March 9th, 2006


Has Toothy Finally Been Revealed?

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In Ted Casablanca Blind Items he introduced a new character named Crisp Lisp who is competition for Toothy Tile as thee closeted-gay-actor in Hollywood. Defamer has uncovered an interesting thing on Ted's front page:

"As you can see above, on the index page for Casablanca's daily column, the pictures of three actors (George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Josh Lucas) appear. But only Clooney and Lucas appear in today's column. So what's Gyllenhaal's "competition" all about? Some of you immediately jumped to the conclusion that the "competition" was the one set up between Toothy Tile and Crisp Lisp in this week's blind item, which would account for Gyllenhaal's conspicuous absence from the column. How very, very odd!"

Hmm....yeah I pretty much think Jakey is Toothy Tile!


Paris Hilton May Guest Star on 'The Simpsons'

Socialite Paris Hilton is expected to be the latest celebrity to lend her voice to cult cartoon series The Simpsons. Hilton will join a galaxy of stars who have appeared on the hit show recently including The White Stripes and British funnyman Ricky Gervais.

Creator Matt Groening confirms, "Her name is on the list. It could be a good show."

Hilton has other projects in the works, including "Bottoms Up" about a Midwestern bartender who ingratiates himself into the Hollywood system, finding love along the way, and "Pledge This" about a beautiful sorority president who takes in a group of unconventional freshman girls seeking acceptance into her house.

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I didn't see this posted.

Pumkin is a Grade A Idiot!
Source: DListed

I knew Pumkin from Flavor of Love wasn't the brightest bulb, but she has proven to me that she barely has 2 brain cells in that big head of hers. In an interview the dumb blonde bitch tells us that she didn't actually spit on New York, that it was all staged and digitally enhanced.

According to her, the producers told her that she would be leaving that night before the ceremony and they asked her to give them a big show. When she asked them what they wanted her to do, they told her to spit.

So she spit at New York, but not how it appears on TV.

She said: "I do not spit on people. When girls spit, it goes everywhere,"

She alleges that her spit was digitally enhanced to look bigger.

Does this make any sense?! During the episode New York even commented how her spit got all on her chin. Seriously, bitch needs to stop lying.

But Pumkin delivered some even better news! According to her Flavor of Love 2 has already given the greenlight!
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"Project Runway" Designers Talk Star Wars

For those of you "Project Runway" fans AND Star Wars fans I have a treat! Since I was a huge fan of the hit Bravo reality TV show, I figured it would be a fun pop culture crossover article for the Star Wars Rocks section on

I was especially inspired after seeing this Star Wars fan photo featuring Tim Gunn, Santino and Andrae!

So I interviewed the designers Daniel Vosovic, Andrae Gonzalo, Kara Janx, Daniel Franco, Diana Eng and Raymundo Baltazar about their love for Star Wars, as well as their inspirations and appreciation for costume design. Plus there's a great bit where they all compare each other to different characters in the Star Wars universe as you can read here:

"Tim's voice and the wise mentoring remind me a bit of Yoda," Vosovic says. "You can really draw so many correlations between those two."

"Oh, absolutely, the similarities are overwhelming," Gonzalo agrees. "So maybe it's easier to look at the ways that Tim Gunn and Yoda are dissimilar. To begin, Tim Gunn is much taller than Yoda, and three times as chic. And try as he might, it would be impossible for Yoda to find his signature look at Banana Republic."

Read the full 4-page article here on the official Lucasfilm site,
Project Runway: Style Wars
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Bad news U2 fans

U2's Vertigo '06: Final 10 Dates Postponed

It is with great regret that The Next Adventure and Michael Coppel announce the postponement of the final ten dates of U2's Vertigo '06 Tour. This action is unavoidable due to the illness of an immediate family member of one of the band.

The effected dates are listed below."Any fan of U2 will realise that this decision has not been taken lightly', said TNA President Arthur Fogel. 'We will announce further details as soon as we have them."

The affected shows - which are all sold out - are:

March 17 & 18 AUCKLAND Ericcson Stadium
March 21 BRISBANE Queensland Sports & Athletics Centre
March 24 & 25 MELBOURNE Telstra Dome
March 28 ADELAIDE AAMI Stadium
March 31 & April 1 SYDNEY Telstra Stadium
April 4 YOKOHAMA Nissan Stadium
April 8 HONOLULU Aloha Stadium

I just found this funny..

