May 19th, 2006

William Hung + Fall Line Up News

You may be entitled to only 15 minutes of fame, but noted American Idol "singer" William Hung just doesn't want to let go of his 15.  Yesterday he was named Artichoke King of the Castroville (California) Artichoke Festival.  Lest you think this title is for the feint of heart, rethink it -- Marilyn Monroe was Artichoke Queen in 1947.


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sonic youth are in the june '06 issue of the wire. someone at the sy board scanned a few pictures and typed up a couple things from the article:

a lot of people have been saying that the new yet to be released record, rather ripped, is boring and it sucks. here's what thurston has to say:

"I wanted it to be like our Parallel Lines, when Blondie broke out with Parallel Lines", Thurston Moore is saying. "I remember when Parallel Lines came out we were all so pissed off. 'Why would they make a record with all this lightweight pop stuff on it?' Even though some of the songs are super good. That became their classic and it dictated what they became as a band, which was from my perspective really annoying. I remember thinking when it came out: 'Ewwww, Mike Chapman production.' This is our Parallel Lines. We're trying to make Parallel Lines right."

and re: jim o'rourke

"Though he has significantly scaled down his musical activities and sold almost all of his instruments, computers and recording equipment, Jim O'Rourke has not retired from music altogether, and future collaborations are planned. "There are only certain places he'll go to," says Gordon. "He's through with Europe and certain cities in the US - I don't think i could get him to play in Chicago. The last Sonic Youth gigs in Europe that he was doing with us, as we would finish each gig in each country he would be checking it off his list. 'I will never come to France again'," Moore laughs. "And Lee would be going, 'That's bullshit, you're so full of shit.' And he would be like, 'Nope, I am never coming here again.' He was liberating himself from the planet. It was kind of amazing."

source: board
Sucky is Mahn

Diet Expert Slams Britney Spears For Feeding Son Ice Cream

Britney Spears has been criticized by a leading dietitian for feeding her baby son ice cream. The pregnant pop star recently revealed she uses the sweet treat to help the eight-month-old get to sleep. She said, "He loves ice cream - it makes him sleep better." But British diet expert Sarah Gosnay claims too much of the sugary snack can be bad for babies and is more likely to keep Sean Preston awake than send him to sleep.

She says, "Up until the age of five children need some high calorie foods in their diet to help them grow but they also need balanced meals and to be set healthy patterns for the rest of their lives. What you eat as a child affects what you eat as an adult. Ice cream is high in saturated fat, the cholesterol producing type of fat, as well as sugar, and should really be a treat food for a child."

She added, "I don't like the sound of 'it makes him sleep better'. That sounds like he's having ice cream regularly in his diet, a habit that is going to be hard for Britney to change.Besides, if he is really having problems sleeping, giving him a high fat/sugar treat food before laying him down to sleep doesn't sound that helpful to me!"

joker kitty

Britney's at it again + AI's Elliot Yamin

More Britney Baby Woes!
I was flipping through the channels this morning when I saw a picture of Britney Spears. Not so unusual because the poor girl is (sometimes rightfully) constantly being criticized by the media, but I had to stop and see why Fox News would care enough to say anything about her. Apparently Brit was photographed almost dropping Sean Preston on his head yesterday. She was juggling the baby and a drink (presumably from Starbucks) when she tripped on her extra long jeans (seriously) and almost dropped Sean P on his abnormally fat head. The photograph showed Sean P teetering in his mother's arms precariously close to the ground. Thanks to one of her bodyguards, she didn't have a total wipeout and managed to keep the kid from suffering further brain damage. After the whole ordeal, Brit was frazzled by the paparazzi's presence during such an enormous eff-up and she said something like, "This is why I should carry a gun." I'm not sure if she planned on offing the paps or not. You draw your own conclusions. I couldn't find any pictures posted on the net, but I did see the picture on the news this morning. I'm sure they'll be out by noon. 

Fret not- she saved her drink. 

EDIT: I submitted this before the other posts had gone through. My bad, kiddos. I didn't mean to overload you with Britney gossip :).

