January 26th, 2006


Cause of death undetermined after autopsy

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- The cause of actor Chris Penn's death remained undetermined after an autopsy, and the coroner's office has ordered blood toxicology tests.

Penn, the brother of Academy Award-winning actor Sean Penn and musician Michael, was found dead Tuesday in his Santa Monica condominium.

The toxicology test is "just normal procedure for someone who's 40 and has not seen their doctor," coroner's spokeswoman Brenda Shafer said Wednesday.

Penn's latest film, "The Darwin Awards," in which he appears with Winona Ryder and Joseph Fiennes, premiered later in the day at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

"He gave an incredible performance in the film," writer-director Finn Taylor said before the screening. "I think he is going to be remembered for years to come and we will miss him."

Chris Penn appeared in numerous films, including "Reservoir Dogs," "Starsky & Hutch," "Rush Hour" and "Corky Romano."

"Corky" star Chris Kattan described Penn's death as "a huge shock."

"He was an amazing actor and a great comedian," Kattan said. "He was such a sweet soul and so funny. He had a really great innocence in his eyes. Of course he'll be terribly missed."

Sean Penn's publicist, Mara Buxbaum, issued a statement Tuesday saying the Penn family "would appreciate the media's respect of their privacy during this difficult time." She released no further comment.

Penn's agent, Cary Berman of the William Morris Agency, referred calls to Buxbaum. Penn's manager, Jonathan Brandstein, did not return a call for comment.

Although he was not as well known as his brother Sean, 45, critics said he often was underrated.

"Just as talented as Sean -- just a lot less cocky," Slate magazine critic Cintra Wilson wrote of him last year. He "makes you seamlessly believe in characters so much you barely even notice them."


Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy) Rolling Stone Q&A

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Eww, Rolling Stone/Pete refer to FOB's music as punk rock.

Some excerpts from the interview, if you don't feel like reading the whole thing:

I was watching Olympic figure skating, and Katarina Witt was wearing a leather jacket and a Michael Jackson song was playing. I was like, 'This is rad, dude! I love Michael Jackson!' (On his earliest musical memories)

While I was at college there was a bumper sticker on the car -- like, 'My kid in Fall Out Boy could beat the shit out of your Honor Student.' (On his parents' support)

I was with my dad, and we were listening to the old music where they'd always say 'sugar' and 'honey' -- stuff like that. I was like, 'Why doesn't anyone do that anymore?' (On how "Sugar, We're Goin Down" was written)

They were like, thirteen dollars. Now they pay us in Benzes. (On being a rich asshole getting paid by his record company)

SOURCE: Well, Rolling Stone.
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X-Men Titled

X3 is Officially X-Men: The Last Stand

A publicist for 20th Century Fox has confirmed to us that the rumored title for X-Men 3, "X-Men: The Last Stand", is currently being cleared for usage. The title also appeared in a review of 2006 films by USA Today, lending further support to the notion. Should everything be cleared within Fox, the film will officially be known as X-Men: The Last Stand.

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Gwyneth to give birth in LA

If only we all struggled with the same issues as celebrities. According to Star magazine, Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband, Chris Martin of Coldplay are arguing over which of their multi-million dollar homes to live in while they await the arrival of their next child. What a conundrum.

Gwyneth, who is due to give birth to her second child in April, wants to have the baby in Los Angeles. Said a source for Star, “that means Chris will have to clear his schedule and plan to be away from England."

Paltrow claims her reason for choosing LA as her baby’s birthplace is because that is where her mother, actress Blythe Danner lives. "Gwyneth is insisting that her mom be part of the birth process," says the source. Paltrow is so sure she is going to get her way that she has already moved into her mother’s Santa Monica home, bringing Chris and daughter Apple along for the ride.

But Gwyneth’s reasons for staying away from the UK during her third trimester may have more to do with her fear of British hospitals than being near her mother. When Paltrow’s friend Madonna gave birth to her son Rocco, she was quoted as saying that British hospitals are “old and Victorian.” In 2004 a source for Britain’s Daily Mail claimed the Material Girl had warned Gwyneth about the UK’s facilities before she gave birth to her first daughter, Apple. “Madonna told [Gwyneth] all these horror stories about how bad the English hospitals are,” the insider said.

