July 16th, 2006


The Celebs Love Prada

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The culture-starved citizens of Los Angeles showed up in droves when iconic Italian designer Miuccia Prada opened "Waist Down," her collection of Prada skirts, in her Rodeo Drive store. Lindsay Lohan, Lyle Lovett, Reggie Miller, Eva Mendes, Kirsten Dunst, Mary-Kate Olsen, Dustin Hoffman, Sir Ben Kingsley and Joaquin Phoenix were among the celebs who paid homage Thursday night. The designer then hosted a more private soiree at soon-to-reopen Bar Marmont, where Dani Janssen, Penelope Cruz, Heather Graham and Paris Hilton danced to the tunes of DJ Alexander Jones, son of Foreigner's Mick Jones.

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'South Park' Creators Are Sick of Tom Cruise Questions

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone regret mocking Tom Cruise and Scientology in a controversial episode of their show because theyare now constantly asked about him and have a "Tom Cruise stink" on them. The duo skewered the star and his religion in the Emmy-nominated episode "Trapped in the Closet" and are convinced the repeat episode of the show was pulled from the air last March because Cruise was unhappy with the material.

Stone says, "We just picked the wrong guy to parody because I have a feeling we'll be asked about Tom Cruise for the next two years. Every time we're in a headline, it's like, Tom Cruise and then us in a headline, you start to get that Tom Cruise stink on you."

Stone claims the duo chose not to grant any media interviews at the height of the controversy in March. He explains, "We didn't do any press because we were just going to get in a p**sing match with Tom Cruise, and we didn't want to be in the same article as that guy."


Nelly Furtado opens up about bisexuality

Chart-topping Canadian singer Nelly Furtado admits she’s attracted to women and believes all people are bisexual.

“I’m reading a book about Chinese medicine, which claims that people are inherently bisexual to balance their energies. And, in a way, that makes so much sense,” Furtado told freelance writer Arjan Timmermans.

“As humans we have both male and female energies. I believe in Kurt Cobain’s statement that, in the end, everyone is gay. Everybody should have the freedom to experiment. I believe sexual experimentation is part of human history.”

Asked if she is ever attracted to women, the “Promiscuous” singer replied: “Absolutely. Women are beautiful and sexy.”

Furtado admitted she often hangs out with her gay friends. “I know that when I travel, I always have to go to gay clubs.”

The mother of one, who was born in Victoria but later settled in Toronto, revealed she’d love to participate in Toronto’s annual Pride parade.

“I’ve always wanted to. My dream is to have my own float,” she said. “I’d have remixes of my songs. We’d all be drinking and dancing, just having a good time. We’d have lounge chairs and a little kiddy pool and we could all dance around and throw champagne on each other.

“All the guys and girls on the float would be in bikinis.”

The interview with Furtado was published last month in U.S. gay magazine Genre and appears in the new issue of GUS, a European gay publication.

Furtado told Timmermans she hopes her gay fans won’t be put off by the hip-hop sounds on her new CD, Loose.

“I don’t think they will, because the same individuality is there,” she said.

But Furtado acknowledged there is rampant homophobia in the hip-hop community. “I think it’s changing. And there’s a lot of hip-hop out there that is very cool and not homophobic at all.

“I grew up in British Columbia, where the hip-hop community was very fun-loving and open. I think the negative vibe comes from the thug mentality and masculinity in some hip-hop. But, now the world has become so much more one and gay culture is becoming more mainstream.”

[OTH] DANNEEL - love this girl.

Kylie tells of baby plans

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KYLIE Minogue, who is continuing her recovery after her battle with breast cancer, cannot wait to have children with her lover, Olivier Martinez.

And the pop princess hopes a revolutionary operation can make her dream come true.

Kylie, who describes Martinez as "amazing" and credits him with helping pull her through her cancer fight, says that while she is not desperate to marry, she wants babies.

"I would love some children," she says. "We'll have to wait and see."

Kylie was warned that chemotherapy would harm her chances of a natural pregnancy. So slivers of her ovaries were taken out and frozen to be reimplanted over the next few years in the hope they will release eggs.

The technique has led to two successful pregnancies in only a handful of trials.

Kylie, 38, says Martinez and his family, along with her mother, Carol, were her "strength" and "saviours".

"(They) kept me strong, they kept me going," Kylie says.

She admits she upset her Melbourne parents by choosing to have chemotherapy in Paris, where Martinez lives.

"I couldn't imagine what it was like for my parents," Kylie says. "It was like you're a child, a helpless child, again.

"But they, and Olivier and his family, were incredible."

The singer-actor completed chemotherapy in December, but her treatment continues towards a full recovery. She is scheduled to resume her Showgirl tour in Australia in November.

