June 18th, 2005

Rocky Horror

More about the TomKat.

According to TV Spielfilm, a German tv guide, Mr. Cruise wanted all the employees of the Cinestar theater at the SonyCenter in Berlin to take a couple of Scientology classes before the premiere of War of the Worlds there. The employees refused, so the premiere had to be moved to another theater on short notice.

I knew there was a reason why that's my favorite movie theater. And I wonder if the employees at the other theater agreed to take the classes, or if it was too short notice to brainwash them.
<3 nd boys
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gwen releases new line


Harajuku Lovers Launches July 5th

The new Harajuku Lovers product line is set to debut in stores this July 5th, the same day the www.harajuku-lovers.com website and online store are set to launch.

Initially, Harajuku Lovers will feature women's clothing and a few accessories. The women's line will include shirts (tees and long sleeve), sweatshirts and sweatpants, thermals, long underwear and tank tops. The accessories will include stickers, patches and the digital camera (while supplies last).

In the months to follow exciting new product categories will be added to the line, including men's, babies, kids, plus size, intimates, head ware, handbags, accessories and stationery.

The best selection, variety and sizes of Harajuku Lovers products will be available direct from us at the www.harajuku-lovers.com online store (once it launches July 5).

A full listing of retail stores carrying Harajuku Lovers products will also be available on www.harajuku-lovers.com when the site launches. Harajuku Lovers products will become available at select Sanrio stores in November 2005.
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now they decide to coat it?

beach boys monument vandalized

"I'm disappointed but not surprised. We knew (vandalism) would be an issue. I'm surprised it's gone this long without being tagged," said Harry Jarnagan, the Tracy construction engineer who led the drive to build the memorial dedicated May 21.

officials were considering a variety of security measures, including surveillance cameras, a fence or sealing it with a graffiti-resistant coating.


The Papa of Kabbalah?

Has Michael Jackson joined the legions of red-string bracelet enthusiasts?

By Jeannette Walls

Is Michael Jackson turning to Kabbalah?

The singer has been wearing the red string bracelet favored by followers of the trendy religion, and a Kabbalah insider tells the Scoop that Jackson has been dabbling in the mystical offshoot of Judaism, whose members include Madonna and Britney Spears.

“Jackson is friendly with Elizabeth Taylor who has studied Kabbalah, and it’s my understanding she got him interested in it,” says the source. “He’s been wearing the red string during the trial, like Winona Ryder did during her trial, because it wards off the evil eye. Looks like it worked.”

Jackson’s rep didn’t return calls and a spokeswoman for Kabbalah told the Scoop: “Actually, we don’t have any comment on that.”


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As a Jew I am sick and tired of these celebrities suddenly popping up wearing the red bracelets, and claiming to be "KABBALAH" followers (what the fuck is this? a cult?)... Do they even know the significance to the bracelets? It's not an accessory for KABBALAH, nor does it suddenly make you a KABBALAH "member" if worn. Do these celebrities even understand that KABBALAH is a form of Judaism, even if it is more spiritual than religious? So, if I invite all of these fuckheads to seder they'll know exactly what I am talking about, and show up fully aware?

Mark my word, in about a year or 2 Kabbalah will branch off from the Jewish religion and become a cult-like religion similar to Scientology. Kabbalah-induced celebrities will start jumping on not only couches, but moving busses, and trains. They will attempt to promote Kabbalah, and spread it to everyone in Hollywood, and in a blink of an eye Scientology and Kabbalah will mate and there will be mini-Tom Cruises and Madonna’s roaming the earth. Thus, resulting in the end of the world...as we know it.


This hasn't been posted (yet), so I'm sorry to the mods if you've gotten 2928 of these.

This is from "Gatecrasher" in the NY Daily News...and Ben Widdicombe usually gets things right.

Some engaging tidbits

So here's what I'm hearing about that relationship.

A source VERY close to the deal is saying there's a contract.

It's worth $5 million.

It's for five years.

There will be no sex.

The deal was sealed June 7.

That's what I'm hearing.

