July 11th, 2006

Posh buys Becks a £10K "belly expander"

Victoria Beckham has purchased an 'eat all you like' designer belt for husband David.

The former Spice Girl decided that the £10,000 present was the perfect way to cheer up the England star following the team's defeat against Portugal. The belt has an intricate design, including a moveable buckle which can stretch under pressure.

A friend told the Daily Star, "Victoria was as gutted as everyone else by England getting knocked out of the World Cup by Portugal - but not as much as David. He is pulling himself together now and she wanted to help cheer him up. The thing about the belt is that it's very ingenious and will appeal to him and his gadget-loving mates.

"There's another England player who is getting one as well. It's not that David's a big eater and needs the buckle to ease his waist after lunch, but it's a great talking point." 

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My "Celebrity" Encounter

So I was at the Michael Buble' concert on Sunday night, down here in Baton Rouge on Sunday night. His opening act was Jann Arden and she was doing autographs and pictures out in the lobby. If you are old enough to remember her "one hit" that came out ten years ago, you could appreciate this otherwise gratuitous post. I was excited to meet her though and thought she looked and sounded awesome.

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Kirsten Dunst


Jesse Metcalfe and his mom take a stroll

Julia Roberts and her 19-month-old mini-me, Hazel

LeAnn Rimes canceled three concerts this week because she is to undergo surgery for a leg infection.  Rimes is scheduled for surgery today in Los Angeles. She suffered a "tear in the tissue" of one of her legs. "its a minor surgery,but because of the infection it was urgent that she takes car of it right away,

source: people & http://gabsmash.blogspot.com/


Bono flamed by leftists for supporting video game

Bono News of the Day:

(The real news story via

Irish rock star Bono has come under fire from left wing political activists after investing in a video game that depicts Venezuela in a negative light. The U2 frontman has invested $300 million in California manufacturers Pandemic Studios, whose game Mercenary 2: World in Flames allows players to play a mercenary sent to Venezuela, which has been taken over by an oil-hungry dictator.
The player is told, "If you can see it, you can buy it, steal it, or blow the living crap out of it."

The actual leader of the South American nation at present is Hugo Chavez, who is well-known for his anti-imperialism views and his dislike of the United States foreign policy. Jeff Cohen, author of "Cable News Confidential: My Misadventures In Corporate Media," has recently visited Venezuela and is baffled by Bono's endorsement of the game.

Cohen tells gossip site PageSix, "It's hard to fathom why an artist who claims to be about new paths to justice for developing countries would be mixed up in a computer game that glorifies stale, old mercenary approaches."

(The funny, fake news via officepirates):

The peace-loving former musician is being criticized for investing $300 million in Pandemic Studios, a video game company that makes the bloody war game Mercenary 2: World in Flames. In the game, players are sent into Venezuela to take out an oil-hungry dictator by blowing up all kinds of crap. In a speech before the United Nations, Bono defended his actions by saying, "Leave me alone you a55-hat5. I totally P'wnd world hunger and helped developing nations frag the shit out of poverty so they won't be such noobs," while drinking Mountain Dew and starting a flame war with COOLDOOD879 on MySpace.
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Mandy Moore Pitches New Movie Idea To Hollywood


Mandy Moore is currently in talks to release a new movie about her website. The project is aptly titled, "Message Board" - which will be based on her own official message board at mandymooremusic.com and the amazing stories that have made it the most famous fan forum in the world.

The Singer/Actress/Designer has a very close relationship
with her fans and she has made the message board a medium to share the best and worst times of her life with the world while learning the trials and tribulations of her fans.



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Everyone should be jealous of me

Because I had a first-hand encounter with ONTD's favorite celebrity...


It wasn't anything life altering. I was on the train (in NYC) on my way to an audition in the late afternoon, and at the West 4th stop, in walks Star Jones, who sits directly in front of me, and the way the seats were situated, I was staring straight at her left profile. She's actually a lot thinner in person than she looks in pictures. She was wearing this totally over the top wig (black, with curles EVERYWHERE), and a gigantic pair of sunglasses (huge, think vintage Pucci). I was the only person who recognized her on the train. I didn't say anything though, because she looked like an unfriendly bitch. I got off at 34th street, and she stayed on. She was probably heading home uptown.

But yeah, she does look like a brown Alien in person. A brown alien, with Pucci sunglasses and En Vogue-esque hair.

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Keri Russell takes a turn as Cover Girl

Keri Russell may have been a tomboy growing up, and TV audiences know her as a college coed on the TV series "Felicity." But now she's gone glam as a CoverGirl.

