August 23rd, 2005

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Michael Moore learns how to be less ...portly

August 23, 2005 -- THERE may soon be less of Michael Moore. The portly propagandist is doing a stint at the Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa in Aventura, Fla. — also known as the "fat farm for the rich." Moore is learning how to cook healthy meals and exercise and attending classes on "life re-education." The program starts at $3,800 a week and promises enrolees they'll "learn a new approach to eating," "never have to diet again," and can lose up to 12 pounds in the first three weeks. The facility also has "cosmetic/medical treatments, such as intense pulsed light, botox injections, and Restylane."


it's called stop eating costs in the ballpark of $0 dollars.

Olsen Sighting

I went to The Used concert on Saturday, August 20th in Los Angeles. 4th row seats, baby. 30 Seconds to Mars was opening (Jordan Catalano's Jared Leto's band) and I remembered that bit about Ashley Olsen and Jared hooking up. I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if she was here and I could see her peeking out from backstage or something?" Turns out both her and Mary-Kate, MK's boyfriend and that one singular friend of theirs had front row seats next to me. Collapse )

Final edit: My intentions were to never sell them to magazines to begin with (see here). Regardless, People magazine, Globe and the National Enquirer all contacted me by phone and wanted to know a bit of the story. In the end, my pictures weren't chosen for reasons that I already figured. So like I said, I'd post the pictures up again once I was done dealing with the media and here they are without the lameass copyright sign. Thanks to everyone who respected my requests early on. To everyone else, you all can right-click save these puppies until you choke :P

MK and that damn cigarette. Collapse )

Celebs Help to Save the Boobies

My friend is raising money this year to support Avon's Breast Cancer research. She participated in all 8 of the two day walks, and spent a great deal of time chasing celebs around New York City getting them to autograph bears for the cause, and taking their photo with said bear. She has all kinds of stories, some of them were really nice about it (Matt Damon) some of them were real jackasses about it (Ethan Hawke) .

She started the first wave of auctions today & I thought some of you might be interested. If nothing else there's some amusing photos of celebs with the bears they signed

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wf. vessels of a donor look

Maybe she just wants to sound important.

Scarlett Johansson's claims of getting caught up in a traffic accident while trying to escape the paparazzi have been challenged by a photographer who witnessed the crash. Just hours after her Friday accident, reports emerged that the Lost In Translation beauty was driving into the entrance of California's Disneyland, when she swerved to get away from pursuing photographers and hit another vehicle. But JFX Images photographer Mario Toruno, who was pursuing the actress at the time, questions whether she was even aware of photographers tailing her before the accident, because they kept a low profile, using cars in front of them as cover. Toruno, who saw the accident unfold as he sat at stoplights nearby, says, "When she was driving in to the parking lot, she was going very, very slow - maybe about 15 miles per hour - and she started veering to the left. It was almost like when you drop something on the car floor and you try to pick it up. Or she could've been busy talking with the two friends she had in her car. I couldn't see what was going on inside of the car, but from the outside I could see that she wasn't at all being chased when she hit the other lady's car. The parking lot is confusing because it's very busy, so maybe she was unsure of whether she wanted to turn left or right. I'm guessing that because she veered to the left, she was unable to see the other car - the only other vehicle at the parking lot entrance at that time - from her blindside. That's when she slowly slammed into the other car. The nearest cars to them at the time of the accident were at least 40 yards away, and none of them contained paparazzi. It was just regular oncoming traffic. I know, because there was another set of photographers that with the traffic at the stoplights. I'm sure Disneyland has video cameras at its entrance to prove that this is what happened. To be honest, we'd have been happier snapping pictures of Scarlett on the rides with her friends. We never in a million years thought we'd end up taking shots of a road accident, and obviously that's not what we set out to do. We were as surprised as everyone else, because everything was in such a slow motion when the cars hit each other."

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Man indicted for stabbing nephew of singer Bobby Brown.

ATLANTA (AP) — A man has been indicted for stabbing singer Bobby Brown's nephew during a fight at a restaurant.

Marque Dixson, 27, was indicted Friday on one count of aggravated assault and two counts of aggravated battery, the Fulton County district attorney's office said.