Lindsay Leaves Tanning Salon -- Paparazzi Nailed

TMZ has obtained insane video of Lindsay Lohan leaving a West Hollywood tanning salon and being completely besieged by paparazzi. It got so intense, a female photog fell, hitting her head on Lindsay's Mercedes. But Lindsay wasn't done just yet. She went to the ever-popular Fred Segal, with paparazzi in tow, and the madness continued.

...And Lindsay and her friend just step over her, totally ignoring her!

Simpson Allegedly Dumped via Text Message

Jessica Simpson has had her struggles of late. First she went through the whole ordeal of hubby Nick Lachey threatening to ask for support from the big earning Jessica.

Then her reported young love with singer Adam Levine ended abruptly.

Now a report set for publication in this week's edition of 'The Star' will detail that poor Jessica Simpson was dumped by Adam with a cell phone text message.

Adam Levine lets Jessica Simpson know it’s over – with a few short taps on his keypad that said “Really busy. Need Space.”

It all started when Levine blew-off their Valentine’s Day date as Jess pressured him for answers. It took a while to sink in and when it did, she told her best friend, “I just got dumped.” And by text message, no less. Ouch!

Sucky is Mahn

'Bunny' talk gets 'em hoppin' mad

Bill Paxton and Chloe Sevigny have no trouble talking about the new HBO show "Big Love," which concerns a Mormon husband and his three wives. But discussion of an ordinary couple engaging in oral sex is apparently off-limits.

We hear Paxton and Sevigny went ballistic yesterday on the set of "The View" when co-host Joy Behar brought up that infamous scene in the indie flick "Brown Bunny" where Sevigny pleasures Vincent Gallo.

Though the actors masked their fury from viewers, Paxton is said to have exploded off-camera. According to one source, he even vowed never to appear on the show again.

Sevigny has frequently discussed the scene from the controversial 2003 film, but Paxton apparently didn't want her to have to relive it on a daytime talk show.

One insider notes, "The View" is "a show that is broadcast to housewives all over Middle America. [Oral sex] isn't the kind of thing you talk about."

East Coast viewers got to watch the cast squirm in their seats. But all talk of oral gratification was excised from the West Coast feed.

"Co-host Joy Behar is known for her good-natured candor, as well as her humor, and meant no disrespect," said "View" spokesman Karl Nilsson. Nilsson refused to say who asked that the "Brown Bunny" conversation be edited out.

Speaking of squirming: Co-host Star Jones looked none too comfortable when Meredith Vieira mentioned a New York Times article about women who are married to gay men.

"Would you know if you had married a gay man?" Vieiera asked her chat sisters. "And is it then okay to still sleep with him, even though he may be carrying on an affair?"

Star has roundly denounced rumormongers who've bruited that her husband, Al Reynolds, has a gay past. She kept her thoughts to herself on air. But chances are Meredith heard from her during the break



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Unfortunately, no matter what Chloe Sevigny does, she will always be known as the actress who blew Vincent Gallo on film. That kind of thing sticks to you. It's wise when actors carefully consider their material, because they have to ask themselves, can I live with being asked about this ten years from now? And I don't think any less of her for it, it's a choice, but you still have to deal with the consequences of the artistic choices you make.

The Moz father, puttin carnivores in check

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It shouldn’t be shocking to learn that peta2 chose Morrissey to receive the Linda McCartney Memorial Award at PETA’s recent 25th Anniversary Gala and Humanitarian Awards Show.

After all, 20 years ago, Morrissey and The Smiths released an album called “Meat Is Murder” that has inspired legions of people to become vegetarian and get involved in animal rights. Over the years, Morrissey has been one of the most ardent advocates for animals and an invaluable force in the fight to end cruelty. He’s signed PETA’s anti-fur petition to Vogue magazine, endlessly promoted vegetarianism in interviews, and included PETA’s provocative “Meet Your Meat” video on his latest DVD, “Who Put the M in Manchester?” He has spoken out repeatedly for the dogs and cats who are tortured and killed in Iams’ Laboratories. And, when he was interviewed by the British music magazine, Index, Morrissey insisted that the article include a photograph of him with three dogs and a sign reading “We Hate Iams.”

