June 3rd, 2005

where is their vote?

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Ok... I love The Who, and I think Townsend is an incredibly gifted songwriter... but he's also a prima donna, and an ass. Seriously Pete, just because you don't have your grubby little fingers involved in this project (like you try to do in every single Who project), doesn't mean you have to throw a tantrum about it. Stop trying to glorify yourself.

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Once again, I love and admire McCartney with every fiber of my being, but he's another who thinks he can do everything :-P But I guess I can't get too mad at this one... I did like Rupert when I was little, after all.
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Lohan's Crash was intentional

LOS ANGELES -- Teen star Lindsay Lohan was making a U-turn to get to a police vehicle when a photographer intentionally crashed into her car, police said Thursday.

Lohan suffered cuts and bruises in Tuesday's accident. She told authorities she would get treatment on her own, police Lt. Ted Matthews said. Police had previously said the 18-year-old actress-singer was uninjured.

Matthews said Galo Ramirez was in a van following Lohan, apparently to get a photo, when the actress spotted a police vehicle going in the opposite direction.

Lohan was trying to reach the police vehicle to report that she was being pursued. Ramirez then intentionally rammed the left rear of her 2005 Mercedes-Benz, Matthews said.

"That obviously got the attention of the black-and-white unit," he said.

Ramirez, 24, was arrested for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon and released on bail.

Lohan "was shaken up and extremely upset" after the crash, a spokeswoman for the actress said Wednesday.

Matthews said there are a lot of close calls with paparazzi chasing celebrities to photograph them. "This guy just carried it over the line and ran into her."

Last year, Lohan starred in "Mean Girls" and released a pop album titled "Speak." Her new film, "Herbie: Fully Loaded," will be in theaters June 22.

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celeb pics from People.com - Angelina, Paris & more

Some celebrity pics from People.com:

Look mom, no hands! Angelina Jolie and son Maddox, 3, play the ponies Wednesday on the carousel in New York City's Central Park. The actress is in town promoting Mr. and Mrs. Smith, her movie with Brad Pitt (who also happens to be in town). The film opens June 10.

Paris Hilton debuts a large sparkler while out to dinner with fiancé Paris Latsis and her parents at Beverly Hills restaurant L'Orangerie recently. Latsis picked out several 10- to 15-carat diamond rings for his bride-to-be, but she'll make the final choice, PEOPLE reports.

More under the cut...
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X-3 movie news.

According to comicbookmovie.com, the new director who will be replacing Vaughn, who left for personal reasons, will be either Johm Moore or Brett Ratner. The article goes on to reveal that three of the X-Men will die who should not die and a female mutant who will loose her powers for permananlty. There is also going to be a sex scene, but does not mention between whom. Here is the link for full story: http://comicbookmovie.com/news/articles/1991.asp
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From TVGuide.com

STAY OF EXECUTION: Never underestimate the power of Dick Wolf, folks. Rumors are swirling that NBC may do an about-face and order 13 episodes of the axed Law & Order: Trial by Jury. Another scenario has TNT resurrecting the drama. Great — now how 'bout someone raise Carnivàle from the dead!!! (Sorry for all the yelling today.)

CHAPPELLE SIGHTING: Dave Chappelle has been spotted again — this time in Hollywood. According to Variety, the stressed-out comic treated audiences at Hollywood Improv and the Comedy Store to some unrehearsed stand-up on Wednesday night. Chappelle apparently showed up unannounced at both venues, telling folks he just flew into LAX and was in the mood to perform. Hopefully, he'll soon be in the mood to do his freakin' show!!!

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OB // You're Damn Right

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Has anyone heard anything about Kiera Knightley and Matthew Perry getting together? I thought she had a model boyfriend that she moved in with, and he was dating the same girl for the last couple years. Yet, Mike Walker from the National Enquirer has it in his gossip column that the two were seen "canoodling" or whatever recently. And since I hadn't read anything about it in this community (where it seems most of the gossip pans out to be fairly true), I thought I'd ask. And it's not like the Enquirer is reputable, anyway.
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Pushing Him Off the Cliffhanger: Any fan of Alias knows that Jennifer Garner's character on the show is one killer girlfriend. But Us Weekly reports that she's taken contract killing to a whole new lover, um, level by reportedly pushing for Michael Vartan (her ex-beau in real life and fiancé on the show) to be bounced from the program. According to the mag's source, "Jen asked the writers to cut out kissing scenes, and she has said she would love to have his character killed off." It fits in perfectly with the season-ending cliffhanger, where Vartan and Garner have a car wreck. Not to mention the fact that there is ominous silence emanating from reps for ABC and Vartan.

Leather Report: Not long ago, in a trendy store not so far, far away...Natalie Portman, Princess Amidala to all you Star Wars geeks, was transformed into Princess Omigod. According to the National Enquirer, Nat started buzzing at a Beverly Hills boutique when she tried to exchange a bag and found out it was a fake. "But...but...I got it from my publicist!" She exclaimed. She then got on the phone and asked her assistant about a different kind of exchange, "Do I need a new publicist?" Portman reportedly calmed down and picked out a lime-green handbag, but when paying, the nasty knockoff paranoia returned. "I'm stopping at Gucci right now," she told the clerk. "I want to make sure my wallet's not a fake!" So, you see, stars do like to keep it real--at least when we're talking about primo leather goods.

- TabFab


I saw on a talk show of some sort that there's another Paris Hilton sex tape out (or coming out). It's supposed to be 12 hours of footage. But, they didn't say who else was in this tape. Has anyone else heard about it? I thought this would be the best place to find out...
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Jessica Simpson/Bam Margera Rumors

Wow. Another accusation of Jessica Simpson having sex with Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville.

