October 31st, 2005

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Celebrity's Famous Japanese Commericals

No wonder they did't want you to know about them. Some are when they were 'trying to be famous'.
Worth watching, they're so amusing.

Previews of some:

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.comFree Image Hosting - www.supload.comFree Image Hosting - www.supload.com
Free Image Hosting - www.supload.comFree Image Hosting - www.supload.comFree Image Hosting - www.supload.com

Brad Pitt: Edwin Jeans
David and Victoria Beckham: TBC Products
Jennifer Lopez: Subaru cars
Madonna: Shochu (a distilled rice beverage)
Cameron Diaz: Aeon English Schools
Michael Jackson: Love is his message
Demi Moore: Seibu
Lucy Lui: Suntory diet beer
Stevie Wonder: various drinks
Britney Spears: Go-Go Tea

SOURCE Go to Japander to get the full list of all the celebs that have done commericals in Japan.

Anticipated Beatles Bio Comes Out Tuesday.

Ten hours, 28 minutes. That was the sum of the music recorded and released by the Beatles before breaking up, a volume of work that changed lives, careers and the course of music history. Eight years, 2,792 pages. That was the effort author Bob Spitz put into telling their story, although editors whittled his manuscript down to 856 pages (minus the end notes).

"The Beatles: The Biography," available Nov. 1, is a compulsively readable history that brings the same exhaustive level of scholarship to the Fab Four that Robert Caro brought to Robert Moses and Lyndon Johnson.

"The Beatles' story is all of our stories," says Spitz, 55, a manager for Bruce Springsteen and others before turning to writing. "It is about how the youth culture emerged, the drug culture emerged, how politics rose to the fore as a universal debate. It's about rebellion, it's about the growth of the British entertainment system, the growth of the rock 'n' roll entertainment system.

"The Beatles changed music forever. They took rock 'n' roll from a medium that was about cars and girls and gave it context, interesting chord changes and true musicianship."

Get the idea he's passionate about the subject?

Spitz lived it, writing six days a week for six years, spending six months in Liverpool and retracing the Beatles' steps. He could practically smell the stale cigarette smoke from the old clubs, and even ordered the band's favorite scotch and Coke drinks just to taste what they had tasted.

It almost makes up for the school yard beating that a teenage Spitz suffered for suggesting that the Beatles were no-talent bums who wouldn't last; he was an avid Bob Dylan fan at the time.

He feels differently now. But his love and respect for the Beatles doesn't blind him as a writer; he draws a complete portrait of brilliant musicians who were human after all. Several initial reviews have been positive, and his publisher's first printing of nearly 200,000 copies is considered a positive sign of the biography's potential.

The New York Times' Janet Maslin called it a "consolidating and newly illuminating work.

For the right reader, that combination is irresistible."

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Sucky is Mahn

Haven't see any of these...

Carmen Electra has admitted she has a crush on Scarlett Johansson.

Harry Potter' star Daniel Radcliffe is rumoured to be dating a trainee hairdresser seven years his senior.

Jude Law and Sienna Miller together again?
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Poor kid....

Shocking Allegations Emerge from Baldwin-Basinger Case
October 28, 2005

Alec Baldwin has launched another attack at ex-wife Kim Basinger. In court papers, which were recently filed, Baldwin claims that Basinger needs therapy and has a "pathological need" to alienate their daughter, Ireland, against him. The explosive new developments come just three days before Baldwin and Basinger are set to face off in court.

Attorney Harvey Levin, managing editor of the upcoming entertainment website TMZ.com, said that Baldwin vs. Basinger is turning into the nastiest custody battle in Hollywood, with ugly claims ranging from sabotage and alcoholism to child abuse.

"This is how bad things have gotten," Levin said. "Alex has Kim trying to block him from flying with her daughter Ireland because Kim says she was better able to protect her from terrorists at the airport. There is an endless list of bribes. Alex graduated from NYU, but he says Kim thinks he's not capable of helping Ireland with her fourth grade homework."

The stars were spotted on different coasts this week: Basinger in Los Angeles and Baldwin attending a Halloween gala in Central Park.