The incident occurred May 23 as Brown and others were celebrating his father's birthday, police said. Witnesses told police that as guests were leaving, someone bumped into someone else, causing a fight.

Two men in Brown's entourage were stabbed in the neck during the fight. Dixson is accused of stabbing one of them -- Brown's nephew.

The stabbings happened at Justin's Restaurant and Bar, which is owned by rapper and producer Sean "Diddy" Combs. Brown wasn't involved in the fight.

Dixson is free on $50,000 bond.

Brown lives in nearby Alpharetta, north of Atlanta, with his wife, Whitney Houston.
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I am so white.

Edited out the Cillian shots, because I realized they were a repost! Sorry guys.

I mean... seriously, guys. If this bitch is only having one baby, then that little shit is going to be bigger than Kirstie Alley the day after an all-you-can-eat buffet.
(A painfulwish disclaimer - I love Britney, but I can't help but make a joke on her expense. CHILL OUT!)
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I miss the Lindsay that we could all be worried about, don't you? The Lindsay that would tease us by holding up a piece of cake to her mouth, and accidentally push it off her fork with her tongue. The Lindsay that put a blue dot on each of her visible ribs, so they were more accessible to paparazzi shots. The Lindsay whose leg could be used as a dildo. THOSE were priceless posts at ohnotheydidnt, and now we're stuck with healthy again.
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Seriously though, she looks so much better (still thin, but not abnormally thin), and I'm very happy for her.


While Lindsay has happily gained a little weight, Nicole has... well, she's still engaged!
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Since so many of you guys weren't so in to those nude snapshots of me I slipped in to my last post using SUPLOAD as the image host, I switched over to TINYPIC - free hotcakes for everyone who doesn't hotlink.
FUN TIDBIT OF THE DAY! While spell-checking this entry, Livejournal pointed out to me that the alternative for "ohnotheydidnt" would be "entertained." I'm kind of disappointed, I was hoping it'd be something along the lines of "fun-loving" or maybe even "bitches."
James Acaster – 8 Out of 10 Cats

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Fellow Ozians ONTDers,

For the love of all that is holy, instead of whining about free image hosts like Supload and Tinypic, JUST USE LIVEJOURNAL. If you're a paid user, ScrapBook is your friend. It comes with your paid account and you don't have to worry about bandwidth! So put it to good use, eh?

Thank you and good day.
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only a handful of you will care.

Mos is Definitely Maybe Married
August 19, 2005

We've got a little bit of a hot potato here, something we heard from our "sources" (read: birds and/or grapevines).

Mos Def was in town last weekend for the Marc Ecko Getting Up Festival, and you might remember that on Monday he surprised us all by showing up on MOD with Kanye West.

Well, apparently Mos Def is still in Toronto and...has since found himself a new wifey. Mos met his special lady sometime over the weekend and married her this past Tuesday. Not quite matching Tommy and Pam's record, but impressive nonetheless.

Def's new wife (Alanna) actually appeared in Snoop's "Drop It Like It's Hot" video, so here's a still from the vid where you can see the purdy lady...

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Hilary Duff Cuts Out French Fries From Her Diet

Image hosted by

Hilary Duff has been seen around lately looking fit and trim and one of the reasons why is because she has decided to stop eating potato food. She is very surprised how just taking one thing out of her diet has changed the way she looks.

Hilary had this to say about the change “ I’ve made myself be really good for the last couple of months. I used to be obsessed with French fries. Like I’m the biggest French fry person in the world. I could eat French fries all day. I’ve been eating a little bit all throughout the day and I saw such a big difference so fast! Now I’m like, ‘ Yes this is awesome!’ And I’m still full all the time”.

Just hope that Hilary doesn’t become obsessed with her weight like so many other celebrities are because she has a lot of young fans who look up to her, but I’m sure all Hilary is going to teach her fans is how to be fit, healthy and happy


'Oh my God, get me a tissue because I'm salivating!'

(BANG) - Gwen Stefani could have saved Jennifer Aniston's marriage - because she was lined up for Angelina Jolie's role in 'Mr and Mrs Smith'.

