September 19th, 2005

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More Memoirs of a Geisha.


It is every actor’s dream to be recognised and appreciated for their work. For Zhang Ziyi, the highest accolades came not from a seasoned critic or a film aficionado, but a little old lady who is once a geisha. 
According to the entertainment website Yahoo! Hong Kong, Zhang had, during a recent trip in Tokyo to promote her Hollywood feature Memoirs of a Geisha, received a parcel with an accompanying letter handed over by a Japanese journalist. 
The sender, as the curious actress found out, was this Japanese woman who once worked as a geisha. The old lady had caught the trailer for Memoirs and was moved by the Chinese native’s intense and heartfelt portrayal of a beautiful geisha. She expected the movie to bring back fond memories of their geisha days for her and her friends.  
Zhang, 26, was further touched when she found several lovely kimonos in the parcel, some of which were truly intricate and exquisite. 
The lovingly preserved gift brought tears to Zhang’s eyes and she immediately wrote a thank-you note to the sender and invited her to attend the premiere of Memoirs in Tokyo. She also promised to wear one of the kimonos to the event.  

IMDB: Courtney love ordered back to rehab

19 September 2005

Courtney Love Ordered Back to Rehab for Six Months

Troubled rocker Courtney Love has been ordered to spend six months in a rehabilitation facility as punishment for violating her probation. On Friday, a Los Angeles judge, who had recently sent the former Hole frontwoman to rehab for 28 days, decided Love required even more time in a residential treatment facility, which she won't be allowed to leave until she's served her time. Love violated her probation when a drug-related incident sent her to the hospital on July 21.

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The newest GG book came out the other day.
I know there's a ton of people who reads this series, so heads up., which links to GG

& The A-list is going to be made into a movie soon.

Universal have optioned the Zoey Dean novel The A-List with writers Pam Falk and Mike Ellis working on the adaptation. The story follows the cultural adjustment of a 17-year-old girl who leaves Manhattan for a senior year with the monied kids of Beverly Hills High.
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not-so-blind blind item fun

From today’s Page Six:

"Which photographer/director has friends worried about his cocaine intake? He’s losing jobs due to tantrums…"

And, if you were so diligent to read yesterday’s Page Six (and we’re sure you were), you caught the following:

"[Jessica and Ashlee Simpson] walked off the set because the [Dave LaChappelle] 'wanted them to mud wrestle together and have other female wrestlers around.' The insider said, 'David’s behavior was very erratic, and the shoot was rescheduled several times.'"

We’re not sure tantrums, in the case of LaChappelle, are really all that erratic anymore. Nevertheless, getting our gossip in serial form certainly does make us feel ensmartened.

Sidney - Omfg Iggy's a Penguin

Sidney Crosby in October's Vanity Fair

I realize there were already posts about Paris Hilton's article in this issue of VF, but I also know we have a few hockey fans in this community. I figure Crosby is--or will be, at least--enough of a pop culture icon that he's worth posting about in here. If he's in Vanity Fair and on Jay Leno, he's entertainment. Besides, he's hot.

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Source: Vanity Fair, October 2005, pages 306-7.

I live in Pittsburgh, and I saw this kid in training camp four of five times in the last week--and he really is as good as advertised. If anyone can get hockey some damn attention, he can.

Lopez and Anthony to Star in Movie

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed she will star alongside her third husband Marc Anthony in the upcoming movie 'Who Killed Hector Lavoe?'

Anthony will take the lead role of Hector Lavoe - the man who brought salsa music to the U.S. in 1975 - while Lopez will play his onscreen wife.

She says, "It's the story of a singer and I'll play his wife."

Lopez had previously ruled herself out of starring in the movie when she bought the rights last year.

She is continuing her taste for mixing business and pleasure - she appeared opposite then boyfriend Ben Affleck in the 2003 flop 'Gigli'.

World Entertainment News Network 2005
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20,002 members.

In this thread you can discuss any celebrity gossip, talk about your favorite reality show, posts pictures of celebrities, etc. Just try to stay on topic I suppose.

