July 18th, 2006


Oprah Says She and Friend Not Gay

Jul 17, 1:34 PM EST
The Associated Press

Oprah Winfrey and her friend Gayle King want to be clear: they're not gay.

In the August issue of O, the Oprah Magazine, the talk-show host explains that some people misunderstand her close friendship with King.

"I understand why people think we're gay," she says. "There isn't a definition in our culture for this kind of bond between women. So I get why people have to label it — how can you be this close without it being sexual?"

In a long article, Winfrey, 52, and King converse about their 30 years of friendship and "four-times-a-day phone calls." King, who hosted "The Gayle King Show" in 1997, is an editor of O, the Oprah Magazine.

The two friends say they would have no problem telling the public if they were in a sexual relationship.

"The truth is, if we were gay, we would tell you, because there's nothing wrong with being gay," says King.

Says Winfrey: "Something about this relationship feels otherworldly to me, like it was designed by a power and a hand greater than my own. Whatever this friendship is, it's been a very fun ride."

source:http://entertainment.msn.com/tv/arti...px?news=227819 and gossiprocks.com
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Britney smiles from "Crazy"

any The Bravery fans???

The Bravery begin work on new album

The band plot their return with Bruce Springsteen producer
The Bravery have begun work on their second album.

Having played only one UK date this year, the band have linked up with producer Brendan O'Brien for sessions in Atlanta, Georgia.

Speaking to NME.COM, frontman Sam Endicott explained the choice of producer signalled a new approach from the band.

"He's the champion of rock producers," said Endicott. "He's a personal hero of ours. Initially, I was going to do it myself but he's done Rage Against The Machine and Bruce Springsteen, and you can't fuck with that."

With most of the songs begin considered for the record written last year, the singer added that a large part of the writing had been done on the road.

"I wrote a lot on the Depeche Mode tour," said Endicott. "At first it was really hard, but I got used to it. You're just crammed into a corner of the bus with a coat over the amp between two people who are trying to sleep."

With 18 songs in consideration for the album, Endicott added the record will be unlike The Bravery's self-titled debut.

"It's pretty different across the board, more eclectic," he claimed. "There's dance, rock and slow songs. It's more organic, less synthetic, with more acoustic instruments. We're all better musicians now and we play better together."

The band hope to complete the album this autumn with and plan to release it early next year

The Bravery -- Yahoo! Music Page



The Bravery >>>>>> The Killers.....at least in my book
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Jewel to write, star in new "Punk Rock Angel Girl" cartoon, fighting corporations

Nickolodeon will premiere a new cartoon created by, written by, and starring Jewel this Fall. It'll be called Punk Rock Angel Girl.

In the series, Punk Rock Angel Girl (PRAG) "discovers that a big, faceless corporation called Megacorp is trying to brainwash the youth of America to buy things that nobody would ever need. Megacorp's minions are disguised as celebrities — but underneath, they're actually robots, and if revealed as such, they attack."

"It's a faceless network conspiracy to make people stupid," Jewel said, according to MTV news.

Jewel further explained: "Punk Rock Angel Girl, or PRAG, she's just a teenager. She's a punk rocker, but what I call punk rock is getting angry with a cause. A lot of the show is about anger as a transformational, useful tool. There's a difference between pent-up aggression that's randomly expressed — that's just confrontational with no thought behind it — versus positive anger, thinking for yourself and making tough decisions."

Punk Rock Angel Girl's special power is her rebel yell: "Punk Rock Angel Girl gets a strange sensation when she gets angry, a feeling like she needs to throw up, which becomes a yodel as a lightning bolt comes out of her. These 'Yellow Yodel Bolts of Energy' help PRAG tap into her inner reserves of power — but she also discovers that everyone has this power within them," MTV News says.

Mariah is a Whore

ASPEN, CO [Thursday Jul.13.2006] /WJBQ.com/ -- Mariah Carey, Nick Lachey and Snoop Dogg have gone to the dogs -- sort of.

The three artists are among the celebrities who have painted life-size statues of Labrador Retrievers for the Aspen Filmfest's "Best In Show" fundraiser.

The Labrador statues are currently on display in Aspen, Colorado, and will be auctioned off to the highest bidder on August 1 to raise money for Aspen Filmfest's education programs. A second auction will also take place online at CharityFolks.com on September 4th.

