June 23rd, 2005


We're not gonna paaaaay!

I don't know how many people in here keep up with the Rent Blog, but it's actually pretty informative for a movie site blog (reminds me of the Garden State blog in a way...). Anyways they just posted a behind the scenes clip from the riot scene of the movie and it's really fun and looks pretty cool. Here's a link to the blog.

Just wanted to know what everyone else thinks about the blog itself as well as Rosario in the vid (she seems really sweet!) and the shots of the riot scene. Okay the end.
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[Audrey Hepburn] Breakfast Loung


Everybody's favorite punching-bag Clay Aiken has been hiding over in Africa lately doing work for UNICEF and it looks like the 6 month hiatus has taken a big toll on him-big time.He was spotted at the premiere for the Broadway show "Wicked" this past week looking less than stellar...

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katie's parents weirded out

KATIE Holmes may have alienated all of her longtime best friends but she's still trying to keep her parents in the loop — for now. On Tuesday, Holmes and alien-fighting fiance Tom Cruise flew into town and holed up in the Carlyle. "They have a huge suite and his mom and sister [his spokeswoman Lee Anne DeVette] are there and her parents are there. It's kind of a 'get to know you before the kids get married' session," said our source. Holmes' parents — who are said to be a little weirded out by Holmes' new devotion to Scientology — might be more at ease after meeting Cruise's family.

source: pagesix.com
royal oreilly tenenbaum

blind item

from popbitch:


>> Big Question <<
What people are asking this week

Which over-rated film director who recently
dropped out of a big movie has an unsavoury
 reputation as a secret wife beater?

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Jennifer Aniston checks into Chicago hotel as "Mrs Smith"


BRAD Pitt and Angelina Jolie didn't check in as "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel a few weeks ago - according to Blackbook magazine, they used the aliases "Bryce and Jasmine Pilaf. However, Jennifer Aniston is checked into Chicago's Peninsula Hotel as "Mrs. Smith." Inside TV magazine reports Aniston - in a $2,000-a-night suite for two months while shooting "The Break Up" with Vince Vaughn - gets a kick having the staff call her "Mrs. Smith." "Everyone at the Peninsula knows it's Jen," the weekly reports. "But hotel policy requires room servers to address guests by the name they're checked in under."

Gallagher- Live 8 Will Never Work

NOEL GALLAGHER is convinced LIVE 8 will never achieve its lofty aim of persuading politicians from the world's richest countries to eliminate debt owed by poorer nations.

The outspoken OASIS guitarist believes rock stars simply don't have the influence needed to affect the G8 decision makers - and believes all their hard work will be in vain.

He says, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but are they hoping that one of these guys from the G8 is on a quick 15 minute break at Gleneagles (in Scotland) and sees ANNIE LENNOX singing SWEET DREAMS and thinks, 'F**k me, she might have a point there, you know?'

"KEANE doing SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW and some Japanese businessman going, 'Aw, look at him... we should really f**king drop that debt, you know.'

"It's not going to happen, is it?"
22/06/2005 21:26

Probably one of the more intelligent things I have heard from a Gallagher brother. Who knew he could spew out anything other than how much he hates his brother?
HR Puf n Stuff


When and how they met: Three years ago, exactly as author Terry McMillan, 47, portrayed it in her best-seller, How Stella Got Her Groove Back. While vacationing in Jamaica, at the Grand Lido in Negril, McMillan was approached by Jonathan Plummer, 26, now a college student.
"Can I join you?" he asked. "Why not?" she replied. Two years later he proposed.

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Jet En Route To New LP With A Layover In Toronto For Live 8

Just in time for summer, Jet are coming out of a six-month hibernation by showcasing some new tunes in a few select performances.

They took over Times Square on Tuesday night as part of Pontiac's Summer Solstice event, which fell smack dab in the middle of their weeklong tour with Oasis, which ends Saturday. Jet's biggest gig is yet to come, though, since they've just signed on to play Live 8 in Toronto on July 2.

"For us, it's the money and the hugeness of it, the publicity," drummer/vocalist Chris Cester joked.

"Yeah, we won't do anything for under zero dollars, that's our motto," bassist Mark Wilson said.

"It worked out really well because we did a horrible show in Toronto the last time," Cester continued, "so it's really good to be able to go back and give them a good show. And it's good to be part of something."