The 30-year-old actress joins Christie Brinkley and Queen Latifah as a spokesmodel for the venerable beauty brand. The new TV ad for Outlast Double Lipshine debuts this month, and the print ad will be in August magazines.

Being a makeup model isn't what Russell expected in her career. This is only the second commercial she has starred in, other than promotions for her various movie and television roles.

"When I first started, I did do a commercial for a deodorant or something. I don't even think it aired. This is the first thing I've done like this. It's a lot less stressful than doing a film. This takes two days, not a few months or the whole year of a television show," she told The Associated Press recently.

But the CoverGirl shoot wasn't just about looking pretty. Russell describes the TV ad more as a mini action movie, in which she fights a group of ninjas. Looking pretty, of course.

Thanks to her role in "Mission: Impossible III," Russell says, she probably knew more about the stunts than applying makeup.

Brinkley, a CoverGirl for 30 years, is in some ways her role model in the beauty world, Russell says. "Fresh and natural — it's what she is, too. ... I'm not really the sexy vixen type."

She'd rather be in jeans and sneakers than the stream of designer evening gowns she wears on the red carpet. "When I find a dress I really like, I say, `Can't I wear this dress again? It's really pretty.' I guess it doesn't work like that. I'm learning."

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pink floyd founder dies.

Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd, dies.

Associated Press Writer

LONDON (AP) -- Syd Barrett, the troubled genius who co-founded Pink Floyd but spent his last years in reclusive anonymity, has died, a spokeswoman for the band said Tuesday. He was 60.

The spokeswoman - who declined to give her name until the band made an official announcement - confirmed media reports that he had died. She said Barrett died several days ago, but she did not disclose the cause of death. Barrett had suffered from diabetes for many years.

Barrett co-founded Pink Floyd in 1965 with David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Rick Wright, and wrote many of the band's early songs. The group's jazz-infused rock made them darlings of the London psychedelic scene, and the 1967 album "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" - largely written by Barrett, who also played guitar - was a commercial and critical hit.

However, Barrett suffered from mental instability, exacerbated by his use of LSD. His behavior grew increasingly erratic, and he left the group in 1968 - five years before the release of Pink Floyd's most popular album, "Dark Side of the Moon." He was replaced by David Gilmour.

Barrett released two solo albums - "The Madcap Laughs" and "Barrett" - but soon withdrew from the music business altogether.

He spent much of the rest of his life living quietly in his hometown of Cambridge, England, where he was a familiar figure, often seen cycling or walking to the corner store.

Despite his brief career, Barrett's fragile, wistful songs influenced many musicians, from David Bowie - who covered the Barrett track "See Emily Play" - to the other members of Pink Floyd, who recorded the album "Wish You Were Here" as a tribute to their troubled bandmate.

The band spokeswoman said a small, private funeral would be held.


on a personal note : i'm honestly sitting here in a state of shock & sadness. syd was an absolute genius & quite frankly, my favorite thing about pink floyd. & 60 is way too young, i mean, my dad is 60. it's just...incredibly awful & even though he hasn't made music [that we know of] in decades, he will be greatly missed.
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Jeremy Piven = LOLOLOL

July 10, 2006 -- DON'T expect to see Jeremy Piven puffing on a cigarette any time soon. The "Entourage" party boy was wandering the beach in Malibu the day after attending Lindsay Lohan's 20th birthday blowout when several twentysomethings at a Smashbox Cares soiree offered him what appeared to be a "blunt" - a hollowed-out cigar filled with marijuana. "Piven gladly partook but then realized it had tobacco in it," says our bemused spy. "He launched into a tirade about how smoking ages you. He was with people in their 20s telling them he looked younger than them and took off his sunglasses so they could inspect his skin." Piven turns 41 this month


LOL! jeremy piven you are so so lame.

Jessica dreams about Brad Pitt

Her new album arrives Aug. 29. And as part of her publicity push, newly divorced Jessica Simpson set the record (partially) straight with OK! magazine — but questions about her ex-husband, Nick Lachey, were off-limits. Simpson, who turned 26 on Monday, says she and her Employee of the Month co-star Dane Cook are just friends and nothing more.

"Every time I'm frustrated, I'll e-mail him, and he'll e-mail back with a suggestion or an idea. He's a great support, a solid friend and a really good guy," says Simpson, who has been named co-host of Teen Choice 2006, airing 8 p.m. ET/PT Aug. 20 on Fox. And despite tabloid reports about her personal life, she has had "no dates," she says. As for her ideal eye candy? "Brad Pitt in Fight Club; you can't get much better than that. I still dream about his body!"