And Gwyneth, who last year said that London was “cold and depressing,” may be looking to leave her UK home for good. Rumor has it she’s desperate to regain the fame she’s lost since becoming a mother. “She plans to stay in L.A. after the baby is born to get her career back in the fast lane," said Star’s source.


Megan Mullally Gets Talk Show

Now herrrrrre's 'Megan Mullally'

Thu Jan 26, 4:25 AM ET

Megan Mullally will draw on the talk show hosts she watched as a youngster when the "Will & Grace" star launches her own contender in the fall.

"I want it to be a 'best of talk shows' talk show," she said. "I've always been a big fan of talk shows, ever since I was a kid -- (Johnny) Carson, Merv (Griffin) and Mike (Douglas). I think it's cool to pull elements from all the best shows."

"The Megan Mullally Show" will include comedic and musical elements, skits, field segments and a band, Mullally said. But one thing it won't have in common with many talk shows of its ilk is that she won't be seated behind a desk. Although the actual set is still being worked out, Mullally said she's aiming for something that's "fresh and different."

Mullally -- who has been at the NATPE TV sales convention this week in Las Vegas helping to promote the show -- also wants to feature a mix of celebrity guests and "real people" in the hour-long daytime show, saying she doesn't "want to discriminate between" the two groups.

"I genuinely care about people and life in general," she said. "I want to touch on a lot of different areas of life in a fun way. Sometimes it will be full-on, knock-down, drag-out comedy. . . . No matter what's going on, it's not going to be so crazily scripted -- it's just going to have an element of real spontaneity."

Nannys (not Jude's); Natasha Lyonne fails to appear in court (probably because of the meth)

Celebrity Nanny Suzanne Hansen has written a book saying she never saw Nicole Kidman around her adopted kids when she worked for Tom and Nicole.

Here's a link to the book, looks like an interesting read:

And more Natasha Lyonne news:

Natasha Lyonne is going down

American Pie star Natasha Lyonne this week
failed for the second time to appear in court
in New York. The charge? That she threatened to
sexually molest a neighbour's dog.

Presumably poetic justice will now be served.
The dog will be safe, and the blonde will be
sent to prison, to become someone's bitch.

(FYI: It's not Natasha's first brush with the law.
When she was arrested last year for drink driving
her statement to the arresting officer was "I'm a
movie star. Can I call my entertainment lawyer?)

SOURCE: PopBitch
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Angelina's Mom hospitalized

Angelina Jolie's Mom Hospitalized
Angelina Jolie is spending time with her ailing mom who has underwent cancer surgery.

Angelina Jolie has left all the wedding and pregnancy buzz aside to stay with her mother Marcheline Bertrand’s, who is hospitalized after undergoing an operation for cancer at a Los Angeles hospital.

"Angelina is worried sick about her mom," says a close friend.

Angelina Jolie's mother, former model Marcheline Bertrand, 55, raised Angelina since the divorce from Jon Voight in 1978.

According to STAR, Marchelina Bertrand has recently underwent her second surgery trying to stop cancer from spreading.

Sources say that Angelina Jolie and her mom are best friends. No wonder she is worried a lot.

And Marchelina is a big supporter of Brad Pitt since they met for the first time. Even more, she rushed Angelina Jolie to arrange the wedding - no matter if she will be able to attend it and be with Angelina on that happy day.

Source: headline news
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Sarah Jessica Parker and Husband Matthew Broderick in Celebrity Centered Broadway Play

The “Sex & The City” star Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick are planning on co-starring in a play on the Broadway stage. The former Carrie from the HBO show says the play is about celebrity gossip, a very interesting and wanted issue of nowadays. The name of the play is “Don’t Follow Me, I’m Lost Too” and the plot is all about a husband and his wife who write the gossip columns for a New York City tabloid.

