March 25th, 2006

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No more Futurama?!? Noooooooo

In a move that has to be a big disappointment to Futurama fans, voice actor Billy West has recanted his earlier statement that the animated series would be returning with new episodes. On his website West apologized, explaining that he'd been misinformed and that 26 new episodes of the show will not be produced as he'd previously announced.

West added that there is still hope for a Futurama DVD project of some kind, as had been rumored before.

The science fiction oriented Futurama ran from 1999 to 2003 on Fox, and was created by Simpsons mastermind Matt Groening. West voiced the lead character Fry. Though it never matched the success of The Simpsons, the show continues to have a very loyal following. We'll be sure to keep you updated on any new word of further Futurama projects.

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No Doubt's Tony Kanal will launch his own Kingsbury Studios label this spring with the debut album from reggae artist Elan. Due May 23, "Together As One" features the Gwen Stefani duet "All Nighter" plus collaborations with Assassin, Tami Chynn, Sly & Robbie and Cutty Ranks as well as Kanal himself, can reveal.

Kanal first saw Elan performing with the Wailers in 1998 and tells, "I, along with everyone in the audience, was amazed to see this kid do justice to Bob [Marley]'s vocals." The pair was introduced but didn't find time to begin collaborating until several years later. "It wasn't until 2003 that Elan and I had the chance to get in the studio and start writing together," he says. "He proved himself to be a great songwriter and an amazing vocalist."

Elan and Stefani previously collaborated on a cover of Bryan Ferry's "Slave to Love," which Kanal produced for the "50 First Dates" soundtrack.

Kingsbury Studios is not exclusively distributed by any major, but in the case of Elan's record, Kanal says, "Interscope was a great match because they have a history of breaking one-of-a-kind, unique artists like him."

A three-track single led by the Assassin collaboration "Girl" is out now; Elan will be on the road with UB40 this spring. As for Kanal, he says, "In between just starting the new No Doubt record and collaborating with Gwen for her next solo outing, I always have my ears and eyes open for new artists."

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Pete Doherty reportedly shocked a journalist by offering him heroin during an interview. The Babyshambles frontman, who dated supermodel Kate Moss, and is renowned for his heavy drug use, reportedly offered the shocked scribe the class A substance before beginning to chat.

Rolling Stone contributor Mark Binelli wrote, "Doherty kicked off the Q&A by snorting some heroin. "Over the next three hours, Doherty will also smoke crack, shoot heroin and take an 'ecstasy' pill.

He offers me heroin and ecstasy but not crack. I decline. "The more drugs Doherty does, the more he seems to relax. He never becomes incoherent, though occasionally he seems confused." Meanwhile, the troubled rocker has blamed his celebrity status for his drug addiction.

Pete who was sentenced to a 12-month community order and a drug rehabilitation programme last month after a drug possession conviction maintains he will stay clean with an anti-heroin implant.

"If I was not famous then I would not have the extremes, the corruptness and fortune that led me there in the first place," Doherty said.

"I'm not going to make light of the fact that I've been given a great chance, and take crack and heroin. But I want to start a drugs-free life. I wasn't much of a junkie anyway," he added.

Source: about 30,000 different news websites.

oh and the article is here, if anyone cares to read it.

Aniston Slams Reality TV Culture

Image hosting by TinyPic

Jennifer Aniston has hit out at reality TV for breeding a culture unnaturally obsessed with the lives of the rich and famous.

The actress, whose own private life has been under intense public scrutiny since her high-profile split from husband Brad Pitt last year, insists the fascination with celebrity gossip is sickening.

And she is so fed up with the situation, she refuses to watch TV anymore.

The former Friends star says, "What happened to a great half-hour sitcom? It's all Dancing With The Stars! Knitting With The Stars, Building A Home With The Stars, Living In The Homes Of Stars!

"And then the ripping people to shreds. Humiliation. Degradation. What is going on? There's so much instant gratification, and we want it. It's just bizarre."

"I don't watch TV anymore. Nothing. I have no interest in that idol s**t. Unfortunately the world is in such a state with this (Iraq) war and everything else that it's easier to look at the triteness of a celebrity break-up. It's like, 'Ahh, relief.'"

"It's an escape, rather like a daytime soap opera. There's nothing left to talk about and I'm just sick of everything about myself."

article source. perky nips source.

