June 13th, 2005


Alicia Silverstond got MARRIED last night!

Breaking fast: A source in the know tells PerezHilton.com that Alicia Silverstone got married on Saturday night in Lake Tahoe to long-time boyfriend Chris Jarecki, a fellow Vegan and lead singer of LA rock-group Stun. Congrats to the newlyweds! More details to come as they pour in.

Taken directly from perezhilton.com

Ashton, Bono, Eminem, Paris, Jessica Simpson & Daddy-O

Ashton Kutcher and MTV were really upset when one of their "Punk'd" missions - with rapper Lil Jon - backfired. Apparently MTV and Ashton spent a lot of money and months planning a secret operation. Lil Jon was supposed to be on a private plane to Las Vegas, but customs agents claimed he and his entourage were boarding a plane bound for Ecuador. Lil Jon was onto them within minutes. He recognized some of the actors posing as security, told Ashton to come out from the back of the plane, and said, "Come on, you can't punk the motherf--ing King of Crunk!"

Rumors that Paris (Hilton) might be expecting were drowned the other night when she pounded Patron tequila shots at Miami's megaclubs Mansion and Prive.


Bono's Entourage

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Eminiem: Bad boy no more?

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Scarlett Johansson says her ultimate fantasy would be having sex in the back seat of a car. The speakeasy actress reportedly told American Playboy magazine: "I do think having sex in a car is sexy. If I were in a really raunchy frame of mind and thinking of doing something crazy and kinky and sexy, the back seat would be it."


How creative.

Simpson’s Daddy Issues

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June 13, 2005 -- WHICH aging boy band member is desperately trying to stop from going bald? During his promo for a comeback album, he "slathered on Rogaine" and concealed his bald spot with hair-colored spray . . . WHICH head-hunter is having a hard time filling an executive assistant position for a high-profile businesswoman? The recruiter complains privately, "She is such a bitch, no one wants to work for her. I can't find anyone."



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The first rule of Scientology is... you don't shut up about Scientology.

I don't know what scares me more, Dakota Fanning's maniacal evilteeth laugh or the way Tom Cruise's chest looks in that shirt.  It looks like he's growing a boob under his armpit.

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EDIT: Just to clear things up and because I am tired of hearing people whine and complain about it, Dakota Fanning is 11 years old. And yes, a couple of people have already pointed out that it is mean it is to talk about the teeth of an 11 year old, but the majority seems to think that it's no big freaking deal. Now let's go and post about how obese/fat/skinny/fugly those unimpressionable teens in hollywood are because that's much more dignified! Wee.

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Yes, WITH Roger Waters. I am stunned.

From all the comments about, "Why isn't this show in America instead of London?" I think people might not be aware of what the Live 8 concert is all about. I think the statement from Dave Gilmour says it best:

"Like most people I want to do everything I can to persuade the G8 leaders to make huge commitments to the relief of poverty and increased aid to the third world. It's crazy that America gives such a paltry percentage of its GNP to the starving nations. Any squabbles Roger and the band have had in the past are so petty in this context, and if re-forming for this concert will help focus attention then it's got to be worthwhile."
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Black and White Hanson

Oh Bono, have my babies.

Bono's message to leading European leaders is clear: Don't blow it. The Irish rock star addressed European Union leaders in Brussels Thursday at a press conference to discuss their commitment to African aid. Bono told them "People are dying for the most stupid reasons, these are avoidable catastrophes." The EU has promised to boost financial aid to developing areas such as Africa and pressure other wealthy nations like the U.S. to follow suit. Bono called on the leaders to "Put down your national flags, look up from the numbers and look to the future."

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Lauren STILL can't get right...*SMH*

Lauryn Hill
By Sonia Murray | Sunday, June 12, 2005, 02:37 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

What many expected to be the highlight of the Vibe MusicFest concerts ended up being a big “Huh?!” “What?!” “Did that really happen?!”

Reclusive hip-hop superstar Lauryn Hill reappeared Saturday — actually Sunday morning — in Atlanta and put on a show almost as curious as her behavior reportedly has been out of the spotlight.

Dressed in 60s mod attire and what appeared to be a mushroom wig, she was a striking contrast to the contemporary, dred-locked cover model who won a history-making five Grammys with her solo debut, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”

Still it seemed like this could be the old Lauryn when she opened with “Doo Wop-That Thing” from “Miseducation” rather than a selection from her last release — a spare, miserable “MTV Unplugged” CD.

