October 1st, 2006

anorexia isn't fashionable


Designer Giorgio Armani has blamed stylists and the media for the fashion industry's obsession with ultra-thin women.

In London to host a music and fashion extravaganza with stars Beyonce, 50 Cent and Bono, Armani said no girl needed to be anorexic to be fashionable.

A debate about models' weight has shaken the fashion world in recent days since Madrid banned excessively thin women from its catwalks after accusations their appearance may cause eating disorders in young women.

"I have never wanted to use girls that are too skinny. I prefer girls that show off my clothes in the best way," Armani told Reuters Television after the show late on Thursday. "Unfortunately though, the stylists and also the media have interfered and they now want models that are incredibly thin."

Armani, whose client list spans Hollywood to high finance, is a bellwether for the industry and the most powerful fashion insider yet to speak out on the weight debate. "No one thinks that for a girl to be fashionable she needs to be anorexic, that she must not eat. I will only take on healthy girls," he said.

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Armani made the comments on the red carpet of one of the most anticipated events of the fashion calendar and the hottest ticket of this week's London Fashion Week. Before rock stars and actors, the 72-year-old designer hosted a three-hour show and launched a new fashion collection in support of (PRODUCT) RED, an activism venture of U2 rock star Bono aimed at raising funds to fight AIDS in Africa.

He was supported by pop diva Beyonce, who brought the 1,300 guests to their feet with a performance of her hit "Crazy in Love," and by rapper 50 Cent, who had supermodels punching the air.

In the intervals, Armani sent more than 50 models down the runway, sashaying through his three traditional collections – from haute couture gem-encrusted gowns to purple Armani suits and the baby doll dresses of his younger line Emporio Armani. Among those taking it all in were actor Leonardo DiCaprio, singer Alicia Keys and actress Ashley Judd. Hollywood's Sean Penn and Penelope Cruz and singer Usher sent video messages.

"It will be the biggest party I've ever hosted, bigger than anything in New York, Paris, Milan," Armani said before the show.

RED is a global brand with a share of its profits going to support the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. American Express, The Gap, Converse and MySpace are among those groups that have also launched a collaboration with RED.

source; people.com
Big Boss Crotch

I Love Him

Waits freebies online

Three tracks for download

The mercurial and lovely Tom Waits is making three tracks from his forthcoming album available to download for free. What a nice man.

You can find them at anti.com starting 3 Oct.

The album, Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards, is a triple-CD monster, containing 54 songs, 30 of which are new.

There are 'interpretations' of songs by The Ramones, Bertolt Brecht, Leadbelly, Sparklehorse, Charles Bukowski and Jack Kerouac.Next week fans can download Bottom of the World, from the Brawlers CD and You Can Never Hold Back Spring from Bawlers.

This will be followed by Road to Peace, also from the Brawlers CD on October 17.

The first single, Long Way Home, will go online to buy on Oct 23.

Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards will be accompanied by a 94 page booklet and sold in a limited edition format.

Once the initial pressing has sold out, it will never be made available again in this format, which means it will be pinging around eBay at vastly inflated prices for years, probably.


Cameron Diaz strips for beach shoot

IT'S your lucky Diaz, guys. Stunning star Cameron turns into a big tourist attraction by showing off her, erm, beauty spots on a Majorcan beach.

The actress gave holidaymakers quite a view as she stripped off for a fashion shoot on the Spanish island. And she wasn't holding much back.

"Almost every time Cameron changed her clothes we got a flash of boob," said one sunbather.

Golden girl Cameron, 34, has abandoned her trademark platinum hair to become a brunette, but was still easily recognised after jetting into Cabo Formentor.

The actress, who is dating pop heart-throb Justin Timberlake, giggled with her entourage as she changed from a grey chiffon skirt and bare breasts to a white bikini, and then into skin-tight black hotpants.

The Spanish island was the perfect place for Cameron to get into the mood for promoting her new film The Holiday, a festive blockbuster.

But fellas sharing the beauty's beach must have thought all their Christmases had come at once.

