March 18th, 2006

Simon Cowell on Gay Aiken

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In one of those priceless made-for-TV-moments that only live TV can bring, interviewer Larry King asked American Idol judge Simon Cowell about the gay scandal surrounding former idol Clay Aiken.

King asks, "What about Clay Aiken and the possible lawsuits?"
With a coy grin on his face, Cowell first played dumb, stating he didn't know much about it, an obvious dodge of a sensitive subject "Well I heard about this. I mean what are they saying that he..."
King tried to prod him a bit further. "Came on with somebody."
Cowell, grinning like a monkey, paused like a deer caught in the headlights. Finally, he responded with a quick dismissive reply "You hear all the rumuors, whatever. Then you hear the lawsuits are that you pretended to be straight or something. I mean it's just crazy, you know".
King further pressed, "It don't matter to you?"
Simon's answered, "It doesn't matter, no. I mean what do I care?"

Way to go with that firm strong denial Simon! Clay's glad to have you in his
straight corner.

CLICK HERE to check out the entire transcript.

Source Faded Youth

Two Polls Vote Angelina Jolie Lesbian's Fantasy Partner

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While Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's publicists run spin on their secret wedding, Angelina Jolie is the woman most lesbians want to go to bed with. She was recently voted the ultimate girl-on-girl fantasy, by readers of the gay magazine Diva, according to Ananova.

The magazine reports: "She's our undisputed dream-girl sending pulses racing and sales rocketing every time she graces the magazine."

Earlier in the year, a poll made by Gaydar Radio had the sexy bisexual actress Angelina Jolie and Real Madrid superstar David Beckham voted as the most favorite marriage partner by the gay and lesbian community.

In the Ananova poll, Jolie beat out the likes of: 2. Portia De Rossi, 3. Gina Gershon, 4. Sharon Stone, 5. Jodie Foster, 6. Queen Latifah, 7. Halle Berry, 8. Charlize Theron, 9. Salma Hayek and 10. Drew Barrymore.

In the Gaydar Radio poll, the vivacious Angelina Jolie, 30, took 32% of the votes, outrivaling waif-like actresses like Jodie Foster, with 18%, Keira Knightley with 11%, Charlize Theron, who gathered 10%.

Surprise entry ... Anne Robinson. Yes, Anne Robinson, dark host of the Weakest Link.

-- Compiled from wire reports

source. pic googled.

Move your mouth TO THE BEAT OF...

Hilary Duff came to our mall today.
Lip-Synch Videos

edit:(WOA I didnt realize what everyone was talking about with that "dimple" on her face. Now I see it, and I also saw that but more extreme on an anorexic dancer in a health class video:
or, maybe it was a complication of her teeth straining her mouth/ complication of plastic surgery.

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oh noes

start of something new squee

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This year will see an extras-packed DVD for "High School Musical," due May 23, which also includes a sing-along edition of the film with onscreen lyrics and dance lessons by choreographer Kenny Ortega (the "Dirty Dancing" TV series).

There's also a special edition of the soundtrack due out before summer, with a fold-out poster and a bonus disc including karaoke versions of all the songs along with some bonus tracks.

Ask your little sister about it — she's probably already ordered a copy.


Have not seen any information posted about the dvd release. Anyone else excited? :]
Strangely enough I really enjoyed this movie, but should there really be a sequel? Discuss.


and their boniest bones...

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BUT FIRST- GUESS the order from 1 to 15. Lindsay Lohan, Paris H, Mary-Kate, Hilary Duff, Kate Bosworth, Teri Hatcher, Kate Moss, Jessica Simpson, Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Kimberly Stewart, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Bilson, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston,

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Linkin Park Daddy

LOS ANGELES - Chester Bennington of the Grammy-winning music group Linkin Park is a new father.

Bennington's wife, Talinda, gave birth in Los Angeles on Thursday to a 9-pound, 3-ounce boy named Tyler Lee, according to a statement from their publicist.

