October 6th, 2006

Chart-topper Ludacris gets hands on "Claus"

By Borys Kit 1 hour, 43 minutes ago

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Rapper Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, who has the No. 1 album in the country, has joined Vince Vaughn in the cast of the Christmas comedy "Fred Claus."

The Warner Bros. project stars Vaughn as Santa's loser brother living in New York who returns home to the North Pole and almost ruins Christmas. Ludacris will play an angry elf.

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MARK RUFFALO interview with Democracy Now!

AMY GOODMAN: Have you considered organizing within Hollywood?

MARK RUFFALO: I, you know, I try. I talk to people there. I do it in my own way. I feel like someone's got to make a step. be the sacrificial sheep, so to speak. And then, I’m hoping that people will sort of get behind me, you know. They do. And they do in a quiet way. You know, I’m terrified to show my face as the sort of, you know -- there’s a lot of outspoken people, and Sean is certainly one of them. And I’m following in his footsteps, and Paul Haggis and Harry Belafonte, and, you know, there’s many, many others.

Read or watch the interview:

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The Olsen’s Latest Blog Entry..October 5, 2006 • Official Blog: Au Revoir, Paris!

Yesterday we had the day off and took the opportunity to sleep in…

After the Dior show on Tues night we met up with friends and went dancing so we were tired! The next morning we packed up and headed off to Madrid for our final Meet & Greet and day of press.

And now for some of our favorite memories from Paris…

Ashley: Musee d’Orsay 7th floor Impressionism exhibit. The Degas and Monet are breathtaking. 2nd fave thing is the way the women dress. They are put together from head to toe and always classy. 3rd: the Eiffel Tower when it lights up on the hour and sparkles. They started this on the Millennium.

MK: The Marilyn Monroe exhibit at Musee Maillol. 2nd: the Picasso Museum. 3rd: Scarlett, our favorite vintage store in Paris.

See you in Madrid.

-Mary-Kate, Ashley, and friends”


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[Austalian] Big Brother's David seeks Nationals job
Friday Oct 6 10:43 AEST

Former Big Brother housemate and gay icon David Graham has set his sights on a political career with the Nationals.

The sheep farmer and former model has nominated for the role of state secretary of the Queensland Young Nationals in a ballot due to be held in the next month.

Speaking on Thursday from his property at Moonie in Queensland's south west, Mr Graham said the move was part of his long term ambition to enter state or federal parliament.

He hoped his experiences on this year's Big Brother reality television show would prepare him for political life.

"I went on Big Brother and for 24-hours a day for 100 days I was filmed, I have no secrets, everyone has seen me," he said.

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[ninemsn entertainment news]

Rumor has it JD might lose his job if Janet's album flops

According to O1LT.com:
"By now everyone has heard that Janet’s album debuted at number 2 this week on Billboard’s Hot 200 at the hands of Def Jam severely discounting Ludacris’s album to $5.99 to beat her. What you might not know is that this was Janet’s last album under Virgin which technically makes her a free agent. If this CD doesn’t do well it will be very hard for Janet to secure a valuable recording contract elsewhere. If you remember Mariah Carey’s situation, she got signed to Virgin for 80 million (or was it a 100 million), but when her "Glitter" album tanked she was dropped by Virgin and signed with Island Def Jam for a meager 20 million. It's also being reported that Virgin is very unhappy with Janet’s sales figures and JD himself might be in jeopardy of losing his job. Lets all see how this unfolds"

According to HHNLive:
"The numbers are in and it's not looking too good for Ms. Nasty and JD aka "Yall know who this is!" It doesn't help that Luda sold his CD as low as $5 according to what
LT said. From what I've seen on most sites, the official numbers are Ludacris 309,000 & Janet Jackson 296,000. Most of you should know that this CD is the last one under Janet's Virgin contract. After this she's a free agent. From what Miss Info told me " She's turned down a bunch of lucrative deals, but from what I hear I don't see many labels picking her up again after this fiasco". We've seen Janet's ass on the cover of everything, you think all that ish was free!?! Virgin promoted the hell out of this CD and it's still not putting up the numbers. That's not all, Jermaine who heads the Urban Music division at Virgin, produced this whole CD without any input from the Virgin brass. I've heard from some Virgin reps that I got drunk with (long story) that some big cheeses are feeling real salty about wasting their money and if things continue to go the way they have been, JD's position might be in jeopardy. Besides Dem Franchise Boys who I think went gold......I think...who else out of the So So Def/Virgin camp went platinum since JD took over? At least they still have each other. In this Love Story, love may cost a job.... No wonder why JD was pushing people on MySpace to not pay their light bill and buy the album, his may be cut off in a minute"
Source & Source

Babies...Havin' Babies...