Other celebrities who painted dog statues for "Best In Show" include Johnny Depp, Joaquin Phoenix, Goldie Hawn, Jack Nicholson, Angelica Houston, Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, and Salma Hayek.

For more information on the Aspen Filmfest's "Best In Show" art exhibit and fundraiser, visit www.aspenfilm.org.

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America's Got Talent -- and a Legal Mess

NBC's summer hit "America's Got Talent" has crossed the legal line, according to Jeff Beacher, a Las Vegas show creator and host

TMZ obtained a cease and desist letter sent to Fremantle Productions, Inc., which produces "America's Got Talent." The letter claims that a contestant on the show -- Leonid Filatov who plays "Leonid the Magnificant" and "Silver Man" in the Vegas Show, Beacher's Madhouse -- was plucked from stage production, which is performed regularly at the Hard Rock Hotel.

According to the letter, a rep from Fremantle who was booking talent for the show contacted Beacher's Madhouse and said, "Our show starts in 4 weeks and quite honestly, although we have seen some A List talent, I'm still short about another 20 hot acts for this competion." The rep then allegedly said: "Las Vegas is my last stop. Either I find it there, or I get fired."

According to the letter, Beacher's Madhouse allowed Filatov to compete on "America's Got Talent," provided that he would still be permitted to perform in the Vegas production. The letter states that Filatov appeared on the NBC show as "Leonid the Magnificant" but producers made him sign an agreement prohibiting him from performing in Beacher's Madhouse.

The cease and desist letter claims Fremantle violated it's agreement with Beacher's Madhouse.

A separate cease and desist letter was sent to Leonid Filatov, claiming he has no right to use the name and costume of "Leonid the Magnificant" anymore. The letter also demands that Filatov return his costumes, STAT.

ETA: There's a pic of "Leonid the Magnificant" HERE.
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The girl who was dating Christie Brinkley's husband

I went to Southampton High School with Diana Bianchi (the one who was dating Christie Brinkley's husband) we were in the same graduating class I used to talk to her a lot. So I kinda feel bad posting these but whatever.
She's really small about 5'1" maybe like 90lbs but no bones showing.
Any way heres the pictures of her in our Sr. yearbook. They aren't great quality because I dont have a scanner I had to take the picture with my phone.

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source: me and the Southampton High School yearbook.

just what was missing from my life

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fox Home Entertainment has announced 'funny, twist-of-fate comedy' Just My Luck which stars Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine. The disc will be available to own from the 22nd August, and should set you back around $29.98. The disc will carry both anamorphic widescreen, and full screen transfers - along with an English Dolby Digital 5.1 track.

The extras will include
three deleted/extended scenes,
a "Look of Luck" featurette,
a McFly Behind The Scenes featurette,
and a trailer.

I don't know why they would pick that weird winking as the main focus on the cover, It looks like she is mildly retarded...
and they didn't even bother to include the Mcfly "please please" video either.


Jordan wants Keira to play in her movie!

Jordan wants Keira to play her in movie

Jordan has announced that she wants Keira Knightley to play her in a film.

The glamour model and reality TV star is currently writing a third instalment of her autobiography, but is already making plans for her life story to be transferred onto the big screen.

She told Star magazine, "The film of my life is definitely happening. I'd like someone like Keira Knightley to play me - she's stunning and a very good actress. I'd want someone quite high profile like her doing it."

The film is expected to cover Jordan's romances with Dwight Yorke, Dane Bowers and husband Peter Andre, as well as her experiences of motherhood and stint on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

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Damn, I didn't know Lucy Liu was that old...

By Paul Martin (LOL /canadian)

CILLIAN Murphy was kissed-off when he prepared for a snogging scene with stunner Lucy Liu - only to have breath spray shoved in his mouth.

The Cork-born actor, 30, puckered up with the 37-year-old Charlies' Angels star for a scene in their latest movie Watching The Detectives in New York.

But just as he prepared for the big moment, Lucy took time out to squirt the mint spray.

An onlooker said: "Cillian was excited about getting to lock lips with such a stunning woman.

"But she killed the moment by making him freshen his mouth first. A few seconds later they got stuck in and kissed for the cameras."

