October 13th, 2006

Jay Z in Nigeria

Jay Z in Kwara State, launched "Water for Life" Project, turbaned by the Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu Gambari

Governor Bukola Saraki at Shawn "Jay Z" Carter's Road

Jay Z in a native attire after being decorated by His Excellency, Governor Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the Executive Governor of Kwara State.

L-R: Jay Z , Governor Bukola Saraki, and the Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu Gambari.

Jay Z on a horse after being turbaned by the Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu Gambari.

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Leo visits SOS Villages

Image is Free Hosted By Pictiger.com

Leonardo DiCaprio works with orphans from SOS Childrens Villages on the set of his upcoming film, "Blood Diamond"

During filming for his new movie, "Blood Diamond", due out December 2006, Leonardo had the chance to meet and work with 24 orphaned children from the SOS Childrens Village in Maputo, Mozambique. The children were asked to be extras in the film and got to spend part of their summer break traveling to the movie set and working with the actors.

Leonardo was extremely touched by his interactions with the children and was thrilled to be a part of such a memorable experience for them.
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Amy Winehouse
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Tonya Westphalen has come out of the woodwork claiming she was Brad Pitt's first girlfriend. They apparently dated throughout high school back in Springfield, Missori, and as the 41-year old blonde tells the tabloid, she knows all too well the pain Jennifer Aniston went through after getting dumped by Brad. "Before his senior year, Brad said he wanted to cool it for a while." Tonya was later crushed when she learned Brad was dating a girl named Becky.

But Brad's good conscious later took over as he poured his heart out in a long message in Tonya junior yearbook. "Tonya, baby sweetheart honey pie, I don't know what my problem is. You always cared and understood no matter what - and I love you for it. There will always be a place for you in my heart."

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Depp in Vanity
The photos of Johnny Depp are from a photoshoot taken in August 1994 by Annie Liebovitz. They have recently begun to reappear and have been published in several different magazines, including the current issue of Italian Vanity Fair.

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God he was to sexy back then and still is now ♥

Source: FadedYouth.Blogspot.com

Katie Holmes has her "Something New"

As wedding preparations heat up, Katie Holmes enjoys a bachelorette trip through Paris with unlikely best pal Posh Spice.

Attention celeb watchers, Katie Holmes has the dress, I repeat, she has the dress!

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Is it just me? Or does she remind everyone else of Tom Cruise in this pic?   Derek Zoolander has "Blue Steel" They have "Batshit Crazy"

SOURCE: Sympatico MSN Entertainment

Usher forced to leave "Chicago"

A severe bout of strep throat has forced R&B star Usher to withdraw from the hit Broadway musical "Chicago," costing the show an estimated $400,000 in refunds.

The singer, who was scheduled to give his farewell performance tomorrow night, has been sidelined since last Friday. The first night he was out, hundreds of disappointed theatergoers stormed the box office, demanding their money back.

"It was pandemonium," a source said.

That night, the cast played to a theater that was half-empty. Since then, the refund line outside the Ambassador Theatre on West 49th Street has stretched halfway down the block.

"We never expected this," producer Barry Weissler told The Post. "He was very sick last week, and it's just gotten worse. Unfortunately, he won't be coming back."

The impact on ticket sales has "been horrible," the producer added. "Big refunds."

Theatergoers are entitled to a refund or a ticket exchange for another date anytime an above-the-title star is out of a show.

Despite the plunge, Usher's seven-week gig will still be extremely profitable.

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ny post

Oprah, Bono promote clothing line, iPod

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey and humanitarian rocker Bono hit the city's "Magnificent Mile" on Thursday for a shopping spree to promote a new line of clothing, accessories and gadgets, including a special-edition iPod, that will raise money to fight AIDS in Africa. 

Dozens of "(Product) Red" items will go on sale in the coming weeks by Gap Inc., Apple Computer Inc., Motorola Inc., Converse Inc. and Emporio Armani

Portions of the product sales will go to The Global Fund, an organization that fights AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.
"Some people won't put on marching boots, so we've got to get to people where they are at, and they're in the shopping malls," Bono said in a phone interview. "Now you're buying jeans and T-shirts, and you're paying for 10 women in Africa to get medication for their children with HIV." 

