October 18th, 2006

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Alicia Keys Arrested ?

October 17. MediaTakeOut.com has just learned that Alicia Keys may have been arrested. An anonymous tipster tells us that Keys was arrested for a domestic disturbance involving another woman. We haven't yet confirmed the story, but the photos (below) suggest that Keys did have a run in with the law...

Man or woman who would cheat on Alicia Keys?
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JOJO:The High Road Review

Album Review Released when she was just 13-years-old, vocalist Jojo's 2004 eponymous debut was a bona fide hit album and garnered the young pop star a legion of equally 
youthful fans, as well as lead roles in two films including the 2006 comedy RV alongside Robin Williams. To say that the release of her 2006 sophomore effort The High Road finds Jojo on the cusp of superstardom is a bit of an understatement. Featuring production and songs by such in demand hit-makers as Swizz Beats, Soulshock and Scott Storch -- the man who made Paris Hilton sound good -- it should come as little surprise that The High Road is a commercially oriented, radio-friendly contemporary pop-R&B album. What may be a surprise is that it is really, really good. These are well-written, catchy pop songs with a healthy dose of hip-hop rhythm that serve as solid launching pads for Jojo's superb vocal abilities. Coming off as a kind of urbanized Jennifer Aniston with the chops of Beyoncé, Jojo is an assured and likeable performer who can somehow embody the yin-yang persona of a suburban cheerleader slinging hip-hop attitude, as she does in the video for the ridiculously overwrought and utterly addictive lead-off single "Too Little Too Late." It also helps that she's matured just enough so that her somewhat sexy persona makes a bit more sense now than it did in 2004, and she easily sells the cheeky and raw dance-funk of such tracks as "This Time" and "The Way You Do Me." However, it's the blissfully melodic ballads and mid-tempo anthems that make the biggest impression here. Cuts such as the gorgeous and dreamy "Like That" and "Anything" with its unexpectedly hip sampling of Toto's "Africa" make for gleefully enjoyable guilty pleasures. Similarly, "Good Ol'" is the best summer anthem ever to see release in the fall, and "'Comin' for You" smartly borrows some of Kelly Clarkson's rock energy. While Jojo may not be taking a career road less-traveled, The High Road does make time for some surprising and memorable pit-stops along the way. ~ Matt Collar, All Music Guide 


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Her album is amazing, the vocals, the beats...everything. Plus, we don't want P.Diddy at #1 do we?
(Who do you pick?)


lol panic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Panic To Release Special CD/DVD Package — Complete With Phenakistoscope!

Call it Marketing! in the Holiday Season.

On November 14, everyone's favorite group of emo circus-enthusiasts, Panic! at the Disco, will release a limited-edition CD/DVD boxed set that includes the band's platinum-plus debut album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (y'know, just in case you don't own it yet), along with a DVD and a whole lot of glittering, glorious ephemera — just in time for the holidays.

The DVD contains a documentary about the band and a live performance — both filmed during Panic's July 22 show at the Fillmore Theatre in Denver, and the ephemera includes loads of "early 20th-century burlesque/vaudeville" material, including a cabaret mask, a period-themed newspaper and, most importantly, a phenakistoscope, an animation device that was popular in Belgium and Austria in the late 1800s/early 1900s.

Also included are a 140-page blank diary, lyric cards, a poster, band photos, a tour program and the all-important "certificate of authenticity." At press time, a representative for the band had not provided a retail price for the set, which is limited to 25,000 copies worldwide.

The vaudevillian theme of the package is in keeping with the circus feel of Panic's upcoming arena tour, which kicks off November 7 in Sunrise, Florida (see "Panic! At The Disco Announce Fall Tour") and promises to be a, uh, rather festive affair (see "For Next Tour, Panic! At The Disco Relying On ... Motley Crue?").

Panic are currently in the midst of a European tour, which ends on October 29.

source - mtv.com

i bet this shit is expensive, lol at anyone who buys it.

Chris Rock’s mother claims discrimination

CHARLESTON, S.C. - Rose Rock, the mother of comedian Chris Rock, claims she was racially discriminated against when she was seated but ignored for more than a half hour at a Cracker Barrel restaurant along the South Carolina coast.

Rock said Tuesday she planned to sue the Lebanon, Tenn.-based company. A Cracker Barrel spokeswoman said the restaurant chain was investigating and taking the complaint “very seriously.”