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Fefe's optimistic about labels

Just days before the scheduled release of her sophomore album, Fefe Dobson was dropped from Island Records and told that the album wouldn't be coming out.

Fefe's reaction then is surely much different than her attitude towards the situation now. She's not even worried about that album; she's moved on.

"I'm actually writing more because it's been a year since that has been done," she told andPOP. " I'm in a different place right now so I'm writing new music to put into a new album."

Dobson is "very optimistic" that she'll find a new label soon.

"We're in the middle of discussing that stuff right now… just making more music and figuring out who's the best home for me to go to now."

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I'm reposting this because the other one was rediculouzzzz.

Isaac Hanson Gets Married

Isaac Hanson of the pop group Hanson married his longtime girlfriend, Nicole Dufresne, on Saturday in Okla., PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

The groom, 25, and bride, 22, wed in a traditional ceremony at the Philbrook Museum of Art in Hanson's hometown of Tulsa.

The music group Hanson, which includes brothers Taylor, 23, and Zac, 20, rose to fame during the summer of 1997, thanks to their hit single "MMMBop." The trio returned in 2004 for a Carnegie Hall concert that was part of a three-month international acoustic tour to support the release of their CD Underneath.

As the oldest Hanson, Isaac was the last to marry. Middle brother Taylor, who wed in 2002, welcomed a third child with his wife Natalie in September. The youngest of the group, Zac, married his longtime girlfriend, Kate Tucker, in June.

According to the band's Web site, they are now are wrapping up their fourth studio album, set to bow early next year.

Source: People.com

Brit singer Jamelia on Beyonce's new CD

It seems Brummie pop princess Jamelia has blasted fellow star Beyonce for not taking any risks with her second album, B-Day.

The 25-year-old, who has just released her own comeback album Walk With Me, apparently told the Daily Star the Bootylicious singer could have been more "adventurous".

"I heard Beyonce recorded B-Day in two weeks. When you write an album you need to take breaks to re-connect with yourself," she is quoted as saying.

"I'd have liked it if she'd been more adventurous. I like the single, I do think the album is good, it's just not great.

"Beyonce should be interesting - be crazy."

The mum-of-two also added she didn't like the cover, which saw Beyonce with an alligator.

"I don't think alligators were a good idea. It was cruel," she said.

However, Jamelia was full of praise for Justin Timberlake.

"I'm glad Justin didn't come back with that dancing lark. Any artist that has longevity knows they need to move on," she commented.

Source: ATRL.net

Marianne Faithfull does it her way

"I want to grow old disgracefully"
by Wendy Leigh.


Having lunch with Marianne Faithfull – watching her devour three helpings of cake, lustily licking her full red lips between bites, swirling her tongue around her mouth – is like being an extra on Tom Jones during the famous scene in which Albert Finney and Diane Cilento feast lasciviously on a banquet – and on each other.

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Vanessa Carlton signed to a new label (she was dropped by universal)

It's Vanessa, to the letter.

Thursday night, Irv (Gotti) Lorenzo celebrated his new venture with Universal Motown Records on a yacht owned by pal J.R. Ridinger. Carlton, who just signed with Gotti, is now to be called "V" instead of Vanessa.

"V is an old family nickname of Vanessa's, and Irv thought it was a practical decision to use it," explained an insider. "Vanessa says V has always been her name, so it's not really a name change."

Party guest Ja Rule arrived brandishing his own bottle of Veuve Clicquot. "I bought my own [bleep], this is like BYOB," he joked.

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Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez in concert...

...at the Coliseo De Puerto Rico in San Juan 

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Anthony avoids woes that befell Lavoe 

As he worked his way to salsa stardom, Marc Anthony said he saw the tragic career of the Puerto Rican performer he plays in an upcoming movie as inspiration and a warning to avoid industry pitfalls.

Anthony, who kicked off a concert tour in San Juan this weekend, said he felt a personal connection to Hector Lavoe, who was credited with bringing salsa to the United States and died in 1993 at age 46 following a struggle with drug addiction.

