July 19th, 2006


He has a reputation as the nastiest man on the box and has been known to reduce the most fame-hungry wannabees to jelly, but it seems Simon Cowell has a soft centre after all. The Pop Idol got a chance to show his caring side when he was brought in to judge the RSPCA's Dog Of The Year show in Brighton.

Rather than bawling out contestants with scathing comments, the TV personality had a kiss and a cuddle for many of the furry participants. One pooch, Dino the terrier, particularly caught his eye, getting a warm hug in the process.

Before the event at an animal shelter in Patcham, organiser Gilly Lloyd had warm words for the sharp-tongued media impresario. Commenting that he added a "touch of glamour" to the proceedings, the RSPCA trustee dismissed suggestions Simon's reputation would scare off the four-legged competitors. "Fortunately the dogs don't watch television so they don't know what they're in for," she said.

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Star Tracks


A sexy Kate Hudson raises temperatures on an already steamy New York City day as she departs The Late Show on Monday.


Jessica Simpson is all smiles as she and pup Daisy prepare to take flight at LAX on Monday. The singer – who partied at the same Hollywood club as ex Nick Lachey and his gal pal Vanessa Minnillo over the weekend – was heading to New York City, where she'll unveil the video for her single "A Public Affair" on TRL.

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asking Jesus

almost FREE KATIE ?

Might there be trouble in TomKatland? X17 reports Katie Holmes staged a revolt and stormed out of their home in Beverly Hills yesterday after she was ordered to hire two Scientology-trained nannies by her master Tom Cruise. 

'And some other weird things: she hasn't been seen with her usual assistant (aka Scientology Sea Org) for weeks and for the last week she was in Telluride (when we were keeping an eye on her), we caught not even a glimpse of Tom. Yeah, he was in Chicago over the weekend, but where was he before that and where is he now? Doesn't he maybe feel like hanging out with his wife and baby sometimes?'

Has Katie finally awaken from the Scientology haze she's been under for the last year? Is she seeking retail therapy as a means of escape? Stay tuned....

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You can buy Matthew McConaughey's corvette!

Well, if you're loaded.

It's starting at 40K on eBay.

He's selling his blue 1971 Chevy Stingray convertible on eBay to benefit Oprah's Angel Network's Hurricanes Katrina and Rita recovery. On the auction website, McConaughey says that he picked up the car that he calls Mako in 1998 at a car show. He calls it the " quintessential, bare bones, badass American sports car" and says he has driven it all over Texas (where the car is now). No bids thus far...


christina Milian at walmart

Last night, my sister and  I went to the Super Walmart in Pembroke Pines, FL at around 12am to buy some stuff . My sister stayed behind by the chips while I went over to where they have their drinks to find this one specific soda. So I'm walking around and I hear some commotion and some dude running and screaming about Christina Milian. I look over to where the milk is and sure enough Christina Milian was there and all these 12 year old girls were around her taking pictures with her.I go get my sister and we look over and call our other sister who is then begging us to take a picture with her. I didn't care but I told my sister I'd give her a dollar if she went up to her and said something to her making it seem like she was confusing her with Rihhana or keeping it gangsta or something to do with Nick Cannon.
Anyway we go along with our shopping, and we see a bunch of ghetto guys running after her trying to holla at her, she was nice, taking pictures and giving everyone her autograph, even some of the Walmart employees were going after her (until the manager found out and went over to them).
 We ended up in the same check out line as her and I just told my sister to go take a picture with her but she didn't, she told me to do it but I was looking like shit as that night we had had Chick-fila, cinnabons and Starbucks (yes, we enjoy eating, whatever). And I knew the picture would end up here immortalized on ONTD. Guys were still trying to hit on her, even making comments they were better than Nick Cannon. She was there with two friends, they looked pretty bitchy but every once in a while they'd laugh at some comments. They had too many groceries for it to be just a munchies run also.
So yeah sorry no pictures (my camera phone sucks and I can't be discreet since it makes a noise when I take a pic). Then again, would you take a picture next to someone who looked like this:

She's just as pretty as she is on pictures. Given she had a shitload of make up on but still, even her pony-tailed weave was looking nice.  She is very very tiny, she was around my sister's height (5'2) and very petite. She was wearing jeans and one of those hoochie mama shirts where you could see her cleavage, I guess you gotta dress up and always look nice when you go to a 24-hour Walmart in a remote suburb in South Florida.
She's very flat though, I should've asked her what kind of bra she uses on her promo pics.