OK! hits newsstands Wednesday.

eri Russell takes a turn as Cover Girl

Lance and Matthew new BFF

Matthew’s Malibu Beach home/hit club Hyde/at a liquor store

source: OK & teddyandmoo.com


American Idol auditions will begin August 8th in Los Angeles. Producers will visit seven cities, starting about a week earlier than last year, going from The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. (Aug. 8), to San Antonio (Aug. 11), East Rutherford, N.J. (near New York City - Aug. 14), Birmingham, Ala. (Aug. 21), Memphis (Sept. 3) and Minneapolis (Sept. 8) before winding up in Seattle on Sept. 19. Auditions are open to anyone ages 16-28

Jessica Simpson will co-host the eighth annual Teen Choice Awards, airing live August 20 on Fox
Daisy Dukes' hosting partner will be namedat a later date, though I'm sure we can immediately rule out 1) Nick Lachey, 2) Kristin Cavallari, 3) Vanessa Minnillo, 4) Kim Kardashian


Buoyed by boffo ratings for 'The Simple Life: 'Till Death Do Us Part', which has netted double to as much as triple the cabler's primetime average audience, E! has ordered another round of the Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton-fronted "reality" (as if) series.

The next batch of episodes — the fifth overall season for 'The Simple Life', which originated on Fox— will unspool sometime in 2007.

SOURCE: http://dlisted.blogspot.com/
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Stroumboulopoulos to host U.S. show

What's with every Canadian tv personality high tailing it out of here like we all have the plague? And do we really need another American Idol rip off? Though I'd rather be compared to Seacrest and Philbin before Ben Mulroney...

Ryan Seacrest, Regis Philbin ... and George Stroumboulopoulos? Someone call Superman, because it seems a rift has opened between Earth and Bizarro World.

How else do you explain CBC's tattooed, pierced and black-clad golden boy being tapped to host ABC's The One: Making A Music Star -- the American Idol and Fame lovechild that debuts next week?

That's right, ABC. Not the Canadian spinoff that will air this fall, the but the Los Angeles-based show that will infamously bump The National with Peter Mansbridge to a later timeslot when it's simulcast on CBC beginning a week from tonight.

Simply put: WTF?

Hipster Strombo as ABC's answer to Seacrest, peppering breathless popstar wannabes with earnest questions? The head spins. The stomach churns.

Stroumboulopoulos promises it's not what it looks like. And for a guy who will invariably be tarred with the same brush as American Idol's Seacrest and America's Got Talent's Philbin, he's remarkably calm.

"Just take a look at me, look at my career. I'm not going to be Ryan Seacrest," Stroumboulopoulos said yesterday from Los Angeles, where he's in the thick of pre-production on The One. "That's not what I do. They hired me for me."

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EDIT: I know it's just a summer thing...for now. But why dip your toes in US waters if you plan to come back every time. This will probably be the beginning of his transition.

Source: Canoe Jam!
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Drunken Master RETURNS

Jackie Chan disrupted a concert by Taiwanese singer-songwriter Jonathan Lee and exchanged insults with the audience, a news report said Tuesday. Ming Pao Daily News quoted the 52-year-old action star as saying onstage that he was drunk.
Chan suddenly jumped on the stage Monday night and demanded a duet with Lee. He then tried to conduct the band but stopped and restarted the music several times, the newspaper reported. As the awkward interruption dragged on, audience members started to heckle Chan, who replied with an insult, according to the report. A spokesman for Chan, Solon So, said he hadn't seen Chan since the alleged incident and had no immediate comment. He said he didn't attend the concert. Concert organizers didn't immediately return a call seeking comment. Chan, whose Hollywood credits include the "Rush Hour" series and "The Tuxedo" was an invited performing guest at Lee's show Sunday night.

Source : Yahoooo!

Original Office characters to visit US.

"Some of the American characters on NBC's The Office are going to come face-to-face with their British alter-egos! American executive producer Ben Silverman says next season we can expect to see Mackenzie Crook, who played Gareth; Martin Freeman, who played Tim; and Lucy Davis, who played Dawn on the American version of the show. These are essentially the alter egos to Dwight, Jim, and Pam."

Ricky Gervais didn't sign on, though... That sucks.

