March 8th, 2006

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Keira Knightley: I'm plain

Keira Knightley felt plain next to the other stunning celebrities at the Oscars.
The British beauty - who wowed the crowd in a figure-hugging merlot-coloured Vera Wang gown at the star-studded ceremony on Sunday (05.03.06) - admitted she felt plain compared to the other actresses.
The star - who also wore a sparkling chandelier-layered necklace containing rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds - is quoted in Britain's Daily Star newspaper as saying: "I feel really awkward among all these stars."

Meanwhile, Keira - who failed to win an award for her turn as Elizabeth Bennett in 'Pride and Prejudice' - apparently caught the eye of legendary Hollywood lothario Jack Nicholson at the glittering show.
The 68-year-old actor, was seated next to 20-year-old Keira, and allegedly asked her if she had ever dated an older man.

A source claimed: "The old rascal just wouldn't leave her alone."

Reese Witherspoon dedicates Oscar to ex's

Reese Witherspoon dedicated her Oscar win to all the men who dumped her in the past.
The stunning star - who scooped Best Actress for 'Walk The Line' at Sunday's bash (05.02.06) - says she always dreamed of making her ex-love's sorry for leaving her.
The actress, who is now married to heartthrob actor Ryan Philippe, said: "Every time I got dumped, I always fantasised that one day he would be sorry - and I would go on stage and tell him what I thought.

"So for all the boys who ever dumped me, this is for you."

Meanwhile, Reese has confessed she might give her Oscar to her daughter to use as a toy.
The sexy star - who has won a clutch of accolades for her performance in the Johnny Cash biopic - previously revealed six-year-old Ava loves playing with her statuettes.
The star - who also has a son, two-year-old Deacon - said: "My daughter Ava sneaks them off to her room and dresses them up. 
"She's becoming quite jaded about the whole thing. When I come home from an awards show now, it's, 'Well, did you get it?'"

source: femalefirst

LOLOL @ Jack Nickolson. Didnt he do something like that with Nicole Kidman too? haha

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Yay! The Vines are back

THE Vines frontman Craig Nicholls has revealed his excitement at the band's return to music more than a year after he was diagnosed with a career-threatening disorder.

Nicholls suffered a breakdown in May 2004 during a Sydney concert for Triple M listeners after enduring months of rigorous touring and promotion for the band's second album, Winning Days.

His erratic behaviour led to an assault charge when he kicked a photographer's camera during the Annandale Hotel show in Sydney.

Nicholls was later diagnosed with asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism, and the charges were dropped in November 2004.

Sufferers of the syndrome require routine in their lives and the touring demands on Nicholls pushed him beyond his limits.

The singer said he now manages the condition "by having someone to talk to" and is ready to undertake limited promotional and performance commitments to support the release of their third album, Vision Valley, on April 1.

He said he threw himself into songwriting after the assault charge was resolved.

"There was a cloud for a while but it had lifted by the time we started writing and recording the demos," he said.

"It felt like we were just doing it for fun, just like when we first started out.

"It's good to have a new album. I knew we hadn't broken up. I knew we were going to do a new album but at the time after the second album, we weren't sure when it was going to be," he said.

Drummer Hamish Rosser and guitarist Ryan Griffiths said yesterday they were equally proud of the new album and were looking forward to unveiling it to their fans.,10221,18382435-7484,00.html

The Da Vinci Code

Update on The Da Vinci Code plagarism trial...

"A few items that were originally claimed to have been copied from [Holy Blood, Holy Grail] have been dismissed because [Dan Brown's] lawyers can show ... wait for it ... he copied them from a different source, not HBHG. There was a hint that the copying was "textual" (word-for-word?) but that it was of very brief length.

Read more at The Da Vinci Crock and Writopia.