Source: The Mirror.co.uk

Oh please. I'd kiss him if he'd just eaten a clove of garlic. The boy's just so pretty. *sigh*
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Enquirer retracts Britney divorce stories

British edition of tabloid apologizes to pop star for erroneous pieces 

DUBLIN, Ireland - The National Enquirer apologized to Britney Spears in its British edition Tuesday for reporting that she was ready to divorce Kevin Federline.

The articles were published June 5 and June 12 under the headlines, “Britney marriage is over!” and “Britney and Kevin: And now their divorce!” Both stories were vaguely sourced to unidentified friends of the couple.

The retraction and apology said National Enquirer officials “now accept that their marriage is not over and they are not getting divorced. These allegations are untrue and we now accept Britney’s position that the statements are without foundation. We apologize for any distress caused.”

A London lawyer representing American Media Inc., the Boca Raton, Fla.-based publisher of the National Enquirer, signed a settlement agreement with Paul Tweed, the Belfast lawyer representing Spears in Britain and Ireland. The settlement requires a published apology, but no cash damages.

Spears pursued a libel action on this side of the Atlantic, rather than in the United States, because British and Irish laws are much more plaintiff-friendly.

The 24-year-old pop princess and Federline, 28, an aspiring rapper, were married in September 2004. They have a 10-month-old son, Preston, and she is pregnant with their second child, due this fall.

“The couple are very satisfied with the Enquirer’s prompt and good-faith response,” Tweed said in a phone interview from Cape Cod, Mass., where he is on vacation. He confirmed the settlement meant the National Enquirer would not be sued, nor be required to publish the apology in the United States.

London lawyer Niri Shan, who represented American Media, declined to comment.

The office of National Enquirer chief executive David Pecker referred The Associated Press to a New York public-relations firm that wasn’t immediately aware of the lawsuit or settlement.

Media lawyers say such cases could become increasingly popular when targeting U.S.-based publications with even a small overseas distribution.

Whereas U.S. libel law requires a celebrity to prove that an article was both false and published maliciously, British and Irish libel law places the burden of proof on the publisher of such material.

The apology and retraction was published Tuesday in the British edition in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and was being published Wednesday in its Republic of Ireland version.

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Pamela Anderson & Kid Rock

Pam loves to stay close to her exes. We wrote about how she could not quit Kid and now it turns out they are about to get married. Last time they were engaged, they never made it to the altar but now US Weekly is reporting a date has been set for their wedding. Here's more:

It turns out that Hollywood’s top bombshell has been hiding a bombshell of her own: a July 29 wedding to on-again, off-again fiancé Kid Rock, aboard a yacht near St. Tropez.

“They’ve been close for a very long time and decided that now is the right time to take the next step,” her rep confirms exclusively to Us. “They couldn’t be happier about their future together.”

Being in St Tropez might have helped fuel the romance into marriage. That place is pretty magical. Congrats to the happy couple.



I was at my favorite local bar last night, The Bog in downtown Scranton. Around midnight, who walks in alone? None other than Kiefer Sutherland (24, Phone Booth)!

It's a real local crowd in there. Everyone knows everyone else so when he walked in, eyes were popping. He ordered his beer of choice and sat down at a table with a couple of people. For the most part, no one bothered him. A few people went over to say that they loved his work which he graciously thanked them for.

I wish I had pictures but alas, The Bog is always dark, I didn't have my digi and my phone doesn't have a flash. It was definitely the highlight of my "The bar closes at 2am but I didn't leave until 6am" night!

I mean, who comes to, of all places, Scranton? Random!
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But she's so innocent...just look at those "blue" eyes!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Paris Hilton is 25, but she can still behave like a bratty junior high school girl. On Saturday, Hilton turned up at the Lia Sophia jewelry clambake at the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu, where her nemesis Lindsay Lohan was holding court with new squeeze Harry Morton. "Paris was hanging out with Brandon Davis, her sister Nicky and Bijou Phillips," reports our spy. "She made it a point to whisper and laugh very loudly the entire time, snickering behind Lindsay's back." Lohan, who battled bullies in her movie "Mean Girls," retreated with Morton to a back bedroom where they couldn't hear Hilton's malevolent cackle. Later that afternoon, as Hilton strutted past Lohan's corner, one of Morton's friends jumped up and faked a kick to her bony backside when she wasn't looking. Hilton's snicker is nothing new to Lohan's ears - the heiress laughed herself silly during Davis' anti-Lohan "firecrotch" rant that was all over the Internet a few months ago.