Source: Me, and Fox & Friends

You may be thrilled that Taylor and Katharine are the two American Idol finalists, but it's hard to rejoice that Elliott Yamin was booted off the show last night. Whether you loved him for his brilliant renditions of ''Moody's Mood for Love'' or felt bad for him 'cause of those teeth, it was hard not to feel something for this all-around nice-guy underdog. We at got over our mourning long enough to ask Elliott a few questions about his impressive run.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Elliott! I am still crying from last night. It was such an emotional end of a show.
ELLIOTT YAMIN: Yeah, I've heard quite a bit of that today. It was definitely emotional, but it was awesome. I felt like I could breathe and spread my wings. It was a joyous celebration.

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Elliot's kinda cheesy in a sweet, dorky, underdoggy way. I guess it's kinda endearing. I guess...


Power Rangers is casting in Australia again and Casting Director Greg Apps has chosen to broadcast all the latest casting info.

Auditions for males and females will be held in all states for the chance to win a regular role in the 2006 Power Rangers series.

Power Rangers has been a hugely successful TV show since its inception in 1993 and is well known for launching new talent onto the US acting scene.

You have to apply to be noticed and in 2005 4 people were cast from all around Australia!

So if you think you look fabulous in a tight suit and are ready to save the world from certain destruction check out our casting news today.


Casting complete unknowns, as usual. None of this casting of random C-list celebs with imdb as the source. <_<

Some Aussie news bits

Nicole Kidman's wedding dress, Paris Hilton stole Tahyna Tozzi's boyf, Australia's Next Top Model host quits - Megan gale to take over?
More stars sign on for singing reality show, more new Aussie TV shows, BB06 evtion nominees, and an APRA Song of the Year poll...

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Former Nirvana guitarist Pat Smear will re-unite with Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters for a small acoustic tour in the US. A special 8-piece line-up will perform the live premiere of songs from disc 2 of In Your Honor as well as unique interpretations of favorites from the band's entire catalogue.

Joining the band on the second installment of the In Your Honor Tour are special guests Petra Haden on Violin, Rami Jaffee on Keyboards, Drew Hester on percussion and Pat Smear on Guitar!

Here are the dates announced so far:
July 11 - Seattle, WA
July 13 - Berkeley, CA
July 17 - San Diego, CA
August 16 - Philadelphia, PA
August 21 - New York, NY
August 22 - Boston, MA
August 25 - Chicago, IL


Morning Show Host and Halle Berry Have 'Racist Moment'

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LONDON — What was meant to be a friendly chat to promote the new "X-Men" movie turned into a frosty discussion about race on a popular morning radio program, but the British Broadcasting Corp. defended its disc jockey.

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry appeared on Chris Moyles' Radio One breakfast show Thursday morning and clashed with her host after he impersonated what he described as a "big, fat, black guy."

"Are we having a racist moment here?" Berry asked Moyles after she took exception to his impersonation. Moyles said he just couldn't do American accents.

"There was nothing racist in what Chris said, and he made that clear on air," a BBC spokesman said Friday on condition of anonymity, in line with the corporation's policy.

The exchange began when Hugh Jackman, Berry's "X-Men: The Last Stand" co-star, jokingly suggested that Moyles might take the role of his body double if he ever landed the part of James Bond.

"I could definitely do that," Moyles said before adding, "Put your hands in the air!"

A somewhat puzzled Jackman replied, "Are you some kind of Brooklyn Bond?"

Moyles replied: "I'm a black American guy. A big, fat, black guy. Put your hands up in the air."

The interview continued, though the DJ later said Berry was "ratty" — British slang for grouchy.

Source:FOX news
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Lohan news plus pics


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Despite her ongoing fallout with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan appeared to be in good spirits yesterday as she posed alongside fellow Paris hater DJ AM at the Parasuco Flagship Store Launch in New York City.Collapse )

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Lindsay Lohan vs. Paris Hilton: Fight! - Part 3: Everyone Hates Brandon and Paris plus Lindsay Gets Revenge

In the aftermath of yesterday's video of Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton berating Lindsay Lohan, more great goss has come out of the horrid pair, and their apparent hypocrisy. According to Page Six, 92% of people polled yesterday thought that Brandon Davis and Paris Hilton were the two most digusting people, meanwhile, it was revealed that not long ago, Brandon had it in for Paris as well.
Back in 2004, Davis, the grandson of oil billionaire Marvin Davis and former boyfriend of Mischa Barton, told the National Enquirer that he was no longer associating with Hilton because she is a racist.Collapse )

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Ben & Jen Settle Into Parenthood *plus* Nick Cage buys private island!