Other details were not disclosed.

Bennington has two other sons: 10-year-old Jaime with Talinda and 4-year-old Draven from a previous marriage.

Last month, Linkin Park and rapper Jay-Z shared a Grammy Award for best rap/sung collaboration for "Numb/Encore."

The group has sold more than 36 million records worldwide.


Haven't heard any news about him in awhile ... I thought he got divorced? That was the last Chester-related ONTD news that I read about.

I actually met him at the Myspace Anniversary Party in October and he was REALLY nice. Linkin Park is working on a new CD as well ... according to Mike's Fort Minor Myspace Blog.

lindsay lohan snogged devendra banhart

In response to Totes' speculation earlier today regarding Lindsay Lohan and Devendra Banhart; I had initially decided it would be in poor taste to spread rumors on the internet that are divulged to me in private. But then I realized, bloggers are supposed to act in poor taste! So, as is befitting my tasteless role, allow me to confirm: LiLo does indeed want to hit that. In fact, following his live concert at the Chanel preparty during NY Fashion week, Devendra was seen canoodling (read: totally making out) with Lindsay at ubiquitous celebrity haunt Bungalow 8. Unfortunately for the Lo, he's not actually interested in her...he just wanted to hit that.

Source:  sh*tparade
Mulholland Drive - Every Little Star wid

Snakes on a Plane!

Bad news about that "official trailer"...

I’ve gotten more than one phone call today from people at New Line asking me to clarify that this trailer is not the official teaser trailer for the film, it was put online merely for the songwriting contest at Tagworld. The CG is not representative of how the snakes will look in the final cut. The OFFICIAL official teaser trailer will apparently be coming out in about a month. - the guy who runs SOAB


And if you haven't seen it yet, here's the official movie site:
Not much to do yet.

source: Snakes on a Blog

more perez personals...

it's late. and i'm bored.
i was scrolling through the comments of the last post on Perez Hilton's m4m profile, and stellarstiles found this other lovely, little gem (however, burried on the third page, i think you guys missed this). i wanted to bring it to the forefront:

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PS. can someone PLEASE get a hold of those "private photos"!!!
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Stein Says Soldiers Snubbed During Oscars

Ben Stein says the people who truly were snubbed on Oscar night weren't those who didn't win, but were the American military personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Speaking Thursday at a Kent County Republican Party fundraising dinner, the conservative humorist, writer and political pundit said movie stars and film industry professionals failed to highlight the sacrifices of soldiers during the Academy Awards on March 5.

"Not one prayer or moment of silence for those who have given their lives," said Stein, who also has acted ("Ferris Bueller's Day Off") and hosted a game show ("Win Ben Stein's Money"). "And they complain about (falling box office numbers). Stop spitting in the face of Americans and maybe we will go to the movies."

He said the real stars aren't his Beverly Hills neighbors but the soldiers "wearing body armor in 130-degree heat, pulling 24-hour shifts" in the so-called Sunni triangle, the dangerous area of armed insurgents in Iraq.

About 1,000 people attended the $75-per-plate dinner, The Grand Rapids Press reported.


Soon after Ben Stein offered the troops a chance to WIN BEN STEIN'S MONEY!!
Gaga Stefani

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Jeffree Star's my space has been hacked.

Warning: Very nasty and disturbing images were placed on his profile.

"For those of you who LOVE Jeffree, here is his cell! He's going through a rough time right now, call him and give him support!
cell: 323 316 8434

For those of you who HATE Jeffree, well - here is his address. Send him your best wishes.

Shubi Steininger
11081 Dudley Way
Stanton, CA 90680
(714) 894-4650

(I didn't write the above, just took it from the profile.)

& the guy that took his url but didn't hack it:

just to add more fuel to the fire...

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, weighed in on the latest controversy--with fighting words.