Whale Rider star Keisha Castle-Hughes, 16, and her boyfriend, Bradley Hull, 19, are expecting their first child this spring, her rep tells PEOPLE. The two have been dating for three years.

The actress first made waves playing the fiery Paikea in 2002's Whale Rider – a role for which she received a Best Actress Oscar nomination. At 13, she was the youngest Best Actress nominee in history.

"I thought I was still dreaming," she told PEOPLE about the honor at the time.

Since Whale Rider, Castle-Hughes has taken few roles, though she did play the Queen of Naboo in 2005's Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and will appear as Mary in the upcoming movie The Nativity Story co-starring Shohreh Aghdashloo.

The Australia-born actress grew up and still lives in New Zealand and – like her character in Whale Rider – is part Maori.

Source: People and Celebrity Baby Blog

Somebody call Maori Povich.


What is going on with these two? First we see them flirting on MTV’s TRL and now Page Six is reporting that Jessica Simpson and Dane Cook were spotted cuddling and whispering into each other’s ears at Tenjune. Are they or aren’t they? Is it all about publicity for their new movie? Will ‘Employee of the Month‘ really benefit from fake love stories? Or perhaps they aren’t fake and they are failing at keeping it a secret. What do you think?
JESSICA Simpson renewed her love affair with her "Employee of the Month" co-star Dane Cook Wednesday night at the film's premiere party at Tenjune. Spies said they curled up in a booth and spent the evening "whispering into each other's ears. Dane couldn't keep his eyes off her and kept coming back to her every time he was pulled away." They finally left with Simpson's hairdresser Ken Paves

source: page six

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Cher auction fetches double pre-sale estimates

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- An auction of more than 700 items belonging to singer and actress Cher raised over $3.5 million -- more than double pre-sale estimates -- as celebrity collectors snapped up her possessions.

The top-selling costume was a Bob Mackie-designed rock 'n' roll outfit that was sold for $60,000, up to 20 times its estimate of $2,000 to $3,000.

The buyer was Brigitte Poublon, wife of U.S. singer and actor Bobby Sherman, who once appeared with Cher on the "Sonny and Cher" television show.

The single most expensive lot was for 60-year-old Cher's black 2005 Bentley, which fetched $204,000, while the "Gothic Revival" brass bed from her Malibu residence earned $84,000.

"Today every single lot found a buyer, a true testament to Cher's fan base and longevity as a performer and star," said Darren Julien, president of Julien's Auctions which held the auction with Sotheby's.

The Los Angeles auction that ended late Wednesday had been expected to bring in between $1.4 million and $1.6 million. Part of the proceeds from the two-day sale will be donated to charity, and Cher will use some of the proceeds to redecorate her Malibu mansion.

Cher said she simply wanted to start over again and that many of the items had been kept in storage for years.


You'd think she was wealthy enough to redecorate her house out of her own money and donate all the proceeds to charity?

Scarlett & Dita in Flaunt Magazine (slightly NSFW)



Scarlett Johansson gets a little S&M-ish in the October 2006 issue of Flaunt Magazine. Scarlett, 21, poses with Dita Von Teese — burlesque goddess, writer, fetish model, culturual historian wife of Marilyn Manson. Scarlett on Dita: “I appreciate Dita’s work. I think she’s incredibly beautiful, really talented. It’s amazing the way she transforms herself. It’s a creation all its own. I’ve collected and seen some of her books and pictures, and it’s really a dream come true to be a part of that. I think it’s unbelievably stimulating. That kind of visual, that fetish imagery tastefully done is so erotic, and to be able to evoke that in a photograph, I think that’s really something. That is what art is, its purpose.”

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Yves Takes A Dive

Yves Saint Laurent collapsed on a Paris street today

This picture of a Paris street shows leading fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent collapsed in the road outside his boutique, just hours after his latest catwalk triumph.

After celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes had applauded his YSL label's latest creations during his show at the French capital's fashion week, the 70-year fell down in Avenue Montaigne, close to the Champs Elysee.

Aides rushed to help the 70-year-old, pictured lying next to his black Mercedes.

It follows increasing concerns about the multi-millionaire's health after a lifetime of high living involving drink, drugs and numerous glamorous girfriends.

"Yves collapsed suddenly and without warning," said an onlooker.

"Yves never looks super healthy at the best of times, but this came as a real shock."

"It was nasty fall. Medics arrived very quickly and he was rushed away for treatment. We are just hoping that he is going to be all right."

Laurent, who was born in Algeria when it was a French colony, left home at the age of 17 to work for the designer Christian Dior before setting up his own label YSL, based on his intitials.

During the 1960s and 70s he become synonymous with trends including the beatnik look and tweed suits.

Shortly after his early successes he was conscripted into the French army during the Algerian war of independence.

But after just 20 days of active service he was institutionalised in a mental hospital where he underwent psychiatric treatment including electroshock therapy for a nervous breakdown.

He has since suffered with a number of ailments including depression, often brought on by alcohol and drug abuse.

While the YSL house no longer exists, the brand still survives through its parent company Gucci.

He announced his retirement from the fashion industry after 40 years in 2002.

He revealed that his decision was based on a disgust with an industry that had become ruled more by commercial gain than art.

"I have nothing in common with this new world of fashion, which has been reduced to mere window-dressing," he said.

"Elegance and beauty have been banished."

The label's show on Thursday night was considered a highlight of this year's Paris Fashion Week.


Sexy's Back, We Get It — But Can Justin Bring Sexy Backpacks Too?

Justin Timberlake's been bringing sexy back, and he's hoping to bring sexy backpacks too.

The singer liked a backpack company from his hometown so much that he's not only an investor, but he's now a designer for them as well. While his face
won't be on the Ful (pronounced fuel) line, his name will be associated with at least one new model, called the JT.

The latest line of Ful backpacks won't be in stores until the end of the year (the target date is December 31 to coincide with Timberlake's tour). But to give the line some advance buzz, the company placed the Beale Street "flow bag" in the movie "Hustle & Flow," since it was filmed in Memphis. Timberlake isn't slated to do any ads — yet — but he's going to debut a special collection called "powered by Ful" at his William Rast fashion show in Los Angeles on October 17.

Timberlake has been involved with Ful since the company's inception, when one of the company's founders, Al Gossett, supplied the cars for Timberlake's "Down Home in Memphis - One Night Only" TV special in 2003. Gossett, who later became the brand's managing partner, wanted to create a backpack that was technologically savvy and fashion-forward. The company's motto? "Create quality bags ... for individuals who believe in living life to the fullest."

With Timberlake's input, then, one variety became more like a briefcase or a messenger bag, with laptop protection and audio ports, while another is more like a gym bag with water-bottle sleeves and basketball/soccer ball storage. And yet another comes with a vertical board carrier, for extreme athletes.

Whatever the make within Ful's four collections — Core (which includes the Beale Street and JT models), Urban (which converts to a messenger bag), Active (sports) and Extreme (extreme sports) — Timberlake wanted the backpacks to create less stress for their wearers. He especially liked how the back-panel cushion combines airflow pockets with a rigid EVA foam padding, which offers protection for electronic devices. Every model features contour shoulder straps and compartments for other essentials, such as CDs, MP3 players, organizers, cell phones and laptop computers.

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Blind Vice

One Unsisterly Blind Vice

Morgan Mayhem, consider yourself warned!

Gal-friend, those unpredictable ways have gotten you into trouble in myriad areas of your life, but now it seems your social-butterfly status is in serious jeopardy, too. Hid-eee-us, I know. See, there's this über-exclusive boîte of fabulousness here in Tinseltown that certain celebs consider their personal playground. The door at said joint is tighter than Nicole Kidman's forehead and has turned away highly celebrated, professional partiers without batting a stoic eye.

But not Morg, of course. She's nevah had a problem getting into exclusive places. Also, there's always packs of paps following Morg who are bound to snap her leaving such swanky locales. So, owners are usually happy to have M2 hangin' out.

