October 11th, 2006

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Desperate Cat-fight?

Desperate Housewives stars Eva Longoria and Nicolette Sheridan have reportedly had a furious bust-up over a handbag.

The pair are said to have argued after Nicolette - who plays maneater Edie Britt in the hit series - wanted a designer bag created for Eva's character Gabrielle Solis.

Designer Charlie Lapson, who created the burgundy leather tote, says the fighting got so unbearable her was forced to create a different bag to keep the two actresses happy.

He told Britain's Mail On Sunday newspaper: "Both the girls wanted the bag for this one scene. They argued and argued until I decided to design a new bag for Eva."

The handbag which caused such a fuss was auctioned for charity last week.

Last week, Eva was injured on the set of Desperate Housewives.

The actress was taken to hospital after slipping and bruising her ribs on Thursday.

Her publicist, Liza Anderson, said: "Eva slipped on one of the stairs coming out of her trailer. Nothing is broken, but her ribs are very bruised."

Despite the injuries, the 31-year-old actress was back on set within a matter of hours.

Source: Bang! Showbiz

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Mel Gibson's Friend is a Pedophile

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It's good to know Mel Gibson's friends adhere to the same rigid code of conduct he does. Rod Bernsen, the former Los Angeles TV reporter and police officer who was arrested Saturday on charges of molesting young boys aboard a cruise ship, is a close and longstanding friend of the Braveheart star, according to an entertainment industry source. "Mel's going to shit," says the source, noting that Bernsen frequently accompanies Gibson on benders around Malibu—or at least used to, before Gibson entered rehab in August following his drunk-driving and Jew-baiting debacle.

Law enforcement officials have not yet commented on the reason for Bernsen's arrest, but the Los Angeles Times is reporting that he stands accused of molesting two 12-year-old boys in the sauna of a cruise ship. His wife and child were with him on the cruise, according to the paper. Bernsen, who is a cousin of L.A. Law star Corbin Bernsen, has spent much of his life working in and around the law. After retiring from the LAPD in 1992, he enjoyed a second career as a traffic reporter and criminal justice expert for Fox affiliate KTTV, where he was best known for providing color commentary on high-speed chases.

How does Gibson, who practices a notoriously austere version of Catholicism, feel about his buddy's alleged taste for underage boys? Hard to say; his rep didn't reply to a request for comment. But it appears Gibson and Bernsen have known each other since at least 1987, when Bernsen served as a technical advisor on Lethal Weapon. According to public records, both reside in the Los Angeles suburb of Agoura Hills, where, says the source, they've often subjected neighbors to their alcohol-fueled hijinks. "They're just wild guys together," she says.


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IESB's Candid Interview With Fox Chairman Tom Rothman

Written by Robert Sanchez

Friday, 29 September 2006

The IESB had the chance to chat up Tom Rothman, Chairman at 20th Century Fox, recently and talk at lengths about various upcoming Fox projects including Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Pathfinder, AVP 2, future X-Men films and Live Free or Die Hard.

While we talk to Tom on a regular basis, most our interviews have been by catching him at red carpet events for a few minutes. We wanted to make sure this interview was a bit more in depth with more details and a bit more candid.

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Nicole Kidman wants to be on Nip/Tuck?

Oscar winner Nicole Kidman is being lined up to appear in an upcoming episode of TV show Nip/Tuck. Kidman approached the drama’s creator Ryan Murphy about securing a cameo role. Murphy says, “She said, ‘I want to do the show but I want to wear lots of scary prosthetics.’”

Let's just hope the 'scary prosthetics' aren't along the lines of the one Mark Wahlberg used in Boogie Nights...

Source:  In Case You Didn't Know

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The Killers Are Alcoholics

OCTOBER 11--In the world of the Killers, nothing says Tuesday like Jack Daniels and gin. Except, of course, Thursday and Saturday. Following in the footsteps of Sheryl Crow, the Las Vegas rockers order their dressing room booze on a strict daily schedule, according to their 2006 tour rider, a copy of which you'll find below. For example, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are reserved for Maker's Mark whiskey and Absolut vodka. And Sunday is exclusively the province of tequila and Jameson Irish Whiskey. Well, maybe not exclusively considering the standard 96 beers, 24 cans of cider, and two bottles of red wine the band has waiting for them backstage prior to every concert. As with most bands, the Killers's demands have increased in proportion with their record sales. Two years ago, the band's rider (dated July 2004) sought "Cheddar cheese enough for 6 people." Now they need "Brie or Camembert." On the booze front, the older rider requires a single liter of Jack Daniels and an unspecified amount of vodka. But as for the 2004 request for "personal masseuses," we're guessing that was a joke on the part of Brandon Flowers and his associates.