"So, Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun!" the self-described "servants of the dark lord Xenu" said in a statement Thursday that does not mention Cruise. "Temporarily anozinizing our episode will NOT stop us from keeping Thetans forever trapped in your pitiful man-bodies. Curses and drat! You have obstructed us for now, but your feeble bid to save humanity will fail! Hail Xenu!!!"

Earlier this week, Parker and Stone publicly parted ways with Isaac Hayes, the longtime voice of Chef, after the "Shaft" legend complained South Park had gone too far in satirizing religion. The duo said Hayes, a Scientologist, never complained about the show until it took on Scientologists.


to the mods: i took out all the bla bla, cause that was already posted. the statement wasn't though. i looked through every post to make sure :|

oh btw, they were on Letterman a few days ago, if you missed it here it is.
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Spielberg Production Sued Over Haircut

Image hosting by TinyPicA Mescalero Apache family in southern New Mexico has sued the producers of Steven Spielberg's television miniseries, "Into the West," claiming a set stylist cut an 8-year-old girl's hair without regard for tribal customs.

"It's part of our culture not to cut a girl's hair until her Coming of Age ceremony," the girl's father, Danny Ponce, said Friday in a telephone interview. "The only ones allowed to do that are the parents. Nobody asked for permission."

Ponce filed suit in U.S. District Court in Albuquerque on March 6, naming Turner Films Inc. and the unknown stylist as defendants. The lawsuit seeks $250,000 for emotional distress and $75,000 in damages.

A Turner Films spokeswoman said the company doesn't comment on pending litigation.

The lawsuit says Ponce's daughter, Christina, responded through her parents last March to an open casting call for work on the TNT network miniseries, "Into the West," for a three-day shoot near Carrizozo, N.M.

The stylist cut the girl's hair, the lawsuit claims, "to make her look more 'Indian' and like a male Indian child because the movie casting call failed to produce sufficient young male extras of Indian heritage."

The Mescalero tradition forbids cutting a girl's hair as she approaches puberty. To prepare for womanhood, Mescalero girls participate in a sacred Coming of Age ceremony that requires their hair to reach the waist.

Before it was cut, Ponce said his daughter's hair fell midway down her back. It has since grown to her collar.

"This has to do with the culture of a tribal member," he said. "It was cut very short above her ears. She looked like a boy."

Gov. Bill Richardson in recent years has increased state efforts to attract the film industry to New Mexico. While Ponce welcomes those initiatives, he suggested filmmakers from outside the state should try to be more culturally sensitive.

"Just because you're wealthy, you don't do something without checking first," Ponce said.

Sucky is Mahn

Is Perez Hilton The New Clay Aiken?

There seems to be a distinct similarity in behavior when it comes to Perez Hilton and Clay Aiken.

A report by our friend at Faded Youth - Celebrity Terrorist' has alerted us to this little gem about 'The Queen Of All Media.' "Just when you thought online cruising was only for fallen American Idols, think again. The investigative people at Gawker have unearthed Perez Hilton's profile."

Gawker writes: 'We hate to do this -- we really, really do - but given his public profile these days, it was only inevitable.'

O.K. lets take a look at this shall we? I mean if we dig I wonder if we will find any ex-green berets, indian chiefs or bikers in 'ol Perizzle's history.

This is actually poetic justice. Clay Aiken takes a beating nearly daily on Perez's site however, Perez probably isn't worried about being outed.

He should however, be worried about the following:

Just as we thought, Perez doesn't have a lot hanging. In fact at 7.5 inches no one would ever mistakenly use the term 'larger than life,' unless of course we were talking about his current weight. In his picture -- we can see that Perizzle was actually thin once!.

Perez or his imitator ( Coti? ) also expresses an affinity for some 'pnp' sex. Ah, Party & Play. What's that you ask? Sex with drugs we understand.