"We're not a real political band," Wilson pointed out. "We have a song called 'Cold Hard Bitch,' so you do the math."

After the concert event, Jet plan to get back to work on finishing their next album, which they're toying with calling either Straight From the Heartthrob, Radical Sabbatical or Get Bored (a play on their first album title, Get Born), the guys said, again with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

"The first [album title] became a burden after a while," Cester said. "After two and a half years of the same thing, it kind of makes you insane."

Not only are they sick of the title, they're also a little sick of Get Born's sound.

"We've all talked about how the first record was very dry, and the next one should be a little denser," Cester said.

"The first one was so sh--, we left ourselves a lot of room," his brother, singer/guitarist Nic Cester, added.

They're a lot happier with their new songs, calling them "incredible," "fantastic," definitive" and, dare they say it, "genius." That would include "Shining Magazine," "Hold On" and "Snap Your Fingers," the latter of which is super fast, clocking in at under two minutes, and feels "kind of like a punch in the head," according to Chris Cester, or "a shiv in jail, a stab between the ribs," if you ask Wilson.

At the same time, they don't want to get too happy about these songs — because after several sessions producing about 15 songs' worth from stops in Barbados, Massachusetts and Melbourne, they're expecting to write even better ones. They've been taking it slow, recording demos, overdubbing, "finding out about the song before we go and record it properly," guitarist Cameron Muncey said.

The next session will be in Los Angeles, where they hope to bring the total to 25, at which point "we can get serious," Chris Cester said.

They'll only stop "when it's amazing," Nic Cester said, "which is probably tomorrow. Sometime tomorrow, mid-afternoon. Before lunch."

Haha. I still love Get Born. I guess I like shit music? :D I love them. They are such hardxcore rockers.
Country House

From Much News (http://www.muchmusic.com/news)

DC Planned Destiny
Thursday, June 23, 2005

Beyonce Knowles has revealed that Destiny's Child planned their break-up long before they announced it last week. Beyonce says that the title of their last album - Destiny Fulfilled - was a tip-off that the trio was calling it quits. But it looks like no one told Mattel. The toy company is set to launch a new range of Barbie dolls modeled on the trio. The dolls will hit stores just weeks before the final DC show.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that thought something was up when they released four videos in half a year.

Ted Casablanca Blind Item 6/23 - One Randy-Candy Blind Vice

Did somebody mention food? What's that? Something one puts in one's mouth? Yech! Poo! Feh!

Morgan Mayhem sure thinks so. I mean, really. If it's not some body part attached to some sorry-ass man she's currently taking hostage, M2 really has no interest in placing much else in her increasingly bizarrely painted mouth.

Morgan's new bud, Pixie Mixie, knows this too well. In fact, ol' Pix got so tired of telling her broad-unit to eat, like, sustenance, Ms. Mix decided to throw the lecturing out the window (along with her old size-six outfits) and join the too-thin brigade! Why do they do it? No idea. How do they do it? Ah, more luck there. Read on...

Yep, M.'s up to her ol' very public antics, yet again. You see, Seduce magazine just had a big bash at one of Hell-Ay's hotter clubs. All the more successful fashion victims in town were there, including Pix 'n' Morg, who were so damned thin (despite the high-caloric booze going down their combined gullets) they thought they owned the pretentious place.

Must be why M.M. (with P.M. along for the vicarious ride) had no compunction whatsoever about going into the women's restroom and snorting enough blow to make even Courtney Love blanch. Right there. In the open. In front of other pissy patrons.

Jeez. When I did that crap, I at least closed the bathroom stall. Youths today have no class.


Bam on TRL

Thank God for Damien asking this question in the beginning of the show. Now I don't have to sit through it all waiting for this question to be asked.

Bam said nothing happened with Jessica Simpson and that his ex-girlfriend is just bitter. He says him and Jessica were just at a party together with a bunch of Johnny Knoxville's friends.

I guess we can put all those rumors to rest. Didn't his parents say that he slept with her too though?

Hohan passes out.

"In Touch Weekly has a HO-rrific account involving Lindsay and Kimberly Stewart at a spin class in West Hollywood on June 8th.