But the owner of the former spot ain't so thrilled anymore. First off, he's already received wrist slaps and warnings from police for allowing other questionable antics to go down, as it were, at his establishment (which really should look a bit more fab considering the loot this guy poured into it). And secondly, Morg's not just hittin' the snowy slopes anymore. She's got a newer, dirtier drug of choice. And it's becoming painfully obvious.

"She's behaving like a monster," says one of my super-inside (and relatively sober) sources. Not only does M.M. pick fights with other patrons, sashay out of stalls with her sniffer covered in powder and even pass out in them, now she's takin' to doin' the girl-on-girl thang not so discreetly in these dark hangs!

Love the last sin, which, natch, ain't, but I'll just go along with my republican detractors for a sec and pretend like is it, 'kay?

Oh, girl, for gawd's sake, get it together! Your career, sex appeal and hetero status (big whoop!) are going down the toilet as we type.

AND IT AIN'T-Hilary Swank, Gina Gershon, Queen Latifah

SOURCE-The Awful Truth, eonline.com
{film}: prelude to death

Thank you, TV God.

Heroes gets full season pickup
Superhero drama is first of the freshman shows to earn award; NBC sued by garbage-disposal maker for scene in pilot.

NBC's new superhero drama Heroes has been given a full-season pickup from the network.

In week one, Heroes won the time period in adults 18-49 and came in second in overall viewers. Week two saw ratings hold steady for the story of ordinary people who discover they possess superpowers.

"Heroes has delivered exceptional ratings since its premiere, and we're even more impressed with the quality of the upcoming episodes," said NBC TV president Kevin Reilly. "The best is yet to come over the course of a full season with this newest drama sensation."

NBC has received a lot of positive feedback from critics this season, but not so much from TV viewers. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip premiered underwhelmingly, Friday Night Lights struck out, and production on Kidnapped will stop once the show's 13-episode commitment is finished.

One gray cloud for Heroes: Appliance maker Emerson Electrics is suing NBC for using its product without authorization in a scene from the show's pilot. The scene depicts teen cheerleader Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet) accidentally sticking her hand into the In-Sink-Erator, only to find the mangled appendage quickly repairing itself.

Emerson wants NBC to stop airing the scene in repeats and in syndication.

Source: TV.com
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News On Tyra, Akon, And Girlfriends

CW To Tyra: Lose Weight Or Else!!!! (Dun Dun Dun)

September 21. Talk show host Tyra Banks has consistently said that she wants be the next Oprah Winfrey. And that has the CW Network nervous. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that executives at the new CW Network are worried that Tyra is putting on too much weight.

A producer for the CW network told MediaTakeOut.com that Tyra has been instructed to lose weight immediately. According to our source, "Tyra still looks good, but she's put on close to 50 pounds since starting her talk show ... things are really getting out of control." Our source continued, "I mean, she doesn't have the greatest personality, so if she starts getting too heavy, it could be a real problem for the show."

But the bigger problem, tells our source, is with Tyra and America's Next Top Model. The producer tells MediaTakeOut.com that if Tyra doesn't lose weight, she may not return next season. Our tipster explains, producers were not happy with the way Tyra looked this season. Adding, "when you see [Tyra] next to the girls on the show, you realize how much weight she's put on ... it's almost ridiculous."

And the pressure by her network bosses has already caused Tyra to back down on a pledge she made to fans. MediaTakeOut.com has discovered that promo photos for ANTM were photoshopped in order to make Tyra look slimmer. This goes directly against the supermodel's promise not to have photos of her digitally enhanced. When she announced the promise, Tyra told reporters, "Modeling is an unreal business, but I wants to make it more real."

Representatives for Tyra were not available for comment.

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com
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Source: Mediatakeout.com
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Panic! at the Disco vs. The Dresden Dolls

Watch this if you want to see P!ATD die! (And hear incredible music.) The Dresden Dolls are one of the best bands out there. Their songs are never just "OMGZMYBFBROKEUPWITHMEIHATELIFE" or "SHAKETHATAZZBITCH." Their songs tell stories. And require talent!

While on tour together this summer, The Dresden Dolls teamed up with headliners Panic! At The Disco to film a video for The Dolls newest single, "Backstabber."

