January 13th, 2006


Preston recovering after ‘catastrophic’ infection

Singer remains seriously ill, cannot speak

PHOENIX - Singer-songwriter and keyboardist Billy Preston is recovering from a recent bout with a serious infection of the sac encasing of his heart.

“Billy had a very catastrophic incident happen to him, but he is doing considerably better,” his manager, Joyce Moore, told The Associated Press on Thursday.

Preston, 59, is best known for his work with the Beatles, playing the organ on their song “Get Back.” He also toured with the Rolling Stones and was a regular member of Eric Clapton’s band. His hits include “Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing,” “Will It Go Round in Circles?” and “You Are So Beautiful To Me.”

He has suffered from chronic kidney failure brought on by uncontrolled high blood pressure since 2001, Moore said. He had a kidney transplant in 2002, but the kidney failed and he has been on thrice-weekly dialysis treatments ever since.

Moore said that while Preston isn’t “brain dead” as some reports suggested, he remains seriously ill and is not up and walking around. He cannot speak because he has a tracheotomy.

He moved to Scottsdale, Ariz. from Los Angeles about a year and a half ago, Moore said, because he believed he could get better medical treatment in Arizona, home to a branch of the Mayo Clinic.

Moore said he’s not hospitalized at the clinic, but is in a facility where he can receive physical therapy and other medical treatment.

Preston is not contemplating another kidney transplant, she said.

“He just decided that he could not go through that again,” Moore said.

AP via MSNBC.com

Kylie Not Cancer Free Yet

Rumors swirled early Friday that our adored pop princess, Kylie Minogue, had received a clean bill of health from her doctors and successfully beaten cancer.

As is often the case with them, the scurrilous newspaper The Sun, which - like Page Six parent the New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch - published an incorrect story filled with a lot of false hope.

The Sun reports that Minogue received test results from Parisian doctors last Friday declaring she is now cancer-free and went on to give questionable quotes from various sources. However, Kylie's publicist has come out on the offensive against The Sun, stating that their report is not true, unfortunately.

"There's no validity to this. It's not true," says Kylie's rep, who was unable to confirm whether Minogue was still receiving treatment.

If she is not cancer-free just yet, we're sure she will be very very soon. Kylie is not only in our thoughts and has our well wishes, but we know she is loved by many worldwide who are also wishing her a full and speedy recovery.

Source: Perez Hilton
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Rapper Cool C's Execution Warrant Signed by PA Governor Ed Rendell.

Image hosting by TinyPic

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell signed the execution warrant yesterday for former Philadelphia rapper Christopher "Cool C" Roney.

Roney, 36, is currently an inmate at Pennsylvania’s State Correctional Institution at Greene and is set to die by lethal injection on March 9.

In October 1996, Roney was found guilty of first-degree murder in the killing of Philadelphia police officer and nine-year veteran Lauretha Vaird during a botched January 1996 bank robbery that included rap partner Warren "Steady B" McGlone and a third man.

Vaird was Philadelphia's first female officer ever killed in the line of duty.

While McGlone was convicted as an accomplice and getaway driver, later receiving life in prison, prosecutors asserted that Roney was the triggerman and sentenced him to death.

The sentence was affirmed by the state's Supreme Court a year ago, and a subsequent plea to the U.S. Supreme Court was denied in October 2005.

Roney was a member of rap crew The Hilltop Hustlers in the late 1980s and helped put Philly rappers on the map with singles such as "Juice Crew Dis" (which was later used by Philadephia rappers Beanie Sigel & Peedi Crack on 'When You Hear'), as well as 1989's hit single, "Glamorous Life."

As a rapper, Roney released two albums, 1989's I Gotta Habit and 1990’s Life in the Ghetto.

In 1993, he joined Steady B and Ultimate Eaze to form the group C.E.B. and released the album Countin' Endless Bank in 1993 on Ruffhouse Records.

Wentworth Miller - Sexy!!!!!!!

Adam Levine is a PIMP

From www.nypost.com

January 13, 2006 -- ALMOST every member of the hot young Hollywood girls' club has one thing in common: Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine. So far, Levine has been linked with Maria Sharapova, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and others. Now, according to "The Insider" correspondent Marc Malkin, he's dating Kirsten Dunst. Earlier this week, while Nicole Richie cuddled up to "Jackass" star Steve-O at Teddy's in L.A., Dunst and Levine were cozying up and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.
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It's Friday the 13th....

The Beach Boys are suing two California men for $20 million, claiming they stole a trove of photos, recordings and other band memorabilia from a warehouse with the intent to put the items up for auction.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Los Angeles on Wednesday. It names three defendants: Allan Gaba, the owner of a North Hollywood warehouse, his friend, Roy Sciacca, and Gem Systems Inc., a company Sciacca was involved in.

Brother Records Inc., the band’s corporate entity, brought the case, claiming Gaba and Sciacca violated the group’s copyright and trademark rights, as well as their “right of publicity.”

According to the complaint, the band had been using Gaba’s warehouse to store musical instruments, original sheet music, charts, photos, contracts and other items culled over the years from the early days of the popular ’60s group.

In 1994, the band decided to clear out the warehouse, but claims Gaba had removed between 13 and 25 boxes full of their memorabilia without permission.

Then last October, Sciacca contacted Britain-based entertainment auction house Cooper Owen and tried to put the items up for sale, the lawsuit claims. The auction was canceled a half-hour before it was to start, the document said.

Sciacca, who the band claims still retains several boxes of their effects, told officials at Cooper Owen that he had purchased the memorabilia two decades ago, according to the complaint.

No listed number for Gaba or Sciacca could be located.

