March 6th, 2006


The big stars just don't get Jon Stewart

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By Andy Dehnart
MSNBC contributor
Updated: 12:42 a.m. ET March 6, 2006

Judging by the Kodak Theatre audience's reception to Jon Stewart, he will find his place in Oscar hosting history alongside Chris Rock and David Letterman, both of whom were judged to be poor hosts, either for their celebrity-bashing jokes (Rock) or their immature antics (Letterman). Despite the fact that Stewart (like Rock and Letterman) did an admirable job, the audience didn't seem to like him.

Coming back from one break, Stewart pretended to be in mid-sentence. "And that is why I think Scientology is right, not just for this city, but for the country," he said, clearly mocking some stars' commitment to Scientology. Hollywood sat silent.

An admitted and unashamed progressive himself, Stewart later made fun of the film industry's perceived liberalness, telling viewers the Oscars are a chance to "see all your favorite stars without having to donate any money to the Democratic party." Our favorite stars barely chuckled.

Instructing the audience to not pirate films, Stewart referred to the rich and lavishly dressed audience and said, "These are the people you're stealing from." Those people did not find his remark funny.

As with many of Stewart's lines, the laughter for these jokes was mostly distant, perhaps coming from the high balconies, far away from the celebrities. When we saw the faces of the stars, they were blank, or awkwardly smiling, perhaps pretending to chuckle.

A few got it: the cameras kept returning to Jamie Foxx, probably because he was laughing along with viewers. By comparison, Joaquin Phoenix looked dreadfully constipated every time a camera found his face, completely unmoved.

As Jon Stewart closed the show, he said, "I hope you had a nice night," and the audience hesitated before clapping politely. His interaction with the theater's crowd was going so bad that at one point, he said, in his usual self-deprecating way, "I am a loser."

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being a pimp is really fraught with difficulties that non-pimps seem unable to understand

As you may have heard, "Hard Out Here For a Pimp" written by Three 6 Mafia (from the film Hustle & Flow) took home an Oscar.  You can watch a video of the incredible (or incredibly out of place) performance here.

While the fact that a hip-hop group won this Oscar almost makes up for the fact that Brokeback Mountain didn't win Best Picture, I still find it funny that Crunchy Black threatened to shoot someone and can still win this award.

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Also, what's with iTunes not selling this song!?!
prim and proper

Jessica Simpson: Everyone’s out to get me

Jessica Simpson: Everyone’s out to get me
Jessica Simpson has finally spoken out about those Johnny Knoxville rumors. Sort of.

The singer-turned-reality-show-star-turned-actress has blasted the rumors linking her with her “Dukes of Hazzard” co-star — which some say led to the breakdown of her marriage — and complained that “everybody’s always out to get” her.

“It’s so cruel and I just try not to let it affect me, whatever everybody was thinking about me. If I did, I don’t think I’d be here now,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying. “I can’t save anything from being talked about because then it becomes this game, and it’s not a fun game. I feel like everybody’s always out to get me, and that’s a weird feeling.”

Meanwhile, a source says that the pounds that Simpson is packing on lately may be from more than overeating. “I think there’s more going on there and that’s all I’m going to say,” says the insider.


wah wah wah
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Shyne Fights For His Money From Behind Bars.

Shyne is hoping his legal team will be able to regain control of his assets this week.

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Owen Michelen, Shyne's lawyer, will be challenging the "Son of Sam" law that froze Barrow's assets last year. According to reports, Barrow's family is in dire need of monetary assistance.

"He was the sole support of his family", Michelen told The New York Post. "They are in very difficult financial circumstances."

The "Son of Sam" law prohibits any criminal offender to receive profits from a crime. Profits that would have gone to the offender are held to the benefit of the offender's victims or contributed to the state victim compensation fund.

Shyne (born Jamal Barrow), who is currently serving a 10-year sentence for his involvement in a 1999 shooting at a New York night club, signed a multi-million deal with Def Jam Records in 2004 and released the album God Father Buried Alive in the same year.

In March 2005, Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Michael Garson, froze Barrow's assets including royalties from God Father Buried Alive and a $500,000 advance he received from Def Jam. The aforementioned assets were to be held until civil suits filed against Barrow by victims of the 1999 incident were settled.

On Tuesday (March 7), Michelen hopes to convince Justice Garson to allow Barrow's mother to get financial relief from the $500,000 advance. "Barrow's record deal is no way related to the crime" said Michelen. "The law's gone overboard. You don't lose all your rights in prison."

During the 1999 shooting, three club goers were shot, including Nataria Reuben who suffered a gunshot to the face. All of the victims' lawsuits cite "personal injuries, pain and suffering."

