March 11th, 2006

Picture Post!

Jared Leto last weekend at a pre-Oscar party
I know the weight was for Chapter 27, but what's his excuse for the glasses and the outfit?
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Bow Wow's Surprise 19th "Grown & Sexy" Party <--I didn't make that shit up
I guess he and Ciara are still an item
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the Simpson sisters...ROFLMFAO
(I feel like this was probably posted already, but I couldn't find it in a search, and I looked pretty far back.)
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Pam's new boyfriend?
Anyone know who this dude is?
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Tyson Beckford and Naomi Campbell (both 35) in the new advertising campaign for P Zero, tiremaker Pirelli's industrial design project for clothing. Three pics were previously posted here.
Tyson looks effing scrumptious in these pics
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Keira was here. Jamie Dornan, Keira Knightly's ex-boyfriend, has a new spread in a French magazine.
some eye candy for the ladies
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Lenny Kravitz and daughter Zoe catch the Ask the Dust premiere
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Scarlett Johansson in the Sunday Times
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More Brit Brit and Sean Preston in Hawaii
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Just for lols: Project Star Wars
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And lastly, an ONTD face-off: Who Made the Most Stupid Face?
Contestants: Britney Spears, Hilary Duff, and Kaley Cuoco
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A Golden Age for a Pinup

Bettie Page was plunging into the day's work: autographing pinups of herself in various Naughty Girl personas, with kitschy bangs, high heels, mesh hose and tasseled underwear.

Nurse Bettie. Jester Bettie. Substitute Teacher Bettie. Maid Bettie. Voodoo Bettie. Cowgirl Bettie. Jungle Bettie. Wild Orchid Bettie. Banned in Boston Bettie. Crackers in Bed Bettie.

The task ahead was arduous given her many ailments, including diabetes and stabbing pains in her back, legs and hands.

But the 82-year-old Page — a taboo-breaker who helped usher in the sexual revolution of the 1960s — is not a quitter.

"I'm about ready to roll," she said in a Southern drawl, freshening her bright red lipstick. "But I'm going to go slow. I won't squiggle if I write slow."

CMG Worldwide, the company that markets her image, had organized the event at its Sunset Boulevard penthouse offices. The idea was to get Page's autograph on as many prints as possible, because demand for anything Page-related is soaring.

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Sucky is Mahn

Vince Vaughn Wants Jennifer Aniston to Gain Some Weight

Vince Vaughn is a big guy. At 6'5" and 220 pounds or so the hunky American actor is a presence. So when he told his sweetie Jennifer Aniston to put on just a bit of weight, she was surprised, but a report claims she was also thrilled.

An insider dishes to Star Magazine that "Vince wants Jen to put on 20 pounds."

She's far from rail thin, and she should be able to gain that kind of weight and still look fab. She reportedly plans to put on the weight in a healthy way, but Defamer grabs an insider rumor and reports that the girl is indeed not afraid to put away some calories to please her man.


The report is from detailed email from one of the alleged staff working the Vanity Fair Oscar party. In other words - take it with a grain of salt:

Jennifer Aniston was one of the first to arrive, sans Vince Vaughn - I think she’s just as beautiful off screen as she is on. Her short little gay friend made me offer her a tuna tartar because he said she was “stah-ving” but she refused. Looking back at her 2 minutes later, I see her wolfing down 2 slices of pizza… Go figure…

But hey - the e-mail matches the Star report.


If the report(s) are accurate - Jen's yoga and workouts should keep her weight gain proportionate and will likely have her looking better than ever.

Plus - if she really gets pregnant this year, a few extra pounds won't hurt as she plans to carry a baby for nine months.

Sharon Stone


Rapper dates junior African dictator

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She has a TV show?

Rapper Eve has got herself a charming new boyfriend, Teodorin Nguema Obiang, a rich 34 year-old with a LA based record label. Teodorin likes to show his ladies a good time, spending $700,000 at Christmas to rent Paul Allen's yacht and on just one day dropping $1.5m on two Bentleys and a Lambourghini.

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Source: Popbitch

dear aaron carter, you're not famous dont have to make celeb&friends only myspaces

LMAO i found this celeb finder on myspace..and just had to befriend her so i could make backhanded comments at aaron carter. first of all..either he now has a myspace, or someone is just good with photoshop...

yeah...ok aaron you look a little shitty homie..

second amusing thing...

her profile is private but you can add her easily enough by telling her you would like to help :P
but the aaron carter that made that an avid poster/visitor on her myspace hahahahahahahaa telling her what celebrities have myspace and dont and talking about how he calls them and stuff. i guess thats what aaron carter does now that his career has failed...

even better he mentioned that he had to make his profile friends/celebs ONLY because he was getting hundreds of messages/friend requests from fans a day.

yeeeeeeeah ok aaron.
then it has a link to his "music" myspace...

and if this is the real aaron carter he has a grand total of 41 fans. and i might add that he didnt even have a song on there until i messaged him and told him to get one (a message that he responded to about 10 minutes later that i sent at i think 8:00 AM (5:00 AM in he stayed up late myspaceing!)

and as if it couldnt get any better
his name on his myspace/celebs only page is "why am i so cool"

no aaron...just..why?
i dont know if this is in fact real or not...but either way it gave me a good laugh...
Puppy chillin
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Louisiana Supreme Court Overturns C-Murder's Murder Conviction.