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Danes terminates action movies

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

'Romeo and Juliet' actress Claire Danes has revealed her determination to stay away from action movies after her brief foray into the genre with 'Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines'. Danes has displayed a penchant for low-budget, independent films and has managed to avoid a number of extravagant blockbusters which Hollywood producers have offered to her since her role as Juliet opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in 'Romeo and Juliet'.
However, she admitted that the only reason she accepted the role as Kate Brewster in the 'Terminator' sequel was because she had some spare time and thought it would be interesting to give action a try. She told British film magazine Empire: "Terminator was pretty anomalous. I don't typically do movies like that. I was free, I was offered it, and I was curious. "I had a good time with it, but I wouldn't do it again."

Source : Virgin.net

I *LOVE* her, but Thank God.
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That's no woman, it's a MAN!

Rolling Stone has published their expose of the Wachowski brothers.

Turns out Larry Wachowski met a dominatrix (who was married to a female to male transsexual), broke up two marriages, and is now LIVING AS A WOMAN.

The article is long, so here are some excerpts:

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WTF. Creepy as hell.
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Top earning young celebs

FROM Paris Hilton to Serena Williams, meet this year's youngest money-makers.

Sure, Mary-Kate Olsen struggled with an eating disorder. And yeah, Lindsay Lohan has dipped into a drug or two. But not all young stars are troubled despite what the tabloids would have you believe.

But all young superstars do have one thing in common: money, and lots of it.

In fact, according to Forbes' annual listing of the World's Most Powerful Celebrities, the 11 youngsters on our list earned some $127 million in just one year. And not one of them has even cracked the quarter-century mark yet.


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Jennifer Aniston and her mantoy Vince Vaughn try to make a quick exit from a Hollywood restaurant at 2 a.m on January 11.

What is the point in trying to hide from cameras anymore? Vince and Jennifer might as well take a couple million from OK! magazine and milk whatever fame they have left. I have love for Vaughniston the same way I have love for Brangelina, but I think we can all agree that 2006 is the year of the Jolie.

-Faded Youth

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Sucky is Mahn

Colbert: AP the Biggest Threat to America

Fri Jan 13,11:12 AM ET

Stung by a recent Associated Press article that didn't credit him for coining the word "truthiness," Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert has struck back.

The world's oldest news organization, Colbert says, is the "No. 1 threat facing America."

On Wednesday evening, Colbert placed the AP atop the Threat Down segment of "The Colbert Report" show. What was No. 2?


In October, on Colbert's debut episode of the "Daily Show" spinoff, the comedian defined "truthiness" as truth that wouldn't stand to be held back by facts. The word caught on, and last week the American Dialect Society named "truthiness" the word of the year.

When an AP story about the designation sent coast to coast failed to mention Colbert, he began a tongue-in-cheek crusade, not unlike the kind his muse Bill O'Reilly might lead in all seriousness.

"It's a sin of omission, is what it is," Colbert told The AP on Thursday. "You're not giving people the whole story about truthiness."

"It's like Shakespeare still being alive and not asking him what `Hamlet' is about," he said.

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I am so white.

American Idol in CosmoProm

Could someone please explain to me the apparent appeal of Carrie Underwood? Sure, Anne Rice was no prize either, but who didn't see this coming when they picked up the phone & dialed 1-800-IDOL... I mean come on, COSMO PROM?!
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Wonder what Carrie's senior prom was like? "I went to senior prom with my friend Travis. Neither of us had a date, so we decided to go together. We'd known each other since we were children and he was like a brother to me. We always picked on each other and we swore we'd be civil that one night. But in the car, he started up, then I called him stupid, and it was downhill from there. We didn't hang out at prom. I ended up having fun dancing with my girlfriends all night long."
And junior prom? "My date showed up in big white sneakers -- he refused to wear his tux shoes. I was so mad at him! I made him take his dress shoes along in a bag for the picture. but now that people know who I am, I hear that he flashes the prom photo everywhere."

Love is in the air..and other things.

Sharon Stone can often be seen courtside cheering on the Los Angeles Lakers, but has she gone and landed a basketball beau of her own? In Touch claims the actress, 47, is carrying on an under-the-radar romance with former Lakers star Rick Fox, 36, who called it quits with wife Vanessa Williams in 2004. "Rick is smitten with her," an insider tells the mag. Or is he? "They are absolutely not an item," Stone's rep insists to MSN Entertainment. "He is the best friend of one of Sharon's closest friends."

Just because a California court has declared that Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney's four-month marriage never legally existed is apparently no reason for them to stop hanging out together. The weedy Oscar winner and the perpetually cowboy-hatted crooner, who last month were granted an annulment on the grounds of fraud, were recently spied chowing down at a Nashville-area sub shop, according to the AP. This is just the latest sighting of the former flames, who just weeks ago were twice seen dining in Connecticut, where Zellweger has a home. But their repeated bread-breaking doesn't mean they plan to give their blink-and-you'll-miss-it union another shot, says Chesney's rep, who explains, "They're friends. The media made so much more out of everything that the public has no clarity about any of it. And that's the tragedy. They're two nice people who don't choose to live in public." For those curious about the calorie-counting Oscar winner's sub order, she reportedly got a Philadelphia cheesesteak, but told 'em to hold the cheese.

Now that's she's exhausted every avenue of self-promotion in the U.S., Paris Hilton may be looking to branch out. The London Sun says the vacuous Greek billion-heir collector is "secretly" in talks to be a presenter at the Brit Awards, the U.K. equivalent of the Grammys. "She has exactly the right credentials to get herself into trouble ...," an awards show source tells the tab. "Paris is desperate to make a success of her pop career and the Brits is the perfect place for her to begin her UK campaign." Paris' long-in-the-works debut album, which she has scarily described as "princess hip-hop," is due out sometime this year.
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'Arrested': There's more

I just got a press release from Fox announcing a "two-hour season finale" of Arrested Development will air Feb. 10. The expanded episode will feature guest appearances by '80s greats Judge Reinhold and Justine Bateman, who plays Nellie Bluth, Michael's possible long-lost sister.