Cracker Barrel has in the past faced numerous lawsuits and a federal inquiry over complaints of refusing to serve black customers, discriminating against minority workers and firing gay employees. The company has taken steps to rebuild its folksy image and reach out to minorities.

Rock, who is from Georgetown, said she and her 21-year-old daughter were the only blacks at the chain’s Murrells Inlet restaurant in April. She said when she asked the manager about the delay she was told they could have a free meal.

“He never called over the waitresses and asked, ‘Why did these people sit here for an hour without service?”’ she said. “The only thing he said was we could have a free meal and neither of us wanted to eat.”

Cracker Barrel spokeswoman Julie Davis said the company doesn’t “tolerate any form of discrimination.”

“It has always been a violation of our policies and procedures and it is neither condoned nor allowed,” she said. “We do not allow the type of behavior you are describing,” Davis said.

Rock said she contacted the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission and was told her complaint would be handled, but “nothing ever happened.”

The head of the commission, Jesse Washington, said Tuesday that after initial discussions, the complaint was finalized Aug. 7 and his agency also was investigating. He would not comment on the complaint.

“We get thousands of charges coming through here in the course of a year,” he said. “It’s not out of line — the time frame on this. It is being investigated and we will be in touch with her when we have a report.”

The Rev. Al Sharpton will join Rock on Wednesday in South Carolina to announce that Sharpton’s Action Network will finance the planned lawsuit.

“I’m getting reports from all over the country about Cracker Barrel,” Sharpton said from New York on Tuesday.

He also said state officials are slow to act on such complaints.

“When people are talking about there is no more discrimination, a lot of it is because they are not following this stuff up,” Sharpton said.

Cracker Barrel, established in 1969, operates 547 restaurants in 41 states, according to the company’s Web site.

Georgetown is about 60 miles northeast of Charleston.


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"Jennifer Lopez was spotted taking in the view from the balcony of her luxury suite in Tenerife, Spain yesterday where she is accompanying her hubby, Marc Anthony, in the last string of concerts of his Spanish tour. And no, Jen is not recalling her 'Maid in Manhattan' days by kickin' it with the hotel staff -- that's her mom, Guadalupe." ~ source

flavor flaaaaaaav

Don't feed the models!

Project Runway models are not paid, receive only free food

The models who walk the literal runway on Project Runway, showing off the designers’ garments, are not paid. Even worse, one model says the show has led to zero interest in her, even though she’s made it to the final four.

Clarissa Anderson, Michael’s latest model, tells OnMilwaukee.com that the experience sometimes involved 15-hour days, which meant she couldn’t work other jobs. “Just doing (‘Project Runway’) and not being able to do other jobs while doing that was hard for me. I had to beg parents for money because I simply had no income at all,” she said. “I was so busy with the show that I wasn’t really able to get other jobs through my agency because anything I did book I couldn’t do because we were probably filming that day.”

She said the models had to be on set “sometimes two days in a row, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., there all day.” All they received as compensation was food. And the rationale for all this work with no reward, she says, is totally false. “They say, it’s good exposure and everyone’s going to see you; just think of all the jobs you’ll get. I haven’t gotten many jobs because of it — like none,” Clarissa said.

At least they got to talk about their craft with Heidi Klum, right? Nope: at most, she says, Heidi would “pretty much just say hi.” That’s it. Tim Gunn, however, was more friendly. “That guy is a trip. Love that guy. I’ve never met anyone like him,” she said.


TOMKAT wedding news!

"Contrary to reports that they were going to get hitched at George Clooney's Lake Como villa this month, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will apparently be tying the knot next month, though Italy, in fact, will be the venue. According to Us Weekly (via MSNBC), the long-gestating wedding will not in fact be happening at the palatial villa Clooney owns, which you may remember from "Ocean's Twelve. "No weddings have taken place at [Clooney's] villa and no weddings are scheduled to take place there," says Clooney's rep.

But it seems that Katie and Tom "both want everything to be right," says an Us source. "They needed more time." In fact, Holmes' new BFF Victoria Beckham flew with her on Oct. 7 from Paris to Italy to lend a hand with the planning. Cruise's rep is "not denying" the new date or location, though he's done the same thing with every other date and location, all of which have turned out to be false. " ~ source

double, me.