I love the star gluttony! This might also explain the crap they call a second album.

Source: Smoking Gun where you can also see the full rider, including the fresh avocados and lint-free towels.
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If Arnold jumped off a bridge, would you?

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From the Phil Angelides for Governor campaign:

We've always thought the Schwarzenegger Administration is a joke. And apparently so does Jay Leno.

Perhaps that's why Leno invited Schwarzenegger to appear for a few laughs on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno alongside supermodel Heidi Klum and a Las Vegas circus act on Wednesday night.

There's only one problem with that - it appears to violate the FCC rules and regulations regarding equal time for candidates during campaign season.

This is where you come in. We've already contacted The Tonight Show with Jay Leno about Phil appearing on the show, but we think they need a little extra nudge.

Click here to get Phil on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Governor Schwarzenegger's exclusive appearance on The Tonight Show constitutes a violation of the equal time rule - an appearance by a candidate on a program that reaches all of California's voters and provides favorable treatment to that candidate.

In order to remove the appearance of any bias, we've asked The Tonight Show to have Phil appear or - even better - invite both candidates for Governor to appear for a second mini-debate. So far, NBC has not responded to our request.

We're not the only ones concerned about Governor Schwarzenegger's appearance. Yesterday, Congressman Xavier Becerra also sent a letter to the FCC, noting NBC's violation of the law. But we need more people to speak out!

Click here to get Phil on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The only thing that's not funny is the Governor's contempt for California voters: No time for more than one hour-long debate, but plenty of time to pal around with his Hollywood friends.


Cathy Calfo
Campaign Manager

And in case you want to take a stand: http://action.angelides.com/ct/WpSLgWd1zzmE
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uhm jung hwa too homoerotic

Uhm Jung Hwa, 38, often dubbed the Korean Madonna has recently made a comeback with her tenth and final album. Her recent performance has been a hot topic of discussion as it has been accused of being too homoerotic. The choreography to her new song Cum2Me shows her male back dancers touching each other inappropriately and rubbing against each other in scantily clad black leather outfits. She may be forced to change her album concept to a more appropriate one that can viewed by everyone.

performance can be seen here

She, unlike Madonna, made a successful transition into acting. She stars with Daniel Henney in the movie Seducing Mr Perfect.

another homoerotic performance to another song
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Cincinnati! Izzy Stevens' fiance in your house - in your bed?

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Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley

From MySpace bulletin:

Live in Cincinnati? Want Josh to play at your house? Tomorrow!?

Due to scheduling changes for the Cincinnati show on October 12th, Josh decided he wanted to do something special and unique with his supporters; play a live concert at a fan’s home! If you live in Cincinnati, and you have enough space at your house for at least a 50 person concert, please contact Jennifer.Wilspro@gmail.com Remember this event is tomorrow, so please reply immediately.

Source: Josh Kelley's MySpace bulletin

Sidenote: Josh is most famous for the top-40 hit, "Amazing," along with a song on soundtrack to the masterpiece, "The Prince and Me." If you are remotely interested in him, I'd highly suggest "For the Road Home." Love him even before he hooked up with Heigl.
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Jolie donates to Pearl foundation

Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have donated $100,000 (£54,000) to a foundation set up in the name of murdered US reporter Daniel Pearl.

The pair, who are in India making a film based on the journalist's life, made the donation on what would have been Mr Pearl's 43rd birthday.

Jolie plays his wife Mariane in A Mighty Heart, which is being produced by Pitt's company Plan B.

Mr Pearl was abducted and killed while on assignment in Pakistan in 2002.

The charity, founded in the wake of his death, observed his birthday on Tuesday with a series of musical events around the world.

Jolie recently said that she was "disappointed" that the film could not be made in Pakistan due to safety concerns.


Meanwhile, Jolie has accused Western governments of trying to shut out refugees, stating that more than 7,000 migrants have died during the past year in their attempts to enter Europe.

The actress, who is a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), told the organisation's magazine Refugees of how a picture showing a couple sunbathing on a beach close to the washed-up body of an African man had affected her.

"We'll never know who he was or why he ended up there and the couple on the beach apparently couldn't care less," said Jolie in the article.

She added that her experiences of meeting refugees had been "a truly humbling experience, a shocking eye-opener".

"It has made me realise that we are all - myself included - behaving like the couple sitting under their umbrella on the beach, gazing studiously out to sea," she added.