But come Monday, both will be in a Los Angeles courtroom to try and settle their ongoing custody battle and resolve other bitter claims including Baldwin's request, which calls for a, "psychological evaluation of [Basinger's] mental state and fitness to parent."

"Kim says Alec has been abusive and really disruptive in this child's life," Levin said. "So you have two people battling over this child."

Reps for both Baldwin and Basinger refused to comment on the case, but you can be sure there will be a war of words when the former golden couple stare each other down in court. "Extra" will take you there on Monday.

jenny tongue

Because Someone Is Bound To Like This Band..

Bayside Drummer John Holohan Killed in Tragic Highway Accident, Memorial Fund Established

There has been a tragic loss. Bayside was in a terrible accident this morning while driving to today’s concert on the “Never Sleep Again” Tour, which includes their friends and label mates Hawthorne Heights, Silverstein and Aiden. Their drummer John “Beatz” Holohan was killed when their van flipped after hitting a patch of ice outside of Cheyenne, WY. Their bass player Nick Ghanbarian was also seriously injured. Anthony and Jack have thankfully been discharged from the hospital. Members of the band’s crew also remain hospitalized.

Tonight’s show in Salt Lake City is cancelled. An announcement regarding the rest of the tour will be made later today.

Donations to John’s family can be made via Paypal to the John Holohan Bayside Memorial Fund:

Source: Victory Records Email

Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie: 'I Can't Live Without You'

Brad Pitt to Angelina Jolie: 'I Can't Live Without You'
The long distance, jet-setting relationship between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt may be taking its toll on the hunky actor if an item in the tabloid Celebrity Living, is to be believed. The mag reports that Pitt broke down while on the set of "The Assassination of Jesse James" in Calgary in an alleged panicked cell phone call to Angie. "I can't live without you," Brad reportedly pleaded to Angie in what is described as an animated cell phone call. Is this where one usually inserts the term whipped?
Brad was reportedly distraught looking before getting Angie on the phone in the courtyard outside of the production office. He allegedly was struggling with his scenes before taking the break to make his phone call. Apparently just the sound of the sultry Jolie's voice got Brad back on track as the actor then reportedly calmed down and was back to work on the set according to a "source" cited by the tabloid.
"He seemed calmed," after the call an onlooker spilled to CI.
One other note from the magazine: Brad apparently spent "months" away fro Jen -ex, his former wife of four and a half years. Perhaps he doesn't want to go that route with Angie. Angie and Brad have been burning up the skies trying to spend as much time together as possible as he works on this film in Canada and Ang works on "The Good Shepard" in New York.

(source: nationalledger.com)
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Val takes on paris.....

Actor Val Kilmer. (UPI Photo/David Silpa)
Hollywood hunk Val Kilmer has criticised the media fascination with Paris Hilton, because he believes the socialite is "famous for nothing".

The hotel heiress found international fame in late 2003 after a sex tape featuring her and ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon was leaked onto the internet and has since starred in reality TV show The Simple Life, enjoyed roles in Hollywood movies, written a book and released a fragrance.

Kilmer tells British gay magazine Attitude, "It seems like it's (the notion of celebrity) more extreme than ever now. If you don't look a certain way, or you're not on the front cover all of the time, then you're no one.

"Paris Hilton is a great example. She's famous for nothing. It's what we are celebrating in my country - the nothingness of her fame.

"She's fine with it of course - she made $100 million last year."

Despite Kilmer's distaste for Hilton, she had a brief role in his 2003 film Wonderland.

Credit: WENN.
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the ego keeps on growing..

" I knew that Angels was going to be the biggest band in the world. We knew that we were the only band that could do something like that. Besides someone like Coldplay, I don't know of any rock bands that could do that."