*edit---fixed picture. THANKS FOR HOTLINKING.
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If internet "celebrities" get approval and posting here, why not our favorite and most fascinating trainwreck of a party girl, Cory Kennedy? She's gone head first into the realm of marketing The Cobrasnake. Now you can buy the shirt off her pale, thin, sweaty back!

Cory-endorsed Shwag

Source: thecobrasnake, of course!

p.s. Paris and Nicole welcomed one of Cory's favorite "artists", Mickey Avalon, to a recent episode of "The Simple Life: "Til Death Do Us Part". Although the two lesbians who were getting married chose the mariachi band, Paris insisted that Mickey go on as a first act. Watch her become Paris Hilton Records and start her own media conglomerate next.

Watch out, Paris. Cory's blowing up in the "scene" and she's way hotter than you.


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John Cusack wins restraining order against woman


SANTA MONICA, Calif., July 18 — John Cusack won a temporary restraining order Tuesday against a woman he claims has been stalking him for more than 18 months.
Emily Leatherman must stay at least 500 feet from the 40-year-old actor, his home, workplace, car and any company or office where he does business, Superior Court Judge Linda K. Lefkowitz ruled.
Cusack was not in court for the ruling.
Leatherman, who is identified in court papers as being homeless, could not immediately be reached for comment.
In court papers filed last month, Cusack said the 31-year-old woman ''is showing unusual interest by stalking, throwing long letters of interest over my fence in bags with rocks and screwdrivers inside, making unannounced visits to offices of people I work with in an attempt to meet with me and listing my address as her own during a recent arrest.''
The woman ''threatens to commit acts of violence against herself if I do not help her,'' Cusack's court papers stated.
The star of ''The Ice Harvest'' and ''Must Love Dogs'' said he has never met Leatherman but her mail had been arriving at his home.


Nina Jacobsen fired, Aviv new President of WD Pix

Source: Variety Breaking News

In a major reorganization at the Mouse House, Buena Vista Motion

Picture Group prexy Nina Jacobson has exited the studio and chief
creative officer Oren Aviv has been tapped as prexy of production at
Walt Disney Pictures.

Move comes as Walt Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook confirms that the
studio will reduce its workforce by 650 people and reduce its annual
bigscreen output to 10 live-action and animated pics a year along with
two to three films a year from its Touchstone label.

Disney also announced the restructuring of several of its business
units under Buena Vista worldwide marketing and distribution unit and
Buena Vista worldwide home entertainment arm.

(Nina Jacobson was mentioned in ONTD last week for making M. Night Shamalamadingdong cry.)
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New Buffy comic

From comics she was born, and to comics she shall return: Buffy the Vampire Slayer's post-cancellation adventures will soon begin anew -- penned by Joss Whedon himself -- in the pages of Dark Horse Comics. Here's an exclusive cover image (by artist Georges Jeanty) from issue No. 1. As you can see, she's kept in shape during her hiatus. (Dark Horse will debut No. 1 at Comic-Con this week.)

This isn't Buffy's first foray into comics. And it remains to be seen if it ranks anywhere near Joss Whedon's best foray into comics: the all-too-brief "future slayer" saga Fray, which follows the dystopic advetures of Buffster's 24th-century successor. (Some will persuasively argue that this is Joss' best comics effort. I will counter with a spin move and the old axe-to-the-head. So watch it.)

So what's going on in the extended Buffyverse? Well, you may recall the show ended with the creation of an army of Slayers. Now they're organized, and the tide has turned in favor of the good guys. Ah, but you know how much Whedon hates winners: Soon an "old enemy" surfaces (Dark Horse is cagey on Big Bad's identity), and Dawn starts "experiencing serious growing pains." I hope that means the Scoobies will be fighting a mutant, undead Alan Thicke.


good vs evil excel


Last week Al Reynolds visited the offices of the divorce law firm Blank Rome LLP in New York's Chrysler building. MediaTakeOut.com spoke exclusively with a building employee who first noticed Star's soon-to-be-ex. According to the witness, "Al walked up to the security desk and signed in to visit [one of the Blank Rome's divorce lawyers] Stanford Lotwin."