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SOURCE: Myspace Bulliten and YouTube

EDIT: I added the Sing video under the cut so people can see what they are like when they are not being attacked with water bottles or plotting to kill Panic!

Random celeb pictures

Despite their recent split, Eva Longoria reunites with Tony Parker Friday in Paris, where the San Antonio Spurs basketball star decamped for a series of exhibition games.

Pop star Christina Aguilera gets off to a swinging start recently on the California set of her new video for "Hurt," the latest single from her Back to Basics album.

Kanye West joins Sir Paul McCartney at the Stella McCartney runway show during Paris Fashion Week on Thursday. 

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Alicia Keys sported a new haircut at the Millenium Ball 2006 at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. 

People & Crunk&Disorderly
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Aniston Slams Split Report
Friday, October 06, 2006


- Hollywood beauty Jennifer Aniston  has laughed off reports she has split from her The Break Up  co-star Vince Vaughn.
The Wedding Crashers funnyman was reported to have split from Aniston on Sept. 9, according to Us Weekly magazine.

Aniston and Vaughn's low-key romance started in June 2005, but both have refused to discuss their relationship with the media.

However, Aniston's representative declares the report is "rubbish". 

Source: Hollywood.com

I hate that word for some reason.  Makes me think of ruffage.

Stephen King verbally eviscerates Nancy Grace

Graceless and Tasteless

Stephen King on Nancy Grace -- The Pop of King dissects the controversial news anchor

I'm sure Ron Williamson, of Ada, Okla., would have been Nancy Grace's dream case if she'd been on TV at the time of his arrest and subsequent trial for the murder of Debra Sue Carter; I mean, we're talking years of prime-time steak and chops, all culminating with Williamson being sentenced to death by lethal injection. The only problem is that Ron Williamson didn't do the crime. You can read all about it in John Grisham's extraordinary new nonfiction account of the case, The Innocent Man.

I've known John for 12 years, and beneath the kidding, ''I'm just a good ole boy'' exterior, there's a hardworking guy who believes in God, honesty, and the law. Maybe in that order, maybe not. And when I mentioned Nancy Grace in his presence, a look of discomfort, bordering on pain, came over his face. When I asked if he'd let me quote him for this piece, he said he can't stand to watch her. 

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Shakira Performs Concert to Build School

By Simon Perry and Stephen M. Silverman

Shakira is giving back to her Colombian hometown of Barranquilla: She'll perform a concert there on Nov. 15, and use the proceeds to build an arts school for 1,800 children forced from their homes by civil war.

The benefit performance is part of Shakira's "Oral Fixation" world tour, the Associated Press reports.

The planned art school will be funded by Shakira's foundation, Pies Descalzos (Spanish for "bare feet"), and will emphasize arts education, the foundation said in a statement. School Pies Descalzos will be in La Playa, a poor suburb of Barranquilla where 45 percent of the residents are minors – but only about half of them attend school, the AP reports.

According to the Pies Descalzos Web site, the foundation has already built one school, Barrio Las Americas, in Baranquilla, and estimates that the new school will cost $980,000.

Shakira started the foundation when she was just 18, after her first hit record. "As soon as I harvested that success, I created that foundation," she told PEOPLE last year. "Now it's really growing and has tangible results. It is as important as my musical career."

On Pies Descalzos's work, she told PEOPLE, "We are building schools in remote places and have designed this program that combines food and education. Food is an incentive to promote education, so parents send their kids to school.

"Most of the kids (in the schools) belong to displaced families because of the inner war between the right and the left wing's armed groups. And the kids are caught in the crossfire. It's a catastrophe. I believe strongly in education being the key to solve many of the problems we have in Colombia. It is the root of the problems – the needs of millions of kids are not being attended to."

Tickets for the Barranquilla benefit will sell at prices starting at less than $7, compared to $200 and more for tickets to Shakira's two other Colombian concerts, in Bogota and the southern city of Cali.

In Mexico on Thursday Shakira – who last month was nominated for five Latin Grammy awards in the U.S. – won five prizes at the Premios Oye! music award ceremony.

