March 21st, 2006

Oh wonderful

He's Back!!! Chef Returns to South Park

The launch of "South Park’s" 10th season is marked by the triumphant homecoming of school chef, Jerome McElroy. "The Return of Chef!," premieres Wednesday, March 22 at 10:00 p.m., only Comedy Central.
The town is jolted out of a case of the doldrums when Chef suddenly reappears. While Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman are thrilled to have their old friend back, they notice that something about chef seems different. When Chef’s strange behavior starts getting him in trouble, the boys pull out all the stops to save him.

asking Jesus

Blind item time

WHICH scandalized sweetheart demands that her bedmates perform an ultra-raunchy sex act that would seem to belie her good-girl image? . . . 

WHICH married former Olympic ski champ had a steamy tryst with another woman at the Torino olympics?. . . 

WHICH junior socialite just had unprotected, coke-fueled sex in the bathroom of a Lower East Side hipster bar? 

I suck at this so I wont even try. any guesses...?

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Mariah Carey knows not to get lippy with her make-up artists - not while lying about in next-to-nothing, anyway...

She was snapped getting set to slip into a little black dress and join hunky Pharrell Williams for the vid of her single Say Something, out on June 5. The 35-year-old took over the five-floor Louis Vuitton store in Paris for the shoot, but diet-mad Mariah had a clothing crisis.

An insider tells us: "Marc Jacobs brought clothes in a US size 6 but they were all too big, so stylists had to find garments in a size 4."

With 17 US No. 1s to live up to, let's hope her record sales don't shrink too...

Do they think we're blind or something?!

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Socialite PARIS HILTON and her beau STAVROS NIARCHOS' reported split has been linked to language difficulties. The hotel heiress allegedly grew paranoid when her Greek shipping heir boyfriend conversed with a friend in his native language without including her, during a recent night out at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. An source tells gossip site The Scoop, "Stavros was with a Greek friend, and Paris was freaking out because she couldn't understand what they were saying. "She thought they were laughing at her." Hilton reportedly exploded with rage when Stavros subsequently failed to comfort her for looking upset. The insider adds, "Paris has never seemed so upset. She really thought that Stavros was the one."


completely off topic, but this is for all the Snakes
on a plane fans. Its an audio mp3 file...*giggles*
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Hotel heiresses PARIS and NICKY HILTON are making a cartoon TV show about their lives, in the style of THE SIMPSONS. The American siblings have spoken to Interscope boss TED FIELDS, who will make the series and hope to air it on US television. Paris, who is currently the star of reality TV show THE SIMPLE LIFE, is also on the verge of releasing a pop career.
21/03/2006 13:50


Thom Yorke Turns Down Tony Blair


Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke says he turned down the chance to discuss climate change with Tony Blair because the British prime minister has "no environmental credentials."

The charity Friends of the Earth, for which the singer is an ambassador, asked him to meet Blair.

But Yorke said Blair had no record of championing the environment and added that dealing with the governing Labour Party's "spin doctors" made him feel ill.

"I got so stressed out and so freaked out about it. Initially when it came up I tried to be pragmatic," Yorke told New Music Express magazine in an issue out Tuesday. "But Blair has no environmental credentials as far as I'm concerned."

"It was like talking to Blair's spin doctors. It was all getting weird. It was just obvious there was no point in meeting him anyway, and I didn't want to," he said.

Yorke says the experience has soured him on political activism.

"I came out of that whole period just thinking, I don't want to get involved directly, it's poison. I'll just shout my mouth off from the sidelines."

Yorke is backing Friends of the Earth's Big Ask campaign, which is calling for international cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

Radiohead will play a benefit concert for the campaign at London's Koko Club on May 1. The band recently announced a club tour in England.

They have been working on new material for the follow up to their politically-themed 2003 disc, "Hail to the Thief."

Source: AP & images via Google

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Because I love Morrissey...

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Rocker Morrissey has hit out at rock newcomers the Arctic Monkeys, insisting the band haven't earned their success.

The former The Smiths frontman claims the rockers' sudden success is "unnatural" and undeserved.