But her band was distorted. And her usually full, soulful voice was unusually raw and weakened.

Hill trudged through three more favorites from “Miseducation,” some fiery spoken word — then abruptly left the stage. After which there was no applause. No boos. No anything, except perhaps stunned silence.

As people made their way to the exits, word spread that it was the venue’s curfew that cut Hill’s show short. Whether or not that’s true, many will simply chalk it up to Lauryn being Lauryn — as least the Lauryn she’s been lately.

A Fans review from the VibeFest

Man i went to the Vibe Music Fest this weekend down here in the Dome, and I have to say it was really cool and worth the money... Amerie, she only didnt three songs, she cant sing, but she looked good,... Kesha Cole came out twice, she was cool too..she gained some weight and she sunged I'm going down live- acapella pretty good, B5 dudes were on pointe even thought they lip sung they gave a good show, the dance moves were real tight.

John Legend- i would have to say he was the best performer both night, OMG dud showed his azz, music was on point.-

but to get to the worst moment of both nights, and its true ya'll Lauryn Hill Sucks
man, she had us wait for about 45min, she comes on stage dont say nothing but how are ya'll doing and it sound so fake, then she goes into doo woop- her voice wasnt there - but she still sound and looked good.. but she was very divaish, she had on this japan looking wig, some africa ear rings, i mean lauryn just sucked, she was telling the band to start over, everyone started to leave except for her fans, so i continue to stayed even thought she was pissing me off, but how about on her four song which was exfactor-
she just say good nite and walk off the stage, everybody booed her man, she was horriable.. i mean she only didnt four songs and just walk off the stage, it was real nasty, i cant describe in words- how it looked, she didnt speak to the audience, it was like ok im here, lets do these couple of songs and get the hell on....Lauryn Hill sucked azz....she lost alot of points with the crowd....so i guess all the neg reports about her is true...fuk Ms. Hill- I will never see her live again...

Oh yeah ya girl faith looked and sound good...the best song was Soon as I get home..

"Lauryn has turned into a homopohobic crackhead.

At the Atlanta Vibefest she was talking about women who lie with women, men who lie with men, ladyboys etc.

And apparently one of the stage hands caught her snortin coke.

She is a wreck. Her band was fucked up and she was cussing them on stage, she was singing out of key and had to keep restarting, finally leaving early.

This woman is going to BOMB when she comes back." - Jbelike@foxboogie.com

"Dressed in 60s mod attire and what appeared to be a mushroom wig"


:lol: :lol: :lol:

"fuk Ms. Hill- I will never see her live again..."

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Hi. I saw many of you wonder what the heck was going on in this article so I am gonna translate it.

She is Elisabetta Canalis, one of our most known show girls. Pardon some eventual mistakes.

Rome. May be for Elisabetta Canalis (26) love has the angelic face of Hayden Christensen (24). In this period she is working with the canadian actor on the set of The Decameron. The movie, inspired by Boccaccio's 'Il Decamerone' , sees her as sister Gabriella and him as the main character. In the main pictures, where we see him with a hat covering his blond hair, they have been caught in a bar and followed by some paparazzi. (...) In the movie, Elisabetta is a sister, but very seductive, and a high temptation for Christensen -who seems to have been hit by her charisma; and they see each other off their working hours too. They talk, gossip,giggle, and get very close. The kind of behaviour that two lovers could have.In the picture above, we can't really tell wheter they are wishpering in each other's ear, or kissing. Elisabetta, after a long relationship with Christian Vieri, and now over with, really needs a beautiful love story. Hayden, who seems to have left a girlfriend in America, can't seem to resist to her italian fashion. The evening goes by fast but -after going back to their hotel, surprise surprise, only a few minutes later, they are seen again, approaching a car. She is carrying some huge baggage. They get in the car, and go away together.


Colin Farrell As Fonzie? Will Smith As Urkel? No Doubt Hollywood's Thought Of It

Colin Farrell As Fonzie? Will Smith As Urkel? No Doubt Hollywood's Thought Of It
Article from VH1.com

Are you longing to see "Two and a Half Men," 30 feet tall? Does the concept of Danny DeVito in "ALF: The Movie" exert a force strong enough to pull 10 dollars out of your wallet? Would you be more inclined to see an "L.A. Law" movie than you would
one with a group of lawyers who just happen to reside in Los Angeles?