Anyway, I'm excited to see Mackenzie (who's in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'... the guy with the wooden eye). I hope they're appearing as their original characters. I kind of miss Gareth's fucked up hair.

[via TV Squad]
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Lindsay gives Mickey Mouse a contact high!


Disneyland's marketing team came up with what they thought was a brilliant plan to get some PR with the teen crowd, but it almost blew up in their face, and many hourly Cast Members (CM's) are furious they were forced to be a part of the event. Last Friday, Lindsay Lohan was invited by Disneyland to spend the evening in both Anaheim parks to celebrate her 20th birthday. Lohan had a small gaggle of her friends along for the ride, and their limousines arrived at the Grand Californian Hotel just after 10pm on Friday. It was immediately apparent to the hotel Cast Members that the "party" had already begun in the limo ride down from LA, but the youngsters went ahead and coasted on a thick layer of LA attitude right into the California Adventure park (DCA) just as it was clearing of day visitors.

Disney kept the Soarin' Over California, Tower of Terror, California Screamin' and the Maliboomer rides open for Lohan and her guests and they cavorted in the empty theme park until Midnight. The CM's operating the attractions for the small group also noticed a certain smell in the air, but their supervisors insisted that they continue to operate the attractions for the group. You should know that attractions Cast Members in Anaheim are specifically trained to not allow people to ride the attraction if they appear to be intoxicated or under the influence of an illegal substance, and this alcohol awareness training is most strictly enforced in DCA where liquor, beer and wine is served in close proximity to some of the attractions.

After midnight, Lohan and her party were escorted over to Disneyland as it was clearing of its day visitors. There, they found a half dozen E-Ticket attractions that were kept running for them compliments of Disney. Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain were all stops on the exclusive after-hours tour. And the CM's working those attractions were also concerned about the safety of some of the members of the party, as there was a definite whiff in the air as the increasingly rowdy group visibly stumbled into the loading area of each ride.

Between the obvious smell, rude behavior and the snotty attitude the entire party displayed, there were very few Lindsay Lohan fans working at Disneyland by the end of that night. At 1:30am, with Disneyland completely deserted, the birthday party was then loaded onto the Sailing Ship Columbia. As the ship cruised around a darkened Rivers of America with Mickey Mouse on board and catered desert being served by costumed pirates, the party took its most alarming turn as some party guests used the darkened ship to engage in very inappropriate behavior for the happiest place on earth.

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SOURCE - Gawker via Miceage.com

oh lindz. keep it up girl. i lovesss it!

Has Britney Not Taught Us Anything???

 Keira Knightley

Jake & Natalie: Reunited

The last time we saw Jake and Natalie together, he was bringing her flowers on a romantic date in NYC back in May.

Now, the two sweethearts are back together and kickin' it in LA!

Natalie and Jake reunited at Matthew McConaughey's star-studded Malibu barbecue on July 3rd, In Touch Weekly reports.

"They strolled on the beach together, laughing and having a great time talking," says one partygoer. "He was very attentive to her and seemed to be hanging on every word she said."

Actress Lindsay Lohan is creating a new book of sexy snaps of herself, in a bid to transform her from teen star to Hollywood icon. The 20-year-old is keen to shed her image as a child actress and plans to show off a new raunchy side to her personality in the book, which will be called NARCISSIST. She says, “It’s my body. And I like my body. And I like my breasts. And no, they’re not fake. “I think a woman’s body is so much more sensual than a man’s. I’m not saying strip off all your clothes, but there are certain photos I like people taking of me, where I’m comfortable. “As long as it’s tasteful. Why not?”-contact music

source: http://www.teddyandmoo.com & http://perezhilton.com/

"Real World" Cast Member Starving - Bites Boyfriend.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

CROMWELL, Conn. - A cast member on the MTV reality show "The Real World" was arraigned on a misdemeanor assault charge Monday after police said she bit her boyfriend during a domestic dispute.

Paula Ann Meronek, 25, bit her boyfriend several times when he refused to let her into their home at about 3 a.m. Sunday, police said. "I think it was an argument that led to one thing then another," Cromwell Police Chief Anthony Salvatore said. "He attempted to keep her from the house. It got physical and we were contacted."

Meronek graduated from Quinnipiac University in 2003 with the highest grade-point average in its business school, the university said. But MTV is marketing her as an unstable, relentless partier.

The popular show, now in its 17th season, puts seven strangers together in an exotic locale — this time a Key West, Fla., beach house. A call to the show's producer was not immediately returned. Meronek was charged with third-degree assault, which carries a potential penalty of a year in prison. She is due back in court Aug. 11. No lawyer was listed in court documents.