Morrissey says: "It's happening all too quickly for them. They haven't proved a thing and they haven't had to work very hard - that must make them insecure.

"It's all a bit unnatural. OK they've sold about 700,000 albums, but it can't be gratifying. They haven't been driving up and down the M1 (UK motorway) for fifteen years."

The Source

I originally found this link in this blog (Monday, March 20 entry), which has further commentary on the article and some info on Morrissey's SXSW performance and demeanour, copied and pasted after the cut, because it's a lotta words:

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Asian directors struggle to connect (picture post as well)

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The irony of Ang Lee's winning the Oscar for best director - making him the first Asian director to get that award - is not lost on Asia's filmmakers. For all the praise that Asian independent film directors like Hou Hsiao-hsien, Tsai Ming-liang or Wong Kar-wai are gathering on the international festival circuit and in Hollywood, there is a starker reality back home: Asian filmmakers are having problems connecting with their own audiences.
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Source (longer article as well)

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frickin' funny!

tony parker don't care 'bout bling & hos.

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Pint-sized actress Eva Longoria claims that her boyfriend, Tony Parker, is more sophisticated than most American males and fellow NBA players due to his European upbringing. She states that most of them are only interested in "bling and hos". She claims that Frenchman Parker and his fellow teammates aren't into the groupie scene and flashy jewelry because most of them weren't born in America. Eva explains:

The Spurs are such straight arrows compared to the rest of the National Basketball Association (NBA). "Seven of the 13 Spurs are foreign, so they don't have that American thing of the bling and the cars and the MTV CRIBS and yes, the hos." He's [Tony's] way more worldly than anyone I've met in the States."

Quick fact on Tony Parker: He's 23 and has been in the NBA since he was 19. Meaning, he was a star long before he came to America and was a teenage superstar in France. As much as Eva Longoria would like to think that her "worldly" lover spent his days as a young lad in the French countryside reading poetry aloud while feeding his virgin sweetheart chocolate covered strawberries behind a silk blindfold; a more realistic scenario would be that Tony was banging girls and their mothers two at a time in exchange for his autograph. If you're a teenage millionaire in America for the first time, the stripper without the lower back tattoo is probably as sophisticated as you want to get.

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Schizophrenic Scientologist kills mother

The battle between Tom Cruise and Scientology and its foes is heating up.

Cruise and Scientology have been in the news lately because of an allegedly censored “South Park” parody of the religion — and now Scientology and the “Top Gun” star are being blamed for a woman’s death.

“Thanks, Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology, for your expert advice on mental health,” blasts an ad in LA Weekly. The ad goes on to say that a woman was killed “by the schizophrenic son she was told to treat with vitamins instead of psychiatric care.”

The ad refers readers to a Web site, which provides details on the case of Jeremy Perkins, a 28-year-old schizophrenic who stabbed his mother to death. Perkins was a staunch Scientologist and his mother was a counselor in the church — which opposes psychiatry and psychiatric drugs and “believes modern psychiatric medicine derives from an ancient alien civilization’s plot to drug and enslave humanity,” notes the site.

A spokesman for the Celebrity Center of the Church didn’t respond to requests for comment by deadline.


I'm sure Tom will have some brilliant explaination for that.

Star Jones and Al hospital edition

Star Jones has admitted to InTouch Weekly that she had a breast lift last week, but complications from the surgery put her in the hospital.

In Touch has learned that in addition to having a breast lift, the View host - who has lost 150 pounds over the past two-and-a half years - also had a tummy tuck to remove excess skin.

Her rep, Brad Zeifman, confirms that Star had the breast lift. "She is recovering wonderfully," he says.

In Touch is told Star is now recovering in a private clinic in LA. The View is in reruns all this week.


I can't believe Star actually admitted to this shit. I would expect her ass to lie and say she was having a tumor rumored so she could get some sympathy from her crazy fans. While she's in the hospital she should also due us all a favor and have her shit euthanized.

And apparently, Gay Al also landed in the hospital!