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julian casablancas
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Actress Alicia Silverstone has left her male fans heartbroken after her
publicist, Elizabeth Much, announced that she and her musician boyfriend,
Christopher Jarecki, are now husband and wife. People magazine reports that the couple, who have been together for eight years, exchanged nuptials barefoot on a Lake Tahoe beach on Saturday in front of 135 guests.

The ceremony marks the first wedding for both Silverstone, 28, and Jarecki.

via: http://www.sfgate.com/columnists/dailydish/
third watch: bosco yelling

Paris Hilton to give up public life

Paris Hilton Plans to Give Up Public Life
Monday June 13 2:11 PM ET

Paris Hilton plans to give up public life for family life. The 24-year-old hotel heiress, star of "The Simple Life" reality series, tells Newsweek magazine that when she was younger, "I thought it was cute to play a dumb blonde. On TV, I do it because it's funny. I consider myself a businesswoman and a brand."

But Hilton says she plans to give up her public life in two years, by which time she expects to become a mother with her fiance, Paris Latsis.

"I don't enjoy going out anymore," she says in the June 20 issue of the magazine, on newsstands Monday. "It's such a pain. It's everyone saying, `Let's do a deal! Can I have a picture?' I'm just, like, `These people are such losers. I can't believe I used to love doing this.'"


Paris and her mother, Kathy, were the grand marshals Sunday at the Los Angeles Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual & Transgender Pride Parade. Kathy Hilton wore a large white hat; Paris wore a tiara.

Kathy Hilton's new NBC reality series, "I Want to Be a Hilton," in which she coaches 14 contestants in taste and etiquette, premieres June 21.

Newsweek says Kathy and her husband, Rick Hilton, didn't want their name on the show. "We thought it was too cheeky," Rick Hilton is quoted as saying. "It does sound a little obnoxious."

Kathy Hilton says a sex tape of Paris and an ex-boyfriend that became a cyberspace novelty taught her a lesson.

"Well, that was very painful. Very painful. Very painful," Kathy Hilton tells the magazine. "But it taught me that I really can't trust everybody."

The sex tape surfaced in 2003 just before the start of Paris' reality series. She has said she was embarrassed and humiliated that the tape ever became public.

On the Net:


I got it off of Yahoo.

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Michael Jackson:

Hah. Fans outside the courthouse are letting a dove go free for every count he's not guilty of.

Weird case. I was too young to really know what was going on during the last hugeass case, with OJ Simpson. And he didn't even need Cochran (rest his soul) for it!

Random snippets

Pop icon Madonna has admitted that she created a misleading image in the early stages of her career for the sake of publicity.

Looking back on her career, filled with sexual imagery in her videos, lyrics, and her 1992 book 'Sex,' she told Ladies' Home Journal: ."Sometimes I was being overtly sexy for the sake of showing off when I didn't need to be. I think I hurt myself.

"Ultimately none of us wants to be judged, or approved of, or loved because of the way we look, or how sexy we are.

"One minute I was saying 'believe in yourself' and the next minute I was saying 'just be sexually provocative.'

"I was letting it pump up my ego, thinking 'aren't I great, they're writing about me, my picture's on the cover of every magazine, I'm so fabulous.'"

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Exclusive: Nick Carter Works His Magic

Filed Under: Exclusives!

Nick Carter sure loves the reality TV stars! A source tells PerezHilton.com that the former flame of Paris was spotted getting quite cozy very quickly at Bungalow 8 on Friday night with none other than Hilton-wannbe Brittany Gastineau, star of E!'s Gastineau Girls.

Nick Carter was at Bungalow on friday with no one else but his bodyguard. Lonely enough he finds himself at none other than Brittany Gastineau's table with her posse of trashy girls and an annoying gaysian. If it is not embarrassing enough Brittany asks to take a photo with Carter and was seen going into the bathroom with him. Has he sunk so low in the reality TV meat market that he is trying to score with a Gastineau?
If the walls of Bungalow 8's bathroom could talk! SOURCE

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WHICH aging boy band member is desperately trying to stop from going bald? During his promo for a comeback album, he "slathered on Rogaine" and concealed his bald spot with hair-colored spray?

