February 20th, 2005

wtf who cares about her.

'Idol' Runner-Up Locke Engaged

LOS ANGELES -- "American Idol" runner-up Kimberley Locke is a winner when it comes to love. Locke, who competed in season two of the Fox television talent contest, said she is engaged to marry her high school sweetheart, Don Campbell. She made the announcement to TV entertainment magazine "Extra" in an interview that aired on Tuesday.

Locke, 27, and Campbell have dated off and on for 10 years. They plan to live in Los Angeles and have yet to set a wedding date.

"I'm going to take the time to order every wedding magazine and book ever published," Locke told "Extra."

She had a hit single, "8th World Wonder," and is working on a new album, expected to be released by the end of the year.

Locke said the album "is going to be a bit more personal as I'm committed to co-writing half of it or more, which is both wonderful and nerve-racking."

from msn.com

i really dont care about kimberly locke.
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It's another boy for the Beckhams!

Victoria "Posh" Beckham and David "Becks" Beckham have welcomed their third son who they've named Cruz, her spokesman says. The seven pound boy was born by caesarean section in Madrid. "We've got a baby boy. His name is Cruz," a beaming David Beckham told reporters outside the hospital. "He is beautiful. He is in there with his brothers now and he is very happy." Cruz has two brothers: Brooklyn, 5, and Romeo, 2.

Regarding the name, David said: "It's just a name we liked. We found it hard this time but we came up with a name that we both loved and stuck to it," Beckham said.

"He's got Victoria's nose and lips. He's gorgeous so we're very happy." A statement from the hospital said Cruz was delivered after a 30-minute operation with no
complications, weighing 3.22 kg (7 pounds).

David Beckham plays football (soccer for the Americans) for Real Madrid where is one of the world's highest paid players.

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Crack-Smoking Monkeys Hit Blake Case

by Sarah Hall
Feb 18, 2005, 2:25 PM PT

As another week wraps up in Robert Blake's murder trial, the actor's defense team has done its best to discredit the prosecution's case.

After prosecutors rested their case on Monday, Blake's legal eagles kicked into high gear in an attempt to paint one of the prosecution's star witnesses as a drug addict whose testimony could not be taken seriously.

Last week, Ronald "Duffy" Hambleton alleged that he and fellow stuntman Gary "Whiz Kid" McLarty were approached by Blake and asked to "snuff" the actor's wife, Bonny Lee Bakley. He claimed Blake had provided them with a variety of scenarios of how best to carry out the act.

When asked about his history of drug use, Hambleton told the Van Nuys Superior Court that he had stopped using drugs in 1999, two years before Blake allegedly approached him about doing away Bakley.

However, two defense witnesses who took the stand earlier this week testified that the stuntman was a frequent user of methamphetaminess, allowed a meth lab on his property and kept a supply of drugs in a bowl on his dining-room table--right next to his supply of jelly beans.

Witness Donna Sharon testified that Hambleton often suffered from paranoid hallucinations--that he believed a large, horned animal roamed outside his house and dug a hole to trap it and that he suffered from a fear of "tree people," specifically "people dressed like sagebrush or Joshua trees that were sneaking up on his house."

Sharon said she lived at Hambleton's residence off and on for 10 years and last saw him in 2001.

She said it was common for Hambleton to inject meth, even after 1999.

"He would snort it, sometimes he would smoke it, sometimes he would eat it," Sharon testified.

The second witness, Keith Seals, testified that meth was "the basis" of his relationship to Hambleton and that he manufactured the drug in a room adjacent to Hambleton's pool.

When asked if Hambleton had ever been present while he cooked the drugs, Seals replied that he had. He also stated that Hambleton had a tendency to surround himself with drug users.

"If someone came over and had a fat sack of dope, he'd let them stay there," Seals testified.

Earlier, Team Blake called McLarty's son and estranged wife to discuss that stuntman's cocaine addiction. McLarty acknowledged past cocaine use when he was on the stand last.

Son Cole McLarty said his father was paranoid and delusional because of the constant cocaine use. The younger McLarty also said that, upon meeting Blake, his father made no mention of a murder plot.

"He just said that Mr. Blake had somebody stalking him and he wanted their eyes blackened, and he offered money," Cole McLarty said.

Gary McLarty's estranged wife, Karen McLarty, said he used cocaine throughout their 30-year marriage. She did, however, admit that they have been separated for 16 years and could not specifically say if he was recently using.

On Friday, UCLA drug-abuse expert Ronald Keith Siegel took the stand to inform jurors that longtime users of cocaine and methamphetamines sometimes suffer from alternate realities and hallucinations that can last for years.

"You can't win an argument with a paranoid," he told the jury. "They are so convinced of the reality."