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EXCLUSIVE: Melrose Place's Kelly Rutherford Has a Boy

Melrose Place actress Kelly Rutherford, 37, and her businessman husband, Daniel Giersch, 32, welcomed their first child, a son, on Wednesday, Rutherford tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Hermés Gustaf Daniel Giersch was born at 8 a.m. at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He weighed 8.5 lbs. and was 22 in. long.

After being in labor throughout the night, Rutherford is now resting comfortably at home with her baby. "We live so close to the hospital, we thought we could either hang out here and eat hospital food or go home and order take-out from La Scala," she tells PEOPLE.

"We are all feeling good and I am so blissed out and tired," she says. Being a new mom is "just amazing. It's incredible to see these little beings."

Rutherford is best known for her 1996-1999 role as former hooker Megan Lewis Mancini on Melrose Place, and recently appeared as Samantha "Sonny" Liston on the NBC policital drama E-Ring.

Her baby shower, an afternoon tea held at her Los Angeles home, was attended by her former Melrose Place costars Marcia Cross and Laura Leighton, as well as Full House star Lori Loughlin.

source: people.aol.com
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Oprah Winfrey's holiday home on Maui, Hawaii, shook off the worst of an earthquake on Sunday (15OCT06) - and is still standing.

The talk show queen admits she lost a few keepsakes in the island rumble, which measured 6.7 on the Richter scale.

Winfrey's mansion is just 80 miles from the epicenter of the quake on Hawaii's main island.

She says, "All the vases broken, there were books falling off the shelves, but there was no structural damage and nobody (was) hurt... A lot of my neighbors had a lot of serious damage."


Stevie Wonder Honored by Memphis Museum

Stevie Wonder received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Civil Rights Museum, then segued from his acceptance speech into a medley of his songs that included "My Cherie Amour" and "I Wish."

Wonder, 56, received the honor Tuesday night. The museum also awarded civil rights pioneer Dr. Joseph Lowery the National Freedom Award and Doctors Without Borders co-founder Bernard Kouchner the International Freedom Award.

Playing an electronic keyboard, Wonder told an audience of about 5,000 that music is a gift he can share, challenging Memphis and the world to "use the gifts God has given us to help those less fortunate."

"You must use your eyes, voices, ears. Tomorrow is never promised to any of us. You must be the best you can be right now," he said.

After the singer's speech, two blind students at Georgia Avenue Elementary Caia Smith, 6, and Oveante Magsby, 9 sang their own medley as a tribute to Wonder.

He smiled and clapped as the children sang "Ribbon In the Sky" and "You Are The Sunshine of My Life," then made his way to the stage to meet the children, hugging them and whispering in their ears.

"I thought that was wonderful," said Caia's mother, Curtrice Smith. "He told them he loved them."

Previous recipients of the annual awards include King's widow, Coretta Scott King, former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, Oprah Winfrey and Paul Rusesabagina, whose heroism in the face of genocide inspired the movie "Hotel Rwanda."

Source: http://entertainment.tv.yahoo.com/entnews/ap/20061018/116120208000.html

Jessica loses another battle to Nick

How much lower can Jessica fall? NOW THIS....

Nick Lachey topping 'Newlyweds' ex-wife Jessica Simpson's CD sales

Since the much-publicized divorce of U.S. singers Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, Lachey's newest album has sold twice as many copies as Simpson's. When comparing sales of Lachey's "What's Left of Me" album with his ex-wife's "A Public Affair" offering, the 32-year-old Lachey appears to have to have publicly recovered quickly due to his take on the singers' failed marriage, the New York Daily News reported. While the 26-year-old Simpson chose to offer listeners a zippy pop album in the wake of her divorce, which was finalized in June, Lachey took the sympathetic and ultimately more successful route by emoting his sadness on "What's Left of Me."

To date, Simpson's fourth album has sold a total of 218,972 copies and currently sits at No. 131 on Billboard's Top 200 Album list, while her ex-husband's new album has seen 545,345 sales due to the success of its title ballad. The Daily News said that those numbers reflect a drastic drop for Simpson, whose last album sold 2.9 million copies, while in contrast reflects triple the amount of sales Lachey enjoyed with his last musical offering.