Like this award’s namesake, Linda McCartney, Morrissey has opened the eyes of millions to the importance of a compassionate life. Unfortunately, because Morrissey was in Europe recording his next album, he wasn’t able to accept his award in person. And, although that was sad news for us, it’s good news for you because we have Morrissey’s acceptance speech

Video here:

*And yet he enjoys the occasional tube steak.


yah didn't see this posted so.

eta: i have gone to the fob message board on their website, and the fans started a thread of showing them selves to support pete, because of what happened to him.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

this just in.

so as some of you obviously know someone hacked into my sidekick and took pictures off of it. this was very upsetting and a total invasion of privacy. i can't explain to you how it feels. whats even more absurd to me is that anyone would care to see a couple of racy pictures of some shitty, dirty boy. after feeling badly about this for about 24 hours, i am now ready to get back to laughing.

its been a tough couple of weeks for me lately. the only good thing about times of adversity is that you realize who your real friends and fans are- and the rest go away- which in my mind is an ok thing. i just wanted to take the time to thank the people who continually stand by my side- a special thanks to and mikey way for being amazing.

the moral of the story: if you really dont want pictures of yourself to end up on the internet. dont take the pictures.

now please return to the shittalking at whatever messageboard you are at.

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Longoria is in a lather

SEXY actress Eva Longoria has begged the creator of Desperate Housewives to clean up his act and reduce her number of naked bath scenes.

Eva, 30, who plays cheating Gabrielle, told OK!: "I had to talk to creator Marc Cherry and go: 'Can you please stop putting me in the bath tub?'"

Eva who hired a fitness trainer to keep her in shape as she shows off so much flesh in the show also asked for a cut in her underwear scenes.

She added: "I didn't realise how much lingerie I'd be in and how much I'd be in the bath tub. Filming is nerve-wracking, I'm constantly worrying about how I'm being filmed."


i hope she doesn't love you

'Kate, I love you,' writes rocker Doherty to Moss

Rock singer Pete Doherty spelled out his love for supermodel Kate Moss on Thursday, scribbling a message on the inside of his car windshield after another appearance in a London court on drug possession charges.

The 26-year-old Babyshambles singer had an on-off relationship with 32-year-old Moss, but the couple are widely reported to have split last year.

"I Love Kate 4 Eva," he wrote after running to his gold-colored Jaguar following the hearing, using a heart shape to express the world "love."

His case was adjourned until later in March.

Wearing his trademark trilby hat on arrival and a blue jacket, he leaned from a window of the Thames Magistrates Court building and began to play the harmonica to the throng of photographers waiting below.

Only last month, the self-confessed drug addict was at a different court facing separate narcotics charges. He was spared a jail term and ordered to attend a rehabilitation center and undergo monthly check-ups.

Moss was captured on camera last year apparently taking large quantities of cocaine, and several fashion houses and retailers severed ties with the mother of one.

She also attended a drug rehabilitation center last year in the United States, and has since been rebuilding her career.


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Movie-maker MIKE NICHOLS agreed to "burn" scenes of NATALIE PORTMAN in various states of undress, because he didn't want them falling into the wrong hands. The sexy actress played a pole dancer in provocative movie CLOSER and briefly appeared topless, but she reveals there were many saucy scenes which didn't make it into the film. She explains, "I will not allow myself to be on a porn site... I don't want to be used by someone else for turning me into something that I'm not. "(But) I was doing everything because I knew that Mike was going to get my permission about everything and show me everything and talk to me. "He was like, 'That stuff's going to be burned if we don't use it.'"

Sucky is Mahn


Jon Stewart expresses his feelings regarding Crash receiving the best picture Oscar.

March 9, 2006 -- Apple Computer Inc., maker of iPod music players, created a monthly download option on iTunes for "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" from the Comedy Central cable television network.

The new Multi-Pass feature lets iTunes customers buy 16 episodes for $9.99 a month, Viacom Inc.'s Comedy Central unit said yesterday in a statement. The Multi-Pass option works only with those two series, Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said.

Apple's iTunes online store added video content in October after Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs introduced a version of the iPod that plays videos as well as music. Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple said last month that it has sold more than 15 million videos, at $1.99 each, since adding TV shows, music videos and short films from Pixar and Walt Disney Co. to iTunes.

"It's the immediacy of the iTunes service that makes it perfect for these shows," Michele Ganeless, executive vice president and general manager of Comedy Central, said in an interview.

Sucky is Mahn

FOX Refinances 'House'

LOS ANGELES -- The audience at the Museum of Television & Radio's Paley Festival Wednesday night was already having a good time with the cast of "House," having watched an episode not yet aired on FOX and listened to the cast and producers swap stories about the show.