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Hillary Duff to start new clothing line

NEW YORK - Starting this fall, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen — the twin actresses-turned merchandising moguls — will have some young celebrity company in store aisles.
Eighteen-year-old actress and singer Hilary Duff and 13-year-old Dylan and Cole Sprouse — twin actors and heartthrobs for the prepubescent set — aim to mimic the success of the mary-kateandashley brand, with plans to bombard stores with a host of products from clothing to home decor. And experts say they expect there will be plenty of other young copycats hoping to turn their celebrity status into merchandising power among preteens and teens, as did the now 20-year-old Olsen twins, who parlayed their star power into a reportedly billion-dollar international brand, spanning cosmetics to clothing and rugs.

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The Curse of Justin Timberlake
Posted Jul 18th 2006 9:03PM by Erik Davis

While I'm sure most of you are die hard Justin Timberlake fans and refuse to hear anything bad about the singer-turned-actor, so far all of the films he has starred in have one thing in common -- no theatrical release. After premiering at Sundance to lukewarm reviews, Alpha Dog was supposed to debut at some point this past spring, but with the controversy surrounding the film's plot and differing opinions regarding its release schedule, there's a good chance we won't see this puppy hit theaters until winter.

Ah, and then there's Richard Kelly's Southland Tales. In the pic, Timberlake plays an Iraq war veteran who narrates through the scope of his machine gun. After critics at Cannes went all Brown Bunny on this sucker, calling it a "sloppy mess" and a "major disappointment," Kelly was forced back into the editing room to try and find some way to salvage the film. Recently, Sony Pictures acquired all American theatrical and home video distribution rights with hopes to debut it sometime next year ... if that ever happens.

Okay, so that's Timberlake's second and third film -- what about his first? Perhaps you'll remember way back in September 2005 when Edison (later changed to Edison Force) closed the Toronto Film Festival. Pic, which featured a nice-looking cast of Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman, Dylan Mcdermott and, our hero, Justin Timberlake was, like Alpha Dog, supposed to hit theaters this past spring. However, we now have word that, due to extremely negative reviews, Edison Force is heading straight to DVD. This leads to an interesting question: Does a Justin Timberlake curse really exist? If so, what does this mean for the upcoming Black Snake Moan and Shrek the Third, both of which feature Timberlake? Will something go wrong? Probably. We'll keep an eye out and let you know as soon the curse strikes again.


Leah Remini: 'I've Seen Suri!'

Actress Says She Visited Infant Daughter Of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes

NEW YORK, July 18, 2006

Leah Remini, who stars in the CBS comedy "King Of Queens," says she's seen Suri Cruise, the 3-month-old baby of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Entertainment Tonight reports that the actress said in an interview in the upcoming issue of Us Weekly that she visited the baby several weeks ago.

"She's a newborn and normal size!" Remini said.

Like Tom Cruise, Remini is a member of the Church of Scientology.

Even though they had a very public courtship, Cruise and Holmes have not presented their baby in public and so far haven't inked a deal with a magazine for exclusive photos of the baby.

Conspiracy theories abound in the tabloid press and on blogs about why baby Suri hasn't been seen. Some even speculate that the baby doesn't exist at all, while others point out that Tom Cruise also kept his two adopted children, Isabella, 13, and Connor, 11, out of the public eye when they were little.

As for Suri, a family friend described the baby as "a cross between the two – [with] dark, straight hair and dark eyes."
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Joaquin Hot

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COLOMBIAN singer Shakira says there isn’t anything sexual about the title of her new album.

The sexy star raised eyebrows when calling her latest LP Oral Fixation, but claims everyone misinterpreted what she was trying to say.

She explains: "It has many layers to it, many dimensions. I've always felt very oral.

"We're orally fixated from when we're born. I give enormous importance to chocolate, to kisses.

"My mouth is an enormous source of self-indulgence. I'm a communicator, and I enjoy communicating!"


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No new Fall Out Boy album

Pete Wentz Says: Don't Expect A Fall Out Boy Album This Year

There's an old adage that says, "The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

Or, as Pete Wentz puts it, "We tried, but there was just too much sh-- going on."

He failed to mention anything about a mouse, but his meaning is clear: Despite his band's promises to the contrary, there will not be a new album from Fall Out Boy in stores this year. And believe us: You're not half as bummed out by that news as Wentz is.

"We're still definitely pushing for it, but I don't know if we're going to be able to get the album out by the end of the year," he sighed. "We'd really love to do it, but in order for us to, things would be absolutely insane. The turnaround time would be insane. There will definitely be a single out by year's end though."