The sexy singer has revealed she had 40 auditions for the action blockbuster - where Angelina met Aniston's now-estranged husband, Brad Pitt - and came close to winning the role.

She said: "I tried out for 'Mr and Mrs Smith'. I did, like, 40 try-outs for that, I met with the director and everything, and I really wanted to do it."

But Gwen was left devastated when she lost out to screen beauty Jolie.

She admitted: "I was so upset about it, but it won't stop me. Movies are a challenge for me, and I do like a challenge."

The blonde beauty, who had a cameo role in 'The Aviator', is currently looking at a Hollywood script written especially for her.

She revealed to Britain's Independent Magazine: "I can't say much about it, but when the writers came to me with the idea, I was like, 'Oh my God, get me a tissue because I'm salivating!'

"I've got so many things going on right now, and it all seems to be coming my way at once."

Didn't Pitt quit the role when Nicole Kidman left and didn't sign back on until Angelina signed on? That's what yahoo says, and they said this BEFORE the whole Angelina/Brad/Jen drama. So... it was really Brad who wanted to work with Angelina.


Kevin Smith says:

"When it reigns, it pours.

Holy crap, we've finally got our female lead! And she's awesome! I'll let you know
who she is once the deal is finalized.

And after running into a long delay trying to secure the location, we're 85% locked in.
If we sign the agreement by Friday, the schedule finally gets triggered: Ratface will
start building, the remaining keys will be hired, and rehearsals will begin within weeks.

After almost a year since the opening of this thread, "Clerks 2" is fast becoming a reality."

Read the Clerks 2 News Thread here:

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Jackson Accuser's Mom Charged With Fraud

LOS ANGELES - The woman whose son accused
Michael Jackson of child molestation was charged with welfare fraud Tuesday for allegedly collecting nearly $19,000 in payments while making false claims.

At Jackson's trial, the woman invoked her Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination and refused to testify about the welfare matter.

But Jackson's lawyers presented evidence that she and her family had received a $150,000 settlement in a 2001 lawsuit against a department store at a time when she was claiming to be poor. They also showed the woman was receiving money from her boyfriend to pay the rent on her apartment.

The complaint filed by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's office alleged that the woman hid from authorities the fact that she had received the settlement and also failed to report the receipt of $637 for payment of her rent in January 2003.

The Associated Press is withholding the name of the woman to protect the identity of her son.

The woman was a key witness for the prosecution against Jackson, who was acquitted of all charges. Many jurors said her lack of credibility on the witness stand was a major factor in their verdict.

SOURCE: Yahoo! News

Pamela Tackled To Ground!

I saw a post about Pamela Andersons doggie wedding, but I didn't see any about her being tackled to the ground. I read in the paper the other day that she had been victim of a fake camera crew, Borat from the Ali G show.

Image hosted by

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ahhh... another quick post

I found this amusing... Who needs chick fights?


There was plenty of testosterone on display at Teen People's recent Young Hollywood shindig in L.A. According to People, Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden had a "heated exchange" with Chad Michael Murray on the red carpet. "Are you trying to be hard?" the "One Tree Hill" actor asked the ink-stained rocker, who gave him the stink eye before backing off with the warning, "I'm not through with you." No word on what caused the flare-up, but Chad, who played Prince Charming to Madden's girlfriend Hilary Duff in "A Cinderella Story" (he has denied rumors that they dated), told the mag, "I have too much respect for myself and for anybody in the industry to bother worrying about it."


Eva and Tommy Lee party?

Last week, while Eva Longoria was in New York taping a Conan appearance, she stayed at the Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park.

Tommy Lee was also a guest on the very same Conan show, and somehow worked his tattoo magic to not only lick Eva's face on air, but also get himself invited back to her hotel room to party, with other guests...we hope. According to reports, Tommy didn't leave until 3:30am, which is when the party ended...we are sure.

There is no way Tommy got to Eva, no, no, no--we refuse to believe it.

Let's change the subject shall we? The Ritz Carlton Central Park also boasts a house stretch Maybach which takes guests to different Manhattan destinations.

Oh, and as far as we know, the slick car is available to all guests, not just Eva Longoria.