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The Louisiana Supreme Court has overturned Corey "C-Murder" Miller's murder conviction yesterday (Mar. 10) and the rapper could be free on bond as early as Monday, according to his lawyer.

Miller was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting death of 16-year-old Steven Thomas. Thomas was shot in the chest after an argument inside of the Platinum Club in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana in January 2002.

Over 300 people were inside of the club on the night of the shooting, and several witnesses identified Miller as the shooter.

Miller was charged with second-degree murder and was ordered held on $2 million dollars bond. He pleaded not guilty, but his bond was revoked, after authorities claimed he bribed two Jefferson Parish officers to smuggle in a cell phone and charger into prison.

Prosecutors claimed Miller used the phone to communicate with friends in attempt to harm or intimidate witnesses in the trial.

Miller pleaded not guilty and went to trial in Sept. of 2003. He was convicted of second-degree murder, which carries a mandatory life sentence. Several witnesses for the prosecution offered testimony identifying Miller as the shooter.

At a Dec. 2003 hearing to appeal the verdict, a woman that testified for the prosecution revealed she did not actually see Miller shoot the Thomas. She also said she witnessed another man with a gun moments before the shooting.

The woman said she witnessed another man known as "Calliope Slim" brandishing a gun just before Thomas was gunned down.

She testified she told Jefferson Parish detectives about Calliope Slim before the trial. The information was never brought up during the trial, along with other information that may have led to Miller's acquittal.

It was also revealed that detectives cleared parking tickets and a felony theft arrest warrant for one of the witnesses friends, in exchange for testimony.

The defense argued the withheld evidence cast doubt on the credibility of the witnesses and the prosecutions case.

In 2004, Judge Sassone agreed with Miller's defense team, and ordered a new trial.

Prosecutors appealed Sassone's ruling and in March of 2005, two of three judges on the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal disagreed with Sassone's ruling and upheld the second-degree murder conviction.

In Feb. 2006, Miller filed a request with the Louisiana Supreme Court, which has granted the rapper a new trial,

It is now up to the prosecution to decide if they will retry Miller for second-degree murder. Representatives for the District Attorney did not offer comment on the Louisiana Supreme Court's ruling.

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Garrett Ordered to Another Month in Rehab

Leif Garrett was ordered to remain in a strict live-in drug rehabilitation program for another month, despite telling a judge he was "going down the right path" after spending 42 days there.

The 44-year-old former teen idol asked a Superior Court commissioner Thursday for permission to return to an outpatient treatment program so he could be with his mother, who is suffering from an undisclosed illness.

Garrett agreed to enter the program for violating probation in a cocaine case stemming from a 2004 arrest.

Garrett faces felony heroin possession charges after officers who stopped him Jan. 14 for allegedly trying to ride a Los Angeles subway train without a ticket said they found suspected narcotics. He has pleaded not guilty in that case.

Standing outside the courthouse with his mother and his attorney, Garrett blamed his recent drug arrest on his concerns for his mother's poor health.

"I'm going down the right path," he said. "Instead of a dirt road, I've been on a paved road."

He also vowed to never appear again in an orange jail suit mug shot: "I don't look good in orange," he said.

His next court appearance is scheduled for April 6.


It looks like he's been hanging out with Brit Brit

BEP to come out with Monkey Business remix EP

The Black Eyed Peas will release an eight-track EP called Renegotiations: The Remixes March 21 on iTunes and a week later in Best Buy stores. Erick Sermon, DJ Premier, Jazzy Jeff and Pete Rock are among those who remixed Monkey Business tracks for the release. Meanwhile, the Peas' "My Humps" has passed the 2 million mark for sales of master tones (a ring tone taken from the master recording).

Go here to listen to clips:

Oprah and Ludacris have beef?

WHAT'S the beef between rapper-cum-"Crash" actor Ludacris and Oprah Winfrey? At the Charlize Theron -hosted party for her Africa Outreach charity in L.A. the other night, organizers supposedly panicked when the "Chicken and Beer" rhymer showed up. "Oprah was supposed to come, and there is some sort of a rift between her and Ludacris," our source explained. "Her people let it be known she would not enter the room if he was there. Luckily, Winfrey didn't show, avoiding a nasty scene." Others at the bash, where Mary J. Blige performed, included Matthew Perry, Heidi Klum and Macy Gray.

Source: Page Six
I am so white.

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Well I certainly never thought I'd be saying "who wore it better?" between these two.
As much as I'd like to give Mariah the upper hand, Lindsay definitely won this round.


It seems like ONTD's favorite couple (okay, not really) is taking a page from Reese Witherspoon's book and shooting pictures of the paparazzi.
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Hoopz of Flavor of Love fame is kicking her 3 minutes of fame in the ass by appearing in King magazine.
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Source: horrible for the Mariah/Lindsay comparison, and JJB for the rest.

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Seems like Stuart Townsend grew cold living in Charlize Theron's shadow.

