March 5th, 2006

Best Movies of the Year!

It's time we all took a second and looked back at the best movies of this past year.
Thank God there is one award show which really does just that: The Razzies!

Worst Picture:
Dirty Love
First Look Pictures

Worst Actor:
Rob Schneider
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo (Sony/Columbia)

Worst Actress:
Jenny McCarthy
Dirty Love

Worst Supporting Actor:
Hayden Christensen
Star Wars III: No Sith, He's Supposed to be Darth Vader Fox)

Worst Supporting Actress:
Paris Hilton
House Of Whacks (Warner Bros.)

Worst Screen Couple:
Will Ferrell & Nicole Kidman
Bewitched (Sony/Columbia)

Worst Remake Or Sequel:
Son Of The Mask
New Line Cinema

Worst Screenplay:
Dirty Love, Written by Jenny McCarthy

Worst Director:
John Asher / Dirty Love

Most Tiresome Tabloid Targets:
(New Category, Saluting the Celebs We're ALL Sick & Tired Of!)
Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Oprah Winfrey's Couch,
The Eiffel Tower & "Tom's Baby"

"Wins" per Picture:

Dirty Love — 4 "Wins":
Worst Picture, Worst Actress,
Worst Director, Worst Screenplay

One Award Each:

Bewitched (Worst Screen Couple)

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
(Worst Actor)

House Of Wax (Worst Supporting Actress)

Son Of The Mask (Worst Remake or Sequel)

Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
(Worst Supporting Actor)


Independent Spirit Award Winners

* Feature: Brokeback Mountain
* First Feature: Crash
* John Cassavetes Award (best feature made for less than $500,000): Conventioneers
* Director: Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain
* Screenplay: Dan Futterman, Capote
* First Screenplay: Duncan Tucker, Transamerica
* Male Lead: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Capote
* Female Lead: Felicity Huffman, Transamerica
* Supporting Female: Amy Adams, Junebug
* Supporting Male: Matt Dillon, Crash
* Cinematography: Good Night, and Good Luck
* Documentary: Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
* Foreign Film: Paradise Now
* IFC/Acura Someone to Watch Award: Ian Gamazon and Neill Dela Llana, Cavite
* Truer Than Fiction Award: Garrett Scott and Ian Olds, Occupation: Dreamland
* AMC/American Express Producers Award: Caroline Baron, Capote and Monsoon Wedding

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Bad Boy Rapper Black Rob Detained On Fugitive Warrant.

Rapper, MIA for more than a month, was picked up last week.

Image hosting by TinyPic

Bad Boy Records rapper Black Rob is in police custody after being picked up on a fugitive warrant February 24 in New Jersey.

The troubled MC (born Robert Ross) was due to turn himself in January 24 to serve time for a burglary charge from 2004 but never showed up. He was MIA until members of a federal task force caught him at an undisclosed location last week, according to a spokesperson for the rapper.

Rob was originally arrested at New York's On the Ave Hotel in November 2004 after a hotel security camera tape showed him leaving a female guest's room with her pocketbook (see "Rapper Black Rob Arrested For Burglary"). He was booked for burglary and criminal possession of stolen property.

According to the spokesperson, Rob pleaded guilty on November 15 to criminal possession of stolen property, a felony, and was sentenced to two to six years in prison. He remained free on bail but did not show up as arranged on January 24, at which time a bench warrant was issued for his arrest. The rapper was not heard from until he was picked up by authorities.

A spokesperson for the Manhattan district attorney's office said there is no information on where Rob was found but confirmed that he was picked up by federal marshals. Spokesperson Edison Alban said at this point the DA's office isn't even sure where Rob is. "He's under the custody of the federal task force, and it seems as if he's in New Jersey, but we can't confirm what happened to him after the 24th," Alban said. "We're still trying to get more information."

Rob has to return to New York to be jailed on the original charge and could face an indeterminate amount of additional time and charges for jumping bail, according to Alban.

It wasn't Rob's first tangle with the law. In May 2000 he was arrested on gun-possession and drug charges when he pulled over his car to sign autographs for fans and was seen passing a 22-caliber handgun to his passenger (see "Black Rob Arrested On Weapon, Drug Charges"). In September 2004 he completed a six-month prison term for failure to pay child support. He has also been sidelined in recent years by a kidney ailment.

