Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC (hoot) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC

Angela Kinsey reveals baby's sex

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I read Jenna's blog and she is right my belly is ridiculous! When we went to Target, I was thrilled to see that they have really long tank tops and t-shirts. I stocked up. I need something to cover my bump! I don't think I'll be sporting the half shirt look during my pregnancy. :/ I texted Jenna my new weight (106!) from my last doctor's appointment and she texted me back, "I think I'm going to kill myself." Lol. And yes I am having a little girl. I couldn't be more excited! I hadn't bought any baby clothes but when we were at Target I had a total melt down in the baby section. The little girl clothes are so cute! I had to stock up. And I'm posting some new pics from my recent trips etc... Fyi doing the red carpet pregnant is crazy. The photographers yell, "Show your belly, point at your belly, have Jenna hug your belly!" And on and on!

Angela's Myspace

I love her so much.
Also, for all the people who are like "WTF 106?!", Angela's 5'1". Still, it makes me want to cry and eat a box of doughnuts.
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