Sarah Jessica Parker has a vast experience in playing a journalist role from her previous successful attempt. The actress has been looking for a play to star by her husband since her “Sex And The City” hit show ended. "She's been saying to producers and theatre owners, 'Find us a play!'", a source reports.

The actress took part in a staged reading of the play on Monday, which was attended by a select group of Broadway insiders. Broderick's schedule didn't allow him to attend the reading, but Tony-winning actor Alan Cumming stepped in to read opposite the actress.

In the comedic play, written by Douglas Carter Beane, the couple create non-existent celebrities who attend non-existent parties. Things begin to spin out of control when movie studios try to track down the fake celebrities to star in films. Beane says, "It's all about the wonderful world of tabloid journalism and celebrity culture."

Ray belly Monterey aquarium ghost
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The Band vs. Bono and U2 going Hip-Hop

Here's an article with Bono's latest musings on U2, from the AP:

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) -- U2 front man Bono said Thursday that his band mates had feared his activism would "wipe out" their music and have bristled at his meetings with "uncool" politicians.

In an interview with The Associated Press, the 45-year-old Irish rock star and global activist also said the band was looking closely at hip-hop in its search for new avenues for experimentation - and dismissed the idea of a solo album.

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Oprah says Frey "Betrayed Millions of Readers"

Looks like Oprah did a major about face:

Oprah says Frey ‘betrayed millions of readers’
Winfrey apologizes during live show for initial indifference to controversy

Ric Francis / AP file

Updated: 12:15 p.m. ET Jan. 26, 2006
CHICAGO - Oprah Winfrey challenged author James Frey over his disputed memoir, asking him on a live telecast of her show Thursday to explain why he “felt the need to lie.”

“It is difficult for me to talk to you because I really feel duped ... but more importantly I feel that you betrayed millions of readers,” Winfrey said to Frey, who wrote the hugely popular “A Million Little Pieces.”

Frey’s story of substance abuse and recovery became one of the best-selling books of 2005 after Winfrey named it to her book club last fall, with countless addicts citing it as inspiration. It was originally published in 2003.

The memoir began to unravel earlier this month when an investigative piece on The Smoking Gun Web site (www.thesmokinggun.com) challenged some of the facts in the book, including Frey’s assertion that he once spent three months in prison.

Frey, 36, appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live” show after The Smoking Gun story appeared, and Winfrey phoned in her support for him and for the book, calling the allegations against Frey “much ado about nothing.”

“What is relevant is that he was a drug addict ... and stepped out of that history to be the man he is today and to take that message to save other people and allow them to save themselves,” Winfrey said in the surprise call two weeks ago.

But Winfrey, who has been widely criticized, even by e-mailers on her Web site, for her apparent indifference to the controversy, said Thursday that she regretted making that call.

“I left the impression that the truth is not important,” she said.

Frey acknowledged to King that he had embellished parts of the book, and he told Winfrey Thursday that the same demons that fueled his addictions caused him to mischaracterize himself.

“I made a mistake,” Frey told Winfrey on Thursday.

Frey’s acknowledgments have not hurt sales so far, with both “A Million Little Pieces” and its sequel, “My Friend Leonard,” high on best seller lists. His publisher, Doubleday, said last week that Frey was writing a brief author’s note for future editions of “A Million Little Pieces.”


Hilary and Ciara to appear in Candies ad

Hilary, Ciara, Michelle and Samaire are all unique in their talent as well as their style. Mixing the four girls in an advertising campaign was the ideal way to showcase all of Candie's product categories which are available nationwide exclusively at Kohl's Department Stores. This spring, Kohl's will also launch Candie's Home, Swim and Sunglasses.