Heather and Macca's divorce battle intensifies over attack claims

Heather Mills is accusing her estranged husband Paul McCartney of repeated violence against her.

Court papers lodged by her lawyers in their £1 billion divorce battle portray him as a 'vindictive' man who once tried to choke her and even attacked her while she was pregnant

Sir Paul's spokesman refused to comment on the allegations, but it is understood he denies them and that they will be fiercely contested in court.

Miss Mills claims in the documents that the ex-Beatle:

- Subjected her to four violent attacks, including one in which he stabbed her in the arm with a broken wine glass.

- Continued to use illegal drugs and drink excessively, despite promises made before they married.

- Hurled abuse at his wife, calling her an 'ungrateful bitch'.

- Tried to prevent her breastfeeding, saying: 'They are my breasts.'

- Made her cancel a crucial operation because it interfered with his holiday plans.

- Objected 'vociferously' when she asked to buy an antique bedpan to save her crawling to the toilet at night.

Source: Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk) and BBC (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6062526.stm)

My personal opinion: Heather Mills is a nasty piece of work and a fantasist.

Artios Awards Presenters Announced

The Casting Society of America have announced the presenters of their 22nd Artios Awards® being held November 1, 2006 at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California. Presented yearly for outstanding achievement in casting, the awards are given on the criteria of originality, creativity and the contribution of casting to the overall quality of a project.

The Artios Awards are intended to celebrate the work that we do that sometimes goes unnoticed," said Dawn Steinberg, Event Chairperson and Senior Vice President, Talent and Casting, Sony Pictures Television. "This very important evening provides our community the opportunity to honor ourselves, and to further demonstrate the pride that we have in the work that has been accomplished during the course of a year."

Each year, in addition to the twenty different theatrical casting categories announced during the award presentation, the Casting Society of America also recognizes Industry notables with a Career Achievement Award and bestows the Hoyt Bowers Award on one of its own. This year, these awards will be presented to John Wells and April Webster, respectively, each luminaries in their field.

Presenting the Career Achievement Award to John Wells will be casting director John Levey ("The West Wing," "ER"). Producer/director J.J. Abrams ("Lost," "Six Degrees," "Alias," "Mission: Impossible III") will present April Webster with the Hoyt Bowers Award. Other celebrity presenters include Martin Landau ("Entourage," OSCAR® for "Ed Wood," Golden Globe® Winner), Noah Wyle ("ER"), Maura Tierney ("ER"), Saana Lathan ("A Raisin In the Sun," "Nip/Tuck"), Emmy Rossum ("Poseidon," "The Phantom of the Opera"), Abigail Breslin ("Little Miss Sunshine," "Signs"), Chris Pine ("Just My Luck," "Princess Diaries 2"), and John Cho ("Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle," "American Pie"). Elon Gold ("Stacked") will return as host of the evening. 

Timberlake debuts 'Street Sexy' clothes

Pop star Justin Timberlake isn't your typical fashion designer. So the runway debut of his William Rast clothing line wasn't a typical fashion show.

Rather than show the collection at the official Los Angeles Fashion Week site, Culver City's Smashbox Studios, Timberlake took over one of Hollywood's hottest nightspots on Tuesday night.

A runway and scores of bleacher seats were added to a section of Social Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard. Another part of the massive club was reserved for the exclusive after-party, including a performance by Timberlake, the 25-year old Grammy-winner whose second solo CD, "FutureSex/LoveSounds," was released in September.

The impressive guest list included Wilmer Valderrama, Eve and Timberlake's girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, who gave interviews and posed for pictures before taking their front-row seats. Other A-list attendees included Paris and Nicky Hilton, Maroon 5's Adam Levine and Patrick Dempsey, aka Dr. McDreamy from TV's "Grey's Anatomy."

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MJ making a comeback?


Here's a recent photo of Michael Jackson in the studio with Will.I.Am, from the Black Eyed Peas. Billy Bush That corny dude from AccessHollywood reporter got a chance to meet with MJ...here's what he had to say about the meeting in his blog: 

It's half past four in the morning and I'm making my way to Dublin with Ray. I have spent a fair amount of time in the back of Ray's car in the last 34 hours. He is the driver, henchman for the fellow who owns the recording studio in the middle of no man's land, Ireland. Not only is it a quaint studio built inside the grounds of an old stone classic Irish estate... it's the new creative home of Michael Jackson.