Maybe the biggest cheer, though, came when series creator David Shore told the crowd that he'd received word earlier in the day that "House" would be back next fall for its third season. FOX confirmed the pickup Thursday.

The pickup is hardly a surprise, given the show's performance over the past year. "House" exploded after being paired with "American Idol" midway through last season, and this fall the show proved it could stand on its own, drawing 12.65 million viewers per week in the months before "Idol" returned (since then ratings have only improved, and it's now averaging 13.68 million viewers).

Not bad for a show Shore wasn't sure he could take beyond the pilot episode. The idea of Sherlock Holmes-as-physician appealed to him, but he wasn't sure that week in, week out, there would be enough baffling sets of symptoms to drive the show's procedural elements.

"Fortunately, the astounding cases keep coming," Shore says.

The appeal of "House" lies in the willfully abrasive title character, Dr. Gregory House, says Hugh Laurie, who won a Golden Globe this year for the role. He auditioned for the show having only read a few pages of the script and recalls being "shocked" to find that House was the lead character.

"There have been House-ian characters on American television before, but they're not usually at the center," Laurie says. "One of the things I liked was that he didn't try to be likable, and the show didn't try to be likable. And I think that's quite likable."

The trick, Shore says, is to make sure that House always has a reason for his rudeness or his sometimes bizarre medical decisions, even if he's the only one who can see it.

"The temptation we have to resist is just having House do something crazy" for its own sake, Shore says. "The big challenge is motivating those House-isms. ... We've resisted a lot of weird stories because they don't fit the show."


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Paris Hilton Opens Up on Career, New Album

Exclusive: Saturday night, under the carport of the Beverly Hills Hotel. It’s 1:30 a.m., and a white luxury SUV pulls up. The passenger-side back door slides open, and a long leg, finished with a white high heel shoe, reaches down to the ground. Pan up: It belongs to Paris Hilton, in a white mini-dress, with a white fur stole around her shoulders and large pearls around her neck. She is blonde on blonde, dazzling, Marilyn Monroe reincarnated.

“Wait!” she announces as she steps on the pavement. “I forgot my CD!”

It’s her own CD, in fact, that she shows me, one she’s made with a variety of producers including Scott Storch and Dr. Dre.

Don’t be fooled: This CD is coming out whether you like it or not. “It’s scheduled for June,” she says, “on Warner Bros. Tom Whalley is really excited about it.”

That’s the same Warner Music oft-criticized in this column for not breaking new artists. I take it all back now. The company that once boasted a fabled roster of James Taylor, Neil Young, and Bonnie Raitt will release Paris’ debut in June. The track listing, on the CD she showed me, is as follows:

1.) Turn it Up 2.) Turn You On 3.) Stars Are Blind 4.) Jealousy 5.) Heartbeat 6.) Fightin’ Over Me featuring Fat Joe and Jadakiss 7.) Are You With It? 9.) Do You Think I’m Sexy? 9.) Screwed 10.) Not Leaving Without You

You will notice that Paris, always cognizant of history, includes a cover of a No. 1 hit by Rod Stewart, a longtime Warner artist, with “Do You Think I’m Sexy?” She will not win a Grammy or be nominated for one. Believe me, that is all beside the point.

Now here’s the thing about Paris: She is not the ditz you hope her to be. For one thing, she spoke to me in a very distinct, clear adult voice. There was nothing silly about her. “I talk in that baby talk voice when I’m on TV,” she said. “It’s a put on."

Indeed, the whole Paris mystique is a put on — and one that’s earning her millions of dollars. She actually has kind of an ironic sense of humor. When I asked her what happened to fiancé Paris Latsis, she replied: “He wasn’t hot enough.” She concluded that the latest boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, “is very hot.”

Me: “But really you’re not getting married or anything, are you?”

Her: “Are you crazy? I’m 25. No way.”

Me: “In fact, you don’t need these boyfriends do you? They’re just ornaments.”

Her: “That’s right.”

She has not-so-nice things to say about her ex-pal Nicole Richie. They’re probably printable, but hey — this isn’t the Star.

Suddenly, I am fascinated by Paris Hilton. She is living the American dream. She is P.T. Barnum, Marilyn Monroe and Donald Trump all rolled into one, thriving on every gossip item like they’re hits of oxygen.