Source: people.com

This is one of the many reasons us Shakira fans are so f-ing loyal.  She is doing REAL charity and EFFECTIVE charity...not just swinging a hammer for a photo op.  She cares about it so much and it's going to improve so many kids' lives.  I love the part where she says, "It is as important as my musical career."
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"SHOOT 'EM UP" on-set photos!!

Shoot 'Em Up, the new fast-paced action flick starring Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci and Paul Giamatti is slated for release in early 2007. However, cliveowen.org managed to get their hands on some photos from the film set in Toronto and a few promotional stills.

The movie opens with Owen’s rough, jaded, drug-addicted character, named only “Mr. Smith,” delivering a baby in the middle of a gunfight. The mother dies but the infant lives, causing Smith to team up with his prostitute lover, (Bellucci) and goes on the run in a desperate attempt to save the baby’s life, without knowing who is following them. The film is packed with shootouts, high-adrenaline action sequences and a dirty sex scene between Bellucci and Owen.

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SOURCES: cliveowen.org , latinoreview

Girls Aloud slam Pussycat Dolls, All Saints.

Girls Aloud say they're sick of the amount of pop bands reforming after years in the wilderness.

Talking to MTV UK News, Cheryl said, "(The new All Saints single) sounds like us - they must have looked at what's working at the minute and thought, 'We'll go that way' which is fair enough. I really like the track but the whole reuniting band thing at the moment is driving me insane."

Nicola added, "It's every band: 5ive, Take That, East 17, All Saints..."

"And those guys that were randomly put together for a TV show, I've never heard of anything like it," chipped in Cheryl, presumable referring to Upper Street! "They're like all old men!"

The Pussycat Dolls don't rate very highly with GA at the moment either.

"I like their music but they've absolutely hammered this album, this is like their 20th single," said Cheryl.

And the girls don't reckon lead singer Nicole will cut it as a solo artist.

"I don’t think she could," said Cheryl. "You’ve got the likes of Beyonce, Christina, Britney. I don't think she stands out as amazing at all."

"She hasn't got that thing that Christina’s got. How are you going to go up against that?" agreed Nicola.

We love a band who aren't afraid to speak their minds..!

Source (Go here for video of them saying all this).

I have to agree with them. The video interview is hilarious, if only to see Cheryl making fun of Melody from Pussycat Dolls.

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Luna's Radish Earrings Designed by Evanna Lynch

Luna's Radish Earrings Designed by Evanna Lynch

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Last week we had our first look at official photos from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, including this photo of Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood. In the photo she is seen wearing some radish earrings. As mentioned on our recent LeakyMug from California, we can now confirm that yes indeed, Evanna herself designed those radish earrings, proving a what a dedicated (and very cool) fan of the Harry Potter book series she is to bring those kind of details to the movie role of Luna. As mentioned in the latest LeakyMug, she told us on-set that she designed jewelry, but the question of who made the earrings was up in the air when we left.

Also, in this photo of the Trio, you can see them standing in a dark room , in front of a dirty old looking fireplace. WB has confirmed to us that the photo is indeed from the Hog's Head Inn at Hogsmeade. :)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released next year on July 13, 2007.

Here is the link to the hi-res photo where you can see the earrings better.

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Amy Winehouse
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Blind Item

Rap, like heavy metal, is built on machismo, but all that hetero huffing and puffing is used by many performers as a smokescreen to disguise their true sexuality.

They are scared of being outed in case their sales are affected. It's very much a case of 'the lady doth protest too much, methinks'.

So, with this in mind, which rap superstar started dabbling with male escorts in Monte Carlo last year? He enjoyed himself so much that he returned again this summer.

He called up the escort agency, put through his order and waited for them to show up. Unfortunately proving the rumours that he's on his uppers, his credit card was declined and the agency cancelled the 'date' before the escort showed up.

Source: fadedyouth.blogspot.com
i miss you


BUST-UPS, a ripped coat, “wasted” photos – just another quiet night out for PETE DOHERTY and KATE MOSS then . . . 

The couple started their evening at Pete’s BABYSHAMBLES show at Brixton Academy, where Kate wiggled her bottom on stage during their duet for La Belle Et La Bete.

But when they returned to her north London home later, they had the mother of all rows, which led to Pete’s coat being torn. He stormed out at 3.30am, half-naked and wearing only a pair of jeans – and half a jacket.

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