Rob released his second album, The Black Rob Report, in 2005.
asking Jesus


Hollywood actress NATALIE PORTMAN only took her role in GARDEN STATE because she had no other job offers. Portman, who experienced a slowdown in her career after starring in the STAR WARS films, found it extremely difficult to find challenging roles. The 24-year-old CLOSER star became so desperate to work that she agreed to the role of SAM in Garden State, which was written by SCRUBS star ZACH BRAFF. Portman says, "After I'd done all the Star Wars movies, a lot of people were thinking of giving me the dramatic challenges I was ready for. "I mean no offence at all to Zach, but I wanted to work so badly."

Fat Joss Stone

Joss Stone thinks she is fat.

The slender soul sensation says she is always chastising herself for pigging out - despite being one of the UK's most lusted after pop stars.
She revealed to Heat magazine: "I am always saying, 'Oh, I am so fat'."

Last year, Joss admitted to using a bottom double for her appearance in a Gap advert - because her own butt wasn't perky enough.
The ad featured the sexy teen singing and dancing with a group of pals - complete with lots of shots of her gyrating 'her' shapely behind.
But Joss confessed: "All those bum shots? They're not mine. They're other girls. That's not my bum, I promise.
"Apparently, I need a J.Lo bum or something."

source: contactmusic and femalefirst

Oh Joss, you are not fat at all and a J-Lo bum wouldnt look good in everyone :  )

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Cruise, Holmes named "most tiresome" in Hollywood

And the losers are? Tom Cruise and his fiance Katie Holmes.

Cruise who starred in last year's blockbuster hit "War of the Worlds" and his pregnant partner Holmes won the Razzie award on Saturday for "most tiresome tabloid targets."

The Razzies, which parody self-congratulatory Hollywood award shows such as the Oscars by roasting the worst of Tinseltown, this year added the "most tiresome" category to salute "the celebs we're ALL sick and tired of."
The couple, known as TomKat, won for their tabloid dominance. Cruise professed his love for the actress on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" last May where he jumped up and down on a sofa like a man possessed.

Cruise's behaviour spawned the slang "jump the couch," meaning the moment when you know someone has gone off the deep end, or as one Razzie presenter put it, "the day when his rabies vaccine ran out."

Cruise then proposed to Holmes in June in Paris and announced their engagement at a news conference, prompting talk it was all a publicity stunt to promote their summer films.

Razzie presenters joked in Hollywood jargon about Holmes' pregnancy, calling it "their first collaboration to go into pre-production."

Cruise, a member of the Church of Scientology which eschews psychiatry, was also roasted for his attack on psychiatry and anti-depressant drugs made on NBC's "Today" show last June.

Cruise, like other winners at Saturday's ceremony, "couldn't be here tonight to accept the award."

"How bad a year did Hollywood have?" founder John Wilson asked in his opening monologue. "To hear them tell it, only the residents of Baghdad, the residents of New Orleans and one particular resident of Crawford, Texas, had a worse year in 2005 than the folks of Tinseltown."

Despite a surfeit of awful films and dwindling box office takings, Wilson said, "The Academy of Motion Pictures Farts and Scientologists" would still give out Oscars on Sunday.

Cruise was also nominated as worst actor but was trumped by Rob Schneider, the star of "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo."

from Yahoo news
Sucky is Mahn

Pete Burns at the London Book Fair - Getty Images

Freak Unique

Synopsis (From Amazon.UK)
Pete Burns has found a new audience with his outrageous antics on Celebrity Big Brother. Whether being berated for wearing an alleged 'gorilla' coat, or destroying any one of his housemates with a withering putdown, he's the undoubted star of the show. But there's much more to Pete than meets the eye - and what with his extraordinary features and sense of fashion, that really saying something. He became a star with the band Dead Or Alive, who had a huge hit with "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" in the mid-80s, but until now he has never told his own amazing story. It includes frank details of his affairs with major rock stars, his long-time marriage, how he had to sell his GBP 2m house to pay for the plastic surgery that went wrong and caused horrific injuries to his lips. He's had an amazing career and still commands a huge global following. When it came to going into the Big Brother house, Pete declared he was not going to be a team player - and this sensational book about his life shows how he's always been a true individual and a born star.