Her boyfriend, John Alyward, was charged with disorderly conduct. The arrest was first reported by The Middletown Press.

Sourrrce : Yahoo!

Remember kids.. Violence IS NOT THE ANSWER.. yeah, she's not a cannibal.. I'm having fun with pictures.

Project Runway 1&2 updates

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Edit: Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Here is the "Chloe Bag" they're selling on Bravotv.com-- for $95.

Look chic the next time you head out on your summer getaway with The Chloe Bag, designed by season 2 “Project Runway“ winner, Chloe Dao. This limited edition canvas bag is this summer's must-have accessory. The phrase “Carry On,“ stitched on the bag, was inspired by one of Tim Gunn's popular sayings from the Emmy-nominated “Project Runway“ series. The Chloe Bag holds everything a traveler needs without looking bulky.

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Sucky is Mahn

EXCLUSIVE: Cruise/Shields' Births -- New Twist

The same nurse who signed the birth certificate for Tom Cruise's daughter Suri also signed the birth certificate for Brooke Shields' daughter Grier, but there's an interesting discrepancy.

Both babies were born on April 18 at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. Anne Heffernan is the registered nurse who signed both birth certificates. As TMZ reported Monday, Heffernan, who never saw Suri, signed her birth certificate. A hospital rep says Heffernan is authorized to sign when a doctor is not available.

On the Suri Cruise certificate, Heffernan's license number is G48079. On the Grier Henchy certificate, Heffernan's license number is different -- G068399. TMZ checked with the California Board of Registered Nursing and we were told Heffernan's license number didn't match either of the birth certificates. A Board rep told TMZ Hefferman's license number is 317058.

And it gets more interesting. The Board of Registered Nursing told TMZ the license number on Grier's certificate comes back to a Dorothy Rork. The license number on Suri's birth certificate is a mystery. There is no name attached to that license number.

By the way, unlike Suri's birth certificate, Brooke Shields signed the one for her daughter. Someone listed as "Friend" signed the certificate for Suri.

Also, the hospital's policy is to file birth certificates with L.A. County within 10 days of birth. In the case of Suri, it took 20 days to file, in part because the "friend" didn't sign for 16 days. In Grier's case, Brooke herself signed two days after her birth and the certificate was filed nine days after the baby was born.

TMZ placed multiple calls to St. John's. So far, no comment.


Hospitals never make clerical errors. I'm just sticking with the whole Tom Cruise is crazy and he doesn't want anyone to see the baby before she's six months.

You'll Know This is True When You See a Pig Flying Outside Your Window

Paris Hilton
is giving up sex for one full year.

She said: "I'm doing it just because I want to. I feel I'm becoming stronger as a person.

"Every time I have a boyfriend, I'm just so romantic, and I'll put all my energy into the guy, and I don't really pay attention to myself."

Basically, her doctors told her that she can't put anything else in her vagina or it will explode. I don't think she knows that doing it in the mouth and ass is still considered "sex".

Lindsey @ ESPY Style Studio

http://dlisted.blogspot.com/ & http://www.teddyandmoo.com/blog/

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Justin Timberlake

Even Hilary Gets Searched (too bad she is not doing drugs anymore)

Raven at Disney Channel 2006 Summer Press Tour 
 Yes Raven is chunky but she looks amazing and if she was thin like the rest of them you would be saying she needs gain some weight. How rude can you guys get!  I just had to say that!


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1. Cobra Starship Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)
2. Panic! at the Disco - The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage (Tommie Sunshine Brooklyn Fire Remix)
3. The Academy Is - Black Mamba (Teddybears Remix)
4. Cee Lo Green Ophidiophobia
5. All-American Rejects - Can't Take It (El Camino Prom Wagon Mix)
6. The Sounds - Queen Of Apology (Patrick Stump Remix)
7. Fall Out Boy - Of All The Gin Joints In All The World (Tommie Sunshines Brooklyn Fire Retouch)
8. Gym Class Heroes - New Friend Request (Hi-Tek Remix)
9. The Bronx - Around The Horn (Louis XIV Remix)
10. Armor For Sleep - Remember To Feel Real (Machine Shop Remix)
11. The Hush Sound - Wine Red (Tommie Sunshines Brooklyn Fire Retouch)
12. Jack's Mannequin - Bruised (Remix)
13. Coheed & Cambria - Wake Up (Acoustic)
14. Donavon Frankenreiter - Lovely Day
15. Michael Franti & Spearhead - Hey Now Now
16. Trevor Rabin - Snakes On A Plane - The Theme

source: a bulletin from their myspace

Panic! At The Disco Don't Want Fans Fixating On Their Boyish Good Looks

Panic! at the Disco want you to stop fixating on their boyish good looks. Seriously, all those adoring squeals are getting to be a bit much.