The multimedia advertising campaign of print, television, internet and in- store will debut in March issues of fashion, entertainment and lifestyle magazines such as InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Teen People, Teen Vogue and Us Weekly. The soundtrack to the television commercial is Hilary Duff's song, "SuperGirl" off her current CD, "Most Wanted". Commenting on the new ads, Hilary Duff stated, "When you see the Candie's ads, you can envision yourself with your friends having a great time." "Any girl can wear Candie's!" added Ciara. "Someone may relate to me or Hilary or Michelle or Samaire, but what is great is that no matter what her style she will relate to one of us. That's what makes it so real." Michelle Trachtenberg, commented, "Candie's girls are sexy, young, fun, super stylish and smart, because when you wear Candie's you know you look good." "Candie's means flirtatious and that comes through in the collection," said Samaire Armstrong. "The clothes and accessories are very well designed and the quality is fantastic." Neil Cole, CEO, Iconix, stated, "Bringing together the hottest young stars of Hollywood in one ad campaign is an excellent way speak to young women, who may identify with one or more of the stars. Kohl's has embraced our brand and we are thrilled with the consumers response to Candie's at Kohl's." Kevin Mansell, Kohl's President stated, "Because the launch of Candie's has been so successful, it will now span several categories in our home department this spring. We are confident that the latest celebrity-driven, high energy marketing program, combined with great fashion and in store graphics will continue to resonate with young shoppers and further differentiate Kohl's in the marketplace."

The campaign was created by the Iconix in-house marketing team and shot and directed by the talented and renowned, Moshe Brakha. In the coming months, Hilary Duff, Ciara, Michelle Trachtenberg and Samaire Armstrong will be integrated into the Kohl's spring marketing campaign. About Iconix Brand Group, Inc.

Prison Break: Disguise
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Takeshi Kaneshiro in Feb. 2006 GQ

NATIONALITY Good question. His father is Japanese, his mother Taiwanese. He was raised in Taiwan. "I never really knew what I should call myself," he says, "but coming back from the U.S. recently, I thought, 'Hey, I should just say I'm Taiwanese-Japanese.'"

FLUENT IN More languages than you are. Takeshi speaks Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese, and has appeared in movies and TV series filmed in Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan.

P.S. He also knows English...I wonder why the writer didn't mention that...

HOW HE GOT STARTED He appeared in commercials when he was a freshman in high school.

WHY HE GOT STARTED "I wanted a motorcycle. I didn't know anything about what I was doing."

BUT DID HE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MARTIAL ARTS FOR 'HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS'? "No. I didn't really think I was particularly good at it. After actually doing it in the film, I thought, 'Wow, it's hard to be an action star.' There's this level where you realize, I shouldn't do the things I can't do."

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Avril Lavigne made rock music???

25 January 2006
Avril Lavigne has turned her back on her rocky days and signed with top US modelling agency, Ford Models.

The Complicated singer says since being given a Prada handbag as a gift she's suddenly learned to appreciate high fashion, and would love to become the face of a designer label.

"I want to do those really beautiful ads with the high-end products," explains Avril. "I look through magazines and stare at ads and think, 'I'm not six feet tall, but I know I can do that.'

"I'm starting to feel more feminine. I'm getting into hair and make-up and image. That's the best part of being a girl."


Yay more avril love

EDIT : Thanks to bertiedav for adding

The following article suggests that Avril is the new Kate Moss (sans that nasty drug habit) after Avril was asked to replace Moss for a Chanel runway gig.

Avril... the new Kate Moss
As far as Avril Lavigne's concerned into trashing malls in her school tie is sooo five minutes ago.
The self-styled rock lebel is after Kate Moss's job.

We're used to seeing the Canadian singer donning sweatbands, snarling and jumping around a big ol' boots.
But be prepared for a transformation worthy of that smoke machine moment on Stars in Their Eyes.
Avril has signed to Ford Models agency and says she's ditching the grunge.

And her motivation? Apart from the fat cheques that no-doubt come with a lucrative modelling.
A Prada handbag, appearently.

After being bought one of the pricey pieces of arm candy as a gift, she claims she's suddenly discovered fashion.
"I'm starting to feel more feminine.I'm getting into hair and make-up and image. That's the best part of being a girl, she reckons.

And that means she wants a piece of the modelling action too.
"I want to do those really beautiful ads with the high-end products, she told The Daily Dish.
"I look through magazines and stare at ads and think. I'm not six feet tall, but I know I can do that".