And yes, I just conducted the first visit with Michael Jackson since he left the United States in June 2005. First off, let me tell you what this visit is not:

It is not a bare all, rehashing of that period of his life. I was prepared to ask him all the questions in the world regarding mistakes made and lessons learned, but trust me, he was not. He asked if 5 minutes of rolling tape was OK in the studio while he "collaborated" with Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas. Ultimately, We rolled for about 40 minutes and I did ask him questions about music and his thoughts for making a comeback.

Michael Jackson was nervous and antsy. He was truly torn. He wanted to stay and keep jamming and have some fun, but he also wanted to leave before, from his perspective, he got crucified by another TV interview.

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Sucky is Mahn

Sad McCartney pleads for privacy

CNN) -- Former Beatle Paul McCartney has defended himself against allegations of mistreatment allegedly made by his estranged wife, former model Heather Mills.

The couple is in divorce proceedings.

"Since the breakdown of his marriage, Sir Paul McCartney has maintained his silence in not commenting on the media stories, believing that it was best for all concerned, particularly his children, for there to be some dignity in what is a private matter," the musician's lawyer, Paul Freundlich, said in a written statement.

"Our client would very much like to respond in public and in detail to the allegations made recently against him by his wife and published in the press but he recognizes, on advice, that the only correct forum for his response to the allegations made against him is in the current divorce proceedings. Our client will be defending these allegations vigorously and appropriately.

"Our client is saddened by the breakdown of his marriage and requests that his family is allowed to conduct their personal affairs out of the media spotlight for the sake of everybody involved."

The charges were published in the British tabloid Daily Mail and the Evening Standard, which described them as extracts from court documents filed by the former model.

The law firm representing Heather Mills McCartney told CNN that court documents had been filed, but it would not say whether the documents cited by the newspapers were legitimate. CNN has not been able to determine their authenticity.

The couple has a 2-year-old daughter.

The 64-year-old musician has won 13 Grammy Awards and one Academy Award.

He and Heather Mills, 38, married four years ago. They announced their separation in May.

People Magazine has estimated McCartney's worth at more than $1.6 billion.

He has said he did not ask Mills to sign a prenuptial agreement because he thought it would be "unromantic."

The musician's first wife, Linda McCartney, died of breast cancer in 1998.


This divorce just makes me miss Linda. She got so much crap, but she was an awesome person and I think this just sullies his previous marriage. Heather Mills is a cunt.

Developing Story: Threat Against NFL Stadiums

Government Skeptical of Threat Against NFL Stadiums
By Lara Jakes Jordan

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A Web site is claiming that seven NFL football stadiums will be hit with radiological dirty bombs this weekend, but the government on Wednesday expressed doubts about the threat.

The warning, posted Oct. 12, was part of an ongoing Internet conversation titled "New Attack on America Be Afraid." It Mentioned NFL stadiums in New York, Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, Oakland and Cleveland, where games are scheduled for this weekend.

The Homeland Security Department alerted authorities and stadium owners in those cities, as well as the NFL, of the Web message but said the threat was being viewed "with strong skepticism." Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke said there was no intelligence that indicated such an attack was imminent, and that the alert was "out of an abundance of caution."

"The department strongly encourages the public to continue to go about their plans, including attending events that involve large public gatherings such as football games," Knocke said.

The FBI also expressed doubt about the threat.

The nation's alert level remains at yellow, signaling an elevated risk of an attack. The threat level for airline flights is at orange, a higher level, where it has been since a foiled plot to bomb U.S.-bound commercial jets was revealed on Aug. 10.

butty cole

ah, naomi........

Australian actress Naomi Watts has reportedly been offered the lead role in the remake of Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 horror classic The Birds. Armageddon director Michael Bay's company will produce the new version of the film. She would play the role of Melanie Daniels, which was played by Tippi Hedren, in the original, according to moviehole.net. The script is being re-worked by Leslie Dixon, who updated The Thomas Crown Affair for Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in 1999. The movie features a wealthy San Francisco socialite who follows a potential boyfriend to a small Northern California town where birds suddenly begin to launch vicious attacks on people.

source: imdb via wenn.com
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Mariah Sings Worse Than Jlo Now

What a difference a decade makes. Her voice is in the shitters something fierce. She was perfection in the 90's, and now she's made her way to this. Even Cassie could sing better.