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/320071p-273727c.html

Now granted it doesn't come out and say it's about our favorite gag-inducing couple, but I think it's pretty obvious. And you know Tom would sick all the Scientologists in the world on Ben if he actually printed his name.

TomKat tidbit.

By now everyone knows that TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES are engaged... But lastnight I was watching VH1's show The Best Week Ever and one of the comedian's was comparing and contrasting Batman and Tom Cruise. He mused that Batman wears a mask to conceal his identity and that Tom Cruise wears "a beard."

Just in case someone doesn't know... A beard is a woman used by, or married to, a gay man to hide his true sexual orrientation.

It was just sort of an odd comment. If you weren't paying attention you wouldn't have even heard it.

Just thought I would share!

"Natural" Hollywood Beauty

Ok, I keep hearing what "natural" beauties certain celebrities are over and over again, and frankly, the insanity has to stop. Natural and Hollywood are mutually exclusive people. So, basically that actress who you think is just perfect, she didn't just pop out of the womb that way.

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i want u inside me

Balls deep

A lot of people assume that the 8 ( 9 as orbitalocularit will always be one in my heart) of us mods are Dell's 24 hour customer service hot line, and we are always around to answer emails, approve or reject the hundreds of posts in the communities queue, eliminate(ban) racist/over offensive users, and overall just run this community to the best of our ability. We do have lives, I know, what a concept, but it is true. We too eat, sleep, and shit, we have jobs, lives, fuck buddies, etc. so this community is often neglected for a bit on all of our parts, and we get a lot of guff for it, yet I don't see any pay checks being sent over our way.

With all this said, we have received many, many emails from members stating their disgust with us as mods, and the community in general, even a few of you members have been mentioned in our email account concerning bad news. Most of it goes neglected, or delayed in response, as I had mentioned in the beginning of this post why this is so, but a lot do receive comments back from one of us mods. So yes, we do read the emails, and we do handle our shit right, so emailing us is not pointless, just have some patience.

As a suggestion given to us by a few members in this community in response to the last mod post, we have decided to make a weekly, or bi-weekly post with member emails that are sent to us that are either 'bitchy' or really 'whiny', we will make sure they are juicy, and not dry for the most part. We have a lot of members that have huge egos who think if their dick was an event, it would be the taste of Chicago, so when banned they leave the most passive aggressive, and laughable emails to us, these will make the best entries for our posts. So thank you for the great idea to those members, this should be hilarious. You will also be able to offer advice to these emails.

this does not mean if you email us we will not help you out, or you will be included in our weekly email post, we do sometimes receive rather sad :( emails from members that we keep to ourselves. So don't be a pussy and continue to email us with concerns, suggestions, etc, hell, even pretend to be bitchy so we can include you in one of our posts and you will be pseudo-famous on livejournal for a day. How does that grab ya?




8 mods = 8 different brains, personalities, and lives, so we do not all keep a close eye on one another or what posts are accepted in this community. Like I have mentioned, as well as other mods, numerous amounts of times, a post is sometimes posted twice, we make mistakes, we are human, really lazy humans at that. If we catch it, we do reject said post, and sometimes when posted twice we delete it, so honestly, save your ridiculous "already posted" comments, we don't need Captain Obvious telling us our legs are so existent, unless you don't have legs(bummer) this does not apply to you, and we definitely don't need these comments, let alone multiple ones that just state the same thing. I know it isn't your meat and potatoes, and totally ruins your whole fucking day when this happens but I think one weekend I am just going to accept every post twice to turn your world upside down if you are concerned on this matter.

ohnotheydidnt is for the kids!

take care.

No matter how awful we may sound, we honestly do love our members, and this community as well. We look like tyrants because we have a lot of members who like to cross the line, and try to ruin our good time, and fun with being assholes. So we are often forced to make these types of posts, to try and have some order. If things went smoothly, we would never have mod posts, minus when we posted about celebrity gossip.