I have nothing bad to say about Paris Hilton at all. We are underestimating this kid.,2933,187146,00.html
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Angelina Jolie, once a strong independent woman now reportedly fears Brad Pitt will do exactly as her dad did and leave her after their baby is born, a published report will claim this week.

[Unknown LJ tag]

Will Angie Wind Up a Single Mom?

In Touch Weekly reports that Jolie is feeling insecure as her due date draws near, Angelina and is beginning to worry about her future with Brad.

Is it hormones? Perhaps.

The weekly reports: Such fears are quite common among women in the third trimester of pregnancy, notes ob-gyn Dr. Julius Piver. “A woman might wonder, Is he going to find me desirable as the baby gets bigger? Will our sexual relationship be as good as before?” says Dr. Piver.

Will Brad Leave?

Behind this bizarre reaction was a deeper fear: As her May or June due date approaches, Angie, 30, is growing worried that Brad, 42, will wind up leaving her – just as he left ex Jennifer Aniston, the magazine details.

“She can’t shake the feeling that what they have is so perfect, it can’t last,” says her pal. “It’s an irrational fear because Brad keeps reassuring her that she is the love of his life and they’ll be together forever. But Angelina has this dread that happiness will be snatched from her.”

Making matters worse, Angie’s father, actor Jon Voight, left his family when Angie was a baby – and friends believe she suffers from self esteem issues as a result. “She can’t really believe that Brad will stay loyal and true,” notes her friend. “She knows that her worrying is torture for Brad, but she can’t help it. Her pals are hoping that the baby’s arrival will wash away her insecurities – and that she can make her happiness last.”

This seems a bit out of character for Jolie - but as her hormones and fears have taken over, she has moved her entire family to Europe and reports even suggest she may have her baby in Paris or even Africa.

I usually don't believe stuff from In Touch...but I just had to post this. I hope this won't be the case!


Old archive Monty Python footage found

Image hosting by Photobucket

KERA-TV in Dallas was the first PBS station to broadcast Monty Python's Flying Circus, and it was the Pythons' first stop in the US after the premier of Monty Python and the Holy Grail in Los Angeles in 1975. This interview footage first aired live on KERA that year, and hasn't been seen by the public since. It was discovered on an old reel that had been saved by an engineer, and as you can see, it cuts off after about 14 minutes... the engineer taped over the rest. It's a look at the group being candidly questioned by fans at the peak of their fame and creative powers.
Check it out!

Terry Jones looks so adorable.

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Kelis Readies New Album For June
March 09, 2006, 4:00 PM ET
Clover Hope, N.Y.
R&B singer Kelis has changed the title of her upcoming fourth album from "The Puppeteer" to "Kelis Was Here." Due June 13 through Jive, the set features rapper Nas (Kelis' husband) as well as production by and Linda Perry.

Producers Scott Storch, Raphael Saadiq and Max Martin are also said to be contributing. First single "Bossy" featuring Too Short will be released April 4 as a 12-inch vinyl single. The new album title signals Kelis "tagging up the world" and refers to the popular graffiti tag often etched to mark someone's presence, according to a label spokesperson.

In January, Kelis wrote in her blog, "My album is almost done even though I swear up [and] down to my label I've been done for months. I just can't let it go yet for some reason. There's something I've got to add ... It must be fabulous!"

The singer's most recent effort, 2003's "Tasty," was released through the Neptunes' Star Trak/Arista imprint. The disc peaked at No. 27 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 522,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It spawned the single "Milkshake," which reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

My Thoughts: + Kelis = HOTNESS, Max Martin did WONDERS for Kelly Clarkson! Scott Storch = DA BANGA! I can't WAIT!!!
Truly Outrageous

Losing Neverland

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Michael Jackson was ordered to shut down his Neverland Valley Ranch on Thursday by California authorities who have fined the pop star $169,000 for failing to pay his employees or maintain proper insurance.

Jackson's sprawling ranch in the central California foothills was closed, at least temporarily, by an agent of the State Labor Commissioner after the office discovered that his worker's compensation policy had lapsed in January.

"We went out there this morning and issued a stop order to the security guard at the front gate," state Department of Industrial Relations spokesman Dean Fryer told Reuters. "We asked to be escorted in to meet management, but we were refused and turned away, so we gave the order to (the guard)."

Fryer said local animal welfare officials had been asked to care for the inhabitants of Neverland's zoo.

He said that Jackson could reopen the ranch if he obtains workers compensation insurance but may face legal action by the state if he fails to pay the back wages.