"Those funds are for the crime victims," said Reuben's lawyer Debra Reiser when word of Barrow's actions reached her. "That's what the law. He's trying to circumvent the law for his own purposes."

In June 2005, Barrow's appeal for a new trial was rejected by a five-member panel of a New York State Appeals Court. He is not eligible for parole until at least 2009.

In related news, Marion "Suge" Knight recently revealed that he had interest in signing Shyne to Death Row East, a subsidiary of Death Row Records.
i wanna stare out your window

YouTubing the Oscars

The Opening to the Oscars
From the opening to his monologue to the Cowboy Movies Are Not Gay At All Montage

Best Actress Spoofs

Tom Hanks shows how to accept an Oscar and Ben Stiller presents Visual Effects
Two of the handful of times the audience on the floor were actually laughing.

Lilly Tomlin and Meryl Streep presenting
"Not Scripting" at it's finest...or maybe not (And yes I get the Robert Altman joke. It's still not funny)

Steve Carrell and Will Ferrell presenting Best Makeup

Jennifer Garner trips but saves. Then presents Sound Editing.
It's a bit surprising that this doesn't happen more often.

Dolly Parton performance
Should have won

Three 6 Mafia performance
Notice lack of Terrence Howard

Best Original Song: Three 6 Mafia - Hard Out Here For A Pimp
Funniest thing that has ever happened to the Oscars. Beats that naked guy that ran up stage.

Best Score Award: Brokeback Mountain
At least it won three awards including this one.

Best Supporting Actor: George Clooney
I'm happy he won. That means I can look and hear him longer.

Best Actress: Reese Witherspoon
A very long speech that talks about her entire family tree and strong women.

Achievement in Directing: Ang Lee
He didn't thank the cast and crew at all.

Best Picture of the Year: Crash
No words. No words. Except these, I mean.

Jake Gyllenhaal Interview at Red Carpet (Beware of bad quality)
let's face it: it's not a day on ONTD without a mention of Jake

George Clooney after the Oscars
Yeah so I want to see more George. Sue me.

If you find any more on YouTube, just comment with a link and I'll add it.

Lourdes Thinks Her Mom's a Lesbian!

Lourdes was left confused about her mother's sexuality when she saw her lock lips with Britney Spears during the MTV Awards. Vadge has cleared things up with her daughter by letting her know it was purely spiritual.

She said: "I am the mommy pop star and she is the baby pop star and I am kissing her to pass my energy on to her."

Seriously who says that shit?! Just tell her the truth. "Darling, mama's career is pretty much washed up so I needed to whore myself out like that so people felt I was still sexy and current!"

Be real!


lol at them not mentioning Xtina

jessica simpson is paranoid (and annoying). and some stuff on syriana and scarjo

Ah, the creative process
Movie-goers aren’t the only ones who found “Syriana” flawed. The director did too.

Director Stephen Gaghan complained that executive director Steven Soderbergh “ruined” the film but cutting it by 24 minutes. “I wanted two hours 24 minutes. But Steven insisted on two hours,” Gaghan told The Financial Times of London. “I think he was dead wrong and he ruined my movie.” Did you quarrel, the Times asked? “Yes,” Gaghan replied. “Terminally.”

Gaghan also says that folks at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, were not fans of the film. “They walked out after 10 minutes. Just walked out,” he said. “That’s the problem with American government right now. They don’t want to know. They have a vision of the world, and it has to be right. They won’t hear any criticism or make any adjustment. It’s all top-down intelligence. That’s why we’re in the deep [bleep] we’re in.”

Notes from all over
The gown that Scarlett Johansson had planned to wear to the British premiere of “Match Point” was confiscated by customs. “There must be some illegal substance there,” she later quipped on the red carpet. ... PETA says that after it threatening to campaign against “Manolette,” filmmakers are promising not to use real bulls in the bullfighting segments of the Penelope Cruz-Adrian Brody flick. ... Meg Ryan, who has complained about the downside of fame, asked Oprah Winfrey if she’s ever “bitter” about her fame. “Oh, hell, no,” Winfrey replied. “No?” asked Ryan. “Oh, absolutely not. Do you know, that would be absolutely impossible for me, because I was born a colored girl. I was born at a time in 1954 where to be colored in Mississippi was like against the law. And to have come from where I have come from to now be embittered because lots of people know you or like you, I would have to be totally, completely stupid.”

Arctic Monkeys film gets release date

Arctic Monkeys' first film has been given a release date and is set to hit the shops next month.

Inspired by the band's song 'When The Sun Goes Down', the DVD will feature two short films - 'Scummy Man' and 'Just Another Day' - telling the story of Nina and what happens in her day to day life.

