January 23rd, 2006


a very hot underworld sequel.

Scott Speedman Says 'Underworld' Vampire Sex Scene Sucked
Though his co-star was Kate Beckinsale, his director was her husband.

With the surprising success of the 2003 flick "Underworld," movie geeks all over the world learned two important truths: Kate Beckinsale sucks, and Scott Speedman has hair in all the wrong places. Now, three years later, the "Evolution" of the genre-bending franchise has brought back the curvaceous vampire and confused half-werewolf, along with their shared dreams of immortality, retribution and peace between the races.

And, for Beckinsale at least, "Evolution" has also brought back dreams of returning to regular clothes. "By the end of the movie ... I was excited to get into some sweats," she recently laughed, referring to the iconic leather cat suit her character wears throughout the first film and its sequel.

But it's a sequel that "starts off in a prequel," Speedman said, referring to the flashback scenes detailing the medieval origins of the warring Death Dealers and Lycans. "The movie really starts after that prequel, where we left off. And that's a great way to do it, I think."

The series' intensely loyal fans will undoubtedly savor some vampire-size bites of the movie's returning hallmarks (the clothes, the monstrous wolves), revelations (the current existence of immortal leader Alexander, for one) and amped-up action scenes (involving a truck, a helicopter and lots of really big guns). Similarly moving up to the next level is the forbidden romance between Beckinsale's Selene and Speedman's Michael. "Me and Kate's characters are much less antagonistic in this movie, and much more of a couple," the actor insisted.

In one soon-to-be-talked-about scene, Selene finally unzips that suit — resulting in a lengthy vampire sex scene so steamy that you half expect Count Dracula to cameo as a sleazy pizza delivery guy. But with Beckinsale's husband, Len Wiseman, directing the film, Speedman admitted things occasionally got a bit weird. "I'll tell the truth: It was terrible; it was awkward," laughed the brawny actor.

"I know, it's Kate Beckinsale, and she's beautiful and sexy and all that, but I really was nervous," he continued. "They were much more relaxed, and [Wiseman], I don't know why, was fine with it. I don't know how, but he was all right with it. He fired me after the first take, which was funny — and after awhile you kind of got into it and it was OK."

[writergno: i saw it last night and the sex scene is worth seeing the movie for all on its own.]

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Sucky is Mahn

Drew Barrymore lets it all hang out -From Just Jared

Drew Barrymore dropped by Saturday Night Live's (SNL) Weekend Update with Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler this past weekend. Tiny Fey introduced the mini-sketch with, "All of Hollywood's most famous stars were on hand for the [Golden Globes] cermony including Drew Barrymore who arrived with two Golden Globes of her own."

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/w/Drew-Barrymore-No-Bra-SNL?v=cnMHlRiyIbk&eurl=

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Drew Barrymore has such a great sense of humor. I thought this was hilarious! She showed up to weekend update to make fun of her dress and the comments that were made about not wearing a bra. Just Jared has the video too. Brilliant!
Sucky is Mahn

Scarlett Johansson: 'If He Wasn't Gay I Would Have Slapped Him'

E! red carpet interviewer Isaac Mizrahi can thank his sexual orientation for not getting him a well deserved slap across the face from A-lister Scarlett Johansson.

The buxom star who wore an eye popping and cleavage revealing red low cut dress to to the Golden Globes last week was literally groped by Mizrahi.

It was a pathetic and improper display.

The 21-year old actress turned red as she was felt up on camera, but didn't bitch slap Isaac.

Why - because he's gay the actress revealed.

Liz Smith details:

Scarlett Johansson is beyond furious at the designer-turned-cabaret performer/turned "E!" red carpet interviewer Isaac Mizrahi. His handling of her bosom at the Golden Globes pre-show shocked the star.

She said to friends, "If he hadn't been gay, I would have slapped him." Isaac was feisty with other female stars as well, and many feel he deserved to be slapped regardless of his personal orientation.


Add me to that category.


I'm curious why men don't claim to be gay. Why do women feel less offended if a gay man handles their breasts? What a conundrum. But I can say I've experienced it first hand. I've had gay friends who just loved my breasts. Okay, last boobie post.

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Is J. Lo about to be Mommy from the Block?

Get ready for another round of J. Lo baby rumors.

A source says that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have been doing “tons of shopping” for baby clothes lately.

“He was at Fred Segal [on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles] last week and bought a Guys Infant Gear diaper bag for $120,” says a source. “He said something that made it pretty clear that it wasn’t a gift — that he intended to use it — but I don’t want to repeat it or he’ll know who talked to you.”