Nowhere on the release does it say this is the last episode of the series; it only refers to the special as a season finale. Could this mean there's still hope? Perhaps if enough people watch, it'll send the network a message.


I cannot find the press release and this just could be a simple case of semantics. Who knows?
I don't like being toyed with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Hoff divorcing... look out ladies!

FORMER Baywatch star David Hasselhoff was divorcing wife Pamela Bach after 16 years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences, his publicist said.

Hasselhoff, 53, filed for divorce in Los Angeles yesterday, and the couple had agreed to an amicable settlement, publicist Judy Katz said.

The actor, also known for starring in the TV drama Knight Rider has two daughters with Bach, according to his website, www.davidhasselhoff.com

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"Three Jackson Lawsuits in One" from YahooNews

Michael Jackson has been accused, at various times in his career, of molesting children, breaking contracts and stealing songs. Rarely, if ever, has he been accused of doing all three at once.
Now a recent lawsuit hits the trifecta, alleging the pop star sexually abused a boy in the 1980s and 1990s, lifted lyrics and melodies from the child, who was as young as 2 at the time of the reputed plagiarism, and reneged on a deal to pay for the songs.
Perhaps making the lawsuit at least a quadfecta, Jackson, 47, is also accused of burning, beating, and torturing the then-child, and forcing him to undergo "unnecessary cosmetic surgery procedures."
"I've got photos of my client with these red lips just like you see on Mr. Jackson, and a big old cleft on his chin which he didn't have previously," Michael Mattern, an attorney for the alleged victim, who's now 20, told London's Guardian.

The lawsuit, filed by Daniel Kapone, according to Los Angeles' City News Service, comes complete with details of the alleged molestation: The masturbation, the tongue being stuck down the throat, the anal penetration "by force." (A copy of the lawsuit was posted Thursday at TMZ.com.)
According to the lawsuit, Jackson's accuser was exploited by the entertainer from 1987 until 1999, when Kapone was 14. The allegedly stolen songs were featured on at least four Jackson albums, it says, beginning with 1987's Bad, which was released when Kapone was 2. The complaint does not say which tracks Jackson allegedly plagiarized from the then-toddler.
The lawsuit, seeking unspecified damages from Jackson, his production company and his record label, was originally filed in Orange County, California, in July, reports said. The New York Post smoked it out in Monday's edition, speculating that the complaint was able to avoid making headlines for so long because the first version was "handwritten, paper-thin" and "included no details, or even a lawyer representing the plaintiff."
A beefed-up version of the lawsuit was registered with the court in October. The 22-page complaint does not lack for details, citing numerous alleged transgressions, ranging from child molestation to breach of contract to the trampling of civil rights. In the latter instance, Jackson is accused of hurling anti-Semitic insults at Kapone, who is said to be Jewish.
A call seeking comment from Jackson's spokeswoman was not returned Thursday. Attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr., who successfully defended the singer from criminal molestation charges last year, told TMZ.com that the accusations in the lawsuit "are ridiculous on their face," and that they "will be vigorously defended."
According to the Post, authorities in Santa Barbara County, California, who put Jackson on trial for allegedly molesting a Los Angeles teen, knew of Kapone's allegations, but "didn't believe his story would stand up in court."
A hearing on the lawsuit has been scheduled for Feb. 14, CNS said.

I've bolded the best parts.
Dr. Cox

Levi Strauss Debuts iPod-Ready Jeans

Kinda cool, I guess.

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 10) - Call it the 21st Century watch pocket.

Denim giant Levi Strauss said on Tuesday it had designed jeans compatible with the iPod music player, featuring a joystick in the watch pocket to operate the device.

The Levi's RedWire DLX Jeans for men and women, which will be available this fall, also have a built-in docking cradle for the iPod and retractable headphones. Pricing was not immediately available.

Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod is the No. 1 digital music player. The company on Tuesday attributed a 63 percent jump in holiday quarter sales in part to the iPod's popularity and said 42 million of the devices have been sold to date.

Levi's is not the first company to feature iPod-friendly apparel, although it may be the first to make iPod-compatible jeans.

Haute couture fashion houses began featuring pricey iPod carrying cases after the device's 2001 launch, while outdoor company Burton Snowboards unveiled what it called the first iPod-compatible waterproof snowboarding jacket in 2003.

Last fall, Los Angeles-based manufacturer Kenpo launched men's jackets selling at Macy's for between $275 and $350, featuring iPod controls on the sleeve.

dog and cat snuggling

Eva Longoria opens her mouth again....

Eva Longoria treats all her girlfriends to a vibrator on their birthday.

The 'Desperate Housewives' star claims the greatest gift for any woman is learning how to pleasure herself and insists she is happy to give electronic aids to her friends to help them discover themselves sexually.

The sexy actress, who famously said she didn't have an orgasm until she used a vibrator, revealed:

"After I spoke openly about vibrators I literally got boxes and boxes of free sex toys sent to me. So I was constantly giving them away.

"Even before that I'd give them to girlfriends for their birthdays and they'd be so excited."

Eva insists learning what pleases you sexually while experimenting on your own can only lead to a better sex life with your husband or boyfriend.

She added to Cosmopolitan magazine:

"You get better sex when you know your own body. How can you expect a man to know your body when you don't know what pleases you?"

source:Hollywood rag

Felicity Huffman Opens Up

With the ever-popular "Desperate Housewives," the critically acclaimed 'Transamerica,' and award nominations galore, FELICITY HUFFMAN is flying high these days. But things didn't always go the actress' way. Felicity opens up about her exhausting efforts to make it in Hollywood as well as her past struggle with an eating disorder.