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How do you make a big lug like Ben Affleck go all warm and fuzzy? Ask him about the new woman in his life: his 6-month-old daughter Violet.

On May 9 the Cambridge, Mass., native poked his head into Cataloni’s, a Boston neighborhood bar, while scouting locations for his directorial debut, Gone, Baby, Gone. And fan Dawn Pirone couldn't resist asking him about his first child. "His face lit up like a Christmas tree," Pirone tells PEOPLE in its new issue. "He said, 'She's beautiful.'"

He's not the only one feeling the love. Pals say Affleck, 33, and wife Jennifer Garner, 34, are reveling in raising little Violet – especially now that the family is nesting in Cambridge for the summer while Affleck shoots Gone, a detective thriller based on the 1998 novel by Dennis Lehane.

"Ben enjoys playing daddy," says a friend. "He's in love with his little girl."

And while teething is "a little uncomfortable for her," Violet "is delightful," adds a friend of Garner's. "She is just the apple of their eye – beautiful and happy."

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As for her proud dad, he's not missing his swinging Hollywood bachelorhood much. "That's all behind him," says Gone producer Alan Ladd Jr. "Now he’s very serious-minded. He goes to bed early these days and gets up early."

Pal Peter Berg, who is directing Garner’s upcoming action thriller The Kingdom, says Affleck’s newfound maturity enabled him to write the script for Gone and take the director’s chair (the movie also stars his younger brother Casey). "There’s a maturity about him now," says Berg. "His life is taking him in a new direction that’s going to be really satisfying."


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Nicolas Cage has bought a 40-acre-plus island in the Bahamas that had been on the market for $3 million.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the island could be developed, although it is now untouched. Cage had no comment.

The property, located near an island owned by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, is about 85 miles southeast of Nassau and is part of the Exuma archipelago of some 365 islands in the southern Bahamas.

The Leaving Las Vegas Oscar winner, 42, also has a home on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Last year he sold his Malibu house for close to $10 million.

Cage joins the ranks of other celebrity island-owners, including his good friend Johnny Depp, who owns a Caribbean isle, and the late Marlon Brando, who lived on a private island in Tahiti. (Brando starred in The Godfather and Apocalypse Now, both directed by Cage's uncle, Francis Ford Coppola.)

Cage and wife Alice, 22, welcomed their first child in October, a boy named Kal-el Coppola Cage. Kal-el is Superman's Kryptonian birth name.


Latest on XF2 Movie

Spotnitz Writing X-Files 2
By Mike Szymanski

Frank Spotnitz, the mastermind behind much of the mythology of The X-Files, told SCI FI Wire that he has signed on to help write the next movie based on the hit series, but that the new movie won't deal with the show's byzantine conspiracy arc. "There's still a very good chance that we will all do another X-Files movie," Spotnitz said in an interview. Spotnitz was an executive producer on the show, which starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson; it ended its nine-year run in 2002.

One point of contention in getting a second X-Files film off the ground: Series creator Chris Carter is still wrangling with 20th Century Fox over legal matters. "David, Gillian and I, and even Chris Carter, all have deals in place, and once the legal issues are over with, we will go on with it," Spotnitz said. "I'm hoping it will get resolved soon."

Although the script isn't written, the idea is already developed, Spotnitz said. He added that Fox likes the idea, which harkens back to the series' stand-alone episodes rather than the conspiracy to cover up the existence of extra-terrestrials, which was the subject of the first X-Files movie.

"No, we're not going into the mythology [in the sequel]," Spotnitz said. "One of the things that was exciting about doing it is to not make it a mythology story, and it's like one of the stand-alone episodes. It's a bit scary. Of course, we will catch up with the characters and what is going on in their lives, but it's not about the alien conspiracy. It's not about that." The first X-Files movie came out in 1998.