The source says that the couple has been buying other pricey baby gear as well. Lopez was widely rumored to be pregnant last year; her rep couldn’t be reached for comment.

Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10696065/
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Jewel news

Jewel Emerges From 'Wonderland' With New CD
January 23, 2006, 11:25 AM ET
Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Jewel has set a May 2 release date for her sixth studio album, "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland." The Atlantic set was produced by Rob Cavallo and will be led by the single "Again and Again," which will be delivered in late February to U.S. radio outlets.

"This is the most autobiographical album I have made since [her 1995 debut] 'Pieces of You' and I spent a lot of time sequencing it, so that each song sets up the next, like a novel with a beginning, a middle and an end," the artist says in a statement.

A video for the new album's title track will be made available first to members of Jewel's fan club on Wednesday (Jan. 25) and then to the general public via her Web site five days later. The clip was shot on the artist's Texas ranch by photographer Kurt Markus.

"Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" is the follow-up to 2003's "0304," which debuted at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 and has sold more
Sucky is Mahn

Madonna looks exhausted

Madonna has sparked health fears after friends claimed she is looking skinny and exhausted.

The pop diva's pals are reportedly worried she is taking her punishing exercise regime too far - and is jeopardising her health.

An insider told America's New York Daily News newspaper: "She looks way too thin. It's scary. Everyone around her is buzzing that she's working herself right into exhaustion."

The singer is said to be following a gruelling fitness programme, including two to three hours a day of yoga and Pilates, plus swimming, weight training and cycling.

The 47-year-old star recently admitted she likes keeping in shape for her husband, director Guy Ritchie.

She told Elle magazine: "I wish I were comfortable to be a big woman. But I choose men who like carved-out women, the can-you-run-for-the-bus kind of guy."

Madonna's publicist, Liz Rosenberg, admits the singer looked tired in some recent photos, but insists it's because she has been rehearsing for her new video.

She said: "I'm about 40 feet away from her and she looks pretty hot to me, How would you look with 10-hour dance rehearsals?

"Maybe she's working harder than usual, but that's what you have to do before a video." [UK-Flava]


Just a note, the original article does not have a photo. So I didn't post one.

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Brandy and her daughter Syrai
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(She definitely takes after her dad)

January 20, 2006: 2006 Sundance Film Festival - Cesar Spa For Small Dogs - Day 1
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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January 21, 2006: NRJ Awards 2006 (Arrivals/Departures, After Show)
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January 21, 2006: Star Jones Reynolds Book Release Party for "Shine" in D.C.
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remember that sex and the city episode?

Alanis Morissette Says She Experimented With Women

01/23/2006 2:00 PM, Yahoo! Music
LAUNCH Radio Networks

Alanis Morissette may be engaged to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, but that doesn't mean she didn't experiment with women during her teens and twenties. In a recent interview with Out magazine, Morissette revealed that although she considers herself heterosexual, she has been involved with women in the past, saying "I had my years of experimentation, which were very lovely and I'll highly recommend to anyone. I think it's such a beautiful rite of passage to test the waters and get a general sense of who you are and what your preferences are."

Morissette and Reynolds got engaged in 2004.

She's planning two projects this year -- a memoir and her next album.

Sucky is Mahn

Bush Hesitates to Give Take on 'Brokeback'

WASHINGTON -- President Bush has long cultivated the image of a macho rancher, frequently donning his boots and Wrangler jeans to clear brush on his sprawling Texas property. But he was decidedly noncommittal today — and even a bit nonplused — when asked for his reaction to the most talked-about ranching film in years: "Brokeback Mountain."

"I hadn't seen it," Bush told thousands of students and professors at Kansas State University, responding to a query from an audience member. "I'd be glad to talk about ranching, but I haven't seen the movie."

The movie, featuring the love story of two gay cowboys, this month won the Golden Globe award for best motion picture drama and top honors from the Producers Guild of America and is showing remarkable success —even in conservative, red-state towns and cities that helped reelect Bush.

But if Bush intends to see it, he showed no such desire today when the young man in the crowd raised the idea toward the end of a lengthy, unscripted and unexpected question-and-answer session.

"You're a rancher," the questioner said to Bush. "A lot of here in Kansas are ranchers. I was just wanting to get your opinion on 'Brokeback Mountain,' if you've seen it yet." The hall filled with nervous laughter as Bush smirked.

"You would love it," the questioner persisted. "You should check it out."


Another take on it, it implies it was awkward
After some hesitation - and laughter in the audience - Bush said, "I'd be glad to talk about ranching, but I haven't seen the movie." The audience laughed some more, and Bush, who owns a ranch in Texas, allowed that, "I've heard about it."