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Pete Doherty to follow Moss into fashion design

By Dominique Vidalon

PARIS (Reuters) - British rocker Pete Doherty is following in the steps of model girlfriend Kate Moss and is close to sealing a deal to design clothes for trendy Manchester label Gio-Goi.

The deal, which sources close to the matter said could be announced next week, would come only days after Moss landed herself a deal to design a collection for Topshop, the British high street fashion chain.

Gio-Goi co-founder Anthony Donnelly, reached by Reuters by phone, remained tight-lipped.

He said the group would hold a news conference on Wednesday but he would not give any clues as to its agenda.

"It's going to be a beautiful week next week," he joked.

British newspaper the Daily Mirror, citing a fashion source, said on Wednesday that the 27-year-old Babyshambles frontman, who was recently discharged from rehab, would design and model a range of clothes for the label.

Gio-Goi, a cult 1990s fashion label, was a big hit in the electronic music scene.

The label was re-launched in 2005 and is again dressing members of the music industry such as Doherty, The Streets, Arctic Monkeys or the Paddingtons.

Gio-Goi has dressed a host of British rockers in the past including The Rolling Stones, Happy Mondays, Oasis, New Order, and Primal Scream.

Source: http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews.aspx?type=entertainmentNews&storyID=2006-09-28T185422Z_01_L28331661_RTRUKOC_0_US-DOHERTY.xml&WTmodLoc=EntNewsHome_C1_%5bFeed%5d-4


I'd also just like to give a congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Hanson. Such a cute couple. :0)

Gnarls Barkley has the 'go' for follow up album

Gnarls Barkley get to work on second album
The duo are 'throwing around ideas' for follow-up

Gnarls Barkley have begun work on their next album.

The band, who released their massive-selling debut 'St Elsewhere' earlier this year, have started coming up with ideas for its follow-up.

"We've started to throw some ideas around, and we've started on some rough demo stuff. But it's stil a little way away," explained Danger Mouse of the duo's work so far. "But we want to make the record sooner rather than later - just go in there an continue what we're doing. We definitely don't want to make (the next album) based our reactions to what people are saying about this album."

He added that there was a lot of anticipation for the new record, but the producer and singer Cee-Lo would only release another LP together if they believed it was up to scratch.

"There a lot of people who want another Gnarls Barkley album, and so do we," Danger Mouse explained. "But we're going to do it the same way we did before - we're going to do it at our pace and see what happens. When we get into the groove with things, we do the songs in bunches, and so we know that all we need to do it is go back and start working. If we love what's coming out, then we'll do another record; if we don't love it the way we loved this one...then we won't do it."

He told MTV that despite his growing commitments - Danger Mouse has recently produced The Rapture and Damon Albarn's new group The Good The Bad And The Queen - Gnarls Barkley would remain a priority.

"We worked on this record ('St Elsewhere') for three years, and nothing I did - Gorillaz, nothing - stopped it," he declared. "We thought it took a long time, but it ended up coming out at the right time, and hopefully that's what will happen with the second one."

Source: NME Magazine

Britney Spears calls listening to advice her “biggest mistake”

Britney Spears appears in a new interview and photoshoot in “Q” Magazine, which will feature 20 covers with different celebrities and accompanying stories as part of their 20th anniversary issue.

Contrary to current reports, Britney has not dropped her long-term publicist, hard-working Leslie Sloane Zelnick. Zelnick, who keeps busy explaining Lindsay Lohan’s antics, denied that Britney gave her the boot - I think. BreatheHeavy has this story with the source listed as EOnline, but I could not find the original article. It seems typical of a fake story to have a denial that’s really hard to dig up:

"Britney Spears’ longtime publicist Leslie Sloan Zelnick denying Radar Online’s report that the pop star pulled a Jessica (or Joe) Simpson and gave her the boot, saying the duo have not parted ways."

Britney’s heavily airbrushed Q spread and interview are accessible from the thumbnails below. She comes off as pretty dumb in the first part of the phone interview, using incorrect grammar and rambling. She said that “Nothing Compares 2U” is one of her favorite songs, and was genuinely suprised when told that it was originally recorded by Prince. As a pop star, she should know that.