According to the tab, Lindsay was pedaling furiously at Body & Soul (in our old hood) and 30 minutes into an hour-long spin class, something went terribly wrong! "[Lohan] turned pale white and climbed off her stationary bike. She stumbled a few feet and fell flat on her face, passing out from exhaustion and dehydration in front of a fitness room filled with horrified onlookers!

Kimberly Stewart poured a lil' water in Lindsay's mouth and a gym worker wrapped a wet towel around her face. After a terrifying 30 seconds, Lindsay came to and thankfully a trip to the emergency room was spared.

Despite that lil' scare, we're sure that night she hit a few clubs and did some more spinning."

Billboard's Top 20 Singles

1. Inside Your Heaven--Farm Bot Carrie Underwood
2. We Belong Together--Mariah Carey
3. Holla Back Girl--Gwen Stefani
4. Don't Phunk With My Heart--Black Eyed Peas
5. Just a Lil Bit--Fifty Cents
6. Behind These Hazel Eyes--Kelly Clarkson
7. Oh--Ciara ft. Luda
8. Grind With Me--Pretty Ricky (pretty? wtf. Yea, you better believe HE has street cred.)
9. Switch--Will Smith
10. Get it Poppin'--Fat Joe ft. Nelly
11. Don't Cha--The Pussy Lick Cat Dolls
12. Since You Been Gone--Kelly Clarkson
13. Pon de Replay--Rihanna (who?)
11. Incomplete--The Backstreet Boys
15. Speed of Sound--Cold Play
16. Lonely No More--Rob Thomas
17. Mr. Brightside--The Killers
18. Best of You--Foo Fighters
19. You and Me--Lifehouse
20. Slow Down--Bobby Valentino

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According to perezhilton.com

Tom Cruise and his attached-at-the-hip fiancé Katie Holmes were mobbed by the paparazzi yesterday as they arrived at the Essex House, where Cruise had a junket for War of the Worlds. And, despite a report in the New York Post's Page Six that Spielberg was so disgruntled with Tom's crazy in love (distracting from the film) antics that he was going to skip the junket, he did show up to do publicity for the film! And, he even had a good sense of humor about the whole TomKat media frenzy.

When a reporter asked Cruise if he and Holmes had set a wedding date yet, Spielberg joked, "Twenty minutes went by before that question was asked."

Cruise, however, was not so jovial when another reporter started to pry about Scientology.

Cruise was then asked about a link between the War of the Worlds storyline, which involves aliens lying dormant on earth before rising out of the ground and attacking the planet.
"I was wondering what resonance that had with you as a Scientologist?" a journalist asked.

A confused Cruise responded: "In what way?"

"Well," the journalist continued. "In that some of Scientology deals with aliens on this planet."

Cruise, used to defending Scientology, was not happy.

"That's not true. What?" Cruise said. "What paper are you from?"

When the embarrassed journalist responded he was from a paper in Boston, Cruise asked: "Is that a good paper?

Cruise continued: "It has no resonance whatsoever.

"There's absolutely no relation to that whatsoever."

A short time later Cruise singled out the journalist again.

"If you are interested in Scientology you should read Evolution of a Science," Cruise said.

"I don't know if you've ever read that. That will give you a greater understanding of what Scientology is."

Don't fuck with Tom Crusie and his Scientology! And Katie Holmes is taking Scientology seriously too. The actress has revealed that she is converting to the super cool, totally awesome and just plain fucking rad religion. And, that is just one step in the indoctrination of Katie Holmes. Katie is planning to change her name from Katie to Kate, a source tells Star magazine. "She believes [that] will give her a more mature image as an actress."

You know, it still hasn't quite sunk in that in less than two months, not only are TomKat inseparable, but they are already engaged!
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No, I've never heard this idea before..

Pop star Britney Spears is reportedly in talks to pose nude and pregnant for the cover of Vanity Fair.

Citing an unidentified source, Life & Style Weekly reported in its current issue that Spears, 23, aspires to recreate Demi Moore's famous 1991 Vanity Fair cover shot.

"The negotiations are in motion," said the source. "Britney desperately wants to do it and knows she has to stay in good shape."

Life & Style Weekly said Vanity Fair editors hope to shoot Spears in her seventh month so the issue can hit newsstands before she gives birth this fall.

"Britney loves being pregnant," said the source, "and she loves her new body."