The long-time lovers have called it quits.

The news comes as no surprise, though. A solo Theron looked sad and quite unfashionable at the Oscars.

A friend of Theron's tells The Sun, "Charlize is free and single again. Her relationship with Stuart is well and truly over. They just grew apart. It wasn't always easy because filming often kept them apart for months."

Hey, Charlize, if you're looking for a new man, Chad Lowe is single!

Source:Perez, of course.
stalin animated 2

Britney Spears pulls out of photoshoot because of pregnancy?

Former pop tart Britney Spears has caused even more speculation that she is pregnant by pulling out of a photo shoot with a major magazine.  Brit was scheduled to appear on the July cover of Marie Claire magazine, but reportedly has cancelled.

Photo Shoot Pull Out Means Baby?
Photo Shoot Pull Out Means Baby?

Some media insiders are saying that points to the fact that Spears has been packing on the pounds for baby number two reports the NY Daily News.


The Daily Dish cites celebrity conspiracy theorists as believing that's just another piece of the puzzle Britney Spears is pregnant again.

It doesn't take much of a conspiracy theorist to take a look at Brit's belly and take a guess that she is indeed with child again.  Her recent bikini shots showed what appears to be a very large baby bump.

In more snaps from the islands a bikini clad Britney has taken to using a towel to covering her stomach according to Pop Bytes.


Spokeswoman Leslie Sloane Zelnick says scheduling conflicts, including the recording of an album in Hawaii, meant the cover shoot couldn't happen.

But her publicist also is changing her tune from her earlier stock answer of- 'no' Britney is not pregnant to 'as far as she knows, (Britney is not pregnant) pop bytes notes in it's Britney item.


If she is pregnant - she's a few months along - so official word can't be far away.

--Tina Sims


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Keira Knightly, Jake Gyllenhaal, Boytoy Rupert Love Triangle?

Keira Knightley and Jake Gyllenhaal have been seen on a string of dates in L.A. which has been sparking rumors that they are a couple, according to a published report.

According to the 'New York Post,' the hunky actor broke off from his long-term girlfriend Kirsten Dunst just last year, and Keira has been enjoying the single life ever since her split with boytoy model Jamie Dornan.

The sexy stars, who were both nominated for Oscars this year, were spotted getting 'comfortable' with each other in the days prior to Sunday night's (3-5-06) Academy Awards ceremony.

"Jake Gyllenhaal's publicist needs an Oscar for what he is trying to pull off. Last month, Jake was photographed at a Lakers game basically sitting in Austin Nichols' lap, but we always manage to hear "stories" that he is punching one piece of high quality Hollywood kitty after the other. Normally, a big Hollywood star like Jake would be stalked by paparazzi, yet we have never seen a picture of him with any of these women. Either he's The Phantom or he's gay. And since The Phantom liked women, that kinda rules him out" - IDLYITW

A source says, "They were at Soho House two nights in a row together and definitely looked like a couple."

On another note, Keira has also been seen smooching her 'Pride and Prejudice' co-star, Rupert Friend.

The duo was spotted last week getting cuddly in the ocean in the Bahamas.

team sbullonato

Orlando Moon

It's Orlando 'Moon!' The British star had on lookers 'cracking up' as he revealed a bit too much bottom cleavage while chatting to his Troy co-star Owain Yeoman. Bloom was completely oblivious to his wardrobe malfunction as he crouched down on the pavement and talked to the welsh actor who is dating The Office star Lucy Davis.

credit to Sakurazukalori from Orlando Love

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Paul Haggis says Will & Grace shows Hollywood already accepts gays.

Someone needs to tell Mr. Haggis that a comedy where straight people can laugh at the funny gay people and not have to actually watch us kiss or act intimately with another man (it's big news the few times they actually even allow a gay kiss on that show) is hardly evidence that Hollywood "embraces" us.

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Sienna no better than the Nanny says Hayden's ex


By Carole Aye Maung

THE beauty dumped by Star Wars hero Hayden Christensen last night revealed how sneaky rival Sienna Miller spelled the kiss of Darth for their love.

Devastated cancer survivor Lola Skye accused the actress of stealing her man, raging: "She knew exactly what Hayden and I meant to each other.

"I've been very hurt and betrayed by both of them— especially Sienna."

The 21-year-old brunette, who had dated the Darth Vader actor since she was 14, blasted Sienna's behaviour.

"She has a lot of problems," stormed Lola. "She has a messed-up temper and is so erratic. She's just not the sort of person I want to be around."

Read it all here

If that's true, she and Jude deserved each other. Lola should go look Jude up then for the ultimate revenge! HA!
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Jojo, Ian Somerhalder & Willa Holland scans

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Because everyone loves Willa so much.

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Jojo interview with Cosmogirl about her love/celebrity life.
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Mini interview with Ian Somerhalder from Cosmogirl. Im pretty sad that hey have pushed the date of the movie PULSE to JULY.. It was suppose to be aldready out since March 3th :(.

source: jojo & ian somerhalder - COSMOgirl April06,
Willa Holland - Teen Vogue APRIL 06
scans by me

first post :O