EDIT: Quotes are from her recent Vogue interview.

Sucky is Mahn

All-star cast set for "March of Penguins" spoof

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has signed on to narrate an upcoming spoof of the Oscar-winning documentary "March of the Penguins" with an all-star supporting voice cast, independent studio ThinkFilm said on Friday.

"Farce of the Penguins," mixing archival wildlife footage with an R-rated screenplay written and directed by comedian Bob Saget, is aimed for a late-summer theatrical release, ThinkFilm spokesman Alex Klenert said.

In press materials, ThinkFilm described "Farce of the Penguins" as the story of "one penguin's search for love while on a 70-mile (112-km) trek with his libidinous buddies on their way to a hedonistic mating ritual."

Saget will supply the voice of several characters, including the lovelorn penguin at the center of the story, with Tracy Morgan, Lewis Black and Mo'Nique as some of his pals.

Saget, who hosted the popular TV show "America's Funniest Home Videos" for several years after starring on family sitcom "Full House" from 1987 to 1995, also has rounded up a group of well-known friends for cameo voice roles in the film. They include Jason Alexander, James Belushi, Norm Crosby, Whoopi Goldberg, Gilbert Gottfried, Jon Lovitz, Norm Macdonald and Abe Vigoda.

Jackson, an Oscar nominee for his role in "Pulp Fiction," will narrate the picture, a takeoff on the French-made nature film that became worldwide box office hit and won the Oscar for best documentary.

The original film, narrated by actor Morgan Freeman for the U.S. release, chronicled the journeys of emperor penguins across the frozen wasteland of Antarctica to mate, lay their eggs and bear their young.

Saget said he got the idea for the film while watching the original "March of the Penguins" at a friend's house.

"I couldn't stop doing the voice-overs of the penguins, reminiscent of when I did those animal voices on that video show back in the day," he said.

Privately owned ThinkFilm also was a distributor behind the Oscar-nominated documentary "Murderball" and the film featuring Saget and other comics performing various renditions of the off-color "Aristocrats" joke.



Wouldn't it be better as "March of the Mothafuckin' Penguins"?
Skins - Effy


Nick Lachey's New Album Is Inspired by Jessica Simpson

Nick Lachey recorded his confessional first single “What's Left Of Me” on the same day Jessica Simpson told him their marriage was over. Lachey was planning on spending last year's Thanksgiving holiday with his wife in Texas, until he received a phone call from her telling him she was ending their relationship.

He says the song was recorded, "The day before Thanksgiving, which was basically the day that Jessica told me she wanted to get a divorce."

The star has put his feelings about the split into his new as-yet-untitled album, which is set to be released on May 23. He says the highly personal album "is kind of a journal of the last year of my life."

(This news article provided by World Entertainment News Network, from jessica_fan)

Demi Moore pregnant-for real apparently.

U.S. trashy tabloid Star magazine recently anointed Demi Moore with child, and speculation about the 43 year-old's possible pregnancy has once again heated up.

Now, the Evening Standard in the U.K., a much more respected publication, has also proclaimed Moore pregnant.

Quite simply put, the paper says,

"Demi Moore is pregnant again - at the age of 43.

The Hollywood star and 'toy boy' husband Ashton Kutcher, 28, are said to be expecting their first child together at the end of the summer."

Congratulations to the happy couple!


LiLo to start recording third album next month?

According to a recent interview, triple threat Lindsay Lohan's third album will begin to take shape next month when recording begins.
    "I’m trying to work on some lyrics for my next album in my free time," Lohan said. "It’ll be a little different to the last one – I’m starting recording next month."
    Lohan's first album was Speak, and her second was A Little More Personal.


MTV's Kelly Slater's Celebrity Surf Invitational

Rock stars and movie stars join the biggest names in surfing at the Kelly Slater Celebrity Surf Invitational for three days of competition and events on the Kona Coast of Hawaii. Seven-time world champion Kelly Slater and Quiksilver team riders mix it up with celebrities; Ashley Simpson, Jack Osbourne, Ashley Parker Angel, Meagan Good, Alessandra Ambrosio, Sal Masekela, G-Love, Chris Shiflett from Foo Fighters and Brandon Boyd from Incubus, all styled in the latest offerings of boardshorts and clothing from Quiksilver and Roxy.

