January 15th, 2006

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Joaquin Pheonix Can't Find A Girlfriend

Actor JOAQUIN PHOENIX is having problems finding a girlfriend, because all his potential dates research him first.

The Hollywood star, who dated LIV TYLER in the late 1990s, hates sharing a meal or drink with an attractive lady who knows everything about him, thanks to the media and internet.

He explains, "I met a girl recently and we were out at dinner and suddenly she announces, 'I'm vegan.' I knew that was purely for my benefit because she got the information from a magazine and thought that was what she should say so we had something in common.

"You can see why meeting new people is so awkward. Normal things, like, 'Are you parents together?' they already know. If I could make films and never do interviews or have my photo taken, I'd do it."

Source: http://www.femalefirst.co.uk/celebrity/81422004.htm
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A CONTROVERSIAL movie in which "That '70s Show" star Laura Prepon plays a particularly notorious murderer is finally headed for theaters.

"Karla" was to have made its debut last August at the Montreal World Film Festival, but was yanked at the last minute after Air Canada and other fest sponsors complained - a decision that set off a censorship controversy in the land to the north.

Now, Christal Films has announced it will release "Karla" on 100 screens across Canada on Jan. 20, The Post's V.A. Musetto reports. A U.S. release is up in the air.

The subject matter is truly horrific. Prepon stars as Karla Homolka with Misha Collins, of TV's "24," as her husband, Paul Bernardo. Both Homolka and Bernardo were convicted of torturing and murdering two Canadian schoolgirls in the early 1990s.

Homolka also drugged her own 15-year-old sister, Tammy, and allowed equally depraved Bernardo to rape the girl, who choked on her own vomit and died.

Homolka, 35, served a 12-year prison sentence for manslaughter and was freed last summer. While behind bars, she carried on a lesbian relationship with a convicted bank robber.

Homolka remained out of sight until last week, when a Montreal newspaper reported that she was seen applying for a passport.

Bernardo is serving a life sentence.

A lawyer representing the victims' families says they will not oppose release of the movie, directed by American Joel Bender.

"They recognize we live in a free and democratic society where freedom of speech matters," the lawyer, Tim Danson, told the Globe and Mail of Toronto.

"They'd be happier for no one to see the movie ... but they're not going to play censor board. Unless I'm instructed otherwise, I don't think the families will have anything more to say."

No matter how free and democratic Canadians think their nation is, they had to follow the gruesome serial-murder case in the American media. That was because Canadian law restricts coverage of criminal cases pending conviction.

Luckily for Canadians, most live near the U.S. border, so they weren't too deprived of information.

Source: New York Post - Page Six
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Victoria Beckham will return to the catwalk this week.

Posh has agreed to model designer Roberto Cavalli's clothes at the Milan Fashion Week, after impressing him with her first catwalk appearance almost six years ago.

"Roberto is desperate for Victoria to return to the catwalk and Victoria has, in principle, agreed," a friend told the Sunday Mirror. "She is hoping that when she takes to the catwalk it will be a big surprise.

"Victoria's more at ease with herself than ever. She is really honoured that Cavalli wants her to model for him, as she's such a huge fan of his clothes."


to continue on about the Homolka/Bernardo movie... to those who are interested...

Playing Bernardo shook actor
By BRUCE KIRKLAND -- Toronto Sun
Movie gave him 'nightmares'

Misha Collins, who plays Paul Bernardo in the film Karla, told the Sun in an exclusive interview he is a non-violent person and was emotionally disturbed after making the movie. "It was scary to me ... somewhere deep within my psyche, there is that seed of real primal violence," he said.
LOS ANGELES -- Canadians aren't the only ones repulsed by Paul Bernardo. Playing the rapist-killer in the terrifying Hollywood film Karla was the most traumatic experience of actor Misha Collins' life.
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Source: Jam Showbiz



credits to bafans forum


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Juvenile Arrested On Child Support Warrant.

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Rapper Juvenile was arrested before a performance in Ocala, Florida on a child support warrant on Friday (Jan. 13).

The New Orleans born rapper was arrested on a writ of bodily attachment child support warrant and was taken into custody at The Ritz Hotel in Ocala.

Juvenile, born Terius Gray, was released on his own recognizance that evening and performed at the Ghost House Night Club.

In a separate October 2003 incident, an arrest warrant was issued for the rapper in Gwinnett County, Georgia, on charges of abandonment of a dependent child.

Juvenile is preparing to release his latest album, Reality Check.