The Gap, which will debut its Red line in stores on Friday, will donate half the profits to The Global Fund.
Apple will contribute $10 from the sale of each new red-colored iPod nano. The model, priced the same as its $199 cousins, goes on sale Friday. 

The celebrities, who arrived at the downtown Chicago Gap store in a red Ford Thunderbird, got a sneak peak at the products during a private shopping stint that will be broadcast Friday on Winfrey's show. 

After visiting the Gap, the duo walked along Michigan Avenue to an Apple store and picked up the red iPod, the first music product from the Cupertino, Calif.-based company designed to raise money for charity. 

The two also stopped at Armani and Motorola stores. 

"Shop 'till it stops," said Bono as he walked out of the Apple store clutching bulging shopping bags. 

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yahoo! news

also go to JoinRed for more info
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The Killers 'offended' by Green Day

Brandon Flowers doesn't want to be an 'American Idiot'

Brandon Flowers has criticised Green Day for what he sees as their calculated anti-Americanism.

In particular, Flowers singled out the track 'American Idiot' and the fact they filmed their DVD 'Bullet In A Bible', which features the song, in the UK.

"You have Green Day and 'American Idiot'. Where do they film their DVD? In England," The Killers' frontman told The Word. "A bunch of kids screaming 'I don't want to be an American idiot' I saw it as a very negative thing towards Americans. It really lit a fire in me."

Explaining he was offended by the set-up, Flowers added: "You have the right to say what you want to say and what you want to write about, and I'm sure they meant it in the same way that Bruce Springsteen meant 'Born In The USA' and it was taken wrongly, but I was really offended when I saw them do that."

The singer added he felt the DVD was a bit of a a stunt.

"I just thought it was really cheap," he explained. "To go to a place like England or Germany and sing that song - those kids aren't taking it the same way that he meant it. And he [Billie Joe Armstrong] knew it."

The Killers' frontman said he believed that his band's new album 'Sam's Town' is a much better representation of America.

"People need to see that, really, there are the nicest people in the world here!" he declared. "I don't know if our album makes you realise that. But I hope it's from a more positive place."

- - - - - -

the McSource.

lololol. because Green Day never EVER play American Idiot here to a happy crowd, amirite? Brandon needs to buy a clue. also, he needs to realize HE IS NOT BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN.


Hollywood's elite joined T-Mobile at an Exclusive Launch Event in Beverly Hills for the Debut of Two
New Limited Edition T-Mobile Sidekicks by Diane Von Furstenberg and Lifted Research Group
October 13, 2006 - T-Mobile Sidekick 3 Boutique
Beverly Hills, California United States


Hollywood's elite eh? Sure! Whatever you say Diane Von Furstenberg.

Pics within my babies.
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{film}: prelude to death

Skeet Ulrich is a bit creepy, y/n?

CBS orders full season of 'Jericho'

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - CBS has ordered a full season of its rookie drama "Jericho," which has fit nicely into its Wednesday lineup.

While not a breakout hit of the size of NBC's "Heroes," the apocalyptic drama starring Skeet Ulrich has averaged 11.3 million viewers during its four airings to date, and has helped "Criminal Minds" and "CSI: NY" surge in the ratings.

The CBS order was for nine episodes, bringing its total order for the show to 22 episodes. "Heroes" is the only other newcomer to get a full-season pickup so far.


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John Mayer: No "Superfly"

Contemporary folk rock singer John Mayer is in trouble with the family of the late Curtis Mayfield.

Kirk Mayfield, the late R&B great’s son, wants Mayer put on notice publicly. The singer’s latest single, “Waiting on the World to Change,” Mayfield believes, is uncomfortably close sounding to his father’s classic, “We’re a Winner.”

Indeed, one listen to “Waiting” and it’s pretty obvious that the music is pure Mayfield. Even Mayer’s performance of it sounds like Curtis, who was famous for “Superfly,” “I’m So Proud,” “People Get Ready” and many other classic songs.