Perez would also seem to enjoy a good 'ol 3-some or simply the following ( in no particular order of course ), JO, Sucking, F**king, 1 on 1, Group Sex, Voyeurism, Leather, Toys, Role Playing, B&D, S&M, Pig Play, WS, Rimming, F**k Buddy, LTR, Friends, Dating, Kissing. He's also apparently on the hunt for "wild times with nasty, sane, cool guys" and nothing seems to get 'ol Perez's pee-pee stiffer than a good long lingering kiss.

"I like to think I can fit into as many scenes as possible," 'tommygnosis' proclaims. However, I just couldn't picture Perez at a Motorhead concert... Could you imagine? Lemmy and Perizzle? LOL.. But, I digress

He describes himself as very oral. "To be free one must give up a little part of oneself."

Don't get us wrong, we don't dislike the queen but we do find the whole thing incredibly ironic and since he never links to us anyway - we're not terribly concerned about pissing him off either.


I found this funny because, one they use Faded Youth as a fucking source! He still doesn't credit sources and I don't quite understand all the fuss. And secondly, who doesn't know Perez is gay? You can't compare him to Clay, Perez doesn't have a bevy of middle aged women who stalk his every move.
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'Brokeback' puts Western wear back in the closet


"You know all about "Brokeback Mountain." You've heard the jokes. And you've debated the strengths and weaknesses of the film and its performance in the Academy Awards. You've even discussed the cultural influence.

But there is one thing you may not know: the fashion effect.

For starters, it is now more acceptable to dress Western. Chambray shirts and worn denim once again score high. Whether it is a cowboy hat found in a Western store or full regalia borrowed from Ralph Lauren's ranch closet, it has incredible appeal.

But even more significant, the New York Times says some donated items from the film's wardrobe have turned up on charity auctions and brought in big money.

A pair of jackets worn by Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger were offered at a New York gala for the Human Rights Campaign. They drew a remarkable $42,000. A pair of shirts that play a part in the plot got top-dollar on an eBay auction.

Maybe you couldn't swing $30,000-plus for the movie shirts. But look in your closet and check eBay for substitutes. It can't be that tough to be a cowboy."


ETA: Added a picture for no real reason.
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Damon Wayans Loses His Fight For "Nigga".

Damon Wayans was denied the launching of his hip-hop clothing line "Nigga," because the U.S Patent and Trademark Office called the name derogatory.

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The star of the now-cancelled show "My Wife and Kids" has twice been turned down by the U.S Patent officials, who decline comment on their decision. But Paul Fleischut, a trademark attorney of St. Louis, said that the dismissal of the bid was inevitable.

"There is an act by Congress that says you cannot register a word that is scandalous or that disparages a particular group," said Fleischut. "It doesn't look good."

Wayans' New York lawyers are still pushing the case, but it seems that the officials are rigorously standing by their assessment.

This comes as no surprise, as the patent and trademark office stands piled with rejected applications from individuals requesting rights to various versions of the N-word. In 1995, Fred Harris and Marc Anthony Fitzgerald of Houston tried to trademark "Naturally Intelligent God Gifted Africans" and reverse its meaning into a vicious heap of slurs.
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Flavorrrr Flavvvvvv

Hoopz & Flav are officially over 03/14/06

Yesterday morning on the Tom Joyner show, there was an interview with Hoopz and she stated that she has not returned one Flav's calls since the taping of the show ended. She also stated that she only used Flav to get her name out there and to make a career in TV and movies.

((fixed i think??))

Source: New York's Myspace journal
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Some Sopranos stuff

There's a good reason Tony Sirico is so convincing as the menacing Paulie Walnuts on "The Sopranos." Because before becoming an actor, Sirico was a mob-connected thug who dealt speed, packed a loaded Beretta, and was once actually declared a "danger to society" by a New York judge.
In fact, according to court records that read like a David Chase script, Sirico was a feared shakedown artist who preyed on Manhattan nightclubs and who once gave this description of his extortion technique: "You hit them over the head with a baseball bat, and they come around." After a dispute with a disco owner, Sirico once warned, "I'm going to come back here and carve my initials in your forehead. You better learn a lesson, you better show me the respect I deserve." A Bellevue Hospital psychiatric report from that period concluded that Sirico suffered from a "character disorder."