This mad me laugh. Why? Because I think Bush is an ass and I'm glad someone put him on the spot. I could go on a rant, but I won't.

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'Da Vinci Code' to Open Cannes

Case cracked: "The Da Vinci Code" will be the opening-night movie at the Cannes Film Festival in May, organizers said.

Based on Dan Brown's esoteric thriller about code-breaking and conspiracy, the film will debut at the Riviera festival and in French theaters on May 17, the festival said Saturday. The rest of the world will have to wait two days, until May 19.

The adaptation by Oscar-winning director Ron Howard ("A Beautiful Mind") has an international cast led by Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou.

Like the novel, the movie is set largely in France: The story line opens with the murder of the curator of the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Early this month, the Louvre said the movie's producers were trying to decide between the museum and the Cannes festival as a site for the European premiere. The movie will not be in the running for prizes at Cannes.

Hong Kong's Wong Kar-wai, director of "In the Mood for Love," presides over this year's jury at the festival, which runs May 17-28. Organizers at the glitzy festival try to strike a balance between crowd-pleasers and critically acclaimed films, and between Hollywood blockbusters and art house flicks.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060123/ap_en_mo/film_da_vinci_code;_ylt=Ar2YCidDYwRlNIeVRw07w0RxFb8C;_ylu=X3oDMTA5aHJvMDdwBHNlYwN5bmNhdA--
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Buttafuocos, Amy Fisher Plan TV Reunion

NEW YORK — More than a decade after 16-year-old Amy Fisher had a sexual relationship with a much-older car mechanic and shot his wife in the face, the one-time "Long Island Lolita" and Joey and Mary Jo Buttafuoco have agreed to appear together in a televised reunion.

All three have signed on for the appearance, which has yet to be sold to a network, television producer David Krieff told the New York Post for Monday editions.

"It's time to just put it behind us," Fisher, now 31, told the newspaper. "We played this all out in a public eye. It'd be interesting to let the public see the healing process at the end. They saw everything else — why not let them see the final product?"

Fisher spent seven years in prison.

Joey Buttafuoco, who was jailed for statutory rape following the 1992 shooting, said he planned to ask Fisher to explain her actions.

"I've been asked about a million times by Mary Jo, 'Why did Amy shoot me?' I was never able to get that answer," said Buttafuoco, now 49.

"There's going to be a lot of shocking revelations, and that's why I'm excited to sit down to do this," he said.

The Buttafuocos moved to California and divorced in 2003. Mary Jo, who remains partially paralyzed from the shooting, is engaged.

Joey Buttafuoco, who has remarried, was sentenced in March 2004 to a year in jail and five years' probation after pleading guilty to felony insurance fraud. In August, he pleaded not guilty to charges that he violated probation by possessing ammunition.

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Teri Hatcher, Drew Barrymore and Fabrizio Morretti(oh yes!)

Last post today I swear.

So, Teri Hatcher filmed a commercial for L'Oreal January 21, doing what she does best, tripping over things.

DIG IN TERI YES! click to enlarge.

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... aaand Drew Barrymore and Fabrizio Morretti hit the town(Dylan Place Restaurant) also on the 21st. They both look adorable. Drews' certainly looking a lot better than the last time I saw her, which would be the Golden Globes. Dear mother of God. Anyway, click to enlarge.

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Celebrity Kids

Introducing Kal-el Coppola Cage
Kal-el, now 3 months, was snapped out and about with mom Alice.
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Mariska Hargitay expecting a boy
It was revealed to the New York Post that Law & Order: Special Victims Unit's Mariska Hargitay and her husband Peter Hermann's baby is a boy, due in late spring. The glowing mama to be will be taking maternity leave from the show in March.

Mariska herself is a celebrity baby. Her parents are the late blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield and former bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay.

Pregnant Vanessa Bryant
Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, are expecting the couple's second child in May. Daughter Natalia turned 3 this month.
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Source: CBB

no friends reunion in the works

Are everyone's favorite "Friends" ready to return to TV?

Rumors were swirling over the weekend about a "Friends" revival on NBC.

According to published reports, each of the show's six stars had agreed to multi-million dollar deals to star in four one-hour episodes.

Some articles even went as far as to say that scripts were already being written.

However, Access Hollywood has learned that those reports are completely false.

"Not one ounce of truth," Jeff Zucker, CEO of NBC Universal Television Group, told Access of the rumors.

There were also rumblings of an all-male spin-off show starring David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc. But yet again, nothing more than false reports.

"Friends" ended its 10-year run back in May 2004. More than 52 million fans tuned in to the series finale.