I read HBHG many years before TDC, and I immediately wondered how Dan Brown got away with it, and then there's another guy who wrote a book called The DaVinci Legacy who's suing him, too. It's pretty obvious that he took stuff from HBHG. But since it was a researched historical theory of sorts and Dan Brown maintains that TDC is purely fiction, I guess it's a blurry line. Plagarism is plagerism, though, so it'll be interesting to see how this plays out. TEAM... ROBERT LANGDON?

Forget the beef. Where's the Chanel?

Photo: Now this is a dress for the Hollywood history books. Reese Witherspoon is elegant, classic and feminine in a 1955 vintage Dior gown. Take that, Chanel!

Reese Witherspoon and Charlize Theron in Dior. Jessica Alba in Versace. Keira Knightley and Michelle Williams in Vera Wang. Amy Adams in Carolina Herrera. Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga. Naomi Watts in Givenchy.

Hey, wait a minute. Where’s the Chanel?

Good question.

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Everyone's favorite band lead ( i don't care what anyone says, he OWNS fob) arch nemisis chris has posted a new lj entry speaking on the travesty that is his peen. he wrote in his livejournal:

ok ok ok, big deal..its a penis, and if mine was half as pretty i would be shoving it in the face of every last one of you. its the punk rock equivalent of a sex tape, and do you know anyone whos career has been hurt by a sex tape? no. no one. like the old saying goes; theres no such thing as bad publicity.

Well, as long as we all know where he stands on the matter, I'm sure we can sleep soundly.

Uma Thurman and Boyfriend Split

It's over for Uma Thurman and hotelier Andre Balazs, according to a statement issued by the Kill Bill actress.

Speculation about the couple's breakup began at the Oscars, when Thurman turned up at the ceremony alone. The news was confirmed in a statement from Thurman's publicist Robert Garlock, who accompanied the star to an Oscar party.

"Unfortunately, it is true," the statement read. "But we remain close friends."

It's an about-face from Thurman's recent statements about her relationship with Balazs, who owns such properties as New York's Mercer Hotel and the Chateau Marmont and the Standard in Los Angeles.

In the February issue of InStyle magazine, Thurman said, "Everyone constantly taunts you that rebound relationships aren't a good idea and that they don't work. But mine is working, surprisingly."

Thurman, who most recently appeared in The Producers, praised Balazs, but also took a shot at ex-husband Ethan Hawke, with whom she split in 2004 following his much-publicized affair.

"It's lovely to have a man in my life who's cute, intelligent, interesting and complicated, and very supportive," she said.

Thurman says she and Hawke, who have two children, remain cordial.


o hay more death

Shaft director Parks dies at 93

Photographer and director Gordon Parks, who made the film Shaft, has died at the age of 93.

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I can't believe I woke up to have missed all the pete wentz penis drama. Fucking time difference.
and if everyone could just stop dying now, that would be great thnx

Edit ;
African star Ali Farka Toure dies

One of Africa's best known musicians, Ali Farka Toure, has died after a long illness in his home country of Mali, the culture ministry has announced.

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that's like...5 people in the last week?

Amanda Bynes and "the drink"

Teen queen Amanda Bynes had to settle for soft drinks on a recent trip to Boston. The 19-year-old actress was carded with her "She's the Man" co-stars during dinner at Todd English's Bonfire. Their handler, Dayna D'Itria, objected, saying, "I spoke to the manager, and I thought we had an understanding," a Page Six spy reports. After IDs were checked, everyone but Bynes ordered cocktails - but the server declined to bring them two drinks apiece as they had ordered. A spokeswoman for Bonfire said, "We abide by Massachusetts state law. We're not in the business of serving teens alcohol." A rep for Bynes said, "She never asked for a drink."


more antm news

A bit of a "spoiler" for tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model...

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Read the whole article here if you don't have a subscription to the NY Times website. And don't forget, Project Runway is on at 10PM, ANTM is on at 8PM. You can watch both!!!

