May 26th, 2005


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Ted's One Multimedia Blind Vice - Toothy Tile is Back!

Okay, my dishin' darlings, Toothy Tile's back for a raunchy round three. Let's see, we've had T.T., a handsome boy, by far, hand-holding at restaurants, snogging his man-love in Hell-Ay's subterranean parking lots...What's next, an Oprah appearance with Toothy declaring his love for the good-lookin' b-f?

Close. Very close.

Word on the homo-connected nut-vine has it that Toothy's been in talks with an Oprah-esque mag (i.e., huge circulation, other media connections like TV networks) about coming out of the closet. Not as gay, but as...bisexual.

This, of course, would help explain T.T.'s past dating experience with lithe female movie stars. But (as is often the case with love) now he can't control the fact that he's in a major butterfly state with a dude (don't you hate it when that happens?).

At least, that's the plan--to be done with a queer writer for added politically correct synergy (some say for guaranteed taste, but I don't trust these reporters, regardless of their sexual orientation).

It'll be most interesting. Particularly when Mr. Tile's big-screen job makes a very sensual, boyish splash at the same time.

And it's not: Will Smith or Tobey McGuire (and some other guy I don't recognize)
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Garth couldn't let Kenny have all the attention!

Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood Engaged

Garth Brooks stole the show Wednesday night when he got down on one knee in front of 7,000 fans and proposed to fellow country music star Trisha Yearwood. She said yes and the crowd went wild.

The occasion was the "Legends in Bronze" event at Buck Owens' Crystal Palace, where 10 larger-than-life bronze statues honoring country stars were unveiled, including one of Brooks. After his big moment, Brooks popped the question.

The marriage will be the second for Brooks, who has three children, and the third for Yearwood, said Brooks' spokeswoman Nancy Seltzer.

Brooks, 43, is credited with widening the genre's appeal in the 1990s by merging traditional country with honky tonk, pop, folk and rock. His "Ropin' the Wind" album was the first such country recording to debut at the top of the pop music charts. His latest album, "Scarecrow," went triple platinum.

Yearwood, 40, was named the Country Music Awards female vocalist of the year in 1997 and 1998. Her latest album is "Jasper County."

Everybody said they were having an affair since '92! I guess good for them. They are both long divorced and they have been at this for awhile now. Spouses be damned!
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i've always wanted to post something here (yeah, i know a lot of people start off that way) and now i finally have something!

so i work at a ghetto mall at banana republic and i was helping this beautiful pregnant lady because, well, she was pregnant. turns out it was talisa soto. i was wondering why everyone was crowding around her husband (benjamin bratt) and freaking out.

so she was trying on bikinis and i thought it was weird. a pregnant lady in a bikini... but she was probably the most gorgeous pregnant lady in a bikini i've ever seen.

models... psh...

oh yeah, and this is what they bought:

this and...

benjamin bratt bought some shoes too. i don't know which ones though.

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Life & Style magazine is reporting that Tommy Lee has proposed to new fuckbud flame Tara Reid! And, naturally, it happened after lots of booze.

"They were at her house drinking champagne when he suddenly proposed," a friend tells the pub. "At first, Tara thought he was joking." The move was very spur-of-the moment and Lee had no engagement ring, says Life & Style.

Also spur of the moment was Tara and Tommy's wild romp at KROQ's Weenie Roast this past weekend. According to reports, the two did the nast nast before Motley Crue performed.

"The pair went into a trailer behind the stage, and everyone was grinning sheepishly as the trailer soon began rocking so much, there was no mistaking what was going on inside," say the folks at OAN Media.


Nicole Richie Scared Of Exposure

Sexy reality star Nicole Richie has to wear shorts when she goes out dancing – because she is scared of exposing her underwear.

The aspiring singer, who recently fell out with hotel heiress Paris Hilton, says her love of short skimpy skirts often risks an embarrassing situation on the dance floor.

Nicole, 24, told Instyle magazine: "I like short skirts. Sometimes if I hear a good song, I just like to kick my legs up, so I like to wear shorts."