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"Lindsay Lohan is about to be a very busy girl. The singer/actress released her sophomore album, 'A Little More Personal', last December and has released the disc's second single, 'I Live For The Day'. However, Lohan's label is not thrilled with sales and it has fallen to #88 on the charts in just five weeks. Her debut album, 'Speak', was still in the top 30 at this time. So in a bid to boost sales, Casablanca Records has cancelled the release of the single and video for, 'I Live For The Day'. Instead the track, 'Fastlane', will be the new second single and will also serve as the theme song to Lohan's upcoming film, 'Just My Luck'. A video will be shot the first week in February."

- locationlohan.com
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Crash star Terrence Howard ran away from armed robbery charge.

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CRASH star TERRENCE HOWARD gave up his acting dreams in Hollywood and moved to Pennsylvania after he was wrongly charged with brandishing a weapon while 'stealing' his brother's car from a towing company.

The actor became a family hero when he scared the towing company's bosses into letting him drive his brother's car away without paying the tow charge, but the firm got its own back by having Howard arrested.

The bosses claimed he had waved one of the swords he collected at the time at them, but Howard still maintains he left his blade collection in his own car and never used a weapon to get his sibling's car back.

He says, "Two months later I'm at the bank, I come out of the bank and the moment I get to my car, there's 12 police cars surrounding me - `Put your hands on top of your head....' I thought I'd got a ticket or something.

"It turns out the people at the tow yard said I walked in there and they thought I had brandished a weapon - that's the only reason they let me out....

"They said that this car was used in an armed robbery... at a tow yard and then it hits me, so I leave town after I get out of jail and I went to Philadelphia and started laying carpet for $7 an hour.

"After I got me some money I went to court and straightened it all out and now it's all good.... I don't carry swords anymore. I got rid of all my knives."


Kathleen Turner furious over 'alcoholic' label.

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Hollywood icon KATHLEEN TURNER is furious that her battle with rheumatoid arthritis was mistaken for alcoholism.

The actress was prescribed steroids to help her fight the crippling disease when it was first diagnosed in the mid 1990s. They had side effects of weight gain and water-retention, which were commonly mistaken by the public as a signs of a substance-abuse problem.

And Turner, 52, is convinced the hurtful assumption is the result of dubious Hollywood role models.
She says, ''People were saying that I was an alcoholic, but it was actually the steroids I was on that were making me look puffy.

"In Hollywood, it's more acceptable for you to drink or do drugs than to be ill and, although it made me angry to have those things said about me initially, I never corrected anyone and just let everything wash over me."

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Super smoocher Anthony Hutton.

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Anthony Hutton has kissed 100 girls since winning 'Big Brother'.

The handsome star says he is addicted to "snogging" female fans and has been playing tonsil tennis non-stop since leaving the 'Big Brother' house.

He revealed to Britain's Hot Stars magazine: "I've snogged millions of girls. I was always into snogging. There really has been a lot since leaving the house - I would say I've snogged around 100 girls since then."

Last month, Anthony admitted to enjoying a three-way kiss.
The hunky star admits girls throw themselves at him when he goes to nightclubs and has no problem smooching with more than one admirer at a time.

He said "Oh I kiss loads of girls when I do personal appearances. I even have three and four-way snogs.

"I feel like, you know, the nightclub have paid for me to be there, so if the girls turn up and want an autograph or a picture or a snog, I think it's my duty to do it!"


That word snogging..
dog and cat snuggling

Courtney Love

Get crunk, y'all! Anybody who is anybody is doing it. Courtney Love was caught gettin' crunk while leaving a pre-Golden Globe party at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, January 14. What a hot mess!

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Angelina's Huge Veins!

Globe-trotting actor Angelina Jolie not only showed off her swelling tummy, but also swelling veins during a visit to Haiti in the Caribbean.

And experts say it is actually Jolie's fat-free figure that has made the condition worse.

Just days after publicists confirmed that Jolie, a sponsor of several humanitarian causes, was expecting a child with her actor partner Brad Pitt, the A-list couple visited the sweltering capital of Haiti, Port au Prince.

While the almost rope-like appearance of the blood vessels was striking, medical experts said it was a common condition of pregnancy known as venous dilation.

Professor Michael Bennett from the Royal Hospital for Women said that venous dilation was caused by an expecting mother's increased blood supply, the extra body heat generated during pregnancy and being in a hot climate.

But the swelling would not be noticeable on someone with a lot of body fat.

"In somebody who is as slim as she is, you are likely to see the veins reasonably prominently in most circumstances when she is warm," Professor Bennett said.

"The pregnancy is producing heat and what she has to do physiologically is get that blood to the surface of her body to get rid of that heat."

Enlarging of the veins is also needed just to cope with the extra blood supply during pregnancy, Professor Bennett said.

"The blood volume goes up by close to 50per cent in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy," he said.