"I know what it's like to wake up and be in agony in your own skin," she tells LESLEY STAHL on Sunday's edition of "60 Minutes," airing at 7 p.m. on CBS. It was when she was in her late teens and into her 20s that Felicity battled with both bulimia and anorexia.

The Golden Globe nominee admits to starving herself to look thin for some of her earlier roles and also reveals she entered therapy to help with the problem.

On a lighter note, Felicity also talks about how after more than 20 years in the business and dozens of films under her belt, she's finally getting spotted on the street, thanks to the success of "Desperate Housewives."

"The last month people have recognized me," she says. "It doesn't happen that often."

Felicity also opens up about motherhood, her childhood and her relationship with her and her ABC cast mates, which has been the source of many headlines since the show began in 2004.

For more on Felicity, watch tonight's ET!


indie music extravangza post

The Finalists for the New Pantheon Music Award (successor to the Shortlist) have been announced. This is an award for albums that have sold less than 500,000 copies.

The finalists:
Animal Collective - Feels
Antony and the Johnsons - I am a Bird Now
Arcade Fire - Funeral
Bloc Party - Silent Alarm
Death Cab For Cutie - Plans
Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine
Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
M.I.A. - Arular
Sufjan Stevens - Illinois
The Decemberists - Picaresque

This list was culled from a huge one of all the nominations from the judging panel, among them some folks we see around here sometimes, like Adam Brody and Elijah Wood. Collapse )

And, tons of bands for SXSW 2006 have been announced. I doubt anyone here really cares much about this because you wont be there, so I'm not going to post them here. Just providing a link incase you do.

Sorry about the lack of pictures, kiddies!

sources: newpantheon.net, sxsw 2006
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Rapper Mystikal gets one year for tax evasion.

Term to run concurrently with sentence for sexual assault on hairstylist.

Image hosting by TinyPic

Grammy-nominated rapper Mystikal has been sentenced to a year in prison for trying to cheat the federal government out of $271,000 in taxes.

U.S. District Judge James Brady said Thursday that he would allow Mystikal, whose real name is Michael L. Tyler, to serve the sentence at the same time he serves a state sentence for sexual battery against his former hairstylist.

Tyler is serving a six-year sentence for the videotaped attack on the woman. He pleaded guilty in June 2003 to forcing her to perform oral sex after accusing her of stealing $80,000 worth of his checks.

In the tax case, Tyler pleaded guilty in August to two misdemeanor counts of failing to file tax returns on $824,916 he earned in 1998 and $930,953 in 1999. The judge ordered him to pay back taxes and penalties in addition to the one-year sentence.


Yay for Kylie!

DOCTORS in Paris have reportedly told pop princess Kylie Minogue her chemotherapy for breast cancer has been successful.

The 37-year-old was given the test results last Friday, The Sun newspaper reported in the United Kingdom.

Minogue was said to be overjoyed after hearing her six months of chemotherapy had worked, the paper said.

The chart-topping singer had a partial mastectomy in Melbourne in May after she found a lump in her left breast.

She underwent chemotherapy in Paris and was photographed looking gaunt and pale, wearing head scarves – presumably because of hair loss caused by the treatment.

Minogue had her final chemotherapy session on December 18 before being given the good news last week, the paper reported. A scan had shown there were no more cancer cells in her body, it said.

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SUPERMODEL Carolyn Murphy, the face of Estée Lauder, had her ex-husband arrested on extortion charges after he tried to sell the graphic sex tape they made on their 17-day honeymoon in Barbados.

Jake Schroeder, a surfer dude with a history of drug abuse, was thrown behind bars in California last Thursday and released on Tuesday after his bail was reduced from $500,000 to $33,000, which was paid by Internet Commerce Group, the company trying to market the two-hour video.

Schroeder, father of Murphy's daughter, Dylan, 5, was in San Jose yesterday living in his car with two dogs. "He's essentially homeless. He called this morning and asked if we could find him an apartment," said David Gingras, a lawyer for ICG. "I told him if he's arrested for anything else, even jaywalking, we're not bailing him out."

The slacker was in a courtroom outside Lake Tahoe last week for a hearing on earlier charges he had bounced checks, when Police Detective David Hunt placed him under arrest on the extortion charge.

On Friday, Hunt led a squad of Phoenix, Ariz., cops to the offices of ICG to execute a search warrant. The officers left with the original camcorder videotape of his honeymoon with Murphy, plus a file marked "Jake Schroeder" containing correspondence and a copy of his contract with ICG.

"Our position is that no crime has been committed," Gingras told PAGE SIX. "You cannot commit extortion by offering to sell something you own.

"Rather than risking a battle in civil court, where she might lose and see the tape released, Carolyn has decided to simply fabricate a false extortion claim against Schroeder," Gingras said. He questioned the tactics of Marty Singer, the lawyer for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl. "It's like he pulled out a gun in a boxing match."

Gingras said that once the extortion charge against Schroeder is dismissed, he plans to sue Murphy, Singer, "and anyone else who assisted in commencing the sham criminal charges." Singer did not return calls.

Murphy said, "Of course I don't want the tape to come out. It is private and intimate moments from my honeymoon with a man I thought I could trust. It has turned out I was completely wrong." A friend of hers said, "She made the mistake of marrying this loser, and he's been making her life miserable ever since."

Source: New York Post - Page Six
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I'd love to see Clinton and McGraw hanging out.

Singer Tim McGraw Eyes Politics

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Country singer Tim McGraw says he wants to run for office someday in his adopted home state of Tennessee — perhaps for governor or U.S. senator — and he's getting encouragement from a fellow Democrat, former President Clinton.

"I think he's got it," Clinton says of McGraw in an Esquire magazine story that hits newsstands Monday. "The Democrats need candidates whom people can relate to in a personal way, people who understand their lives and their concerns and share their values. And I think that's something Tim can do without even pretending."