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french singer, ye-ye-ye girl, 60's, bomb, françoise hardy

oh, please!!

Pierce Brosnan wants Madonna as his next co-star, after being impressed by her
performance in James Bond movie Die Another Day.

The Material Girl
singer's movie career has attracted mixed reviews - but Brosnan believes in her
substantial talents.

He says: "I thought she was underrated and I have a
role in mind in which she would be great."


Vanna White thinks shes a pussycat doll.

Image hosting by Photobucket

It’s about time Vanna White does some real work other than being an over paid letter turner on ‘Wheel Of Fortune’. Although, this is not exactly what I had in mind (she is 49 and well past her prime), it will do because it pisses me off that she has made millions for doing absolutely nothing for 20 plus years. I mean how hard is it to turn blinking letters around for a living? Come to think of it, Vanna just might be the greatest con-artist of all time. She made millions by doing nothing and she managed to fool us into believing that she was hot.
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Sharon Stone

Mel Gibson

Multilingual "Passion of the Christ" director Mel Gibson will appear on the Oscars tonight in a taped message - minus the bushy beard and not speaking English. Gibson, in an exclusive interview with Time magazine, announced he will be speaking Maya in his brief Academy Awards clip - no doubt to promote his next movie, "Apocalypto," filming entirely in the ancient language and set in ancient Mexico. Though he took some heat for his depiction of Christ's last days in "Passion," Gibson says he has no plans to tone things down for the politically correct with "Apocalypto." "After what I experienced with 'The Passion,' I frankly don't give a flying f - - - about much of what they think," he told Time.

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repo: free at last.

it's j. pedo, ya'll.

Some Jared Leto for all of the lovely people in ohnotheydidnt today. ;D

Fiiirst, here's Jared leaving a Pre-Oscar party in Beverly Hills on March 3:

Check out the belly on him! He's currently on a fast in order to lose weight for 30 Seconds to Mars' first headlining tour "Forever Night Never Day", which begins on Tuesday. He hasn't had anything but lemon water since February 23 and has lost 12 pounds, according to him. Only 50 more to go! [I guess I should note that YES, I realize Jared put on this weight to play Mark David Chapman. I give him props for doing so, just like I gave him props for losing 25 pounds to play Harry Goldfarb in Requiem for a Dream. Still doesn't change the fact that it's not everyday you see an overweight Jared.]

And somewhathilarious outtakes from the Strut magazine photoshoot he did in November:

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Some of those, I will admit, are pretty good pictures. The others make me question the poor man's mental state. o__O


EDIT: In regards to this lemon water diet thing, apparently it's some sort of cleansing diet. Here's a story I found:
"Enjoying the day off, I joined my good friend Petrit for brunch at Balthazar. After not too much of a wait, we scored a table adjacent to the corner table by the bar. Engrossed in conversation we barely noticed the guy who sat next to us in the corner. A little chubby, he was dining alone, took the seat facing the wall and kept his hat on with the brim pulled over his eyes. Hung over maybe? He had ordered waffles as well as fried eggs with French fries, but that wasn’t odd…what was odd was that he was reading “the Master Cleanser.” (a cleansing program as reading material to go with your double entrée?) “Hey,” I asked him, “is that the program where you drink nothing but water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for a week?” He barely glanced up at me, “I don’t know, I just started reading it, someone gave it to me.” He then lowered his head re-adjusted his hat and continued with his reading and his food. Probably some D list celeb—eating like that, he’ll need a good cleanse. Hat boy finished his waffles and his eggs, we finished Brunch and asked for the check at about the same time he did. I noticed he was almost through with the book. “So is it the program with the lemon juice and the maple syrup?” He purposely ignored me, so I asked again, and once more he ignored me. Petrit nudged him, “she’s asking you something” I repeated my question. “I don’t know.” He answered. “Well it looks like you’re midway through the book, when do they tell you what you get to eat?” He ignored me one last time and looked around for the waiter. It was then I noticed who it was. Jared Leto. I couldn’t help but laugh. "