And after checking out her neat and chic look at The Chanel show this week, we're starting to believe her.
Photo link
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Friends Push Jennifer Aniston to Write Brad Pitt 'Tell All' Book

Jennifer Aniston reportedly keeps very good records. America's sweetheart allegedly kept a detailed diary of her ups and downs during her four-and-a-half year marriage to Hollywood hunk and dad-to-be Brad Pitt.

Now a report from Life & Style Weekly says 'Friends' are pushing Jennifer to dish hard in a 'tell all' book.

The magazine's web site teases:

Friends of Jennifer Aniston believe she may have found her best revenge against Brad — turning her diary into a tell-all book!

“She has all the material she needs to write a great best seller: the story of a nice girl who loses the love of her life to a femme fatale,” says an insider. Adds another insider, “Really dishing the dirt on Brad and Angelina would put Jen back in the driver’s seat.”

Insiders note that the book would give Jen a chance to get back at Brad for the intimate photo spread he did with Angelina in W magazine right after he and Jen broke up, not to mention let her clear up the rumor that she didn’t want children with Brad.


Executive editor Joe Bargmann told The National Ledger that Ms. Aniston has not indicated that she would indeed pen a Brad Pitt tell all, only that the source dished to the magazine that her friends were pushing hard for the project.

Best seller? You bet.


First off, I think Friends should be in quotation marks, because I don't know any friends who would give this kind of advice. She's been ridiculed for not being able to "let it go" and I think a book would not only be bad for her "image" but it would be spiteful and plain cruel. What's the point? This one should be filed under "Bullshit".

Lance Bass drama with Perez

So pretty much Perez reported that Lance's coat caught on fire at Sundance because he was so excited over a sex toy that had his name on it. Lance called Perez a loser on his Myspace blog but then edited it out later. Perez responded with this:

Lance Bass just called Perez a "loser" on his offical Myspace blog. How hot is that? We LOVE it!!!!!

The fuming fag says:

Ok.. the article about from this Perez guy is 100% false! Yes my jacket caught on fire.. but my friend did it.. and i was not even around to see it happen! And about the rest of the stuff he said... that was just made up... this guy is a freakin' loser.
Other than that little tid bit.. Sundance was amazing this year.

We stand by our original reporting 100%! Everything we stated that happened really did. Lance loved the dildo. Lance was and is flaming (and literally on fire).

Also, even if he were to dispute that, is he REALLY going to deny that he is gay, which we stated in the post? Because we all know Lance Bass is a major homo, so Perez was MOST DEFINITELY not 100% factually inaccurate.

P.S. Hey Lance, say hi to Jesse T. from Wilhemina. That's one hot piece of mangina! You lucky bitch.

source: perezhilton.com
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The Many Faces of American Idol's Rhonetta Johnson.

Has this been posted yet? Let me know.


American Idol's foul mouth hoochie-shaker Rhonetta Johnson is already a star in Charlotte, North Carolina - at least with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's office.

Two months before the American Idol auditions rolled into Greensboro, North Carolina in October of 2005, Johnson was arrestedCollapse )
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January 26, 2006 -- ADRIAN Grenier is cutting quite a swath through the Sundance Film Festival. First, the swarthy "Entourage" stud came to the aid of a publicist who passed out from "altitude sickness" at a boozy house party, and now comes word that he enjoyed a threesome with two lovely ladies from the pop-culture Web site doubleagent.com. Grenier met the women Tuesday while perusing the sexy goodies at the Booty Suite in the Canyons Hotel, which gave out sex toys and lingerie. Our spy said, "Adrian grabbed the bonding tape, vibrating couples ring, and the beaded blindfold and left with the two girls. One of the girls came back [yesterday] and said they had put the toys to good use that night and had a threesome." A manager for Grenier didn't return calls. Meanwhile, goodie-grubbing Justin Timberlake tried to score two pairs of $30,000 platinum and diamond aviator sunglasses at the Spin Shoppe in Park City. He tried on one pair and asked, "Do these look good with my hair? They'll look good with my camo ski gear," before trying to take another free pair for girlfriend Cameron Diaz. He was turned down and left with only one pair.