So what's the reason for the delay? Well, it's certainly not a lack of preparation on Fall Out's end. They've been talking about From Under the Cork Tree's follow-up since May 2005 (see "Fall Out Boy Nearly Done Writing 'Way Different' Next LP") and started dropping Babyface's name as potential producer in November (see "Fall Out Boy Want Babyface To Produce Their Next Album").

As it turns out, it had nothing to do with the band and everything to do with shakeups at its label, Island/Def Jam.

"We've been ready to record for about the last three weeks, but there's been, um, if I go into specifics, I'll get into trouble," he said. "There have been some changes at our label, a little bit of strangeness there. Half the phone numbers I have for people at the label don't have people on the other end of them anymore. It slowed us slightly, but we're getting back up to speed."

And while things were shaking down at his label, Wentz tried to keep his mind off things by spending serious loot: on a house in Los Angeles and an English bulldog named Hemingway.

"He's pretty much the raddest thing ever," Wentz laughed about the dog. "Except all he does is eat, poop and ruin things."

He has also continued writing songs with FOB frontman Patrick Stump, and Wentz said the tracks reflect the frustrations he's been feeling as a result of the delay.

"Everyone loves you when you're hot, but the people you really want around you are the people who are going to love you when you're not," he said. "They'll return your calls and give a sh-- about you. And to some extent, we need to find a new group of people like that. And that's a scary thing, no matter if you're selling 2,500 albums a week or 45,000. And so a lot of that is showing up on the new album.

"And in a way, it's liberating," he continued. "Because we need to go out and remember the reasons we're doing this in the first place. And we're not going to go out and grow hippie beards. We need to make music for all the right reasons."

Despite all his frustrations, Wentz said everything appears to be pointing toward FOB hitting the studio with producer Neal Avron by the end of the week, with 20 songs in tow. He said the album is shaping up to be less of a kiss-off to the whole message-board scene — regardless of what he may have said back in April (see "Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Asks Killers Singer On Dinner Date") — and more a reflection of how he and the rest of the band are progressing as musicians.

He singled out one track in particular as a particular favorite — but not for the reasons you'd think.

"There's a song we're calling 'Me and You,' and in it, Patrick is doing things that are straight-up Motown," Wentz said. "If there wasn't a rock band playing, it'd be straight R&B, and he'd go on tour with just an upright bass and a drum and open up for R. Kelly. And as far as lyrics go, I've been taking a lot of influence from the best lyricist of the past year: Lil Wayne. He's insane. There's this one song ['Hit 'Em Up'] where he goes, 'I eat up catastrophe/ Swallow the truth/ And belch reality,' and I'm like 'Wow.' "

Source: MTV.com
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Fall Out Boy causes falling out

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actress Michelle Trachtenberg is allegedly stepping out on her two-year relationship with X-Men actor Shawn Ashmore. The actress is seen here leaving Bossa Nova restaurant last Saturday night with Fall Out Boy rocker Pete Wentz. When the pair spotted photogs, Trachtenberg let go of Wentz's hand and hurried off ahead of her date. Trachtenberg was last seen in public with Ashmore last month at the Superman Returns premiere in Hollywood.


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Ashlee to hawk Skechers

Ashlee Simpson has a new gig as the new face of Skechers. "Ashlee is a leading force in the music industry," said the Skechers prez. "She's young, beautiful, talented and...is also the perfect union between fashion and music, using her influence to empower young women to be themselves. We were drawn to her energy, style and grace." Wow, sounds like this guy's view is slightly distorted... Simpson did an equally impressive job brown-nosing in a statement, saying, "I grew up wearing Skechers. Like me, they are not afraid of taking chances and having fun. I'm happy to be a part of the brand and hope to add a few more pairs to my closet."

Source: http://www.canada.com/

Colin Farrel off booze??


HE'S single, sober and, these days, has eyes for no one but his three-year-old son.

It's hard to believe that this bright-eyed, clean-living man - who hasn't touched alcohol for six months - is Hollywood hellraiser Colin Farrell.

The legendary boozer and womaniser is speaking for the first time about how he turned his life around after checking into rehab seven months ago, citing exhaustion and an addiction to prescription painkillers.
"I was burning the candle at both ends and the flames met in the middle," says the 30-year-old, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Mirror.

"It just caught up with me. It was a long time coming but I had my a**e handed to me on a plate. Now I haven't had a drink for six months."

The Irish film star credits his love for son James for giving him the push he needed to sort things out. "I have a new-found appreciation for my life," he says. "I wasn't suicidal but I never had much of a will to live a long time.

"Now I want to watch my son grow up, be his friend and his father, and hang around with him. So he's the greatest priority in my life."

James is the product of Colin's relationship with ex-girlfriend Kim Bordenave.