Real life Barbie + Asterix at the movies

Erin Elizabeth Coors gets a  peek at her wardrobe,  designed by Tony-nominated costume designer Gregg Barnes.

Barbie, the doll with the too-good-to-be-true figure, wardrobe and array of careers, is taking human form for the first time.

US actress Erin Coors will star in Barbie's first stage show: Barbie Live in Fairytopia, Mattel has announced.

The 24-year-old Coors called the role "a girl's dream come true".

"It's very personal to me," Coors said. "It's not just putting on a character, but remembering everything she was to me when I was little."

The stage show, inspired by last year's direct-to-video Barbie Fairytopia film, opens in Columbus, Ohio, on April 1 and is slated to reach 80 American cities over the next two years.

The show combines child-friendly entertainment with elements of a Broadway musical, said Barry Waldo, Mattel's director of entertainment.

It features original music and a set decorated with 45 kilograms of glitter, he said.

"For the first time, we're going to be able to take Barbie to little girls," Waldo said.

"Live entertainment is going to personalise the experience in a whole new way."

David Beckham will join fellow sports stars Zinedine Zidane and Michael Schumacher on the set of the new Asterix film.

Real Madrid footballers David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane and German Formula One driver Michael Schumacher will have small roles in an upcoming movie Asterix at the Olympic Games.

The northeastern Spanish region of Valencia and the producer Pathe signed an agreement to start shooting the French-Spanish-German coproduction, the third part of an Asterix series, near Alicante on June 19.

French actor Gerard Depardieu will continue to play Obelix, the fat friend of the clever Gaul Asterix who defeats the Romans with the help of his magic potion.

Asterix is played by Clovis Cornillac. The film will also feature Claudia Cardinale and Alain Delon as Julius Cesar.

The $US93 million ($A125.8 million) movie directed by Frederic Forestier and Thomas Langmann will be the most expensive in European film history, Spanish press reports today said.

Sticky pucci

ew. w t f

Image hosting by TinyPic

Is Lindsay Lohan about to be unveiled as the new face of Louis Vuitton? Fashion industry insiders claim Louis Vuitton's creative director, Marc Jacobs, personally asked Lindsay to pose for the forthcoming autumn/winter campaign in ads he's describing as "very young" and "cartoony".

Glamour and WWD are saying the same thing. But I found it on
Sucky is Mahn

Katie Holmes has allegedly asked Victoria Beckham to be her birthing partner.

If Victoria can help me pick out shoes for my bloated feet, I'm sure she can help me give birth!

Katie Holmes has allegedly asked Victoria Beckham to be her birthing partner.

The screen beauty - who is expecting her first baby with fiancé Tom Cruise this year - reportedly wants the former Spice Girl to be by her side when she goes into labour.

A source told Britain's Grazia magazine: 'Victoria and Katie have struck a real rapport ever since they were introduced by Tom and both of them are thrilled by the friendship.

'Victoria has become something of a mother hen to Katie, so when she was asked if she would be with her during the birth, she said yes straight away.'

Because the pair live in different countries - mum-of-three Victoria lives in Spain, while Katie lives in the US - they are spending time on the phone preparing for the birth.

The source added: 'Twice a week they both set aside half an hour to chat about the impending birth and any worried Katie might have.

'Sometimes they even practise breathing exercises over the phone.'


So, that's what she's telling Tom. If only there were a recording of that. I love some of the shit people make up! Shouldn't Tom be doing the breathing exercises with her? He's even outsourcing that!

The Turtles are back!

The Turtles are back!

The new CG-animated "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie will be released May 30th, 2007. Kevin Munroe wrote the screenplay and will direct.

It is reported also that the CGI movie will be darkier and grittier than the previous three live-action Ninja Turtles films from the 1990s.

