March 4th, 2006

Fuel wants AMERICAN IDOL rocker Chris Daughtry!

American Idol Top 24 contestant Chris Daughtry sang the Fuel song "Hemmorhage" on American Idol this Wednesday and received the week's top honors according to the judges (video clip:

Well as it turns out, Fuel is looking for a new lead singer because last month their old lead singer Brett Scallions left the band. And as it turns out, Fuel was impressed by Chris so much that they could consider hiring him to replace their old lead singer. Huh.

Randy Jackson spills the beans here: Randy also let it slip that should Chris Daughtry get voted out, he already has an offer on the table from the band whose song he rocked out to Wednesday night. "I think he has a shot. Chris just got offered to be in the band Fuel, the lead singer is gone so they are trying to get it together."

And if you go to Fuel's official site ( they have an announcement that they are looking for a new lead singer. On Chris: "Yeah, Hemmorhage was sung by Chris Daughtry on American Idol. Sounded good!"

Also, the original version of "Hemmorhage" is currently #22 on iTunes. =)

I personally would throw things if Chris left American Idol because he's one of my favorites and I already lost Patrick in the first round. But this might be a great opportunity for him. Thing is that Chris is kind of Jesus-y and Fuel is kind of, well, not so much.
Sucky is Mahn

The Kvetchettes

In his treatise "Of Beauty," the philosopher Francis Bacon observed, "There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion." Sadly, nobody ever told the "Law & Order: SVU" star Mariska Hargitay. In an interview with People magazine, Hargitay revealed an unnerving relationship with her nose: "It tips down and does weird things in photographs. It scares me sometimes."

And Hargitay is not alone. She is just one of the current crop of celebrities who, despite every genetic — and often surgical — advantage, feel compelled to parade their physical imperfections before us huddled, misshapen masses. "I have cellulite," Salma Hayek declares. "Don't be too impressed with me." Jessica Biel, named Esquire's 2005 Sexiest Woman Alive, is uncomfortable revealing her "bum, thighs and legs," while the actress Eva Mendes lays claim to "the hugest overbite," likening herself to a human "bottle opener." Even Angelina Jolie says that in the past she has "often felt unattractive."

Is this just deluded narcissism, or a new aesthetic trend where nobody, not even the wealthiest and most celebrated, can ever be beautiful enough? The psychologists Dr. Sara Gutierres and Dr. Douglas Kenrick, of Arizona State University, have been studying perceptions of beauty for 20 years. One of the key findings has been that people will assess their level of attractiveness differently, depending on the situation in which they find themselves. Not surprisingly, women who are surrounded by other attractive women, as female celebrities are in Hollywood, consistently describe themselves as being dissatisfied with their appearance.

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Are these cases of false modesty or is there truly an image crisis among women? I don't think it's that serious, it's just a way for women to connect over their imperfections because we all have them. I don't think any of these women are trying to "convince us they are ugly". Sometimes women want to be appreciated for something other than their appearance. Sometimes it's endearing and sometimes is down right insulting. The writer fails to mention the few stars who have spoken out about body issues in Hollywood. Someone needs to tell Mischa that there have been studies that conclude ugly people get paid less and commit more crime.

Basic Instinct 2 and Lucky Number Slevin trailers

Remember when Sharon Stone was the hottest thing around? Yes, it was almost 15 years ago, but she's attempting to reclaim some of that glory with "Basic Instinct 2." It comes out on March 31st. Maybe I have terrible taste in movies, but I actually kind of want to watch this. For free though.

'Basic Instinct 2' trailer from Yahoo Movies

Now remember when Josh Hartnett was the hottest thing around? Yes, it was almost 5 years ago, but he's attempting to reclaim some of that glory with "Lucky Number Slevin." It co-stars Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Lucy Liu and Ben Kingsley. I've always thought Josh was just "okay" in the hottie department, but he's shirtless for a majority of the preview, and DAMN! does he look hot (and white as a sheet, but whatever). And he wears a lot of argyle too, and I have to say it looks good on him.

'Lucky Number Slevin' trailer from Moviefone

Another new Beck album?

There’s no rest for the weary. Not if you are Beck, who is reportedly finishing up yet another album. (It will be his tenth!) Depending on the currently untitled and unscheduled record’s release, Beck could end up putting out three albums in less than two years. (Remember that last year saw the release of both Guero and its remix album Guerolito.) According to MTV News, the forthcoming album was recorded before Guero in only a week with producer Nigel Godrich. 2006 is shaping up to be a busy year for Beck, as he is currently scheduled to play many of this summer’s festivals, such as England’s V Festival, Washington State’s Sasquatch! Festival and Tennessee’s Bonnaroo. Eager to hear new tracks, but can’t wait for a new album? Head over to Beck’s official site where he always streams new music. He recently posted two Nick Drake covers, “Which Will” and “Parasite,” from the folkie's seminal album Pink Moon.


Janis Joplin Movie: Pink, Britney, Johansson, or Lohan?