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
This is actually a really fun site, but don't you think it's kind-of sad that Paris beat out Britney? I don't like either of them (at all) but Paris has only realy been famous for what? A year? Maybe 2? Britney Spears has been famous for years. Ugh I hate Paris.
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I don't even remember the original one..

Battle of the Network Reality Stars

"The former reality television contestants competing in the tournament whose names Bravo has released so far are:

• Richard Hatch and Susan Hawk (Survivor: Pulau Tiga, Survivor: All-Stars)

• Chip and Kim McAllister (The Amazing Race 5)

• Charla Faddoul and Mirna Hindoyan (The Amazing Race 5)

• Nikki McKibbin and Ryan Starr (American Idol 1)

• Will Kirby and Mike "Boogie" Malin (Big Brother 2)

• Evan Marriott (Joe Millionaire 1)

• Heidi Bressler (The Apprentice 1)

• Bradford Cohen (The Apprentice 2)

• Coral Smith and Mike "The Miz" Mizanin (The Real World: Back to New York)

• Theo Gantt (The Real World: Chicago)

• Adam Mesh (Average Joe 1, Average Joe 3: Adam Returns)

• Tina "Fabulous" Panas (The Bachelor 3)

• Brittany Brower (America's Next Top Model 4)

• Matt Kennedy Gould (The Joe Schmo Show 1)

• Valerie Penso (Temptation Island)

• Duncan Nutter (Showbiz Moms & Dads)

• Wendy Pepper (Project Runway)

• Rachel Love Frasier (The Swan 1)

In addition to the reality contestants, several competitors from NBC's original Battle of the Network Stars will serve as referees, including Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk), Loretta Swit (M*A*S*H), and Jimmie "JJ" Walker (Good Times)."

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Credit Card for Lourdes

http://www.sfgate.com/columnis ts/dailydish/


Pop superstar Madonna has given her 8-year-old daughter Lourdes her own credit card with a $10,000 limit, according to In Touch Weekly.
Friends say Madonna hopes this will teach Lourdes to appreciate the value of money.

A pal tells the magazine, "Minors are not usually allowed credit cards so
she had to pull a few strings to get it issued in Lourdes' name.

"She is hoping to teach Lourdes to be responsible with money.


Jennifer Lopez was reportedly overheard having a conversation with friends at a club in LA. The singer reportedly said that she is very unhappy with sales of her latest album and cites the single, "It's Like That (Mariah Carey)", being released one day after "Get Right", as part of the reason.
"She was bitching about how she (Mariah) could have waited," the source added, "It was like she believed the album could have done better if Mariah didn't overshadow her first single. After her friends started laughing, she began to laugh about it also."
Poor J.Lo. Here's a reality check, sweetie. Your album took a beating because of that god-awful, "Hold You Down". Maybe there is hope in the next single, "Step Into My World".


I smell bullshit. Although they do absolutely hate each other after the 2001 Tommy Mottola sample-stealing saga.

Apparently there is an Oscar buzz for (Cameron)Diaz--In Her Shoes

This is what Jennifer Weiner *the writer of the book In Her Shoes, has a blog* had to say about Cameron's performance in the film:

The movie is just amazing.

The performances were extraordinary -- especially Cameron Diaz as Maggie. Curtis Hanson, the director, is known for getting actresses to do their very best work, and this was no exception. Cameron's performance just rips your heart out. You'll love her, you'll hate her, you'll want to throttle her....and yet you'll be rooting for her, and for Rose, to get their happy endings.

~found this on JJB not sure the source \/
I don't envy Oscar voters having to choose among the compelling performances of Cameron, Toni and Shirley. Ms. Collette keeps astonishing us as an actress with breathtaking range and malleable features that show off her very soul. Shirley, as a wise old control freak, who has learned her life lessons, is simply dazzling — the best she's been in years. But if there's an Academy Award for the perfect body combined with acting talent, Cameron wins hands down. She's gorgeous . . . right along with the "Sex and the City" shoes that become part of the plot. This superstar can really act!

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There's a huge spider in my room and it's disgusting. My new babe phase though, is ever so easy on the eyes, ears, mouth, throat, um, you know whats...Rachel McAdams pictures from Interview Magazine (July 05) and her uh, interview by the Butterschnozz Stallion. But enough about that, who's got the Adam Brody interview by Joan of Arcadia (see cover)? I imagine he neurotically squirmed his way out of Rachel Bilson questions and said something witty about a band.