As for the "already posted" comments, they are not ban-able, they are just like the "First!" comments, it is a matter of annoyance is all. I mean do you go to Barnes and Noble, look at the magazines and say "Pshh. That article was already posted in 'People'"? Think of us sometimes, as a virtual magazine rack.
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tv- entourage; douche.

i'm curious...

your thoughts: a hollywood marriage poll...

Poll #515758 who...

assuming these weddings actually do happen... which couple do you see divorcing first?

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
none of them! i believe the world is good & they are really in love!

of these "happy couples" who do you see (officially) splitting first?

Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
Image hosted by TinyPic.com
none! marriage is so sacred & they really do love each other!!!

(no subject)

The BRITNEY SPEARS Baby Countdown is ticking away. And now it's baby shower time. I hear the pop princess is having a Moroccan-themed party any day now. Why Moroccan? No one's saying. But we'll find out soon enough. I hear Spears has brokered a deal for a magazine exclusive on the shower. Will a Britney Baby reality show follow?LINDSEY LOHAN - BLONDE HAIR!

LINDSAY LOHAN wasn't looking too happy the other night during some late night play. A source tells me that the star of the upcoming 'Herbie: Fully Loaded' ran into her short-lived paramour JAKE GYLLENHAAL. But then she spotted him locking lips with his on-again/off-again girlfriend, KIRSTEN DUNST. Lindsay hit them with a nasty staredown. She furiously typed away on her Sidekick, reporting her disappointment to friends.

GUESS WHO: This movie hunk needs some etiquette lessons. He's been trying to invite friends to his home for informal get-togethers. But snapping innocent photos of the night is a no-no. His minions demand that cameras be handed over at the end of the night. Even his one-time girlfriend had been known to make the demand, too.

GUESS WHO: This starlet is so jealous of her squeaky-clean counterpart that she's known to try planting negative stories about her in the supermarket tabloids. So far, none of her unbelievable stories have been published.

Source: The Insider.

The first guess-who could be any celebrity but the second guess-who is obviously Lindsay Lohan... And Hilary Duff.
twue wuv

(no subject)

In lieu of the Tom Cruise and his "beard" post, I really think it is necessary for me to write this one. Tom Cruise is bisexual at the least. Let me tell you how I know.

This may sound slightly unbelievable, but hear me out.

I intern as a writing assistant at the Disney studios. This job basically entails shit-talking celebrities, which I am totally down for. One of the male writers at the show told me a story of how he pitched a story to Tom Cruise a while ago. When he finished his pitch, Tom said that he wasn't interested in the script. However, Tom said, maybe the writer could help him change his mind. The writer asked how. Tom said that if the writer would bend over and let Tom fuck him, Tom would be more inclined to consider the script. The writer turned Tom down (he's one of the few straight and married men in Hollywood), and Tom said he was sorry he couldn't do business with him.

Now, I'm not sure if Mr. Cruise was playing some sort of weird joke on my writer friend or if he really is gay, but regardless, this is some funny shit.

If this post passes, I have some funny Olsen twin and Will Smith drama too.

(no subject)

For those of you who are X-Men fans, here is the latest news from superherohype:

IESB.net got two great video interviews with X-Men 3 co-writer Simon Kinberg and Fox Filmed Entertainment co-chairman Tom Rothman at the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" premiere. The third mutant installment is to be directed by Brett Ratner. Kinberg and Rothman reaffirmed that you can expect to see Beast, Juggernaut, Angel, Kitty Pryde and Dark Phoenix in full swing in the anticipated film.

They also said that Storm will have an extended role which means Halle Berry gets her wishes....that whore.


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Savannah, Georgia Z102 DJ Jason Cage has launched www.feedlindsay.com, a web site encouraging Lohan to "pick up a sandwich." Cage tells [US Weekly], "We are also going to send her a petition from fans; a lot of us miss the old, curvy Lohan." He said the web site was intended to be in good fun, "We love Lindsay!"


Source: US Weekly Issue 541, June 27, page 42
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Oops... she's eating again!

Sundaes... milkshakes... ice cream... introducing the Britney Spears "no guilt" pregnancy diet! The world's most watched mom-to-be has become a two-fisted junkie.

