February 24th, 2006

Grey's Anatomy- Maredith

I know a lot of people here think that the character of Maredith in "Grey's Anatomy" can be whiny and pathetic. However, I found this description of her character from the writer herself and thought it interesting.

"The last thing I want to say about this episode has to do with Meredith. Because all she really wants is some kind of reason to live. I’ve heard a lot of talk about Meredith being whiny but the truth is, she’s got a mom with Alzheimer’s, no other family to speak of, and the man she loves is married. She’s pretty freaking lonely, people. She’s got a right to get her whine on. So, when she falters, when she doesn’t want to pull her hand out of Mr. Carlson, it’s partly because she’s got nothing to hang on to. As she says in the first episode, she needs a reason to go on, she needs some hope. Which is why she has to picture Derek to get through it. And at the end, when he shows up at her house (and he shows up just to see for himself that she is alive), she has to ask. She has to ask him about their last kiss because if she’s ever going to get out of that bed again and keep going, she needs a reason. She needs to know there’s someone out there for her. She needs some hope. And Derek (can Patrick Dempsey be any more amazing?) describes that last kiss, the last kiss they had as a happy couple, in such perfect detail that Meredith knows she’ll be okay. Because he wouldn’t remember that kiss so well if he didn’t love her. He couldn’t. It’s her sign."

If I were in the situation she's in, I'd be whiny too!
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Star Jones and hubby Al Reynolds had an angry screaming match triggered by rumors that he is gay. Insiders also say the bust-up has led to fears that The View host's 15-month-old marriage is in crisis. And Star fueled speculation that divorce is in the cards when she went on TV with her wedding ring on the wrong hand!

An insider said: "Star and Al had a loud fight that is causing the latest problems in their troubled marriage.

"I think at the root of it all is the fact she wonders whether Al really loves her. Gay rumors have followed their marriage from the beginning. It's probably caused her to question what's really going on. He seems to be hanging with his friends at odd hours."

The National Enquirer revealed in November how rumors over 47-year-old banker Al's sexuality had hurt the relationship. The insider said: "Al goes away for days. Star says he's working out of town. But she knows he's working less. He's living like a king."

Star, 43, appeared on TV on February 8 with a Band-Aid where her wedding ring usually is. At a booksigning session in White Plains, N.Y. later that day, she said: "I got 1,000 messages asking me if something was wrong and I said no. I told them not to worry. It's a nice thing that people are that loving — I appreciate it."

Star said she had moved her ring because of an infection on her wedding finger. But she hinted her marriage was not completely hunky-dory, when she went on: "It's not all hearts and flowers and running toward each other in slow motion."



Yes I watch American Idol and I'll let you know that most of those bitches suck. I am rooting for Becky because she's the town tramp and Elliot because he has a penis beard. Besides that they can all kiss my ass.

Anyway when Patrick performed they scanned to his "friends" in the audience and I nearly jumped out my window. What in Jocelyn Wildenstein is that, I thought?! Me thinks that the older dude is his sugar daddy and the other thing is the hag!

Oh, damn!!! That ain't right Fox! Let's sue them for emotion distress!

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Mischa Barton: Supergirl

There are two things that stick out in my memory about the original Supergirl movie. First, Helen Slater was super-foxy. Second, the movie itself was a piece of crap. However, with the success of Batman Begins, and the same all but guaranteed for Superman Returns, talk of a new Supergirl film is very much a reality, and The Post Chronicle, has compiled a report that has Mischa Barton as the current favourite choice to play Supergirl in another big screen outing.

In recent news, the lovely Mischa's career is looking to the heights, as she is apparently at the top of a list of candidates to bring Supergirl back to the big screen,

"If Superman Returns does as well as expected this summer then Supergirl will be pushed into the schedule," reveals one movie insider. "There are a few actresses in the reckoning and Mischa is at the top of that list."

I don't know about anyone else, but I've got some serious reservations about Mischa Barton as Supergirl. Sure she's hot, and I'm sure she would fill out the costume nicely, but she has only ever played a victim (perpetually so on The O.C.), and I just can't see her as a commanding presence in the role of Supergirl. There are a ton of hot, blonde actresses in Hollywood who would be much better for the part. First on my list: Elisha Cuthbert. I don't think anyone can argue with that.