Source: bbc.co.uk

jay-z - "kingdom come" (radio rip); China cancels Jay-Z's Shanghai concert

pic source

Listen to Jay Z's new song Kingdom Come HERE

And if you're a fan (or bored), you can read about the making of the track HERE


China cancels Jay-Z's Shanghai concert 

China's Culture Ministry has nixed a concert this month by rap artist Jay-Z at Shanghai's Hongkou Stadium, citing a need to protect local hip-hop fans from nasty lyrics, a report said Wednesday.

"Some of Jay-Z's songs contain too much vulgar language," the state-run Shanghai Daily newspaper quoted Sun Yun, of promoter KS Production Co., as saying to explain the ministry's reason for refusing permission for the Oct. 23 concert.

The concert would have been the Chinese debut for the rap icon, whose real name is Shawn Carter.

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Chueh Queen is dead.

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The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins has quit the band to recover from drink and drug addictions.

The singer has decided to call it a day following a stint in The Priory rehab clinic in London.

"I feel bad for the others (in the band)," he told The Sun newspaper. "It will be an upheaval. But it's time for me to move on. It would be damaging to my recovery to stay on. I'm not blaming the band for my problem - I am an addict. There are people who can be in bands and stay clean, but I'm not one of them."

http://www.nme.com/news/the-darkness/24662 (Do people still like this band?)

It is pretty much confirmed now that Madonna has adopted a one-year-old boy in Malawi.

Yohane Banda confirmed to reporters that the singer had chosen to adopt his child David a week after her publicist Liz Rosenberg denied the claims.

He added: "I am the father of David, who has been adopted. I am very very happy because as you can see there is poverty in this village and I know he will be very well looked after in America."

Following his comments, a spokeswoman for Madonna has now confirmed that an official statement will be made in the next 48 hours, reports BBC NEWS.


Can this bitch get anymore annoying?

Famous or infamous, dry Sienna acts out again

Possibly famous and recently infamous actress Sienna Miller found out this weekend that neither distinction could work as a functional form of ID.

Just before midnight Saturday night, bar employees said, Ms. Miller, 24, appeared at the entrance of Folino's Young's Tavern, on Carson Street, without identification. Some five minutes later -- after ducking into the bar, eluding a bouncer who refused to let her inside -- Ms. Miller, in town for the filming of "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh," was spotted inside and escorted back to the Carson Street sidewalk. There, tavern owner Penny Folino and bouncer Dan Kovacs said, a disgusted Ms. Miller proclaimed her identity to all who would listen.

"Sienna ripped off her hat and said, 'I am Sienna Miller. I am a famous actress!'" Ms. Folino said. "That's what she did. She was basically throwing a temper tantrum."

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David Mack Akemi

I need your money so "that she could live more"... aka The Stingray Terrorists are winning

New E-mail Scam Says Croc Hunter's Widow Dying in U.S. Hospital

October 09, 2006 12:03 PM

Joseph Rhee Reports:

Irwin_terriA new "Nigerian e-mail scam" claims that Terri Irwin, the widow of late Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, is dying in a hospital in the U.S. and desperately needs money so "that she can live more."

The crudely-written e-mail, from Mrs. Irwin's "barrister," who calls himself "Antony Edward," actually misspells her name as "Terri Irvin." 

According to the e-mail , Mrs. Irvin's "doctors have said...that she has but a limited time to live" and that "all we should think of at the moment is how to raise money for the upkeep of this lovely woman medically."

The e-mail is a follow-up to an earlier message that offered respondents a chance to claim a portion of the Irwin's "11 million pounds Sterling" fortune.  "Edward" now says he cannot deal with these funds because his "utmost concern at this time is to save this woman and make her live for more years." 

The message says help is needed to pay the hospital's fees of $45 thousand, and "if you have anything from your heart to contribute, please do so urgently."  The e-mail asks for contributions to be sent to a designated bank account in Florida or "through western union payment system which is even more reliable and faster." 

Authorities say these types of scams typically originate from con artists in Nigeria and that they defraud people worldwide out of billions of dollars each year. 


Rose McGowan WHY?????

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If Hollywood's taught us anything, it's that Botox, Restylane and other facial cosmetic modifications only work (as in, make a person look better/younger) about 20% of the time--if that.

EDIT: My fag ass thinks that she's gotten Botox in her brow, an eyejob, some sort of filler in her lips (they don't look awful, really) and maybe cheek implants. In any case, something's definitely different.

Source: Goldenfiddle.com

I like Rachel Ray now

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British twee kids the Boy Least Likely To sure have friends in high places. First, they were hand-picked to open for James Blunt on his last American tour. And now, their song "Be Gentle With Me" (from their debut album The Best Party Ever) is slated to appear on TV cooking goddess Rachael Ray's compilation CD Too Cool for School Mixtapefor Kids , due out October 31 on Epic.