Hollywood stars including PINK, LINDSAY LOHAN, ZOOEY DESCHANEL, SCARLETT JOHANSSON and BRITNEY SPEARS are battling it out to see who will land the coveted role of JANIS JOPLIN in a new biopic. Director PENELOPE SPHEERIS has already met with Pink, Lohan and Deschanel and still wants to speak with Johansson. The film, titled THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO JANIS, will chronicle the life of the 1960s blues singer, who was known for her outrageous performances. Spheeris says, "(Pink) would be my first choice, but she may have scheduling conflicts." Pink's rep confirms, "She would do just about anything to be part of that project!" Regarding Spears, Spheeris says, "Her agent asked if I could meet with her. Music ability is important, but most of all, the actress must have the spirit of Janis. "Each of the actresses who has expressed interest in the role (would) bring her own special talents to the part." The film would start shooting in September (06) and would go head-to-head with another movie on Joplin, PIECES OF MY HEART, starring RENEE ZELLWEGER.

Who would be the best choice?

btw.. a year or 2 ago Pink was singing Janis Joplin songs at concerts and such.. here she is singing Me and My Bobby McGee..
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ELIJAHNET is now giving you a chance to ask elijah wood, RAY PARK, RICHARD KIEL and/or CRAIG PARKER anything.

Have any questions you want to ask Eijah Wood? Please post them as a reply to this entry, and I will forward the questions to him when I meet him. Post them ASAP, because this chance will soon pass.

You need to reply to the entry with your question, and also who the question is directed to -- the webmaster of ELIJAHNET will later forward your questions to whoever you asked when she meets them. Hurry up!

Campbell takes "King of Botox" to court

Naomi Campbell has revealed that she is suing a top cosmetic surgeon for more than £50,000.

The supermodel has asked her lawyers to take "King of Botox" Dr Jean-Louis Sebagh to the High Court.

Her complaint concerns two articles in Hello! magazine claiming she was one of Dr Sebagh's clients and endorsed him. Campbell's lawyer Gideon Benaim told The Sun: “Our client Miss Naomi Campbell does not endorse Dr Sebagh’s products.”

The doctor's star clients include Madonna, Elle Macpherson and Meg Ryan, but Campbell has denied having plastic surgery of any kind. “I don’t need it because ‘black don’t crack’," she reportedly commented. "My grandmother has fantastic genes and only about one wrinkle."

Dr Sebagh – an early 1990s pioneer of the Botox anti-wrinkle technique – has refused to comment.

Campbell is said to be seeking a minimum of £50,000.

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Cassidy Home From Jail.

Rapper Cassidy was released from a Philadelphia prison yesterday (Mar. 2) after serving eight months.

Image hosting by TinyPic

The rapper, born Barry Reese, had been incarcerated since June 2005, when he was preparing to release his sophomore album, I'm A Hustla.

He was eventually put on trial for his role in the murder of Desmond Hawkins, 22, and was subsequently convicted of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of aggravated assault, as well as possession of an instrument of crime.

Cassidy was found guilty of negligence, for providing the guns and ammunition that eventually killed Hawkins.

The rapper was released yesterday from the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility.

He released a statement shortly after being cleared of the more serious, attempted murder charge in January 2006.

"While I am pleased that I was cleared of the murder charges, my satisfaction is not long-lasting, because of the death of someone who I considered to be my friend, Des Hawkins," he stated. "And while I am eager to resume my career as a recording artist, writer and performer, I am also eager to be reunited with my family, friends, and fans."

Representatives for Cassidy said the rapper will start recording his untitled third album shortly.

Latest news on Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill attending pre-Oscar party in L.A on March 2nd:

Lauryn Hill performing Doo Wop and Lost Ones at charity event in Senegal on March the 3rd:

Username : laurynet
Password : fugees

(Log in first, then choose "Football for Africa 02.03.06" and then press fast forward until you reach 16 mins 30 secs)

Download new Fugees track titled "Foxy" here:

Enjoy folks!

Lavigne singing the real estate blues

Drops price of Cabbagetown property;
open house today

Selling real estate is just so complicated, as Avril Lavigne is finding out.

The 21-year-old rock star is having trouble selling her downtown Toronto home. It has been on the market for 50 days. The asking price has been dropped to $599,000 from $618,000 (CND).

Image hosting by TinyPic

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You know that new show on the Disney Channel Naturally Sadie? Yeah, me neither. I tried watching it a couple of times and promptly fell asleep. It's kind of boring. But in real life, the main star? Is apparently anything but.

Free Image Hosting -

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Yes, the profiles could be "fake". But the pictures are real my friends.

edit: haha this is what they look like "Disney-fied"

source: trolling through Sara Paxton's myspace.
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Sienna Miller's Shaggy Dog Story

Sienna Miller has reportedly abandoned the dogs ex-love Jude Law gave her as a present.

The actress allegedly gave the two pooches back to Jude - who she split from last month following a string of bust-ups and cheating allegations - because she's "too busy" to care for them.

The actor's nanny found Sienna with Porgy and Bess - who the pair once nicknamed their "babies" - on the doorstep of Jude's swanky London home.

A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "The nanny didn't know what to do when Sienna showed up saying she couldn't look after the dogs anymore.