Here are a few pictures of Mischa Barton from Jane magazine

It looks like she was happy to be struck by a car.
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Mischa has problems filling out a t-shirt besides a tight costume. Elisha Cuthbert is a better choice, but an unknown might be the best choice.

Can't picture Russell Crow as a romantic lead?

This might change your opinion...

RUSSELL Crowe says he cried when reading the script for his epic Australian romance, written by its director, Baz Luhrmann.

"The first draft I read – goose bumps twice and tears at the end," Crowe said on Macquarie Radio today.

"It's fantastic."

Nicole Kidman also is set to star in the film, which is yet to be titled.

The Australian romantic epic will be set in Darwin in the 1930s, with Crowe and Kidman's characters involved in a love triangle.

The Oscar-winning actors will begin rehearsals in Los Angeles next month.

The film has a rumoured budget of $40 million and Luhrmann has described the project as an epic "on the scale of Gone With The Wind, Out Of Africa or Giant".

Further details on the project are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, including full casting, a name and shooting locations.

"One can't rush genius," said Crowe.

"Mr Luhrmann is a certified genius and when he's got the name he'll no doubt call me up in the morning and say 'by the way I have the name'."

Luhrmann took about seven years to perfect the screenplay.


Russell crying? Yeah right! PR for the Baz movie already at work? Most likely!

Me thinks from now till release date we'll be hearing a helluva lot about how sensitive, caring and romantic Russell Crow is. Forget throwing phones and fightin' 'round the world - he's a good bloke, he was just goin' through a rough trot!

Oh and apparently everyone thought Nicole had cried, but it was really just leakage caused by all the Botox...

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"Before Kanye was it popular to rap about Jesus? After Kanye West will someone else dare to do it?"

Mother of westcoast producer Daz Dillinger is asking for help from the hip hop community.

The mother of west coast rap artist and hip-hop producer Daz Dillinger, and also the aunt of west coast rapper Snoop Dogg wants to help the Hip-Hop community. Dr. Varnado has started a campaign to help some in the hip-hop community.

No she is not waging a movement to get her son and nephew to make ‘meaningful’ records, Dr. Varnado is dedicated to helping those artists who have "broken spirits" to receive the peace of mind of having faith in a higher being.

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Anderson blasts Australian press, sheep farmers

Curvy actress Pamela Anderson has launched a scathing attack on the Australian media after receiving unfavourable reports during her recent visit.

The former Baywatch star spent a week in the Antipodean nation on a promotional trip for M&Ms chocolates and was horrified when she read unflattering reports in the local press.

On her website, Anderson writes: "I've been in Australia for 24 hours and they've already made me out to be a monster."

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SYDNEY, Australia — Pamela Anderson is urging Australia's prime minister to ban a sheep farming practice at the center of a global campaign to boycott Australian wool.

The 38-year-old actress, who is an animal rights activist, has written to Prime Minister John Howard, asking him to end the "sad practices" of live sheep exports and a process known as mulesing, which involves slicing flesh and wool away from the sheep's rump to prevent blowflies from laying their eggs in the warm, damp skin.

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Jenny McCarthy Wants an Orgy!

Although she has recently refuted Jenna Jameson's story that the pair had sex in a Las Vegas restroom, Jenny McCarthy is now saying that she would love to take part in an orgy. The former Playboy Playmate believes her breasts are so awesome they must be shared with as many naked bodies as possible.

"I always wanted an orgy to see what it was like, but never got the opportunity. I have good boobs and I know they'd get a lot of attention. Hey if someone's tickling my body parts I'm happy."

Yeah...I don't really know what to say to this.

Source: IDontLikeYouInThatWay

Brad Renfro ordered into drug treatment

(heroin addict? naaaaah)

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actor Brad Renfro, former child star in such films as "The Client" and "Tom and Huck," was ordered into drug treatment program on Thursday after he pleaded guilty to charges of trying to buy heroin.