Quote by ex-Blink 182 member Tom Delonge. Who'sWhose new band hasn't actually done anything yet.


blind item

This comes from the Daily News: Which swishy pop star who won’t admit he’s gay is dating a well-known interior designer? The decorator is recovering from his previous boyfriend’s tragic death, while the pop star is equally despondent about his ailing career?

source; z100.com

from perfect skin to pigskin

For the five people out there who DONT believe that Nick & Jessica are headed to splitsville faster Tara Reid is headed to fat camp, take a look at this - A Hunting Nick Does Go

Looks like Nick is out looking for a new place to live, without his once-favorite newlyweded bride, and this time he's ditching her for a football player? Good move, Lachey. Go long!
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a little more fuel for the dating/wedding ring shopping rumors...

Monday Oct. 31 -- Lost co-stars Dominic Monaghan, 28, and Evangeline Lilly, 26, spent some quality time together between takes surfing and grabbing their favorite smoothies at local juice bar Lanikai Juice.

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Letizia Ortiz gives birth!

Last night princess Letizia , married to Felipe of Spain, gave birth to Leonor. Leonor was born at 1.46 AM, she weights 3.5 kgs and is 47 cms long. Letizia Ortiz, 33 years old, has given birth in a private hospital of the capital. ''Its the most beautiful thing that could happen to you, it's amazing'', said prince Felipe.

May you have a life full of happiness!

conor oberst

everyone needs to read topfive.com

October 31, 2005

The Top 5 Celebrity Halloween Treats

5. Dustin Hoffman -- Tootsie Roles

4. O.J. Simpson -- Peppermint Stabbies

3. Mike Tyson -- Bit-A-Homey

2. Scooter Libby -- Lawbreakers

and the Number 1 Celebrity Halloween Treat...

1. Kate Moss -- Peruvian Blow Pops and Diet Coke

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hehe...., BJ

Remember Tinkerbell?

Remember that cute Chihuahua dog? That cute little Tinkerbell that got fat and Paris dumped her into her mother's care and then replaced her for a cuter, younger and smaller dog?

Yeah, that's her. Well, guess what! Today is her birthday and she just turned 3 now. Don't believe me? Here, check out the source at IMDB.com. That's how I found out: http://imdb.com/name/nm1560250/

Happy birthday, Tinkerbell and Happy Halloween to everyone!

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Vincent Gallo Sperm

Up for auction is Vincent Gallo's sperm. Price includes all costs related to one attempt at an in-vitro fertilization. (A $50,000 value) If the first attempt at in vitro fertilization is unsuccessful, purchaser of sperm must pay all medical costs related to additional attempts. Mr. Gallo will supply sperm for as many attempts as it takes to complete a successful fertilization and successful delivery. Sperm is 100% guaranteed to be donated by Mr. Gallo who is drug, alcohol and disease free. If the purchaser of the sperm chooses the option of natural insemination, there is an additional charge of $500,000. However, if after being presented detailed photographs of the purchaser, Mr. Gallo may be willing to waive the natural insemination fee and charge only for the sperm itself. Those of you who have found this merchandise page are very well aware of Mr. Gallo’s multiple talents, but to add further insight into the value of Mr. Gallo’s sperm, aside from being multi talented in all creative fields, he was also multi talented as an athlete, winning several awards for performing in the games of baseball, football and hockey and making it to the professional level of grand prix motorcycle racing. Mr. Gallo is 5’11” and has blue eyes. There are no known genetic deformities in his ancestry (no cripples) and no history of congenital diseases. If you have seen The Brown Bunny, you know the potential size of the genitals if it’s a boy. (8 inches if he’s like his father.) I don’t know exactly how a well hung father can enhance the physical makeup of a female baby, but it can’t hurt. Mr. Gallo also presently maintains a distinctively full head of hair and at the age of 43 has surprisingly few gray hairs. Though his features are sharp and extreme, they would probably blend well with a softer, more subtly featured female. Mr. Gallo maintains the right to refuse sale of his sperm to those of extremely dark complexions. Though a fan of Franco Harris, Derek Jeter, Lenny Kravitz and Lena Horne, Mr. Gallo does not want to be part of that type of integration. In fact, for the next 30 days, he is offering a $50,000 discount to any potential female purchaser who can prove she has naturally blonde hair and blue eyes. Anyone who can prove a direct family link to any of the German soldiers of the mid-century will also receive this discount. Under the laws of the Jewish faith, a Jewish mother would qualify a baby to be deemed a member of the Jewish religion. This would be added incentive for Mr. Gallo to sell his sperm to a Jew mother, his reasoning being with the slim chance that his child moved into the profession of motion picture acting or became a musical performer, this connection to the Jewish faith would guarantee his offspring a better chance at good reviews and maybe even a prize at the Sundance Film Festival or an Oscar. To be clear, the purchase of Mr. Gallo’s sperm does not include the use of the name Gallo. The purchaser must find another surname for the child. Good luck bidding.