Filmed on location in Sheffield, Stephen Graham plays the 'Scummy Man', with Lauren Socha taking on the role of Nina.

According to the group's official website, the shorts were written and directed by Paul Fraser, who has previously co-written the award winning film 'Twentyfourseven'.

The Arctic Monkeys film will be released on DVD on April 10, and will also feature the music promo for 'When The Sun Goes Down'.

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Kirby Puckett in critical condition after stroke.

Hall of Famer, 44, undergoes brain operation after being stricken.

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PHOENIX - Kirby Puckett was in critical condition Monday after surgery for a stroke, and the Minnesota Twins asked fans to pray for the Hall of Fame outfielder.

The 44-year-old Puckett, who led the Twins to two World Series championships before his career was cut short by glaucoma, was stricken Sunday at his Arizona home.

He remained in intensive care at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Kimberly Lodge said. Puckett was moved to the hospital after surgery at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn.

“Tough day,” former Twins manager Tom Kelly said Monday at the Twins’ training camp.

“The Minnesota Twins and major league baseball ask fans to keep Kirby and his family in their thoughts and prayers,” the team said in a statement.

Ron Shapiro, who was Puckett’s agent, said a day earlier he had been in contact with Puckett’s family.

Twins center fielder Torii Hunter sat out Minnesota’s exhibition game against the Red Sox after learning of the stroke.

Said manager Ron Gardenhire: “Our hearts and our prayers are all with Puck. We know it’s a tough situation out there.”

Puckett, who broke in with Minnesota in 1984, had a career average of .318 and carried the Twins to World Series titles in 1987 and 1991. Glaucoma forced the Gold Glove center fielder and 10-time All-Star to retire in 1996 after 12 seasons with the Twins when he went blind in one eye.

Three years ago, he was cleared of assault charges after being accused of groping a woman at a Twin Cities restaurant.

Puckett has maintained relationships with many people in the Twins’ organization. The team tried unsuccessfully to get him to come to spring training as a special instructor this year, something he hasn’t done since 2002.

Another former Twins great, Tony Oliva, a special instructor during spring training, said he has been worried about Puckett’s weight.

“The last few times I saw him, he kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger,” Oliva said. “And we worried about him. I saw him about five months ago. He always tries to invite me. He says, ‘Come to Arizona, and we’ll play some golf.”’

Puckett is divorced and has two children.

X-Men: The Last Stand Trailer Air Time!

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20th Century Fox has informed SuperHero Hype! that the new X-Men: The Last Stand trailer will air on Fox at exactly 9:36pm EST. "24" will be two one-hour shows airing back-to-back beginning at 8pm EST and the trailer will be shown during the second hour. It is expected to be online shortly after.

source: SHH!

Picture Post

Someone who hates Sharon Stone made sure she was deprived of all mirrors and reflective surfaces before Elton John's Academy Awards viewing party.
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Hohan continues to perfect the cokewhore look at Elton John's Academy Awards viewing party .
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Kate Bosworth looking stunning if still way too thin at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party
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K-Fed's ugly ass in Hawaii, man boobies and all
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Tyra even looks better bald than when she's wearing those god-awful weaves
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Lots more Oscar party arrivals
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The FOB saga continues...

This is the latest post from Chris, whom has been raging a battle with his old friend Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy through the intarwebz.

And the post that started it all, "An Open Letter To Pete Wentz:"


breath in the crispy and blue and frigid air. in with the new.
breath out the ugly. breathe out the animosity. out with the old.

the black circles underneath my eyes show a lifetime of lessons learned in the past two weeks.

i run through these streets because i need to know that im still capable of doing so.
i put one foot in front of another and my lungs convulse and spasm and i think to myself, what the fuck am i doing this for?
i hate this.
i hate to run.
it would have been much easier to just lie on the couch. to lie in bed. to rot on the internet.
but fuck easy.
i run BECAUSE i hate to run.
because running thinks it can get the best of me. because if i stop running when i think i have it beat it comes back. running doesnt stay down. running wont ever give up. and i will not let it win. i will not let it get the best of me.
nor will i let anything.

this is not contrived for your viewing pleasure. these are not bottled words and this is not your hero.
i am the exhaust condensation of the machine of life.
i am the disappointed remnant of this flash and quick edit mtv generation.
but i know this. and thats what gives me the one up on you.
because i am the jet engine of pomp and flare and standing up for whats right...
even if that makes me the bad guy.
so be it.
because this heart is too fucking strong.
too fucking dumb.
and shines despite your jabs and stabs.