Of course, this kind of thing seems to be happening a lot lately. I told you last week that John Legend lifted the music from “Stormy,” by the Classics IV, changed the lyrics and pretended he wrote a new song called “Save Room.”

This used to be called plagiarism. Now it’s called “sampling.”

Mayfield, I’m told, is also listening closely to the new Legend album, which may contain a sample of his father’s work.

But Mayer, at least, hasn’t contacted the Mayfield estate for use of “We’re a Winner.” That, says Kirk Mayfield, won’t be tolerated.

On a completely separate note, I always thought Mayer had somehow appropriated the voice of Michael Franks, a popular but never successful singer of the late '70s whose biggest hit was “Popsicle Toes.”

Source: foxnews.com


I listened to "We're a Winner" and it sounds nothing like "Waiting..."
double, me.

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Julia Robert’s Baby Belt Buckle

Proud mommy Julia Roberts left her local gym in Brentwood, California yesterday wearing a very unique belt buckle. Julia’s belt buckle featured pictures of her twins, son Phinnaeus Walter and a daughter Hazel Patricia. Phinnaeus and Hazel turn two next month.

Julia, 38, will be lending her voice talents to the film Charlotte’s Web later this year. She will voice spider Charlotte A. Cavatica while Dakota Fanning will play Fern. Other voice talents featured in Charolette’s Web in the long list of big name celebrities include Oprah Winfrey, Steve Buscemi, John Cleese, Thomas Haden Church, Robert Redford, Cedric the Entertainer, Jennifer Garner, and Reba McEntire. Charolette’s Web is scheduled for a Dec. 20 release.


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i think that belt buckle is a really cute idea. i kind of want one. not of kids or anything...but of another photograph or something.
Prison Break: Disguise
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'Medium' and '3 Lbs.' Set November Premieres

NBC and CBS fill 'Kidnapped' and 'Smith' holes

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NBC is recruiting "Medium" to crack the case in what has been a dead time period so far this season, while CBS hopes to do the same with the new drama "3 Lbs."

Beginning on Wednesday, Nov. 15, "Medium" will begin its third season in the 10 p.m. ET slot formerly occupied by the heavily-touted freshman drama "Kidnapped." After three disappointing airings, "Kidnapped" was shipped off to the programming Gulag of Saturday nights.

Although its figures dipped somewhat in its second season, "Medium" averaged 11.1 million viewers last year, airing on Monday night. The show stars Emmy winner Patricia Arquette as a woman whose connection to the deceased helps her solve crimes.

"We have been waiting for the right moment to bring back this excellent, chilling drama to our lineup and we know this will make the show's legion of devoted fans very happy," says NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly. "'Medium' is an especially creative show, led by the vision of executive producer-creator Glenn Gordon Caron, that is ready to hit the ground running with its new season of thrilling episodes."

In addition, CBS has set a premiere date for "3 Lbs.," which will be rushed into the Tuesday, 10 p.m. slot after the premature cancellation of "Smith." The show, which features Stanley Tucci as plays an unpredictable doctor mentoring a potentially brilliant young brain surgeon (Mark Feurstein), will kick off on Tuesday, Nov. 14.


I love Medium! I know it doesn't have a big fandom, but it's a good show, so I can't wait. I hope it does better in that timeslot than Kidnapped did.
jenny lewis

paul mccartney to be a trademark?


LONDON (Reuters) - Former Beatle sought on Friday to cash in on his name by registering it as a trademark for use on everything from waistcoats to vegetarian food.  In addition to vegetarian items, he is also seeking permission for the name on meat, fish, poultry and game.

The application has been made by McCartney's company, MPL Communications Ltd, and if successful will give it the exclusive right to use of the name McCartney on clothing, footwear, headgear and a variety of other goods. The full application specifies such disparate items as articles of fancy dress, overalls, waistcoats, hosiery, dressing-gowns, bath robes, sports clothing and swimwear.