"It's kind of disappointing and disgusting in a way, how some people are focusing on how we look," guitarist Ryan Ross sighed. "I think a lot of those things we think are special — the way we dress, the things we put into our stage show — some fans don't even realize that because they're just drooling over [frontman] Brendon [Urie]. I feel like it taints the music."

"It's a bummer to realize we're in Teen Beat magazine and read some sh---y article they've written about us being an emo-punk band," he continued. "I've seen those kids at the shows, I can hear them, and I can certainly tell the difference between one of our fans and a Fall Out Boy fan who's just there because they heard we were hot."

Given all that vitriol, it should come as no surprise that in Panic's new video — for the song "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" — they've chosen to downplay their looks, in a rather unusual way.

"We basically wanted to create a really surreal feeling. So [director] Travis Kopach had this idea where everyone would be wearing fish tanks on their heads," Ross said. "There's a girl walking down a street in this 'Pleasantville' kind of town, and she comes up to a group of people staring at something. She breaks through the crowd and sees it's a lover of hers, lying on the ground with his fish tank cracked. We play paramedics, and we take claw-footed bathtubs out of an ambulance and put people in them. And then we take them out to the ocean."

Sounds, um, watery! And while the "Lying" video won't be washing up onto shores until sometime in September, the guys in Panic are keeping plenty busy until then with a headlining tour that runs until the end of July (see "Panic! At The Disco Announce First Headlining North American Tour"); another video, for "But It's Better If You Do," that's just starting to make noise on the "TRL" countdown (see "Panic! At The Disco May Have Written Next Stripper Anthem"); and, of course, a now-ubiquitous beef with the Killers.

It's been well-documented that Killers frontman Brandon Flowers and Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz don't like each other very much, and in the past, Panic — who are signed to Wentz's Decaydance Records — were able to remain on the periphery (see "Killers Get More Beef — This Time With Fall Out Boy"). But now, with a platinum record to call their own, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, they're front and center in the feud.

Last week, Flowers told British music mag NME that Panic are just beneficiaries of Fall Out Boy's "happy emo funnel" (see "Killers, Fall Out Boy Heat Up The Beef Again; Wentz Calls Flowers 'Arch-Nemesis' "), a statement that didn't sit too well with Ross.

"I don't understand why Brandon Flowers keeps taking shots at us," Ross said. "Maybe he feels threatened, but he seems to be doing just fine on his own. It's pretty dumb. I mean, we're from the same town, and we've never met him. His comments don't really bother me, I'm just curious as to why he puts so much effort into talking sh--."

Source: MTV.com
pplr | mary cherry © gingerafros

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Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com
"In my head, I was like: 'How am I gonna spin this on our website...?' Then I realised it was a lot bigger than our website. For the first 24 hours or 48 hours, it was like: 'F*** you, no one call me, no calls returned, I'm not doing this band anymore -- this is too much. They [his band, Fall Out Boy] were the first ones who made me feel better about it. They were, like, you know: 'Whatever.' I don't really care about that anymore because three million people have seen me naked."

- Pete Wentz, no how he nearly quit the band after embarrassing naked
photographs of him were launched into cyberspace.

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com
Talk about striking while the iron is hot! The flawless Stacey Dash, who is riding a wave of publicty after posing nude in Playboy, is set to expand on her new sexy image by launching a new range of flirty lingerie.

Stacey, who is a big fan of expensive undies, hopes the new line called Letters of Marque will compete with the likes of Janet Reger and La Perla.

The 40-year old actress said: "The name takes its inspiration from the pillaging of booty and stuff."

And I gotta admit, Stacey's booty is one booty I wouldn't mind pillaging....and stuff.

Source: fadedyouth

Talks on Snoop's new album

Early last year, Snoop Dogg held a West Coast peace summit to unify all California MCs. More than a year later, Snoop proves he’s a man of his word. Chuch.

On his new album, the Blue Carpet Treatment, Snoop takes it back to the streets and shows plenty of West Coast unity.