Her voice is gone and the bish OD' on plastic surgery


Back in 91                                                                                  Now in 05

The bish has really aged in the face

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Second series for 'Make Me A Supermodel'

Friday, June 23 2006, 11:59 BST - by Susanna Regan

Channel Five's popular series Make Me A Supermodel is to return in the autumn, with an extended run and additional features.

The show follows a nationwide search to discover the next big thing, with a shortlist of contestants competing for a modelling contract with UK agency Select.

The agency's managing director, Tandy Anderson, said of the show: "It's an incredible opportunity for young people with great potential to get invaluable guidance from
some major figures in the industry and to demonstrate their potential to the British public."

A panel of experts will mentor the potential models, and this time viewers will also be able to vote for the candidate they want to win. This series will also feature both girls and boys.

Anderson added: "Last year we found some remarkable girls, including winner Alice Sinclair, and I'm sure that we'll find fresh new talent in this year's competition. I can't wait to get started on this hugely exciting journey."

The show will run for six weeks, with cameras recording every moment of the potential models' experiences living together under the same roof, and each week contestants up for elimination will have to compete in a live runway walk-off.

Additional coverage will air on Five's new digital channel Five Life.

This show not only has female models, but male models competing too. I wish someone would upload the videos on youtube so I could watch it too. :'(
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More info:http://www.five.tv/programmes/makemeasupermodel2/
Lol I just posted the story so I could post the pics.
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conan white teeth
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Sup JB, Sup Kyle, Sup Michael Keaton? Abe Lincoln? Time Goblin?

"The time draws near when the titans of rock give rise to an album destined to occupy its place in the center of the sonic solar system. The album that is Tenacious D's "The Pick Of Destiny." iTunes is proud to celebrate this rock milestone by offering a free "mini-movie" starring the greatest band on earth created exclusively for iTunes. The first half is yours to view for free, but the only way you can see the thrilling conclusion is to pre-order The Pick Of Destiny soundtrack at iTunes."



Rapper Flavor Flav's search for love helped VH1 break ratings records Sunday, when Flavor of Love 2 wooed 7.5 million total viewers to its season finale, marking the network's highest-rated telecast ever.

The 90-minute Season 2 finale, which aired at 10 p.m. Sunday, also was the No. 1 cable telecast for the night and the top nonsports telecast in all of basic cable for the entire year, according to Nielsen Media Research data.

In the key demo of adults 18-49, the episode averaged a 4.6 rating, topping all other cable programs for the night. Among black adults 18-49, the show earned an 18 rating/34 share.

VH1 added that Flavor of Love 2--which has broken several VH1 ratings records throughout its run, including becoming the most-watched series premiere in the network's history with 3.3 million total viewers Aug. 6--also is a hit on the channel's digital platforms, including broadband channel VSPOT. Flavor of Love streams on VSPOT hit a new one-day/single-show high Monday with 1.1 million streams.

VH1 also said Tuesday that Seasons 1 and 2 of the show are now available for purchase and download exclusively on the iTunes Music Store for $1.99 per episode, marking a first for VH1's series. Also now available are episodes of other VH1 series including Hogan Knows Best, Breaking Bonaduce, and Strange Love.

Source: tv.com

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Osbourne plans to remove gastric band

Sharon Osbourne says she plans to remove a gastric band that helped her lose 125 pounds and instead rely on psychotherapy to cope with her weight issues.

"I have to figure out why I do what I do to myself," the 54-year-old wife/manager of rocker Ozzy Osbourne says in an interview in People magazine's Oct. 30 issue. "I think I have some sort of self-destruction button."

Osbourne, who has written a memoir, "Sharon Osbourne Extreme," had surgery for the gastric band in 1999 and plans to shed it in December (when she returns to the U.S. from Britain), she says. She packed on 15 pounds this year "from overeating," she says, even though the band limits what she can digest.

"I keep trying to eat more and more ... I'm a pig," says Osbourne, who has indulged in "chocolate, French fries and junk food" instead of sticking to the nutritious diet required of gastric-band patients.

What happens when she eats too much? "You throw up...then you eat more," she says.