X17 and Keanu's Excellent Adventure

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We had our eye on the Wyld Stallyn today when his bike ran out of gas, and when he asked for a ride, what was our photog to do but oblige! Keanu's not the airheaded Ted he plays on the big screen, when he saw the nice big camera in the car, he knew something was up! Nonetheless, Keanu was desperate enough that he accepted help from X17 (as much as he's known to hate paps), and agreed, reluctantly, to give our shooter some pix in return.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now, the rest of the story goes like this ... when they got back to Keanu's motorcycle, a Good Sam had moved it so that Keanu wouldn't get ticketed for parking in a No Parking zone.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Then Mr. Matrix was ready to fill up the tank with gas, but Keanu didn't know how to work the Jerry Can and asked our lovely photographer if she could figure it out!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Linda Evangelista Has a Boy

Linda Evangelista has welcomed her first child – a boy, the supermodel's agent, Didier Fernandez, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Augustin James Evangelista was born on Wednesday in New York City.

Evangelista, 41, told the Associated Press in July that she wasn't worried about the effects of pregnancy on her supermodel figure. "I'm not freaked out at all," she said. "I embrace it. I believe I'm doing everything to go through this as smoothly as possible. I'm either doing yoga or exercising every day."

The Canada-born catwalker also said she wouldn't make a "comeback" after giving birth, because she's not going anywhere to begin with. "I decided when I was 12 that (modeling) is what I wanted to do," she said. "I know how to be a good model. And I didn't have a Plan B in place."


Proving that Poop does pay

The girl from FLAVOR OF LOVE 2 who famously shat in CASA-DE-FLAVOR was on my television Wednesday night on Criminal Minds.

She's in the opening scenes of the episode called "Psychodrama" in which a bankrobber forces people at the banks he robs to strip and perform 'lewd sex acts'. Sumthin had a non-speaking role... She sat in her underwear and whimpered unconvincingly.
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Singer Nikka Costa gave birth

To a baby girl! named 'Sugar'


For those that don't know who she is . 

I'm sure you've heard these song! and seen this video all over mtv back in 2001

She also was to play Janis Joplin in the biopic 'Gospel according to Janis'

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no prom!

Brooke Hogan's "Prom" Invite Revoked

by Sarah Hall
Oct 13, 2006, 2:25 PM PT

Apparently, Brooke Hogan doesn't always know best.

The Hulk's offspring has been bounced from the cover of the upcoming annual edition of Prom magazine due to her scantily-clad appearance on the cover of another publication

After Hogan posed for FHM's November issue wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini, the teen-focused mag elected to drop her from its cover, stating it felt her image was not appropriate for the Prom audience. 

"We don't feel up to taking thousands of telephone calls from the upset mothers of our young promers," spokesman Aaron Bernick said in a statement. 

The magazine said that Ashley Tisdale will step in for Hogan, but that the switch would push back its November deadline and delay publication until January 2007.

A rep for Hogan accused the magazine of trying to draw attention to the upcoming issue by creating controversy.

"Clearly, Prom is attempting to publicize their magazine by stirring up controversy over photos of Brooke that they took more than a year ago," Hogan's rep said in a statement to E! Online. "Looks like they are trying to up their circulation."

Though she won't be the cover girl, a feature on Hogan will still appear in the magazine's pages.

Meanwhile, Hogan, along with her family, will return to VH1 on Oct. 22 for the third season of Hogan Knows Best, which will feature the blond-and-tan clan's struggle to adapt to their new home in Miami.

The season will also focus on Hogan's career as an aspiring recording artist, and coincides with the release of her first album on Oct. 24.

With all that going for her, who needs Prom, anyway? 

source: www.eonline.com

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"Mel Gibson Should Die." Y/N?

Jewish comedienne Joan Rivers has launched a scathing attack on Mel Gibson, insisting the actor should "die" for the anti-Semitic comments he made to police officers who arrested him for drunk driving in July. The outspoken comic urges people to boycott Gibson's TV interviews with newswoman Diane Swayer on Good Morning America, because the exposure will only help to heal the actor/director's tarnished public image.

She tells Celebrity Week, "He is an anti-Semitic son of a bitch. He should f**king die.