Colin sees him regularly and his sister Claudine, who travels with the actor as his assistant, looks after the youngster while Colin's working - which is a lot of the time.

But at least these days, filming should be a far smoother process... Before he checked into the LA rehab clinic, his boozing was partly blamed for trouble on the set of his latest film, Miami Vice, including squabbles with his co-star Jamie Foxx and director Michael Mann.

And last year, while filming Alexander, Colin was so drunk that he fell out of a hotel window and broke an ankle.

THREE years ago, the Dubliner revealed the extent of his indulgence as he battled his drink problem in the mid-1990s.

A psychiatrist asked him to write down how much he did in a week - 20 ecstasy tablets, four grams of coke, six grams of speed, half an ounce of hash, three bottles of Jack Daniels, 12 bottles of red wine, 60 pints and 280 cigarettes.

But one of the most bizarre claims came from veteran British actress Dame Eileen Atkins. She claimed that Colin spent nearly three hours begging her to sleep with him - three weeks before her 70th birthday. She turned him down.

His boozing and womanising have become legendary since he arrived in Hollywood seven years ago - and he has rarely been seen in public without a drink, a female companion, or usually both.

He has been linked to a string of stars, including Demi Moore, Kate Beckinsale, Britney Spears and Angelina Jolie, and was married to actress Amelia Warner for four months in 2001 - a romance he summarises as "too fast, too young".

Colin has recently been said to be seeing actress Lake Bell, 27, who he met making Pride And Glory. But he says: "I don't have a better half or significant other. I've found a love I never thought I'd find with my son.

"And with my life as it is now, it would be very hard to have somebody - for them and me. I'm never in one place for longer than three or four months and have been living in hotels for seven years.

"Plus, I find that the work takes a certain amount out of me and as much as it would be nice to have somebody to pick me up a little bit, sometimes I just want to be on my own with my own thoughts. I've been lucky enough to have been in love a few times and I've felt how wonderful it is. But it comes with a lot of responsibility and pressures.

"It's better for me, at 30, to be on my own."

Whether in a relationship or on his own, Colin never let it stop him getting into drink-fuelled scrapes. But it all came to a juddering halt at the end of last year, when he decided that things had to change.

"For the first time, I got to step back and have a look at the life I had created.

"I thought about what I wanted to do and got to take the metaphorical deep breath I needed. It did me good." But while Colin is a reformed character in many respects, he still clings to two bad habits - smoking and swearing.

In fact, he chainsmokes his way through our chat at the swish Four Seasons Hotel, in Beverly Hills, in defiance of its smoking ban. He has taken time off from filming in London, where he's playing Ewan McGregor's brother in Woody Allen's latest, as-yet-untitled effort, to fly back to promote Miami Vice.

MANN'S big-screen remake - based on the 1980s TV series - sees Colin playing undercover cop Sonny Crockett who, with his partner Ricardo Tubbs (Foxx), infiltrates a drugsmuggling gang.

The film could provide him with the hit he needs after his previous three films, Alexander, Ask The Dust and The New World flopped.

The failure of Oliver Stone's Alexander, and the scathing reviews, were a big blow.

"I took a huge hit," admits Colin.

"It affected me so much because I just loved the film. It is by far the most incredible, insane, loving, toughest experience I've had... Then the knives came out. It was hard to stomach."

Such setbacks don't stop the Dublin-born star for long. He shows no signs of slowing down. After the Allen project comes another film, The Kingdom. "Work is still a big priority. Having said that, a while ago I thought I'd take some time off but then the phone rang and Woody wanted to see me - so that was the end of that!"

Despite the flops and scandals, over the past seven years the Phone Booth star has largely retained his refreshing, happy-go-lucky approach to life and knows he has come a long way in a short time.

"Life has been a bit of a blur," he says. "It has been a trip and I've worked with some incredible people and seen some amazing places.

"I'm 30 now but I still think I'm Peter Pan - I don't want to grow up."

I burned the candle at both ends but haven't had a drop for six months
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Following is The CW's 2006-2007 night-by-night breakdown of primetime premiere dates:

Wednesday, September 20

8:00-10:00 p.m. AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL Special Two-Hour Premiere

Friday, September 22


Monday, September 25

8:00-9:00 p.m. 7TH HEAVEN

9:00-10:00 p.m. RUNAWAY

Tuesday, September 26


8:00-9:00 p.m. GILMORE GIRLS

Wednesday, September 27

9:00-10:00 p.m. ONE TREE HILL :)

Thursday, September 28

8:00-9:00 p.m. SMALLVILLE

9:00-10:00 p.m. SUPERNATURAL

Sunday, October 1


7:30-8:00 p.m. ALL OF US

8:00-8:30 p.m. GIRLFRIENDS

8:30-9:00 p.m. THE GAME

9:00-10:00 p.m. AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL (Encore Presentation)

Tuesday, October 3

9:00-10:00 p.m. VERONICA MARS 

source: gossip rocks
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diane lane cut her hair off

On Thursday, July 13, actress Diane Lane had seven inches of her gorgeous, honey-colored hair cut live on the Today show to encourage men and women to grow, cut and donate their hair to make wigs for chemotherapy patients.