In the midst of serious violence on the Left coast between Blacks and Latinos, Snoop shows solidarity by bringing in Cypress Hill’s frontman B-Real on the track, “Vato.” The term “Vato” is Mexican slang for homie or homeboy. The song also features a guest appearance and production from Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes.

Snoop also brought in The Game for a special cut entitled, “Gang Banging 101.” Snoop, who is a well-publicized member of the Crips and Game (a Blood), take turns exclaiming each respective gang’s street call on the hook. “Gang Banging 101” also marks the debut of *****racci, Snoop’s new alias.

Snoop also shows love to the ever growing Hyphy movement, as he collaborates with E-40 and producer Rick Rock on a song called, “Candy.” The song also features West Coast veteran rappers like Daz and Kurupt, MC Eiht and Goldie Loc of the Eastsidaz.

Later on the album, super producer Timbaland concocts a dark resounding beat for Snoop on, “L.A. Zoo” and R. Kelly croons on the hook to, “That’s That Sh*t.”

Keeping up with the tradition of having an ultra smooth cut with Pharrell for the ladies on his album, Snoop has Skateboard P and songbird Brandy exchanging lines on, “So Special.” Brandy asks Pharrell to tell her how special she is and P lets her know, while Snoop spits charming lines like, “To me, I see you as a gift.”

The Blue Carpet Treatment, which is due in stores in October, also features a guest appearance by the legendary Stevie Wonder on a remake of a song called, “Have a Talk With God.” The song was recorded a year ago when Wonder brought all his producing equipment into the studio to make the song with Snoop. The album may feature production from Snoop’s longtime collaborator Dr. Dre, as the two men got in the studio last month.

Following the October release of Blue Carpet Treatment, Snoop is scheduled to release The Adventures of The Blue Carpet Treatment animated DVD in November and a new full-length album/soundtrack for his movie A Woman’s Touch in February.


A federal judge on Friday ordered a bankruptcy trustee takeover of Marion "Suge" Knight's Death Row Records, saying the record label has undergone gross mismanagement.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Ellen Carroll made the ruling as part of proceedings initiated when the rap label filed for bankruptcy in April. Carroll said the label's accounting practices were in disarray and noted that Knight testified he hadn't reviewed the financial statements in a decade.

"It seems apparent there is no one at the helm," she said, adding there appears to have been gross mismanagement, allowing her to take away Knight's control.

Knight was not present at the hearing and a message left for his attorney was not returned.

The label and Knight filed for protection under Chapter 11 of federal bankruptcy law. Knight has claimed debts of more than $100 million. The federal filing halted a state court action in which a former couple, who claim they helped found the label, were trying to collect a $107 million judgment from Knight.


top ten eventz of the week, or something

~Kewl Events~

1. Stacey Dash, because our blood runs cold, our memory has just been sold, our angel is the centerfold! The 40-year-old actress, best known as Dionne in the 1995 teen pic Clueless, bares all in the new August issue of Playboy magazine. But Stacey, we hope that when this issue's gone, we’ll see you when your clothes are on.

2. Kevin Federline, for best backpedaling. Federline claims his single “PopoZao” was intentionally released as a joke so he could capitalize on the fact people were laughing at him. Whatcha talkin’ about Cletus? “At first, when I put out “PopoZao,” people were kinda laughing at me. I did it on purpose so people would look at me exactly the way they did,” K-Fed explains. “That way, when I come out with my real shit, people are f%!#ing blown away.” We're so ready for this wigger to blow our minds when he drops the next Straight Outta Compton.

3. Paris Hilton, for doing an about face that rivals K-Fed’s. Paris is claiming she deliberately set out to invent a character not like her true self for her reality series The Simple Life. “Before I started the show I thought I'd make a character like the movies. Legally Blonde and Clueless mixed together with a rich girl all in one,” she explains. “Even my voice is different from me in real life.” Queue soundbites of Paris saying, “That’s hot” on her fake show, the red carpet and interviews please.
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Matthew, Jake, and Lance

To go along with the recent bike outings with Matthew, Lance, and Jake, here is a link to one of the paparazzi videos where it shows Matthew bumming money off the ever-present paparazzi so the boys can get some sandwiches.


McConaughey Looking for a Handout

Matthew McConaughey is rich, famous, good-looking and at times cash poor. Take a look at this video of Matt trying to bum money from paparazzi so he could buy some sandwiches.

The footage was shot Saturday, as McConaughey and pal Lance Armstrong went for a bike ride in Malibu, but never thought to bring along their wallets or money.