McGraw, 38, told the magazine he has no immediate plans to enter politics.

"Maybe in 10 or 15 years when the music has died down," he said.

The magazine reported that McGraw, who has three young daughters with his wife, singer
Faith Hill, was recruited a few years ago to run for the U.S. Senate seat that eventually went to Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander, but passed because of his children and his singing career.

While running for the Senate remains an option, the Louisiana native seems more interested in the governor's office.

"It's more of a leadership role, and I think that's something that I'd do well," he said. "That doesn't rule out senator; I just think that as governor of a state, especially where I live, there would be a lot more opportunities to make some decisions and change some things."

He identified health care as his top issue, and said one of his main reasons for wanting to enter politics is Clinton, whom he calls "the best president we ever had."

Born in Delhi, La., he grew up as Tim Smith. But at age 12, he learned his father was baseball pitcher Tug McGraw, who had had a brief affair with his mother.

His mom and stepfather divorced when he was in the fourth grade, leaving her to raise him and his two sisters.

"She worked two or three jobs at a time," McGraw told The Associated Press in 2004. "I can remember being 11, 12, 13 years old and getting up at 12 o'clock at night and my mom sitting at the kitchen table with the bills spread out everywhere and not even knowing I was there with her head down crying. And then the next day the VCR being gone. It's stuff you grow up with, but you learn a lot from that."

He went to Northeastern Louisiana University on a baseball scholarship and started singing and playing guitar. He dropped out in 1989 and moved to Nashville, where he landed a recording contract with Curb Records

McGraw has sold more than 30 million albums and compiled a long list of hits that includes "Indian Outlaw," "Where the Green Grass Grows," "Red Ragtop" and "Live Like You Were Dying." He's also branched into acting; he had a supporting role in 2004's "Friday Night Lights" and has a lead role in the upcoming film "Flicka," an update of a popular 1943 movie.

source: www.yahoooooooooooooooo.com

Now Tim McGraw and I have TWO things in common: We both think Faith Hill is hot AND we really like Bill Clinton.
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Kevin Federline Says He Doesn't Care If You Don't Like Him

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Given his rise from backup dancer to Britney Spears' husband to tabloid fodder, it's an understatement to say aspiring recording artist Kevin Federline has an uphill battle ahead of him in the credibility department.

Fortunately, Kevin doesn't much care.

"I don't think it's gonna be all that hard," Federline said Wednesday in an exclusive interview and album preview at a studio near the couple's SoCal mansion. "The more I talk, the more I come out and people get to know who I am and what I'm about, it's only gonna help. And if you don't like me, hey, cool. Everything in life is 50/50, I accept the good and the bad and just move on."

Although his professional experience has so far mostly consisted of dancing in videos and on tours for the likes of Justin Timberlake and Pink, Federline's been a bedroom rapper for years and actually got into dancing through hip-hop. Still, when he first stepped into a studio he worked on rock and alternative music before going back to his first love.

The fact that hip-hop is probably the toughest genre for Federline to crack doesn't concern him much.

"I believe that no matter what, if it's real and people feel it, that's what it is, it doesn't matter," he said. "They'll look past what I look like if they know I'm pouring my soul out on this and I'm serious about it. It's not like I think this is a joke. It's not a joke to me. This is my emotion, this is everything, the past two years where I haven't said anything or came out and talked to anybody, I held it all in here so I can do this."

Federline hasn't signed a record deal yet but has already released his first single via the Internet, "PopoZao," which is apparently slang for "nice ass" in Portuguese.

"We want to go out to Brazil [for the video] ... then finish it up in Miami on the beach," he said. "The single's really directed towards Miami and Brazil. That's it. Springtime hits and it's gonna be on and cracking."

So far, K-Fed has chosen to work with two relatively unknown producers, Disco D and Notes, rather than capitalize on his wife's connections.

"I don't want to go that route," he said. "It's not that I don't respect those people. I'd love to [work with them] and I'm sure one day I will end up working with a bunch of big producers, but right now I want people to know I did this. The people coming out with me are new people. I'm trying to bring a new scenario to the game. They'll have to respect me more for doing this."

Federline and Spears have collaborated on a few tracks, but Federline is sitting on them for the same reason. "I think people need to get to know me a little bit more, and that way when we do something, people will respect it that much more," he said.

As for his marriage to Spears, Federline dismissed all the tabloid reports of trouble in paradise. "It's like I have to look every week to see how my life is going, but it's not true," he said.

Federline called Britney a "wonderful mother" and said he ignores the tabloids entirely.

"This is me, that's all you need to know," he said. "I'm cool, I'm a laid-back person, I don't read into all the BS out there. I know where I'm at and where I'm going and I don't get sidetracked from that. I won't allow that to happen. That's failure."

This report is provided by MTV News

well i don't care that he doesn't care
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JAKE GYLLENHAAL is planning to ditch his glittering movie career in favour of his other great love - cooking.

The BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN star insists spending quality time in the kitchen with his favourite ingredients gives him as much of a buzz as acting.

He says, "Cooking is just as much of a passion. My best friend is a chef and all my closest friends are chefs.

"I think performing has always been a big thing for me and I think cooking is another type of performance."

I guess it is if you have a cooking show on Food TV. I would watch that. I know, you're sick of Jake. Scroll please...

Turns out Jake Gyllenhaal has a secret passion: cooking. The 24-year-old actor regularly makes a guest appearance in Babbo, a three star Italian restaurant, in downtown Manhattan. Fortunately for Jake, the Italian eatery — a fave of foodies and celebrities — is owned by his "good friend" celebrity chef Mario Batali, star of the Food Network's Molto Mario. "He does prep work in the kitchen, that's how he unwinds," a Babbo staffer tells Star. "Mario is giving him cooking lessons."