In an interview to be screened on Channel 9 tomorrow night, Kylie describes her gratitude to her fans.

"I got letters from women who have been through breast cancer – some from women who were diagnosed after me," she says.

"Someone's grandma said a prayer at their local service.

"All of that really meant something, it really did. So a big, big thank you to all those people.

"I want to thank all the people who really might have thought that what they did was very small, but they all add up and even the smallest thing makes a difference in how you're feeling and your road to recovery."

Her message to others with breast cancer is: "You can get through it. You can."

She says: "There'll be people who will see this, be watching this now, going through it. As we speak, there'll be X amount of women being diagnosed."

She is continuing treatment.

"I'm still going through it," she says. "It's not like, 'Hey, it's all over'.

"I've finished the main treatments. I still have check-ups and so on. It's great not to be in the hospital."

Of the treatment, she says: "I don't want to go into the doom and gloom of it. It's really hard for me to express how I felt or even the chain of events."

Kylie says she wants to return to acting – in a stage musical.

"More than ever, I realise that's what I do, what inspires me. More than ever, I need to be on stage," she says.

"It seems most people come out the other end feeling more like themselves than ever. I'm like, `Yeah, put diamonds on . . . I'll have a glass of wine'."

Reese Witherspoon

Jack Black

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Jack Black has given up his party lifestyle since getting married and becoming a dad.

"People stop me in the store and scream at me, 'Let's party dude I've got pot and beer'. I never really know what to say," said the School of Rock star.

Although Black realises he only has himself to blame, "It's really my own fault that I give off this crazy 'let's party and wrestle' vibe."

"I'm starting to go to bed at a reasonable hour. I have to get up and do things now," he said.

Moreover, Black is cutting down on his vices. "I even quit smoking two days ago. I've been quitting on and off for the last 10 years but this time I'm going to have to quit for real."


Ted Casablanca outs celeb couples

Last Friday, in The Awful Truth column, Ted Casablanca went through all these supposed celeb couples and said whether or not they really are together. Most interesting? he says Vince & Jen are def. not (welcome back, VV gay rumors) and that Jake G. is "involved," but not with Natalie Portman. Toothy Tile, revealed? Since when does Ted say someone is involved but doesn't mention AT ALL who it is? I know many hate him, but I don't think he would come out and say anything too risky if he didn't have some sort of evidence. EOnline is too lawsuit-phobic (thus all the damn blind items, and his coyness regarding Reichen & Lance).

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Tobey Maguire and his fiancee Jen Meyer.


6′8″ tall photographer falls while trying to photograph Eva Longoria! 

Paris Hilton forgot her bra. 

Jessica simpson wants nick back but he saids no....
Singer Jessica Simpson, whose divorce with ex husband Nick Lachey was finalized last month, says she gave it a second thought and called up Nick to talk about reconciliation. However, Nick didn’t agree to it and reminded her that she was the one who filed for divorce. Anyways she is all set for a new start now.

Jessica turned 26 recently and says that it will be great as she will enter this new year with a clearer perspective. She thinks that with each passing year one becomes more clear about why you are existing. Jess says that she will start a new Journal. She says that colors of her journal reflect her mood. This upcoming Journal would be white as she is looking forward to a clean fresh start

source: nosy snoop


Life, according to Paris

Say whatever you will - love her or love to hate her - but Paris Hilton gives great soundbites!!!

This new article, just published in the Sunday Times of London is one of the best we have ever read about the blonde we all think we know.

Here are some of our favorite highlights:

- "There's nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blonde - like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana - and right now, I'm that icon."

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HT hates PITNB );

Okay it's not directly about celebrities but I found it hilarious just the same.

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Psst -- if TinyPic is being a bitch and the picture doesn't show up, it's on the first page on pitnb.

"Pink Is The New Stupid Pin

Do you have friends who live vicariously through the lives of skinny popstarlets, snooty heiresses and B-list celebrities and check gossip blogs every hour, on the hour? Well, wear this button and tell them how you really feel! 3" in diameter."

It'll cost you $1.99 to wear your angst on your sleeve and/or black messenger bag.

I got the story from pitnb. Picture/description from hottopic.com
Marina Diamandis ☮ All smiles

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Just to let everyone know, this isn't the new layout. It's temporary until we get a new one. We know it sucks and we know it's ugly. We'll be changing it around until we find one that's suitable to use right now.
asking Jesus


LEONARDO DiCaprio's new girlfriend, Israeli model Bar Rafaeli, doesn't measure up to his former flame, Brazilian cover girl Gisele Bundchen - at least according to Victoria's Secret. While Gisele has been the lingerie line's top model for years, it appears Bar didn't make the cut. "We booked Bar in July 2005, but then decided she wasn't right for the brand," a Victoria's Secret spokeswoman told us. Life & Style magazine reports Bundchen gave the underwear giant an ultimatum not to hire Rafaeli, and quotes a pal saying, "Gisele has threatened to never work for them again." 