Source: http://www.accesshollywood.com/television/6371300/detail.html


i was looking forward to a reunion ... now i'm sad.

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With Pete Burns being mentioned not to long ago because of Big Brother, I thought you'd all like to know this tid bit of information:

"Originally released in 1984 'You Spin Me Round' reached number one. Now with Pete pouting his lips in the Big Brother house, The Sun and Johnny Vaughn wanted to see it get re-released. So it is. Released January 30th.



The song? Fabulous. Pete Burns in the video? Um, no comment.

Tits, babies & falling celebs

Kimmy is trying to make sure that each part of her gets ample time in the spotlight.
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Baby Violet...where is the rest of this set that those vultures shot? Lemme eat the baby!!!
Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

These are from a few nights ago, but I don't think the photo of her eating it en route to the automobile was there.
Her lips have gotten too heavy, poor dear.
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Blind Vice 1/24

One Frigid Fete Blind Vice

It's not surprising that Prucella Tight-Tush and Butchy Billfold threw a big bash recently. Hell, this dynamo duo's got a zillion reasons to pop open the bubbly--not to mention a fancy, preened and photographed manse.

No, what's really whack is that anyone showed up to their prissy shindig at all. After all, amigos de Butchy know he's more of a, shall we say, daytime partier. Butchy's bashes tend to be more exclusive, as in...

Only. Hookers. Allowed.

Yep, B. Billfold's idea of a soiree favor is prolly a bottle of Johnny Walker and a dental dam. I'm certain he's safe with the prostitutes he entertains on an alarmingly regular basis. Heaven knows if he got any goo on the gardening tools, Prucella would have his head, fast, damn straight .

Which is what makes Missus Tight-Tush's fiasco of a party so damn amusing, if you ask moi. Picture it: five girls on one side of the room; five boys crammed on the other--including an orgasm-inducing actor who's hot on his comeback. No boy-girl mingling. Radio blasting. Radio! Even during the commercials, dear gawd.
Of course, everyone humored the missus and stayed for the obligatory post-meal chitchat time, wondering how long Prucella and Butchy plan on torturing their guests at these sorry soiress in the future. And the second that socially conscious hour struck, the posh place was deserted.

Hmmm. Will these two famous (and handsome) folks ever combine forces and throw a bring-your-own-vaseline-themed tea party, I wonder? I doubt it. She's way too busy working.

And it ain't:
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(MUSIC) jake shears anderson cooper, (ANDERCONS) anderson jake shears
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Jamie Foxx is a racist?

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SOURCE: my email inbox

Personally, I think this is all a little ridiculous. Sticking it to the white man by being a racist yourself? Er, right.
Too bad. I used to like Jamie.
Of course, the NBC guys are being ridiculous, too. But if Jamie wanted an all-black show, he should have gone to UPN. (Going to get attacked for say that, but you know it's true.)

EDIT@24Jan2006 My lord, I didn't expect all of you all to take an email this seriously! (Perhaps I should have pointed out the RUMOR quality of this, since people are just ignoring it, apparently.) :( C'mon, it's ONTD! Where's our poking fun spirit? Both sides are being redonkulus, IF it's true!
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Goddd Warrior<3

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Yeah, this bitch is stretching her 15-Minutes by putting out a seriously awful rap single. It's so fucking awful. Don't get me wrong, I love her ass...but it's her time to go now. Let bitches like Hottie from Flavor of Love get their time in. Marguerite can go back to eating ho-hos or whatever it is she does. And please don't buy this shit, the clip is enough. It's actually going to give me nightmares.

Yup, fame is fleeting as is my loyalty to celebs.

The official site where to listen to the God loving clip : http://www.margueriteperrin.com/index.html

Source: http://dlisted.blogspot.com/2006/01/marguerite-perrin-is-rap-star.html
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Oh no SHE didn't!!!

January 24, 2006 -- OH, no, she didn't! How's this for B-list logic: Britney Spears stole away Shar Jackson's babies' daddy, Kevin Federline, so Jackson has struck back by sleeping with Spears' ex-husband, Jason Alexander. Jackson showed up at the 25th-birthday party for singer Ray J, Brandy's younger brother, in L.A. Saturday night with Spears' redneck ex-hubby in tow. A spy says, "They made out all night before going upstairs to the off-limits bedroom area of the house." The rumpled duo rejoined the party an hour later, we hear - much to the surprise of Brandy and her new beau, Nick Cannon. A rep for Jackson declined comment
Source: Page six

Im I going crazy or was Nick Cannon quoted as to saying he was only into the white girls now?! What?!
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