Another tidbit with cooking :) The Molto Mario Gnocchi episode is airing again on the 23rd, Jake was supposedly in this episode. FYI.

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January 11, 2006: Mary J. Blige Suprise Birthday Party
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January 12, 2006: Golden Globes Style Lounge Presented by Kari Feinstein PR - Day 1
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January 12, 2006: Zoe Saldana and Todd Ziele of the New York Mets Sign "Dirty Deeds" at FYE in New York City
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January 13, 2006: Jordan Signs Her DVD "The Jordan Workout" at Sainsbury’s in Gillingham
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Edit: January 13, 2006: Remy Martin and Keyshia Cole - Remy Martin's Album Listening Session
(thought she'd be good for a laugh :p)
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Nice ass, Sienna

Alright, this is my first post, and it's not the biggest news, but still interesting. I'm sorry if it's been posted before, but I have yet to see it.

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According to one of the guys on the set of Factory Girl, there was recently a show held in Shreveport, LA, the location of my college as well as the location for Factory Girl. This was for the movie, and was supposed to be a shot of the Velvet Underground playing the song "Heroin". Well, what band was chosen to play the Underground? Yes, that's right, Weezer. Conjectures about the ability of Rivers Cuomo/Brian Bell (not really sure who sang, the website seems to suggest Brian) to be Lou Reed are welcome. This is also on their website, so if you want a better source than a random employee, you've got it.

In order to give you guys a little extra gossip, my roommate's film teacher said that his friend saw Guy Pierce at the grocery store looking really haggard. Guy then proceeded to be a complete ass to the friend, who was just making small talk in the line. I imagine that you don't really feel like chatting when you're in a small city's semi-communist grocery store looking like hell, though, so I suppose I can give him some credit.

Sources: Random employee, the Weezer website and my roommate's teacher's friend (sister's uncle's cousin's dog's vet's brother).

EDIT: For those of you who couldn't notice, the "Nice ass, Sienna" was referring to her ass-crack that is prominently on display.
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MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN have developed a sweet tooth after investing millions in Los Angeles' cake shop Sweet Lady Jane.

The millionaire twins have reportedly invested $2 million (GBP1.1 million) in their favourite bakery.

It's not the bakery's first brush with fame - Sweet Lady Jane's bakers have created wedding cakes for JENNIFER LOPEZ, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and CARNIE WILSON.

Mary-Kate and Ashley are said to be so involved in all aspects of their new business, they've even started coming up with cake ideas for Sweet Lady Jane founder JANE LOCKHART, according to American publication In Touch.

SOURCE: contactmusic.com
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Buddy Cole cartoon

Here!, the network that targets gay viewers, said Thursday it is developing a cartoon series for adults centered around Scott Thompson's "Kids in the Hall" character Buddy Cole.

The title character in "Buddy's" owns a gay bar and comes under the scrutiny of a bullying "family values" city councilman. He also suddenly becomes a parent when his orphaned niece shows up on his doorstep

source: Reuters

Fire razes Hemingway’s Bahamas bar.

Museum, photographs, memorabilia also destroyed.

Image hosting by TinyPic

A fire destroyed the Ernest Hemingway museum and The Compleat Angler bar Friday on the Bahamian island of Bimini, one of the American novelist’s 1930s haunts during the days he stalked big game fish.

The early morning blaze leveled the wood structure in Alice Town and destroyed photographs and Hemingway memorabilia, police said.

The destruction of the tiny island’s biggest tourist attraction is the second major blow to hit Bimini in a month. On Dec. 19, 11 residents were among 20 people killed when a Chalk’s Ocean Airways seaplane plunged into the sea in Miami’s shipping channel.

Hemingway drank at The Compleat Angler between fishing trips in his vessel Pilar in search of marlin, wahoo and sailfish in the pristine waters around Bimini.

His novel “The Old Man and The Sea” was said to be inspired by his fishing exploits in the Bahamas and Cuba, and he worked on “To Have and Have Not” in Bimini.

The Hemingway legend became a major draw and The Compleat Angler created a museum which included hundreds of photographs and artifacts of the author.


UPDATE : http://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/news/13623666.htm

Axl Rose Sues Beverly Hills Car Dealer

Axl Rose Sues Beverly Hills Car Dealer
It's not Guns N' Roses but cars and cash that have rockerAxl Rose suing a Beverly Hills auto dealership.

The suit, filed Thursday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, claims the dealership failed to deliver two luxury cars after receiving $20,000 in deposits and also failed to give the Guns N' Roses frontman any money after selling his Ferrari.

Rose contends that Beverly Hills Classic Cars took his deposits but violated oral agreements to get him a 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo and a 2005 Porsche GT3.

The suit also contends the dealer sold his consigned 1999 Ferrari Marinello but never paid him a promised $135,000 of the proceeds.

After-hours calls to the dealer and its owner were not immediately returned Thursday.

With Rose as frontman, Guns N' Roses reached superstar status in the late 1980s after the release of "Appetite for Destruction," which includes hits such as "Paradise City," "Sweet Child O' Mine" and "Welcome to the Jungle."

The band split in a bitter fallout, leaving only Rose and keyboard player Dizzy Reed to soldier on under the Guns N' Roses banner. Former members Slash (Saul Hudson) and Duff (Michael) filed a suit last August against Rose for allegedly naming himself sole administrator of the group's copyrights.

Source: Click

Ralph Fiennes appearing on Bravo TV

The actor who played the part of Voldemort in GOF is scheduled for an appearance on "Inside the Actor's Studio" this Sunday at 9 PM ET on Bravo TV. In the commercial for the show, he jokes about how one doesn't need to like Harry Potter to play Voldemort - so we can expect him to talk a bit about the fourth movie.