I guess he wants to span time...
gaga bloody hands

Goldfrapp Vs Oldfrapp


British duo GOLDFRAPP - composed of Alison and composer WILL GREGORY - write and perform their own music, and find it hard to comprehend why musicians like Madonna
pinch parts of other people's ideas.

Alison says, "She's always got her eye on what everyone's doing and she's always nabbing people, the latest DJ or whatever, to get them to put their thing on her thing, you know.

"I think it's quite clever, but I don't know if that's creative."



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Actress Eva Longoria is so in love with her boyfriend Tony Parker, she has had his initials tattooed in an intimate area of her body.

The "Desperate Housewives" star, 30, started dating the San Antonio Spurs basketball ace after ending her on/off relationship with 'N Sync hunk JC Chasez in January.

Longoria enthuses, "You can see three of my tattoos, they're all on public display, but the one that has Tony's initials is only seen by him.

"I'm not saying where it is - but let's just say he gets to view it on a very regular basis!"

Source: SF Gate's Daily Dish.

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Mischa Barton finally goes public in this exclusive picture of the OC star kissing her new boyfriend Cisco Adler at an Italian restaurant in Malibu. Musician and club owner Cisco is Kimberly Stewart ex boyfriend. Both have been an item for three months. October 30, 2005

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com

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Source - JJB
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Have Cruise and Spielberg Fallen Out Over Psychiatry?

Image Hosted by Your Image Link

HOLLYWOOD - Publicists for Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg are on damage control after a magazine article alleged the two pals have fallen out over the actor's tough stance on psychiatry.

Pop culture publication Radar claims Spielberg blasted Cruise and Scientology leader David Miscavige for sending a team of church activists to harass a friend's shrink after the director mentioned his pal was benefiting from medication the doctor had prescribed.

But Cruise and Spielberg's publicists are refusing to confirm the report, even though the director's spokesman Marvin Levy admits, "We have heard about it, but we have no comment."

Sending teams to harass people. Scientologists are such nice people.

source: Hollywood.com
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Blind item from panache report

This female hip-hop star didn’t consider herself bi-sexual or gay when she became romantically involved with another female rapper. The money was seductive. The female rapper paid all of her bills: Mortgage, car note, credit card bills and she gave her a monthly allowance to live on. They broke up when she was allegedly caught in bed with another female rapper. She thought, ‘maybe it was a blessing in disguise, I am finally free, I wasn’t really down with that lesbian s**t anyway, I’ll get a man to take care of me.’ Update: This female hip-hop star has yet to find a man to take care of her. She had become accustomed to the ‘kept woman lifestyle.’ She has gotten word to her ex-lesbian lover, asking, would you be interested in taking me back? She has yet to receive a response, she is waiting on pins and needles, hoping they reunite.
MG queen bee

M. Diddy on the Donald.....

Martha Stewart originally thought she'd be telling Donald Trump "you're fired" on The Apprentice.

"I thought I was replacing The Donald," Stewart, 64, says in the Nov. 14 issue of Fortune magazine. "It was even discussed that I would be firing The Donald on the first show."

When asked about the real-estate mogul's reaction to this bit of possible programming, Stewart says "I don't think he ever knew."

While Martha's version of the reality show has been a ratings disappointment, she sees it with her signature optimism. "We're getting six to seven million viewers a night," she tells the magazine. "Guess what? That's damn good. People walk away from the show thinking, 'What a nice company that is,' and 'Boy, do they do good things.'"

Trump, however, hasn't been so charitable. The mogul has blamed Stewart's show for disappointing ratings.