According to the Boy Least Likely To's manager, "Apparently she is rather a big fan of the band, so how could we resist? I have been told she was at our NYC show last time we were in."

Wow. We used to think Rachael Ray was just creepy and annoying. Could it be that she's creepy, annoying...and kind of cool?

source - pitchfuckforkmedia.com

also, boy least likely to's rad vid for Be Gentle with Me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tknrTkxBeU
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"Be sure...to drink...your Ovaltine"

October 9, 2006 - Souvenirs will be available in the gift shop across the street.

House from 'A Christmas Story' to become tourist stop CLEVELAND (AP) - The Cleveland house where the film "A Christmas Story" was shot will open as a tourist attraction November 25th.
Brian Jones has painted the exterior of the house and gutted the inside to match the look of the home where Ralphie lived in the 1983 movie.

Jones is still searching for a claw-foot tub and a pull-chain toilet to finish the 1940s look of the upstairs bathroom.

Jones also bought the house across the street, which will serve as a ticket office, museum and gift shop. There will be plenty of leg lamps for sale.

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gwen news !

gwen & the harajuku girls on the set of the video for "serious".

from sho tyme's myspace. it's unclear when this video was shot.

it is confirmed that gwen's new single will be "wind it up". the video will be shot between 30th october & 4th november. between 17th & 29th october gwen will have dance rehearsals before domestic promo tour. information comes from sho-tyme's myspace [gwen's dance trainer].

short sample of "wind it up" from the 2005 L.A.M.B. show.

also, the video for "serious" will be released on the upcoming harajuku lovers live DVD.

singer & fashion designer gwen stefani at her new york city showroom works on her spring 2007 L.A.M.B. fashion collection, 10th september 2006.

sources : http://www.justnodoubt.net/, http://www.myspace.com/sho_tyme1 & http://nodoubtweb.com/

EDIT : the new album is rumored to come out december 5th.
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Caught in the act! Lindsay, Jessica, Mariah etc!

Caught in the act!
See where stars (Lindsay, Jessica, Mariah) have been seen and heard
Wed. Oct. 11th 2006

• Lindsay Lohan, jumping onstage to sing a karaoke version of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" with deejay pal Samantha Ronson at West Hollywood bar Guy's. "Give it up up for LL!," Ronson shouted. After her performance, Lohan spent most of the evening dancing and taking pictures of her friends. Earlier, the good times weren't flowing when an intoxicated clubgoer walked backwards into the actress and knocked her phone out of her hands (and then fell into Lohan's table). She asked the bar owner to throw the patron out and got her wish.

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Angelina Jolie Criticized by Black Rights Groups

The casting of Angelina Jolie as the mixed-race wife of late journalist Daniel Pearl in the new movie "A Mighty Heart" has been heavily criticized by black rights groups.

Make-up artists are believed to have used special cosmetics to darken the star's skin to match that of Mariane Pearl -- but campaigners believe a real-life mixed-race actress should have been given the part.

Blogs on BlackLooks.org read, "I had assumed that the days when white actors took on the roles of black people had long passed away ...

"There are mixed-race or black actresses who could have done a damn good job in this role.

"You can't tell me that Halle Berry or other women of African descent wouldn't have been a better choice -- what is taking place here is an act of arrogance and whitewashing by people who think that because they are super-rich they can be anything they want."

Source:  The Daily Dish on www.sfgate.com


Lindsay Lohan still not the face of Chanel

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cat Power Named New Face of Chanel Jewelery
Rock singer Cat Power has been tapped as the new face of Chanel's jewelry collections. "This, this and this, is Chanel," she said, pointing to her chunky gold necklace, ring and matching bracelet at a raucous party Friday night at the VIP Room for Karl Lagerfeld's new mix CD. The songstress related how Lagerfeld "discovered" her in front of New York's Mercer hotel. "I was outside waiting, sitting on a pile of Louis Vuitton luggage, drinking water, with an apple and a cigarette in my hand, my cell phone, oh, and two guitars, and out comes Karl," she said. "He walks up, looks at me and says, ‘Only a woman can look glamorous when smoking.' And I lowered my glasses and pointed to [the shadows under my] eyes and said, ‘With these?'" Clearly, Lagerfeld appreciated her sense of candor.

wwd.com via thefashionspot

edit: i guess i should add that her name is chan marshall, her stage name is cat power
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good vs evil excel

Bowie to be on Spongebob

NEW YORK - All it took was daddy's little girl to turnDavid Bowie from a rock star into the voice of a cartoon.