The hour-long special will premier this Saturday, March 25 at 4:30PM (ET/PT)
and is part of “MTV’s Spring Break 2006”

Click here for more info
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Trouble for Scarlett Johansson & Josh Hartnett?
By Jill Atkins
Mar 25, 2006

Scarlett Johansson and Josh Hartnett are a super cute couple but that might not be enough to keep the two Hollywood stars together. There is now speculation of a split - though it is fairly new - as earlier reports still had the couple in love.

Trouble In Paradise?
Trouble In Paradise?

But a report from TMZ details that Scarlett was out and about at Hollywood hot spot Tokio with friends.


The web site reports that noticeably missing was boyfriend Josh Hartnett. Scarlett was low-keying it, partially covering her beautiful face with a hoodie.

So, is the relationship kaput?

Rumors have it that he called it quits. Whoa.


Late last month In Touch Weekly reported that Josh had presented his buxom 21-year old girlfriend with a platinum and diamond ring on the big day as the two shared a $1,000 bottle of champagne at the LA restaurant L'Orangerie.


Denials? Reps? Nothing yet.

Could be b.s. but who knows???

Update : I also found this on AOL AIM PAGE and another news site but it is probably wrong.

Hasselhoff Ordered to Stay Away From Wife

Image hosting by Photobucket
A judge has issued a temporary restraining order requiring David Hasselhoff to stay away from his estranged wife, according to court papers unsealed this week.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark A. Juhas signed the order March 6 ordering the former "Baywatch" star to stay at least 100 yards from actress Pamela Bach except for "peaceful contacts related to court ordered visitation" of one their two teenage daughters.

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Drink the wine, get off on the label

Porn star turned winemaker Savanna Samson accepts the award for Best Actress-Film during the 23rd annual Adult Video News Awards Show in Las Vegas in January..

It seemed like the perfect gimmick: a celebrity porn star would launch her own wine, with her alluring picture on the label. Savanna Samson did just that, but when it received a score of 90 to 91 out of 100 by wine guru Robert Parker, the project became serious.

It turns out Samson, the star of The New Devil in Miss Jones, has produced an exceptional wine, becoming the toast of two industries: wine-making and pornography.

"I never wanted to just do gimmick. That would just happen with me being a porn star, me having a photographer shoot the label, how risque could I get on the label - all those things," Samson, the stage name for 31-year-old Natalie Oliveros, said in an interview.

The seriousness of the idea was lining up a respected wine maker. So she convinced Italy's Robert Cipresso - also a vintner to the Vatican - to join the project.

Samson went to Tuscany and tasted dozens of Cipresso's Italian-grown varieties, then she selected a mix of 70 percent Cesanese, 20 percent Sangiovese and 10 percent Montepulciano and ordered over 400 cases.

vintage boy



Is it newsworthy? Ofcourse not! Unless new worthiness is wrapped in an androgynous, sexy-ugly, beautifully strange (at times almost perfect looking!), sometimes creepy, sometimes incredibly hot, walking talking Irish Sex called Cillian Murphy.

I'm sorry I'm just jonesing for the "his wife is so "irish looking" posts (pic) & (pic2) & (pic 3?) and her "art" (pic) involving placards and inappropriately placed deodorant bottles posts of old.

Anyway, I find him incredibly attractive sometimes like in RED EYE (PIC) and incredibly not other times - Like in BOP. (PIC)

But in the top photo he is "sex". And I like his song. And I'm sick of Jake G. and other (IMHO) boring American waspy dudes. Sorry!

FYI... things endorsed by anyone named "Dorky Crystal" are *always* a good thing.
The Cillian Murphy Religion(??!!) @ MySpace
Oh, if you dare to view this just don't f*&^% with Mrs. Jackson Rippner.
I think she means business.

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This weekend, G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid will dedicate a portion of his Shade 45 SIRIUS Satellite Radio show to the Middle East, while also giving hip-hop fans details on the upcoming Kanye West/Michael Jackson collaboration.

In the on-air exclusive entitled "Lost in Bahrian: the Return of DJ Whoo Kid," the G-Unit DJ will speak on his recent experience in the Persian Gulf country as the special guest of Sheik Abdullah Bin Hamad Alkhalifa, and provide his exclusive interview with hip-hop fan, Prince Abdulla Hamad Alkhalifa.