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And Then Ashley And Selma Are All, “Lindsay’s SOOO A Cokehead!”

Hope this hasn't already been posted, I didn't see it!

In LA, there are certain pushy pedestrian no-fly zones where celebrities can feel relaxed, knowing that they can luxuriate in their heightened level of existence without being thrown out of the fantasy with autograph or picture requests. The Chateau Marmont is a perfect example. Luckily for us, however, some of you could care less about bursting their protective bubbles:

i was having dinner @ The chateau marmont thursday evening across from Ashley Olsen, selma blair and 2 of their girlfriends… they left the same time we did so we decided to walk out behind them so we could ask for a pic @ the valet outside… before heading down stairs ashley stopped at a magazine stand with selma and picked up the vanity fair with lindsey lohan on the cover. ashley and selma cracked some “cokehead” jokes, giggled, and then went outside. when we asked ashley for a pic, she said yes, and selma took it… the funniest thing is that we didnt recognize selma, and she seemed REALLY offended when SHE had to take the pic! hahaha…
No one should be too surprised by this beautiful scene from Hollywood’s high school cafeteria, with two skinny Mean Girls (yeah, it needed to be said) picking the salad out of their teeth with the bones of a third. We’d love to see some retaliatory weave-yanking the next time they encounter each other at Privilege or Mood, but the most we’re likely to get is some offended glares volleyed back and forth across VIP booths as a That 70s Show cast member hoots his “No she did-int!” approval

Copied and pasted from source: defamer.com
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'Goblet' DVD cover and rear artwork and GOF DVD coming March 7th!

'Goblet' DVD cover and rear artwork
Some high-res images of the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire DVD (in several formats) have surfaced on DVDActive:

- Single cover
- Single rear
- Widescreen cover
- Two-disc special cover
- Two-disc cover
- Two-disc rear
- Eight-disc widescreen cover and spine
- Eight-disc widescreen cover
- Eight-disc widescreen rear

GOF DVD coming March 7th!
Warner Brothers Home Video has today confirmed that Goblet of Fire will be released to DVD on March 7th. The film will be available as a single-disc, a two-disc special edition, and as part of a collector's set of the first four films.
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Nicole Richie In Critical Condition!

Lionel Richie is so concerned over his scary skinny daughter Nicole's health that he has hired her an eating coach, reports the new issue of In Touch Weekly.

"She's got to be under 90 pounds," a friend of the former heroin addict tells the pub.

In Miami over New Year's, Richie's sickly appearance in a bikini frightened many onlookers, and one eyewitness states, "I didn't see her eat a thing all afternoon."

"Nicole needs help," another pal of the recovering drug user tells In Touch. "She's far too skinny and doesn't seem to realize she has a problem."

Hoping to avoid a disastrous incident, like Karen Carpenter, both of Nicole's parents "have noticed, and are worried enough to act."

The weekly states that Lionel has hired Nicole a food coach, like the one Mary-Kate Olsen used while battling her eating disorder.

In fact, all of Nicole's friends and family are so alarmed at her deteriorating state that even former fiance DJ AM is "having a hard time letting go, partially because he's concerned about her."

Things have gotten to such a serious state for Paris' former friend that, according to In Touch, her friends and family are ready to hold and intervention.

We're sure everyone wishes Nicole good health and good friends. Instead of hanging out with drug users and peddlers, like Steve-O, she needs to surround herself with people that care about her and that are a healthy influence.

Perez would shove a few cupcakes in her mouth!

Mad Men/Don Draper

Diddy lawsuit tossed

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — A former business associate of Sean "Diddy" Combs has struck out in his latest attempt to cash in on wild allegations that the rapper threatened him with a baseball bat.

An appeals court yesterday tossed out a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit filed by Kirk Burrowes — president of Combs' Bad Boy Entertainment for three years — siding with the hip-hop megastar.

Burrowes claimed Combs, a multimillionaire, attacked him in an attempt to get him to give up his stake in Bad Boy Entertainment

"The whole thing was a complete fabrication," said Combs' lawyer, Benjamin Brafman.

"We are gratified with the Appellate Division's unanimous decision. This is a perfect example of how vulnerable celebrities are to the filing of lawsuits that don't have any merit."

The appeals-court judges found that the allegations, dating to 1996, are too old for the case to go forward.

This isn't the first time Burrowes' claim failed to pass muster.

A Manhattan federal judge tossed a previous lawsuit by Burrowes against Combs, in 2003.


Ms. Dynamite Pleads Guilty to Hitting Cop

British pop star Ms. Dynamite pleaded guilty Friday to assaulting a police officer after being taken into custody for causing a disturbance outside a nightclub.

The singer, whose real name is Niomi McLean-Daley, also pleaded guilty to a public order offense for using threatening, abusive or insulting words outside the Paragon Lounge on Jan. 6.

Defense lawyer Anthony Burton said the assault took place after Ms. Dynamite, 24, and her 18-year-old sister were subjected to racial remarks inside the club.

Police tried to calm the singer down but she refused, and later slapped a female police officer, prosecutor Audrey Hawkes said.

Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 19.

The star's 2002 debut album, "A Little Deeper," won Britain's Mercury prize.

Source: http://entertainment.tv.yahoo.com/entnews/ap/20060113/113720658000.html

Jack, Johnny, Joker

Hold the phone! Or some other cliche describing a need to pause for a moment and reflect. The latest rumours coming from the Batman Begins sequel camp is that some big names are being talked about. According to Moviehole, via Cinematical, Johnny Depp is director Christopher Nolan's top choice for The Joker, and Rachel Weisz would play a Femme-fatale character (who I believe may be Harley Quinn) out for revenge against Batman. WHile the source doesn't mention any names specifically, the clues given are very clear.

So is this a description of Johnny Depp?