“If you see somebody suffering… you want to be able to help,” Diane said on Today. “This is how to help — you give your natural resource that only you can give.”

Fifty-eight percent of women say that they fear hair loss more than any other side effect of cancer treatment, according to the vice president of Pantene. The campaign “Pantene Beautiful Lengths” is a venture created by Pantene, the Entertainment Industry Foundation, and HairUWear wig manufacturers.

“It’s so fun and liberating,” Diane shrieked as they cut her hair. “I recommend everybody with long hair go for it once in their life, maybe twice in their life.” 


The Practice star Camryn Manheim (aka the woman with a freakish amount of earrings) is returning to TV this fall in CBS’ hit supernatural series Ghost Whisperer. She will replace replacing Aisha Tyler as Jennifer Love Hewitt’s friend. Jay Mohr will also make a recurring appearance in the show’s second season. “We have some new people coming, which is going to be great,” Hewitt told reporters at the Television Critics Association summer press tour in Pasadena, Calif.

shark bb

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Yoon Seok-ho’s Seasonal Series Dramas to Become Films

Two KBS hit dramas, “Autumn in My Heart” and “Winter Sonata,” will be adapted into movies. Poibos, an entertainment company, said Wednesday that it signed an agreement on Monday with KBS Media to buy the copyright to “Autumn in My Heart” after securing the copyright to “Winter Sonata” in May.

Culture Cap Media, a Poibos associate, will produce the film versions of the dramas. The company has produced “My Little Bride” and “Jenny & Juno.”

“Besides selecting a production company, no plans have yet been made in relation to making the movies,” Poibos said. “We haven’t decided who we will cast and whether we will change the story or not.”

The dramas, produced by Yoon Seok-ho and written by Oh Soo-yeon, gained great popularity across Asia, making Song Seung-heon and Song Hye-gyo, who played the leading roles in “Autumn in My Heart,” and Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo, the two stars in “Winter Sonata,” rise to stardom in the entire Asia region.

Other dramas waiting to be made into movies are KBS’ “Old Miss Diary,” and MBC’s “Hello, Francesca” and “Taeneung Training Center.”

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1405511_11858.html
Sucky is Mahn

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I bet the doll could even give you herpes. Eeeeeewwwwwwww.

Because nothing says "I love you" more than buying the one you care for "the ultimate training machine." But of course I could be wrong. The Bosu balance trainer may just be for K Feezy.


Aaron Carter: 'My brother Nick could have dated Jessica Simpson'

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

AARON CARTER has poured scorn on his big brother NICK's dating skills after he walked away from the chance to romance JESSICA SIMPSON.

The I WANT CANDY singer refused to be silenced by his angry brother, who once dated PARIS HILTON, during a recent interview to promote their new reality TV series HOUSE OF CARTERS.

Outspoken Aaron revealed, "He had the opportunity to (date her). I hooked him up and he didn't do it."

Source: http://contactmusic.com/news.nsf/art...sica_1002 871
shark bb


2nd woman claims Cook seduced her at 19

SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. - A second woman has come forward to claim she had an affair with
Peter Cook when she was 19, but before his marriage to Christie Brinkley.

Samantha Cole, a 29-year-old singer, told the New York Post in Wednesday's editions that Cook, now 47, proposed marriage to her in a last-ditch bid to win her back after she broke up with him in 1996. She refused, Cole said, and Cook became engaged to the supermodel a month later.

Earlier this week, 19-year-old Diana Bianchi, a former employee of Cook's, alleged the architect hired her and seduced her with lavish gifts, then attempted to woo her back with repeated notes and phone calls after she broke off the affair.

"I laugh at this, because our story is exactly the same," Cole was quoted as saying.

Brinkley, 52, announced last week that she and Cook, her fourth husband, had separated. The couple, who were married in 1996, have an 8-year-old daughter.

Cole said she was shocked to hear that Cook had allegedly cheated on Brinkley. "I never thought he would do something like that, being married, with his family so important to him."