"I think there was confusion between Martha's The Apprentice and mine," he said earlier this month. "Mine continues to do well, and as you know, the other one has struggled severely,"

Trump's Apprentice, now in its fourth season, continues to be successful, but has posted its smallest audience to date, averaging around 10 million viewers a week, down 4 million from last season.

"I think (Stewart's show) probably hurt mine and I sort of predicted that it would, because there was a lot of confusion in the world," Trump, 59, told ABC radio.

In another quote from the Fortune interview, the domestic diva announces her intention to sell Turkey Hill, her Westport, Conn., estate. "I hardly ever go there anymore. I don't miss it," she insists.

Her lesson from her jail and house-arrest sentences for lying to federal investigators about a 2001 stock sale? Says Stewart: "I have learned that I really cannot be destroyed."


Vaughniston engaged?

Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn Secretly Engaged?

That didn't take long. Rumors of romance have turned into balcony pictures and now the American tabloid Life & Style runs an item that alleges that Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are secretly engaged.

The magazine cites a friend of "the couple" as the source and the report says "Vince has asked Jen to marry him."

Jen and Vince Engaged?

It happened in mid-October when Vince presented the All-American beauty with a "diamond cluster ring."

Here's the scene according to the tabloid:

Early one morning Vince pops the question. Jen stalls all day, but finally answers "yes" later that night. Oh - one condition - just not yet. Let's hope not, Jen was only officially divorced from ex hubby Brad Pitt on October 2.

So - this alleged ring - where is it?

Around Jen's neck on a chain to hide it from photographers and other prying eyes, according to the story. The reason - Jen is still a little freaked out about her break up from Brad and needs some time, and needs to be convinced that she can trust one-time womanizer Vince.

But that time could be close. "Vince is the kind of man who grows on you," Jen recently told a pal cited by L&S. "I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him."

No denials yet from either camp.

(source: perezhilton.com)

'Fear' Strikes NBC in December

LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) Just when you thought it was safe ...

NBC's longest-running unscripted series, "Fear Factor," will return to the schedule in December. The series, which NBC held back from its fall launch, will take over the 8 p.m. ET Tuesday spot from "The Biggest Loser," which has its finale the final week of November.

"'Fear Factor' has virtually become a trademark series," says Curt Sharp, vice president for alternative programming for NBC. "It brings a loyal audience and should mesh well on Tuesdays at 8 after the success of ... 'The Biggest Loser' earlier this season."

The Tuesday timeslot is a change from the show's long-time Monday home. NBC has plugged "Surface" in the 8 p.m. Monday spot this season and had moderate success, although that show's ratings among adults 18-49 (which NBC uses to gauge success) haven't reached "Fear Factor's" average of 4.2 last season.

The new season, "Fear Factor's" sixth, will feature a new team designing the show's stunts. The crew's credits include "Kill Bill Vol. 2," "Minority Report" and "The Matrix Revolutions," and executive producer says the new episodes "have exceeded our own expectations."

A multi-episode arc this season will feature several teams of reality-TV stars -- from such shows as "Survivor," "American Idol" and "The Real World" -- and an episode filmed at the "Psycho" house and Bates Motel sets at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

The show will also incorporate a "Home Invasion" segment, in which host Joe Rogan travels to viewers' homes and challenges them to complete a stunt, with a $5,000 prize at stake.

When it announced its 2005-06 schedule last spring, NBC held back "Fear Factor" and "Scrubs" as replacements for later in the season. "Scrubs" is in production on its fifth season, but the network hasn't given it a home yet.
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I doubt this will get posted, but...

Did anyone dress up as a celebrity this Halloween? [Pictures pleaze]

*EDIT* I wanted to be Janice Dickinson, but I couldn't get the titty-plants and botox in time, so here's a picture from a dress rehearsal of me doing Liza.

Free Image Hosting - www.supload.com
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Rainbow Brite - Starlite Magnificent!

Two Newsweek Articles About The Chronicles Of Narnia

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Next Stop: Narnia
C. S. Lewis's classic fantasy novels finally hit the screen. Can the franchise soar? An exclusive first look at 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.'