Osbourne, who starred with her bizarre-yet-loving clan in MTV's "The Osbournes," is being cheered on by her three children: Aimee, 23, Kelly, 21, and Jack, 20.

"My kids, their whole life, have seen me struggle with weight," she says. "They say, `Now you need to spend time on your head.'"



Catherine Zeta-Jones is furious with her husband Michael Douglas, after he gushed about his sexy co-stars.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The 62-year-old actor revealed he had a "crush on Kim Basinger" and complimented Eva Longoria on her "fantastic butt" during a recent interview to promote his film "The Sentinel." Michael also proclaimed that "sex is like a wave that sweeps over me."

However, his 37-year-old Welsh actress wife was not amused by his comments and immediately telephoned him to tell him exactly how she felt.

A source revealed to Britain's Grazia magazine: "Catherine called him every name under the sun. Michael was trying to explain it was just for publicity, and that he thought it was a good idea to rev up his image as a bad-boy."

Michael, who was previously treated for sex addiction, then spent hours trying to convince Catherine that he would never be unfaithful to her.

The source added: "Michael swore he'd never cheated on her and never would. He also swore no one was as sexy or beautiful as her. They've made up, but Catherine is still edgy."


LOL @ Michael being previously treated for "sex addiction"

Hearing set for Michelle Williams' dad


Michelle Williams' father, a prominent stock market trader, was ordered Wednesday to face an extradition hearing over tax evasion charges in the United States.

Australian police, responding to a request from U.S. authorities, arrested 64-year-old Larry Williams in May after he flew into Sydney to begin a monthlong speaking tour in Australia and New Zealand. He was released on $753,000 bail.

Appearing before Sydney's Central Local Court, Williams was ordered Wednesday to face a hearing on March 26.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service wants to question Williams — a resident of the Virgin Islands — about a possible $1.5 million in unpaid taxes from book royalties and earnings from international seminars he conducted between 1990 and 2001.

His 26-year-old daughter received an Oscar nomination as best supporting actress for her performance in the 2005 film "Brokeback Mountain," playing the wife of Heath Ledger's character.



(CNN) -- The rapper known as Fabolous, whose legal name is John Jackson, was arraigned Wednesday on multiple weapons charges, according to the Manhattan district attorney's office.

The 28-year-old hit maker was shot in the thigh as he left hip-hop impresario Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' restaurant Justin's at 12:30 a.m. Tuesday.

The rapper's entourage, Kevin Bass, 18; Percell German, 23; and Rascharm Davis, 29 -- all of Brooklyn, New York -- apparently helped the injured Jackson into a 2005 Dodge Magnum.

Police said the car ran a red light, and officers who pulled the men over discovered two loaded guns inside. Both weapons were unlicensed, Sgt. Mike Wysokowski told The Associated Press.

All four men were arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a defaced firearm, police said.

The rapper was in police custody Tuesday after being treated at Bellevue Hospital. Police are searching for the shooter.

Manhattan district attorney spokesperson Barbara Thompson said Jackson's next court appearance is Friday, October 20.

A Brooklyn native, Jackson is known for his hits "Breathe" and "Can't Deny it." He has worked with respected hip-hop producers such as Scott Scorch, the Neptunes and Just Blaze.

Pop audiences will recognize him from his rap interlude on Jennifer Lopez's 2005 dance single "Get Right."

Calls made to Jackson's record label, Def Jam Records, were not returned. Jackson is the latest of many rappers who have been shot or involved in gunfights.

Deshaun Holton, the rapper known as Proof and a member of the hip-hop group D12 associated with Eminem, was shot to death in April in Detroit.

In May, the New York Post reported that a gunfight broke out at a Queens barbeque at which G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks -- affiliated with rapper 50 Cent -- was eating. An 18-year-old bystander was hit in the neck, his family told the newspaper.

The same month, a rapper named Jamal "Gravy" Woolard was shot outside New York City's hip-hip radio station Hot 97.

In February 2005, 50 Cent and rapper The Game got into an argument that erupted in gunfire outside the station.

In 2001, a member of another rapper's entourage was shot in the back outside Hot 97. The incident led to rapper L'il Kim serving jail time -- which came to an end with her release earlier this year -- for lying to authorities about the shooting. 


McPhee Hits the Kat-walk

Katharine McPhee traded the "American Idol" stage for the fashion runway at Dina Bar-El's show on Tuesday during LA Fashion Week.