Source: http://www.nypost.com/gossip/pagesix/62276.htm
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BBC's Jesus sings Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Ben Dowell
Thursday January 26, 2006

The BBC plans to mark the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ this Easter with an hour-long live procession through the streets of Manchester featuring pop stars from The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays and featuring songs by The Smiths and New Order.

In the programme, called Manchester Passion, a character representing Jesus will sing the legendary Joy Division anthem Love Will Tear Us Apart before dueting his arch-betrayer Judas on the New Order hit Blue Monday, according to senior church sources involved in the production.

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Some Pictures and Some news (Love the Angelina Baby Bump). I raided Just Jared!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith To Become TV Show

"The blockbuster movie that brought Angelina Jolie, 30, and Brad Pitt, 42, together is coming to the small screen. " -- Mr. & Mrs. Smith (netted $186 million domestic, $477 million worldwide) movie director Doug Limas reveals, "I'm directing it. Simon [Kinberg who wrote the movie] wrote the script. Simon had originally conceived Mr. and Mrs. Smith as a TV show not as a movie. We're going to do a nationwide talent search and find basically the next Brad Pitt and the next Angelina Jolie." An insider reveals that Liman has a "first look deal with NBC. So you can expect them to be among the networks that are interested in the show." WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW.

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Vroom, Vroom Joaquin Phoenix

Actor Joaquin Phoenix, 31, hangs out with his biker buddies (including Charmed's Drew Fuller) this past Sunday afternoon in Malibu, CA. After chatting with friends, Joaquin Phoenix put the pedel to the metal on his yellow Ducati motorcycle (he also owns a yellow '72 Le Mans). Joaquin Phoenix currently has no other film projects links up.

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Will Smith responds to Bow Wow

Lately it seems like nothing can go right for Bow Wow, the 18-year old, multi-platinum, self-proclaimed "Ohio playa", as in the last week he has been belittled by some of the game's current artists and moguls.

"...Yea, Paul Wall did Grillz", the no longer "Lil" Bow Wow said on a Philadelphia radio station. But surprisingly at another time on the same show, when asked about doing his grill, Paul Wall said, "What? Nah. Ain't nothin' like that. I aint even know he old enough. I think I would still have to get his parents permission." Another interview by another Philadelphia area radio station placed Will Smith with the "job" of answering to Bow Wow's accusations of being a bubble gum rapper. But Smith refused to respond saying that, "A grown man don't answer to no child. I'm a grown ass man. I cut records before his momma let somebody cut to have him." Smith also added, "My worst movie (Wild Wild West) grossed almost twice as your best movie (Like Mike). Check the records and read a book young man."

Source: AllHipHop.com

Pete Doherty Arrested Again (and again and again...)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Pete Doherty was arrested in the early hours of this morning on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs (January 26).

The Babyshambles singer was driving around the E2 area of London when he was pulled over by police at 5.40am.

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police told NME.COM: "Officers stopped a vehicle in Laburnum Street, E2, due to the erratic manner in which in was being driven. Substances were recovered from the driver, a 26 year-old male, who was arrested for alleged possession of Class A drugs. He was taken to an east London police station where he remains in custody."

Doherty has since been released.

Babyshambles were due to play at the Leeds Cockpit last night, but Doherty did not show.

The band are due to continue their UK tour tonight at Newcastle University (January 26).

Source: NME.com

Former Lover Wants Clay Aiken To Admit He's Gay

Former Lover Wants Clay Aiken To Admit He's Gay

American Idol star Clay Aiken is being urged to come clean about his sexuality by a former US Green Beret, who claims to have had a passionate tryst with the singer. John Paulus, 38, took a lie detector test in a bid to prove claims he has made about Aiken's sexuality in an American tabloid are true.