A message left for Cook at his office wasn't immediately returned Wednesday.

When she learned that Cook and Brinkley were engaged, "I was pretty upset about it, pretty angry," Cole told the Post. "I was the last person he was with before Christie."

Source: Yahoo! News

Matt Willis [Ex-Busted] In The Priory

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Matt Willis has spent the weekend in rehab, after suffering the pressures of a solo career.

The former Busted star reportedly turned to drink during his latest tour, disappointed with the success of his solo efforts.

A source told The Sun: “When Matt gets stressed about his career he deals with it by hitting the bottle. He checked himself in on Thursday because he realised he needed help and wanted to tackle his problems before they got out of hand.”

Willis checked out of The Priory yesterday.
If anyone doesn't know who Matt Willis is, he was the "wacky" type one in Busted, an English boyband, they attempted to crack America in a reality show called America or Busted.
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Lily Allen slams Victoria Beckham

Allen: Posh is a bad example to kids

Lily Allen has slammed Victoria Beckham for setting a bad example to children.

The outspoken 21-year-old singer, currently number one in the UK charts with her debut single 'Smile', thinks the waif like former Spice Girl has a responsibility to gain some weight.

She revealed to Britain's New! magazine: "I don't hate Victoria Beckham, I just think she gives a bad image to young children. No one should be that skinny. I think it's really bad. I don't care how much she says that's her natural weight. That's just bulls**t. She gets photographed every day and she doesn't eat anything!

"Kids live in a celebrity-obsessed society. She has a responsibility not to look like that."

Acid-tongued Lily, the daughter of comic star Keith Allen, has already laid into The Pussycat Dolls for promoting prostitution and described singer Sandi Thom as rubbish.


LOL. It's kind of out of place for Lily to say this, but that doesn't make it untrue! Posh: gain some weight. please!?!
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The romance between Orlando Bloom and Kate Bosworth seems to be moving right along - we spotted the couple out at the construction site of his new multi-million dollar home after a Sunday date at Geoffrey's! Orlando's going to be moving into a pretty toney neighborhood in Malibu but hey, you can't get Barbie and NOT get her Dream Home too!

SOURCE: X17online.com

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They're baaaaack!

Jack Nicholson and his much younger, former stick-thin flame, Lara Flynn Boyle, enjoyed a little sea cruise together in St. Tropez on Tuesday.

I'd still hit him. IDK, there's just something about him.
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7th heaven news david Gallagher and Mackenzie rosman may not Return

One of the most powerful, thought provoking shows on TV, 7th Heaven, will be returning this fall. America will be blessed with another season .  However, some cast members are still not confirmed to return---namely Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie) and shockingly hot David Gallagher (Simon)

Michelle Pfiffer considers Plastic surgery

Michelle Pfeiffer, known as one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women, says she has considered getting plastic surgery – just not yet.

“I toy with it,” the 48-year-old actress tells InStyle in their August issue. “When I’m rested, I look pretty darn OK. I can hold off on that facelift for another few years. (But) when I’m feeling weary, then I think, maybe I better make that appointment.”

Still, she says Hollywood’s obsession with looks is getting out of control. “If that nose or those jowls bother you, do it,” she says of getting surgery. “(But) this epidemic of people losing sight of what looks good, the distortion that has been going on is kind of creepy.”

For the full story - go here…
Pfeiffer says she doesn’t feel older, though in her next film, I Could Never Be Your Woman, she plays up her age in her role as a TV executive who falls for a man 11 years her junior, played by Paul Rudd.

“I certainly see that I’ve changed. I just try not to dwell on it,” she says of getting older. “Aging happens to every single one of us. Once you accept that it unburdens you.”

Mostly, Pfeiffer says she is focused on having a “slightly slower” lifestyle, which she has accomplished by moving from Los Angeles to Northern California with her TV writer husband, David E. Kelley, and their two kids, Claudia Rose, 13, and John Henry, 12.

As for that facelift possibility, “I’ve seen some amazing-looking plastic surgery. But who knows what you’ll get?” she tells the magazine, which hits newsstands July 24. “I’m hoping I’m courageous enough to grow old gracefully.”
source: dlisted

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Okay since there was that CW post, here under the cut I put convenient charts from Laurel's TV Picks.

These charts have Fall 2006 Schedule Grid.