McConaughey asks the photogs if they could give him $30 for some sandwiches. After getting just one a dollar, a generous photog hands over a $100 bill. A few minutes later, one of the bike riders is seen carrying the motherlode -- drinks and sandwiches for the whole crew.

As for payback, McConaughey says "We got it, we seem to be easy to find!"

The little blurb I just copy/pasted above doesn't mention Jake Gyllenhaal but you can see him in the seat next to Matthew and he even contributes to saying thanks.

sources: iheartjake and tmz
Quinn Twin

Amy Jo Johnson Topless

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Feel free to fill in your own 'pink ranger' jokes in the comments

salsa = my friend's lj

MODS! the source is my friend's lj - I don't want to link him because he had this in a locked post. There is some sort of tag on the picture, but I can't read what it's from. If this is a problem, then don't post, but I did source it the first time I submitted it.
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Sienna and Mom Get Coyote Ugly

title or description

Sienna Miller and her mom Jo donned the latest in Hawaiian hoedown chic while partying in Niagara Falls, Canada Monday night.

The Millers danced the night away at a local casino and were joined by Sienna's "Camille" co-star - and rumored new beau- James Franco.

While the mom and daughter duo opted for matching green floral blouses and pink cowboy hats, James kept it cool in jeans and a blazer.

Sienna may have topped Vogue Magazine's Best Dressed list, but in this getup she has more in common with Anna Nicole than Anna Wintour.

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Project Runway is fashionably early -- and airing Tuesday! The Bravo bosses have asked us to share that the Runway Season 3 casting special is now airing one day early. That's right: The new season's casting special, hosted by Tim Gunn, will have a sneak-peek airing in full on Bravo this Tuesday, 7/11, at 10 pm Eastern.

The Casting Special will also air as previously scheduled, right before the (ta-da) premiere of Season 3, Episode 1 on Wednesday, 7/12, at 10 pm Eastern.

So, one less day to wait for a new dose of Runway. You're welcome!

source: bravotv.com
edie; well..I..uh, I think I've run out of time..no?

Boring bits and pieces to pass the time

Keira Knightley out and about with friend - July 2nd
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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Lindsay Lohan leaving a pizza restaurant with a bruise on the inside of her leg on - June 29
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Britney Spears OK! Photoshoot outtakes
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Film: Jude Law's Home Video Of Sienna Miller To End Up In 'Factory Girl'?

Footage of actress Sienna Miller visiting the grave of artist Edie Sedgewick may be used in the film about Sedgewick’s life in ‘Factory Girl’.

Sedgewick was a muse and friend of the iconic 1960’s artist Andy Warhol; she died from a barbiturates overdose in 1971 aged 28.

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Source for pictures: http://olsenpapworld.proboards34.com/index.cgi?
Source for news: http://www.sienna-miller.org/
mac n chloe

Johnny Depp interviewed by EW.

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I would love more POTC films as long as they aren't poorly done and I can't imagine what it must be like to be Johnny Depp's daughter, it must be great but she's missing out on seeing him the way we do - no not that way - just as a cool guy. Sort of like being HST's son, to many of us he's a legend but to Juan he's just dad.

Control: The Movie gets go-ahead

With soundtrack contributions reportedly coming from David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Roxy Music, The Buzzcocks and New Order, Anton Corbijn's film about Joy Division singer/suicide Ian Curtis started filming yesterday, July 10, according to Variety.

The film is to be called Control: The Movie. IMDB info here, official movie page here.

Mark E. Smith, frontman/singer of The Fall, friend of Ian Curtis and fellow Manchesterite, said he hadn't been contacted about any such movie, "though I'll probably be in it," according to an interview in the most recent issue of Maximum Rock 'n Roll (#279). Mark E. Smith, who is friends with Curtis's artist daughter, said other members of Joy Division dissuaded Curtis from coming to him about "problems" he'd been having a week before he hung himself.

More at "Joy Division Film Gets the Go-Ahead" at SG News.

Breaking News: “Suri’s Doing Great!”

THIS is the best she can do for us? Katie Holmes tells Us Weekly that Suri is doing great. What about a freaking picture before her 1st birthday Katie? It is going to be anticlimatic - this we know for sure. Perhaps the fear is that people will make fun of the child since her father is Tom Cruise. I guess I would be a little concerned as well.

Flavor of Love 2
debuts next month on Vh1.

snoop dogg and usher at "a midsummer night's Dream Celebrity and all star basketball game at the staples center

source: http://gabsmash.blogspot.com/