Have fun :)



19/09/2005 09:43

ELIJAH WOOD has become an avid photographer over the last few years, after getting into the habit of taking snapshots on his movie sets.

The 24-year-old actor started taking photographs of his work in progress as he shot his hit LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy in New Zealand, and he's continued to do the same on all of his movie sets.

He says, "I have boxes of (pictures I took on the Lord of the Rings set). They're sad, in a way. I was 18 years old when we first started shooting, and it had such an impact on me as a person - it was massive. So looking back now is somewhat nostalgic.

"I generally don't tell people I'm taking photos of them. I'll just capture moments. If someone starts laughing during a conversation, I'll take a photo, so that it's spontaneous. And the camera is so small, I never make a big deal out of it."

Source - This Site
Ryan C

Danny from RW heads to Minnesota

Danny from MTV's Real World Austin will be on the University of Minnesota campus this Wednesday, September 21.

Student Spirit Competition
Where: Coffman Plaza
When: Noon
(Danny will be a judge)

Spring Break Hot Spots hosted by Danny
Where: The Whole Music Club
When: 1:30-3pm

For all the info go here: Source or here


I wish I could be there, but I have work and class, not to mention a 2 hour drive to the campus! If anyone goes, I would love the details!

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Unfortunately, Arrested Development is the funniest program on television that no one has been watching. "The academy has twice rewarded us for something you people won't watch," creator Mitchell Hurwitz quipped to the TV audience during his Emmy acceptance speech last night.

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I am so white.

Salma Hayek, Jessica/Nick, and the Spears' first family photo!

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Wait, what? Salma, I know you're trying to look... different... but this is a little over the top.
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She looks like a cross between something Star Jones would eat, and something Tommy Lee might eat out.
(By the way, Salma is portraying Marie Antoinette in this shoot, so my jokes were all in jest. These pictures are art, and they are indeed quite beautiful/accurate.)


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Either Jessica is sucking on something sour, or she's warming up for Daddy Simpson Johnny Bam anyone but Nick.
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Mrs. Spears, Cletus, and Preston/Sean/Christian/London have released their first photo together as a family!
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At least we know that he resembles Britney, and not his unfortunate father.

Source: JJB
Bearded Man

First Post!

Distressing News for Actress Kim Delaney

Kim Delaney, who is probably best known for her role on television's "NYPD Blue" as detective Diane Russell, began her professional career in the soap opera "All My Children." Now her life has turned into a soap opera. A Santa Monica, Calif., court has stripped Delaney of custody of her 15-year-old son after he testified that his life was endangered because of her drunken driving.

All Headline News and report that Delaney's son, Jack Cortese, told the court that he was embarrassed when his mother showed up at his friend's house drunk and insisted he come with her. "I attempted to keep her from driving her car, but she was very demanding," Cortese said in his court testimony. "My mother demanded that my friend go with us. He refused to drive with her because she was drunk. Unfortunately, this is not the only incident in which I have seen my mother drunk."

The court granted custody to Jack's father, Joe Cortese, who is Delaney's ex-husband. Jack now says he does not want to be with his mother until she has completed rehab and is sober. "I am very concerned for my safety when I am with her."

The actress's alcohol problems made headlines three years ago after she was arrested for drunken driving in Malibu. She was fined $390, ordered to attend a safe-driving class and placed on probation for two years. Delaney, 44, is twice divorced. She has been engaged to Alan Barnette since 1997

EDIT: Source was netscape news. Sorry if it was old, I didn't remember reading about it. I thought maybe an NYPD Blue fan might care? It was interesting nontheless.

NIN cancel shows

NIN Cancel Shows
Band exits San Diego stage because of drummer's chest pains

Nine Inch Nails were forced to cut short their Friday night show at San Diego's Cox Arena -- the opening night of their fall tour with Queens of the Stone Age -- after drummer Jerome Dillon complained of chest pains.

Forty minutes into the set, after a ferocious run through of "Gave Up," the band broke. Moments later, Trent Reznor announced from behind a transparent curtain, "We've got a medical emergency. We'll be back with you in a minute or two."

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