I half felt sorry for her in the last part of the interview when she discussed her problems with the media. She said that she learned from her mistakes and wouldn’t do anything differently, but when asked about her “biggest mistake” was, she claimed it was “listening to other people!”

Q - And the low point of your career? What’s been the hardest part to get through, the bit you wish never happened?
Britney - No, I know this sounds cheesy, but everything that has happened, I’ve learned from it and it’s made me a lot stronger. It happened for a reason basically. For me to do something differently. So I don’t regret anything. You have to make mistakes sometimes to learn some stuff.
Q - What were the mistakes you’re talking about?
Britney - The biggest mistake I’ve made in my life is probably listening to other people. Because as a child you don’t really listen to other people - you listen to yourself, right, all the time. That inner voice, you know… And I think there’s been times when I’ve been manipulated, but you just have to learn from that abd be strong and not let people take advantage of you.

Now that makes sense if Britney was being led around against her will when her career was hot, but it sounds quite arrogant coming from her now. She smacked gum loudly on The Teen Choice Awards, her Nightline Interview, and while announcing her pregnancy on David Letterman. Her fashion and parenting choices have left much to be desired. Let’s not even get into her choice of husband.

A handler could have told her “Britney, spit out your gum before going on national television,” but she decided to listen to her inner child and keep chewing. Her bodyguard could have said, “I think you should put the baby in his childseat before driving in LA,” but she reverted back to her lost childhood riding on her daddy’s lap on a deserted country road and let nostalgia make the decision. She wants to learn by trial and repeated error.

Something obviously turned Britney off from accepting advice, and she’s gone way too far in the other direction. With two babies to care for, let’s hope she’s not as stubborn about accepting parenting advice as she is about her career.


CMT to debut Finding Miss America in 2007

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CMT to Debut Finding Miss America in 2007
Judges Will Select Eight Finalists; CMT Viewers to Choose Seven More

CMT and the Miss America Organization have announced a new, seven-episode documentary series, Finding Miss America, which follows the 52 Miss America finalists through the preliminary competitions prior to the 2007 Miss America Pageant. The series will air in the days leading up to the two-hour pageant which is scheduled to premiere live in January on CMT.

For the first time in the pageant's 85-year history, viewers may cast their votes via phone and CMT.com for their favorite contestants, thereby determining finalists to compete in the 2007 Miss America Pageant. Viewers will also get an inside look at the never-before-seen judges' interview portion of the preliminary competition.

The series will begin with each of the contestants traveling to the pageant's host city in the fall of 2006 to be divided by random order into seven groups. Each of the seven episodes of the series will focus on one particular group as they live together and compete in the preliminary competitions -- evening wear, swimwear, talent and the one-on-one interviews with judges. At the end of the preliminary period, judges will tally their votes and select the top eight finalists to be revealed live at the 2007 pageant.

At the end of each episode, viewers will be able to vote for their favorite contestant via phone and CMT.com. The selections by viewers and judges will be announced live during the pageant telecast to advance 15 finalists. The judging of the 15 finalists will follow the same established rules as in years past.

"One of our goals with last year's pageant was to give viewers the opportunity to really get to know these contestants and root for their favorites," said CMT vice president of programming and development Paul Villadolid. "With the creation of this documentary series, viewers are now introduced to these contestants like never before and are able to vote for seven of their favorites to make the finals. Now, in addition to their talent and smarts, personality will play a huge role in determining these finalists."

"This is a great change in direction for the continued evolution of the Miss America Organization," said Miss America Organization president/CEO Art McMaster. "While we deeply value and honor our organization's traditions, we believe that this series will only increase viewer interest while showcasing the talents and character of these amazing women."

"These young women are educated, compassionate and beautiful, and it's about time that viewers are finally able to see the hard work and dedication that goes into becoming Miss America," said Phyllis George, Miss America 1971 and a member of the Miss America Organization Board.

source: cmt.com