Renfro, 23, whose arrest in a skid-row drug sweep by undercover police was captured in a front-page picture of the Los Angeles Times, also was placed on three years probation, according to a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

As a condition of his probation, Renfro must submit to random drug tests, spokeswoman Jane Robison said, adding that the actor is slated for another court appearance on March 6.

Renfro was one of 14 people arrested in a December 22 police sting operation aimed at cracking down on narcotics trafficking in the skid row section of Los Angeles.

A photograph of Renfro's arrest, showing the performer dressed in a military shirt, his pants pockets inside out and his hands being bound behind him, ran on the front page of the next day's Los Angeles Times.

It was the latest in a string of run-ins Renfro has had with law enforcement during the past several years, including an arrest for trying to steal a yacht in Florida in August 2000.

Renfro made his film debut at age 12 as a young boy who knew too much in the 1994 thriller "The Client," starring Tommy Lee Jones and Susan Sarandon, and gained notice the following year as the best friend of a young AIDS patient in "The Cure."

I still love you Brad

America Blood
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Image hosting by Photobucket

The pirate DVD version of Brokeback Mountain made it to Turkey before the offical screenings had a chance to, and evidently the title they’ve gone with translates in Turkish to “Faggot Cowboys.” Reader Odradek shares with us this scan from local paper Radikal and comments “This hopeless and disgusting name shows my culture’s primal face. It’s really bad.”

Source - Stolen from wranglers
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Celebrity Baby Mommas Write Tell-All Books.

Seems like Karrine “Superhead” Steffans has started a new trend, as celebrity baby mama’s prep to pen their tell-all books.

Steffans, mother to old school rapper Kool G Rap’s son, could easily be crowned the founder of the celebrity-baby-mamas-tell-all-books movement, when she released her book, Confessions of a Video Vixen, June 2005, revealing details about her sexual relationships with multi-million dollar celebs and athletes, including Ja-Rule, Irv Gotti, Shaquille O'Neill, and many others, among other things.

The ex-fiance of Bill Maher has apparently motivated other celebrity baby mama’s to tell their stories as well, as both Carmen Bryan, ex to famed Queens rapper Nas, and Icelene Jones, widow of the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, make final revisions to and prep to pen, respectively, their versions of the superhead book.

Bryan is set to release her own paperback, Sex, Drugs and Hip Hop - Oh, Did I Mention Love?, later on this year, in which she reveals particulars about her relationships with Nas, Def Jam President and rap mogul Jay-Z, and NBA bad boy Allen Iverson.

Jones, who is no stranger to the spotlight in her own right – being she is in and out of court in hopes of obtaining ODB’s estate and assets - is also rumored to have been bitten by the writing bug. The rookie writer, who has 3 children with the deceased rapper who passed November 13th, 2004, is also in the middle of a lawsuit against Damon Dash, for allegedly using her late husband’s initials on a line of sneakers.

At press time, release dates were unknown.



73-year old Austrian millionaire Richard Lugner asked the sexy vixen to be his companion to the 50th Vienna Opera Ball. Well, it actually happened -- and yes, it was a paid gig for Carmen (rumoured to be a six figure deal).

Since 1992, Richard Lugner and his brother have paid a celebrity to visit Lugner City shopping centre and then accompany them as their guest to that prestigious function at the Vienna State Opera, an "invitation" which has often been criticised or just belittled for being a nouveau riche idea. However, media attention continues to rise so that today any official guests of honour are usually neglected compared to the Lugners' celebrities, who invariably have a sex bomb image.

Previous guests have included Geri Halliwell, Pamela Anderson, Farrah Fawcett and Grace Jones.

-faded youth

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Hugh Laurie sex symbol shock

Hugh Laurie is flabbergasted he's a sex symbol - because even his wife doesn't fancy him.

The actor insists he can't understand his new heartthrob status since he started starring in hit series 'House'.

He told Britain's Now magazine: 'Even my wife Jo doesn't think I'm sexy. "It's a miracle we have children."

The 46-year-old also admitted he hates baring his body on the show. He said: "I recently did a shower scene and it was one of the most traumatic events of my life. It struck me as a misuse of resources because the producers have gone to the trouble of hiring young, beautiful people with smooth skin and high bottoms and they go and pick the old guy with buns of yoghurt. It staggers my wife."

