tuned.


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Its oddly good

So the O.C season 4 premiere is online now, sponsored by Myspace. The show premieres next week (when the 2nd episode is also supposed to be put up in advance on Myspace)
Watch and discuss. It doesn't feel like season one heights (its not an uplifting episode or even very funny at all) but yet I really really liked it. AND I was expecting it to be craptastic.

Watch on myspace

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Ted C's latest Blind Vice

i included my translation for those who get annoyed with his language:

One Masterfully Manipulative Blind Vice

Slurpa Pop-Off, you're such the hustlin' hussy! I dare say, I think this twisted gal gets off on stealing other people's men and watching them suffer. Sick, ain't it? (Yet so Hollywood—yech!) Get a load of Slurpa's latest little pork-and-run plans:

Slurpa recently had an altercation, of sorts, with a gal whose former guy Slurpa is currently suckin' face with all over town. Then, this past weekend, S.P.O. flew her Hell-Ay coop for a little fun 'n' sun away from home in another city known for its, uh, devilish diversions.

And come Monday, after Slurp's supposedly wild weekend, pics were everywhere of her getting down and dirty with not one, but two questionably doable dudes. Looks like the media fell for her photo-op spit-swap sessions hook, line and deadline-prone sinker.

'Cause it turns out Pop-Off's canoodling for the cameras was planned and pretend. Why's that? Well, to distract from the drama surrounding her and her reported latest amigo, evidently. Are ya with me? Doesn't matter, we're almost to the end here.

A bathroom birdie in said city of delightful diversion overheard Slurpa yakking on her phone that she'd temporarily kicked her b-f to the curb 'cause he was too much trouble, but she might just take him back when he rekindles things with his former flame.

Girlfriend, you are cold. In more ways than one, I hear...
And It Ain't:

*Kimora Lee Simmons
*Nicole Ritchie
*Eva Longoria


this hollywood chick, SPO, is known for stealing other girls' men. recently, in fact, she had a fight with a girl whose ex she's been seen making out with all over the place.

last weekend, when she was in Vegas, she made a point of getting her picture taken dancing with two different guys in order to throw the media off the scent. but in the bathroom, she was overheard talking on her cell, saying that even tho she dumped her recent ex-bf because he was "too much trouble," she would take him back if he goes back to *his* ex (and then, presumably, she would steal him back for spite).

and ted ruled out Kimora Lee Simmons, Nicole Ritchie, or Eva Longoria.

sounds like Paris Herpes and that jackass drummer dude to me.
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"Because I Said So" trailer

"Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton) is the proud mother of three daughters: Milly (Mandy Moore), Maggie (Lauren Graham) and Mae (Piper Perabo). Her love for her offspring knows no bounds. Seeing that Milly, her youngest, always chooses the wrong man, Daphne decides to take action. To prevent Milly from repeating the mistakes of the past, Daphne decides to find Mr. Right for her. Dating disaster ensues when Daphne tries to achieve her goal by placing an online personal ad for Milly."

Source 1 || Source 2 || Source 3