I doubt Gisele did that. She doesn't have that bitch vibe at all. In fact she seems very sweet judging by her interviews, I dunno...
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The Barkers are moving to Calabasas

Rocker Travis Barker, former drummer with the punk band Blink-182, and his wife, 1996 Miss USA and actress Shanna Moakler, are buying a house in Calabasas. The couple, in their early 30s, recently listed their home in Bel-Air at $8.5 million. Moakler said that they chose Calabasas because they "want to move a little further from the city." The house, in a celebrity neighborhood, is the same size as the pair’s Bel-Air residence, which has eight bedrooms and 10 1/2 bathrooms in slightly more than 12,000 square feet. The Calabasas home is a sprawling, newly built one-story with a backyard designed for entertaining. The Bel-Air estate, built in 2003, has three stories, serviced by an elevator. The home is where Barker’s MTV reality series, "Meet the Barkers," was filmed.

LA Times 

Spice Girls or a Baby Girl for Posh

Victoria Beckham wants another baby if she can’t reunite the Spice Girls.
The singer reportedly sees her husband, footballer David Beckham’s decision to step down as England captain as the perfect opportunity to re-launch her career and she wants the Spice Girls to make a comeback.A friend revealed to Britain’s Now magazine: "It’s now or never for her as she thinks the timing is perfect. Mel C appears to be the only sticking point at the moment, but all the other girls realise this could be a terrific boost for them now - not to mention the money they could make."However, if Posh fails to reunite the girls she plans to expand her family and is desperate for a little girl to complete her family Victoria and David already have three boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. The friend added: "If for some reason or another the reunion doesn’t take place, then Victoria is planning to have another baby.

Female First 

Oh Snap!

Oprah and Stedman Over?

If you watch The Oprah Winfrey show, You know who Stedman is. He's her long time boyfriend! According to the radio and other sources Stedman wants to break up with her becuase she needs an attitude adjustment.

Oprah wants to pay Him Money not to write a Tell-All book about her andf their relationship.

Sources: Jossip.com & 101.3 Hits FM

She's a real top model now...

Tricia Helfer would be happy to know that Brandi from CNTM will have an attitude adjustment as part of the Army. Of course, people from Alberta and British Columbia will be more familiar with the Canadian discount store, Army and Navy for which Brandi has recently done some modelling. Brandi is featured in such haute couture pieces as the $7.99 bikini, and the ever so popular terry-sweat-suit. If you've never heard of this store, don't worry - hardly anyone else outside of Vancouver or Edmonton has either.

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Uhh....this gal can't even model for a flyer. How was she on CNTM? Yikes.

Source: Army and Navy

Michael Douglas Jokes About Jellyfish Attack.

2006-07-16 10:15:57

Michael Douglas Jokes About Jellyfish Attack.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS has quipped about his holiday jellyfish attack in Majorca, Spain, insisting his son may need therapy after urinating on his back.

The actor was vacationing with his family at their summer home when he suffered a nasty sting and pleaded with five-year-old son DYLAN to alleviate the pain.

The WALL STREET star explains, "I took my kids down to the ocean the other day and we had a little problem - we have jellyfish.

"I got stung actually pretty bad, across my back just last week.

"There's sort of a remedy that we've all heard...urine. It's the remedy if you have a bad sting.

"So I asked my five-year-old son if he would pee-pee on my back. He looked at me like he'd gone to heaven.

"He was like 'This is what I call a good summer holiday! Pee-pee on daddy's back!' "I don't know if it helped at all, but my son was happy. We'll work it out in 20 years (when he's in therapy)!"


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Justin Timberlake live on BBC Radio 1

photo: bbc.co.uk

Check out these exclusive mp3's of Justin Timberlake live on BBC Radio 1! In a private recorded session last week, Justin gave an interview with the BBC's Scott Mills, and played to an intimate audience. And the best of all - he performed a live version of his new single 'Sexy Back' - which is super HOT!

Lots of thanks to John.

Zip file of all tracks

Source: welovecelebs.com

New Paris Hilton songs.

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Walkies, Gromit

It was a good day to take your loved one(s) for a walk.

James Woods & his daughter...I mean his GIRLFRIEND that he knew when she was an even littler girl.
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Pammy & her prides and joy...her nonnys, her tits, her gazongas, her milkers, her nipples too high...
All I have to say is "HIGH BEAMS!"
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Vanessy & Nick, I love them already. GO NICK, get yours!
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