Laurie confessed he can't believe he won the role in the first place. He joked: "I consider casting me to be a colossal mistake. I think I have a huge charisma deficit compared to all these American actors who look fabulous and sexy."


LAGUNA BEACH FANS !!!!!!!!!!!@&*

- What MTV paid them for doing the show
- Talan's *new* girlfriend
- Evidence that Kristin & Brody may have broken up
- Kristin saved money for her BMW SUV ... was not bought by MTV
- LC is stuck up, ditzy, naturally a brunette, and had an annorexia problem.
- What Casey really said about Alex M (the hygeine problem)
- Lo once (maybe still) a cokehead & slut.
- Jason has been to rehab more than once!
- MTV camera van ran over a homeless woman in Laguna Beach
- What "Hooking Up" really means in Laguna
- LC's sister, Breanna, is casted for Season 3!

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SOURCE: Pictures & Information was posted @ Laguna Beach: The Real Online Community from a girl named Nikki (who lives in Laguna herself & is good friends with Jessica) and others who made friendly with the cast before the show :)

Taylor Hicks' soul.

Download sample songs from American Idol contestant Taylor Hicks' album!

Now, many of us already know Taylor Hicks has been performing around the amateur scene in the south for years. He also cut an amateur album, the aptly titled 'Under the Radar'.

To read an article about Taylor's doings and history and to download three sample songs (which are GORGEOUS), head to:


To read the glowing praise of Taylor's performances by a former bandmate of his, click here.

credit for the find of these goes to my LJ friend, merulina
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Disney 'Desperate' for Latin American hit

MIAMI — More Desperate Housewives— in Spanish and Portuguese. Hoping to replicate the worldwide success of the Golden Globe-winning ABC drama, Disney's international production arm announced Thursday plans to produce four local Latin American editions, each with its own cast and cultural flavor.

Spanish versions of the show will in Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador, and a Portuguese version will air in Brazil.

"The script of the series perfectly fit the profile of what the Latin American audience looks for," said Fernando Barbosa, senior vice president of Buena Vista International Television Latin America. "It looks similar to the telenovelas."

Each new version will be filmed on one set in Buenos Aires, and follow the format of the U.S. original, but with adaptations to reflect each cast's local culture.

"In the U.S. version there's a plumber (actor James Denton as Mike Delfino) in that neighborhood. In Latin America, a plumber is very unlikely to live in such type of neighborhood, so we'll have to switch that profession," Barbosa said.

The couple played by Eva Longoria and Ricardo Antonio Chavira — who as Gabrielle and Carlos Solis represent Hispanics in the United States, Barbosa said — will reflect permanent immigrants in each community. For example, in the Colombian version, the couple will be from Ecuador.

Production on the Argentine version begins April 15 in Buenos Aires, and the first episodes could air in Argentina as early as June or July, Barbosa said.

Four actresses have already been cast as the lead desperate housewives for the Argentine version: Araceli Gonzalez as Gabriela (Gabrielle on the U.S. version), Gabriela Toscano as Susana (Susan), Carola Reyna as Elisa (Bree) and Mercedes Moran as Lia (Lynette).



Brad in New York feb 24

found in justjared and bafans

New York, NY :: Brad Pitt, 42, left his family in France this past Wednesday night to attend to some business back in the states. Angelina Jolie, 30, and their two children, Maddox and Zahara, were on holiday in Europe the last few weeks

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

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David Duchovny's Naked Truth

TMZ has learned that Agent Mulder and his beautiful wife, Tea Leoni, have lost their appeal to block a new, multi-million dollar, 8649 sq ft home from being built above their Malibu Hills mansion.

Leoni appeared before the Malibu Planning Commission on Feb. 21, flanked by her lawyers, a geologist and some supportive neighbors, but her argument that the new home would damage both the ecology and geology of the scenic area fell on deaf ears. The building application was approved.

But TMZ has learned that Leoni had "special" privacy concerns.

A source connected with the Commision explains: "Tia told a planning official that David loves to swim and shower naked in their backyard," and she was concerned he'd be visible to their new neighbors.

The official explained to Leoni that her argument would not carry the day.