"She had no choice but to take the poor pups in and they're now being looked after a Jude's place. Sienna's mum Jo is also away, so she had nobody to fall back on. Normally her friends are willing to dog-sit but clearly this time nobody was volunteering."

But pals claim Sienna may be using the mutts to get close to Jude again.

An insider claimed: "We think that she's trying it on to win him back - but it's not working.

"After all, Sienna didn't even get to see Jude when she showed up with the dogs."

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conan white teeth
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Cool as a penguin's balls.

Conan O'Brien was on last night's "O'Grady" on The N. But you can watch it online here. Not only is Conan a voice, but so is Amy Poehler of SNL, Wet Hot American Summer and Upright Citizens Brigade.

I made some caps you can check out here.
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oh my

she probably finally realized the likelihood of her actually winning tomorrow

Lunch at The Ivy was a bit more frenetic than usual on Saturday, reports a very special and sexy correspondent (Perez is his only correspondent? stfu momma).

"There was crazy paparazzi there," reports our snoop. "Keira Knightley was inside with her parents and other people. She was hounded and left in tears through the back door because of all the unwanted attention."

Jesus, people, if you don't want attention, don't go to The Ivy!

Also there:

- Maria Schriver with an entourage of about 10 people. "Cali secret service was everywhere."

SOURCE... oh you know

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While Ozzfest may prosper and Motley Crue shows sell out, the kingdom of hard rock, still waits for a powerful force to regain dominion over the power chords cut by crunk, pop-punk, and indie rock. Fortunately, VH1 has assembled some of the heaviest rock icons,who stand ready to thrash a new trail of carnage and excess and to lead the hard rock world as their new gods of thunder.

VH1´s SUPERGROUP: Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach, Evan Seinfeld and Jason Bonham, are poised to re-conquer the rock world (and hopefully spread a little debauchery and black leather in the process) in the ultimate musical experiment. Premiering Thursday May 18 at 10:00 p.m., SUPERGROUP will bring together these five hard rocking icons and present them with the opportunity to create the heaviest SUPERGROUP. Ultimately viewers will see whether or not band will come together as hard rock´s saviors or simply implode.

Over a of period two weeks in Las Vegas, legendary rock manager, Doc McGhee, will shepard the group towards their fate as hard rock heroes. As a respected manager, he automatically commands the respect of the band members and is not afraid to crack the whip. He´s a taskmaster with a two-week deadline that can´t be missed. On day one, Doc will clearly lay out the stakes, goals, and the limited time that the SUPERGROUP truly has to revitalize and rule hard rock.

Their quest will culminate with a massive concert at The Empire Ballroom in Vegas. Yet the question remains, hard rock is ready to be saved but is the SUPERGROUP ready to save hard rock?

SUPERGROUP - VH1´s Hard Rock Reality Show Premieres May 18th

Reality TV

* I never thought I'd see Evan Seinfeld in the same band as Sebastian Bach... but why am I surprised? His pornstar wife could make any man soft. It was only a matter of time. :/
Sharon Stone

Penelope Cruz

With the Oscars being presented tomorrow night, the odiferous stench of sour grapes is wafting over Mulholland Drive.

Image Hosted by

This year, it's mainly coming from the producers of a small, little-seen Penelope Cruz picture who are mad as hell that the saucy Spaniard - best known for having briefly "dated" Tom Cruise - wasn't nominated for Best Actress.

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Woman sues Scott Stapp over sextape

Woman sues Creed lead singer over sex tape
Updated Fri. Mar. 3 2006 10:14 PM ET

Associated Press

MIAMI — A woman who claims to be involved in a video showing former Creed lead singer Scott Stapp and rap-rocker Kid Rock with several strippers has sued Stapp for invasion of privacy.

The woman, identified as Jane Doe in a lawsuit filed in Miami on Thursday, claims she was under the belief that the video was to remain in Stapp's private possession.

The lawsuit seeks to prevent the sale of the video and asks for unspecified damages. The suit alleges the woman suffered emotional distress and the video used her name or likeness without her permission.

"For all purposes, she is the star of the females in the video," the lawsuit said.

Stapp claims the tape, which was made in 1999, was stolen from him. The two rock performers have won a temporary court order in Michigan preventing World Wide Red Light District from distributing the video or promoting any part of it.

Red Light, which sold the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape in 2004, had displayed a 40-second preview clip of the video on its Web site. The company, which also is mentioned in the Miami suit, has acknowledged that the tape came from a third party, but has denied that it was stolen. There was no published telephone listing available for Red Light in California.

The tape was released just days after Stapp married former Miss New York Jaclyn Nesheiwat in Miami on Feb. 10.

Stapp, 32, says the tape was made soon after he was divorced from Hillaree Burns. He said he previously told his new wife about having a wild year and that she accepts the tape as part of his past.

"You think it's part of your rock 'n' roll memories," Stapp told AP radio in a recent interview. "I should have burned that tape."

Kid Rock has blamed Stapp for losing the video, but he also called the video "perfect timing."

"I got a record coming up ... Maybe I should thank him," Rock told the AP in an interview Wednesday.


This just keeps getting more *LOL* worthy
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