Aside from insight on the Michael-Kanye partnership, Whoo Kid will provide commentary on Michael's new record deal, Shakira's cameo on an upcoming mixtape, how hip-hop has influenced the Middle East, and his experiences losing his passport in Bahrain.

The show airs this Saturday (March 25th) from 4-6pm on SIRIUS Satellite's channel 45.

Source: SIRIUS Radio
Puppy chillin
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‘Hee Haw’ TV star Buck Owens passes away at 76.

Cowboy’s flashy style helped shape the sound of country music.

Image hosting by TinyPic

Singer Buck Owens, the flashy rhinestone cowboy who shaped the sound of country music with hits like “Act Naturally” and brought the genre to TV on the long-running “Hee Haw,” died Saturday. He was 76.

Owens died at his home, said family spokesman Jim Shaw. The cause of death was not immediately known. Owens had undergone throat cancer surgery in 1993 and was hospitalized with pneumonia in 1997.

His career was one of the most phenomenal in country music, with a string of more than 20 No. 1 records, most released from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s.

They were recorded with a honky-tonk twang that came to be known throughout California as the “Bakersfield Sound,” named for the town 100 miles north of Los Angeles that Owens called home.

“I think the reason he was so well known and respected by a younger generation of country musicians was because he was an innovator and rebel,” said Shaw, who played keyboards in Owens’ band, the Buckaroos. “He did it out of the Nashville establishment. He had a raw edge.”

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holy hell!

From Unexpected Dreams: Songs From the Stars <<< this is the link people to hear the samples.

Track Listings
1. Summertime -- Scarlett Johansson
2. Sweetest Gift -- Ewan McGregor
3. In My Daughter's Eyes -- Taraji P. Henson
4. My Heart Is So Full of You -- Jennifer Garner
5. To Make You Feel My Love -- Jeremy Irons
6. Goodnight My Angel -- John Stamos
7. Little Child -- Lucy Lawless
8. Wish Song -- Marissa Jaret Winokur
9. Greatest Discovery -- Eric McCormack
10. No One Is Alone -- Victor Garber
11. Night Shift -- Julia Louis-Dreyfus
12. Golden Slumbers -- Nia Vardalos
13. Lullaby in Ragtime -- John C. Reilly
14. Goodnight -- Teri Hatcher

Okay, I would forgive Ewan McGregor because he actually kinds of sings well. And I would forgive Jennifer Garner cause I watch Alias.

But nope, not the others.

News heard from: here


Monty Python's Spamalot to Taunt Guinness World Records™,” the March 17 press release reads. In honor of the first anniversary of the Broadway show, the cast and crew of Spamalot will invite fans and audience members to celebrate with the World's Largest Coconut Orchestra this Wednesday.

Following the matinee performance on Wednesday, March 22, any peasant or serf willing to join the quest is invited to gather in Shubert Alley (located between West 44th and West 45th Streets between Broadway and 8th Avenue), to go for the Guinness World Record™ for the “World’s Largest Coconut Orchestra.”

Ticket holders for the Wednesday, March 22 matinee of Monty Python's Spamalot will automatically participate in this record-setting event. After filling out an extremely brief registration form, each ticket holder will receive a pair of complimentary coconuts upon exiting the theatre. Soon after the curtain comes down at 4:20pm the audience, coconuts in hand, will be led into Shubert Alley, where Michael McGrath (who plays "Patsy," the coconut-playing sidekick to King Arthur) will lead the crowd in a lesson on the art of coconut playing. After a brief rehearsal, the Shubert Alley crowd will be led in a performance of "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life," where they will clop coconuts in the place the song's whistles.

Plenty of additional free coconuts will be on hand for people who wish to participate in this record setting event, but do not have tickets for the 3/22 matinee. These specially designed, record-setting coconuts are sure to become collectors' items. Guinness Book of Records' Stuart Claxton, head of US Research, will serve as the official judge of the event.

How to Join the Quest
Anyone and everyone is invited to participate in this record-setting event.