McPhee dazzled the crowd as she pranced down the catwalk with Bar-El at her side, while her rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" played in the background during the finale of the show.

The McPheever was in top form after a tumultuous summer which saw the songbird fracture her foot, suffer from bouts of bronchitis and laryngitis and reveal she was once bulimic.

Kat glowed in a beige gown which featured a beaded halter empire waist and floating chiffon bottom.

McPhee and Bar-El have been friends ever since the designer created gowns for the budding popstar during "American Idol."

When not channeling her inner supermodel, Katharine has been busy recording her debut album which is due out in November 28.

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Posh Spice: I'm stressed out being a mum!

The former Spice Girl - who has three sons, Romeo, seven, Brooklyn, four, and one-year-old Cruz with footballer husband David - claims she is "massively stressed as a mum" because her children take up most of her time.
However, Victoria insists she always manages to find time to make sure she is dressed to impress when she goes out.
She is quoted by Britain’s The Sun newspaper as saying: "You often feel like you have no time to yourself. Nowadays, I multitask. I plan outfits while I’m doing something else - getting ready for bed or taking a bath. And there’s always the risk of baby sick down my front." Despite her time troubles, Victoria - better known as Posh Spice - admits that being a busy mum has taught her to deal with any fashion dilemmas that might occur more efficiently.
She said: "Being a mother’s taught me not to waste time faffing about in the closet every morning. You learn how to get things done quicker, and often you do them just as well."


Yoko Ono sues EMI for $10M

Yoko Ono sued music company EMI Group PLC and a subsidiary for $10 million Wednesday, claiming she was cheated out of royalties due from the sale of music recordings by her late husband, John Lennon.

The lawsuit, filed in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, accuses EMI and Capitol Records Inc. of violating a half-dozen agreements by "willfully and knowingly underreporting royalties" by hiding the "true use and disposition of Lennon's recordings."

Ono's three-page filing, which included a summons and notice but no detailed complaint, also accuses EMI and Capitol of "intentionally and systematically rendering dishonest and grossly deficient accounting statements."

A spokeswoman for EMI/Capitol, Jeanne Meyer, would not discuss Ono's lawsuit specifically, but she said, "Artists from time to time request audits of their royalty accounts. Sometimes there are differences of opinion, which is understandable given the complex nature of recording contracts."

Meyer said the contracts are sometimes subject to interpretation "but 99 times out of 100 these things are resolved in an amicable way."

Ono's lawyer, John LiCalsi, refused to comment on the lawsuit, which asks for at least $10 million plus interest.

In August, state Supreme Court Justice Karla Moskowitz refused to dismiss a similar lawsuit brought by the Beatles and their music company, Apple Corps Ltd. That lawsuit seeks ownership and control of the Beatles' master recordings.

Meyer said her company is appealing the judge's ruling.

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a new twist in tomkats wedding?

LOS ANGELES - The nuptials of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes appear to be getting nearer, and Giorgio Armani is said to be whipping up the celebrity duo's wedding wear.

According to sources, Armani has designed five different outfits for Holmes for various events taking place on the wedding weekend.

An Armani spokesperson declined to comment Wednesday.

Last week in Paris, Holmes confirmed that she already has her wedding dress picked out, and she was also spotted in Milan, where Armani is headquartered.

It wouldn't be the first time the designer has ministered to top secret nuptials. In 2003, he designed the gown and tuxedo for Russell Crowe and Danielle Spencer's Sydney wedding.

Cruise and Holmes donned Armani at Oprah's Winfrey's Legends Ball in Santa Barbara in May 2005 and also during the international press tours for their films "Mission: Impossible 3" and "Batman Begins."

source: wwd.com

edit: I just want to see Karl Lagerfeld fight with Armani on this because Karl was originally slated as the guy to do the dress.

What ever happened to the Animorphs? ;______;

Okay, so we've had other posts about old-school Nickelodeon shows, but WHY HAS NO ONE MENTIONED "ANIMORPHS"!?!?!?!
Seriously, when I was like 12 or so the books & show > my life.

Shawn Ashmore has not aged at all. Have any of the other people in this show done anything since? I'm too lazy to look it up.
And who was the bird? Does anyone remember? Wasn't he trapped like that?...

the intro to the show:

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