Credit: Hollywood Reporter

Turtles haven't been good since the Eastman/Laird books. They rocked you hard in those days.
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Ne-Yo sweeps this week away (Billboard 200 3-18-2006)

Position/Artist/Album/This Week's Sales/Last Week's Sales/Overall Sales

01 NE-YO - IN MY OWN WORDS 301,005 999 977 301,994
02 HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL - SOUNDTRACK 127,525 26 100,967 531,499
03 HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS - IF ONLY YOU WERE LONELY 113,817 999 320 114,215
04 ALAN JACKSON - PRECIOUS MEMORIES 107,218 999 105 106,769
05 MARY J. BLIGE - BREAKTHROUGH 80,599 6 76,281 1,894,126
06 JOHNNY CASH - LEGEND OF JOHNNY CASH 80,070 88 42,537 1,289,613
08 CARRIE UNDERWOOD - SOME HEARTS 72,541 18 61,407 2,317,964
09 JAMES BLUNT - BACK TO BEDLAM 66,772 -7 71,575 849,772
10 ANDREA BOCELLI - AMORE 58,956 -10 65,358 464,684

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TOTAL SALES 3,855,875 3,507,921 164,061,098

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Celeb Photos from People

SO stinkin' cute!

title or description
Michelle Williams takes time out with 4-month-old daughter Matilda (with Heath Ledger) before Oscars night.

title or description
Adam Sandler takes a spin Tuesday on the New York City set of Empty City. But when the camera's rolling, it's all drama: The movie's about a man's emotional recovery after 9/11.

title or description
John Stamos plays Prince Charming to 5-year-old Hannah Linder during a parade Tuesday at Florida's Walt Disney World. The occasion: the 20th anniversary of the Give Kids the World charity, which provides vacations to children with serious illnesses.

title or description
Lindsay Lohan meets members of the African Children's Choir in Hollywood at a ONE Campaign event to help raise awareness about global poverty. At the bash Friday, the kids sang to guests including George Clooney, Keira Knightley and Heath Ledger.

title or description
Justin Timberlake and Joey Fatone have an 'NSync mini-reunion Saturday in Los Angeles. While Timberlake has been acting, Fatone has been developing a sitcom with another ex-'NSync-er, Lance Bass.

title or description
Modern technology meets period costume when Renee Zellweger relaxes with her Ipod between takes on the London set of her new film Miss Potter, based on the life of the Peter Rabbit author.


Picture Post

Even more pictures of the Pussycat Dolls' revealing performance pictures in addition to those posted here and here
Free Image Hosting at
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Teri Hatcher on the cover of Vanity Fair. A post about the abuse being referred to was made here
Free Image Hosting at


Xtina and hubby Jordan Bratman
Free Image Hosting at
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Eva Longoria and her new blinged out sidekick with the jersey number 9 of her boyfriend, San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker.

Eva wishes she had read the intruction manual
Free Image Hosting at
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Rosario Dawson looking smokin' in Esquire magazine. This almost makes up for Rent. I keed, I keed.
Free Image Hosting at
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Laguna Beach update

LC and mega-loser Jason are still together
Free Image Hosting at
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Haylie Duff

New do
Free Image Hosting at
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fashion nerd

Diana Eng has buttons. Down Syndrome still unconfirmed.

Project Runway reject and possible short bus habitué Diana Eng has $1 1" buttons avaliable to purchase on her website, Popular Transit.
If you can't afford to drop $120 on one of her scarves and think her Fibonacci jacket is too ugly to be seen in public but still want to contribute support, this is another way to go. Methinks she drew it herself.

Thanks Diana! :D
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New Nelly Furtado Pics.

I know there was a post about Nelly Furtado coming back, her album coming out May 23rd and there were a few pictures posted along with two leaked songs. I found more recent pictures of a recent photoshoot, I'm assuming, so here they are.

This one has been posted already.

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Source ; here.

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LOS ANGELES - Less than a month after filing for divorce, the estranged wife of David Hasselhoff has filed for a court order on a claim of domestic violence by the former "Baywatch" star, according to court records.