i run these streets through the wet and melting slush of last nights snowfall and i think, wouldnt it be easier to just stop the burn? just stop and you can breathe easier, just stop and take a drink, just stop and rest.
fuck rest.
fuck stopping.
fuck giving in.
fuck giving up.
i look at my reflection on the windows of the overpriced boutiques on clark and i see the frozen condensation accumulating on my hat. i stick out my lower jaw, tilt my head slightly backward, stare at the ground and shake my head back and forth and say out loud, "this is my fuck you."
this is my testament to not letting you win. to not letting you get the best of me. because while i dont have much, what i do have i will fight tooth and fucking nail for.
these streets dont stand a chance up against this heart.
nothing does.
for family. friends. heart. loyalty. beliefs and truth i will stand against anything that attempts to destroy or defame these things. i will stand, clench my little brown paws into white knuckled fists and go down swinging for what i believe.
it not easy but doing whats right rarely is.
i refuse to perpetuate false sentiments.
i refuse to hold up outdated traditions.
i refuse to surround myself with fake and self-importance.
i refuse to subject those to me that deserve better.
i refuse to be distracted by the fashion show of life.

to those whos feelings that have been hurt, i apologize.
to those who want the truth, you understand.
to those that look to me as a villain, you're not too far off.
to those that look to me as a hero, you couldnt be more wrong.
to the life that tries daily to widdle me down, im calling you on your shit.
to those that have ever believed in one word ive ever written, i owe you.
i owe me.
i owe us all a fight.
because for those of you that have been with me since the beginning you know that i live and die by friendship.
and i will do whatever it takes to protect that.
i live deliberate and intentional.
i live these words.

the most hated dude on the internet.
aka, 'chicago blogger'.



This never ceases to amuse me.
Janine can't believe you did that.

(no subject)

Major DVD Releases
Harry Potter anf the Goblet of Fire (WS, P&S, and Deluxe editions)
Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (box set)
Howl's Moving Castle (Miyazaki)
Jarhead (Jake Gyllenhaal's other, slightly more homo-erotic movie)
My Neighbor Totoro (re-release)
Prime (Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep)
Zu Warriors
Shaggy Dog
Shaggy DA
Fallen Angel
No Way Out
The House on Telegraph Hill
Thing Called Love
Bettie Page Double Feature
A metric butt-load of children's easter cartoons (think bunnies and/or Jesus) and Japanese films.

EDIT: "The Shaggy Dog" and the "Shaggy DA" are re-releases to promote the new Tim Allen re-make.

Major CD Releases
Matisyahu - Youth
Javier - Left of Center
Juvenile - Reality Check
Scarface - My Homies Pt. 2
David Gilmore - On Island (guy from Pink Floyd)
That's So Raven OST
Wood Brothers - Ways to Lose
Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings Flood
Flaming Lips - W A N D James Hunter - People Gonna Talk
Van Morrisson - Pay the Devil
Trent Tomlinson - Country is my Rock

SOURCE: Me and my lovley display.

Fall Out Boy Band Member Vomits In Salon

Fall Out Boy Band Member Vomits In Salon
Band Member Stumbles Into Salon After Radio Appearance

A member of the Chicago band Fall Out Boy stumbled into a Merchandise Mart hair salon near the Q101 radio studio where he was appearing on Mancow's Morning Madhouse and threw up Monday morning.

The band member entered the Thomas West Salon at about 8:30 or 9 a.m. and made a big mess, a stylist at the salon said.

"I am not sure if he was drinking or what, but I think he threw up," she said.

According to employees at the salon, the young man was in the band Fall Out Boy and was appearing on Mancow's Morning Madhouse.

The owner of the salon and Mancow, a.k.a Erich Mueller, have been playing pranks on each other and joking around for a while now, but this incident might have been taking it a little far, the stylist said.

The salon did not call police, but a Merchandise Mart security guard said someone from his office went to check out the situation early Monday morning. No one was arrested, the guard said.
A spokesman for Q101 did not immediately return a phone call.

***** Best.Headline.Ever.*******
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MTV Fall Out Boy article

Falling Fall Out Bassist Takes A Concrete Dive At Club Show
So many fans with Net access, yet none with an actual net.

He's got a successful label (Decaydance, home of Panic! at the Disco), a clothing line (Clandestine Industries) and an online community (, a
sort of bizarre Friendster where users can vent their hatred toward their fellow man), all borne from deceptively brilliant viral marketing campaigns, each sporting their own glossy Web sites. And his band, Fall Out Boy, has ridden a wave of hardcore touring and message-board postings to multiplatinum success. Adding to it all, Wentz frequently pens lengthy, heart-on-his-sleeve journal entries on FOB's site. If there's a poster boy for the rise of the Internet generation, it's probably him.