Paulus tells the National Enquirer that he spent the night with Aiken after the singer emailed him just before Christmas after seeing his ad on a gay website. He claims he arranged to meet Aiken at a hotel in North Carolina after the singer asked him to be his "discreet bf (boyfriend)" and the couple had sex.

Now, Paulus wants his one-night stand to come out of the closet and tell the world he's gay. He says, "Clay told me that he just came out of the closet to his mother and a few close friends last year... I hope he comes out of the closet because he'd be a great role model for the gay man."
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LOS ANGELES -- Us Weekly has learned exclusively that actor Joaquin Phoenix was involved in a serious car accident in the Hollywood Hills earlier today. ''His brakes went out and the car flipped over,'' the actor's publicist, Susan Patricola, tells Us. ''But he's doing fine. He may be very sore in the morning, but right now he is doing okay.''

Although the exact circumstances of the accident remain under investigation, his representative says the 31-year-old star was driving the car at the time, but is unknown whether there were other passengers in the car and whether they were injured. The Golden Globe winner was not hospitalized, according to his publicist. Sources tell Us the accident occurred on a winding stretch of Lauren Canyon Boulevard just north of Sunset Boulevard.

Phoenix, whose older brother River died at age 23 from a drug overdose in 1993 outside the Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard, has earned critical acclaim for his portrayal of the late Johnny Cash in last year's Walk the Line, costarring Reese Witherspoon. In addition his Golden Globe win on Jan. 16, the actor is nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award, to be handed out on January 29. ''Joaquin will be at the awards on Sunday,'' says his rep. ''He'll be okay.''

Source:Us Weekly.com
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All Saints confirm reunion

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Girl group All Saints have confirmed rumours they are reuniting after a four-year hiatus.

The four singers, Shaznay Lewis, Melanie Blatt and sisters Nicole and Natalie Appleton, have signed up with Parlophone and are planning a comeback album and live dates later this year.

All Saints, who formed in 1996, have had several number one hits in the UK including Never Ever, Pure Shores and Black Coffee.

Source: Yahoo! UK

Personally, I'm excited. I'm still sad I can't go to the Take That reunion tour.

Justin Timberlake talks about new album

LAS VEGAS — Justin Timberlake has already recorded "really dope" collaborations with Snoop Dogg, Will.I.Am and Nelly Furtado for his second solo album, and now he's contemplating whether to do more.

"I feel that I'm in kind of a good place with the small cast that I have right now, because they're heavy hitters, definitely," he said recently. "But I'll have to see which direction it goes. If it makes sense, then I'll do it, but if not, I don't want to push it."

Will.I.Am is also producing tracks for the album, along with Timbaland and Rick Rubin (see "Don't Expect Justified 2: Timberlake Enlists Rick Rubin For New LP"). In fact, after collaborating on back-to-back Peas tracks (the first being the smash "Where Is the Love?"), Timberlake and Will formed their own production team called the Jawbreakers. Along with tracks for each other, they've worked with Charlie Wilson and Macy Gray.

"Will does stuff on his own and I do stuff on my own, but it's obviously a pleasure when we get to work together, so why not?" Timberlake said. "It's like golf — it's something you can do 30 years from now. I was like, 'Who knows what's going to happen to us as artists, but let's keep doing stuff for everybody else too.' "

Will and Timberlake have finished at least four songs together (see "Timberlake Feeling Will.I.Am's Love All Over Again On New LP"), although it looks like Timbaland will be the biggest contributor, especially since the Neptunes are out due to their dispute with Jive Records over the Clipse (see "Sayonara, Señorita: Pharrell, Justin May Never Record Together Again"). Timbaland and Timberlake collaborated on four Justified tracks, including "Cry Me a River."

"Tim and I have a very interesting connection when it comes to music," Justin said. "We just kinda understand each other 'cause we're both Southern and we both kinda think the same way about life. I just worked with him for like 10 days and came out with like eight or nine songs with lyrics, melodies, vocals, everything! Now it's just a matter of going back and tweaking them and really fine-tuning them and putting the bells and whistles around the foundation."