Catch Nicole on The Simple Life every Friday at 7.35pm on Channel 4.

Source: The Sun Online
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A lot of people here some to "hate" a certain celebrity.. can you honestly hate someone you never met before? Sure, you can dislike them if you think they have no talent or they're a slut.. but hate is too strong of a word.

If you really hate a certain celebrity, who is it and why do you hate them so much?

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Apparently after making Mission Impossible 3, Lindsay Lohan wants to really stretch her acting abilities and play the lead role in a remake of the cheesy sci fi movie "Barbarella" which originally starred Jane Fonda. According to a scooper at Cinescape who bumped in to Lohan, he got the information after getting her autograph:

"Anyway - I got an autograph and asked what she's doing and she said 'Mission Impossible 3' with Tom Cruise and then a remake of an old Jane Fonda movie called 'Barbarella.'" "And my music," she giggled."


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You too can deny allegations of being a "Hollaback Girl" in this B-A-N-A-N-A yellow Impala.
Gwen's lowrider from the video is being put up as a prize for KIIS fm in Los Angeles.
Hopefully the winner, like the person who won John Wayne Gacy's angry clown paintings
will accept the prize only to douse it in flames.

Contest Website.

Contest ends pretty soon. Must be from California.

Edit: If the song confuses you still, here is a great analysis written by Greg Stacy of OC Weekly.

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Freeze Dirtbags!

MIAMI - He's Shaquille O'Neal, basketball star and undercover officer.

The 7-foot-1, 325-pound Miami Heat center, who has a fascination with law enforcement, was recently sworn in as a U.S. deputy marshal. He spent six hours on a Saturday afternoon with Miami Beach police investigators helping with cases.

O'Neal has joined a Department of Justice task force that tracks down sexual predators who target children on the Internet.

He is becoming familiar with the techniques and software that officers use to track down the predators, said Miami Beach Police Chief Don De Lucca. And he spends countless hours on his home computer, logging into the police network and learning the ropes.

"I put a lot into it, and when I am done playing, I plan on going undercover and then being the sheriff or chief of police somewhere, either Miami or Orlando, I don't know yet," O'Neal said recently.

After being traded from the Los Angeles Lakers to Miami, O'Neal contacted Miami Beach police about becoming a reserve officer. He drops by the department regularly for one-on-one instruction, speaks to De Lucca at least once a week, and is a few training hours shy of being certified to make arrests, conduct search warrants and carry a .40-caliber pistol.

"Everyone knows the love I have for the people who defend the streets and the people who defend our country, the armed forces, the Army, Navy, Marines. I want to do something like that, help the community," O'Neal said. "I want to really learn the business."

O'Neal has been interested in law enforcement since he was a teen. He was raised by a stepfather who was an Army sergeant. Two of his uncles worked in law enforcement.

While playing for the Lakers, he went through the police academy and became a reserve officer with the Los Angeles Port Police.

During the 2000 offseason, he rode along with the Orange County Sheriff's Office in Florida. They recovered three stolen cars and made a handful of arrests.

"Shaq's interest in police work is very real," De Lucca said. "He'd be a great undercover guy.

"Obviously, we're not going to send him out to buy dope, but he can do surveillance, he can do Internet crimes. He has an incredible thirst for information, he's street-smart, and he's a communicator and leader. I just hope it's not my job he comes after, or I'm in trouble."
ripped jeans]; careful not to wake you

Angelina Jolie Keeps Trying To Reach Out To Jennifer Aniston

Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie recently embarked on a mission to make friends with Jennifer Aniston. Angelina called Jennifer and left her a voicemail message saying everything isn't what it seems and that if Jennifer would call her back, she would fill her in on the truth. Jen was shocked and it made her pretty angry! They say it's driven an even bigger wedge between Brad and Jen and that Jennifer feels she has no use for Angelina in her life!

No idea if this has been posted or not, but I haven't read anything about it.

Elvis impersonator lands MI3 Role

Irish movie star Jonathan Rhys Meyers is set to trade in his Elvis outfits for a part in Mission: Impossible 3.