Jolie and Pitt have not revealed when their child is due, although she is said to be five months pregnant.

The pair were in Haiti on the invitation of Haitian-born hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean.

Source: http://www.dailytelegraph.news.com.au/story/0,20281,17834466-5001022,00.html
Also can somebody tell me how to do cuts and how to post images. Thanks!

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We love Us Weekly and People, but we fucking love outscooping them more!

It pays having friends in other countries.

A very sexy PerezHilton.com reader informs us that Russell Crowe confirmed on Saturday night at a concert he was peforming at with his band that he and his wife, Danielle, are expecting another baby, who will join their little boy, Charles.

The baby is reportedy due this summer, around July.


Source:Perez Hilton
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Ohh, that Morrissey!

Vegan singer MORRISSEY is under fire after voicing his support for violent animal rights activists.

The former SMITHS frontman insists extreme measures are justified against those who celebrate meat-eating or conduct animal experiments.

Morrissey has targetted British celebrity chefs JAMIE OLIVER and CLARISSA DICKSON-WRIGHT - who also proudly advocates blood sports - in his rant.

He writes in his online magazine TRUE TO YOU: "I support the Animal Rights Militia in England and I understand why fur farmers and so-called laboratory scientists are repaid with violence.

"With people in the world such as Jamie Oliver and Clarissa Dickson-Wright, there isn't much hope for animals."

But Dickson-Wright responds, "He's probably cracked from a lack of animal protein.

"What they've done to research workers is terrifying. The have burnt houses down, they beat people up and throw acid. They are extremely nasty pieces of work.

"Morrissey is encouraging acts of violence."

"He's probably cracked from a lack of animal protein." LMFAO. Winnar.

source: contactmmusic.com
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Supermodel KATE MOSS has ditched her lavish birthday plans for Monday (16JAN06), fearing some of her guests will bring drugs.

Moss had reportedly organised a 50s-themed bash to celebrate her 32nd, but has cancelled the extravaganza in favour of a low-key dinner party.

A source tells British newspaper The Mirror, "Kate is renting one of STEVEN SPIELBERG's places in LA and was to host a 50s-style party there.

"Everyone was so excited and invites had gone out telling guests what characters they were to be - they'd ordered MARILYN MONROE wigs and everything.

"But when Kate realised some might turn up with drugs she decided she there was no way she could let it go ahead and risk more public humiliation."


Ashlee Simpson Sex Tape a Fake

Some pathetic lowlifes with too much time on their hands are trying to make a quick buck off what they are saying is an Ashlee Simpson sex tape.

But don't be fooled by the photos that are being spread around the web. The photos, and the sex tape if it actually exists, are fake.

Some web sites apparently selling the tape said it was stolen from Simpson's home in California.

The sites say she recorded the tape with an ex-boyfriend before she was famous.

Again, the information, photos, and video are all fake, sickos. Why did they choose Simpson to lie about? Well, that we can't explain.

Simpson recently made news when she collapsed at a concert in Tokyo. Over New Year's, Simpson relaxed with her band in Maui.

Did her father write this article?

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Oh the lengths that groupies will go to

Michael Vick's accuser plans on trial
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The woman who accused Falcons quarterback Michael Vick of infecting her with genital herpes is "gearing up for trial," which could publicly expose details of the civil case after court-ordered mediation in December failed to bring a resolution, according to the attorney for Sonya Elliott.

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oh man i'm dying for some transcripts of this trial. maybe he'll get a valtrex endorsement?

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Former X FILES star GILLIAN ANDERSON has been accused of drunkenly verbally attacking a fellow passenger on a flight from Sri Lanka to England.

Anderson repeatedly berated the man - who was travelling with his wife and son - for not looking after his child, according to another passenger.

The 37-year-old had drunk at least six glasses of red wine when the incident took place, according to witness SIMON JONES, despite her claims she has been teetotal since she was 21.

Jones says, "The man was watching a movie and had his headphones on, minding his own business.

"Gillian reached over, pulled them off his head.

"I could tell she was drunk because she was putting her face right up to his.

"She was slurring as well, saying, 'Don't you think your wife needs a break?' and accusing him of taking his wife for granted. He was saying, 'Please leave me alone.'"

Flight attendants then moved Anderson to another seat, where Jones claims she covered herself with a blanket and cried for over an hour.

Jones adds, "I didn't realise who she was to start with.

"If she was a normal passenger she would have had a warning from the captain and crew. As it was, they continued to serve her wine."

But the London manager of Sri Lankan Airlines KRISHAN PERERA, insists, "There has not been any complaint from passengers. For us it is of no significance whatsoever that she is a famous actress."