Yale graduate Duchovny is a dedicated tri-athlete who loves to swim laps in his pool.


Is that something you want to admit in a court? It would be bad enough to know he was wandering around the back yard in his red speedo. Where are the Paps when you need them? Oh and, it's "Tea" people.
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Love me some Harmon....

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Television isn't the only medium where Mark Harmon has left a strong impression. The 54-year-old NCIS star shared with Entertainment Weekly some thoughts on his three favorite big-screen roles:

Comes a Horseman (1978)
Harmon had a relatively small role in Alan J. Pakula's quiet, romantic western about three Wyoming cattle ranchers. It featured an all-star cast that included James Caan, Jane Fonda, Richard Farnsworth, and Jason Robards. ''I'm dead before the titles stop, but I was there forever and I got to be on the set with Pakula every day. Farnsworth and Robards took me under their wing. It was like a masters class.''

Summer School (1987)
Director Carl Reiner cast Harmon — whom he first discovered while the actor was promoting NBC's The Deliberate Stranger — in the role of a high school teacher who teaches a remedial English class for misfits over the summer break and tries to woo a snooty fellow teacher played by Kirstie Alley. ''That script was originally developed for Joan Rivers, so it's pretty amazing to end up in that role with that director. It was a terribly risky thing to do, but Carl made it what it is and what it became. No one was making a lot of money. It was all about going out there and having a fun time doing this little film. And it became very successful. Carl kept saying we needed something at the end. I told him I had something: I had gone to a wedding at the Beverly Hills Hotel and while waiting for my car at valet, I started putting Chap Stick on because it was hot and windy. Then I heard this voice behind me say, 'Can I have some of that?' I turn around and there's this very pretty brunet there so [I hand it to her]. I told Carl that and he made it the end of the movie. I'm walking on the beach with Kirstie Alley, who asks me if I have Chap Stick. She knocks it out of my hand, kisses me, and we roll down on the sand.''

Stealing Home (1988)
In this sentimental drama costarring Jodie Foster, Harmon played an ex-baseball player who returns home to bury his first love and old friend (Jodie Foster, in a critically acclaimed performance) who recently committed suicide. ''That was about a bunch of actors loving a script, going there and burning it on both ends for five weeks just to get it done. That was a fun one to make. I hear a lot about that role. People really found that movie on video.''

http://www.ew.com/ew/report/0,6115,1162124_1_0_,00.html source

Muslim Madonna

Yeah this is a tad political, but she's a pop star in her own right.
Plus I think she is awesome for taking on her own culture that still treats their women so horribly. Before you say big deal, just remember she can be targeted for execution just for doing this and has already received tons of death threats.

Through out history Revolution has often started in music
I think I love this chick.
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Go to http://www.myspace.com/kevinfederlineforreal to check it out.

Here's a screen cap of K-Fed's MySpace bulletin:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Kevin appears about half way through the song.
Here is the part he sings:
Game: N*ggers hate on me so much I feel like I'm Kevin Federline.
Kevin Federline: F*ck it, I'm rich for nothing.
Tell the media get off of my d*ck.
Game: You with me on my next album,
Gonna sell like Britney...
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Maximo Park Guitarist Breaks Arm

Duncan Lloyd is injured following the ShockWaves NME Awards 2006

Maximo Park's Duncan Lloyd broke his arm last night (February 23) following the ShockWaves NME Awards 2006.

The guitarist was injured at a party held at a hotel close to the Hammersmith Palais following the awards ceremony.

Lloyd has learnt that he will be out of action for "six to eight weeks", and it appears the band will have to miss supporting Razorlight on March 30.

Writing on the band's website, singer Paul Smith confirmed the injury saying: "After the NME Awards show, Dunc broke his right arm. We hope he gets better soon, obviously, but it looks like we won't be playing the Albert Hall, since he is the guitar player... at least we don't have to cancel an entire tour. Small mercies."

The Maximo Park man's injury is the second connected to this year's awards.

As previously reported The Cribs' Ryan Jarman was injured during the ceremony after jumping on to a table.

However both men did not have to suffer alone as reportedly they met up in Charing Cross Hospital's A&E Department while having their injuries tended to.