One insider dished: "Britney's making a meal out of her pregnancy - and she obviously doesn't feel any pangs of guilt. These days it's rare to see her NOT holding something sweet and extremely fattening. She's getting a real kick out of eating for two."

The pop tart's favorite craves, said our spies, don't stop at the sweet stuff (including: Starbucks venti frappuccino with whipped cream -- 530-580 calories, Graeter's hard ice cream cone -- 260 calories, The Cheesecake Factory cheesecake -- 429 calories, and McDonald's McFlurries -- 385 calories). She's also partial to Jack in the Box fried chicken, Wendy's burgers and Cheetos washed down with Coca-Cola.

The insider added: "She's also got a pregnancy yen for sweet cereal. She eats it all day."

Katherine Tallmadge, spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, said: "Britney's at risk of being deficient in the nutrients that are vital to mother and baby during pregnancy like folic acid, calcium, and iron. She also looks more pregnant than four months and the more weight she puts on the harder it will be to get rid of it."

"A pregnant woman should take in just 300 extra calories per day in the form of whole grains, skim milk, yogurt, fruits and vegetables and proteins like fish or chicken. A healthy weight gain is 25-30 lbs during the nine months - anything more is not necessary. Britney should cut down on the empty sugary foods and try to get more of a balanced diet"

Source: The National Enquirer

Queen Latifah is struggling

Rap star and actress Queen Latifah has reportedly failed to pay rent on her company Ghettoworks Inc's office space since November. Latifah's company Ghettoworks Inc is involved in a legal wrangle with her landlords over the 6,000 square-foot office space in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. A source tells gossip site Pagesix.Com, "Her bill paying is the worst but the past five years of behavior has not been good. They're in litigation with her right now." The source also slammed Queen Latifah's security arrangements, questioning the attitudes of her staff, saying, "Her bodyguards are threatening and anti-Semitic." David Raindorf, who owns the property, declined to comment.

from imdb.com

Guess that's why she is doing voiceovers for those Pizza Hut commercials

edit: OR NOT:

"Also, the Sixers reported Thursday that Queen Latifah has not paid the rent in her company office space in Elmwood Park since November. However, Latifah denies those claims.

At the launch of her new lingerie line, the curvaceous rapper/actress/entrepreneur told Extra, "First of all, we own our office in Jersey city. So they have the wrong location. That [what they wrongly alleged] was a dispute we had with the person who owned our recording studio, which has been resolved. So I don’t even know why it was in the paper."

from perezhilton.com, thx g_howlett

(no subject)

I just got my new issue of Blender in the mail today, with SHAKIRA on the cover (who looks absolutely hot as shit by the way). One of the first articles I read was an interview with PARIS HILTON'S new dumb bitch BFF, KIMBERLY STEWART. Here are some highlights:

Yeah. It's bumming me out, though: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were so cute. I like her, 'cause she's you know, homely. She obviously has to have something else- it's not like she's gorgeous or anything. But Angelina and Brad are the two most beautiful people in the world, so that's boring.

Sometimes, but not that bad. One woman was like 'She looks like Twiggy on crack.' They're just jealous.

Very much so. I lived in the guest house before my dad tore it down. He's building a 7000 square foot house on the property.

I do. My sister bought me one and rhinestoned it for my birthday. I actually never downloaded the music, 'cause I don't know how to use a computer. So it's just sitting there, cute and pointless.

Intervention- I love it. It's like, people smoking crack, or cutting themselves. I like those reality shows that are reality. And America's Next Top Model.

Probably, "No, sir." If anyone asks me a question or says something I don't believe: "No, sir!"

No. I will not support that. That's gross.

No. No, sir!

Probably an eight: pretty sexual

I guess how smart I am. I don't want to toot my own horn, but you can actually be hot and well-educated.

His penis. No, right here: the Iliac crest. [Points to the spot between her hip and belly button.] Will you make me sound smart and say the Iliac crest instead of the penis? I'll love you forever.

What a smart cookie, eh?
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