3:45 PM Event registration begins in Shubert Alley. In order to receive your free commemorative coconuts, participants must first complete a painfully brief registration form
4:30 PM Event scheduled to begin
4:45 PM The record will be confirmed by Guinness officials. All are free to run away, in a calm and orderly fashion

Fux, I just realized this already happened :( So much for my idea of trying to sneak in somehow.
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i'd buy it and take a bat to it, perhaps

Laguna Beach Kristin's made-over Isuzu Trooper for sale on eBay

No stranger herself to eBay auctions, Kristin Cavallari’s former SUV is now up for auction on eBay. The vehicle was featured on the Laguna Beach reunion, when it received a makeover.

The auction page says it’s her “infamous white jeep on the show,” although it’s actually a 1994 Isuzu Trooper. However, it’s been made over by MTV. Among the upgrades, according to the seller: “The Laguna Beach logo is stiched into the car’s wheel cover,” the front seat has a “video screen and DVD player,” and there’s “a video game console (play station) in the back.”

The owners say they won the car in an auction and are now selling it as-is because they live in New York and don’t drive it; they promise to send the winner “a copy of the title to the car that lists Dennis Cavallari as the previous owner.”

As of 11 p.m. ET on Friday, there’s only been one bid, and it’s for $11,000. The auction ends Sunday night.

auction link:

source: realityblurred

Charlie Sheen's first response since media firestorm over 9/11 comments

Charlie Sheen has responded publicly for the first time since the media firestorm over his comments by challenging his detractors to debate him on the evidence of 9/11 and not issues relating to his personal life.

"I am an American citizen that loves my country and as a citizen with my passion for this great country I demand that I be challenged on the facts not on immature behavior from twenty years ago," said Sheen.

"If they continue to attack me personally it only gives credence to our side of the argument."

more details and audio of the interview @
george jetson

oh really?

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Nicole Richie is addicted to fast food - especially burritos.

The 'Simple Life' star, who has been at the centre of speculation she has an eating disorder for months, says she's a sucker for the spicy Mexican fayre and any junk food in general.

She confessed to Tatler magazine "I'll pretty much eat anything.

"I'm a big Taco Bell fan, a real fast-food eater. I don't have the highest standards when it comes to food.

"We eat dinner out every night because none of us cooks."

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Tina Turner for Bond Soundtrack

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It has been rumoured that Tina Turner is being lined up for the theme song of 007's next outing Casino Royale.

Meanwhile, Pierce Brosnan fans continue their campaign to have his successor Daniel Craig's Casino Royale boycotted.

The producer of the long-running James Bond super agent adventures, Barbara Broccoli, says she's so pleased with the English actor that, even as they are still filming his 007 debut, they're working on a second outing.

dog and cat snuggling

Tom spied on Nicole?

Free Image Hosting -

March 25, 2006 -- NICOLE Kidman was well aware that Tom Cruise was using a private detective to wiretap her phones during their 2001 divorce. Kidman hired private eye Richie Di Sabatino, who told Page Six last week, "We swept her phones and put on an encryption device, so she couldn't be wiretapped . . . We tried to keep one step ahead." But Kidman knew that Cruise's private detective, Anthony Pellicano, was a resourceful opponent. One pal said: "During her divorce, she would talk to friends on the phone and every couple of minutes break into the conversation and say, 'So, Tom, are you listening,' or 'Am I saying what you want me to say, Tom?' She knew he was either tapping her phone or trying to. She was no dummy. She not only knew about it but taunted Tom." In fact, Pellicano may have been successful in his phone snooping. Kidman has been questioned by the FBI in the Pellicano investigation because the feds found a recording of her talking to Cruise in computers they seized from Pellicano's office in 2002. Di Sabatino suggests the tape was from Cruise's phone.
ice cream


Rapper COOLIO is planning to take SEAN COMBS on in the kitchen with a new cookery show. As rap mogul and entrepreneur Combs prepares to launch his new reality TV series COOKING SHOWDOWN next month (APR06), GANGSTA'S PARADISE hitmaker Coolio is planning his own culinary special. But, while Combs will invite celebrity pals to cook up treats on his series, Coolio is planning to do all the work himself. He says, "This won't be your average cooking show - it'll be Coolio with food. I'll be cooking, talking, rapping, dancing and singing. "There will be a four-piece band, a DJ, and strippers - all in the kitchen. I'm going to change the way they do cooking shows." Coolio came up with the idea for his own TV show after years of perfecting his culinary skills. He adds, "I love to cook, and I'm pretty damn good at it. My enchiladas cannot be beat, my fried chicken in on top, my spaghetti will kick your spaghetti's a**, and I can put every Chinese food restaurant out of business with my egg rolls."