Where there's smoke, there's usually fire huh?

Source = PerezHilton.com.

If you thought Lindsay Lohan’s little car crash was exciting, then fasten your seatbelt because here comes the Jessica Simpson Slutfest Monster Car Spectacular.

This morning, Bam Margera’s ex-girlfriend, a girl by the name of Jen, phoned in to the Chico in the Morning Show on Philadelphia’s Q102 radio station and she flat out said that Jess - pictured above at Mood Club in Hollywood on Wednesday night - not only had sex with Johnny Knoxville, but that she fucked Bam too. That girl gets around!

This latest accusation comes hot on the heels of Margera’s father, Phil, telling the same radio station that Bam did bam bam Jessica. Hoping to squelch the gossip tongues from wagging, Bam later said that his dad was full of shit. However, Margera’s ex claims that his father was telling the truth.

Click here to listen to the interview, which was transcribed by yours truly for your enjoyement.



Jen [Bam’s ex]: He cheated on me with 45-50 girls. Yes, he did F- Jessica Simpson.

DJ: And you know this for a fact?
Jen: I know this for a fact. He woke up in her bed. I have an email. He told me all about it.

DJ: How long have you guys been broken up?
Jen: Two and a half months. The whole thing is a lie. The whole show [Newlyweds] is a lie.

DJ: When did the whole Jessica Simpson thing go down?
Jen: It was in LA. He [Bam] was at a Hem [some band] show with Ryan [a fellow Jackass] and Jessica was there and she started grinding up on him and he was like, “What the hell? It’s Jessica Simpson.” I hope it burns when he pees!

DJ: What made you decide to call Q102?
Jen: Somebody asked me to call. One of my friends called and said you guys were talking about it the other day and so I said, what the hell.

DJ: I believe it was the dad.
Phil: Phil [Margera, Bam’s dad] can’t keep his mouth shut. He tells the truth just like I do. Me and Phil are the only people that can tell the truth and the rest of them, they’re all a bunch of BSers. They’re all paid by Bam and paid to lie for him.

DJ: You broke up with him two months ago?
Jen: After 7 years and a ring.

DJ: You were engaged to him?
Jen: Yes.

DJ: Why should we believe you? Maybe you’re trying to get back at him.
Jen: If I wanted to get him back, I’d so him because he put me on a videotape without permission. It’s not about the money, it’s about people knowing the truth. I don’t want a bunch of kids walking around idolizing somebody they shouldn’t be. People need to be real in this world. That’s why I’m doing it.

DJ: This is going to get out and be a big bombshell for Jessica Simpson and her people
Jen: She humped PJ too while they were shooting Dukes of Hazzard.

DJ: Who?
Jen: PJ. [Ohh] Johnny Knoxville [PJ is his real name]. She [Jessica] is as dumb as she looks.

DJ: How did you find out about Bam and Jessica? Did he tell you?
Jen: Yes. He told me, “You think you’re so f-ing special. I got to f Jessica Simpson this weekend so I could replace you in a minute.”

Hey, if you had the opportunity to have a piece of Simpson ass too, wouldn’t you want it? Go Bam!
KB Pretty

Jen moving on?

Jennifer Aniston shared an intimate dinner with former Friends costar David Schiwwimer recently during a trip to London. And, according to a source, they looked like very close friends indeed. When they met at Joe Allen's Garden, Jen, 36, bfiefly rested her head on David's shoulder before giving him a kiss on the cheek. After they pulled apart, he held her shoulders and told her she looked lovely. "They looked really happy to see each other", says the source. "David had this goofy grin". While a rep denies that there's anything romantic, David, 38, who's starring in the West End play Some Girls, "really cares for Jen, and is worried about her", says an inside source

Source: Life and Style

I don't really believe it, but it would be kind of cute if it were true
do what now?

well someone else posted a Gallagher story, so why not

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hey! I'm a DICK!

In March of this year Gallagher came to the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort here in my lovely town of Mount Pleasant, MI. As if that alone is not sad enough, hilarity ensued and my boyfriend was lucky to get a front row seat.

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so yeah, not only is Gallagher a sad washed up old man who drives an Impala, but he's also a flaming bitch and too fucking cheap to tip a damn valet to park his car and too lazy to park it somewhere else.
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...This explains a lot...

Admitting she's bewitched, Katie Holmes claims that boyfriend Tom Cruise has "cast a spell on me."

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Holmes, 26, says: "I have never been so happy in my whole life. It's truly so thrilling. He's the most amazing man I have ever met. ... Dreams come true, and I'm so in love with him."

She adds: "You know what? When you know, it's so exciting. It's like, 'Wow!'"

Echoing basically what Cruise, 41, told Oprah Winfrey, Holmes said that when it comes to the possibility of the two getting married: "We have to talk about that, but I love that rumor."

Can This Be Love?
Will Katie Say 'I Do'?
One rumor she did shoot down was that she needed to be dragged by Cruise in order to appear in front of the audience on the Winfrey Show. "Dragging me?" says Holmes. "I couldn't wait to come out. I was like where is the door! Where is the door! I was so excited. He is so amazing."

Holmes's interview with ET is in conjunction with her new movie, Batman Begins, which opens June 15 – two weeks before Cruise opens in War of the Worlds.
I am so white.

Spice up your life!

I understand you used to be a spice girl, Melanie, and I'm giving you extra points for that, but... what in the bloody fuck are you wearing?
It's like Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, and Lenny Kravitz had a very large baby.

Her & Emma were always my favorites, though. Still are.
i want u inside me

Vampire in Paris

Give Paris Hilton a nipple because she sucks(literally)

Full shirt image:

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