Bowie will be a guest on Nickelodeon's "SpongeBob SquarePants," playing a character called Lord Royal Highness in a show that will air next year.

Bowie, 59, said his 6-year-old daughter, Alexandria Zahra, is a huge SpongeBob fan and they watch the show together. He wrote in his blog that he's "hit the Holy Grail of animation gigs.

"We, the family, are thrilled. Nothing else need happen this year, well, this week anyway," Bowie said.

Bowie, who received a lifetime achievement honor at the Grammys this year and whose songs include "Fame," "Young Americans" and "Space Oddity," was previously the voice of Boz in David Cage's 1999 "Omikron: The Nomad Soul." He plays inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla in Christopher Nolan's upcoming movie "The Prestige," in theaters Oct. 20.

Source: Yahoo News via Best Week Ever

It Only Took 5 Years - Carey Embarrassed by Glitter performance

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Popstar and aspiring actress Mariah Carey was thrilled when she found out the producer of her latest film missed her performance in the box-office bomb Glitter.

Producer Lee Daniels cast Carey in the upcoming Tennessee after catching her performance in the 2002 independent drama Wisegirls.

Carey tells MTV News: "I don't know if he's seen (Glitter) since then, but the great thing is, he's in the independent-film world and that's where WiseGirls was such a great validating moment for me - even though it was totally overshadowed by the debacle of Glitter."

The singer, who plays a waitress in Tennessee, as she did in Wisegirls, claims the role was a real departure adding: "The character is so not what you would think.

"This is not about hairdos and ensembles. The girl's in the trenches."


I think we have a new Perez Hilton stealing all of my our posts:

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conan white teeth
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Plane Registered to Cory Lidle, pitcher for NY Yankees strikes 50 Story Building in NYC
Lidle confirmed Dead

NEW YORK (Reuters) - At least two people were killed when a small aircraft crashed into a 52-story building on Manhattan's Upper East Side in overcast weather on Wednesday in what appeared to be an accident, officials said.

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Hilton dumped Barker after catfight

Plus: Nicole Richie has new hair color, new sweetie

By Jeannette Walls

Paris Hilton dumped boyfriend Travis Barker after a nasty catfight with an ex, according to a report.

Hilton claims that Shanna Moakler, Barker’s estranged wife, called Hilton a “skinny [bleep]” and punched her in the jaw on Oct. 3 at the hot Los Angeles club Hyde, according to In Touch Weekly.

But Moakler insists that Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, pushed her down stairs and dumped a drink on her.
Hilton called it quits with Travis the following weekend, explains a “pal,” who told ITW: “Paris realized this was not what she needed in her life right now.”

Nicole moves on
Meanwhile, Paris Hilton’s best-friend-again Nicole Richie has also moved on from her ex-beau, Brody Jenner.

A newly redheaded Richie has a new sweetie, Samuel Plouchart, a fashion editor at the French Magazine Citizen K, according to Us. “New boy, new look,” Richie told the mag.

Jenner told Us that toward the end of their two-month romance, Richie “didn’t treat me like a friend or a boyfriend.” He did, however, care deeply for her, according to a source, who told the mag, “He tried to help her gain weight. When she’d eat a few bites and stop, he’d say, ‘Finish that!’”


Michael Jackson Pays Off Ex

Three years after Michael Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe filed for visitation rights and custody of the couple’s kids, Prince Michael, 9, and Paris, 8 – something she voluntarily gave up in 2001 – the battle is over. (Jackson has a third child, Prince Michael II, 4, whose mother has never been identified.)
A source close to Jackson – who has been living in Bahrain since 2005 – tells Us that Rowe has given up all visitation rights in exchange for reinstated alimony payments of about $750,000 a year. “It was hard for Debbie, but she’s broke,” explains the insider.
The singer’s attorney, Michael Abrams, tells Us, “Michael is satisfied with the results, and I believe Ms. Rowe is satisfied." Rowe’s lawyer, Marta Almli, had no comment.
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Shannyn Sossaman on the set..

I LOVE Shannyn Sossaman, but she looks completely different than she used to..

She's filming One Last Call, plot outline from IMDB.COM: In this remake of the Japanese horror film "Chakushin Ari" (2003), several people start receiving voice-mails from their future selves -- messages which include the date, time, and some of the details of their deaths.

here are photo's from the set
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heidi peace!
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Brooke Hogan showed up to a kick-off party for Miami Beach Fashion Week looking like a wreck. You think her dad approved her outfit? Doubtful! She looks like she is about to go play in the sand or play a game of tennis..if it was 1983.