Source: ContactMusic

This beats 30 Minute Meals for sure.
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March 23, 2006 - Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios

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everyone keeps saying she looks like her father but i doubt many have seen courtney before the 8475039825 kinds of plastic surgery she had. here's a pic of her from when she was young.

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‘Pumkin’ excused from classroom for reality show success

More bad News out of Bakersfield :( First Buck now this *sigh*

BAKERSFIELD - The 26-year-old Bakersfield woman who starred on the VH-1 reality series, 'Flavor of Love' has been fired from her substitute teaching job.
Brooke Thompson, went by the name 'Pumkin' while on the dating show which was designed to find a girlfriend for 'Flava-Flave' of the rap group 'public enemy'.

Officials with the Kern High School District say Thompson was informed on Monday her services as a sub were no longer needed.

She had been working at several campuses within the district.

District officials said their decision had nothing to do with her performance on the show, but she was too much of a distraction for the students.

Unlike regular teachers, substitutes can be let go because they don't have contracts.

“We had kids that were sticking their heads in the door just to sneak a look at her and that kind of craziness that was just disruptive to the learning process,” according to John Tevis with Kern High School District.

Meantime, Thompson's website says she graduated from Shafter High in 1998 and has a degree in Business Administration from Cal State Bakersfield.

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Philip Seymour Hoffman's Student Film

He just won an Oscar for Capote, but that doesn’t mean that Philip Seymour Hoffman is too big to play small roles.

Look for the star to appear onscreen next in Simply Leon, a film by Tim Farmer, a senior at Fairport (N.Y.) High School.

Last year Hoffman visited Fairport, his alma mater, and Farmer pitched a seven-second role in the short he was making for media class. "He gave me his all," Farmer, 18, tells PEOPLE. "He even said the F-word, which I didn't call for."

The director hopes to debut Leon in L.A. this summer. As for compensation, "I asked him if I had to pay," says Farmer. "He said, 'I don't think you have to pay me for using the F-word.'"


He's brilliant. I'm very happy he's getting the mainstream recogniztion he's always deserved. He will still do indie films as well. You can't get more indie than a high school film.

Murray Dating Another Co-Star.

"One Tree Hill" star Chad Michael Murray has hooked up with another beauty from the hit TV show - an extra who has just turned 18 years old.

The 24-year-old actor - who split from co-star Sophia Bush last September after just five months of marriage - is reportedly now dating Kenzie Dalton, who plays a cheerleader on the teen drama.

The actress, who is also a model, confirms the relationship saying, "We've been going out since December."

The couple have largely kept their relationship out of the limelight, because they started dated when Dalton was only 17 years old.

Life on the set of the teen drama is understandably tense, with the ex-couple still working together, and Dalton has a frosty relationship with Murray's ex-wife.

She says, 'Sophia and I don't talk, but she is aware of our relationship."

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Source: SF Gate's Daily Dish and
Sharon Stone

He's Baa-aack

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMarch 25, 2006 -- Lock up your children - Michael Jackson has landed in New York City.

The boy-crazy pop superstar is at an unknown location in town to give a deposition in the $48 million lawsuit filed against him by Prescient Partners, a k a Darien Dash, cousin of hip-hop mogul Damon Dash.

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Source and Source
Reese Witherspoon


For those who thought the wierdness of Neverland may be gone forever, today on Howard Stern, Mike Walker of the National Enquirer reported that the Church of Scientology is looking at purchasing Neverland and making it a retreat for Scientologists! You gotta take the source with a grain of salt, but wouldn’t that be wonderfully bizarre and provide years of hilarious imagery to come?!...

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Source: CityRag


Rapper/singer Cee-Lo has joined forces with DJ Dangermouse (Producer of the Beatles/Jay-Z mash-up The Grey Album and The Gorillaz' Demon Days).  They are known as Gnarls Barkley.  If anybody cares about either of them, they probably already know this.

I'm making this post mostly because their promotional photos are absolutely hilarious...including spoofs of Freddy vs. Jason, Napoleon Dynamite, and more. 

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You can listen to some of their songs here.  The album drops May 2nd in the US.

Source:  totesumbrellas, MySpace