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Naima from ANTM photoshoot

I just saw the new issue of Teen People with Lindsay Lohan on the cover. Has anyone seen the photshoot with Naima from ANTM? I personally don't think she looks that great in the pictures. Though I might be a bit biased, since I hated her on the show.

The pictures are not up on the website yet, and I don't have a scanner. This picture's not from the article, but everyone loves a good my-hair-is-higher-than-your-hair picture.

ETA: The pictures can be found here. They are quite large. Thanks to t0xicwaste and whimsylane for the link.

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The actress who was caught up in a BRAD PITT cheating scandal in 2004 is now hoping for a lesbian tryst with the movie hunk's reported new girlfriend, ANGELINA JOLIE.

APRIL FLORIO, who was mistakenly identified as Pitt's mistress, insists she'd leave her husband if Jolie expressed an interest in her.

She says, "I think any girl would want to be with her. Plus, it's funny that we're both in the same scandal together.

"If Angelina was interested in me, the first thing I would do is call my husband and break up with him. She's so hot and she doesn't give a s**t.

"She brings out the inner perv in all of us. No guys do it for me like she does."

SOURCE: www.contactmusic.com

Carbs are good for you, especially if Whacko Jacko's face is on it.

Slices of toast showing the face of Michael Jackson are being sold on eBay.
Fans who are selling the toast claim the items are not faked and popped out of their toasters before or during the verdicts.
Other slices of toast with slogans such as "not guilty" have also appeared on the website.
One seller said: "This is a wonderful memento of this historic day that you will cherish for years to come."
Another vendor said a slice of toast with "not guilty" written on it popped up just before the verdicts.

-BBC Online

Funny, because I just made toast, and it says "Michael Jackson fans are on drugs".



Even yummier:

The toast went in white, and came out even whiter.

I hope you all look at your toast carefully before beasting on it from now on. Who knows? The words "Publicity Stunt" may pop up before the TomKat wedding. Just saying!

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From here: a reliable source I know.


These never-before-seen pictures taken inside Neverland dramatically reveal the chaotic childlike world of the King of Pop.

The astonishing photos were taken for District Attorney Tom Sneddon on November 18, 2003 and obtained by The National Enquirer after Jacko was cleared of child molestation charges. They give a remarkable insight into his weird life.

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Lindsay Taken off Posters

Sorry if this has been posted.

Movie bosses have decided to take teen star Lindsay Lohan off posters to promote 'Herbie: Fully Loaded' because the blonde-haired, shrinking actress looks nothing like the red-headed busty girl in the original picture, according to reports.

The actress, who has starred in films such as 'Freaky Friday' and 'The Parent Trap', has been taken off the original posters where she dominated the shot with the car in the background.

The new posters feature one of just the car and another of the car with a very small picture of Lindsay in the background along with other cast members.

According to an article in The New York Post, the actress is said to be fuming that she was not told about the changes after a screening in Hollywood on Sunday.

Lohan was also said to be angry because the song she did for the film's big racing scene was put in the end credits.

Images of the star in the film have already caused controversy after parents argued that Lindsay Lohan's character was too busty and revealingly dressed for a children's film.

It was claimed that Disney technicians have gone back and digitally raised necklines on her shirts and reduced the appearance of her breasts by two cup sizes.

However, Angela Robinson, the director of the film, denies any behind-the-scenes alterations to prevent Lohan being too sexy for the film.

"No, we didn't digitally reduce her boobs," she said.

In the film, Lohan stars as Maggie Peyton, the new owner of number 53, the Volkswagen Beetle with a mind of its own.

Herbie started his life in 1969 with 'The Love Bug', followed by three sequels, including 'Herbie goes Bananas' in 1980, and a subsequent television series until the Beetle went into retirement in 1997.

The movie also stars Michael Keaton, Matt Dillon, Breckin Meyer, Justin Long, Cheryl Hines, Jill Ritchie and will be released in UK cinemas on June 24.
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Tom Cruise on Letterman in a few minutes. Let's hope he pulls another Oprah, cuz it's just pure entertainment

he's on now...letterman is so funny - i love it

and Ben Folds (who I love and had to share it with you guys:P)
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