"I think everyone should not watch the interview with Diane Sawyer. The hypocrisy is what I hate. You know it's all about ratings and Diane Sawyer has them all when she's married to a Jewish guy--Mike Nichols. "

"It's ridiculous because she'll get great ratings and (Gibson) will be back in business."

Not surprisingly, Rivers revealed that Gibson has now earned a place in her stand up act: “His bumper sticker is ‘My other car is a gas chamber.’ The other is ‘I heart Hitler,’” she joked before again turning serious. “I believed it when he said six and a half million Jews spent World War two in Boca and didn’t die. He is what he is. How refreshing that we all now know.”


Sublime "Everything Under the Sun" Box Set

"Ten years after Nowell's death, his music has found its own endless summer." - ROLLING STONE



The Long Beach trio known as Sublime began with a gig on July 4th, 1988 that as legend tells ignited the infamous "Peninsula Riot." The chaos and excitement escalated over the next eight years from the backyards of Long Beach and 40 Oz. to Freedom to the national phenomenon of their breakthrough album, Sublime.  Sadly, the massive success of Sublime came in the wake of the tragic and untimely death of singer-songwriter-guitartist Bradley Nowell.  But the music lives on.


Celebrating Sublime's legacy as one of the most influential bands of the '90s, the career-spanning multi-disc cd and dvd box set Everything Under the Sun will be released on November 14th, 2006 (Geffen/UMe/Gasoline Alley/Skunk) completing the band's discography and tying up loose ends for generations to come.


Simultaneously born from and representative of the inherent culture of Southern California, Sublime's music, created by Bradley, Eric Wilson (bass) and Bud Gaugh (drums), immediately fused aggressive surf-skate punk and d.i.y. hip-hop with classic dance hall and rock-steady reggae.  Sublime's impact from the early cult hit "Date Rape" to their multi-platinum major label debut was at once both a sign of the times and ahead of the curve.   The Everything Under the Sun box set will contain demo, live and alternate versions of classics from 40 Oz. to Freedom, Robbin' the Hood, Sublime and Second Hand Smoke along with new and unreleased tracks and video.  Everything Under the Sun highlights include a mid-90s remix from the soon to be household name (and LBC homie) Snoop Dogg and a cover of the '60's Dee Dee Warwick (yes, the sister of Dione) soul hit "Foolish Fool," demoed during the Sublime sessions.  In 2006, David Kahne, who also produced the classics "What I Got," "April 29, 1992," "Doin' Time," and "Caress Me Down" on Sublime, took the original "Foolish Fool" tracks and produced/mixed this final, never before heard version.

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Shrek, the Broadway Musical

Hatley and Vanstone Join Shrek Creative Team; 2008 Debut Likely

By Ernio Hernandez
12 Oct 2006

Designers Tim Hatley and Hugh Vanstone have signed on to the forthcoming musical version of Shrek, the production announced Oct. 12.

Avenue Q director Jason Moore will stage the work penned by bookwriter David Lindsay-Abaire (High Fidelity, Fuddy Meers) and composer Jeanine Tesori (Caroline, or Change; Thoroughly Modern Millie).

Tony Award winner Tim Hatley (Private Lives, Spamalot) will handle sets and costumes while Tony-nominated Hugh Vanstone (Spamalot, Bombay Dreams) covers lighting.

"The team has been working on developmental readings of the musical and are planning a production schedule working towards a debut for the musical as early as 2008," according to a release.

Based on a William Steig children's book, the green ogre-with-a-heart character has been featured in "Shrek" and "Shrek 2"; a third chapter is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on May 18, 2007.

DreamWorks Animation's first venture in legitimate theatre, the developing production was initiated by Jeffrey Katzenberg and Sam Mendes when the studio made a first-look deal with Mendes' producing entity, Neal Street Productions, Ltd. DreamWorks and Neal Street share producing credits.

Source: http://www.playbill.com/news/article/102703.html
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Lindsay Lohan To Become A Mom, Flirt With Keira Knightley In Flick

Lindsay Lohan To Become A Mom, Flirt With Keira Knightley In Flick

Lindsay Lohan has been called many names throughout her stint as a music, film and tabloid darling. Her next one might be the most surprising of all: Mom.