PS : eastern time zone

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source: http://www.tvpicks.net/fallpreviews/2006-grid.html
!! that lady's awesome :D

SO, which shows will you be watching in the fall? For me it's Prison Break, Gilmore Girls, Lost/One Tree Hill (REALLY FUCKING PISSED THAT THEY FALL UNDER THE SAME TIME SLOT FUCK YOU CW & ABC), and Grey's Anatomy/The OC (they also fall under the same thing....supposedly they're changing that OC slot?! I hope so. I REALLLLLY hope so.) Also, I'm either going to start watching Veronica Mars or House. I have full seasons of both those shows on my computer, but they fall under the same time slot as well. I guess I'll delete one show, then catch up with the other and watch it after Gilmore Girls....what do you guys say? What's better, Veronica Mars or House? ALSOOO that Heroes show looks pretty good. Okay I'm done. :)
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Pamela Anderson Topless Sunbathing in Front of Son Criticized

Pamela Anderson has been in the south of France this month celebrating her birthday and her newly announced engagement to Kid Rock. But the buxom blonde is catching some criticism for sunbathing topless in front of her son and others on a yacht.

Personally, it seems like much ado about nothing as she was in France and even if she wasn't it is her child and she should get the final choice on how he is raised on something as simple as nudity.


But the debate was on. TMZ grabbed the pictures and posted a PG rated version on the popular celebrity site and the debate was on.

They added this poll question:

"Should Pam be in the buff around young children?"

Right now, with over 7,000 votes cast in the online poll, fifty-five percent say it's "no-way it's inappropriate" while forty-five percent say "Who cares? It's natural"


It got nasty enough that Harvey Levin even chimed in with a post that said in part:

"This just in -- in Europe, going topless is no big deal. You know the expression, "when in Rome." Well it means something, it really does. Anderson, like lots of American women on vacation, decided to take her top off."

"Does that really make her a "slut," and all the other names she was called? Or is that she has some peculiar responsibility as a celebrity to keep her top on…She didn't kill anyone -- she took her top off."



For the happier Pam Anderson news, she is engaged to Bob Ritchie (Kid Rock) again and reports are that they will tie the knot on July 29 in St. Tropez.

Will she keep her top on until the honeymoon?

Certainly the paparazzi will try to be close by to document the nuptials and any nudity.


WTF???????? Who cares? It's her kid, it's not like she flashed his fourth grade class. That's her personal choice and if she wasn't breaking any laws, then it's her business.

Here is a link to the photos.

The Avril & Deryck Wedding Album

Published: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 Article tools
* * * * Avril Lavigne described her wedding as “perfect” and “beautiful" – and now you can see her intimate photos from that special day.

Click here to go inside Lavigne's wedding last Saturday in California.

In an interview broadcast Monday on ET Canada, the Canadian rocker admitted her marriage to Sum 41 singer Deryck Whibley was an emotional experience.

“I almost started crying as soon as I started walking down the first set of stairs,” said Lavigne. “And I just told myself: ‘You can't cry now, it's the beginning.’ So I had to hold it all in and I wanted to keep my composure. And I did.”

Source: canada.com

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Culkin and Kunis Escape From Israel

Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin and his girlfriend, That 70s Show actress Mila Kunis, narrowly escaped from Israel after their vacation was ruined by rocket fire from Lebanon. The couple were enjoying a relaxing holiday when rocket fire hit the Israeli town of Haifa, where the couple was staying. Culkin insisted the pair immediately leave the country, but Kunis was reluctant to end her holiday early, telling the Jerusalem Post, "He's a drama queen." The couple eventually decided to return to the US and Culkin told a flight attendant on their plane that wasn't the only problem the couple encountered on the trip. He said, "We went to the beach, and there were tons of jellyfish - so we figured that even the sea was dangerous." 

Source: The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

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Kevin Federline
has apparently commenced hostilities against his wife, Britney's, ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake. "Kevin is totally preoccupied with Justin's music career," a source close to Kevin tells Star mag. "He's incredibly jealous of Justin's musical style, his sales and his popularity." K-Fed's talking tough, now that Brit has helped him land meetings with execs at her — and Justin's — label, Jive Records. "He's convinced himself that he's going to be the next Justin, only better," claims the source. "Kevin even told a friend that he's going to 'pulverize' Justin on the charts. He says he's got the hottest producers in the business and that he can write killer rhymes — and that all Justin has is a silly falsetto and a bad haircut." K-Fed's rep was mum, but Timberlake flack Ken Sunshine laughed hysterically yesterday.

source: NY Daily News
Josh approves; credit: kknee13

Justin in GQ - pics + article

Credit to Jameka for the scans.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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The Private Life of Justin Timberlake

"I didn't want to be the guy who dates girls in tabloids"

Locked & Loaded
With his second album about to hit stores, serious roles in two upcoming movies, and the older woman you dream about, Justin Timberlake is on the verge of something very big.