The court records obtained by The Smoking Gun involve Sirico's 1971 conviction for felony weapons possession, a crime for which he was sentenced to a maximum of four years in prison. Sirico ended up serving 20 months in places like Sing Sing, and has, to his credit, avoided trouble since (if you don't count clipping Pussy last season).

We've included the felony affidavit filed against Sirico (who was born Genaro Sirico) and the marvelous transcript from his sentencing, which includes an entertaining narrative offered by prosecutor Gerard Hinckley--it's a must-read for "Sopranos" fans. TSG's favorite section involves a botched police tail of Sirico that ends with the future Mr. Walnuts's auto deftly forcing the unmarked car--Bada Bing!--into a traffic divider.

Source: The Smoking Gun
Adam come here

Cornrows and Cheetos


Kevin Federline’s publicist (if you can get those three words out without bursting into hysterics, you’re a better person than we are – not that that’s hard), Marilyn Lopez reports that K-Fed has been rapping away on a new album while in Maui — “but vacationing, too,” with Britney Spears
And by “vacationing” she means getting a tattoo of an embryo featuring tribal designs, according to Ted Casablancas. Tribal tattoo? How very mid-90s Pamela Anderson of him. The embryo thing is just grody and adds to the speculation that Britney is presently sperminated. Although, this is the first time K-Fed has acknowledged his children, which is kind of touching.
Lopez added that “he just chopped off 10 inches of his hair for Locks of Love.” Donating to charity is always a good thing and Locks of Love is a great organization, but the gesture is completely negated by the threat of the album, which is truly an act of terror.

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My sister and I went to see 30 Seconds to Mars last night, and I just thought I'd fill everyone in on a few interesting happenings.

Within the first five minutes of the show, Jared was punching some guy. There is a second floor balcony at the venue, and Jared went upstairs and was singing, and walking along the edge. He was about to dive into the crowd. Some guy (who was not security) grabbed his jacket and pulled him back down-- and Jared just started hitting the guy.

I know most people here don't like the band (understatement, I know) but they were really amazing. They sounded great live. And Jared dressed as a priest is amusing to no end.

We met the band after the show, and they were all really gracious and sweet. And for the record, I've never been to a show where the headlining band signed autographs and took pictures after the show for as long as they did.

Black.White is completely scripted

Bruno is not Carmen's husband nor Rose's dad-Now Fox's explanation is that he's Carmen's "boyfriend", which is dubious as well. Bruno is an actor, not a "school teacher" who's acting credits on imdb date back to the 1980s! Rose was the star of a Disney Channel show 'Movie Surfers' and even has an official page on Disney:

Bruno the "teacher"'s film credits

Sarah Jessica Parker Takes Sex to Another City: Washington

Taking Sex and the City to Washington, HBO is currently working on a sitcom based on the sex-and-politicians novel The Washingtonienne, by Jessica Cutler. Inspired by Cutler’s weblog, which detailed her relationships and exploits with men in D.C., The Washingtonienne has sold 14,000 units, as tracked by Nielsen BookScan.

The project is being developed by Pretty Matches, Sarah Jessica Parker’s production company, which recently signed on to develop shows for HBO, the Washington Post reported today.

So far, the project has lined up up-and-comer Jason Blum as a co-executive producer and Vanessa Taylor, who worked on the short-lived (and Washington-based) WB series Jack & Bobby, as a screenwriter.

Kirkus Reviews said The Washingtonienne is “about spoiled and lazy people who think they deserve acclaim for how spoiled and lazy they are. The result, ultimately, is a book best read for its depressing portrait of the scrounging, idea-free juveniles who staff Capitol Hill offices.”