    Lohan divulged Thursday her commitment to star
as a mother in "The Best Time of Our Lives."
The story revolves around Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, his wife Caitlin and the curious real-life incident in which childhood friend Vera Phillips (played by Keira Knightley) and her eventual husband William Killick opened fire on the Thomas home with a machine gun and a hand grenade. The characters were in their 20s at the time of the episode.

"It's a beautiful and amazing movie — a piece [that] takes place at the time of World War II," Lohan said. "I have a child in the movie."

Written by Sharman Macdonald (Knightley's mother) and directed by John Maybury ("The Jacket"), the film explores the events that led up to the incident and its effect on the Thomas family — which moved soon after from its home in Wales.

Lohan likens her role in the film to Clara Bow, the famed but ultimately tragic silent-film sex symbol whose success couldn't conceal deep childhood wounds.

While additional castmembers have not been announced, Lohan was visibly excited about working with Knightley — whose character Lohan described as having an enigmatic relationship with her own.

"[Keira] is older than me, but she kind of has a mysterious relationship with my lover," Lohan chirped. "And then there's somewhat of a lesbian undertone."

Thomas was one of the 20th century's most celebrated poets — as well as one of its most celebrated drinkers. After a night of binge drinking in New York six days before his death, Thomas quipped, "I've had 18 straight whiskies, I think this is a record!" Among modern readers, he's primarily known for his poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night."

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(no subject)

After a conversation last night, a few mods and I found it interesting who we consider A-List and B-List and so on. So, ohnotheydidnt who do you consider A list? Can a reality star be A List?

Poll #844238 Britney Spears

Which list is Britney?

A list
B list
C list
D list

Poll #844239 Flava Flav

Which list is Flava Flav?

A list
B list
C list
D list

Poll #844240 Ashlee Simpson

Which list is Ashlee Simpson?

A list
B list
C list
D list

Poll #844241 Hillary Duff

Which list is Hillary Duff?

A list
B list
C list
D list

Poll #844242 Laguna Beach

Which list are the Laguna Beach Kids?

A list
B list
C list
D list

Poll #844243 David Hasselhoff

Which list is David Hasselhoff?

A list
B list
C list
D list

Poll #844244 Mariah Carey

Which list is Mariah Carey?

A list
B list
C list
D list

Feel free to present other celebs to be defined yourself in the post :3 :3

Ok, the lists have been defined now. WHO DO YOU THINK is A list? WHO is B list?
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[Exclusive] Robbie Williams - She's Madonna

From his upcoming dance album ...he is crazy ???


Oh, Madonna, Madonna
I don't miss you
just who
you used to be
and you don't ring true
so please
stop calling me
Your "I love you"'s
are ten a penny
You're dropping clues
like you've got any
You got to choose
There's been so many ohhhh
I love you baby
but face it she's Madonna
No man on earth
could say that he don't want her
This look of love
says I'm leaving
you're frozen now
I've done the freezing
I'm walking out
Madonna's calling me
She's got to be
obscene to be believed
That's her routine
Not what she means to me
I found myself
by circumstance
across a room
where people dance
And quite by chance
she' danced right next me
I love you baby
but face it she's Madonna
No man on earth
would say that he don't want her
It's me not you
I've got to move on
You're younger too
but she's got her groove on
I'm sorry love
Madonna's calling me
Oh, Madonna, Madonna
I want to tell you a secret
We're having drinks
with Kate and Stella
Gwyneth's here
she's brought her fella
But all I wanna do
is take Madonna home
I love you baby
but face it she's Madonna
No man on earth
would say that he don't want her
It's me not you
I've got to move on
You're younger too
but she's got her groove on
I'm sorry love
Madonna's calling me
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Celebrity Photos

Reese Witherspoon sings the praises of the Normandie Freedom School Choir at the CDF awards Thursday.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Lindsay Lohan reveals she just wants to make peace during a Hollywood outing on Wednesday.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Rachel Weisz gets a handle on 4-month-old son Henry Chance during a break on the New York City set of her latest film Defintiely, Maybe on Thursday.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Source_ People