Mr. Lotwin is one of the most prominent divorce attorney's in New York. He worked on the high-profile divorces of Howard Stern, Donald Trump, Geraldo Rivera and Diana Ross.

After remaining upstairs for nearly two hours, Al tried to quietly sneak out of the building. But before he could leave, the witness tells MediaTakeOut.com, "I walked up to him and said 'Al, is that you?', and Al ran out of the building - almost knocking over a pregnant woman."

No word yet on what corporate advertisers will be sponsoring the divorce and no, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, you're not invited to this one.

Source: A Socialite's Life http://socialitelife.com/2006/07/18/trouble_brewing_in_the_jonesreynolds_household.php

Sucky is Mahn

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's Son Maddox Wins Cutest Kid Poll

Is there anything that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie don't win? A new poll from Life & Style zones in on the baby crunch among the celebrity set and gives the nod to the adorable Maddox Jolie-Pitt. It's hard to argue as he is one cute kid.

Calling him the "globetrotter" the weekly magazine notes that he’s been to Egypt, France, England and Africa…and he’s not even 5!

Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s son, Maddox has racked up some serious frequent-flier miles, but mom Angie doesn’t let him forget his roots. She has a house in his native Cambodia.

He's Hollywood's champ, at least according to Life & Style.


Britney Spears and Kevin Federline's first kid Sean P. had to come in a close second on toughness alone. The adorable little boy has survived Britney's driving mishaps and even a high chair incident. The little ten month old boy is absolutely adorable and brought home the silver, and is Hollywood's second cutest.

Rounding out the top three is Gwyneth Paltrow's little Apple. “She absolutely loves ‘Hung Up’ by ‘Dadonna,’” Gwyn says with a laugh. “That’s how she pronounces Madonna. She demands to hear it over and over.


Four through ten are as follows:

4) Rocco Ritchie (Madonna and Guy Ritchie)

5) Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus Walter Moder (Julie Roberts' twins)

6) Coco Arquette (Courteney Cox's little bikini grabber)

7) Rudy Law (Jude Law)

8) James Wilkie Broderick (Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick)

9) Matilda Ledger (Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams)

10) Carys Douglas (Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas)


Life & Style will have all the pictures in Friday's edition.


Janet Jackson Wants Fans To Design New Album Cover

The cover of Janet Jackson's new album, 20 Years Old, due out September 26, will be designed by a fan. On Tuesday, Janet will launch a contest giving fans an opportunity to create the artwork for her ninth studio set.

The Design Me contest requires participants to download images of Janet, create proposed album covers, and to post the creations on the contest page. Contestants will vote for their favorite submissions, and Janet will select her top four favorites, which will be used for the first one million copies of the album.

Janet and her beau Jermaine Dupri, President Virgin Records, Urban Music, came up with the idea for the promotion. "We were going on the website and looking at all this creative stuff the kids were doing, and it amazed us," Janet says. "They were taking old pictures and they were just very creative with all the designs. We said, 'Let's have these kids design our album cover.'"

Janet hand-picked dozens of images, new and old, to be used in the contest. "They told me that I should pick maybe 20, 30 photos, but I think I went a little crazy," Janet says. "I picked way more than that. I gave them some of the new stuff I just shot for the album cover shoot. So they have some really recent photos as well as some stuff from 20 years ago."

Janet does not give participants any parameters for their designs. She wants them to be uninhibited and to "go for it."

"That's what it's really about," Janet says, "for them to manipulate it and get creative, and go wherever their images takes them."

To enter the contest, contestants should visit: http//:designme.janetjackson.com.

20 Years Old celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of Janet's 1986 breakthrough set, Control, that includes hit singles, the title track, "Nasty," and "What Have You Done For Me Lately." "I wanted to do something that paid homage to the Control album," Janet says. "And I thought of different titles like Out Of Control, but I settled on 20 Years Old because it's the anniversary of the Control album."