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World Trade Center

Two Port Authority police officers become trapped under the rubble of the World Trade Center.

if that's too intense...

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How to Eat Fried Worms

During the first day of his new school year, a fifth grade boy squares off against a bully and winds up accepting a dare that could change the balance of power within the class.

The girl in it is Hallie Kate Eisenberg. She reminds me of a young, more awkward Natalie Portman.
kyu {what}


Nick at the Ted Baker London New Store Launch

I think he actually looks pretty good :)

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"The Carter Family" reality show update
Angel Carter (Aaron's twin) posted on her myspace that the show will revolve around only the siblings (Nick, BJ, Angel, Aaron and Leslie) and will air October 26 on the E! Channel. As well, they will begin shooting on June 12th and all through summer.

"...expect to see my bestest alex on it a lot hahaha....its funny cause i dont think people really realize how long we have known eachother and what good friends we are!!...we r really fun girls that dance around to oldies and then alex goes through her stages where she MAKES me listen to her latino music and her reggae which is almost everyday hahahahaha....i guess now im kinda used to it!! but then again i taught her how to be ghetttoooofabbbullllouuussss hahahaa....and pretty much everything there is to hip hop music hahaahaha...also if u havent checked out already alex has her music myspace up at ... her album comes out august 16th and her single "best friend" actually goes to radio in about 3 weeks soo u guyss deff gotta help support !!!!!...." Collapse )

'Dreamgirls' sneak peek at Cannes

Jennifer Hudson; Anika Noni Rose; Beyonce Knowles; Jamie Foxx

CANNES, France - Broadway invaded the Cannes Film Festival on Friday with a preview of the movie musical “Dreamgirls,” with stars Jamie Foxx and Beyonce Knowles on hand to help show off scenes from the stage adaptation.

Director Bill Condon (“Gods and Monsters”) introduced about 20 minutes of footage to reporters and movie professionals, including rollicking musical numbers from the saga of a 1960s girl group that rises to superstardom.
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Nas - "Hip Hop is Dead"

NEW YORK — Where will you be when hip-hop dies? Nas is hoping you'll be in the store, buying his next album, Hip-Hop Is Dead ... The N.

"September is the album," Nas said backstage at Radio City Music Hall Thursday night after his appearance at the Roots' show (see "Nas, Mos Def To Join The Roots For 'Wet-Dream' N.Y. Show"). "It's called Hip-Hop Is Dead ... The N." The letter at the end is meant to be a play on "the end," he added.

Although he wasn't too forthcoming with info, he explained the name as a play on words.

"I didn't name it that. Fans named it that; rappers named it that," he elaborated about the title. "It's been the talk for years, so here's an album that brings ... not even the rebirth, it's just an album with that thing that everybody is talking about. I got a street look coming real soon, and more soon after. Summer time is definitely going to be Nas time."

The album will be Nas' debut for Def Jam.

— Shaheem Reid

Bruce gay?

If Bruce Willis isn't on the verge of coming out, then I need to get my gaydar checked out...

"From the Teutonic Gossip Synchronicity Department: A reader sends blogger A Fly On The Wall a (supposedly authentic) picture of Bruce Willis dancing in a gay, German disco. Says Fly, "And I don't think this means Bruce is secretly a friend of Dorothy. I've heard a variety of gossip over the years involving Bruce and women. Nothing about Bruce and men." Amen. Sometimes an action star just needs to go topless and do the "Lean Back" without people making assumptions."

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asking Jesus

Naomi Campbell To Throw 72-Hour Birthday Party For Herself

Supermodel Naomi Campbell will celebrate her 36th birthday on Monday with a three-day bash at a seven-star hotel in Dubai - at a cost of $1.8 million. The catwalk queen has hired out all 18 floors of the Burj Al Arab for the 72-hour party, which will be hosted by her boyfriend, millionaire playboy Badr Jafar.
The star-studded guest list includes Campbell's fellow models Linda Evangelista and Eva Herzigova and British football ace David Beckham. The bash begins on Sunday and will follow an 'All White' theme, while Monday is 'Hip Hop' and Tuesday is 'Brazilian Samba'.