Menounos Joins 'Access Hollywood,' 'Today'

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 3:42 PM EDT
The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Maria Menounos is leaving "Entertainment Tonight" to join NBC Universal's "Access Hollywood" and NBC News' "Today" show this fall.

Menounos, 27, will be a special correspondent for "Access Hollywood," which begins its 10th season in national syndication on Sept. 5. She also will be a West Coast contributor for "Today," it was announced Tuesday.

"To be working at such a cutting-edge show like `Access' and have the opportunity to be a part of the No. 1 morning news program on television is so exciting," she said in a statement.

Menounos reported on film, television, music and fashion for "Entertainment Tonight," and had been an international correspondent for "Channel One News," a source of news for teen students.

She has appeared on the WB's "One Tree Hill" and had a role in this summer's sci-fi action film "Fantastic Four."


On the Net:

Hello, babes! It's time for ladies & babies.

Jenny Aniston is looking mighty ruff (and buff) at this particular game of frisbee.

And I don't want to hear "Oh c'mon do YOU make gorgeous faces allll day long? GOD!" for fucks sake. She's a celeb, that's what we do here. We ridicule those that make the moving pictures and the soundbytes; welcome to ONTD!

Free Image Hosting -

Michelle Branch and her man had their baby girl named Owen, lovely.
Didn't know Michelle was so rock-a-billy with all those fashionable tats.

Free Image Hosting -

Gymnasts that want a record contract...

Image hosted by TinyPic.comCarly Patterson (the Olympic all-around gold medal winning gymnast), was on Fox Sports a few days ago and they asked her to sing a line or two from her upcoming single entitled "Damaged". She did so, a capella and it actually wasn't that bad. She has a lot more talent then a lot of the people getting recording contracts these days.

There really isn't enough of the song to determine whether or not it would do well on radio, but its release is supposed to be in November sometime, independently. Kind of odd considering she is still shopping for a major label...

Anyways, click here if you're interested.

EDIT:// She's grown 3 inches since last summer and because she hasn't been trainning. She's 5'4 now.
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me franz vid

Franz Ferdinand stuff

One or two random folks told me to post about it, because I'm in it, soo...Franz Ferdinand has a new video out. It's called "Do You Want To" and it's amusing, or at least I find it amusing because I'm a fangirl/because I'm in it/because simple things amuse simple minds/some other reason.

Talk about it, insult it, whatever. There's an episode of Making the Video about it, too, which will re-air tonight at 1AM eastern on MTV2 in the states and uh, at other times I'm not sure of. You can see me walk for about half a second. Wow!

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Moral of the story: Even if you hate Franz, you probably still wouldn't mind meeting them, they're really nice guys and really easy to talk to. Franz Ferdinand = nice group of famous people! And I'm in their video and stuff and their new album is out kind of soon.

Oh yeah! Here's how to find me. I'm short. Heh.

So ends my tale. Discuss.
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Hi, I'm Haley Joel Osment and I'm not 10 anymore & I love Eisley

Second Hand Lion Guy
That Line. Luke shot it... i mean, video-taped it for me. Pretty weird. Weirder was when Jeff (new media) spotted the kid from 6 Sence in LINE. woah. whatever. that's crazy. He waited since like 3:00 or something, though people were there since 10:30am I heard. Anyway, he got in and all good. Apparently he's a huge fan of the music. Heard "Sea King" while on a plane flying home from Japan. He freaked and researched the band... but this was the first time he's been able to hear them live. The kids said he was so nice... humble, cool, a radiohead fan, told them how crazy he was about their music... Stacy said he was so complimentary and polite. That's nice. I met him but stood off so as not to be a lameoid gaulker.

Michelle Trechenburg
In Harriette the Spy? and The Ice Princess.... and other things. I dunno. She was in our dressing room almost the entire night, except for during the show. Afterward, she was beaming. So complimentary and excited about the band, the show, etc. She was leaving to go to Japan; Rick (manager) hooked her up with a CD so she could digest it on her journey. All of this is so strange to us... but so sweet.


Thought it was interesting.
Especialy since he's from here - Birmingham, AL