WHICH head-hunter is having a hard time filling an executive assistant position for a high-profile businesswoman? The recruiter complains privately, "She is such a bitch, no one wants to work for her. I can't find anyone." SOURCE

AJ from Backstreet Boys & Martha Stewart?

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'Kate Moss Saved My Life' Says Troubled Pop Star

By Victoria Ward, PA

Troubled rock star Pete Doherty has said his girlfriend, Kate Moss, saved his life.

The Baby Shambles frontman is determined to shake off his heroin habit and volunteered to have a naltrexone implant to stem the cravings, apparently at Moss’s behest.

Naltrexone is a drug that blocks the effects of morphine and heroin and is also used in the treatment of alcoholism.

“It was get an implant or die, really, the way things were,” he told the US edition of Vanity Fair.

“I was fixing up, shooting white, shooting brown and then entering a relationship – I mean, God knows, Kate saved my life.”

Doherty and Moss each have a child by different partners and he said the youngsters had also played a large part in motivating him to take responsibility for his actions.

“Drugs are a very selfish thing,” he added.

“It goes against a lot of the central tenets of the things I have always claimed to believe in.”

The singer, who is reportedly due to marry Moss this summer, said that after a spell in prison and a punch up live on stage he felt life was finally settling down. He is pleased with his band’s forthcoming debut album, which features Moss on backing vocals.

“One minute I’m in a prison tracksuit queuing for chicken and rice, the next I’m clobbered out in Dior,” he said.


Dan Rather. At the 40/40 Club. Yup.

Dan Rather's Model Update
Ex-anchor quite bored.

Freed from his news desk, Dan Rather now has time for less weighty matters - like a book party for The Official Celebrity Handbook. Contentedly swirling a whiskey at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club, he said, "I don't consider myself a celebrity, and I don't think anybody in my business does. But I do follow the stuff from time to time. I was just reading a profile of Kate Moss, about how she was a prodigy at 14 and an icon at 30. But she's too skinny." Okay, so he's not going to be on the model beat at 60 Minutes. Will he get to say "I'm Dan Rather;" in the beginning of every show? "Don't know, don't care. I'm not into titles. I like to work stories. If it works out, fine; if it doesn't, I'm fine." So, you keeping busy these days? "Nope."

- Janelle Nanos
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Liam Gallagher Warned Over Kate Moss Remarks


OASIS frontman LIAM GALLAGHER was recently warned not to make advances on supermodel KATE MOSS - by her boyfriend PETE DOHERTY.

Gallagher, who has a son with his live-in girlfriend NICOLE APPLETON, was attending a party when he allegedly spotted Moss and advised her to dump Doherty and start a relationship with him.

Doherty says, "Liam cornered her at some party the other week and he was going, 'You and me man, we're meant to be together.'
"Kate went, 'Fuck off mate. Even in your prime I didn't want to sleep with you.'"

Moss then phoned her recovering drug addict lover Doherty and told him about what had been going on.

Doherty adds, "I told her to put him on the line. And he began going, 'Nah, you're cool man, fucking love your band. You're not a puppet, I'm a fucking puppet.'

"I said we should go for a coffee. It turned out to be a whiskey."

Both Gallagher and Doherty have children with rock groupie LISA MOORISH.

from here.
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Mena Suvari, Tom Cruise + Will Smith, Sandler + Rock

American Beauty star Mena Suvari has found love again, less than a month after filing for divorce from cinematographer Robert Brinkmann.

The actress was spotted "making out" with Hollywood fitness trainer Jay Bulloch (corr) outside his apartment earlier this week after a lunch with mutual friends.

Suvari split from Brinkmann earlier this year, ending their five year marriage.

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Fun with Dianetics

I'm sure some of you are completely bored with the discussion of Scientology, but for those of you who aren't, here is a list of celebrities who have followed and/or who currently follow L. Ron Hubbard's teachings. There are many rumors and interesting stories within this list. I'm not quite sure what's fact or fiction here, nor how reliable the source is, but it certainly is entertaining.

Names I was most surprised to see:
--Charles Manson
--Nancy Cartwright
--Isaac Hayes
--Jerry Seinfeld
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