The album is co-executive produced by Janet, Dupri, and longtime collaborators Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, with whom she first began working with for the Control album. They wanted to make the recording reminiscent of their first studio sessions, but they did not record in the studio they used more than two decades ago. "Are you kidding?" Janet jokes. "In order to do that we'd have to go back to Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis to the first studio they had, the little hole in the wall, where we recorded the Control album. What we did do, we brought back some of the keyboards that were used on 'Nasty,' 'Control,' and 'What Have You Done For Me Lately' and used some of the same sounds. So that was nice."

"Call On Me," a duet with Nelly, is the album's first single. Both Janet and Dupri thought it was a good idea to work with the St. Louis rapper. "Jermaine wanted him as a guest on the album, and he's the first name I mentioned to Jermaine," Janet says. "He's just a great guy, a great talent, and I love that he's so focused. I love listening to his part of the song."


nick valensi's gonna be a daddy

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her 'rock-star husband' is nick valensi of the strokes. this is relatively old news to most strokes fans, but it's the first public confirmation by amanda of the wedding and pregnancy. and as you can see from the scans, she was previously married to/had a child with john taylor of duran duran. and she dated keanu reeves and is still bffs with him.

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source: whatsthatsound.org

Attention: Dancing on Ice will now be filmed in the emergency ward

Dancing on Ice is an Australian reality show where Aussie celebs learn how to ice skate with a professional skater and compete against each other for charity...like Dancing With the Stars and etc. More amusing that the fantabulous plot is the various injuries that have accumulated in the past week.

Last Friday test cricketer Michael Slater severed the tendon in his hand.


And now only 5 days later swimmer Gian Rooney has broken her leg.


Last month, Getaway star Jules Lund suffered a spinal injury on the ice in which he fainted and was temporarily unable to move, while Annalise Braakensiek began skating with a fractured rib.

Seems like it is a question of who is going to live rather than who is going to win. Perhaps Lara Bingle...who is yet to take a tumble.

Paris Hilton: "I Have No Celebrity Feuds"

Paris Hilton has slammed her media persona as a feuding socialite, insisting there's no one she'd start a quarrel with.

The blonde hotel heiress has been dogged by reports of celebrity bust-ups, most recently with Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan.

But Hilton insists she's merely being manipulated by others to generate cheap publicity to kick start their own careers.

She says, "All those stories are made up. You know how shy I am... Well, non-confrontational.

"Certain girls just use me to get media attention because a feud with Paris Hilton always gets press."

When grilled about her supposed fight with Lohan over ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos, Hilton fumes, "That was crap. She's never even hung out with Stavros.

He thinks she's pathetic."


hmm yeah right. like lindsay and nicole need your help, paris.


LINDSAY LOHAN is stunned after being compared to Hollywood beauties MARILYN MONROE and SHARON STONE. The actress reveals Stone herself and a close friend of Monroe have approached to remark on the likenesses - and she's staggered to be compared to such Tinseltown aristocracy. She says, "Marilyn's best friend came over at the event (at which she wore a Monroe-inspired dress) and said she'd been taken aback because she thought I looked so much like Marilyn. It was incredible. "Recently Sharon Stone told me, 'There's a picture of you in a white dress and you look just like me.' I was so flattered."


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Timberlake misses being chatted up
Tuesday, July 18 2006, 13:05 BST - by David Cribb

Justin Timberlake has admitted there are down-sides to being famous - he doesn't get chatted up anymore. He has complained that women genuinely don't come up to him like they used to, and he misses the chase.

"I don't get chatted up now, I just get grabbed and groped - that's uncomfortable but arousing," he said. Timberlake is currently dating actress Cameron Diaz. 


Sean Lennon's "Friendly Fire" out Sept 26

Eight years after Into the Sun, Sean Lennon is not heading into the sunset.

Instead, the son of Beatles legend John Lennon has announced that his second solo album, Friendly Fire, is due out Sept. 26 on Capitol Records

There was a long period after the first album [which was released in 1998] where I felt disillusioned with the machinery of the industry," Lennon said in a statement. "It's not that I stopped recording, playing and performing. I did all of those things, just more discreetly."

The 30-year-old musician kept busy collaborating on projects with Ben Lee, Thurston Moore, Ryan Adams and his mother, Yoko Ono, among others, and released an EP compilation of outtakes and remixes from Into the Sun called Half Horse, Half Musician.

"Friendly Fire is an experiment to see what it might be like to do music more publicly again," Lennon said.

And more public it will be, considering which friends were on board to give him a hand.