Jackson, who was cleared last June of criminal charges that he sexually abused a young boy at Neverland, has spent much of his time since the trial in Bahrain and was not at his ranch when authorities arrived. His representatives could not immediately be reached for comment.

The order prohibits Jackson from employing anyone at the 2,800-acre (1,130-hectare) ranch until the insurance issues are resolved, Fryer said. "So it looks like this would mean for Neverland Valley Ranch that they would be closed down."

Jackson on Thursday was fined $69,000, or $1,000 per employee, for allowing his insurance to lapse. Earlier this week, authorities cited him for violating state labor law by failing to pay at least 30 employees since December of 2005. A letter for that citation imposes a $100,000 fine and demands that he make good on $306,000 in unpaid wages.

Fryer said his office learned of the workers compensation issue after a Neverland employee making an unpaid-wage claim remarked that a co-worker had been injured on the job and was uncertain about filing a claim due to the lapsed insurance.

If an employee were hurt at Neverland while Jackson was uninsured, Fryer said, "the medical expenses associated with that injury would have to be picked up by the state."

Prosecutors asserted during Jackson's child molestation trial that the pop singer was in precarious financial shape due to mounting debts.
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Kate Winslet reflects on the oppressive standard of physical perfection

Kate Winslet filming in London for 'The Holiday' from this week!

In an essay written for BECOMING MYSELF: Reflections on Growing Up Female (Hyperion), four-time Academy Award nominee, Kate Winslet reflects on the oppressive standard of physical perfection that women everywhere are forced to contend with.

“What is perfect?” Winslet asks. “Nothing is perfect. You’re only as happy as you feel. And that is a tremendously important thing for young women, to feel good about themselves, despite all the pressure from not just the movies but these magazines.”

In the essay, composed especially for this collection, Winslet speaks openly about a number of things: coming to terms with her own fuller figure, the uncomfortable experience of her Titanic nude scene, and even the infamous episode of MTV’s I Want a Famous Face that left her in tears.

The Winslet essay is just one in a collection of sixty-seven funny, poignant, indignant, nostalgic, and powerfully female pieces of writing. This wonderful collection does not espouse any agenda, and every walk of life is represented, from the joys of being young and in love to being a liberating force for women in the world. It will provide a great reading experience for readers of all ages and would be an ideal Mother’s Day gift.

BECOMING MYSELF hits stores on April 18, 2006 and is currently available for pre-order at

Source: Hyperion Books

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I adore Kate and I'm so glad to see she is continuing her defense of the female form, in all it's shapes and sizes. I think she's fabulous and being the dork that I am, I preordered this book. Should be an interesting and thought provoking read.
ferris wheel by photographis

nicole in elle april

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Talk about milestones: Recent America's Next Top Model winner Nicole Linketter's first trip to France coincided with her first shoot for ELLE and also her first time wearing couture. Hardly one to let a few successes go to her head, Linkletter, 20, took breaks from the ELLE photo session to go be a small-town girl seeing the sights of Paris: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre -- "all the touristy stuff," as she puts it. Back on the set, she loved trying on the beautiful couture clothing, especially Chanel's pale pink gwn and Dior Haute Couture by John Galliano's outrageous pantsuit. The North Fork, North Dakota, native has been on the fast track ever since waiting in line outside the Mall of America for "hours" last April to try out for America's Next Top Model. She made the show and had a wonderful time on it, although she wishes more people would understand that "reality television is not reality." For instance, she admits that hte drama gets amped up by the video cameras, like when she had a fight with her younger sister on the telephone. There's clearly something about relaity TV that makes people more emotional, though she wouldn't define it as acting per se. "You are still yourself," she says, "but you're in a situation you would never be in in actual life." Having survived living in a house with 12 other aspiriing models and "being videotaped even when sleeping," Linkletter is now ready to concentrate on her career. In the future, the buddind star hopes to have the oportunity to be like one of her industry heroes, Tyra Banks -- who she describes as "not just a model, but a role model." We wish her all the luck.
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WAS George Clooney's caddish behavior the reason Teri Hatcher went public with her shocking sex-abuse revelations?
The Vanity Fair cover story on the "Desperate Housewives" diva says Hatcher's jaw-dropping disclosure to the magazine - that she was sexually molested by her uncle as a child - was triggered by a recent romantic debacle with a Hollywood hunk referred to in the article only as "Mystery Man." 

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