Timberlake plans to keep recording through the spring and release the album in the summer. So far there's no title for the project.

"I don't even have titles for the songs yet," he said. "I come up with the title for the record when [Jive] gives me a deadline. And then I'll come up with something off the top of my head."

— Corey Moss

Source: MTVizzle
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Chloe Sevigny is set to star in the period romancer "Catherine and Peter" for Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland reports Production Weekly. The story recounts one of the great love stories of all time - Marfa Skavronska is an orphaned maid and 'battlefield whore' who falls in love with Czar Peter the Great. Incredibly the feeling is more than mutually returned, to the point the Russian emperor marries the lowly wench and the pair become a true partnership, she becoming Catherine the First who controlled the largest empire in the world.

Production is scheduled to begin this August on location in Russia, Poland and Germany.

source: darkhorizon.com

[If you're thinking blowjobzOMG. STFU#!@11. Chloe is a goddess. Yayyyy. I can't believe she's 31yrs old already.]


latinoreview.com gets "first look" at Che. ie: with his hat on and everything.

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[this time i did a comparison w/ the REAL che . seriously benicio doesn't look like Fidel Castro. i wonder if there's fidel/che slash on the internet. for real though. OTP.]

David Beckham spends a staggering £1,000 a month- on pants. The soccer ace allegedly splashes out hundreds of pounds on underwear every fortnight because he never wears the same pair twice. The Real Madrid star - who is married to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham - reportedly picks up piles of designer Calvin Klein pants at Spain' s swanky El Cortes Ingles department store. A source at the shop said: "He buys 30 pairs every time and spends between £545 to £615. David never purchases anything other than Calvin Klein from the Pro Stretch range. He doesn't stick around very long and normally looks quite sheepish."

David is known for his extravagant tastes. At Christmas he presented Victoria with a stunning £1.2million ruby and diamond necklace.

source: teentoday.co.uk

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Born again-Christian psycho Stephen Baldwin happily destroys peoples' right to privacy

Baldwin brother, Stephen, has vowed to drive a porn shop opening near his estate in Nyack, N.Y., out of business.

The born-again Christian has been taking photographs of construction workers working on the building and he told the New York Post he plans on taking down the license plate numbers of patrons and publishing their names in the local newspaper to embarrass them from again patronizing the store.

We're going to notch it up and notch it up until we run this guy out of business, Baldwin told The Post.

The store will sell sex toys, porn and feature viewing booths where patrons can watch adult films in privacy.

These guys want to do this business, God bless 'em. That's between them and God. They'll have to deal with that for eternity. But the people of Nyack do not want this location where it is, Baldwin said.

I just saw him on some show on MSNBC wearing a sparkly thing that pulls your hair up that girls wear talking about this and saying he will publish all the names of people going into the porn shop and saying some shit about him being a "Jesus soldier".

THIS MAN IS FUCKING PSYCHOTIC. LOL WOW I feel really sorry for normal Christians because his insanity really makes them look bad :-\

This just in...

Rhonetta Johnson, American Idol's "Trashy McNasty" is NOT from Charlotte, NC.

I got a call from my brother about 10 minutes ago when he told me that his supervisor had a 30th birthday party earlier this year, when Nasty showed up on the scene. The supervisor told him that she was not invited and started stripping in front of the entire party (including the supervisor's horrified mother). She was only wearing a bra and underwear to begin with when she showed up. My brother says that the supervisor and Johnson went to highschool together in Statesville, and the local radio station WPEG Power 98 called her out today. The DJ said "Rhonetta you know you're not from Charlotte, I don't know why you're trying to claim it", they went on to issue her tickets to a comedy show. They want to talk to her ASAP.

Supposedly she's been offered a reality show.


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Source: My brother.

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The trailer for the upcoming Fox comdedy AQUAMARINE made its way online today:

The official site also went live the other day -- www.aquamarinemovie.com

I know I've ridiculed this film in the past, but after seeing the trailer it looks kind of cute. My little cousin would definitely want to see it.