Lennon has made a companion short film about love and its limitations to accompany each of Friendly Fire's 10 tracks, featuring appearances from pals like Lindsay Lohan, Bijou Philips, Asia Argento, Carrie Fisher, Devon Aoki and Jordana Brewster.

Pretty attractive ladies, you might say.

Lennon plays various characters, as well, including a valiant swordsman and a skate-rental shop employee. A trailer is available for viewing on the singer's website.

"Music is invisible," Lennon said. "I spend a lot of time in the studio with my eyes closed. This, thankfully, was not the case with the film."

Also contributing to the eyes-wide-shut experience are Philips, Jon Brion, session drummer Matt Chamberlain, Cibo Matto's Yuka Honda and Paul Simon's son, Harper.

source: http://www.eonline.com/News/Items/0,1,19476,00.html?rssmusic

A bit late, but...

Thursday, July 13, 2006
Released by A&E



PASADENA, CA, July 13, 2006 - A&E Network will exclusively premiere the new concert film, PAUL McCARTNEY: THE SPACE WITHIN US this fall, it was announced today by Bob DeBitetto, Executive Vice President and General Manager, A&E Network. The special, scheduled to air this October, showcases the rock legend's electrifying, sold-out 2005 U.S. tour, featuring never-before-released concert footage and much more.

"A&E is delighted to continue its creative partnership with Paul McCartney. We enjoyed great success with last year's Emmy Award-winning PAUL McCARTNEY IN RED SQUARE and we just received a 2006 Emmy nomination for McCARTNEY IN ST. PETERSBURG," said DeBitetto. "Paul's 2005 US tour broke records, garnered tremendous critical acclaim and thrilled live audiences across the country. And now, television audiences will be able to become a part of the experience."

Harnessing the power of more than 25 hi-definition cameras and the thunder of 5.1 digital surround sound, PAUL McCARTNEY: THE SPACE WITHIN US captures the epic experience of McCartney's record-breaking tour. Better than a front row seat, this feature-length concert film takes viewers to the stage and beyond, capturing the exuberance of Paul's live performance along with personal reflections from the astronauts aboard the international space station who were awoken to "English Tea" with Paul via a live feed from Anaheim, California. Join Paul and his band for live performances of the classics, old and new.

A&E Home Video is partnering with Paul McCartney to distribute PAUL McCARTNEY: THE SPACE WITHIN US.

Delia Fine is the A&E executive producer and Ryan Harrington is the A&E Managing Producer for PAUL McCARTNEY: THE SPACE WITHIN US. The series was directed and produced by Mark Haefeli, and produced by MPL Communications Ltd in association with A&E Network.

About A&E Network

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Josh Henderson Joins Desperate Housewives!

Josh Henderson joins Desperate Housewives as Nicollette Sheridan (Edie)18-year-old nephew.

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Well, I hear Josh Henderson (of Over There, aka Ashlee Simpson's ex-boyfriend!) has been offered 15 episodes on Desperate Housewives this season. It was previously announced that Edie's 18-year-old nephew (whom I believe at one point was supposed to be her son--at least that's what Nicollette told me) comes to town, so I'm guessing that may be him. Or perhaps a new BF for Bree's evil offspring?

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Will Arnett on Arrested Movie

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Gob and the gang may return on the big screen.

Fans of Arrested Development may be small in terms of a television audience, but their numbers and fierce loyalty just may translate to success on the big screen. After the cancellation of the show on Fox last year, speculation of a return on another network, most specifically Showtime, raged on for months.

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Gandolfini Knee Surgery Delays 'Sopranos'

Fans of "The Sopranos" will have to wait a bit longer for the mob drama's final chapter.

Because of "unexpected" knee surgery for series star James Gandolfini, the concluding episodes that were expected to begin in January will be delayed about two months, HBO Chairman Chris Albrecht said.

The surgery alone would have pushed the season start back just a few weeks, but that would have put "The Sopranos" up against the football playoffs and the Super Bowl, Albrecht told a television critics' gathering Wednesday.

A specific air date for the Sunday-night series has yet to be determined but it's likely to be in early March 2007, he said.

A call to HBO about Gandolfini's surgery was not immediately returned Thursday. The actor, who plays mob boss Tony Soprano, was in a traffic accident in New York recently. A collision with a taxi knocked him off his scooter but he reportedly was able to walk away.