The Alexander star, who recently won acclaim for his transformation as Elvis Presley in TV miniseries Elvis, has become the latest name to sign up for a role in the Tom Cruise sequel.

Meanwhile, movie news Web site reports M:I 3 will start shooting in Italy in mid-July and that parts of the Royal Palace in Caserta will be transformed to look like the inside of the Vatican for top secret scenes.

Director J.J. Abrams still has to decide who will play Cruise's love interest in the new action film, following the departure of Scarlett Johansson.

i want u inside me

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Ok, it has been brought to my attention, well all of us mods, but more so me at this moment in time as I was the one to read an email concerning the issue of harassment in this community being brought into their personal journals. Now I am one who is always game for a quibble fest, and talking 'whip', but this is ridiculous. If we receive any emails from members being harassed in their personal journals(proof must be given) from other members due to an opinion or comment in general that was derived from a subject starting in ohnotheydidnt, you(the culprit, not victim) will win a ticket to the ban festival, which isn't much of a party at all.

I don't really want to puke on anyone's dick or anything, but really I don't care. We are not your body guards, Whitney Houston, so save emailing us about being harassed by e-bullies for a comment you left IN ohnotheydidnt. I recommend learning how to back up your opinions, and words in general before you even think about hitting that 'post comment' button, because you will most likely receive some sort of guff sometimes. This does not mean you can not send us complaints about being harassed, ohnotheydidnt is still for the kids. If we find that your being harassed is crossing any of our lines, we will act as we see fit. None of this, "::user name here:: called me stupid" or ":user: called my mom a bitch" bullshit, cry me a fucking river, chances are both of you are stupid, and we all know your mom is a bitch. So clean the sand out of your vag, and have a good time, and take a little lip for your opinion here and there. It is near impossible to pull stunt man maneuvers to avoid getting a little lip in this community of over 10,000 members, when chances are more than half disagree with you.

STILL, Have fun kids and take care.

and email us at with any questions, concerns, or even 'blowing smoke up our asses' comments.
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Glenn Close Quits The Shield

Glenn Close has handed over her badge after just one season on the cult TV cop show The Shield.

The star, who plays tough police captain Monica Rawling on the show, has opted not to sign up for the fourth season of the gritty drama.

Series creator Shawn Ryan says, "There's no disappointment in this at all. I'd love to have her stick around, but getting her for the time that we did (proved to be) a tremendous success."

According to ratings figures, Close has lured 30 per cent more viewers to the show, which stars Michael Chiklis as a cop.


Anybody like this show?
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Okay, so does anyone have a scan of the "out" magazine article with Ewan Mcgregor saying "it's more exciting to be in a sex scene with a guy" and saying he "UNFORTUNATLY" has not an had any sexual encounters with other men offstage?
I want to make sure my eyes were not lying to me in Borders tonight.


Corey Clark Miffed by 'Idol' Spoof
May 26, 3:49 PM EST

The Associated Press

Bo Bice might have lost out to Carrie Underwood on the "American Idol" finale, but the one who's really upset is Corey Clark.

Clark, the former contestant who says he had an affair with judge Paula Abdul during the 2003 competition, didn't like the skit making light of the situation. On Wednesday night's show, TV newsman Steve Edwards presented a satirical report entitled "Bad Judgment" that purported to reveal judge Simon Cowell's "secret relationship."

The twist, though, was that the self-centered Cowell was all along in love with himself.

"We're reminded once again last night in front of millions of viewers that not only are they not taking it seriously, but they don't feel as though we should take it seriously," Clark's spokesman, Jed Wallace, told AP Radio on Thursday.

"It's simply baffling to me that Fox would actually resurrect this controversy by doing something like that," said Wallace, calling it a "slap in the face."

Clark responded similarly after Abdul made a comedic appearance on "Saturday Night Live" earlier this month. Afterward, he announced that he had "explicit" and "incriminating" evidence of their alleged affair.

Abdul has called the allegations "lies." Fox has said it would investigate the claims, but that Clark had not responded to requests for help in the investigation.

Clark, 23, is currently shooting a music video for the first single of his debut CD, due out in June.