"As you know, there are many actors who want the chance to do this character (The most requested Batman character next to Batman himself.) The studio is eyeing a major, major actor and Christopher Nolan himself is said to be just as excited as they are in nabbing him for the role. Who is he? Let's just say that he has a major film coming out this summer and it's a sequel to one of his biggest hits. In fact, his performance in the first movie was nominated for an Oscar. YES, they are looking at HIM if he is available for the role and rumor is that he might be interested depending on the script, which is being written right now."

And this seems to be a no-brainer for Rachel Weisz?

"This is the first screen appearance for this character in the Batman films and she has a very close connection with a major character in Nolan’s first Batman movie. She will be out for revenge against Bruce Wayne and Gotham in a major way. As of who the studio is looking at for this role, let's just say that she is nominated for a SAG, a Golden Globe and is on her way to an Oscar nomination as well. She is also in fact five months pregnant and will be in tip top fighting shape once production begins to roll early next year but not before she throws a few coins in a fountain."

I think Johnny Depp as the Joker is quite possibly the best casting move ever. And Rachel Weisz could make a nice addition to the cast, although I would hope not as Bruce Wayne's love interest. We'll see how this pans out, but I'm definitely hoping it's true.

Update: Egotastic! reader Tony, says that Rachel Weisz will probably play Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ras Al Ghul, the villain from Batman Begins, and not Harley Quinn, as I speculated.

Which is good because throwing Harley in now would totally jack up the timeline and if anyone should play her it would have to be Cameron Diaz.

source: egotastic
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H.I.M frontman isn't sure if he was raped or not...

ContactMusic.com is reporting that H.I.M. frontman Ville Valo is unsure if he was raped after being given a date rape drug and robbed in a bar in Minneapolis last October [see previous story].

But the H.I.M. singer insists it would serve his attacker right if he was sexually assaulted — because he was suffering an uncomfortable condition at the time.

Valo explains, "At that point I had a horrendous case of haemorrhoids — which often happens on tour — so it would have served that particular party right if they had taken their wicked way with me.

"Haemorrhoids and all the evil things that happen in the anal area. That would have been my revenge."

Valo also admitted he is so terrified of sexually predatory groupies, he sometimes wishes he is gay.

Ville is stunned by how forward and liberated female fans are.

He says, "The overt sexuality of groupies shocks me.

"It feels odd that people think they can just sleep with us. We actually think, sometimes, in the band, that it would all be a lot easier if we were all gay because what better than going on stage having just sucked each other off — we'd all be so happy.

"But you know, hairy balls are not really my thing."

Source: __vam

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I know I posted in here this morning, but hopefully this will get through as well. I just got back from the theater, where I saw Brokeback Mountain. As we walked in, we saw some friends of ours, one of whom grabbed me and said, "I just saw Jude Law leaving the parking lot!" We all proceeded to freak out and wonder why he went to a matinee of what was probably a bad movie (as BM only started at 7, and all the other movies out right now here aren't that great). Flash-forward about 20 minutes to when JUDE LAW WALKS INTO THE THEATER!

He was wearing a black jacket, jeans, knit cap, and a shirt, maybe grey apparently, according to my friend. He walked in, we freaked out quietly, and he sits down two rows behind me between my friends Shannon and Marcus. He accidentally sat in Shannon's boyfriend's seat, and when James came back and told Jude what happened, he switched places with him so they could sit together. That's apparently the nicest thing he did, though.

Some random person went up and asked for his autograph, which he signed really angrily. I'm sure he just didn't want a full theatre of people knowing who he was, but he did it. James asked him if he hated when that happened, to which he replied yes. He had a short conversation with Marcus about whether or not he had seen the movie before, and while Marcus had, Jude hadn't. He also gave my friend Lisa a death glare when she leaned over to whisper something to Shannon during the movie.

Nothing else really happened until the end of the movie. As he was walking out, I walked behind him with my friend Allison. This woman in front of us realizes it's him and goes, "That's Jude Law! THAT'S JUDE LAW!!!!!!". When this happened, a cop in the theatre went up to him and told him he should leave out of the front of the room. He said something along the lines of, "My car is out there, I can just go this way," but the cop insisted, so he followed and missed the hoard of people waiting outside. It definitely made for an interesting night.

Heath Ledger shot by water pistols at Premiere

Five paparazzi photographers whom Heath Ledger allegedly spat at have retaliated at the Sydney premiere of his new movie - shooting the actor with water pistols.

As Ledger arrived with partner Michelle Williams at Cinema Paris at Fox Studios on Friday night, the photographers took aim at the Hollywood heart-throb with the toys.

They hit him in the face and chest, wetting his hair and clothing, in an action taking some 10 seconds.

Ledger put his hands up to protect himself and tried to shield his partner, who was also hit by the water, as they moved quickly inside the cinema complex.

Upon seeing the incident, security guards moved towards the paparazzi but the five had left the scene.

Veteran paparazzi photographer Peter Carrette, who was not (not) involved in the incident, told AAP: "Enough is enough.

"Some boys thought they would get him back for spitting at them. It's (spitting) totally out of order.

"I came here to do my job but if anyone spat at me I would deck them.

"We are just doing our job. He gets $250,000 a picture (a movie) and we get $250 a picture. Who the hell does he think he is?"

Last week, Ledger said he was hurt and embarrassed by claims he had spat at journalists on the Sydney set of the movie Candy last year and by a recent report that said his uncle spat in a photographer's face.

"It's disgusting and awful. I would never in a million years do anything like that," Ledger told News Ltd newspapers.

"I'm not some sort of dirty spitter."

To the premiere, Ledger wore a hooded jumper under a black suit jacket, his outfit completed with sunglasses and sneakers, while Williams wore a navy Chanel dress.

Source: Yahoo.com.au