* * *

FROM: nme.com

Second Time Around

Denise Richards and John Stamos Rekindle Old Romance

Former "Bond" girl Denise Richards has reportedly reunited with old flame John Stamos after inviting him to her 35th birthday celebrations.

Stamos, who split from wife Rebecca Romijn in 2004, courted the "Wild Things" star when she was a teenager, and pair have remained close ever since.

Guests at newly-single Richards' birthday bash in Malibu, California, claim the couple seemed very close and left no one in any doubt they were giving romance a second chance.

One source says, "John and Denise have always had a strong chemistry and they've both been incredibly hurt by their failed marriages ... Denise is very fond of him."

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One Lauren Conrad

Ashlee and Ashley sitting in a tree...

Image hosting by Photobucket

MTV's latest reality star, Ashley Parker Angel, was a guest on the Woody & Jim in the Morning Show on 107.5 The River on Thursday, and the former O-Town member revealed some disturbing and disgusting news.

Playing a game of word association, the singer revealed the following...

Intern Adam: Ashlee Simpson

Ashley Parker Angel: Uhh...BAD KISSER!

IA: You kissed Ashlee?

APA: Yeah during my O-Town days, we were hangin out.

IA: What?? WHY Would you kiss ASHLEE SIMPSON??


IA: Wait a minute! You were like 19 or 20 in O-Town which means Ashlee was like, what, 15 or 16?!?!?!

APA: Ooops! Ouch.

IA: You know what kisssin' leads to! EWWW! So did she like use too much tongue or something?

APA: Completely opposite...she didn't use enough!

Just eew.

Cage on the hunt for home in Britain

Nicolas Cage is looking for a home in Somerset countryside near Glastonbury.

The actor has viewed several estates in the area with third wife Alice.

"He was very polite," commented estate agent Cooper & Tanner, who played host to the star. "It was a pleasure helping him."

The 42-year old arrived in Bristol in his £30 million jet. His whistle-stop tour also included signing a petition to save a 14th-century oak and visiting a spiritualist bookshop.

from digitalspy.co.uk

Want to Sleep in Carmen Electra's & Ashlee Simpson's Rooms?

Carmen Electra and Ashlee Simpson will try their hand at interior designing by creating suites for the newest Hard Rock Hotel. The stars will create themed 'Rock Star Suites' for the Hard Rock Hotel and condominium development in San Diego, California.

Electra will design a Rock Star Goddess Suite, complete with a heart-shaped bathtub and a stripper pole, while Simpson will create a Surfer Rock Chick Suite. Meanwhile, hip-hop group the Black Eyed Peas will design the uniforms for the hotel staff.

The suites will be on the market this spring. Prices for the regular condominiums range from $400,000 to $1.5 million.


lololo so she surfs now?
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I am so white.

ANTM just got 10x better.

We [the ohnotheydidnt mods] were invited to partake in a press conference for the new season of America's Next Top Model - we'll be able to watch the conference live (featuring the producer, Ken Mok, judge Nigel Barker, and Jay Manuel), and we'll also be given an exclusive phone number in which to call in & ask questions about the new season. I'm a little pissed that Ms. Jay won't be there, but still, WHOA.
They sent me a press release for the first episode, and it's too good not to share with you guys.

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HELL FUCKING YES! Shave those bitches bald, Janice!
The PC is this Tuesday at 8pm eastern; I'll be sure to update with all the dirt. If you have any ideas for what I should ask, feel free to leave a comment here and I'll do my best to pick a few good ones.

Source: mPRm Public Relations/UPN
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spirits of aliens?!

KATIE Holmes is reportedly spending hours a day worshipping at a Scientology church. She is said to be visiting the Hollywood centre up to three times a day to learn more about the cult. During her visits, Tom Cruise's pregnant fiancee - who converted from Catholicism to Scientology after falling for the star - is allegedly told she is surrounded by the "traumatised spirits of aliens". Holmes has allegedly withdrawn from friends and family as she devotes more time to the religion. A friend said to The Sun: "Her family are becoming very worried. They don't know what she is being taught. She ... seems to worship Scientology as much as she worships Tom." - From BANG Showbiz


mmm... culty goodness.
2ND cage fighter (admireicons)

jessica alba proves curves are sexy.