Albrecht joked Wednesday how much mayhem the last eight episodes from series creator David Chase could contain.

"I know you're all hoping that people die," he told the Television Critics Association, noting some have complained "that not enough people are dying and getting whacked in the show."

He promised the audience won't be disappointed in the conclusion.

"I know the story lines for the final eight, and I am absolutely positively certain that when the curtain comes down on `Sopranos,' the vast, vast, vast majority of people will say it's one of the great things of all time."

Viewers of the HBO series have been a patient lot. When "The Sopranos" returned last March, it was after a hiatus that was just three months shy of two years.

Albrecht denied that ratings fell for the just-concluded season, saying "the reverse is actually true."

"When you take into account the cumulative audience, not just from all the plays (repeat airings), but from HBO on Demand, there were more people watching last season than the season before," he said.

Albrecht also said that HBO will be offering debuts of its original series on HBO on Demand six days before they air on the HBO channel.


I'm sure this will be the main topic of conversation, as well as the main source of stress, in my workplace once they all find out.

Joanna Covers Dashboard Confessionals

TOO HOT TO BE EMO: Joanna covers Dashboard Confessional. Oh come on, look at her. What could she possibly be whining about?



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I hate it, I hate it, I HATE IT. She doesn't capture the angry and hurt that Chris Carrabba (lead singer of Dashboard Confessional) does when he sings it. Ooo, your hair screams infidelities but I'm not mad about it. I'll stay cool about it. NO! Whoever the fuck you are Joanna, don't ruin any more songs. You're pretty and all but your voice and song JUST DOESN'T FIT. Argh, don't cover a song that you can't handle! --ends rant.



Dashboard Confessional- Screaming Infidelities



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Charges against Eminem dropped

Assault complaint last week will not be taken any further
Eminem has seen assault charges against him dropped this week (July 17).

Detroit police have revealed that a man who claimed that the rapper punched him outside a strip club in the city in the early hours of last Thursday (July 13) has dropped his complaint.

According to BBC News, Sergeant Eren Stephens Bell of Detroit Police Department commented: "He said the suspect had struck him several times."

The Cheetah's Strip Club, where the incident was alleged to have taken place, was on the infamous Eight Mile Road that divides the rich and poor communities. As well as the name of Eminem's 2002 movie, it was the location of the club where his best friend Proof was shot and killed in April.


Mercury Music Prize Shortlist

The nominations for this year's Nationwide Mercury music prize have been revealed this morning (July 18).

At a small ceremony at the Royal Commonwealth Club in London, Jools Holland announced the 12 albums that will battle it out for this year's prize.

The nominations are:

Arctic Monkeys - 'Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not'
Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan - 'Ballad Of The Broken Seas'
Editors - 'The Back Room'
Guillemots - 'Through The Windowpane'
Richard Hawley - 'Coles Corner'
Hot Chip - 'The Warning'
Muse - 'Black Holes & Revelations'
Zoe Rahman - 'Melting Pot'
Lou Rhodes - 'Beloved One'
Scritti Politti - 'White Bread Black Beer'
Sway - 'This Is My Demo'
Thom Yorke - 'The Eraser'

Revealing this year's nominees, chair of judges Simon Frith hailed the artists for reflecting contemporary life.

"Above all, this year's shortlist for the Nationwide Mercury prize is about the art of the songwriter," he said. "If you want to know what life is like in Britain today, listen to the country's musicians!"

The overall winner of the £20,000 prize will be announced on September 5.

Following the announcement bookies William Hill have immediately installed Arctic Monkeys and Thom Yorke as 5-1 joint favourites, with Muse, Editors and Guillemots are close behind them at 6-1.

Last year's prize was won by Antony & the Johnsons for the album 'I Am A Bird Now'.

go Thom

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Madonna has decided not to take her Confessions tour to Australia, because she believes that the decision would interfere with her children's education.
"Please forgive me. I really did hope and expect to come to Australia during the Confessions tour and asked my managers to try to include some shows there. I have fond memories from previous tours," the pop star said in a statement.

"We looked into going from Japan to Australia and ending the show there but I have to get my kids back into school in England and they are, as you can understand, my most important priority," she added.

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