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This was mentioned by a few people in the previous Fall Out Boy LJ drama post, because it mentions their online arguement.

Lil' Kim's NEW letter to the fans

Dear Fans,

I thank you all for your heartfelt, overwhelming, tremendous Love and Support. It has been your wonderful letters that have helped my time pass. I am so blessed to have fans like you. Can you believe they gotcha girl on time out? Ha Ha. It's All Good though.

I miss ya'll. I miss ya'll like I miss my mink coats and Big blows. Ha Ha for real. I love Big blows. Big blows are my favorite candy gum. What I wouldn't do for one Big blow. I'll even take that one Big blow that aint hardly got any gum in it. We can't even have gum in here so I am feigning. Laughing

In here some days the food is ok and other days the food is just plain bad. You eat three meals a day but for the most part we cook our own meals. Who said they don't feed you in jail? Sh*t, that's all we do is eat, at least in the FEDS. I better be careful though before I come home looking like Big Momma. Ha Ha nah I'm just joking. Laughing

I think I am going to take up knitting because there's this woman named Tanya Sotiome who's about to teach us how to make slippers, outfits and other stuff like Martha Stewart's famous poncho. She said she's going to make me something special. I am learning a lot here. However no matter how good I am in here this is no place for women to be or anyone for that matter. It has its trying times and stressful moments. It's very unsanitary and can be very depressing especially around the holidays. You gotta know how to hold your own. Being away from your family and loved ones, is the worst part about being locked up.

Anyways, please know that I read every single piece of fan mail that comes thru. It's just that I get more mail than a post office so please bear with me and don't get discouraged. I will definitely respond. Your letters mean sooooo much to me.

Love Always,
Lil Kim
Queen Bee

Source: Lil' Kim's blog (
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Shade 45 Launches "RepYour Set" Radio Show.

Shade 45, SIRIUS Satellite Radio's uncensored hip-hop channel co-created and co-produced by Eminem, is kicking off a new weekly show called "REPYOUR SET" to debut Sunday, March 5th from 3pm-5pm ET.

The new show will give some of the hottest DJs from around the country the opportunity to represent new music and exclusive hip hop tracks of artists from their hometowns.

"REP YOUR SET" will kick off its first show with Queens, New York native, DJ Dirty Harry, whose infamous mixes include Biggie & Big L, Jay-Z, Game, Young Jeezy and T.I., 50 Cent, 2pac, Nas and others.

More DJ's will be announced soon. Following are the air dates for "REP YOUR SET":

March 5 DJ Dirty Harry (Queens,NY)

March 12 DJ Obscene (Miami, FL)

March 19 DJ Reflex (Los Angeles,CA)

March 26 DJ Floyd the Locsmif (Atlanta, GA)

April 2 DJ Kurupt (NY)

April 9 DJ Franzen (NV)

April 16 DJ Kid Scratch (IL)

Picture Post

SHAKI!!! I love Shakira so much that it's not even funny.
Free Image Hosting at
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K-Fed, Brit, and Sean in Hawaii. Srsly, if this man tried to impregnate me, I'd shoot pepper spray out of my crotch.
Free Image Hosting at
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Madonna in Out magazine (and looking a bit like an alien on the cover)
Free Image Hosting at
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A bunch of Oscar piccies that to my knowledge have not been posted yet
Free Image Hosting at
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And lastly, an Oh no they didn't!
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

source source
oh my

But... She Doesn't Wear a on Red Bracelet on her Right Wrist? I don-undastand

A very good friend of ours had dinner with Keira Knightley this past weekend and felt compelled to share with all of us the eating habits of the Oscar nominee.

Says our pal:

"So, yesterday during the pre-show Keira was going on and on about how she eats...oh no she dosent! While at the Soho house on Friday night we dined with her and all she had was canapes, tap water ("sparkling makes you bloat!", and not a single dessert or main course. But this underage girlie sure knows how to kick down the champagne! Maybe she's on the Cristal diet?"


Keira, you have the power, so please stop those commercials about that SJP and Matthew McCon movie.

Yanni Arrested

New Age musician Yanni charged with domestic battery in Palm Beach County
Image hosting by TinyPic

New Age music superstar Yanni was arrested at his Manalapan home early Friday morning after his girlfriend accused him of slapping and shaking her during a late-night argument.
The international New Age icon spent 12 hours at the Palm Beach County Jail before being released Friday afternoon. He did not have to post bond, but he is barred from contact with his girlfriend and is required to check in daily with court workers.

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source: Miami Herald