Screen siren JESSICA ALBA wants to be a role model for curvy women, because she's proof you don't have to be skinny to be sexy.

The 24-year-old actress is proud of her voluptuous figure and hopes she can encourage younger girls not to diet.

She says, "At the end of the day I just had to think that girls who have curves and aren't the skinniest things in the world are going to feel more comfortable seeing me as the main character than someone else.
"So I had to just think that maybe I would help young girls with their body image."

Um, oh. I hardly view Jessica Alba as voluptuous and curvy. I look at her and think "skinny". Am I missing something here?

source; http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/celebrity/66532004.htm
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The Game Preps Album Release for "666".

Compton rapper The Game has some devilish things in store for his fans on 6/6/06 when his sophomore album The Doctor's Advocate hits stores.

Game is putting finishing touches on the album and at press time, it is said to feature production from Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Scott Storch and Timbaland.

50 Cent, who co- executive produced and appeared on Game's debut album, The Documentary, will have no participation on the project.

As SOHH previously reported, Game will be the main character on a currently untitled PSP video game which will hit shelves late this year. The video game is described as a street racing game which will also have soundtrack produced by The Game.

Game will also co-star alongside Tyrese, Larenz Tate and Meagan Good in the action/thriller Waist Deep which opens in theatres on April 28th.

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Tracy Morgan Gets Probation in DUI Case

Fri Feb 24, 6:03 PM ET

Former "Saturday Night Live" regular Tracy Morgan was given three
years' probation after pleading no contest to drunken driving, authorities
said Friday.

The 37-year-old comedian was arrested shortly before 2:30 a.m. on Dec.
2 in Hollywood after police stopped him for speeding, city attorney's
spokesman Frank Mateljan said.

He had a blood-alcohol level of .13 percent, well above the legal limit
of .08 percent, Mateljan said.

On Feb. 17, he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of drunken
driving and was sentenced to 36 months' probation, fined $390 and ordered
to attend an alcohol education program, Mateljan said.

He had initially pleaded not guilty to two misdemeanor charges on Jan.


Sheryl Crow has Breast Cancer

[Unknown LJ tag]

Sheryl Crow Treated for Breast Cancer

February 24, 2006

"The Insider"'s MARC MALKIN has confirmed to ET that SHERYL CROW underwent surgery for minimally invasive breast cancer on Wednesday. A spokesperson for Crow says that doctors confirm her prognosis as excellent and that she will receive radiation treatment as a precaution. Crow's spokesperson added that, "with much regret, she must postpone her complete tour of North America which was scheduled for March/April," but that it is her "intention to reschedule as much of the tour as reasonably possible."

A statement from Crow reads:

"Approximately 1 in 7 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime and more than 2 million Americans are living with breast cancer today. I am joining the more than 200,000 women who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

We are a testament to the importance of early detection and new treatments. I encourage all women everywhere to advocate for themselves and for their future. ­ See your doctor and be proactive about your health.

More than 10 million Americans are living with cancer, and they demonstrate the ever-increasing possibility of living beyond cancer. I am inspired by the brave women who have faced this battle before me and grateful for the support of family and friends."

Just over two weeks ago, the 44-year-old singer and seven-time Tour de France bicycling champion LANCE ARMSTRONG announced their surprise split. The two became engaged in September, 2005.

For assistance to help survivors face the everyday physical, emotional and practical challenges of cancer through education, qualified referrals and counseling services, Sheryl recommends calling LIVESTRONG SurvivorCare at 1-866-235-7205.

source: ETonline

Friday finds me waiting for my ride to show up, so here ya go!

Lisa Marie's wedding shots with a wax figure of her mom, Priscilla Presley.
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As a side note, I was at a get together for a friend in LA and Lisa Marie was one of the people who was there and she was the most anti-social biotch. I was just giddy that I was in the same vicinity as Elvis' genes though, so that was good enough for me :)

What you missed by not watching the riveting live coverage of the Curling event in Torino.
Golden Palace finds all the best whore buckets to "show off" their site. STREAKER AHOY!
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Who is that in the ruffle-butt bottoms bouncing off to the waves?
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