While Siegel did not specifically reference Hambleton or McLarty, it was clear that his testimony was tailored to raise questions about the stuntmen's credibility.

Siegel, a psychopharmacologist, testified that he had been studying the effects of hallucinatory drugs since the 1960s and that he had sampled the goods for himself.

Under the influence of drugs, he said, he once crawled into a cage of monkeys that were smoking cocaine. He said he has not taken drugs in 25 years.

Meanwhile, after hearing from a bevy of prosecution witnesses who testified that Blake's emotions at his wife's murder scene did not seem genuine, the defense called Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Kevin Bailey who said that he was convinced that Blake's grief at the scene was real.

The firefighter said Blake moaned and covered his face, "like someone who would be upset."

The defense also called restaurant patrons who were dining at Vitello's at the same time as Blake and Bakley the night of the murder to testify to Blake's behavior at the eatery.

Warner Bros. animation director James Timothy Walker said the actor waved to him and Chris Taylor, another diner, and he shared "a wave and a nod" with Blake.

A waiter at the establishment testified it was common practice for Blake to park his car on the street when he dined at Vitello's, casting doubt on the prosecution's assertion that Blake chose a spot two blocks away from the restaurant as part of his murder plot.

Blake has pleaded innocent to the May 4, 2001, murder of Bakley. If convicted, he faces life behind bars. (eonline)

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80's remakes?

I heard they are doing remakes of Footloose and The Breakfast Club. I tried looking on imdb but nothing came up. Britney Spears is supposedly in footloose and Mandy Moore(whom i looooooooove) in TBC. Anyone else hear this or know anything about it?
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Actress Sandra Dee dies at age 63

LOS ANGELES - Actress Sandra Dee, the blond beauty who attracted a large teen audience in the 1960s with films such as “Gidget” and “Tammy and the Doctor” and had a headlined marriage to pop singer Bobby Darin, died Sunday. She was 63.

Dee died at 5:57 a.m. at the Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, said Cynthia Mead, nursing supervisor.

Mead said Dee’s family requested that no other details be released. CNN reported that Dee had been undergoing treatment at the hospital for two weeks for complications of kidney disease and pneumonia.

At Universal Studio, Dee was cast mostly in teen movies such as “The Reluctant Debutante,” “The Restless Years,” “Tammy Tell Me True” and “Take Her She’s Mine.”

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Hayden Panettiere photo album?

A friend somehow came across this link to a Webshots album with shots of Hayden Panettiere, who was in Raising Helen, among other things, and will be in the upcoming Ice Princess with Kim Cattrall and Michelle Trachtenberg.

No idea if it's real or not (one theory could be that a friend of hers is posting pictures), but it's got some shots of friends and family that also feature her and such. Kind of bizarre.

julian casablancas
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hilton family goes to disney world

LAKE BUENA VISTA - FEBRUARY 19: In this handout image provided by Walt Disney World, the Hilton family, (L-R) Conrad, Nicky, parents Kathy and Rick, Paris and Barron pose with Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World Resort on February 19, 2005 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The Hilton family visited the resort in honor of Paris' birthday, which was Febuary 17.

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After last year's meeting at the Billboard Awards, US rapper Kanye West expressed interest in a possible duet with Britney after meeting her backstage. When asked about a possible collaboration a few days later, he replied "Britney's a great lady and a duet with her would be really interesting. It'd be cool to see what we'd come up with." But now it seems the duet is more than just a spare-of-the-moment kind of thing.

Kanye is currently working on his sophmore follow up to last year's smash hit album, 'The College Dropout', and is still interested in working with Britney. When asked about his new material, Kanye was more than happy to add heat to the fire, dropping a few hints as to whom is contributing to the album.

He made it clear that a few 'old friends' would be appearing on the un-named album, along with 2 very special ladies. When asked who the 'special ladies' were, he said that he couldn't reveal too much but that one was a friend whom had worked with him on 'College Dropout' (which would be Syleena Johnson from "All Falls Down"). The second was said to be 'a new friend made at a recent award show'. Britney Spears, anyone? Credit: BritneysMind.com
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Author Hunter S. Thompson Kills Himself

ASPEN, Colo. - Hunter S. Thompson, the acerbic counterculture writer who popularized a new form of journalism in books like "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," fatally shot himself Sunday night at his Aspen-area home, his son said. He was 67.

"Hunter prized his privacy and we ask that his friends and admirers respect that privacy as well as that of his family," Juan Thompson said in a statement released to the Aspen Daily News.

Pitkin County Sheriff Bob Braudis, a personal friend of Thompson, confirmed the death to the News. Sheriff's officials did not return calls to The Associated Press late Sunday.

Source: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&e=4&u=/ap/20050221/ap_on_re_us/obit_thompson