By Jeff Giles

Nov. 7, 2005 issue - "OK, action!" says the director. "You think you've found a good hiding place, Georgie. You're feeling for the back of the wardrobe." It's October 2004 on the set of "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" in Auckland, New Zealand. The director in question is Andrew Adamson, who made the hilarious, irreverent raspberries that were the "Shrek" movies. The actress in question is Georgie Henley, who does not have to root around for her inner child because she actually is a child: wide-eyed, luminous and 10 years old. Georgie's character, Lucy Pevensie, is playing hide-and-seek with her sister and brothers on a wet day in a stuffy manor outside London. She has ducked into an armoire full of furs. As she pushes slowly toward the back—readers of C. S. Lewis's classic fantasy series will be way ahead of us—the crunching of mothballs beneath her shoes gives way, first disconcertingly, then thrillingly, to the crunching of snow. "You feel something," Adamson tells Georgie as a camera rolls along a track beside her. "Ow! What's that? A branch? That's weird, but not as weird as ... a forest?!"

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Image hosted by TinyPic.com

Meeting the Family

Nov. 7, 2005 issue - The Pevensie children couldn't have been better cast. William Moseley plays Peter, who must lead an army. Anna Popplewell plays cautious Susan. Skandar Keynes is devious Edmund. And Georgie Henley is openhearted little Lucy. On the set in New Zealand, the cast gave one of its first interviews to NEWSWEEK's Jeff Giles.

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Also, if you haven't yet seen these:
Featurette- Director
Featurette- Story
WETA Featurette

Margaret Cho Comments on the Harajuku Girls

Harajuku Girls

Gwen Stefani's Harajuku girls have been getting lots of lip service lately, and I have to say I am confused.

I like Gwen Stefani, she's alright. She is very stylish and has a nice voice and a really flat stomach. She is a rock star, and quite good at it. I am always impressed by her platinum hair and her incredibly organized steamer trunks. She keeps all her wristbands in separate zip-lock bags. I too have lots of nice things, but they are all getting moth eaten and mashed together in a pile on my closet floor. I could never understand the concept of a pair: of shoes, gloves, stockings, earrings, hearts, whatever. How can you possibly keep two separate and entirely whole things together in the crazy whirling world we live in? Anyway, Gwen manages to do it all with great panache.

Now she has 4 things all together, the Harajuku Girls. I want to like them, and I want to think they are great, but I am not sure if I can. I mean, racial stereotypes are really cute sometimes, and I don't want to bum everyone out by pointing out the minstrel show. I think it is totally acceptable to enjoy the Harajuku girls, because there are not that many other Asian people out there in the media really, so we have to take whatever we can get. Amos 'n Andy had lots of fans, didn't they? At least it is a measure of visibility, which is much better than invisibility. I am so sick of not existing, that I would settle for following any white person around with an umbrella just so I could say I was there.

It is weird being Asian American right now, because I don't exactly know what my place is. America is supposed to be for everyone, and people are supposed to treat me like I belong here, and yet you would never know that from watching tv or movies. I still get the questions about where I am really from. Then when I try to explain this feeling of invisibility to those whose every move and moment is entirely visible, they come back at me with, "Maybe Asian Americans don't want to be in entertainment!" Yes he really said that. I just screamed, because there was no other way I could answer without hitting him.

Even though to me, a Japanese schoolgirl uniform is kind of like blackface, I am just in acceptance over it, because something is better than nothing. An ugly picture is better than a blank space, and it means that one day, we will have another display at the Museum of Asian Invisibility, that groups of children will crowd around in disbelief, because once upon a time, we weren't there.

Margaret Cho's Blog:

(no subject)

Breaking News! Kristin has learned that Jason Bateman is undergoing surgery for a lump on his vocal cords. He's expected to be fine, but production on Arrested Development has been shut down for a few weeks while he recovers. Read more about it in the chat transcripts, which are posting at noon on Tuesday. (Pardon the delay--our production folks needed to take care of their little trick-or-treaters!)