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"Snakes" Deplanes Critics


Once you have snakes on a plane, do you really need movie reviews, too?

New Line Cinema has answered that very question with a decisive no. The studio announced this week it would not host advance screenings of its geek-championed horror flick, the one, the only, the actually titled Snakes on a Plane.

Conventional wisdom says such a move--hiding a film from Roger Ebert's judgmental thumb--is a red flag, signaling the arrival of an all-new Glitter. But conventional wisdom has very little do with Snakes on a Plane, opening Aug. 18, with some late-night screenings on Aug. 17. 

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First post - Daniel Baldwin hospitalized

Actor Daniel Baldwin is in hospital after allegedly plowing into a pair of parked cars in Los Angeles while driving at an estimated 80 miles per hour. The star, who is the brother of actor Alec Baldwin, is being held at UCLA Medical Center in police custody and could face drink-driving charges. A police spokesman says Baldwin was spotted weaving through traffic in a silver Thunderbird. According to website Tmz.com, the actor ran a red light before crashing into two cars, including a Hummer, which was launched 20 feet by the impact. Police say Baldwin was driving the car, which was a rental, with a suspended license. In March, Baldwin was charged with drug violations after being arrested in a Santa Monica, California hotel. Police claim that when they arrived at the scene, they found cocaine on Baldwin and another man.

Source: imdb.com

Some info about Bob Dylan's new album.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"The new Bob Dylan album will be available in 3 formats: 1) Regular CD for £11.99 // Limited CD/ DVD for £12.99 and 2 x Vinyl LP for £14.99 .

The album tracklisting is as follows:
1. Thunder on the Mountain (5:57)
2. Spirit on the Water (7:44)
3. Rollin' and Tumblin' (6:03)
4. When the Deal Goes Down (5:06)
5. Someday Baby (4:57)
6. Workingman's Blues (6:09)
7. Beyond the Horizon (5:38)
8. Nettie Moore (6:54)
9. The Levee's Gonna Break (5:45)
10. Ain't Talkin' (8:48)"

Source: http://community.livejournal.com/bobdylan/911464.html?mode=reply

Modern Times is scheduled for release on August 29, 2006.
Wild Gaskarth

New Gym Class Heroes Video...

A new video for Gym Clas Heroes' song "A New Friend Request" was added yesterday by FueledByAdam.
You can also find their other videos for "Papercuts" and "Cupid's Chokehold (With Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy) also on youtube, posted by FueledByAdam.

Should you feel the need to check out Travis and the rest of Gym Class Heroes, they can be found on Warped Tour this year.

YouTube.com - Gym Class Heroes - A New Friend Request

Source: Me, I stumbled upon it after watching a video of Drift Cars in Japan.

Overall I think it's a good song and pretty funny video.
Seperated At Birth?

Who Wants to be a Superhero?

Bruce Nash Entertainment (Meet My Folks, For Love or Money, Who Wants to Marry My Dad?), executive producer Scott Satin (NBC's Most Outrageous Moments specials, Outback Jack, Who Wants to Marry My Dad?) and renowned comic-book writer, editor and creator Stan Lee's (Spider-man, Hulk, The Fantastic Four, X-Men) POW! Entertainment bring viewers this six-episode, one-hour weekly competition reality series that will challenge a lucky few to create their very own superhero and reward the winner with the best reality competition prize yet: immortality!

Each contestant begins with an original idea for a superhero, a self-made costume, and their best superhero mojo. From thousands of hopefuls, Stan Lee chooses 11 lucky finalists who move together into a secret lair. There they will begin their transformations — and their competition for the opportunity to become real-life superheroes. Over the course of the series, they will test their mettle, try to overcome their limitations, and do what it takes to prove that they truly are super.

The finalists will leave their former lives behind and become their brainchild heroes, all under Stan Lee's watchful eye. Each week, our aspiring heroes will be challenged with competitions designed to test their true natures. No one will be asked to perform feats of impossible strength; our superheroes will be tested for courage, integrity, self-sacrifice, compassion, and resourcefulness — all traits that every true superhero must possess.

In the end, only one aspiring superhero will have the inner strength and nobility to open the gates to comic-book immortality. The winner of this six-week competition will walk away with their character immortalized in a new comic book developed with Stan Lee. And that's not all — the winning character will also appear in an original SCI FI Channel movie!

Our contestants don't have to love comic books to be the superheroes we're looking for, and you don't need to read comic-books to appreciate their struggle to become the best they can be. So tune in and see what drives these rare individuals who are willing to push themselves to their limits, and find out what motivates someone Who Wants to Be a Superhero!
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