Campbell and Jafar have been dating for eight months. Sources claim he will present her with a "super-large diamond" as a symbol of his love at the huge bash.


Late night talk show host CONAN O BRIEN has been tapped to host the 58th annual Primetime Emmy Awards in August (06). O'Brien hosted the event in 2002 was asked to returned the following year (03) to serve as one of a group of comedy stars who jointly hosted the show, but he declined. This year's ceremony is set for Sunday 27 August at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The Emmys are being held unusually early this year due to a series of events. US network NBC's new Sunday football schedule made it difficult to find a Sunday date for the broadcast and the fifth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks further complicated matters.


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Glee | Hot Blaine


Big Brother 7 started in the UK last night and as usual, we've been given a bunch of freaks and weirdos from around the UK (and strangely one from Canada). Even if you don't like BB, or are not in the UK, the 14 housemates are worth a look (seriously, where do they find these people?)

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Brad Garrett takes lame shot at Paula Abdul & info. on "America's Got Talent"

The Fox network may not be the happiest of families now that Brad Garrett has channeled his inner Don Rickles.

Garrett, whose new sitcom, "`Til Death," will be on Fox (owned by News Corp.) in the fall, did a quick comedy routine before thousands of advertisers gathered to see the network's schedule announcement Thursday.

Noting the presence of Paula Abdul, who has seemed slightly unhinged this season on "American Idol," Garrett said: "Bellevue (Hospital Center) has a shuttle bus."

"Nice dress," he said of Abdul, a judge on the talent competition show, who wore a shiny outfit. "Maybe it's time to get back in the lamp."

To increasing groans from the audience, the 46-year-old actor then made a profane reference to "Idol" host Ryan Seacrest's sex life.

"Ooh, it's going to be a long night," said Fox Entertainment President Peter Liguori as Garrett walked off the stage.



America's Got Talent," the new TV contest that promises to feature a grab bag of singers, dancers, comedians and more, has an eclectic panel of judges to match.

Brandy ("Moesha"), David Hasselhoff ("Baywatch") and British media figure Piers Morgan will be scrutinizing aspiring stars for the NBC series set to debut next month, the network said Thursday.

The program, from "American Idol" judge Simon Cowell and FremantleMedia, the company that produces Fox's hit singing contest, will be hosted by Regis Philbin.

"We have three different judges from three different backgrounds. Expect the unexpected," Cowell said in a statement Thursday.

 The variety contest begins with a two-hour episode 8 p.m. EDT Wednesday, June 21. It will air regularly from 9-10 p.m. Wednesday, with a half-hour results show beginning Thursday, July 13, at 8:30 p.m.

As with "American Idol," the judges will decide which of the acts advance to the final round while viewers ultimately decide who gets the $1 million prize.

Brandy is a Grammy Award-winning singer whose TV credits include the specials "Cinderella" and "Double Platinum."

Hasselhoff, who was an executive producer and star of "Baywatch," is a popular singer in Europe and has appeared on stage in New York and London musicals. He's in an upcoming Adam Sandler film, "Click."

Morgan, a former editor of the London Daily Mirror, has hosted TV shows including "The Importance of Being Famous" and "The Death of Celebrity" and just started a weekly newspaper for children, "First News."


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Jackman terrified during love scene with Weisz

London, May 19 (IANS) Actor Hugh Jackman was scared while filming a love scene with Rachel Weisz in their latest movie "The Fountain" because the British actress' fiancé was directing.

According to, Jackman's character engages with Weisz's character in a bath in the sci-fi drama. Jackman admitted that he found it difficult to concentrate with director Darren Aronofsky watching.

He says: "In the scene, she pulls me in the bath and we start kissing. Darren didn't shout, 'Cut,' so we kept kissing. Rachel started to take off my shirt and I was thinking, 'Shall we keep going?'

"Then I heard Darren yelling, 'Take off his pants! Take off his pants!' But we couldn't do it. He said, 'Why did you stop?' And I said, 'Because I thought you were going to beat the crap out of me.'"