On the same weekend that Star was taken to the hospital, her husband, Al Reynolds, 37, needed stitches in a head wound after falling while working out in a New York gym. "He was taken to the emergency room where doctors administered several stitches," says Zeifman.

Yeah the stitches were probably to put his asshole together, because it tore apart during his 30-dude gay bang!



The Donald On Britney Spears' K-Fed: I've Never Been a Big Fan

Last week we wrote how Britney Spears is now providing her husband Kevin Federline with an allowance for essential items. K-Fed is given a set amount of funds each month for his own personal use to spend in nightclubs and on "any day-to-day activities." But we were wondering what brought on this sudden sense of responsibility from our favorite Pop-Tart.

Maybe she had a long talk with Donald Trump. Jeannette Walls of the Scoop dishes: 'Donald Trump, who just became a father for the fifth time, says that Britney Spears' rumored second child might be a career goof. And it doesn't sound like the Donald is a fan of Spears' hubby, Kevin Federline.

"What has happened to Britney?" Trump asked. "She's put her very successful career on hold to get married and have a baby. Lots of women do that but there's something that just doesn't look right here. The husband? I don't know. I've just never been a big fan. I hope he's OK. He certainly seems to be spending lots of her money."'

Spears acknowledges that she has made a great deal of money. However, she is now trying to show Kevin, nicknamed 'Spenderline,' that he needs to be responsible and curb his out-of-control spending habits.


BTW today is Kfed birthday ya'lls!!!

Sucky is Mahn

The National Organization for Albinism is launching a campaign against the The Davinci Code

The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentationare is launching a campaign against the Tom Hanks film “The Da Vinci Code.” Albinos are seeing red over Dan Brown's "cruelly stereotypical" depiction of his "The Da Vinci Code" villain.

But the best-selling scribe, who's in court over charges of stealing the plot of his blockbuster novel, which premieres on the silver screen this spring, has been assuring them the "hulking albino" assassin Silas is in fact sympathetic.

Meanwhile, to combat the latest in Hollywood's long line of "evil albinos," the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation is indeed launching their planned campaign this week against the Tom Hanks flick.

In 2003, June Waugh, an albino teacher in California, wrote to Brown after reading he'd struck a movie deal. She was distressed that the red-eyed Silas, a religious zealot who kills repeatedly in the name of God, embodies "damning" and "hateful" stereotypes of albinism. He is played in the movie by Paul Bettany.

"You might be interested to know that Silas... is a far more sympathetic character than anyone else in the novel," Brown swiftly replied. Still, NOAH (The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentationare) had by then taken up Waugh's cause, asking director Ron Howard not to make Silas albino.


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Colbert to release a book!

NEW YORK - First "Fake News," now "Truthiness." The publisher of Jon Stewart's million-selling "America (The Book)" is releasing a book by Stephen Colbert.

"This book will have the same noble goal as my television show: to change the world one factual error at a time," Colbert said Tuesday in a statement issued by Warner Books.

Colbert's book, currently untitled, is scheduled to come out in the fall of 2007. Colbert, a longtime fixture on Stewart's "Daily Show," now hosts "The Colbert Report," also aired on Comedy Central.

Colbert also has a background with words. He contributed to "America (The Book)," co-authored "Wigfield" with Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello and is credited with coining "truthiness," named Word of the Year for 2005 by the American Dialect Society.

"Truthiness" is the quality of stating concepts one wishes or believes to be true, rather than the facts.


**Stephen Colbert is sexy. And that's the word. Ty.**

Kristin and Nick?


I thought this was fun to play with. 
Remember Teddy Geiger's "For You I Will (Confidence)" video starring Miss Kristin Cavallari?

Well, now you can easily input your own photos into the video. At first I put myself into the video with Teddy (what a cutie) but with recent buzz, I enjoyed Nick & Kristin so much more!

Create your own version HERE -- put your own in the comments. Who can come up with the best pair?

kyu {what}

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SOO, Perez Hilton was live from LA via satellite on MuchOnDemand today (I had nothing better to do!) and mentioned some stuff that apparently haven't been posted on his website (yet?):

- Hayden Christensen and Sienna Miller looks like a "TomKat" relationship as Hayden might be swinging both ways (duh).

- Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto will be working on another film together (they just finished Chapter 27)

- Perez is going to Miami with Paris this week (on Thursday) to celebrate his birthday

- Paris will be doing another reality show about her life - about who she REAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYYY is since people don't know the TRUE Paris Hilton. He joked about her being bipolar (with her voices or something, I think). EDIT: Truth or Dare show is what Perez said.

- Christina Aguilera's husband, Jordon , emailed Perez and said he "didn't appreciate" the photo comparison between him and something/one. Collapse )
charlize theron [me]

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Found these photos at and they're a bit old. But I haven't seen them posted in this community even before I joined.
Alexis Bledel and other people at the 2006 Food & Wine Magazine Oscar Party.

(From Left: Maggie Grace, Katrina Begin, and Alexis Bledel.

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uncle dukey

Reese and Ryan on the Rocks?

THE RUMOR: Reese Witherspoon wants another baby to save her marriage.

Witherspoon has been open that her marriage to Ryan Phillippe has not always been smooth sailing over the years.

The couple has seen a marriage counselor to try and patch up their differences. Phillippe once said, "The biggest mistake is not doing therapy, ignoring it, and having the marriage fall apart because of laziness.

Sources say Reese has expressed concern lately over Ryan's partying -- partying without her. And, we're told, Reese believes children help cement relationships.

Hollywood is littered with young celebrities who marry, and then one shoots to superstardom, leaving the other in the dust. Reese's meteoric rise to command $29 million per movie has taken its toll. Sources around town, especially in Malibu, say that Ryan does some serious flirting.

A photographer snapped a shot of Phillippe with an extra during a break from the set of Clint Eastwood's 'Flags of Our Fathers,' which is shooting now. We're told the photos upset Reese.

Reese is not looking for a blockbuster starring role to follow her Oscar-winning performance in 'Walk the Line.' Instead, she's looking at supporting roles, which would allow her to spend more time with her family. She's currently playing second seat to Christina Ricci in the indie fairytale, 'Penelope,' which is currently filming in London.

More to the point, Phillippe is undeniably a good father to their two children, Ava, 6, and Deacon, 2. Reese has privately confided in friends that expanding her family is more important to her than a career.


**I think it's just stupid rumors...I love Reese and Ryan...hopefully just a slow week for news

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Amanda Lepore is being made into a doll thanks to Jason Wu of Integrity Toys, the man behind the RuPaul, Gastineau Girls and Fashion Royalty fashion dolls. The doll is made out of a new "RealSkin" material which is 5 times heavier than a normal vinyl doll. There will be 3 dolls made (less than 100 of each) "Couture Baby" (the black outfit in the photo), Trannytale (middle sketch) and "Look Better Naked by David Barton". Many collaborators participated in this project including NARS Cosmetics (Makeup), Les Christophs (Scent, yes she will be scented) and David LaChapelle (Photography).

Net proceeds of the doll, which retails for $199.00 will go to the Design Industry Foundation Fight AIDS (DIFFA) charity. The doll will be available at an invitation-only even to be held at JEFFREY New York this April.

Flaunt Magazine, the project's official media sponsor, will be running an exclusive feature on the doll in it's April issue.

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Amy Sedaris!

There's an interview with Amy Sedaris in the April issue of Women's Health magazine, which came out today. The best part, though, is the photo shoot!

"The comedic performer with the do-anything voice explains why she takes money jars, rabbit care and her new book very seriously."

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wow is this the new peen gate?

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Exclusive Fall Out Boy Interview

Fall Out Boy is on everyone’s mind lately. Who doesn’t love them? Bet you can’t find one person who doesn’t … we dare you. They’re all over MTV, MTV2, and probably your fave radio station, too, and we’re thrilled for them, especially because our pal Andy is their drummer. We caught up with him during a show, and he had lots of good things to say about not eating or wearing your animal friends. Check out what he had to say about why he’s veg (that means he doesn’t eat fish either!) and where to get cool nonleather gear.

I am not a FOB fan

PETA for Kids
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