And in all honesty, I like him heavier, and cannot wait to see 30 Seconds to Mars on March 16th and give him a big ol' hug. :]
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Jermaine Jackson admits brother Michael has thing for children

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"Jermaine Jackson feared his kid brother Michael might be guilty of child molestation, but backed him at trial because he thought the pop star would commit suicide in prison, according to a bombshell book proposal obtained by the Daily News. In a tell-all outline shopped to publishers just weeks after Michael's arrest in November 2003, Jermaine described the Pop King as a sometimes out-of-control drug and booze abuser with a calculating mean streak and "a thing for young children."

george jetson

reese witherspoon doesn't care about silly stars

Image hosting by TinyPic

Reese Witherspoon hates empty-headed starlets who play dumb.

The actress, who famously played an airhead in the comedy 'Legally Blonde', is fed up of "silly" stars and thinks women need stronger role models who aren't afraid to demonstrate their intelligence.

She stormed: "We need positive role models.

"Women can be sexy, smart and successful without being silly and aimless."

Reese - who has been nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Johnny Cash biopic 'Walk The Line' - insists she works hard to be a good role model to her fans.

She told Britain's Grazia magazine: "I try to live in a way that I think would make women appreciate what they can accomplish."


Culkin Wonders Whether Acting's for Him

Macaulay Culkin wonders where he fits into Hollywood these days.

"I don't know what people want from me," the grown-up child star of the "Home Alone" movies told Time magazine.

"I'm the most out-of-work actor I know," said Culkin, who has a semiautobiographical, stream-of-consciousness novel, "Junior," due out this month. "In the last two years I've basically taken meetings for a living."

He said he had considered a career in sports management, instead of acting, Time reports in its edition hitting newsstands Monday.

"Acting found me. I thought maybe I should try to find it again. We'll see," he told Time.

Culkin, 25, said he has talked by phone once with his friend
Michael Jackson since the singer left the United States and described him as "doing OK."


Poor Macaulay, he's such a starving artist.


so i got curious after seeing that there's going to be an 'Evan Almighty' .. so i did a random search of other upcoming sequels .. ahhh they're gonna kill them all.

- Harold and Kumar Go to Amsterdam (2007)
- Big Momma's House 3 (2008)
- Elf 2 (2007) Kinda looking foward to that? ;x
- Meet the Little Focker (2007)
- Goonies 2, The (2007) .. rumored NO. NO. NO. NO.


Picture Post!

Hilary arriving at Heathrow airport on the 1st
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Joel: All I need in this life of sin, is me and my girlfriend.
Hil: Down we ride 'til the very end, it's me and my boyfriend.
(These may be old. OH NOES. They're still cute though.)
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Her Madgesty at some Oscar related events
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The Nicole Richie death watch continues.
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Another stunning outfit worn by Sienna Miller, the fashion icon.
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Absolute scariest Oscar arrival. After her lips have made you retch your dinner, her chest will make you dry heave.
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Sucky is Mahn

Stars are human backstage at Oscar

LOS ANGELES - Backstage at the Oscars the glamour and glitz is stripped away and the human side of some of Hollywood's biggest stars is revealed.

Prior to going before an audience of their peers - and hundreds of millions of television viewers - polished professionals look more like anxious children getting ready for a school play, nervously pacing, mouthing lines and inhaling deeply before heading into the bright lights.

Charlize Theron, no stranger to the Oscars stage, looked relieved after presenting for best documentary. Backstage, she confided to Morgan Freeman, "I was so nervous out there. Oh my God."

Lily Tomlin and Meryl Streep needed reassurance after their comedic performance, asking longtime Oscar writer Bruce Vilanch whether they were funny. Vilanch told them they were.

"Thank God I couldn't see anything out there," Streep said.

After winning best supporting actress for "The Constant Gardener," Rachel Weisz, seven months pregnant, looked dazed as she came off the stage, exclaiming to no one in particular: "I'm so tripped out right now. I'm sorry, I'm not normal."

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