Actress Pamela Bach, 42, made the filing Monday against Hasselhoff, 53, in Los Angeles Superior Court, summary records on the court's Web site show.

At a private hearing, Bach also asked for a temporary restraining order against the actor, but a judge denied the request, instead instructing the two to stay away from each other.

"The court indicated that she should stay where she is, and he should stay where he is," Hasselhoff's attorney, Melvin Goldsman said by phone Wednesday, declining to comment on the allegations.

Documents pertaining to the hearing have been sealed by the court to protect the pair's two teenage daughters and their privacy, Goldsman said.

Bach was granted custody of one daughter while Hasselhoff was given custody of the other, publicist Judy Katz said Wednesday.

Hasselhoff filed for divorce Jan. 12, citing irreconcilable differences after 16 years of marriage. Bach filed her own divorce papers a day later, also citing irreconcilable differences.

Messages left Wednesday at the office of Bach's attorney were not immediately returned.

Hasselhoff played lifeguard Mitch Buchannon in "Baywatch" from 1989 to 2000. He also starred in the 1980s TV series "Knight Rider," in which his character, Michael Knight, teamed with a talking Pontiac Trans Am sports car to fight crime.

Bach appeared in the soap opera "The Young and the Restless" and in numerous episodes of "Baywatch" and "Knight Rider."
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Lindsay Lohan Wants to Go Topless

Lindsay Lohan told Cosmopolitan magazine that she would appear topless in a film only if she knew it meant that she would win an Oscar. The actress claims that she's already "OK with being topless in front of people" and has already flashed some boob.

Only two years ago, the mere thought of Lindsay Lohan naked would spill enough semen to make even Elton John and Jake Gyllenhaal push away from the table. Now, the only way to fit her naked, bony mess into a script is if it was about zombies or people who live in an attic. I'm not sure if anybody has explained this to Lindsay, but you don't get an Oscar just for being topless. Granted, it's probably hard enough to explain that the sun has been up for eight hours to a person who's walking around in one high heel, trying to wipe the coke off her face and wondering aloud why her anus hurts. She'll probably just think it was a long flash of lightning.

Source: IDLYTW

Ok, srsly. Is anyone surprised by this? She's already flashed her niplet before. And how would showing her narsty boobs with the deformed tits win her an Oscar? Lindsay + Oscar = NEVER

Failure to Launch Premiere - Getty

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Shortly after this picture was taken Macy Gray smeared hot sauce all over Nicole Richie and devoured her ass in two bites! - DListed

Wonder if Chloe reads ONTD?

Chloe Sevigny dislikes the gossip pages in tabloid newspapers intensely but admits most of the stories about her friends are accurate. The star often finds herself thumbing through tabloids, despite her best intentions.

She tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Tabloids. They're horrible, but they're really addictive. And I believe that almost all of it is true. Sadly. Everything that I've read that has to do with anyone I've ever known has been pretty spot on."

Welcome to my journal

Britney Spears Going Bald?!?! Say it isn't SO!

Britney Spears is so stressed about her pop comeback her hair is allegedly falling out.

The sexy singer - who took time off to marry husband Kevin Federline and have their baby son, Sean Preston - is said to be losing clumps of her luscious locks.
Britney has even reportedly started wearing huge hats to cover her thinning tresses.

A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: 'It looks like the poor poppet is suffering from stress-related alopecia.'

The singer - who gained 50lbs during pregnancy - has been feeling the strain because she has been worrying about her husband's partying, while caring for their baby, and is also concerned about getting in shape for her comeback.

The source added: 'The real cause of her thinning hair is her constant fretting about getting slim and developing a new look for her return to pop.'

Meanwhile, Britney has reportedly taken up yoga to shift her baby weight.

The pop beauty has lost most of her pregnancy weight but is desperate to shift the remaining extra pounds.

The 'Toxic' singer has also ditched the junk food which she was repeatedly spotted gorging on while expecting.